MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Elektron talk: Syntakt Deep House and Building More Octatrack FX - Practicing Transitions

video upload by EZBOT

"Writing Deephouse with the Syntakt. Practicing transitions. Working on new FX scenes for my Performance Template 2.0."

EZBOT Links:
Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:


Putting together a Eurorack system from scratch!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Beginner Friendly Stream! I'll be putting together a medium-sized, custom Eurorack system from scratch. We'll put the modules in one-by-one, and talk about what each module does. Hopefully we'll make a little music with the system as well! This one might run long, get your coffee ready! LOL

0:00 Intro
2:20 Beginner Friendly?
3:33 Big Ups to MOSAIC 1U!
5:58 XODES 3u to 1u adapters
8:20 Putting in the modules 1
29:13 What kind of system is this?
31:15 Putting in the modules 2
38:33 What type of music do you want to make?
39:54 Putting in the modules 3
1:23:54 Starting to make music - The Kick
1:37:03 Adding Snare and Hi Hat
1:40:27 Struggling with the Dot sequencer, sorry!
1:51:45 Adding a bassline
1:57:20 Troubleshooting the VCA
2:00:45 Wrestling with the Dot again! Sorry!!
2:02:43 Back to the bassline
2:06:58 Routing the delay fx send
2:10:36 Getting the bass in tune properly
2:13:59 Adding an envelope to the bass filter
2:18:39 Sampling a pad into the ES Sample Drum
2:22:29 It gets brutal, sorry!!
2:35:39 FINALLY GOT IT!!!
2:48:00 Probability? Trigger Conditions?
2:53:51 Sampling one more sounds in the ES Sample Drum
2:59:41 Wrapping it up - Thanks for watching!!

Future Radio by Circuit 3

video upload by Circuit 3

New release from an upcoming album by supporting member, Circuit 3.

The single Future Radio is available on Bandcamp here:

Additional details:

"Circuit3 releases new single Future Radio ahead of new album

Dublin electronic artist Circuit3 has signed with Manchester's AnalogueTrash label for the new album 'Technology For The Youth', ahead of which comes the upbeat lead single 'Future Radio'.

Retro-futuristic but undeniably human, Circuit3 is the alias of Irish electronic artist and songwriter Peter Fitzpatrick. Using analogue synthesizers as a vehicle for lyrical storytelling, this music is heavily influenced by the classic era of electronic pop.

A childhood fascination with space provides the emotional narrative arc for 'Technology For The Youth', a collection of crisp electronic pop songs and atmospheric instrumentals created with an enviable array of analogue synthesizers. It focuses squarely on that period before digital synthesis, just as the lyrics are informed by those endeavours in space exploration pre-dating the first Space Shuttle left Cape Canaveral.

Circuit3 debuted with the 'siliconchipsuperstar' LP (2018), followed by the album 'The Price Of Nothing & The Value Of Everything' (2019), praised by no less than Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven17).

'Future Radio' is available across online stores, including Spotify and Apple Music, as well as via Bandcamp, where the full album can also be pre-ordered. 'Technology For The Youth' will be released, on vinyl and digitally, on July 15 2022."

New Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave PPG Inspired Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer in the Works

PPG inspired wavetable synth with a few new tricks up its sleeve. More info coming soon...

Click the pics below to zoom in. You can clearly see three wavetable oscillators, modulation (4 LFOs), sequencer, apreggiator, two filters (low pass & state variable), four envelopes, multi-part, display, and more. Note the Wavesurfer knob above the sequencer, and the waveflow button to the far left.

Sequential OB-6: 2022 review & comparison to Oberheim OB-X8

video upload by Miles Away

"With the announcement of the new Oberheim OB-X8 and the Behringer UBXA, is the Dave Smith OB6 still worth getting in 2022? Here I share my thoughts."

Buy my OB-6 Custom Patches:

Miles Away OB-6 posts

elektron Syntakt - Session III

video upload by verstaerker

"my third experiment creating interesting music and sounds on the Syntakt
all sounds made on Syntakt

to listen more music by me please visit"

Qun mk2 short demo: Sequencing external synth

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"Qun mk2 can emit MIDI out signal from sequencer / piano roll in case your synth doesn't have sequencer. In this demo Qun plays MC-101 (Synth tone chords is MC-101, other sound is from Qun)
I didn't turn off internal sound (Bass) but you can turn it off if you want."

Future Retro Vectra Tutorials

video uploads by FutureRetroSynths

Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Introduction and Overview
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Oscillator Waveforms
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Oscillator Frequency
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Creating Paraphonic Sounds
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Oscillator Frequency Modulation
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: LFO's
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Envelopes
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Mixer
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: The Filter
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: The Amplifier
Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Tutorial: Arp, Sequencer, and MIDI

Martin Stürtzer Ambient / Sequencer liveset at Superbooth 22

video upload by Martin Stürtzer

"After two and a half years of playing (mostly) at home it was a pleasure to bring my synthesizers on stage at Superbooth 22 in Berlin. This liveset was built around Ableton Live as midi sequencer and audio mixer. All sounds are from the Waldorf Iridium, Waldorf M, Oberheim Xpander, Moog Sub37 and Eurorack Modular.

Thanks a lot to everyone who came to visit the stage during my gig! The concert would not have been possible without the help and effort of Andreas, Mareen, Nadine, Tom, Mathieu & Manu."

OTTO Synth Project Suspended

You might remember the OTTO Raspberry PI based synth inspired by the Teenage Engineering OP-1 posted back in 2018.

Frank Reggiani wrote in to let us know the project has been suspended. Details from the OTTO Patreon page:

"OTTO Update, May 2022

In February, this project rounded 5 years. When we started, neither of us had worked on a real codebase before, and never even read the datasheet for an electronics component. Over the years, the project has gone through quite a few changes, in scope, structure and ambition. In 2020 we launched Bitfield Audio, rented a small office space, and started working on the project with a goal of commercialization. In 2021 we both got full time jobs, and Bitfield Audio and OTTO had to take a back seat.

At this point, we have decided to stop OTTO development, at least for the time being. This has been a very hard decision for us, as we have worked on this for five years, but we simply do not have the resources it would take to finish the project.

From a hardware-perspective, the global chip shortage hit the project hard - forcing us to rework hardware parts several times because of out-of-stock components, etc. Also, on both the software-side and more broadly in terms of features and design, OTTO still builds on a foundation that was laid 5 years ago, when we didn't know what we were doing, and the past year has been spent fighting these fundamental issues.

Also, since we started, the groovebox space has been expanding, and in 2022 the OTTO lacks the defining feature that would make it worth the wait. OTTO seems to be in an inbetween-space where it is too complex for us to finish alone, but where the complexity has not translated into the 'killer features' that would make the complexity worth it.

We would like to release everything we have to the open source community, and hope to find the time and energy to polish up the existing parts at some point. If any of you have ideas where all the stuff developed for OTTO could be of use, please let us know and we can focus on the parts that can do some good.

Also, this is not the end of Bitfield Audio. We are exploring other projects that could be a better fit for the time and resources we have available.

Finally, we would like to give our deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped and supported us over the years. This includes all open source contributors, especially Bastian (Spatz), Thibault (Nebular Noise), Albert, Stephen (adorbs), and everyone who contributed UI, samples and code. We also want to thank the people who supported us on Patreon - You made it possible for us to put a lot of hours into OTTO while studying, and funded our prototype parts and board iterations.

We hope for your understanding


Tobias and Jonatan, aka Bitfield Audio"

OE. ] The Oeser, Tascam Portastudio, OB-6 & Zoia Empress [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

"] The Oeser, Tascam Portastudio, OB-6 & Zoia Empress [
The marvelous virtual piano by Key Instruments. Thanks Arjen 🌟"

Techno Jam with Behringer TD-3-MO RD-9, VC-340, RD-8 & Roland JX-8P - ft Stefan Braatz!

video upload by Wine&Synths

"Enjoy our Sunday Techno Jam with all the Behringers @ lazy 125 BPM!
With Behringer TD-3-MO RD-9, VC-340, RD-8 and the good old Roland JX-8P.


ASM Hydrasynth Sound Demo (no talking) Presets for Ambient and Techno: Flora Sound Pack

video upload by Limbic Bits

"ASM / Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth Sound Demo (no talking) Presets for Ambient and Techno: Flora Sound Pack

▶ Purchase Link ASM Hydrasynth Flora Sound Pack:

0:00 Pads & Textures
5:57 Rhythmic Pads & Strings
13:42 Bass
17:27 Leads
22:11 Arpeggios
25:16 Dub Chords
32:47 FX & Outro


'Flora' includes 70 ASM Hydrasynth Patches
13 Pads & Textures
10 Rhythmic Pads
12 Leads
10 Basses
10 Arpeggios
12 Dub Chords & Stabs
▶ Over 3500 modulation routings in total!
▶ Compatible with Hydrasynth Keyboard, Hydrasynth Desktop, Hydrasynth Deluxe, and Explorer!"

Qun mk2: Importimg samples from SD card to looper and granular

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"Qun mk2 can import samples from SD card."

3am - Soup FX

video upload by justin3am

"A skronky peice featuring STS and Random*Source Serge modular synths. An exploration of the STS Soup Kitchen 1 panel's phasers, frequency shifter and Wilson Analog Delay. Simple FM voice courtesy of NTO+PCO, through a lowpass gate. Video processed in DaVinci Resolve."

Wide Ambient Modular Piece (Instruo Arbhar, Rings, Clouds, Plaits)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

Thanks for watching!
Last modular piece from Boston.
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Buchla Seq EG Pitch Unfolding

video upload by Todd Barton

"There's a fun improv at the end. Here I'm using each knob of the Sequencer act like an EG to open the Lo Pass Gate and also to send pitch to the oscillator. Thus I can build up a little sequence.

Rare vintage ROLAND Sound Space Processor RSS-8048, 2x ADA-8024, SCC-8004 remote Controller

video upload by Auralcavity

Update via Gavin T in the comments: "I can't find many examples of this from back in the day. But this episode of Tomorrow's World in the UK did show of the technology."

Video description:

"This video features BBC Tomorrow's World's televised demonstration of RSS or 'ROLAND SOUND SPACE' - dubbed "3D STEREO" by presenters Howard Stableford and Kate Bellingham. The programme joined up, via a live audio link, with Mark Goodier's Evening Session on BBC Radio 1 FM. This was in order to demonstrate, to the many viewers without NICAM digital stereo TVs, the then-new innovation of 3D spatial audio rendered with just a pair of speakers. Those who were lucky enough to get a decent FM stereo signal from the station were then able to experience this new sound for themselves.

This upload has been created from a mixture of sources. At the time of the original broadcast I was one of the many who did not have a NICAM TV set (nor, in my case, any video recorder). As I was not present for the live broadcast I'd set my cassette recorder to tape the audio from Stereo Radio 1 FM. Until recently I've only had this tape recording of the event and, frustratingly, none of the video footage.

HOWEVER... 20 years on I've at last happened upon this missing part from someone who, interestingly enough, has been in the opposite situation. He'd never heard the stereo version (even worse!) but possessed the monaural TV footage on video. Unfortunately this had been saved as a very low data rate 'Real Media' (.rm) file. Consequently it is of atrocious visual quality - for which MANY APOLOGIES!! However, as you'll see, it's still worth watching and listening...

I've pieced these two remaining artefacts back together again -- muting the mono video sound and overdubbing / synching the FM stereo audio. However, listeners will notice that during the 'preamble' (up to around 1m29s) the sound is from the mono video only. Unfortunately my cassette recorder only switched on there -- but, thankfully, still in time for the start of the demonstration! Despite the initial lack of stereo I've still managed, for speaker set-up, to doctor the mono audio to pan left around 1m20s; and to pan right around 1m23s.

When the TV demonstration ended, Mark Goodier continued the experiment on Radio 1. Thus, where the video footage ends I've continued the audio: Mark plays a special mix of 'Winter In July' by Tim Simenon's Bomb The Bass. This contains a more subtle use of the RSS effect.

I hope you enjoy this upload despite the video quality."

via this auction

"Here is an extremely rare and perfect working (well tested in my studio) complete set composed of Roland RSS-8048 Sound Space Processor, SCC-8004 Sound Space remote controller and 2x ADA-8024 analogue / digital-analogue converters (from 44.1 to 48 khz) Included in the sale all the original manuals and diagrams plus a professional studio rack. Really cool dimensional machine, a great studio outboard and today very very hard to find especially in these conditions...

Some infos from the web:

Used in cinema producions and pro studio, very expensive at the times: nearly $60k! It come in Near Mint to Mint conditions.. immaculate shape, really as new and perfect working. Introduced in 1991, the Roland RSS 8048 is a modulation effect meant to allow for the reproduction of 'three-dimensional audio' through regular stereo systems. There are several recordings available which have used RSS and these include Bomb the Bass' Winter In July, 'Spiritual High' by Moodswings featuring Chrissie Hynde and many more. The background studio of this machine come from Hugo Zucherelli, who used a dummy head fitted not only with microphones for the ears, but also with transducers to pick up the vibrations through the skull's bone formation. 'Holophonics', as he called his technology, was used on various early 1980s recordings from The CURE and PINK FLOYD (The Wall's helicopter holophonic effect as example). 'Some will clearly hear a sound moving behind them, while others will just hear it moving over their shoulder. Either way, the sound certainly moves outside of the confines of the stereo image.'"

Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter V1

via this auction

"This is the first version of Plumbutter as used by Alessandro Cortini."

Genoqs Machines Octopus Sequencer

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave II Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

"Waldorf Microwave II in great shape and recently serviced. The rotary knob is a common issue on these units, but this one was replaced during the service, so it's brand new."

Moog Satellite Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Classic early 70s Moog Satellite synth for sale. This unit was recently fully serviced at Electronic Innovations in Detroit, one of the very best techs in the area. It works exactly as it should. Please note that this unit DOES include the original slider caps. I took them off for safety and replaced them with generic rubber caps, but the originals will be included with the synth, and you're welcome to put them back on if you prefer. The only damage worth noting is a repair to the wooden end cheek (visible in the pics)."

KAWAI 100P vintage rare analog synthesizer with built in spring reverb and flanger

via this auction

"Little analog synthesizer monster: KAWAI 100P with a built in spring reverb and flanger FX. It sounds very warm with an unique character, I never heard a deep vocal synth like the "VOICE" preset that mixed with its reverb and flanger is awesome! I can ship with a special attentions of wrapping materials."

Roland RS-101 String Synthesizer

via this auction

"Recently Serviced/fully functional. Beautiful String/Brass synthesizer in good condition."

Yamaha CS-20M Synthesizer SN 1679

via this auction

"Recently Serviced/fully functional. Paint chipping on metal enclosure, unfortunately. Beautiful fat tones to crazy sample and hold. A real beast."

Access Virus C - Desktop Synthesizer w/ Wood Side Panels

via this auction

Limited Edition Polished Grey Korg Minilogue

via this auction

"Beautiful Korg Minilogue polyphonic analogue synthesizer in rare polished gray color."

Sequential/Oberheim OB-6, Juno 60, Model D, Prophet 5, Prophet 6, MS-20, MPC One

video upload by TVLI

"I designed this patch on the OB-6 from scratch. Playing with the on board dual delay, one bucket and one I designed this patch on the OB-6 from scratch. Playing with the on board dual delay, one bucket and one digital with different sync’d time signatures in combination with the chord sequence programmed in a repeating 1-0-1-0-0-1-0-1 pattern to get that syncopated effect.

Took a while to dial it in, loved the result.

Minimoog Model D on bass with the second oscillator frequency turned up to 6 to get that bass harmony."

¿A qué suena un sintetizador de 25.000€? Probamos el imponente Schmidt

video upload by Hispasonic

"Una bestia total de los sintes analógicos con teclado, Schmidt lleva años vieniendo a Superbooth. Ya era hora de ir nosotros a él, aunque eso deja marcado de por vida a quien lo hace.

El panel ya lo dice todo, y los detalles lo confirman. Un macro sintetizador que no escatima a la hora de ofrecer poderío analógico, y ya puede, dado su precio de 25.000 euros (sí, tal como lo lees). ¿Cuántas veces habéis oído hablar en este tipo de formato de un sinte con 7 filtros simultáneos en cada voz? Polifonía y multitimbralidad que alcanzan las 8 voces para usar hasta 8n sonidos. Ausencia total de efectos y un sonido potente que no los necesita."


"A total beast of analog keyboard synths, Schmidt has been coming to Superbooth for years. It was time for us to go to him, although that leaves those who do it marked for life.

The panel already says it all, and the details confirm it. A macro synthesizer that doesn't skimp when it comes to offering analog power, and it already can, given its price of 25,000 euros (yes, just as you read it). How many times have you heard of a synth with 7 simultaneous filters on each voice in this type of format? Polyphony and multitimbrality that reach 8 voices to use up to 8n sounds. Total absence of effects and a powerful sound that doesn't need them."

NOISEBLAST - Rangoon, Desmodus Versio, Octatrack, Digitone, Xone 96 (LIVE TECHNO)

video upload by Megan Leber

"135 BPM live techno improv I did for Noise Engineering's latest NoiseBlast episode! Hope you enjoy :) Stereo recording.

Gear used:
Big T Music LTD - Rangoon
Mutable Instruments - Tides
Noise Engineering - Desmodus Versio
ALM Busy Circuits - Pamela's New Workout
Westlicht - Performer
Blood Cells Audio - D.O.Mixx

Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Digitone

Strymon Big Sky
Strymon Timeline

Allen & Heath - Xone 96"

Eon Edge – Azure // Synthwave with Roland SE-02

video upload by Stefano Mattia

"This is my latest synthwave release, now available on all streaming platforms: Bandcamp:

I used my SE-02 for the bass and lead part, it just sounds so good!
Other synths used: Diva for the arp and resonant plucks, Repro 5 and TAL-UN-O-LX for the pads.
Drum samples are from the Sample From Mars' Drumtrax pack.

Hope you like it!"

Sounds of Synth - Rare // #synthjam // with Roland Gaia, Novation Tracks, Kalimba and Melodica

video upload by Sounds of Synth

"Hey all

This week we dug out kit that isn't used very often and made a track. For myself this was

- a Roland Gaia
- a Kalimba
- a Melodica
- and Novation Tracks provided the drums/percussion

I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was a timely reminder (with Superbooth still echoing in my ears) that you don't need fancy gear...or a lot of enjoy making music.

So whatever gear you have, enjoy it, and make music! :)"

Sunday Synth Excursion (Waldorf Rocket + StepPolyArpUnit)

video upload by Perplex On

"Wanted to give the #waldorfrocket a bit of love since he spent quite some time in the drawer lately. But i actually like its sound. Sequenced with the lovely #steppolyarpunit, additional fx with #eventideblackhole and #k7d running on the ipad."

Mantissa Audio -LiveDemo - #Superbooth 2022

video upload by KlangDing

"Digitally Obsessed

Mantissa Audio strives to explore new applications of mathematical concepts and digital techniques in order to bring chaos and complexity to your eurorack modular systems."

Access Virus Ti - "Explorations" 64 presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Purchase -

This premium soundbank was created by Otto K. Schwarz, an official Access music sound designer, based on 15 years of experience with his favorite synthesizer, Virus Ti. We firmly believe that this synth is never outdated and 'Explorations' soundbank will prove this statement.

The futuristic sound of this soundbank will expand your consciousness to the limits of space and time. You will find very soulful arpeggios, space-smashing leads, multi-faceted pads and strings, touchy plucks, and many more. All sounds are programmed with maximum modulation options and provide you with almost limitless sound variations. Witness amazing 64 presets to change your sonic vision!

Product Details:
• 64 Virus Ti presets;
• 30 Leads;
• 20 Pads;
• 7 Arps;
• 7 Plucks;
• 1 Atmosphere (bonus).

100% Royalty-Free.

Virus Ti/Ti2/Snow hardware synthesizer with software version 5.1 or higher."

Moog Grandmother - Custom Patches run through HX Stomp, BlueSky and Electro Harmonix Superego

video upload by Hollo Digi Design

"Custom patches from my Grandmother, as well as experimental routing using the Line 6 HX Stomp, Strymon BlueSky and Electro Harmonix Superego. FYI, first patch fades in. More detail below.

All of these sounds are just snips from full experimental jams performed live. Slight compression via the very transparent FMR RNC 1773 is present, and all sounds were recorded direct into a Zoom H6 via various routing methods through a Mackie desk. No post processing or mastering was used (apologies on level changes etc.).

As a side note, I've sold the EH Superego since recording these sounds. You can hear it where a harmonising drone is present. Although I do miss it, I now have sustain patches ready to go on the HX Stomp, plus the sustained reverb on my newly acquired NightSky (neither of which you hear in this video).

Patch n Tweak
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