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Saturday, February 06, 2021

Synthstrom Deluge Quick Demo Tracks by tblv9300

"Recorded dry straight out of the unit"

Duskwork Eurorack Modules Including Worlds First Self-Tuning Eurorack VCO


1. How to use the Self Tuning Eurorack VCO Synthesizer
2. The Worlds First Self-Tuning Eurorack VCO (Demo & How To Use)
3. Blinding Lights - The Weeknd (DIY Modular Synth Performance) | DUSKWORK
4. Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys (DIY Modular Synth Performance) | DUSKWORK
5. Take On Me - Aha (DIY Modular Synth Performance) | DUSKWORK

New maker. This is the first post to feature Dustwork.

via Duskwork

Self-Tuning VCO – Complete Module – Eurorack



– Analogue VCO
– 3-Wave mixer
– 6HP Width (Eurorack)
– Self-Tuning Capability
– Powered by the iconic 3340 VCO IC
– 26mm depth
– Simple Controls
– Beginner friendly
– Tuning Status LED

Also available as a kit.

"This listing is for the kit version of the Self-Tuning VCO module. It includes a PCB & panel – the panel is made from a strong and ethical material at a 1.6mm thickness; the same as the PCB. The PCB is populated with all SMT components apart from the AS3340. You can find a bit more about what’s involved in the build guide down below"

Ludwig Phase II guitar synthesizer with Original Broucher

via this auction

"Ludwig Phase II Guitar Synthesizer vintage excellent condition even the rubber feet. I also have the original (not a copy) sales brochure from 1970. I am the original owner. It has never been opened or modified. The original handle is missing the bar grip that is held in by two screws. I don't think I played more than 10 times since I bought it in 1970. Everything works including all the lights. These are one of the rarest fx pedals. Supposedly only 150 were made."

Vintage ARP Solina String Ensemble SN 0097619

video by Synth Chaser

via this auction

"This is the most desirable revision, with the heavy steel frame and the modulation on/off switch to the right of the keys. The ARP String Ensemble was manufactured by the Eminent Organ company in Holland as the Solina String Ensemble, and rebranded for sale in the US by ARP as the ARP String Ensemble SE-IV. This was the quintessential string synthesizer of the 1970's, appearing on countless albums of all genres from Disco to Progressive Rock. The String Ensemble offers 4 polyphonic preset voices (violin, viola, trumpet, and horn) and 2 monophonic bass voices (cello and contrabass). The String Ensemble offers crescendo and sustain controls, as well as a volume control to mix in the bass voices. The String Ensemble is often copied, but never replicated due to the vintage analog BBD delay chips that give the synth its lush phasing sound. This 2nd revision of the String Ensemble has a switch to the right of the 49 key keybed that allows you to disable this modulation if you wish, for a different set of sounds.

The synthesizer is fully working and in good physical condition (these often have rusted front panels, or dented/cracked cases). The only items worth noting is an extra connector on the back that was added for a pedal mod that has since been removed. And sometimes the modulation on/off button will fail to latch or unlatch on the first press."

Eggshell White Cwejman S1 MK2 Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 231

via this auction


video by Synthesizer Home

"This is a little demo of my Farfisa Syntorchestra. The monophonic section is out of tune, sorry..."

Evolution Vol 3 - Patches 1 to 25 - Sequential OB6

video by GEOSynths

"Out 15th February 2021

It's been almost 3 years since I brought out Evolution Vol 2 for the Sequential OB6 Synthesizer and wasn't sure I'd do another, however Sequential have updated the OB6 with the "Vintage Knob" feature, from the Prophet 5 Rev 4 Synth. After playing around with it, I decided to do another Bank and while it is subtle with some sounds, with others, it can really make a difference.

In this set I've also focused a little more on making Patches using Osc 2 as a Modulation Source and delving deeper. While there is the odd "Vintage" patch, it's more about getting new Synthesizer sounds."

Fresh Coffee with Oberheim OB-6, Strymon Volante & Six4Pix NoodleBox

video by While We Were Sleeping

"I recently got a Sequential Oberheim OB-6. The OB-6 just sounds wonderful and puts me in a euphoric and relaxation state of mind.
On our first weekend together I thought Ill introduce The OB-6 to my other two current favourites the Strymon Volante tape delay and the Six4Pix NoodleBox Serendipity Sequencer.
So I Noodled a few sequences made a fresh cope of coffee using hand-ground Beans and let that sweet Oberheim sound float through the Volante.
So here it is mixed with the sound of the Brighton sea and a pinch of seagulls.

Background Video and sounds are shout next to Brighton pier and just in time for that day starling murmuration.

Hope you enjoy

Sequential Pro 3 & TC Electronic Arena

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

#ffs​ February Filter Sweep part 1 by SynthAddict

video by SynthAddict

Synths featured: Korg ARP Odyssey, DSI Polyevolver, Arturia MatrixBrute, Access Virus TI, Roland Juno-6, Kawai SX-240.

"In support of the movement against the recent YT algorithm trend of blocking/demonetizing basic synth filter sweep demos, I have made a simple collage of basic filter sweeps from different gear. Enjoy...more to come since it's early in February..
I was intending to get this done earlier but a busy work week and some computer/video tool glitches made it a rough time. All good now...
Sorry for the wonky audio/video and camerawork in parts, this was a rush job."

Note SynthAddict is the one who let us know about the #FFS YouTube protest. You can find additional details and demos here.

OP-Z // Cedar

video by Payton Carter

"Why even have an OP-Z if you don't make lo-fi hip hop beats to relax/study to? I downloaded some boom bap and vocal kits from and this is a happy little tune I made with them.

Get my Circuit pack for free/pay-what-you-want:
Check out my music here:"

Pedals on synths: First try with a few Boss pedals (CE2W + DM2W + OD3)

video by SYNTHWAY

"Just trying some pedals with the Nord Lead 4.

00:12​ - Base Sound
01:10​ - Nord's Internal Delay
01:50​ - DM2W Delay
02:43​ - Base Sound
02:57​ - OD3 Overdrive
03:28​ - OD3 + DM2W
03:54​ - DM2W Delay
04:36​ - Base Sound
04:41​ - CE2W Chorus

Some thoughts in the end.

The CE2W is beyond glorious in my honest opinion.

Everything recorded directly to the audio interface (Scarlett 2i2).
Routing for audio is double mono tracks with -20/+20 Panorama."

Yamaha SS-30 Rare 70's Analogue String Synthesiser SN 1318

via this auction

"This Yamaha SS-30 sounds great. It is a string synth, released in 1977 and it gets a really good write up, many people seem to love it! There are two tones for each note and it can create some really lush timbres. If you are after a stringer, this would definitely be a great option."

ARP Soloist 1973 SN 27302

via this auction

"Super Rare 1973 Arp Soloist, the first synthesizer Arp made, in very good condition and recently serviced.

Comes with original case see photos. 110V US Power supply .."

Pics of the inside below. Note the encapuslated 4013 Filter, 4030 Fixed Filter, 4027 VCO, 4031 Cello Voice, 4032 3-Voice Assembly #1, 4033 3-Voice Assembly #2 Assembly. You can also find some pics of the separate modules here. A 4013 filter was featured in this ARP 2600.

Vintage GEM Sprinter Organ Keyboard w/ Rhythm Section SN A27188

via this auction

You can find demos of a silver model in previous posts here.

"This is a fun retro GEM Sprinter Organ Keyboard Synthesizer.
It has many functions and a drum beat section as well.
It all works and has the metal stand legs.
There is one white key that has an end with broken plastic top
It works but will need a patch job.
There are a couple of slider plastic end knobs missing.
They work as well.
It is clean and working with minor use wear.
No cracks in the casing, missing the front cover"

Roland MC-202 Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-8 w/ MIDI

via this auction

"Rare 14-bit version, also referred to as the "JP-8A". It was serviced a few years ago by Rosen Sound, where they replaced the DCB port with a more practical MIDI option. The "LFO Waveform" knob is a bit wobbly, but works fine. If you are skilled with repairs, replacement pots can be found online for $20 bucks ;) Otherwise, this synth performs great, sounds incredible, and ready for your next recording project."

Roland MKS-80

via this auction

MFB Tanzbar SN 16888

via this auction

Synthetic Sound Labs THUNDRUM 5U analog drum module SSL1140

video by alternatingbitmusic

"Demo/Review of this fun drum module from SSL."

The Bontempi KS5600 (is not great) - with Fostex XR-3 4 Track

video by ChrisLody

"So I have some time not to be in the studio working on music and sound design for Sonicware while I wait for the updated version of the XFM to arrive, so I spent it in the studio doing something else :D Same thing will likely happen tomorrow.

Today I chose to try to write something with just the Bontempi KS5600, but it's not a great keyboard! For a start the output is super super hot, like surface of the sun hot, so the Behringer mixer is there just to get the level down to something I can record. Even then it'll distort internally while playing chords if it's not turned down on the front panel which increases noise vs signal a lot. Uggh.

As far as I can tell from the sound it's an FM based board but a lot of the sounds are quite similar. I found nothing with even the slightest bit of vibrato and very little that has a nice fade in that would be useful for strings. So this was a bit of an uphill battle. Why do I do this to myself? :D

It was recorded on the Fostex XR3 with mixing done on the Inkel MX880E and effects added from the Zoom 1201. Kind of messed up the video of the bottom left frame, but the whole thing is a bit of a mess so never mind..."

HEXE BitCrusher Demo Buchla Studio.h & Metasonix D-1000

video by Kent

"Studio.h Dual Programmable Oscillator (my favorite 258 variant) into a Buchla 292e"

HEXE BitCrusher Demo w/ Metasonix D-1000

"Straightforward but ugly demonstration of the HEXE Bitcrusher III Desktop model.
Metasonix D-1000 sequenced by Analogue Solutions Europa Sequencer."

3d Virtual Reality Synthesizer - the future of Synthesis!?

video by studentsmusic

"synth vr by 42tones is a clever approach to 3d virtual synthesis. A short demo and some thoughts about the next step in music technology."

See the VR label below for more.

DAW-less DAW? MV-1 VERSELAB Review and full song-making tutorial for Roland's portable studio

video by loopop

"Can you produce a full song with vocals on Roland's MV-1 Verselab? Here's my attempt to reproduce a professionally produced track.

0:00​ Intro
1:45​ Overview
8:15​ Connectivity
9:20​ Building a song
12:40​ Arranging vocals
14:00​ Vocal processing
16:25​ Kit & track plan
18:00​ Sound design
19:55​ Kit design
20:55​ Sampling
21:45​ Editing samples
22:45​ Looper tracks
24:15​ Step sequencing
25:40​ Live sequencing
26:35​ Automation
27:30​ Effects
30:30​ Zenbeats
31:10​ Quick tips
33:40​ Pros & cons
38:55​ Full track mixdown"

Yamaha SK-30 | Imaginary Video Game Soundtrack

video by MIDERA

0:00​ Sunset After Rain
5:50​ Maps and Dungeons
9:30​ Ice Caverns
14:10​ Wanderings
18:00​ Chrysalis

"Just a bit of fun using the SK-30 to create an imaginary soundtrack to... a video game? I came up with some titles, but I’ll admit it was late at night when I did all of this, now my right eye is incredibly bloodshot.

Maybe it’s the novelty of the SK-30. Normally I write and write and write with a new piece of gear (I did this with the Moog Matriarch too), and soon enough it’ll wear off and I’ll move on - maybe that’s just part of being human, or maybe I will continue to find great value in the SK-30. Something I really do value here (and could possibly do with other gear, but don’t) is just how easy it is to write music with, all by itself. It just works, of course, my keyboard skills leave a lot to be desired (I mess up plenty here, unfortunately, as this would have been fun to put into an album).

These tracks ONLY USE the organ and the monosynth. I still find the organ to be a pretty fun little part of it, surprisingly. I don’t understand organs at all, or why there are tones at regular and fraction intervals, but they’re all cool in different ways.

Eventide Space and Strymon El Capistan used for FX."

Yamaha SK-30 demos by MIDERA

Korg M500 Micro-Preset (*1978) I No Talking

video by Magic Electronic Music

"Korg M500 Micro-Preset (*1978) I No Talking
One Synthesizer one song."


video by JOSEF KLANG


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