MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, March 8, 2021

Monday, March 08, 2021

Live! @ EMEAPP- RACHEL FLOWERS performs TARKUS on Keith Emerson's gear!

video by EMEAPP

Update: full performance here.

"Keith Emerson would have been proud to see keyboardist Rachel Flowers tear up his song TARKUS on his own stage gear! Check out Rachel taking Keith's custom Moog synthesizer for a ride along with his custom Goff Professional Hammond C3 organ. This performance is from a live event at the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project (EMEAPP"

Also see Rachel Flowers on the Modular Moog - intro by Keith Emerson. You can find additional posts featuring EMEAPP here.

Ableton M4L MIDI Gate Slicer 2.1

video by Akihiko Matsumoto

"Rhythmic Triger/Gate Slicer for MIDI Track."

Synth Jam 79 : Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch

video by Marcus Padrini


video by HOX808

"'GLUT UND ASCHE' ist ein Doppelröhren-LOW-Pass-Filter mit einstellbarer Verzerrung der Filterresonanz. Jede Röhre verfügt über ein Differentialpotentiometer, das den Rückkopplungspfad zu der dazugehörigen Röhre spezifisch beeinflusst.

Die Schaltung basiert konsequent auf zwei Röhren und bietet echten und unverfälschten Röhrensound. Verwendet werden zwei ECF 80. Auf Transistoren, IC´s und SMD-Komponenten wurde zugunsten der Wahrhaftigkeit verzichtet.

'GLUT UND ASCHE' ist ein 'real thing' und so hört es sich auch an. Wild Entschlossen das durch den Signaleingang eingespeiste Audiomaterial drastisch und energisch zu zerrütten.

Selbstverständlich sind auch herrlich organisch anmutende Verläufe möglich, sofern man das Filter solide und gradlinig betreiben möchte."


"'GLUT UND ASCHE' is a double tube LOW-pass filter with adjustable distortion of the filter resonance. Each tube has a differential potentiometer that specifically influences the feedback path to the associated tube.

The circuit is consistently based on two tubes and offers real and unadulterated tube sound. Two ECF 80 are used. Transistors, ICs and SMD components have been omitted in favor of truthfulness.

'GLUT UND ASCHE' is a 'real thing' and it sounds like that. Wildly determined to drastically and energetically disrupt the audio material fed in through the signal input.

Of course, wonderfully organic gradients are also possible, provided you want to operate the filter in a solid and straightforward manner. "

Song mode & generative sequencing on Super Sixteen Firmware v1.1 (tutorial)

video by Extralife

"Installing new 1.1 firmware on the Super Sixteen. Get the firmware update here:

Get the Pololu USB AVR programmer 2.1 (any AVR programmer will work!)

Get the arduino IDE here:

OR Get avrdude here:

00:21​ Intro
00:50​ Generative mutations
03:43​ Sequence chain / song mode
06:08​ Note name display mode
07:17​ Connect AVR programmer (SMT)
09:06​ Connect AVR programmer (DIY)
09:54​ Arduino Uno as ICSP
10:45​ Arduino connections (SMT)
13:41​ Arduino connections (DIY)
15:10​ Downloading the firmware/AVRdude
16:12​ Upload via cmd/terminal
17:23​ Troubleshooting common errors
18:38​ Upload via Arduino Uno
19:12​ Finding avrdude when installed via Arduino IDE
21:11​ Installing via source/IDE (AVR programmer only)
24:33​ Updated documentation"

ESK - Moog DFAM + Dynacord TAM 19 Flanger

video by Metunar

"Jam with a Moog DFAM Drum Synthesizer, an analog Dynacord TAM 19 Flanger and a Focusrite Compounder Compressor.
Direct recording with soft mastering."

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with DOMi

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Keyboardist Domi Louna is the youngest woman sponsored by the world’s top keyboard innovators, and graduated from Berklee College of Music under a full Presidential Scholarship in 2020.

Collaborating with drummer JD Beck, their sound is a future-sonic meeting of jazz, hip-hop breakbeats, luscious synth harms, and up-tempo virtuosity. The duo have become one of the internet’s viral addictions, attracting interest from people all over the world.

DOMi & JD have performed with Thundercat, Anderson .Paak, Eric Andre, Jon Bap, MonoNeon, Louis Cole and many others. Their virtuosic live show has been seen at Newport Jazz Festival, Brixton Academy opening for Cinematic Orchestra, Blue Note NYC presented by Robert Glasper featuring MonoNeon to The Root’s Annual Picnic. Celebrated as one of the most exciting young forces to the future-sonic-jazz movement, DOMi & JD Beck are soon to release their first debut album in 2021.

We chatted with Domi about how she uses Sequential instruments in her music"

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Unofficial Machinedrum x.04 Firmware

Available here. This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

KEITH EMERSON Tribute reunion EMEAPP segment

video by EMEAPP

"A brief but exciting look at Keith Emerson's stage and studio gear at EMEAPP (Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project). This segment was provided to the Keith Emerson Tribute Concert folks and was played during their reunion event that featured Marc Bonilla, Steve Porcaro, Rachel Flowers, Gregg Bissonette, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and more. The tribute video is chock full of amazing performances and anecdotal stories about Keith Emerson, it is a must-have!"

Spiraling Prism (Herbie Hancock) - performed by Jon Opstad/Tom O'Grady/Byron Miller/Mark Mondesir

video by Jon Opstad

"'Spiraling Prism' (Herbie Hancock)

Performed by:
Jon Opstad - analogue synthesizers
Tom O'Grady - fender rhodes
Byron Miller - electric bass
Mark Mondesir - drums

'Spiraling Prism' was a masterpiece of analogue synthesizer orchestration by the legendary Herbie Hancock, originally from his 1980 album "Mr Hands". Here we recreate the track using entirely the same models of vintage synthesizer that Herbie Hancock used on the original recording, with no digital synthesizers, samples or software instruments.

Featuring the track's original bassist, electric bass legend Byron Miller (Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Sonny Rollins, Luther Vandross, Beyonce).

Taking the place of the track's original drummer, the late drum legend Ndugu, is the great British drummer Mark Mondesir (John McLaughlin, Jan Hammer, Courtney Pine, Kevin Eubanks).

The Fender Rhodes electric piano is performed by Tom O'Grady (Resolution 88, The Blackbyrds, Incognito, Myles Sanko).

The project was conceived and produced by Jon Opstad (film & TV composer - Black Mirror, The Feed, Rainbow Six Siege), who programmed and performed the analogue synthesizers.

The back cover of Herbie Hancock's 1978 album Sunlight showed an iconic photograph of his analogue synthesizer setup from this period. The original version of "Spiraling Prism" from Mr Hands was recorded during the Sunlight sessions. Here we have recreated that original synthesizer setup, using instruments such as the Mini Moog, ARP 2600, Oberheim Polyphonic and Prophet 5 that were key elements of Herbie Hancock's music in the 1970s.

This video is a celebration of Herbie Hancock's 1970s music, and the instruments on which it was performed."

And one from earlier:

Recording Juno Synth for Alex Roth's #MultiTractionOrchestra​ Project
video by Jon Opstad

"Recording some Juno 6 through Strymon Timeline & Big Sky pedals for an experimental project by my friend, guitarist Alex Roth, involving recordings by multiple musicians."

Internet Jamming System for Robots!

video by Captain Credible

"thumpBit samplepack available for patrons on Patreon​

Thanks to my vast intellect and also the loving support from patons and subscribers, I have achieved the development of this pinnacle of human technology: The internet jamming system for micro:bit orchestra. Basically it lets people sit at home in isolation and click a sick beat into a step sequencer on a web page. That sick beat is subsequently yeeted through the intertubes before it ends up being slammed out by an army of adorable tiny robotic rabbits of death. aww yiss!

here's the p5.js code so you can see how I made the web sequencer.

Here is the code that runs on the micro:bit

ESP8266 code is on patreon available for non-patrons"

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer - Part 2 - Sound Generation, Waveforms, Sync and Amplitude Modulation

video by Runningonair

"Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer Part 2 - Sound Generation
In this video I take a closer look at waveforms, sync and amplitude modulation.

You can download the waveforms as played in the video here:" Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer videos by Runningonair

Allinaire Live: Monome Norns/Fates + ARC. Granular Synthesis. New Atlantis

video by Allinaire

"Monome Norns / Fates controlled by ARC and Faderbank. Live performance at 'New Atlantis, Artists Edition' at the Io Myer Theatre at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Recorded 6th March 2021.
Testing the Quadraphonic sound stage at the theatre, this event featured several NSW modular and sound artists.
Huge thanks to Adam Hulbert of UNSW and New Sound Waves for organising and facilitating the event.
Video Synthesis and projection mapping onto the 4 screen panels by Adam Hulbert and Simon Trevaks (with Luke S Dearnley operating Vidiot during my set).
Quadraphonc sound in the Theatre but only stereo on this video - still some good sound panning and movement best heard on quality headphones or speakers.
Norns / Fates features several reels of material including field recordings of underwater audio from the Great Barrier reef off Carins QLD, percussion extracts from my Asalt studio piece & various Norns apps pieces and percussion.
Using Norns App ASH/ ANGL the ARC controls the pitch and speed in a high precision granular manner and Faderbank adjusts various other parameters.
4 Granular 'tape heads' are available concurrently and I swap out 'sound reels' during the performance.
The performance is basically made 'on the fly', by ear, by granularising the sounds into tiny pieces and adjusting parametaers to mix, smear, pan and resize & overlap grains.
Picked up some radio interference towards the end as well!
Thanks for watching."

Novation Circuit Tracks Ambient: 'Always' | Ambient Demo with Custom Patches/Samples

video by SoundGhost

"All presets/patches/samples from my new Circuit Tracks pack, Waves:

All sounds from Circuit Tracks. No other sound sources. All custom patches and samples. Hope you enjoy it!"

Novation Circuit Tracks + Roland MC-101 Beatmaking

video by Gabe Miller Music

"I use the Novation Circuit Tracks and Roland MC-101 grooveboxes together to make jams from scratch (a Rezz type electro banger and a Kid Cudi type space trap beat).

00:00​ Intro
01:05​ Tracks + MC-101 Setup
3:09​ Beat One
11:42​ Beat Two"

Call the police, the Bass Station 2 is illegally good 👍👍

video by The Ocean Beneath

"This morning has all been about analogue synthesizers and stank face grooves.

Playing around with the Bass Station 2 again, I can't believe I almost got rid of this synth last year. Anyhow, came up with this patch and using the sequencer got this sounding absolutely lovely. Threw on some Valhalla Vintage Verb and the Ableton stock delay.

All recorded and edited using Ableton Live 11 and Hit Film Express."

Soundtoys EchoBoy on the Bass Station 2
video by The Ocean Beneath

Opens up around :36 in.

"Inspired by the Kelis track Acapella I was playing around with the Bass Station 2 again. Came up with this patch and using the sequencer got this fat sound. Threw on some Valhalla Vintage Verb and the Soundtoys Echoboy for even more fatness and saturated the hell out of it. This synth is still one on of my favourites and the sound is just so easy to play around with. Everybody should own a Bass Station 2."

KORG MONOLOGUE - Factory Sounds & Sequences

1-50 video by The Ocean Beneath

"This is the factory patches and sequences straight out of the Monologue, no effects added, this is just the RAW Monologue sound with a limiter on the master to get the volume up. Video was getting a bit long so I'll upload the second set soon."

KORG MONOLOGUE - Factory Sounds & Sequences 51-80

mLab Obermoog & ONKEL SEM Analog Synthesizer Expander Modul

Obermoog by mLab R.MEURER video by x x

ONKEL SEM Analog Synthesizer Expander Modul
video by x x

mLab brought us the OBSX MIDI CONTROL adapter.

Gavilán Rayna Russom early hand built synthesizer demo for Bechdel

video by Voluminous Arts

"Gavilán Rayna Russom hand built this synthesizer in 2004 to meet some of her compositional needs. In this video she demonstrates using it to create harmonic and rhythmic pulsations in a computer generated string loop."

Patching from scratch with Mutable Instruments Beads

video by Omri Cohen

Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

00:00​ - Burst of grains
12:10​ - Time stretching
22:06​ - Wavetable mode
33:18​ - Trigger output
43:01​ - As a delay

5 Patchlets with Mutable Instruments Beads - Sounds Only

nearness eurorack mixer quick review/demo

video by Meska

you can easly find pcb and panel to buy ;)
Realy quick démo/review of nearness mixer
1:33​ typhoon fun

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with. i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at​ or on the official YT page :

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Aquifex - Moog Tower of Doom live jam 2 w/ OP-Z

video by SynthAddict

"Quick, simple 2nd live demo of the Moog Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon I call the Tower of Doom. Running DFAM through the miniKP delay and the Subharmonicon through 2 diff. algorithms of the Source Ventris.
OP-Z live noodling added on top here and there.
It's all live, so it ain't perfect. :-)"

Roland Alpha Juno 1+2 Sound-Demo Video

video by M. Schmied

"Sound Demo of the famous Roland Alpha Juno's 1 and 2 with FX by Strymon and Rhythms from Roland TR-8s.The Alpha Juno is playing live into Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. I hope you have Fun with it!!"

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop w/ Original Box & Stickers SN HSDR19510277

via this auction

novation a station virtual analog presets

video by bulishearth

via this auction

"The A-Station is a discreet way to add a virtual analog voice to your setup. I am not the original owner so I cannot comment on this synthesizer's entire lifespan but I can confirm that it's in nice condition and sounds good too! I am selling this synthesizer because I am pairing down my equipment and simply can't keep everything.

This synthesizer is very handy to have around for when you want to add another little something to your tracks. Typically, I will lean on certain instruments to fulfill certain duties for a song (for lead, for bass, etc.). I used the A-Station as more of a chameleon type of instrument. It can serve many roles and considering its age, the sound has held up. Being 1U with all those knobs, its obviously no one's first choice for programming patches but it is completely serviceable once you get accustomed to it."

Demo - E-Mu Vintage Keys

video by Black Tokyo Sky

via this auction

"Awesome synth module by E-Mu, released in 1994. Features a ton of emulations of classic analog synth piano, e-piano, organ, bass, etc. sounds. Really there are a huge amount of awesome patches here. Check the video where I scroll through a few of them! This synth also has good effects, including portamento, chorus, LFO, and more. It's a 1U rack unit, but it's not very deep, so it is also easy to fit on a desktop or bring to a live show without a proper rack case."

Waldorf Pulse SN 810222781

via this auction

"A beautifully rich sounding analogue synth great for bass and lead lines. Has 3 osc, 2 env, 2 LFO, noise, arpeggiator, a fantastic filter, a flexible modulation matrix and a stereo out."

Vintage Moog Opus 3 Analog Synthesizer w/ Flight Case SN 3602

via this auction

"Tested and working great, all keys sound and scale excellent, all sliders and knobs adjust sound with little or no static. Has one broken on/off toggle in the mixer section but you can just use the knob to turn it off if need be."

SOMA Laboratory The Pipe

via this auction

"SOMA Laboratory The Pipe Vocal Synthesizer Dynamic FX Processor (White) - Mint. This thing is WILD!!! Be sure to check out Vlad's 33 min full demo on YouTube!"

You can find demos of The Pipe in previous posts here.

Korg T1 SN 002284

via this auction

"The sides are refinished because the original vinyl? veneer? was disintegrating. It's nice and shiny now, kinda looks like a Prophet. 88 keys, weighted, touch sensitive. 1989 model, was top of the line, $6000 new. It's an upgraded M1 from before the 01/W. Comes with copies of the manuals, and a flash drive of all the sysex files I could find.

Two minor issues, the backlight isn't working, and the "50" series key for selecting sounds is not responding. Can be bypassed using MIDI on a computer or another button on the keyboard."

Access Virus TI V3 Polar Total Integrated 37-Key Digital Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

E-mu Emulator II+ SN 1897

via this auction

Roland EM-101 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

Roland Juno-60 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer Keyboard SN 290466

via this auction

The seller also has a Juno-6 listed here.

Yamaha CS5 Synthesizer SN 1588

via this auction

Cool blue "BOSS a sound innovator" sticker on back.

VAI 27. Godwin Drummaker 45 / Farfisa Syntorchestra & Syntorchestra 4

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Another go at odd bars with the lovely combo of Italian underdogs: Farfisa Syntorchestra 4 and the Godwin Drummaker 45 - Computer System.
These machines can be tinny and a bit dull on their own but with some help from external effects we think they sound unique, to say the least.

We've previously made a video demo-ing all the functions of the Drummaker 45, you'll find it here". You can find additional demos here.

VAI 26. Godwin Drummaker 45 / Farfisa Syntorchestra 4

"Introducing the Godwin Drummaker 45 Computer System.
A stand-alone auto-accompaniment machine with four instrument groups:
A drum machine, a bass section, a chord section and arpeggiator.
The Vermona DEG 500 is in use in the break for wobble effect, otherwise it's the Space Echo spring reverb and Chorus in action."

Starter Kits | Episode 02 | The ModularGrid top 5 vs. a system.

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"In this episode I extended my Top 3 combo with Disting Mk4 and Pamela's new Workout, upgrading it to a top 5. Needless to say this is an insanely powerful combo, but it also gets complicated very quickly. As a starter, you should always focus on the result - the music you like to make. So i ended up with a great 'starter kit 02' combo, a small Mutable Instruments 'system' with Marbles, Plaits, Stages, Ripples and Clouds. Costwise, it adds up pretty close to the Top 5 configuration, but it's much easier to get cool sounds and music out of it."


video by sonicstate

"Another in our 5 Minutes with 42HP series, in which Edd Butterworth takes a small case and populates it with a selection of modules to create music.
This episode is ALM heavy with the innevitable Pam's New Workout plus the MCO oscillator, VCF, Milton, Tangle Quartet and the Tip Top Audio ZVerb."

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