MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

MUAD live analog synths - Cost of Freedom

video by O.Z. Hall

"MUAD (The Modular Units of the Analog Domain -,
my synth duo with James Carr.
This is a live performance video prepared for the 2021 Virtual Circuit Benders Ball ( ). Vocoder provided by:

Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal with Reflex Tune"

Impromptu Buchla 288r Summit

video by Todd Barton

"Last week I and my friends Adam Scramstad and Kyle Swisher got the new Buchla 288r Time Domain Processor by Roman Filippov. We were not the only seems there are a lot of these modules out in the wild now and lots of cool sharings from many folks on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube et al.
So. . . on a whim I asked if Kyle and Adam would like to join me for an impromptu "summit" meeting to discuss this module. This is our Zoom meeting from last night. Enjoy!"

Todd Barton composer, sonic adventurer, performer and teacher
Instagram @synthtodd

FAEMI*1M.test after repair with new midi kit

video by Alexey Taber

Sequential Prophet-5 Depeche Mode Puppets Cover Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

"Sequential Prophet-5 Depeche Mode Puppets Cover"
Synthesizer Demo By Rik Marston
Original song by Depeche Mode / Vince Clarke

I have been playing Depeche Mode covers for years but the
timing on this cover was harder than I thought! Sorry about that!
Anyway all sounds are from the Sequential Prophet-5 multi-track
recorded & the drums / sequencing are from the Korg Kronos.
I'm using the "Tee Are Oh Eight Kit" from Uber Analog Volume 3,
my exclusive Roland sample pack for the Korg Kronos!
universe! And it's a great way to connect with me, too! :)"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

Sequential Rev2 Glory | Late night OB6

video by Melissa Melz

"No effects just the beautiful Rev2 with a sweet patch that I came up with.

All music written, played, sung + produced by mbd unless noted otherwise. Thanks so much for listening...xoxo, M"

Late night OB6

Behringer Introduces BRAINS Macro Sound Source Eurorack Module

video by Behringer

No mention of Mutable Instruments' Plaits/Braids, but it does appear to be based on it.

"Introducing Behringer BRAINS.

Amazingly versatile macro sound source for creating lead, bass and percussion sounds, as well as drones and soundscapes. With 20 digital oscillators, you can create a wealth of wild and out-of-this-world patches using chords, harmonic oscillation, particle noise, analog bass drum, snare, hi hat, super saw and even speech sounds. Dive into the world of sound magic.

List Price: $149


00:00 - Introducing BRAINS
00:20 - Intro
00:37 - Oscilloscope
00:48 - Virtual Analog
01:03 - Waveshaping
01:22 - FM 2 Operators
01:39 - Grains
01:52 - Additive
02:09 - Chords
02:27 - Speech
02:46 - Karplus Strong
03:03 - Supersaw
03:45 - Wavetable
04:15 - Rain
04:27 - Noise
04:41 - Dust
04:54 - Modal String
05:08 - Drum Machine Connectivity
05:18 - FM Drum
05:33 - Bass Drum
05:47 - Snare Drum
05:56 - Hi-Hats
06:12 - Cowbell
06:25 - Tom
06:32 - Eurorack Connectivity
06:41 - Overview

Delay effect on BRAINS sounds examples from Behringer VD400."

Cirrus 2 Polyphonic 12 Voice FM Synth by Otem Rellik

video by otemrellik

"Only 9 made, purchase here:
Cirrus 2 is a polyphonic 12 voice FM synth.
12 capacitive touch pads for notes and modulation
12 voice polyphony
3 LFOs
3 Looping 5 stage envelopes
32 step polyphonic sequencer with parameter locks per step
USB and TRS-A MIDI for notes, clock and CC control
Analog clock in/out for syncing sequencer
Save/Load up to 32 presets and sequences"

See the otemrellik label below for more.

Error Instruments Tele Blender: Unboxing & Demo

video by poorness studios

"This is my third product from Error Instruments in The Netherlands. They make some really cool stuff. The Tele Blender can be an audio source or a CV source. It can produce some familiar musical patterns but can also create audio mayhem.

Intro @ 0:00
Unboxing @1:14
Overview @ 2:15
The Basics @ 3:13
Audio Demo @ 4:14
CV Demo @ 6:22
CV & Audio Demo @ 9:20
Conclusion @ 11:27"

poorness studios Error Instruments posts

Quasimidi Raven - "Ambika" 50 Atmospheric Presets

video by LFOstore

"Welcome to the colours of Quasimidi Raven synthesizer!

We've already showed you the modern sounds for the blue beast in our "Underrated" synth series,

Now its the time for our own sounds & "Ambika" soundset!


This machine is very versatile & becoming a good parthner among with Wavestation by Korg.

Our soundset covers Ambient side & Soundtrack side of the sounds & splitted on:

00 Colour Complex Pads
10 Nature Element Atmos
20 Plucked Drops
30 Power Strings
40 Cosmic Spheres

Pads dedicaited to every colour, atmospheric elements, beautiful plucks, massive strings sounds,
planetary pads series - all is here.

Re-discover your Raven or Raven MAX with our sounds!"

"VIRTUALLY" GOOD 😁- Studiologic Sledge Impressions

video by Noir Et Blanc Vie

"*Subjective opinions within, those who do not understand subjective opinion may be excused lol*

Shoutout to Katherine, she requested the Sledge and here it finally is, I appreciate her suggestion, a true supporter!

This is like a cheap Waldorf. The best CHEAPEST Waldorf money can buy...........see what I bolded there...I really REALLY like the sound of the Sledge, I’d say this is a real hidden gem, truly a joy to play, not the best build, for under $1000, yeah I’d go with the Sledge over a bunch of other newer VAs.

Special thanks to Perfect Circuit! They hooked me up, but this isn't sponsored by them besides letting me borrow the Sledge. Free advertising for them, a chance to check out a synth for me :) So check them out as they're one of the best shops for recording, pro audio and synths around. I got my Eurorack there so they can consult you as well!

Buy the Sledge here from my friends at Perfect Circuit who didn't pay me anything to shout them out, but I like them, so why not support a local shop!"

Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek #19

video by Norand

"Here is a new patch :
A Sci-Fi ambiance with 2 oscillators, FM, AM and automation."

Norand PatchOfTheWeek posts

Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 161096

via this auction

"Classic 20 bands vocoder from Korg from the seventies MS era... It has been fully tested, and everything's's in tune, whether it's on normal or octave up range.Vibrato works, accent Bend, which makes the pitch ramp to be more "realistic", also works, noise (that you can blend with synthesized voice to get some of those s, z to make speech more intelligible is there.Ensemble do oit's thing too.Pitch wheel works and will get you an exact sixth up or down.Tune up and down is ok and get you one semi tone upper or lower as expected."

White Model Oberheim Matrix 1000

via this auction

"Get that sweet Oberheim sound in a compact single rack space Matrix 1000. This one is the more rare white version, comes with Tauntec 1.20 firmware eprom installed. Tauntec fixes a lot of midi issues that the original Oberheim firmware had. Such as being able to have more realtime control of things like the filter cutoff etc. when using an editor. Will also come with a power cord and the original Oberheim 1.11 eprom if you would like to return it to stock.

Couple of pics of the inside below.

White Model OBERHEIM MATRIX 1000 w/ Patch List

via this auction

"Huge sounding 1U rack synth from Oberheim, giving access to 800 classic Obie patches in ROM (first 200 slots are user selectable 'RAM'), in the later and harder to find white face finish...

OS version is 1.13 which was the first of the post-factory updates from Nordcore, and sorted out many midi issues. I'll leave it up to the new owner if you prefer to go to Gligli 1.16 or the latest Nordcore 1.2, they all improve the factory version, any can be bought on eBay for around £15 and take 5 minutes to drop in, I'm happy to do not for you if you'd rather not tackle it, but I've been using it very happily as-is for years so definitely not a requirement!

Original manual and original patch sheet are in great shape too, it really is increasingly rare to find a white one in this shape with those included."

Roland GR-500 Vintage Guitar Synth Brain SN 691583

via this auction

"This unit is fully functional - all features tested and working - it has the knob on the back to tune the solo melody; an improved feature of later versions"

Clavia ddrum AT drum module w/ carts

via this auction

"This is an extrmemly rare ddrum AT drum module (brain) by the Swedish company Clavia. There were only a couple hundred of these units made. The AT stood for Acoustic Trigger. It is the first Clavia module to allow for triggering via acoustic sources - acting as a drum brain for acoustic drums, playable pads, etc. Of course it can also be triggered, or sequenced, via MIDI, or via gate/trigger signals to its inputs.

This module comes with the even rarer sound packs. Including: Drumkit 1, Drumkit 2, Tom 2, Assorted Perc. 3, and Churchbell/Gong 1. The ddrum AT also has internal kits ranging from rock to electronic and lofi. This module is one of the best I have ever heard and the control and sensitivity are awesome. Cosmetically the unit is in excellent shape for its age and functions 100%."

Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 synthesizer with 4-Pole Mission Filter

via this auction

"Shruthi-1 is a digital/analog hybrid monosynth with wide possibilities (digital side: oscillators, envelopes, modulation etc.) and analog filter.

4-Pole Mission Filter possibilities:
15 filter modes are available:

lp4: 4-pole low-pass.
lp3: 3-pole low-pass.
lp2: 2-pole low-pass.
lp1: 1-pole low-pass.
hp1: 1-pole high-pass.
hp2: 2-pole high-pass.
hp3: 3-pole high-pass.
bp2: 2-pole band-pass.
bp4: 4-pole band-pass.
notch: notch filter.
phaser: phaser.
h2lp: 2-pole high-pass and 1-pole low-pass (band-passlike).
h3lp: 3-pole high-pass and 1-pole low-pass (band-passlike).
n+lp: notch and 1-pole low-pass.
p+lp: allpass and 1-pole low-pass.
The 4 resonance flavours are:

liquid: standard, close to the CEM or Roland designs (no loudness drop).
ms: Korg-35 style soft limiting is introduced in the signal chain.
wobbly: The 1-pole output is fed back to the filter cutoff frequency for a rubbery chaotic and modulated resonance.
whacky: A combination of the ms and wobbly modes.

Synthesizer comes in cool graphite Plexiglas case, with YAM OS and universal Power Supply 110-240V (with Euro plug)."

YAMAHA CS01 Mobile Analog Synthesizer SN 34835

via this auction

Technics SY-1010 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Twisted Electrons AY3 SN ay31311

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

Elektron Digitone + iPad

video by biologik

"It's my first time using my Elektron Digitone with an iPad Pro. I routed the Digitone to additional FX via AUM and used Patterning 2 for drums. Audio was recorded internally via AUM. Easy setup and only needed a USB cable!"

“Flux meets Jupiter-4 11 - LFO Modulation” by Friendly Noise

video by Friendly Noise

Friendly Noise Jupiter-4 videos

"This is number 11 of a video series combining the best of vintage sound and the best of the modern sequencer technology in eurorack: Roland Jupiter 4 and IO Labs Flux. There will be a new short video every week.

The Jupiter 4 is always recorded in mono, which makes the internal chorus very subtle. Reverb is added in Cubase to make the sound wider. There is no clipping in the recording chain. If you hear anything close to distortion, it’s all in the sound coming out of the Jupiter 4.

The Roland Jupiter 4 has been rediscovered and established as the most full of character among the Roland polyphonic synths. Although limited in number of voices and straight forward sound architecture, it shines with an unique sonic print which no other synth can emulate. There are lots of great video demos and information on the web, so that no detailed description will be provided here. But it’s important to mention some unique features which will be showed extensively in this video series:

- The Jupiter 4 filter goes into self oscillation. Big guys like Yamaha CS-80, Jupiter 8 or Oberheim OBX-a can’t.
- The LFO is fast enough to get into audio range.
- There is a very noticeable internal saturation when the VCA slider is raised.

Don’t expect nice bass sounds and classic analog leads. The Jupiter 4 is perfect for that, but this has already been done before in many records and internet demos. What you are about to hear is the extreme side of the sound. Be prepared for drones, massive low frequencies, cracking saturation, ultra fast notes and unusual scales. Many sounds will remind you of modular synthesizers, but they were all created by direct recording of the Jupiter 4. :-)

In fact, the VCO is switched off and you will be hearing only the self oscillating filter in almost 80% of the video series. Only in the last videos you will hear the VCO. That means that 80% of the sounds you will hear couldn’t be made with other classic polyphonic synths, unless the filter self oscillates.

Luckily this Jupiter 4 was modded with CV and gate inputs and outputs per voice (and then some). Using this level of control per voice you can use the Jupiter 4 as a vintage monophonic synth, or drive individual voices differently. For example, applying vibrato or slide per voice. In this video series, only three voices were used.

The amazing sound of this Jupiter 4 can break the traditional boundaries specially when driven by the Temporal Modulation Synthesis sequencer Flux, made by IOLabs:
Flux is the most advanced tool for rhythm creation ever made. Ever. Trying to explain Flux is few words is not possible. Please look for information on the web. You are also invited to visit my Flux playlist here:"

Ken Flux Pierce on the S2400 for Gear Dive Jam

video by Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"title kinda tells you what this is. All parts of this beat were done with the studio monitors mic'd up with a beyerdynamic M88 TG into Audio Fuse 8pre
FX on the S2400 is the Eurorack module 'Per4Mer' by Modbap modular.
vocal growls etc were live looped on S240"

Roland JUPITER-Xm Demo - “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd using Step Edit as Sequencer

video by Robert Saint John

"My iMac is in for repairs and I can’t yet do this as a full tutorial, so it’s more of a quick demo. This rough cover of The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears” is all JUPITER-Xm, contained in a single Scene, using pre-sequenced Step Edit patterns and live performance.

Part 1: live Juno strings lead
Part 2: sequenced bass
Part 3: sequenced pad
Part 4: sequenced pluck

Tricks in use:

Starting with all Parts selected, the Step Edit Grid Length is set to 16. Parts 3 & 4 start muted. I start the patterns, then I quickly unmute with SHIFT+8/9 after a measure, and change Grid Length back to full 64 steps with Knob 2, to create an intro.

Part 1 is not sequenced and is the only Part with KeySw on for live performance.

The synchronized Step Edit patterns are set to Step Mode: KeyShift so that I can briefly transpose it all and back with a tap of a key. This is a great and simple way to introduce variation into an otherwise static 64-step pattern."

Teenage Engineering OP-Z, Strymon Timeline and Bigsky

video by Luca Longobardi

"One of my secret dreams is to bring a A/V live performance in a dome. This could be a track to open with, so that in the first few seconds I could enjoy the space and its effect firsthand, before devoting myself entirely to the public. Can you imagine what could come after these few notes?"

Patch n Tweak
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