MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Circuit Rhythm - Sample Expansion Pack with -CALC- and Alex Godfrey // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"Join us for a first look at the brand new Sample Expansion Pack for Circuit Rhythm in this edition of Novation Live. -CALC- and Alex will take us through a few of their favourites from the six new soundpacks and will be crafting some slinky beats along the way.

The Sample Expansion packs include over 550 royalty-free sounds and are totally free to download and use from Novation Components.

--- Discover Circuit Rhythm:

--- Discover Sample Expansion Pack:"

New Q169 Oscillator++ Overview Videos


1. Q169 Oscillator++ Sample and Hold Overview
2. Q169 Oscillator ++ Vibrato
3. Q169 Oscillator++ Sample and Hold Keyboard Response
4. Q169 Oscillator++ Cross Pulse Width Modulation
5. Q169 Oscillator ++ and Q168 Oscillator ++ Cross Pitch Modulation
6. Q169 Oscillator++ Sample and Hold Explained

You can find additional Q169 Oscillator++ posts here.

Sequential Prophet 10 & Korg Nu-Tekt - A Foggy Hills Night

video upload by Default Corporation

"Hi, tonight is a foggy night.

Just playing live on a Prophet 10 and Nu-Tekt NTS1 for delay and reverb.

Thanks for you time."

Moog Sonic Six Analog Synthesizer w/ Custom Color Capped Knobs

via this auction

ARP 2500 style knobs.

"Someone modded it at some point to have some other type of mod wheel and there was a hole in the front panel.

I was able to cover the hole with a nice brass panel. [pic of what's under below]

I glued it down with some glue that is easy to remove should you ever want to try to rebuild the plastic or something.

I have to say it looks so much better with the brass plate on the front."

Moog Memorymoog Plus with DBM Firmware Upgrade

via this auction

"The synth has been upgraded with the DBM firmware which offers an actual MIDI-implementation with filter control and more. The Memorymoog Plus was originally intended to work with MIDI but in fact it didn't with it's stupid Omni mode. Making it virtually impossible to function with MIDI.

It sounds absolutely fantastic (but you probably know that) and do rarely require the need of the autotune function. But just some 30 min. good old warm up

It has been serviced recently (when having the later firmware installed) and was cleaned on all crucial connections internally. It has a new EU power cable."

Analogue Solutions LEIPZIG V3 desktop analog synthesizer / sequencer w/ Original Box

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Brand new condition complete in original box with original Analogue Solutions power supply, 4 postcards, Analogue Solutions coaster, wristband and yellow patch cable."

Red Roland Boutique SH-01A SN Z210201 w/ Original Box

via this auction, also on Reverb

Limited Edition Black KORG microKORG

via this auction

"This all black model was a limited edition run they did for the 10 year anniversary of the microKORG."

Berna 3 Slider Play

video upload by Todd Barton

"Using sliders 1 and 16 of the 16n Fader Box to control Hi Pass Filter and Transpositore modules of Berna 3 software.

Berna 3 explorations by Todd Barton

DUNE-Inspired Suspense-Style composition (Discrete Synthesizers CMS MR-15 Modular Synth & Eurorack)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
After watching Dune for the second time last week, I wanted to make a new Dune-inspired composition. The scene I am specifically talking about is when Paul and his mother are walking through the desert, trying to find the Fremen, and they almost get eaten by a sandworm. I used the CMS synth for the dynamic arpeggio pattern and the eurorack for every other element. Everything is also going through multiple instances of Valhalla Shimmer in Ableton. If you want more detailed patch notes, go become my Patron here:

Here are some links of mine:"

𝙈 𝘼 𝙏 𝙏 𝙃 𝙎 #shorts - 𝕭𝖗𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖑

video upload by MATTHS

"Natural progression. This months release is well underway and its time to go full steam ahead. This is Novembers release coming your way soon.

Be sure to check all of this years releases over at my Bandcamp."

Two White Tape delays in series with a DB-01

video upload by Richard DeHove

"The White Tape delay by Donner is a cheap, simple, dual delay. The left and right channels are totally independent with their own rate, level and feedback. The units handle line level well and were very happy with chewing on the Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline.
The delays themselves are not overly exciting in any way, the mix doesn't go very high (certainly not 100%) and in keeping with the "tape" idea tend to be a bit low-fi. But as a pair of cheap and cheerful stereo-ish delays in series they do an excellent job and delivering somewhat dubby-sounding thickness.
In the second half of the demo I switch the DB-01 into drone mode and let the FM control the pitch, modulated by the S&H LFO. This is where the two delays seemed most happy giving real thickness but without the drenched fuzziness of a reverb.
0:00 Overview babble
1:24 Weedy pattern
1:48 Full feedback
2:09 Full mix
2:40 In series
3:44 Delay times?
5:23 Seasick droning

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"


video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A followup to last year's 'Bookshelf' video! [below]

Matthew Shapiro's music is available here:

The silent logo animation is available to download here:"

The Bookshelf

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Taking a look at some of the books that appear in the backdrop of the set for our YouTube videos."

Staying Creative Quick Tip #1 - Textures with Simpliciter with two clicks

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

Do you also think that reverb is life and want to share it with the world? Have a look here -
If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas document -

Behringer 2600 - "Gravity" 40 Massive and Deep Patches

video upload by LFOstore

" presents the 'Gravity' patch bank for Behringer 2600.


What is the Behringer 2600 capable of without patch cables?

The first bank in a series dedicated to synthesizer functionality without patch cables!

In the bank, you'll find: massive basses, deep plucks, leads and drones, ready to breathe new colors into your compositions and inspire creativity.

This soundset separated on categories:

Bass (10)
Leads (12)
Plucks (12)
Drones (6)

Suited for all modern genres of electronic music: retrowave, ambient, trance, house, classic electronica, downtempo.

We put all our effort & inspiration to make this patches suited for many genres & styles of electronic music.

What in the pack:
High quality pictures of every single patch ready for print with all the 40 patches.
Easy navigation, fast patching & great looking.
Single pages of each patch & hi quality demo (wet / dry version) for comparing & re-creation.

Playing on the GAMEBOY Mega Machine - Church Reverb In A Minor -

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Ahead of getting the gameboy megamachine ready for the museum openning again!
I recorded this on a Patreon Livestream,
Download the WAV of this amongst loads others! :-
it also makes @THIS MUSEUM IS (NOT) OBSOLETE possible"

Casio RZ-1 w Vintage 16 banks kits MOD + Custom firmware + OLED Screen (FULLY SERVICED)

via this auction

Update: link fixed.

"A modded Casio RZ1.
The first mod expands the sounds from just 1 bank to 16. Plus you get an upgrade to 2.0u firmware


A rotary switch selects the active sound bank or you can control the bank selection by MIDI.

All 16 of the sound banks are loaded with RZ-1, Kawai 50e, Oberheim DMX, Roland TR808, Roland TR909, Linn, Drumulator, RX7, TR-300 and seven more. (These can be reprogrammed by the user if desired also)

It comes also with a OLED blu screen Mod (which eliminates also the high pitched hum present in every old Lcd screen of each Casio rz1)

FULLY SERVICED from a professional tecnician
w New Battery
100% working conditions
Aestetically in awesome shape"

Steve Fisk's 1976 ARP 2600 with 3620 Keyboard SN 0732 ?

You can find a demo by Steve Fisk at the 2011 PNW SynthFest demoing his ARP 2600 posted here (see this post for additional videos of the event). P.S. If you aren't familiar with Steve Fisk, see this Wikipedia article. His Yamaha CS60 went up for sale back in 2013. According to this auction by Salamander Labs, his 2600 is up for sale. I have no way of verifying, so do your due diligence if you are interested. Note in the video linked above there is a green monkey sticker on the front panel. It's missing from this ARP 2600 but you can see a slight discoloration where it would have been. As always, who knows...

Details via the listing:

"Ok, this is it. An Arp 2600 with keyboard used extensively as a live and studio instrument by Steve Fisk, whose comments and the unit’s pedigree are below. This instrument has been used on the road internationally, in studio, and live performance settings, and as a result has some cosmetic scratches. The power supply caps, speaker amp driver transistors, key bushings, and a few key springs have been replaced…and the shittyist plug ever used for a keyboard has been replaced as noted below….otherwise it is original. It is fully discrete, and the circuit boards are NOT epoxied so it can be serviced. A full factory calibration was completed by Gemma at Sound Audio Repair in Olympia, Wa…"

"From Steve Fisk;

My 2600 is the first synth you see on the Arp 2600 Wikipedia page. I am the original owner. I bought the synthesizer in 1976. It was my primary instrument for years. I wrote and performed several noisy live pieces with the ARP. It was also my “jam” instrument for many improvs in Olympia and Seattle in the late 70’s. It was a key part of my live setup for Pell Mell, Pigeonhed, Customer Service, and Tiny Holes. It is also featured in much of my studio work with Pell Mell, Soundgarden, Pigeonhed, Reggie Watts, Unwound, Some Velvet Sidewalk and Seacats. The beast was my goto box for 808 kick drums(see Soundgarden’s “Spoonman” remix). It also did duty on several film soundtracks and corporate work. In 1995 the Jones plug that connected the keyboard to the main frame was replaced with a robust milspec connector by Omega Intl, a vintage synth service run by an ex roadie from the Moody Blues. It is in excellent working order despite some well earned cosmetic blemishes. I’m going to miss the spring reverb, a great resource for sound effects."

Akai AX60 SN 21686

via this auction

"This is an analog six voice poly-synth from the late 80's. It is bi-timbral with key splitting and a mix fader for the individual voicing sections. 64 user patch memories. Built in arpeggiator, chorus effect, high pass, and resonant low pass filter. All oscillators shapes have pulse width adjustment as well a dedicticated LFO for pulse width modulation. Envelopes can be inverted. Mod wheel has a knob to adjust it's effect over the low pass filter. Bend wheel has a knob to adjust its range fluidly up to 2 octaves. Full MIDI Trio In/Out/Thru on 5-pin connectors. Dedicated Auto-Tune button... takes about 10 seconds to tune all filters and voices... The synth stays perfectly in tune after it's been on for 20 minutes and then had the auto-tune run. No missing caps... all the display elements are present and functioning. You'd have a difficult time finding an AX60 in better physical condition than this unit."

Novation K-Station Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Synthesizer w/ hard case, mod grip, strap & adapter

via this auction

MFB Megazwerg Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Minilogue Synth Oil Painting by Nicola Dudich and Crazy Oil Arts

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"This Oil painting was made for collaboration with Bo Beats for the Merch Collection.

Oil paintings by Crazy Oil Arts and Nicola Dudich is already decorate workplaces of Moog Music , Instruo Modular, Endorphines, Joranalogue, Qu-Bit Electronix and many more music studios in different parts of world. All paintings made with love and from High Quality canvases and paints :)"

Elektron Digitakt Oil Painting by Nicola Dudich and Crazy Oil Arts

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"This Oil painting was made for collaboration with Bo Beats for the Merch Collection.

Oil paintings by Crazy Oil Arts and Mykola Dudich is already decorate workplaces of Moog Music , Instruo Modular, Endorphines, Joranalogue, Qu-Bit Electronix and many more music studios in different parts of world. All paintings made with love and from High Quality canvases and paints :)"

Arturia Microfreak Synth Oil Painting by Nicola Dudich and Crazy Oil Arts

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"'Smell of the Microfreak'

This Oil painting was made for collaboration with Bo Beats for the Merch Collection.

Oil paintings by Crazy Oil Arts and Mykola Dudich is already decorate workplaces of Moog Music , Instruo Modular, Endorphines, Joranalogue, Qu-Bit Electronix and many more music studios in different parts of world. All paintings made with love and from High Quality canvases and paints :)"

Alesis AirFX AirSynth

via this auction

Elektron Digitone Keys 37-key Digital FM Synthesizer

via this auction

9 Ways to Use Filters Creatively // Dannysound Multimode Ladder Filter

video upload by DivKidVideo

"While it’s common for classic circuits to be reused, cloned and emulated it’s not as often we see them expanded on. So I was excited to see that Dannysound’s Eurorack filter module takes a classic filter design and expands it in several ways. The Multimode Ladder Filter is based on the 1960s classic Moog transistor based low pass ladder filter design but it expands it by being multimode (with added band pass and high pass), it adds level control to clean up or further saturate the filter, features additional CV control with attenuation and compensates for the lost low end at higher resonance settings which is a characteristic found in the original Moog filter.

This video is a demo of the module as well a tutorial offering 9 patches for pushing your filtering creatively. Try these in your systems and leave a comment letting me know how you get on.

Get the Danny MML DIY kit here -


00:00 Hello and patch previews
01:03 Ladder filter history and expanding on the original
01:48 Feature run down
02:30 Raw sound - filter sweeps + soft saturation
04:32 Tubby Moog bass to acid and back + patching accent envelopes
06:25 Band pass chord textures + opposing overlapping LFOs
07:42 High pass performance sweeps, soft saturation for drums + gated envelope loops
09:12 Audio rate modulation for vocal, YOI & formant synthesis
09:55 Dynamic musical audio rate modulation for filter FM
10:57 Patch your own auto wah
11:24 Pseudo low pass gates + dynamic bouncing LFOs
12:48 Filter pings + west coast percussive voices
13:57 Deep bass with two tiered envelope control

*** THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY THONK *** they have funded the creation of this demo/tutorial video."

Modbap Osiris and the Power of Wavetables (Demo and Walkthrough)

video upload by Red Means Recording

"The Modbap Osiris Bi-Fidelity Wavetable Oscillator melts my face clean off. In this video, I'll show you why. I'll also show you how to make your own wavetables for it using OSIRISedit!"

4 Performances with the Modbap Osiris

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

"These are performances I created to get to know the Modbap Osiris Wavetable Oscillator for my main walkthrough video.

Patch notes:
Osiris is getting sequencing from Rene. Rene is sequenced by Metron. Metron also provides triggers to everything else in the rack, including Maestro. Maestro is run through 3 sets of Navigators which provide modulation to Osiris. Osiris is run through XAOC Minsk and Zagrezeb. The sub out of Osiris goes into the HexVCA and gets an envelope from the Quadigy. The big reverb stuff is Morphagene run through Starlab. Drums are the VPME QD run through Ruina Versio and then into Desmodus Versio. Arp 2600M and Hydrasynth provide melodies and chords."

Wingie SIG jam

video upload by UncertainMusicCorps

"Little jam session with SIG and Wingie.

SIG triggers are pinging both channels on Wingie. Upper manual is set to Bar mode, lower is set to Poly. SIG clock out is syncing the background drone modulations coming from the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator. Lead voice from Plaits also triggered by SIG."

Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Sound Demo Part 2

video upload by FutureRetroSynths

"The variety of sounds you hear are all from the Future Retro Vectra synthesizer. The Vectra is capable of recreating some of the most recognizable sounds from some of the greatest synths of all time. Want to do wavetable synthesis like the Prophet VS and Microwave 1? How about some DX FM sounds? Or combine digital and analog waveforms like the D-50? And who remembers the SQ-80? But this goes farther than just digital synths, how about 303 stuff? Do you enjoy the rich fat tones of the Oberheim's with variable glide time per oscillators, and gorgeous filters? We do too! And British synth lovers, will enjoy the Synthi, Wasp, and Oscar inspirations. Want to dive into some modular weirdness, you got it! Or maybe you're just tired of the same old drum machines and ready for some new percussion. Whether you're a professional musician, sound designer for film, or hobbiest the Vectra offers something for everyone.

Some clips may include a touch of reverb/delay from the Eventide Eclipse."

Future Retro Vectra posts

Oberheim OB-X - The Sound of 99 Red Balloons (Nena 99 Luftballons)

video upload by RetroSound

"The intro sound of 99 Red Ballons was always one my favorite Oberheim sounds ever. The warm pad sound at the beginning and than the powerful synth riff. Wonderful. At the end of the video can you find the patch sheet.

The Oberheim OB-X Synthesizer from 1978 is one of the legendary synths in music history. Used by Ultravox, Japan, Killing Joke, J.-M. Jarre, Rush, Barcley James Harvest and others. Here can you find the full OB-X playlist with a lot single sound demos, synth comparisions and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy."

Buchla Time Domain Processor 288v - Demo

video upload by batchas

"This is a demo of the Buchla Time Domain Processor 288v made by Mark Verbos.
I'm glad I could finish a demo that I started in 2012 (!!!). It's far to be perfect and I hope you'll forgive the video quality, but I'm not a YouTube influencer.
I invest time and money in musical instruments, not in cameras, light etc. Nevertheless I hope this demo will be useful, also for all of you who asked what were the differences between the 288v and the 288r recently released, that I tested when it came out and found very different."

Korg Modwave Sound demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers


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