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Monday, February 22, 2021

Roland TR-808 | The Best Drum Machine Ever Made?

video by Espen Kraft

"Roland TR-808 drum machine. A timeless classic that delivers again and again. As prices soar through the roof I find out if it's really worth it. Is it?

Well, I'm a converted man. Happened just now.

Here's my story... I've used the real TR-808 in the past, but never more than very briefly each time. I never had the chance to sit down with it, for an extended period of time.

Until now...

So, like so many others, I turned to samples of it (and I actually still have some samples I sampled from a real one many many years ago, based off a audio-file of all the drums in sequence) and I've been happy using that. I've also used some emulators and clones of it. Worked well too. In a mix, no one will know the difference. But then there is GETTING to that result, how much should you enjoy going towards the end goal? And how much can that trip alter the final outcome?

Having this now, at my disposal for a period of time, has made my appreciate it way much more, as an instrument. This thing is ALIVE and the sounds simply has that early 80s kind of "dull" sound to it that is just right. It's not hyped in the upper frequencies as all emulations and clones suffer from and it's just incredibly alive. It's hard to explain really.

Of course these drum sounds aren't suitable for everything and many songs requires something else entirely, but if I'm in need for the classic 800 sounds, I cannot begin to think of using something else than patterns written on the original itself. And that in itself poses a real challenge, since this 808 isn't mine! :P

I have to figure something out I guess.....

The track I use to start the video (after my intro) is of course "Sexual Healing", a classic 808 song. I've taken liberties with the patterns, again to showcase more on the 808.
The bass, piano, guitar (sampled) and strings are all sequenced live together with the 808 synced through the Doepfer MSY2 giving Din sync to the 808.
Everything is recorded live. The drums are then summed into the SSL SiX with a couple of SSL 611 EQs inserted. The SSL 611 EQs are set to give the 808 a real "oompf" and glossy high end. It's all then pumped through the SSL Bus compressor for final output.

The rest of the instruments/sounds are getting some of the same treatment as well, so these 3 minutes of sexual healing has gone through the whole Espen Kraft "full production" machinery really. ;-)"

MIDERA | I hope you like monotony

video by MIDERA

Roland SH-101
Moog Matriarch
Eventide Blackhole VST

Using the Hologram Microcosm with VCV Rack

video by Omri Cohen

"Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

00:00​ - Rings into Microcosm
03:55​ - Random Sequence with Marbles
07:22​ - Glitchy Drums
11:32​ - Looping
14:14​ - Switching algorithms"

Uglysound Build Challenge: Can Paul build six modules in less than five hours?

video by Uglysound

"In this episode Matt challenges Paul to build six modules in under five hours!

Paul chose to build six synthCube kits, all Pharmasonic System 700 clones in eurorack format.

Find those kits (and many other great projects) here:"

Nitzer Ebb's Belief bassline on Oberheim Xpander?

video by manmade madman

"A friend challenged me to recreate the sound from Nitzer Ebb's song Belief. Using an Oberheim Xpander and it's multiple filter types, how close did I get?"

Open Box ARP 2600 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer w/ ARP Keyboard 3620

via this auction

Akai VX600 Vintage Six Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Gator Case

via this auction

"Amazing super rare synth in great condition from the late 80s that produces some amazing sounds, interesting clips online demonstrate the capabilities of this synth. To note the screen makes an ever so slight hum when powered on, could be a grounding issue not sure but it doesn't affect function whatsoever. Ships with a semi-rigid Gator case pictured."

Moog MicroMoog Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Custom blue mod strip.

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

via this auction

ARP ODYSSEY MK I Handmade Miniature 1 6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Sequential Artist Spotlight: Jameson Nathan Jones

video by Sequential

"Jameson Nathan Jones is a classically trained pianist, organist, and composer from Mississippi whose interest in modern electronics and sound design has led to a unique musical language all his own. Blending elements of modern classical and ambient music with the grittier analog textures often associated with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Jameson has created a sound that ranges from intimate and minimal to cinematic and raw.

Jameson's solo work has led to a number of film scoring opportunities, and his ever expanding sound palette ensures an evolving journey for the listener, though still rooted in his own musical language and style. This year has seen the release of his electronic/ambient LP, Signals, a collaboration with the popular YouTube explorers The Proper People. Jameson has also released a number of reworks, collaborations, and singles as he puts the finishing touches on a new album to be released in 2021.

This video spotlight features Jameson with the Prophet Rev2 and Pro 3 synthesizers.

Follow Jameson Nathan Jones:

For more info on Sequential and the Prophet Rev2 / Pro 3:"

1969 short Moog Synthesizer demonstration by Wendy Carlos

video by soup

"Filmed by a French crew."

Super short clip of Wendy Carlos with Moog Modular system back in the day.

Aries - Molecular

video by Aries - Molecular

Also check out supporting member Aries' latest release Sprookje on Spotify here.

Music by Livio Conduttore
All rights reserved
Devoloped by ABF Recording

Available on:


Apple Music:



You can find more at Aries website here:

STONE | Waldorf Quantum Live Granular Guitar Processing

video by HEAD DRESS

"Recording a quick multi-tracked guitar sketch and processing the results with Quantum's live granular mode.

If you like this video, buy a record:"

Novation Circuit Tracks Tutorial (Beginner & Intermediate)

video by Gabe Miller Music

"A super in-depth Novation Circuit Tracks tutorial for complete beginners and intermediate users returning from the OG Circuit, with a thorough walkthrough and demonstration of the workflow, features, and approach to making music from scratch on this groovebox.

00:00​ Intro
00:25​ Circuit Basics
01:55​ Synth Tracks
08:39​ Drum Tracks
16:00​ More about Synths
18:38​ Tempo and Swing
19:36​ Scales
20:21​ Scenes and Sessions
23:44​ Step Automation
24:48​ Step Probability
25:59​ Mutate
27:04​ Pattern Settings
29:31​ Midi Tracks and Routing
36:40​ Outro

Get my $5 sample pack:"

Altered Memory

video by Time_Controlled_Organism

"Quick vid made with clips I uploaded on another media website, just to tell that I'm still alive and working on new material with some cool new synths
#moog​ #mooggrandmother​ #ob6​ #davesmithinstruments​ #oberheim​ #elektron​ #sequential​ #hologrammicrocosm​ #synth​ #vintagesynth​ #analogsynth​
Track is made with the gear shown in the vid and Ableton, I'm thinking about a subscription system where I would upload the separate tracks as I've properly edited loops
Thx for watching"

--- This one reminded me of Ultravox's Keep Talking.

Electric batucada: Complex drum sequencing (LD3 MIGrids 4msRCD)

video by Meska

"Complex drum sequencing using gotharman LD3, mutable instruments grids , 4ms RCD, divkid mutes for live playing and a little bit of plinky at the end .
Start talking : 1:18​
All the Drum sound are made with the internal LD3 sound generator , no sample use.
The grids outputs got to the trig31 by VPME.DE
Simple patch complex sound ;)"

random acts of mindless

video by Cray

Gamechanger Audio Motorsynth SN 315 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here. You can find additional demos of the Motor Synth in previous posts here.

Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Analog Synthesizer w/ MIDI

via this auction

"Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 analog synthesizer in excellent condition with MIDI. This is likely the cleanest Prophet 10 you will ever find. Absolutely babied, this synthesizer has always been very well taken care of and was serviced by premier Sequential tech Greg Montalbano. The Prophet 10 includes a heavy duty ATA flight case which is so large you could live in it."

Vintage Roland TB-303 Bass Line Analog Synthesizer SN 231500 w/ Smiley Stickers

via this auction

Roland JX-3P POLYPHONIC SYNTHESIZER + PG-200 & Sound Sample 32 Docs

via this auction

Roland Juno 60 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This synth comes with the following: Roland MD-8 Midi box, Roland factory 2 way 14 pin cable, Roland factory 3 way foot switch, Roland factory Data Tape and instruction manuals for both the Juno 60 and the MD-8."

Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus SN 850531

via this auction

ETI Powertran Transcendent 2000 w/ Foot Pedal & Docs

via this auction

Nord Lead 3 Advanced Synthesizer - Abstract/Astral Sound Design demo

video by Cro w

"Not enough on here representing the digital behemoth with the greatest interface of any synth EVER. I am playing the NL3 in "performance" mode exclusively. Why would you play it any other way? Now with that said... NONE (I'm pretty sure) of these sounds use more than just TWO slots out of the four. HUGE alien pad transmitter!!!

Audio = NL3 - H9&DIG - Behringer interface (lowest of the low...) - Logic Pro X (slight EQ, some compression to even out peaks)"

Also see Nord Lead 3 and Strymon DIG & DECO - Digital Sync Pad BLISS

ENSONIQ SD-1 Wave Synthesizer - Textural & Cinematic Abstractions

video by Cro w

"This video is to demonstrate the incredibly dense, rich, sonically pleasing and experimental sounds that can be achieved with the SD-1. Everything Ensoniq made has it's own weirdo left-field charms and peculiar features; when it comes to their synthesizer line (the Ensoniq samplers are their own separate aliens); the SD-1 is the top of the chain in my opinion. It is followed VERY closely by it's direct elder descendent - the VFX/SD, next is the original VFX and THEN the FIzmo. Ha.

Sound is stereo out of the SD-1 into a Mackie VLZ4 mixer with literally just a TOUCH of H9 reverb on the "aux" to softly adhere it all .... I mean the knob wasn't even at 2. From there the audio went into the interface and directly to Logic for capture. What you are hearing is 100% the SD-1. It's an absolute incredible sound design tool and the internal FX are radical; they can be pushed in very wild ways!"

Ensoniq SD-1 "Two Patches" audio synthesis exploration

"The Ensoniq SD-1 (VFX/SD) have an interesting patch/program architecture. What I call a "patch" on the SD-1 can actually be composed of up to 6 complete synth voices containing one waveform each. I don't consider these to be "multi-programs" because you can play up to THREE of these patches together at one time; and THAT is what I would call a "program" on the SD-1. This video contains NO programs. Just single patches with no more than 3 voices selected at a time. What I am selecting on the SD-1's panel in the video is two custom stored patches and selecting different combinations of voices within them. Again, never exceeding more than three voices at a time, and no multi programs. The SD/VFX line also feature polyphonic aftertouch. It is turned off on these patches to demonstrate the power of the velocity mapping of this rich synthesizer. All audio and all FX are from the SD-1 ONLY. Audio is L/R out directly into an interface to Logic Pro X. Light limiting has been done to avoid peak clipping. That's all. There will be more SD-1 demos to come soon."

Polyend Tracker Wonky Beats

video by Polyend

"Polyend Tracker Wonky Beats, chilling with Cookie :)

by Isobutane"

Arturia Polybrute - Custom Patches (No Talking) - Basses, Arpeggiations, Huge Pads, Leads, and Drums

video by inside synthesis

"100% Arturia Polybrute with no external FX. As I was creating each patch, I'd often find that one would remind me of a certain classic synthesizer. So I leaned in and tried to capture the vibe of the original instrument -- including a Roland Jupiter 6, Juno 60, D-50, and SH-101, a Yamaha DX7, an Elka Synthex, and a few classic Oberheims. They're not trying to be exact copies or anything."

kNoB technology presents AGNI

video by kNoB Technology

"Our new 2HP module AGNI
VCA, Wavefolder, Distortion, EQ, Feedback
In this track, the bass is formed from a sine wave and AGNI
Drums and keys are also AGNI processed"

VVOLTT Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Lego Skiff

video by Bas├ęput

"After a long break, finally I upload a new video again. This video is about a skiff called VVOLLT, made in Indonesia with lego style. Hope you enjoy it!

0:00​​ Intro
0:11​ Opening track
1:45​ General information
3:00​ VVOLTT skiff general information
04:35​ Take a look inside the skiff
08:15​ Jamming with the VVOLTT skiff"

Patch n Tweak
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