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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Sequential Synth Tips #27 With INHALT: Prophet-5 And Prophet-10 PWM

video upload by Sequential

"As the founding member of INHALT and Infinite Power Studios, Matia Simovich’s productions and sound design have questioned the line between forward-thinking, avant pop and the depths of the underground. Never one to shy from the dark or the unorthodox, his production style is equally inclusive: hardware-centric and exudes the decadence and lushness of the past while integrating the precision and speed of today’s studio process.

This synth tips episode features Matia building a patch with PWM that changes rate as you play up and down the Prophet-10.

Follow INHALT here:

For more information on the Prophet-10:"
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Prophet10 - Tutorial Sound Design - With comment

video upload by SMV Producer

"In this video, i show how to create a nice sound with the Prophet 10. The comment and the sound come from the camera microphone, so it does not match 100% the real sound of the Prophet. Have a look."

SMV Producer links:

Sound banks for Arturia Matrixbrute and Waldorf Quantum/Iridium available for purchase at:

Perfect Circuit Best Gear of the Year : Artist Picks Part 1

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Wow! We got a hold of some of our favorite content creators to talk about their favorite piece of gear they got in 2021. Stay tuned for part 2 coming next week!

Check out more of the gear here :

Check out our in-depth article about the gear:"

Perfect Circuit Best Gear of the Year posts

KAWAI K5000S Additive Synthesizer SN 593142

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"We paid our tech for the several hours of skilled labor required to properly service this unit so it will hopefully outlast others on the market.

-All tact switches were replaced with new ones for perfect operation. These normally go bad over time, either not working, or requiring one to push hard.
-Floppy drive was replaced. These are often non-functional or unreliable at this point.
-Backlight replaced. These are often burned out, making it impossible to use this synth in a dark room.
-Key contacts cleaned. Dirty contacts will cause problems with velocity response and triggering.
-Battery replaced. All K5000s's are long overdue for a battery change.
-Patches reloaded.

This unit works perfectly, with one small exception... After servicing, we noticed the bottom key and top key or two's aftertouch wasn't activating. All other keys aftertouch activates just fine. Our tech estimates a minimum of 2-3 more hours of work to look into this. Since this is a relatively low value item and the value of repair time is high, and since the aftertouch works fine throughout the rest of the keyboard, we've decided to sell it the way it is. If this issue is a dealbreaker for you, please email us to discuss."

PPG WAVE 2.3 - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Meng Qi Sidrolz5 (Ciat Lonbarde Sidrax + 5-rolz)

via this auction

"Sidrolz5 is a beautiful one off instrument built by Meng Qi, containing a Sidrax board and 1 set of 5-rolz per Sidrax oscillator. Can be played by touching the bare nana sockets or rhythms can be set up with patching banana cables (not included).
Requires 12vdc power with positive tip (not supplied) and has stereo 1/4" out.

A little more background-
Each sidrax oscillator has a triangle oscillator output, FM in, and two glitch inputs.
The FM inputs have a cap on input to work with the 5-rolz sandrodes below each oscillator to allow for for momentary pitch movements in time with the rolz rhythms (without the caps the rolz just send the oscillators straight to lowest pitch). Some of the FM ins have had the caps bypassed so they can be sequenced via an external, more traditional step sequencing method - e.g. I was using bugbrand CTL1s but korg SQ-1s and whatever else works with appropriate cabling with 0-10v CV range).

The two right most banana sockets are master pitch and master chaos CV inputs. The two large black knobs are master volume and master chaos. The right most knob is master pitch, all other knobs are individual oscillator pitches. Each of the bare potentiometer stems in the pictures have now been capped with knobs.

Each 5-rolz column is hardwired internally to the piezo in/vca of each oscillator- so touch playing is possible, but patching rolz together can yield both repeating and non repeating patterns. No touching and no patch cables means the instrument is silent."

"We See Blue" by Mister 1-2-3-4

video upload by Mister 1-2-3-4

New track from supporting member, Mister 1-2-3-4, also available on BandCamp:

"How good it is to breathe in our day, and to finally SEE!"

Dedicated to Jean Rollin.

Gear breakdown:

Intro pad: Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

Acid Line & Arpeggio: Arturia Minibrute

'Oboe' Riff & Brassy Riff: Oberheim Matrix-6R

Kicks, Hi Hat, and Snares: Vermona DRM1 MKIII

Crash & Ride Cymbals: Roland R-8

Effects Pedals Used: Strymon Deco, Tech 21 Boost R.V.B., Electro-Harmonix Q-tron+ & The Worm, Boss RE-20 Space Echo, XT-2 Xtortion, & PS-3 Pitch Shifter/Delay

62hp Short

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Synthrotek Passive Ring Modulator Kit: Build & Demo

video upload by poorness studios

"I recently bought one of the passive ring modulator kits from Synthrotek. It's a fun little circuit. In this video, I go over the build process and do a few audio demos."

Buchla 296e discovery

video upload by Todd Barton

"Oh the sounds you'll find just moving a single knob slowly. Enjoy!"

Moog Grandmother: Modular Experimental Patches. Sound Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the patchbook for a semi-modular synth Moog Grandmother.
«Explorer» is a collection of 50 experimental but usable presets: 12 Leads, 10 Basses, 9 Plucks, 10 Arps, 6 Drones, 3 Chords.
It includes aggressive, bright, detuned, freaky, noisy, atonal, metallic, generative, evolving, rhythmic timbres. This soundset is opposite to my previous one, «Analog Classics», where I made more regular/basic/classical timbres. In «Explorer» bank of presets, I tried to dive deeper in a modular nature of Grandmother and get most interesting and exciting results.

🔊 Get the soundset:

The patches are suitable for many genres: Techno, Ambient, House, Deep, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, IDM, Downtempo, Lounge Chill Out, Electronica, Dark/Noise, Industrial, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and many others.

The soundset is presented in the form of PDF-Document. Each page contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters worth tweaking during the playback, how to develop the timbre during a performance. If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn lots of things about the synth and discover its true depth.
Each patch has an audio example, it helps to understand how a patch is supposed to sound. To recreate these patches you need up 8 patch cords.
You should also install firmware v1.1.3 or higher to have access to all settings used in this soundset.


Animoog Z Quick Minute

video upload by boxoftextures

"Well, this was not the video I was expecting to upload today but Moog surprised us with the release of Animoog Z. New and improved! I really liked the original and I really like this one; it's a bit of an odd synth, but you can also make some incredibly unique textures. This is just a minute or so, basically the first thing I did with it. Gimme a few weeks and who knows what'll happen! 100% Animoog, nothing else used."

See here for aditional Animoog Z posts.

Cherry Audio Quadra // Review and Walkthrough

video upload by Starsky Carr

Cherry Audio Quadra posts

Casio CZ-1 61-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This vintage CZ-1 is fully functional and in very good condition. The CZ-101 is a classic Casio digital synthesizer that uses Phase Distortion synthesis to shape sounds and the most advanced of the CZ series. The CZ-1 features 2 Oscillators per voice with a selection of 8 waveforms which are then modulated by it's three 8 stage envelopes which control pitch, phase angle, and amplitude. This style of synthesis is similar to FM synthesis which gives them a character not unlike the Yamaha DX/TX line of synthesizers. It also features 8 note polyphony, 32 patches of memory (16 preset, 16 user writable), ring modulation, Split/Layer and standard polyphonic modes, Velocity, Aftertouch, and a vibrato with selectable waveforms for PM like effects."

Erica Synths LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This Erica Synths LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth is fully functional and in near mint condition.

Two companies - Sonic Potions and Erica Synths joined efforts to develop a drum machine that would stand apart from the masses and the LXR-02 was born. The LXR is a full-fledged digital drum machine with an integrated sequencer. Its sound engine provides 6 different instruments, each with over 30 parameters to tweak, producing sounds from classic analog emulations to crunchy digital mayhem, thus offering some of the most extensive sound design capabilities found on a drum synthesizer. Its compact, durable design and clear user interface make it ideal for live gigs."

SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8 Organismic Drone Synth (Green)

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"This is not your ordinary synth. Chances are if you're looking at this you already know that, but Lyra is a 8 voice synthesizer with dual delay and distortion on the final output. Each of the voices reacts and can be modulated by another in various ways. The way the instrument is played is by using the touch sensitive pads at the bottom. Lyra 8 is ideal for drone, ambient, soundscape, nightmare sound making machine."

Fender Chroma Polaris Model 2123 SN 301058

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Fender Chroma Polaris Model 2123, classic poly-synth that is still very much-so under the radar!

Polyphony - 6 voices
Oscillators - 2 VCO's: sawtooth / pw
LFO - Sine or square
Filter - 4-pole lowpass VCF: cutoff, resonance, env, keyboard, sweep + Attack, Decay, Sustain, Sustain Decay, Release
Keyboard - 61 keys w/ velocity
Memory - 132 patches
Control - MIDI (3 to 6 simultaneous patches)

Recently overhauled by our in-house technician;

-New membrane switch panels
-Replaced supply caps on panel boards
-All new filter caps and power supply caps
-Cleaned keys and key assembly
-Resoldered panel LEDs"

Roland ProMars MRS-2 SN 820693

via this auction

Alesis A6 Andromeda Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"A legend with warm rich lush sounds and massive programming capabilities. Anyone who has played one of these realizes quickly how special these keyboards are. It has a rich lush sound with massive programming capabilities. Onboard there are two filters, two oscillators per voice (2x16), plus sub-oscillator, ring mod, 16 part multitimbral, and ribbon controller. Even the Moog One does not match the multitimbral capabilities of the A6.

This A6 has the version 01.40.12 operating system loaded (pic). It also has been stable and I've never had a problem with it in the 5 years I've used it in the studio. It tunes up with auto tune function every time and all voices are good as seen in the picture. This A6 comes with a power cord and Roland Midi Uno One interface. Free shipping in Continental US."

Electrix Warpfactory - Vocoder Rack & Desktop FX Unit

via this auction

You can find demos in previous posts here.

"Very cool sounding very well built like a tank getting hard to find.

Designed for both DJs and Musicians, the Warp Factory is possibly the ultimate stand-alone Vocoder. With those great big knobs, the Warp Factory is designed for straight-forward hands-on use. It has an XLR Mic input (conveniently located on the front) and a quarter-inch line input for use as the Formant or carrier signals. Then there are two quarter-inch line-inputs and two RCA phono inputs for your stereo source sounds, either drum loops, mixes, songs, synth pads, etc...

The way it works is whatever Formant signal you have, say your voice, will be warped into taking on the characteristic of the Source signal you have, say a buzzy synth sound. This would in effect give you that Robot voice effect.

The Warp section is where you'll find most of the knobs and cool features of the Warp. There is a low- and high-pass filtering switch. A 'Gender' knob adjusts the pitch of the Formant. 'Q' adjusts the width of the filtering. An 'Order' adjusts the filter resolution for clear to abstract vocoding effects. There is also Noise and a built-in oscillator Source signal whose pitch is adjusted by 'Robot Pitch'. Various Bypass and Freeze switches and complete MIDI implementation make this the ultimate Vocoder for DJs, musicians and producers"

Metasonix S1000 Wretch Machine SN 078

via this auction

"Gnarly Vacuum Tube synthesizer made popular by Trent Reznor. It's a bit of a beast to tame, but produces some very unique sounds."

Korg MS-20 FS Limited Edition Khaki (Green) SN 000840 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Stereo Dimension by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment

"Make any mono analog audio source to 3d stereo with this device
for Synthesizer use, Guitar,Bass,effects.....etc
Handmade point to point by TSL Studio Equipment"

via this auction

"Stereo Dimension By TSL STudio Equipment

100% Handmade Point to Point on Handmade stainless enclosure.

With this device you can make any analog mono signal to be real 3d stereo audio signal. It has 1 Mono jack 1/4 input socket front of the panel and 2 Mono jack 1/4 sockets for Left and Right stereo outs. It works with 9V dc power supply negative center.

you can use it on:
- Synthesizers
- Analog Audio Devices
- On effects
- Guitar

Cherry Audio Introduces Quadra - ARP Quadra Emulation, Synth Stack 2, Year 3 Collection

video upload by Cherry Audio

Right on target.

"The Cherry Audio Quadra is a super-accurate and immensely improved emulation of the ARP Quadra synthesizer, originally released in 1978 - a rare and coveted “unicorn” instrument in the synthesizer world, reproduced for the first time as a virtual instrument.

We've wildly expanded it for an experience that blows away the real thing in every conceivable way. Each of its four sections is independently assignable to any region of the keyboard for endless splitting and layering flexibility. The overall sound quality has been improved for a richer and fatter tone. And not only did we make a killer emulation of the onboard phaser effect, we added a stereo chorus/flanger, a syncable echo, and studio-quality reverb - all individually routable for unprecedented effects flexibility."

Synth Stack 2 | Cherry Audio

video upload by Cherry Audio

"➥Get The ENTIRE Cherry Audio Instrument Collection

Synth Stack 2 assembles ten of Cherry Audio's virtual instruments at an astoundingly affordable price, including the Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums package, DCO-106, CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, Polymode, Eight Voice, PS-20, Memorymode, Mercury-4, and the stunning new Quadra.

Thousands of professional presets, deep control of each and every instrument, and authentic sounds await in this single massive collection!"

Voltage Modular Year 3 Collection | Cherry Audio
video upload by Cherry Audio

"➥Power Up Your Cabinet With The Year 3 Collection

The new Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Year 3 Collection brings three iconic modular instrument collections into a single bundle. From the raw sound of the VM900 series to the mythical VM2500 modules to the lush Synthesizer Expander Modules, the Year 3 Collection packs a serious punch of electrifying power to any cabinet.

With 40+ modules, hundreds of presets, and full modular connectivity, unlimited sonic adventures await."

Animoog Z + Cocoquantus2 Jam

video upload by PanicGirlVids

"Hey you guys, I hope you are all doing well!
I have something very cool to show you today. Moog redesigned it's iOS app Animoog to "Animoog Z" with tons of new features and it's simply 🔥 Watch me jam a bit on the new Animoog Z with my Cocoquantus2 and let me know what you think about it ((d[^.^]b))"

See here for aditional Animoog Z posts.

Cavern | Ambient Modular Eurorack (Volca FM, Plaits, Marbles, Beads, QPAS)

video upload by SyllixMusic

"Download the audio:
Download the Volca FM patch:
I introduced the Korg Volca FM to the Eurorack modules and now they've become friends.

Patch Notes:
Volca FM sends clock to Marbles via sync out. Marbles triggers Plaits. Marbles modulates the Harmonics, Timbre, and Morph of Plaits (Veils attenuates some of these signals). Volca FM and Plaits are mixed by Hyrlo. Hyrlo goes into QPAS for stereo imaging / filtering, which then goes into Beads.

Compression, Saturation, Valhalla Room and Valhalla Shimmer reverb"

Entity Ultra-Kick Bassline Distortion

video upload by SteadyStateFate

"Simple bassline demo with distortion and attack/pluck effects."

Entity Ultra-Kick

Korg miniKORG 700FS - One Synth, One Track

video upload by GEOSynths

"As part of my Review, I've put together a Full Track using ONLY the miniKORG 700FS for everything. I created the Drums and Percussion from 3 Patches I made, then sampled them into Maschine. I then created a variety of different Patches and tracked them into Logic.

I usually include this in the Review but decided to do it separately and add some pretty Shots of the Korg miniKORG 700FS."

SOUNDMIT 2021 - I 3 Sistemi Modulari di @Verbos Electronics GmbH

video upload by SOUNDMIT

"Anche se in modo virtuale, abbiamo finalmente coronato il sogno di avere con noi al Soundmit l'azienda tedesca @Verbos Electronics GmbH

Per la prima volta con un video in italiano dove Valentina, collaboratrice di Mark e Sonya, ci racconta come sono, cosa contengono e a chi si rivolgono i 3 sistemi: DESIGNER, PERFORMER e PRODUCER

#soundmit #verboselectronics #eurorack"


video upload by Møffenzeef Mødular

Moog Introduces Animoog Z for iOS & macOS

Animoog Z | Suzanne Ciani | Currents video upload by

"Electronic music pioneer and modular synthesis icon Suzanne Ciani invites you inside her seaside home studio for a dynamic improvised composition that demonstrates the unique sonic character of Animoog Z integrated with her Buchla modular system.

In the hands of one of Animoog’s earliest adopters, “Currents” presents a captivating representation of the evolved app’s striking new visual and auditory features, incorporating imported and enhanced presets from the original Animoog. An “unexpectedly powerfully expressive tool” for live performance, according to Ciani, Animoog has been a staple of the five-time Grammy award-nominated composer’s musical repertoire for years.

Download Animoog Z for free:

More about Suzanne Ciani:"

And the press release:

Released in 2011, the original Animoog changed the face of iOS music production with its innovative approach to dimensional sound design and uniquely interactive touch surface interface. A full decade later, we have completely redesigned the instrument with more powerful functionality and creative workflows for the next generation of producers and sound designers.

Animoog Z is an inspiring 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that invites users to explore new concepts of multidimensional sound and performance. The instrument is powered by an innovative Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), which utilizes an orbit system to expand the concepts of wavetable and vector synthesis. This unique synthesis concept allows for dynamic navigation through the app’s X, Y, and Z axes for evolving and layered sound.

Free for all iOS and macOS users to download and immediately explore, Animoog Z also offers an upgrade option that unlocks the full sonic potential of the synthesizer.

See here for aditional Animoog Z posts.

IK Multimedia Introduces Syntronik 2

"Syntronik 2 sets the new standard in modern virtual synthesizers. IK’s advanced sampling techniques, combined with a hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine, power a comprehensive collection of rare and sought-after synths with stunning sonic accuracy and the deepest editing.

This is a massive update to the previous release, adding 11 new synths, exciting new, advanced, and much-requested functionality, and a huge number of all-new presets for the 22 original synths taking advantage of all these new features."

"Syntronik 2 features

33 powerful synths with familiar panel designs and easy-to-use controls

A collection of 54 iconic hardware synthesizers and string machines

Multi-sampled oscillators for ultimate authenticity

4 classic types of circuit-modeled filters to shape sounds

DRIFT™ technology for realism of subtle oscillator variations

Mix and match oscillators with filters for new original sounds

True 4-part synth to create rich sounds with Multis and splits

4 dynamic arpeggiators and new step sequencer for complex rhythmic textures

71 high-quality effects derived from T-RackS, MixBox and AmpliTube

More than 200 GB of sounds with disk streaming and over 5,500 presets

Browser search by category or keyword to find sounds in seconds

Optimized resizable interface and “lunchbox-style” effects panel

Load Syntronik sounds into SampleTank 4* for more expandability

Works as a 64-bit plug-in or standalone instrument for Mac/PC

Fully functional free Syntronik CS version also available"

New models.

The CATO captures the distinctive analog sounds of the Octave Cat SRM and its SSM filter. The pure-analog tonality of this synth is huge, and its modulation capabilities allow for truly unique and stylized timbres. Able to create gigantic Moog-style basses, the CAT can also go in its own sonic direction with its clever oscillator sync implementation.

OPERA ROTAS - Poly ROTAS Jam Demo - Spherical Sound Society


"Opera Rotas has a new firmware that transforms the drum machine into a fully 9 voice polyphonic synth based on true, vintage Yamaha FM chips."

Patch n Tweak
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