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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Korg Introduces GADGET-VR Music Production Software

KORG Gatdget gets the VR treatment. Note the video appears to start with an Oculus Quest 2 headset. The Quest 2 can actually host apps itself. A PC is optional. So, no idea if the GADGET-VR will run on the Quest 2 itself, PC or mobile. No additional details at this time aside from the video above and the image below. It's worth noting GADGET-VR isn't the first VR music production software. See the VR label for more.

Korg Introduces 61-key Korg wavestate SE

61-key version of current 37-key wavestate now with aftertouch
New internal programs added, all sound programs optimized for aftertouch
Solid build, aluminum panel and knobs

Korg Introduces the drumlogue - Hybrid Analog Digital Groovebox

Korg drumlogue - First Look video upload by Korg

Note this is still in development. Per KORG:

"The drumlogue is a hybrid analog/digital groovebox that is currently under development
A combination of powerful raw analog parts and flexible digital voices for a wide sound spectrum
Intuitive hands-on control for quick editing as well as a dedicated librarian for easy patch and sequence management
Supports KORG ‘logue SDK Multi-Engine plugin oscillators"

Update: new pic. Click on it for the full size shot.

Polyend Dreadbox Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

"Upgraded to latest firmware version including the new wavetables from Polyend support. Analog and digital hybrid synth with sequencer + expressive 3-axis grid controller. Grid doubles as MPE controller too"

OB-6 for Korg Kronos Sample Pack

Rik Marston Official

"Dave Smith OB-6 for Korg Kronos Sample Pack
Sample Pack Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD** **Turn it UP!**

Just a quick demo of a few random patches from the
Korg Kronos UBER OB-6 Sample Collection!
128 CUSTOM Dave Smith OB-6 Program sounds!
74 Multisounds!! Super FUN to have & play!
Get the OB-6 VIBE in your KRONOS! Same Day Download!
$29.99 USD via Paypal! Files sent same day via WeTransfer!"

EMS Synthi A....cid


Clock Watcher Erbeverb

Todd Barton

"I just began beta-testing a friend's new, unique clock divider-esque module, Clock Watcher. In this early experiment/exploration the CW is sending random gates directly to the Makenoise Erbeverb (which is in feedback mode) and is also sending gate to various EG which then make their way back to the Erbeverb too. The Erbeverb is the main sound source with some occasional sprinkles of sound from the Instruo Cs-L Complex Oscillator. Enjoy!"

Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer

via this auction

"This sequencer is simple and fun with two 8 step channels or one 16 step output. Notes are sequenced via a tiny keyboard arrangement with step input similar to a 303. This module is in great working condition with just some rack rash."

Korg microSampler Looper / Sampler Keyboard

via this auction

"The KORG MS1 microSAMPLER Sampling Keyboard delivers multi-mode music sampling, resampling, pattern sequencing and over-the-top effects”all under an intuitve, fun-to-use interface. More than just a sampler, the KORG microSAMPLER is a complete sound design studio for creating up-to-the minute musical loops and phrases. This synth has been tested in good working condition and includes the original power supply."

Korg MicroKorg 37-Key Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander Demo

Paper Street Audio Company

'Oberheim Xpander demo. Had the Xpander serviced and this is a demo video of some of the Xpander patches played through an Eventide H8000. Definitely not a performance video, intentionally simple playing just to show the general tone of the Xpander."

Video is from the listing linked below. Not sure if it's the same one. The video is from two months ago. You cand find additional demos of the Oberheim Xpander in previous posts here.

SN 700340 via this auction

Hammond 102200 1974 Synthesizer SN 003098

via this auction

'Hammond 102200 synthesizer manufactured in Japan in 1974/1975 where only 200 units were released for the whole world and of which it is said that only about 30 will remain operational, this makes this synth an authentic rarity within reach of very few people. It has a very authentic sound and is fully operational, it has a very pleasant key to play. The only defects it has is that it is missing a number 7 key in one of the lines of the matrix, discoloration of a small area in the front chrome and typical marks of use. Service manual is included. It is sent anywhere in the world."

YAMAHA CS40M monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

"Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and some short life transistors, opamps and logis ICs with new ones, and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping.

Work list (Excerpt) :
Change all elec. caps with new ones.
Change all transistors, tant. caps and opamps on Power Supply Board with new ones.
Change all tant. caps on PGM/DM boards with new ones.
Change opamps for KCV buffers on SK board with new ones.
Brand new memory backup battery and factory sound data installed.
Keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning.

Vintage KORG MONO/POLY MP-4 Analog Synthesizer SN 376427

via this auction

Roland GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer SN 960657

via this auction

6-voice polyphony
2 oscillators per voice
VCOs (voltage controlled oscillator) are directly harmonically locked to each string, but can be tuned separately
VCF (voltage controlled filter, low pass) -24 dB per octave, with envelope modulation (attack and sensitivity)
Low Frequency Oscillator, for Vibrato Effects
Built-in foot switch controls the VCO mode (single/dual), VCO harmonize pitch (detuning of the VCO's), and VCF mode (on, bypass, or inverted)
Pedal control input for the VCF
The GR-300 can output either the guitar, the synth, or a mix of the two
Synchronized, flashing LED status indicators
Dimensions: 15.7" (W) 11.4" (D) 3.9" (H)
Power Requirements: 20 watts

ACCESS Virus Indigo 2 SN 10200439

via this auction

Exploring The Prophet 5 Synthesizer

Doctor Mix

'Here's a deep dive into the revered Prophet 5 vintage synthesizer! For 30 minutes I explore many of the sonic capabilities of this analogue beast, using iZotope's RX8 spectrogram to analyse its sound characteristics."

Sequential Prophet 6, SPHERES, 068 Ocean Go preset,

Bob I. Gomez

"Here is a tune for synthesizer performed on the Sequential Prophet 6. I use preset 068 Oceans Go. Name of the song is SPHERES."

Sequencial PRO3 + Modal ARGON8M + Elektron Digitakt

Masaki Takada

Topographic Drum Sequencer (GRIDS) 5U demo (+ Tanzmaus fill)


"A percussion-based demo using GRIDS along with a couple of extra sounds via an external drum machine."

Roland Keyboard Rigs with Sister Bliss of Faithless


"Sister Bliss of UK electronic music legend Faithless walks us through the gear and stories behind classic tracks like "Salva Mea," "Insomnia," and others. Learn about the vintage Roland synths and modules that powered the London group’s sound from its debut album, Reverence, through its latest, All Blessed."

NAMM 2021 - Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin and Gray Meanie Limited Edition


This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"Introducing some of our finest synthesizers ever designed - the Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin and Gray Meanie.

Featuring carefully selected high-grade components for improved performance, a mechanical spring reverb and unicolor fader LED's, the Behringer Blue Marvin and Gray Meanie look back at the rarest first editions of the 2600 that was released in 1971.

We further added some very useful features such as a dual filter, an additional LFO, VCO syncs, USB MIDI, and much more.

Rumoured that only 25 Blue Marvin's and 35 Gray Meanie's were ever made, these modern-day and authentic recreations bring you closer than ever before to these rarities that have always been so out of reach. This time, at a price within reach.

Shipping begins in February 2021 at US$ 699.

Behringer. We hear you."

New KORG Synths for 2021 Part 1



New KORG Synths for 2021 Part 2

GSE KVP Pitch Calibration Procedure w/ Korg MS-20 + Keystep Pro


"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

In this video I will be showing how to calibrate my KVP (Korg Voltage Processor) module.
While I test and calibrate the tuning of all modules, re-calibration may become necessary when the settings get too far out of whack.
I will give some helpful tips as well as a detailed step-by-step explanation of the calibration process.

This video is of a technical nature.
If you're wanting basic information about the KVP and its uses, be sure to check out my other video [posted here]

0:00 Intro, Helpful Tips, Setting Up the Keystep Pro
KEYSTEP PRO: Global Setting CV Base Note = C-2
2:28 V/OCT to Hz/V Calibration
Be sure to trim FREQ with the "low C" note
And trim WIDTH with the "high C" note.
7:01 Hz/V to V/OCT Calibration
Be sure to trim FREQ with the 'A' note
And trim WIDTH with the "high C" note

Keep in mind the KVP is an analog signal converter, controlling an analog MS-20 synthesizer.
And when converting Hz/V to V/OCT, we may be also using the MS-20 to control yet another analog VCO device.
Given these things, the pitch won't be absolutely perfect - but the base frequency and tracking should be well within musically acceptable margins."

Dreadbox Typhon: How to Import & Export Presets With Manager/Librarian Application

Anton Anru

"In this video I'm showing how to import and export presets using Manager app for Dreadbox Typhon.
Check out my soundset for Typhon: Rhythm In Bass. I spent much time thoroughly setting all parameters and modulations, so that each preset gave dynamic and expressive sound.

More details about the soundset:
Dreadbox Typhon - Rhythm In Bass (64 Presets + Sequences):"

Dreadbox Typhon: 64 Bass Presets & Sequences

Anton Anru

"Rhythm In Bass is a collection of 64 Presets and Sequences for Dreadbox Typhon. The soundset covers a wide range of genres and styles: Techno, House, Funk, Electro, Breaks, D'n'b, Pop, Lounge, Downtempo, Psy, and many others.
Each preset has its sequence. You may use it as it is, change it, or send notes from your DAW or any other external sequencer.
But I strongly recommend using the internal sequencer, as I thoroughly set modulations that are synced to the playback. These modulations make the presets and the sequences sound really expressive, dynamic, evolving without touching any parameters.
However, if you tweak Modwheel, Pitchblend (that are set in every preset), and front panel parameters, you will raise a timbre's expression to the new level.

Get the Soundset:

Free Presets for Arturia Microfreak Firmware 3: Vintage Tape (Soundset Demo)

Anton Anru

"And again Arturia make us happy with the release of the new firmware for Microfreak. This time, in version 3, they added three fantastic oscillators by Noise Engineering: Bass, Harm, and Sawx, that give new perspectives in sound design. And what I liked the most is that each of these oscillators has Noise parameter, it sounds very pleasant and give the timbre sort of vintage color.

Also, a unison mode is added, this mean you may stack all 4 voices in one note to get super fat leads, basses, plucks and so on.

Arturia keep on proving that Microfreak is indeed a synth with endless potential. Who knows what else they are going to add to the synth in future, and I can imagine how big this "Micro" is going to be...

When I got the firmware I started exploring the new possibilities immediately, I was excited about the sound and saved some presets in a short time. And now, to celebrate the news I decided to share the presets made with these new oscillators with all Microfreak users.

"Vintage Tape" is a collection of 10 paraphonic ambient presets with some retro mood thanks to the Noise and Detune parameters.

All presets have Press parameter set to Aftertouch, so you may develop the sound with your hands without touching any parameters.

Get the Soundset:"

Spiken by BENGE. Modcan A Series (self-playing patch)

zack dagoba

"A minimalist study on the Modcan A Series modular system. This is a self-playing patch which utilises two voltage controlled LFOs to generate the timing pulses, and random voltages to control pitch. There are also two audio samplers in the signal path which help generate the spikes

Shot on a JVC KY1900 analog video camera"

minipops 2O2 ~ breakbeats 'n' stuff


"a build of jan ostman's O2 minipops arduino drum machine with different samples and patterns

first a quick run through of the patterns/samples:
~ there are 12 patterns selected by push buttons
~ i've added kick, snare, tom, hi-hat and cymbal derived from 808 and casiotone! samples while retaining the original cowbell, clave and maracas

second part shows some MIDI clock sync'ing along with triggered filters via the analog reset out
~ an arduino MIDI sequencer/arpeggiator: drives a Yamaha WT11 with patches
~ the WT11 stereo out runs through separate filters for left and right
~ the minipops reset out tiggers an ADSR (via clock divider and trigger to gate conversion)
~ ADSR output goes to buffered multiples to produce two signals - one to each filter's cv input"

Make Noise 0-COAST SN 7302 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Make Noise 0-COAST, Semi-Modular Synth, with all accessories and original box."

Waldorf Micro Wave Synthesizer SN 9433395

via this auction

"The Waldorf Micro Wave, released in Germany in 1989, is a fantastic rackmount synthesizer that still holds up today, over 30 years later. The Micro Wave sound engine is a 8-voice polyphony (8-part multitimbral) wavetable sample-based synthesizer. It features 64 ROM wavetables and waveform samples. Today, this remains a powerful synth unit with superb sounds in the professional class. It has been used by countless artists, such as Nine Inch Nails and Vangelis. Don’t miss this great synth!

This unit is in very good condition, with only minor wear throughout (see photos), including some scratches, minor coloration, and some rust on the screws. The unit has been thoroughly checked and tested by our professional technician, who has confirmed the integrity and otherwise flawless operation of the unit. All buttons and lights are working perfectly. The display is fully functional and easy to read."

Elka Synthex SN 1592

via this auction

"ELKA Synthex used only a couple of time, perfect state."

Quasimidi Polymorph SN 58653

via this auction

Polyend Tracker & Arturia MicroFreak


'Made by Renoizer"

Modular self-playing patch: Erica Black Sequencer, Roland 510, Octocontroller, Clouds etc.

Brittle stR music

"This is a 3 voice patch, all sequenced from the Erica Black Sequencer:

* Lead sound is the Roland 510 synth voice with auto-panning from the Erica DSP, before going into Halls of Valhalla on the Tiptop Z-DSP.
* The ‘bass clarinet’ sound is the Doepfer A-111-5 synth voice with panning and delay from my DSI Pro-2, then Lexicon reverb.
* The abstract background is a noise source from Abstract Data Octocontroller, band-pass filtered by Tiptop, modulated by a CV track from the sequencer, enveloped and amped, then into Mutable Clouds for some unpredictable granulation. (I have absolutely no idea why it’s doing what it’s doing!)

On the 2 tonal tracks, there’s probability on a lot of the steps for melodic variation. I’ve just acquired the Black Sequencer, and it’s great having probability in Eurorack at last!"

Wing Pinger Pulses

Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A rhythmic exploration of the truly inspiring Meng Qi Wing Pinger. A simple live improvisation running the Wing Pinger through the Eventide H9 pedal, and a little bit of looping with the Montreal Assembly Count to 5 pedal later on. A little sketch, nothing more. And, of course, recommended to listen to on speakers or headphones 😀"

CASIO SK-1 Sampling Keyboard (1985)


"My first Sampler. The CASIO SK-1 from the year 1985. The beginning of all.
So much memories. So much fun!

Polyphony: 4 notes
8-bit sampling 1,4 sec., 9,35 kHz frequency, loop function
additive synthesis (harmonics (16', 8', 5 1/3', 4', 2 2/3', 2', 1 3/5', 1 1/3', 1')
13 type-presets EG ready to go for all syntheses with settings of attack, sustain and release combinations
ROM: 8 PCM sounds, 11 rhythms (256 kb ROM)
Sequencer Memory: 400 events, 3 tracks
2x Solo Mode, Chord Mode
Vibrato, Portamento

Demo Track:
all sounds: Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard (1985)
drums: Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard (1985)
recording: multi-track without MIDI, played by hand
fx: reverb

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:
RetroSound Home:"

Jamuary #19 - Track from scratch on the Spectralis


"Today's Jam is on the Radical Technologies Spectralis, a rare beast, yet one of the most powerful gooveboxes ever made.

I have to admit I dont use the Spectralis that often these days (though that could change after today) ... so really I just wanted to refamiliarise myself it ... as Id forgotten alot.

Then I realised its likely few have seen the Spectralis in action - so decided to do a kind of walkthrough to show it in action.

This is 100% Spectralis, all done on the fly.
the only thing Id prepared was which have some sounds loaded into each part (aka track).... even that I got wrong on last part ;)

So its a warts n' all , so forgive my 'rustiness'.

Coming back to the Spectralis I was struck by a few things:

The sound is fantastic, Id forgotten how good it was.
It has a reputation for complexity, and there is no denying that... but still I was surprised how quickly I got back into it.

As Ive not been using the Spectalis, I have been considering selling it... but have to say a few hours with it has reignitied my passion for it.
There is so much more it can do that I didnt even touch on today.
So, I think I need to put it somewhere where I can use it more again!"

A TINY MODULAR DRUM SYNTH // Bastl Kastle Drum mini review


00:00 intro & sound demos
02:14 how to use it
04:38 how to connect it to external gear
05:10 jam with Moog Subharmonicon
06:13 my opinion
07:54 bonus jam

AE#135 Oscar Synthesizer Part 3, Name That Tune Results, Digital Oscillator Theory Of Operation

Artifact Electronics

"The results of our Name That Tune competition followed by an explanation of how the digital oscillators operate in the Oscar.

00:00 - Oscar Synthesizer Part 3
00:34 - Name That Tune results
04:35 - Oscillator intro
05:33 - Sine Wave Theory
12:22 - Wave samples
20:21 - Variable sample rate playback
24:41 - Variable wave pointer increments
34:54 - The Oscar oscillator circuit
47:55 - Outro"

Artifact Electronics OSCar posts

20210119 - Roland SH-32 Track

ryouichi harada

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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