MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday, March 25, 2021

BladerVerb II: Sequential OB-6, Alesis MDIVerb II, Source Audio Ventris, CME XKey (poly aftertouch)

video by thesrabbit

"Inspired by feedback received from my last video [posted here], I wanted to do some more Blade Runnery things with the same foundation as last time: Sequential OB-6 GeoSynths 016 preset with internal FX turned off, Alesis MIDIVerb II preset 29 "XLarge Warm 15 sec.", and the CME XKey 37 for poly aftertouch. Someone brought up the vintage knob and of course I totally forgot about that until after I recorded the last vid. This time I dialed it up to somewhere between 10 and 11 o'clock. Another person suggested maybe using an Alesis Quadraverb or Wedge to get that modulated swirl reverb going, a characteristic of the Lexicon 224 sound used in the original Blade Runner soundtrack. I don't have either of those, but I do have another unit that's capable of modulated reverb for days, the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb. I thought it would be fun to put that at the end of the chain, after the MIDIVerb II. I set it to E-Dome, mod depth pretty high, and the mod speed very slow. In the video, you can see the light on the Ventris glowing, that indicates its internal LFO speed used for modulation. In order to have any sort of clarity, I had to dial the mix on the MIDIVerb II back to about 50/50 dry/wet, which is less than I would like for this type of sound.

After the main tune, I play a small rendition with varying degrees of effects so you can get a better idea of what each "layer" sounds like: OB-6 completely dry, OB-6 with MIDIVerb II only, OB-6 with Ventris only, and just for fun, the OB-6 with its own internal FX (closer to the sound of the original 016 GeoSynths preset)

Something happened when I patched this up and I might have a bad cable running to the MIDIVerb II from my patchbay. The signal coming into the MVII is a bit weak on one of the channels. The unit still emits a stereo signal filled with spacious reverb, but it's as if there's an extended pre-delay happening on one side. After a while there's so much reverb built up that you don't really notice. I didn't notice it when playing, but I definitely did when setting up the little demo of each FX layer afterwards. Unfortunately, I did not capture the dry output of the synth, so there was no way to go back and fix it.

Once again there is no post processing. You're only hearing the synth running through the two reverb units. That's it."

Follow-up to this post.

Noise Cues: World of Versio

video by Noise Engineering

"In this episode of Noise Cues we discuss everything Versio. We have released five firmwares on the Versio platform so far, and have a lot more in store. In this episode we talk about what the heck a platform is, what is in the World of Versio page, and give a listen to what all of the firmwares do best.

0:00​ Intro Skit
1:01​ What is a platform?
1:21​ Customer Portal
1:30​ World of Versio
1:56​ Ruina Versio
2:16​ Imitor Versio
2:35​ Desmodus Versio
2:53​ Electus Versio
3:12​ Ampla Versio
3:32​ Outro
3:44​ Jam"

Make Noise Strega / Game Boy LSDj / WMD Geiger Counter / Strymon Big Sky Day1

video by Akihiko Matsumoto

Music by Akihiko Matsumoto -​
Mixer: Ableton Live
Synth1: Make Noise Strega
Synth2: Game Boy LSDj
Distortion FX: WMD Geiger Counter
Reverb: Strymon Big Sky
Comp/Limitter: iZotope Ozone9
Camera: Sony a7RII (Zeiss 24-70mm F4)

Stereo Strega with Echophon

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"This video starts in mono and switches to stereo around 01:39​.
It's no secret that I don't like mono patches. Strega has a mono echo which I believe sounds totally unnatural. It needs to bounce and reflect through mountaintops and canyons. But Echophon is a great sonic match to Strega and has this unique feedback in- and output. Strega has this handy external input. So I patched Strega out to Echophon's feedback in, and feedback out back into Strega. In the final patch QPAS is used to 'color' the feedback but that's not really necessary. It's just fun to have a filter in between.
Both module-outputs are patched hard left/right to the final output, opening up a wide soundscape of reflections and feedback. So if you have an Echophon in your Shared System you can seriously extend Strega's sonic potential - and give Echophon a second life."

Tom Oberheim SEM Pro SN 0438

via this auction

MAM MB33 Analog Retro Bass Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos of the MAM MB33 in previous posts here.

Synare 3 1970's Analog Drum Synth

video by

via this auction

KORG Rhythm 33 (kr-33) 1979 Vintage Analogue Drum Machine SN 260268 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Made in Japan in the late 1970s, it’s the model used also by by JM Jarre!

Fully working in excellent conditions for its age. It comes with the original box. The original box is in very worn (but it works). The drum machine is in goog conditions.

The Korg Rhythm 33 (KR-33) is like the KR-55's little brother and precursor. It has three banks: A, B and C. With 16 beats per bank. 48 presets in total. Controls for balance, tempo. volume and a start/stop button. On the back are TRS jacks for Trig Out, Foot Switch and Signal Out (High & Low).

The drum sounds are classic analogue drum machine sounds but there is variety and crispness to the rhythms and sounds that we don't think digital sample based drum machines can ever really match.
Very rare and highly collectable!

This is a great vintage drum machine with a very rich and warm sound, especially with a nice tape delay and reverb added."

Dr. bohm solist s-Böhmat analog drum machine

via this auction

I beleive this is the first post to feature one. You can find a few related posts here.

Univox JR-5 Vintage Analog Drum Machine SN 720752

via this auction


video by Synthesizer Home

You can find additional demos in previous posts here.

ROLAND JUPITER 8 - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Re-uploaded Nov 16, 2021
Re-uploaded Nov 13, 2023

Folktek Alter X and Y guitar pedals and desktop processors

videos by Sir Folktek

via Indiegogo:

"The widely loved and highly regarded effects of Alters 1(X) and 2(Y) were originally in eurorack format but we've decided to extend the processing to both guitar pedal players and studio musicians.

There are two different pedals, each with the same design but with 7 effects unique to each.

There are two versions of the pedal which are physically identical except the name "Alter X" and "Alter Y". Internally each has an entirely different set of 7 DSP effects meticulously designed over the course of a year by Arius Blaze (Folktek) with digital programming by Nico Raftis (Macro Machines).

For the guitar player, Alter has relay-based buffered bypass with true stereo 1/4" ins and outs. Also utilize the CV (control voltage) over the effects controls with a CV source and/or a CV expression pedal such as the Moog EP-3 expression pedal.

For the synth player who wants a desktop effects unit, use the 1/8" or 1/4" ins and outs and utilize the CV over all main effects controls.

CONTROL common with both Alter X and Y:
- Buffered relay-based bypass over 1/4" inputs.
- Controls for mix, X, Y and filter as well as clock bitrate.
- All effects have a variation of a filter which may change effect to effect.
- Touch-based effect change by touching the gold hexagon. Effects indicated by lighted control panel.
- X and Y control various rates, feedback and time over the different effects.
- Clock control adjusts the rate which controls the DSP which can drastically change the effect. In doing so it does slightly lower the quality of the output signal but the results are fantastic. This clock is not for synchronization.
- Mix, X, Y and filter all have CV control inputs.
- Trails on the guitar side.
- Each control level or cv input is visualized on the control panel.
- Powered with included 12v negative tip supply.
- Dimensions: 6" x 5" x 1 3/8"

X Pedal Effects:
- long delay
- tight, notated granular delay
- huge plate reverb
- shimmering reverb
- distortion and multi-filter
- pitch delay
- stutter glitch

Y Pedal Effects:
- analog delay
- reverb with infinite capture and lp + hp filters
- choral reverb
- palindrome reverse delay - backward/forward repeat
- time stretch
- pitch shift (notated semi-tones
- time stretch glitch"

Building a Fairlight: Episode 1: The Arrival

video by Syntaur

"Cris Blyth is a brave man. He has a dream of taking a Fairlight MFX and upgrading it to a Fairlight CMI Series III. In this episode, a case arrives, and Cris prepares for the guts to be transplanted."

Building a Fairlight: Episodes

Roland Juno-106 Analog Synthesizer (1984) Hypnotic Tango - 80s Italo Pop

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:​

all synthesizer sounds: Roland Juno-106 Analog Synthesizer (1984)
drums: Simmons SDS-8, E-MU Samples
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:
RetroSound Home:​"

Waldorf IRIDIUM I Deep Dive I Preview

video by WaldorfMusicChannel

"Come and visit us at the Keys & Frequencies online event and get to know more about:
Wavetables I Kernel Synthesis I Resampling I Live Granular I Resonator I FX Modulation I Komplex Modulator I Chord Patterns and much more...

Join Waldorfs Rolf Wöhrmann and Lukas Schütte as they explore the incredible Iridium synthesizer.
Can also be done with the Waldorf Quantum
Music by: Kevin Schröder

Get your free copy of a K&F Waldorf plugin bundle now at:​

00:00​ Start
00:14​ Resonator
00:42​ Wavetables
01:06​ Kernel Synthesis
01:32​ Live Granular
01:59​ Layer Sequenzing
02:21​ Resampling
03:00​ plugin bundle"

BLEASS Jam - Motion FX demo w/ Korg Volca Drum and Roland TR-08

video by BLEASS

"Here's a jam using some of the BLEASS instruments and effects:

All of the Synths are made with the BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer (except for the theme melody) and all midi notes are sequenced with the BLEASS Groovebox.
Within AUM, which sends the midi sync out to the drum machines, all separate channels are processed through various BLEASS Effects:
The Roland TR-08 signal is split between low and higher frequency thanks to the motion EQ to add more punch
The Korg Volca Drum is processed through various Motion FX instances to add dynamic bitcrush / frequency shifting effects.
All stages use the BLEASS Compressor."

Nord G2 Modular with DSP Expansion

via this auction

Korg MS-02 Synth Interface. Brand New! VOS SN 171189 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This is a rare find! This unit was never sold out of a music store my parents owned. Converts Hz/V control voltages to 1V/Oct and vice versa. Essential is you are using vintage Korg or Yamaha units with Roland, Moog, Arp etc etc. Also converts trigger signals. It is a 220V European model so to use it outside Europe you will need a converter."


via this auction

"The Breakaway 1000 is a voice controlled music synthesizer. You hum, sing or speak into a microphone and it comes out as any synth sound you choose. It has 28 voices to choose from.

The best thing is that it is also an Analog-to-MIDI converter. You can plug a 1/4" jack into it (guitar, say) and use the MIDI OUT jack to trigger any other MIDI instrument from your guitar, voice, keyboard, or what-have-you!

The Breakaway also has 5-track digital recording capabilities with a memory of over 1000 notes, along with built-in drum machine and bass accompaniment.

It's notoriety has climbed in recent years as emerging electronic musicians clamored for a means to generate MIDI sounds using only their voice. It was discovered these Breakaway "toys" were actually quite capable instruments - able to track and playback to the nearest 32nd of a semitone. The on-board tone generator was co-developed by Ensoniq, a leader in music technology back then. The unit could also track the pitch of just about any sound-producing object and generate corresponding MIDI triggers. Even today, it is sought after by harmonica players as one of the best MIDI input devices available.

Korg Wavestate 37 Key Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

via this auction


video by Space Cat Audio Technologies

"This demo shows it being fired via midi from the TR-909 and layered with hats, ride and clap."

Arturia PolyBrute Sound Demo (no talking)

video by Bonedo Synthesizers

MochikaX4 Jamming 1

video by atomolab

"Hello world, just jamming with the AtomoSynth MochikaX4 synchronized to the ipad (drums) by midi."

今月のモジュラー・シンセ:MAKE NOISE Pressure Points 〜第9回 Patch The World For Peace【サウンド&レコーディング・マガジン】

video by SoundRecordingJP

"東京モジュラーフェスティバル(TFoM)をデイブ・スキッパーとともに毎年開催しているシンセ奏者、HATAKENによる連載『Patch The World For Peace』。記事はWebサイト「サンレコ」でお読みいただけます。​

こんにちはHATAKENです。今回紹介するのはモジュールを“演奏する”ためによりフィジカルに制御できるという意味で、ほかに類を見ないほど優れているコントローラー=MAKE NOISE Pressure Pointsを紹介します。

Pressure Pointsはごつい見た目で力強く押すようなイメージを受けますが、逆にとても繊細なモジュール。プレートに指でタッチすることで 、ゲート信号/CVコントロール/3つのノブで設定したCVを瞬時に切り替えることができます。一度に複数のモジュールを操作できるので、使い方次第で可能性は無限大です。




"Patch The World For Peace, a series by synthesizer HATAKEN, who holds the Tokyo Modular Festival (TFoM) every year with Dave Skipper. You can read the article on the website" Sanreco ".
https: // ...
< br> Hello HATAKEN. Introducing this time is the MAKE NOISE Pressure Points controller, which is unparalleled in the sense that it can be controlled more physically to "play" the module.

Pressure Points is a very delicate module, although it looks like a strong push. By touching the plate with your finger, you can instantly switch the gate signal / CV control / CV set with the three knobs. Since you can operate multiple modules at once, the possibilities are endless depending on how you use them.

HATAKEN [Profile] Has been active as a synthesizer since the 1990s. She has been holding the Tokyo Modular Festival (TFoM) every year with Dave Skipper since 2013. She invites modular synth makers around the world and artists who play modular synths to promote modular synths in Japan.
< br> Tokyo Modular Festival (TFoM) "

Expressive E Noisy Demo & Review

video by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Expressive E Noisy

English sub-titles available. Click [CC] and choose English from the Settings menu."

Patch n Tweak
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