MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday, July 23, 2021


video upload by NOISEBUG

"Here is a another video demo of the Schmidt Synthesizer. This time we are focusing on the weirder patches and sound it is capable of though still it is hard to demonstrate everything that it is fully capable of."

NOISEBUG Schmidt demos

Polivoks Pro (Reissue) full demo

video upload by manmade madman

"[[[ Поливокс ]]]
In 2017, the Polivoks Pro was announced and began shipping. This was a joint effort between Alexey Taber and Alex Pleninger, with supervision
from the original creator, Vladimir Kuzmin.
It was designed from the original schematics using NOS Soviet parts, and handmade.

Only 100 units were built.

This is a demo of my unit, which I feel is currently the best Polivoks version available. I am controlling it via CV/Gate from the SH-101.

There is no external processing whatsoever.

Normally I run the SH-101 thru the input of the Polivoks. During the video, the SH-101 volume was off. When no cable is inserted, the highest left knob controls input gain. Part way through the video, I remove the cable.

0:00:00 Intro!
0:01:50 raw oscillators in drone mode
0:03:11 LFO modulation
0:03:20 Pulse Width Modulation (only on OSC 2)
0:04:35 Portamento
0:05:25 White noise through filter
0:05:40 Bandpass filter
0:06:23 Looping envelopes
0:07:30 Sequenced
0:09:09 An Accordion?
0:11:30 FM from audio rate LFO
0:12:50 A thick bassline
0:13:30 something something bassline2
0:15:10 same thing, but make it triangle, cross mod FM
0:15:51 back to drone, Sample & Hold
0:17:35 make it squelchy
0:20:00 make it acid
0:21:38 Pull the input cable, showing internal feedback
0:22:58 finally, a new sequence
0:26:46 Looping envelopes
0:28:00 Lets turns everything on max!

While this is intentionally not a musical demo, it is an overview of most of the features. It should demonstrate to you what it could sound like and whether it fits your music. This is not for everyone, but I still feel this is the best version available today. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Previously in 2013, I made this demo with an original Polivoks: [posted here]

Later in 2015, I made this demo of the Harvestman/Industrial Music Electronics Polivoks Eurorack modules: [posted here]"

$110,000 Modcan Model A Full 113 Module System

via this auction

"113 Modcan A Modules, 21 boxes, 7 PSUs"

Update via Peter Grenader of Plan B in the comments: "This is suspicious. These photos are Cynthia's personal system."

Simmons - SDS 400 4-Channel Drum Sound Module SN 000193

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"This Simmons SDS 400 is a 4 voice tom module, but don't let that fool you! These "toms" can be shaped into all sorts of drum sounds to create a more full instrument."

Chimera Synthesis bC8 SN *5U3E3Y*

via this auction

"RARE Chimera Synthesis bC8 synthesizer in good (at least) condition.

Fun, small toy synth with 1/8 inch headphone socket and/or very useful sound source!

The synth has little rubber feet which have migrated across the plastic from their original position (probably glue getting warm when the synth is operating). In fact I can see a famous musician who sold one had the same issue. You can see this in the photos. It doesn't affect operation in any way, of course.

Included is a small Allen key / hex key to open the battery compartment. Plus some batteries (AAA) that are still working well."

FreeBass FB 383

via this auction

"Very versatile vintage 303 clone from 1996, minus the complicated sequencer of the original. This model is exactly the same as the MB 33 by MAM (rack mounted version sold and built in Germany), marketed with different name and paintwork for UK retailer Turnkey. Has some nice features, and is ideal for someone who prefers racking their gear, and wants big beefy controls and prefers using their own dedicated sequencer, or exploring using it for drones and sound design etc."

Akai MPC One Hype Synth improv

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Just a spontaneous Akai MPC One hype synth improv on the basic FM patch. Also using the drum synth, the mellotron synth and the monophonic bass synth."


Stranger Things theme - Sequential Prophet Rev2

video upload by Laurence Owen

"I recreated the Stranger Things theme tune using only one synth, the Sequential Prophet Rev2.
Trying to design these sounds as close as possible to the original was a really fun challenge, and a great way to get to know this powerful little machine!

If you like this sort of thing, you'll probably enjoy my fiction podcast Mockery Manor, a mystery-thriller set in a theme park in 1980s Britain."

Flight Of The Navigator - Sequential Prophet Rev2

video upload by Laurence Owen

"What do you play when you first get a massive analog 80s polysynth? Stranger Things? Blade Runner? For me: Flight Of The Navigator. From the movie score by Alan Silvestri.

This is the Sequential / Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 desktop module, 16-voice version. This is using preset F2 P33, called 'C.S.A.T.'"

Your Modular Synthesizer's Best Friend: The Elektron Octatrack

video upload by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) shares why he thinks the Elektron Octatrack is a great addition to your modular synthesizer.

Since its first appearance, over a decade ago, the Octatrack has been mangling its way into the hearts and minds of live performers and audiences across the globe. Its dynamic sampling powers have turned it into an industry standard across a wide variety of genres, changing the way gear setups look and giving artists the power to perform live in the truest sense of the word. More than ever, this is a machine to set your imagination free.

Learn more about the Elektron Octatrack here: Demo by: Matthew Piecora
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

ARP 2600 with ARP 2500 ModAmp 1005 in Depth

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"This is a detailed tutorial on Behringer's ARP 2500 ModAmp 1005 module. We used the the ARP 2600 oscillators as inputs so that it would be easy so see the connections. The ARP 3620 duophonic keyboard played a 'key' role in this demo (pun intended)."

Cherry Audio | Live with Memorymode 🎹

video upload by Cherry Audio

"➥Explore Memorymode today

In this stream, we'll be exploring the new Cherry Audio Memorymode instrument!

Memorymode is based upon one of the very best-sounding polyphonic programmable analog synthesizers of the 80s - the legendary Memorymoog synthesizer. Memorymode was expertly modeled upon a vintage Memorymoog originally owned by jazz legend Chick Corea. It expands upon the original without compromising any of the sound or functionality that made it great, and does away with the reliability, maintenance, and tuning issues of the original.

Memorymode features super-accurate replications of the original three-oscillator voice architecture and a precise implementation of the coveted ladder filter circuit, a streamlined and simplified user interface, and a number of creative and convenient features aimed at modern music makers."

Jean-Michel Jarre - Herbalizer (Live In Notre-Dame 360)

video upload by jeanmicheljarre

If you are on a computer use your mouse once it starts to look around. It doesn't appear to work on mobile.

"On New Years Eve Jean-Michel Jarre performed a spectacular concert to a record breaking 75Mio viewers from Virtual Notre-Dame de Paris. The same concert will now be release on Blu-Ray & CD as well as Vinyl on September 10th. Pre-order here:

Choose your music service to listen to Jean Michel Jarre:

More from Jean-Michel Jarre:"

And the non 3d version:

Jean-Michel Jarre - Herbalizer

Pepper, a DIY Eurorack module for Bela.

video upload by Bela Platform

You might recall Pepper from this post back in 2019.

"Pepper is a DIY Eurorack module for synth builders. It’s the easiest way to get Bela into your synthesiser case and once assembled will give you a fully programmable module. Code synth patches using C++, Pure Data, Supercollider and Csound

This video gives an overview of the module and demos some of the default patches which come with the board. This includes:

Start 0:00
Module overview 0:10
Tape-style Delay 1:08
Wavetable Drums 3:33
4 Channel Looper 6:09
Vocal Synthesis 9:22
1st Principles Drum Machine 11:50
Dual Inharmonic Oscillator 15:18

Pepper is available now as a PCB and Faceplate kit from our shop ( or as a full DIY kit from Thonk ("

"PEPPER is a DIY kit for hardware enthusiasts who love Bela, modular synths, and building things.

PEPPER consists of a bare PCB with matching faceplate, as well as an additional faceplate for USB breakouts. There is a list of common through-hole components for you to source, and we provide an in-depth, illustrated build guide. Once assembled, attach your Bela board (sold separately) and start prototyping and experimenting with Bela and your modular synth. Both faceplates are matte black with luxe gold print or, if you prefer, white print on the reverse.

Your PEPPER DIY kit includes:

Bare PEPPER PCB, ready for assembly
A matching faceplate and USB breakout faceplate, both made of matte black PCB with gold surface finish (and matte white screen print on the reverse)
Once assembled, PEPPER is 18HP wide and adds the following to your modular setup:

Stereo audio I/O
8 CV inputs (up to 4 can be swapped for trigger ins)
8 CV offset potentiometers (normalised to analog inputs)
8 CV outputs
4 buttons

Happy Nerding FX AID distortion effects

video upload by Happy Nerding

"Two stereo distortion effects added to the Shaper section: Distortion Clipper and Distortion OverDrive."

Happy Nerding FX AID posts

Bad Gear - Roland TR-8

video upload by AudioPilz

"Become a Patron and get access to full tracks, music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer. Has this 2014 drum machine already become a classic???"

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Dreadbox Typhon & Korg Minilogue Xd - Melodic Techno Performance

video upload by DYMTN

"Hey guys, this time a 138 BPM Melodic Techno performance with the Dreadbox Typhon & Korg Minilogue Xd over my arrangement inside of Ableton live 11. The Typhon is playing the main arp and the Minilogue Xd the unison lead pluck. The other sounds are coming from Serum and Repro1."

Dark and Light - Omnisphere Presets by New Loops

via New Loops

"New Loops has released Dark and Light featuring 70 new presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

Here's what they say:

'Dark and Light features a mix of darker aggressive sounds, with lighter, more musical sounds. From huge multi-layered soundscapes, to creative plucks and keys, to deep basses, beautiful pads, sound effects and much more, you'll find plenty of inspiration in these presets.

You will find the 70 presets categorised by type including: 10 Arpeggios, 11 Pads, 5 Plucks, 7 Basses, 5 Mono Leads, 11 Poly Synths, 11 Soundscapes, and 10 sound effects.

These presets for Omnisphere are suitable for many genres of electronic music including, ambient and chill, cinematic soundtrack and film scores, electronica, atmospheres and soundscapes, game music, and even trance and techno.'

Intro Price: £12.99 (reg: £19.99) - use coupon INSPIRE20 for and extra 20% off store wide. Free demo presets are available to download from"

Soundtoys EchoBoy - 220 Presets - Embrays Designs

video upload by BRoyDesigns

Note the video above is set to start with the synth demos. See below for the other demos. Soundtoys is a sponsor of the site. You can find additional posts featuring their software based effects and synths here. Note the above collection is from Embrays Designs and not Sountoys. Details follow:

"Embrays Designs - Collection of 220 Presets for Soundtoys EchoBoy


EchoBoy has 31 Powerful Algorithms, I Studied and went Deep Trialing each Algo and found the Best Settings to go with Algorithm Styles and Instruments.

31 Style Algorithm Presets EACH for VOCALS, GUITARS, BASS, DRUM, KEYS and SYNTHS and 33 EXTRA BONUS Presets totalling 220 Presets.

0:00 Start
4:56 BASS
6:40 DRUMS
8:24 KEYS
10:12 SYNTHS
11:52 EXTRA"

ARPchives LIVE! July 21, 2021 with Nick Carlisle of Lean Logic

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"ARPchives LIVE! with another episode! Dina Pearlman (d'ARP) of the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation chats up Nick Carlisle of Lean Logic! Includes some beautiful videography as well as a special performance!"

See the ARPFoundation label below for additional posts.

Buchla 288r seq looping

video upload by Todd Barton

"Using the MARF to sequence the varying speed of the sequence, trigger periodic audio feedback via the 288r and occasionally unfold some Mod Index. Also, different pulse output of the MARF start the 288r Time Domain Processor to loop. Enjoy!"

Korg X5D/X5 Custom Analog & Ambient Sounds

video upload by LFOstore

"In this video we are showing atmospheric & analog side of X5 Series from Korg.
Its compact, light weight but powerful & sounds awesome!

Our own soundset is in process, please, comment if you want this sounds for your X5/X5D!

Other soundsets:


Dark Techno with Behringer TD-3-MO [modded out], Pro-1 and TR-909

video upload by Honeysmack

"Exploring more CV possibilities with the TD-3-MO. Pro-1 is sequenced from the TD-3-MO. TR-909 drums with a few moments from the TR-808 and Intelljel Plonk. Everything mixed through the Playdifferently Model1. All improvised in a single take.

Follow me here for more improvised live Acid Techno:"

Yamaha TX7 Tone Generator FM Expander Sound Module w/ New Blue Display

via this auction

Schippmann Ebbe und Flut Mk II

via this auction

"The legendary dual channel filter/compressor/distortion box, everything effectively modularized through jacks on the back panel. Nothing is made anymore that sounds remotely like this.

This one has a few defects hence the lower price. First the cutoff knob for filter #1 is scratchy. Probably will respond to deoxit/F5 but no guarantee. Second the log/lin dynamic switch broke off, but the switch itself is still functional/usable. I include the broken off piece (will put in a special bag to make sure it can be found) so 100% restoration may be possible. See pics! Also some rack rash as seen.

Otherwise, just tested recently and everything else (not mentioned above) works and sounds great!"

Future Retro 777 Analog Synthesizer FR3D71499506

via this auction

minimoog / easel command / airbase 99

video upload by studio snippets

The 'Keith Emerson' Moog 901 series oscillator and controller...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"Less than a year after Keith got his Moog Modular, Bob extensively modified his 901 series oscillators and oscillator controllers. He made them much more stable, solid and reliable tuning wise. There are drawings of schematics of his modifications, which are dated February 1971. I have built a 901A oscillator controller and also a 901B oscillator from these drawings and here is the first time I fired them up and got them to work. Initially they didn't work because I discovered that the FET transistor - which I had bought over a year ago and was still in it's 'anti-static' bag - was actually dead..! It probably originated from China...? I can't remember. Anyways, after installing a generic (the wrong) FET from my stock it all started making noises. Of course, being the wrong component it now won't calibrate according to the instructions but I did manage to tweak the calibration controls by ear to get it to play on one of the octave settings. When I manage to source a good FET of the correct type I'm sure it will all behave as intended - or at least I hope so...!"

Waldorf IRIDIUM Official Soundset - Cinematic Edition Vol.1

video upload by WaldorfMusicChannel

"Cinematic Edition is available at:

Kevin Schroeder is a synthesizer sound designer. He has programmed sounds for well-known synthesizer brands, including the film composers Hans Zimmer, Trevor Morris and Paul Haslinger.

This soundset offers a multitude of complex "cinematic sequences". These can be played with one key and are ideal for creating a complete song. Using both layers and multiple parameter tracks simultaneously in the sequencer creates very dynamic and atmospheric soundscapes. No additional samples needed. No samples were used in this set! Of course it can be used with only one IRIDIUM and QUANTUM as well."

Monome Norns and Grid (Molly the Poly script)

video upload by Luca Longobardi

"Lights on the fingErTips.

Molly (the poly) says hi!"

Polyend Tracker Pete Cannon AE with Medusa

video upload by Isobutane

"Thank you for watching."

“Flux meets Jupiter-4 14 - Strange Choir” by Friendly Noise

video upload by Friendly Noise

"This is number 14 of a video series combining the best of vintage sound and the best of the modern sequencer technology in eurorack: Roland Jupiter 4 and IO Labs Flux. There will be a new short video about every week."

Friendly Noise Jupiter-4 posts

Tiptop Audio QuantiZer Update

In case you missed the video, it's back up here.


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