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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Pollard Syndrum Quad - Analog Drum Synthesizer - Pro-Serviced w/Restoration

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Additional Analog U.S Listings

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been serviced and has had some restoration. It is ready to be used and needs nothing! It will come with all four pads, the cable, and a new power connector. Not sold as-is! Shipping to most countries!"

Oberheim Xpander SN Y60409 w/ Original Box & Dust Cover

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Circuit Bent Glitch Art Camera - LoFi Future Pocket Glitchamatic - Demo Footage

video upload by

"Some random clips i recently captured with one of the first Pocket Glitchamatic coming off of my tiny production line.

There are currently 3 cameras left to order on my website!

The LoFi Future Pocket Glitchamatic is a re-housed circuit bent camera based on a currently produced generic branded 5MP digital camera (capable of recording 720p AVI video files)

The circuit bends are brought out onto the new front panel in for form of six push buttons (5 latching one momentary for the GLITCH! function)

The Effects...

The pair of latching buttons labelled NEON result in a pink and green colour pallet that capture bright scenes in a surreal light. One of these buttons turns the effect on and off, while the other switches between two effect types. The dual-coloured led signifies the selected mode by either shining green, or red and will not illuminate when the effect is turned off.

The other pair latching buttons labelled BANDING create banding effects across the image. There are two types of banding and can both be selected at once. The bi colour LED here shines red for one mode, green for the other and orange when both are selected at once.

The latching button labelled NOISE introduces a cool lofi, grainy noise with a blue/purple hue. The single colour LED signifies when this effect is on or off.

All of the effects mentioned above reliably produce valid video files and pictures just like it was originally intended with the unmodified camera.

The GLITCH! button however creates unexpected, heavy glitches that veer into the unstable and experimental. It is a momentary button for this reason. In video mode it produces major frame drops in the recorded footage (you wont see this apparent on screen at the time of recording) Used sparingly in video mode, it can produce some great corruption effects. but go to heavy with it and it will spit out an unplayable video file!

In photo mode the GLITCH! button is a much more usable tool, though it sometimes will create a corrupt image file, it has a much better success rate in creating glitch imagery you could never have imagined! Its a truly experimental effect for the adventurous artist willing to accept the odd corrupt file for some heavy glitch gold!


Video: AVI (1280 x 720 or 640 x 480 resolution)
Photo: JPEG (2592 x 1944 or 2048 x 1536 resolution)
USB web cam mode resolution up to 640 x 480
Internal rechargeable battery life (3+ hours of use on a single charge, or can be powered externally via USB)
MicroSD card slot (up to 32GB)"

Interstitial: Synth-Werk 914 & 6401, Moslab 921Bs, Minimoog

video upload by Rhythmicons

"A Moslab 921b sequence featuring the Synth-Werk 914 inductor based fixed bank, the Synth-Werk 6401 Bode Ring Modulator clone, and a MInimoog Model D with some delay courtesy of the Moogerfooger 104z."

Sequential Adds Stack and Split Capability to Prophet-10 & Voice Expansion Card for Prophet-5

Prophet-5 Voice Expansion Card & Exploring Bi-Timbral Stack & Split On The Prophet-10 - With J3PO video upload by Sequential

"Sequential has released two major enhancements for the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev 4 synthesizers. The first is an easy-to-install voice expansion card for the Prophet-5 that expands its polyphony to 10 voices, enabling it to benefit from the second enhancement — a new OS that adds bi-timbral, stack and split capability to 10-voice Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 synths.

Voice Expansion:

2.0 OS:"

And a video by Matt Johnson Jamiroquai: Note you can stack the Prophet-5 with the expansion installed. You'll find the press release below. As for the better value, you can do the math. The Prophet-5 + Expansion is less, but you have to install it and you don't get the Prophet-10 badge. :)

Sequential Prophet 10 just got a lot better!! video upload by Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

The press release:

San Francisco, CA—September 7, 2021—Sequential today announced two major enhancements for their acclaimed Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev 4 synthesizers. The first is a new OS that adds bi-timbral, stack and split capability to the Prophet-10. The second is an easy-to-install voice expansion card for the Prophet-5 that increases its polyphony to 10 voices, enabling it to benefit from the new OS.

With a ten-voice instrument and the new OS, players can stack two different programs together for more powerful, complex sounds. Each program is allocated 5 voices of polyphony, allowing 5-note bi-timbral operation. Alternatively, players can split the keyboard into two separate performance zones, each with a different program. This allows forbi-timbral performance of bass and leads, or bass and pads, for example.

To use the new stack and split feature, Prophet-10/expanded Prophet-5 owners will need to upgrade to version 2.0 of the operating system. The OS upgrade is provided free of charge to Prophet owners and is available on Sequential’s website. The Prophet-5 voice expansion card is available directly from Sequential and includes instructions for installation.

“We’re excited to bring stack and split capability to 10-voice Prophets,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith. “It gives even more musical versatility to an already awesome-sounding instrument. Musicians are going to love the sound design possibilities of bi-timbral stacks. And players will be able to make good use of splits in live performance.”

Sequential CEO David Gibbons had this to say about the enhancements: “There’s nothing more satisfying than making a legendary instrument even more powerful than its original incarnation. Turning the Prophet-10 or an expanded Prophet-5 into a bi-timbral synth takes it to new places as an expressive instrument. That’s always been Sequential’s first priority: Putting great-sounding, expressive musical tools into the hands of musicians.”

The Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev 4 reintroduced the music world to Sequential’s most famous and beloved instrument: the Prophet-5. The instruments revisit a landmark era in American analog synthesizer design and are an authentic and authoritative return to roots for the company.

Faithful to the original, the instruments feature five voices with two multi-waveform analog oscillators, resonant analog low-pass filters and amplifiers, and a filter and amplifier envelope per voice. Modulation is provided by a multi-waveshape LFO and Poly Mod, a ground-breaking modulation scheme for its time that allowed the filter envelope and oscillator B to be routed to a variety of destinations including filter cutoff frequency, oscillator A frequency, and oscillator A pulse width.

The Prophet-5 voice expansion card has a US MAP of $899 and is available directly from the Sequential. It is compatible with both keyboard and desktop models of the Prophet-5.

Voice Expansion:

2.0 OS:"

POP TIL U DROP - Sequential Take 5 Synthesizer - How to Sync LFO to MIDI Clock Drum Beat Tempo

video upload by Lysette Lee

"Pop Til U Drop host and teen pop singer-musician, Lysette lee, explains how to sync LFO modulation of the cutoff filter, utilizing the powerful matrix modulation mapping of the Sequential Take 5 Analog Synthesizer."

Bloody Marys with an Angry Goddess (CM16) by Ian Richter

New release from supporting member Ian Richter available on Bandcamp and other digitial outlets.

"A short visit to the Indochinese Peninsula at the wrong time of the global pandemic breakout, led Ian Richter to over a year and a half of living in Vietnam, and to a deep love affair with the Vietnamese folk religion. Ian was intrigued to find a place drenched in culture and mysticism existing hand in hand with hyper capitalism (yet officially committed to socialism).

Over the course of the last 18 month Ian recorded, mentally and physically, the sounds of his encounters and experiences. From daily life, through industrial and natural landscapes, to ancient and modern dance, forging foreign with familiar, mysticism with science, and claustrophobia with liberation.

released September 2, 2021

Written and produced by Ian Richter
Master by Harel Schreiber
Cover by Studio Harel & Maayan"

Modified TR707 with HKA Design ROM switcher

video upload by

"A (far too long) demo of a modified Roland TR707 with a HKA ROM switcher installed to give 8 separate sound banks. Different banks are activated by holding down the 1 to 8 step keys as you turn it on.

This was mainly done as a proof of concept to work out if our standard TR7X7 glitching patchbay, individual pitch controls, DAC distortion and decay modifications would work on a HKA modified machine. It turns out everything works perfectly.

Further details on our mods can be found at:

The HKA sound bank expansion can be found at:"

RK-008 in half of a nutshell!

video upload by Retrokits

"So: Superbooth21, 15-18th of September. At stand W430 we want to show you what we have been cooking up in the year everyone wants to forget: The RK-008!

With a number 8 like that we wanted to pay hommage to arguably the most intuitive Realtime MIDI recorder of the 80s: the MMT8.

We did take it to the 21st century though. Here's a small preview with a simple setup. Better keep an eye on it!"

Pic posted here yesterday.

EC1 - Custom synthesizer

video upload by Love Hultén

"Commissioned lunchbox synthesizer including

TT-78 Beat Bot
Dimension C

Moog Modular Deep Dive : Vintage Filters on the Model 12

video upload by Perfect Circuit


Our pal Ryan takes us on a DEEP DIVE of the Moog Model 12 Filters, some of the most influential tone shaping utilities ever made!

The Moog Model 12 was one of the first analog modular synthesizers, and we were incredibly lucky to have our hands on one long enough to really dig into the filters.

Ryans article on the Model 12 is available here :

#moog #model12 #modular #vintage #classic #instrument #patch #cable #filter #resonance #coolguy"

Eurorack Modular System DAWless Jam at The Synth Sanctuary ft. Jay Wires

video upload by 123synthland

"Here’s Jay Wires on the Eurorack modular system we’re considering selling. Buy meticulously serviced vintage synths without the surprises at and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletters while you’re there! Thanks for watching."

JoMox Modbrane 11

via this auction

This is a supporting member listing.

SH5-VCF: Beauty & Terror [Demo #3] (no jibber-jabber)

video upload by gstormelectro


"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Some Darkscape Eurorack patches featuring the SH5-VCF.
Exploring some near-oscillation resonance sounds.
And frequency modulation of the VCF which this diode filter is so good at.
This time around using Big Sky Reverb and Timefactor Delay.
If you want to hear the naked filter alone the first two demos I made were bone dry no effects :D

I used different colored patch cables, so maybe you can glean what is going on.
If there are questions about that go ahead and pepper me in the comments.

SH5-VCF is all-analog eurorack adaptation of the Roland SH-5 Synthesizer Filter and Mixer.
Check my Reverb store for SH5-VCF availability

As per usual, listening w/ headphones or quality monitors is the best audio experience.
Watch your levels, this is a filter demo w/ some resonance ahead.
Be sure to check out SH5-VCF Demo 02 to see how I made the patches in this video!

Oscillators | Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator B, Cre8audioCapt'n Big-O
Modulations | Batumi, 2xADSR, Delta Soundlabs Mobula Ring Mod
Control + Sequencing | Keystep Pro"

Hors d'Oeuvre serves up the dirtiest DB-01 (no talking)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"The Fairfield Circuitry Hors d'Oeuvre pedal is a feedback device. It will act as a sort of distortion by itself but where it shines is with another pedal in its send and return loop. Here I have an MXR Phase-95 followed by a Vahlbruch delay in the loop. The DB-01 is initially running through the Boss GEB-7 EQ pedal, then into the Hors d'Oeuvre.

There are no other effects or processing other than a limiter on the output and a little volume balancing to avoid anyone having to ride the volume knob. The Hors d'Oeuvre is quite sensitive and small adjustments in feedback or phase position can make a big difference to the sound.

I teamed the Hors d'Oeuvre with a couple of other pedals but it definitely seemed to work better with analog devices. For example, a cheap digital reverb I tried gave nothing but painful squeals.

0:00 Dry
0:05 Engaged
0:37 Noodlings
2:00 Squeals
2:18 Delay
4:00 Drone
4:32 Pattern 2
4:55 Keyboard mode

All the devices shown were bought by me at full price.
My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

PPG wave 2.2 Wavetable Synthesizer (1982) The Pure Sound (no fx)

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer from the year 1982
8 minutes across the wavetables with the Wave.
A single sound program that I continuously change with the help of the wave envelope, wavetable, wave amount, upper wave, sub wave, aftertouch etc. So there are always new timbres.

Recorded directly in stereo without any external effects, EQ or anything else.
The pure sound. And a lot of digital dirt.

The PPG Wave 2.2 is the direct successor of the Wave 2 but with 2 oscillators. Only 500 Wave 2.2 were manufactured.
The sound character is different to the later Waldorf Microwave synths and different to the Wave 2.3.

- 8 Voices
- 2 to 16 Oscillators per voice
- 30 Wavetables with 64 waves per wavetable
- analog 24 dB/oct lowpass SSM 2044 VCF
- Curtis CEM 3360 VCAs
- micro processor (6809)
- 8Bit DACs

Used by: Trevor Horn (Propaganda, Art Of Noise, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones), Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Robert Palmer, Talk Talk, Tears For Fears, Thomas Dolby, The Fixx, Thompson Twins, Tangerine Dream, Gary Numan and much more."

Mutable Instruments Marbles + 5U Modular Synth (Moog Format)

video upload by Autotross

"A quick take of Marbles sequencing 3 oscillators of my 5U / MU modular system."

This is MORE than a basic sequencer

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here are the patches -

00:00 - Introduction
00:35 - Clock CV Input idea
01:36 - Clock CV Input patch example
06:53 - Reset Input idea
07:53 - Reset Input patch example
11:33 - Steps Input idea
12:03 - Steps Input patch example
16:04 - Gate Outputs for processing idea
16:36 - Gate Outputs for processing patch example
20:09 - Gate outputs for transposing patch example"

Omri's Links:
"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

$57,050.44 + $558.10 Shipping Yamaha CS60 w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

"Yamaha CS 60 in museum condition, fully serviced. For sale equipped with legs with special bag to carry and original Synth lid. The Synth is in excellent aesthetic and functional condition, it is really difficult to find one in this state."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/ GliGli Mod and Teensy ++ SN 4540

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Additional Switched On Listings

"This vintage Prophet-600 is fully functional and in very good condition. This model has been recently serviced and comes with a GliGli Modification and Teensy++.

The Prophet-600 is a 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a 5-octave, 61-note (C-C) keyboard. Each voice consists of two VCOs, two VCFs, and two VCAs. Each of these components has its own independent ADSR envelope with an LFO that can modulate both oscillators at the same time, the filter frequency, and the pulse width on the oscillator. The Prophet-600 has mono mode with chord memory as well as two one-track sequencers and an arpeggiator. The sequencers are programmed in real-time and cannot be edited. The arpeggiator can be set to the normal up or down modes or can cycle through the keys in the order that they were played.

The GliGli modification adds:

Increased resolution for sound parameters
Faster, smoother amplifier and filter envelope generators
New LFO function generator with a wider range
Dedicated vibrato
Unison detune
Mix Overdrive
Full Midi In control of parameters
Improved tuning procedure"

1998 but Brand NEW, unglaublich: MAM VF-11 Vocoder-/Filterbank w/ Original Box / Packing Tape

via this auction

Thought the MAM branded packing tape was interesting. Is the "A" supposed to be an apple? Never noticed that before.

"Polyphony: Monophonic Oscillators - 1 VCO with sawtooth waveform and pitch adjust knob Vocoder - 11-bands: 100, 225, 330, 470, 700, 1030, 1500, 2280, 3300, 4700, 9000 Hz Filter - No resonant filter, but can be used as 11-band filterbank to cut/boost Synthesis channel bands VCA - 1 on each band of Synthesis channel and controlled internally by Envelope Detectors Keyboard - None Memory - None Control - No external control Date Produced - 1998"

Roland MRS-2 ProMars + Kenton Midi

via this auction

"Roland MRS-2 ProMars in incredible condition. Fully serviced, fully recapped.

Comes with Kenton Pro Solo so you can send midi to it."

Roland Super JX-10 76-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 662185 w/ Carts & Sound Chart

via this auction

"Comes with 2 M-64c, and 1 M-16c Cartridges"

Mulogix Slave 32 Vintage Synth - Only 25-30 Ever Made SN SC 012

via this auction

You can find some info and demos of the Mulogix Slave 32 in previous posts here. It was used by Wendy Carlos.

KORG MS-50 Vintage Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer SN 190127

via this auction, also on Reverb

YAMAHA CS-30 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 3458 w/ Prophet Style Knobs

via this auction, also on Reverb

Kawai K5000S Expanded with ME-1

via this auction
"Unique digital synth being one of the few additive synths out there. In great condition with clear display and working disc drive. This also has the added bonus of the ME-1 expander card (a clone version) which adds additional banks for storage. Although subjective, this is acknowledged as having one of the best synth keybeds out there."

Clavia Nord Modular Keyboard SN MA2833 w/ Original Box, Manual & CD Editor

via this auction

"Virtual analogue synth hardly used, near mint condition 2 octave synthesizer capable of modular, subtractive and FM applications. The Nord Modular allows you to build your own synthesizer specification using the internal modules provided from oscillators, envelopes and filters tomini sequencers, mixers and effects using the editing software from a DAW. Infull working order with its original packaging/ box, Operation manual, powerlead, 3 pin plug adapter and editing software CD-ROM.

Basic Features include:

- 4 note polyphony and 4 part multi-tumbrel

- 4 outputs,2 inputs, sustain pedal, control pedal and headphone input (1/4 inch jack)

- MIDI in and out plus PC in and out

- Front Panel - 18 editing knobs and 18 function buttons, master volume, rotary encoder and Navigator2x20 character backlit LCD display

- Software Editor CD-ROM - Runs on PC (Windows 95 on to Windows XP) and Mac (OS9 - OSX10.4)

- Note: This Nord Modular unit is NOT fitted with the polyphony expansion board. (This expansion board does not increase the modular’s synth engine power, just the polyphony)

- For full spec: [link]"


video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 Intro
0:42 A Bit of History
2:39 Fatal Flaws
3:19 The Interface
4:27 Fatal FLAW 1 -The Alpha Dial
7:22 Some Presets
11:47 Some User Tones
13:37 Programming Tones
16:30 Sound Engine
17:06 Oscillators
22:52 DCO Modulation & THE HOOVER
26:21 It's a DCO
38:38 LFO
40:33 CHORUS

Ambient jam with Moog Matriarch, Novation AFX Station, Hologram Microcosm, and Eventide Space

video upload by

"A live, semi-improvised track performed entirely on hardware.

I wrote this piece while tinkering on piano, and then arranged it for synth. The Matriarch excels at monophonic parts that sound huge and rich despite only playing one note at a time. Here I've got its four oscillators each tuned to a different octave, and its stereo delay offset in that horse-galloping sort of way. Once you add some reverb on top, it's sublime.

For melody, I wanted something small but also "messy". The Novation AFX Station was the perfect choice, as it fulfills these criteria and also has its own sound to the oscillators and filter that differ from the Moog sound. For the AFX Station, I use both the onboard filter drive and distortion to add a lot of harmonic richness, and some pitch modulation to get weirder toward the end. Once I placed the Hologram Microcosm at the end, doing its weird not-quite-reverb-not-quite-delay granular thing, the lead line came alive.

Moog Matriarch into Eventide Space — Main sequence
Novation AFX Station into Hologram Microcosm — Melody

Performed and recorded live with EQ, compression, and limiting on the master."

Fairfield Circuitry ~900 (About Nine Hundred) Fuzz

video upload by Sound Isles

"~900 "About Nine Hundred" - a new four knob fuzz from Fairfield Circuitry made in Hull, Québec. Mostly using synth to demonstrate the two cascading JFET gain stages of the fuzz. The ~900 is a spiritual successor to the discontinued and well loved Four Eyes Fuzz, having a similar fuzz circuit. It has a very wide range of sounds from a lower gain drive to a massive wall of fuzz. Special appearance from their Long Life parametric EQ which pair together wonderfully. I explore how the fuzz can colour the Prophet 6 blending in nice distortion and break-up. The guitar is running direct-in to the GFI System Cabzeus cab sim with the Dr. Scientist Spectrum Analyzer running on the entire mix.

Wir sind die Roboter"

T-1 update v1.1 walkthrough

video upload by torso electronics

"Walkthrough showcasing the new features introduced in the T-1 firmware update v1.1

Highlights in the update are multitrack editing, relative cycles editing, pattern chain, copy parameter, and clipboard.

Download the newest version of T-1 Config to get the update.
T-1 Config and an updated manual can be found on our website

0:00 Introduction
0:17 Multitrack editing
3:19 Relative cycles editing
4:49 Pattern chain
6:16 Copy parameter
7:34 Clipboard"

Aurora - Ordinary World (Above & Beyond Remix) [Quasimidi Sirius Rework]

video upload by JayB

You can see what the Sirius is doing in the top right.


(Requires JayB's Sound Set for Quasimidi Sirius)

Another of my feasibility studies. Had this lying around for a few months now but couldn't decide whether to upload here or on my second YouTube channel. But since it's trance I did it here.
A very rough rework of the Above & Beyond remix of Aurora's cover of Duran Duran's track "Ordinary World", an all time favorite classic of mine, using only the Quasimidi Sirius as sound souce.
I've tried doing it on the Quasimidi Sirius itself but the step sequencer is a real b*tch. It took me several attempts to get the lead arp and the bass line right because it always messed up the events after saving. Please don't criticize me for choosing Logic Pro in the end."

E mu Proteus3/XR World Sound Module - Preset Sounds 2

video upload by SUBTOKYOSHOP

"Recorded with Ableton Push, added a little rev and delay"

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

Wavetable Dream

video upload by Isobutane

"Thank you for watching."

New UPDATED MPG-50 for the Alpha Juno / MKS-50 | Controller Power

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The Roland Alpha Juno 1/2 and the MKS-50 are among the greatest synths Roland did. Now the updated controller, the MPG-50mk2 from Retroaktiv gives you an even greater control over these synths. Internal memory for storing patches, the ability to control two units at the same time, a new patch generator, another MIDI post, bigger OLED display and more."

Patch n Tweak
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