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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Rhodes & Prophet-5 Eno-Budd style - July 5, 2022

video upload by SynthMania

"One sticky key at times, but we got it done :)"

GForce Software OB-E Sale - Free 2.1 Update & Synth_nyc Patches

GForce Software's OB-E is currently on sale. They also released a 2.1 update - details below. Synth_nyc patches [demos previously posted here] are also available for free for registered users.

Additional details via GForce Software:

"An updated Oberheim OB-E is released today. This new version 2.1, is free to registered users and sees the return of the MIDI Program Change folder* along with a new FX Lock that 'locks' the current FX settings while patches are changed. Additionally, a number of small bugs have been addressed.

The update is free and available via your account on our website now.

Complimenting the update is a set of 50 new patches from the super talented Synth_nyc. The set contains a range of great go-to pads, leads and bases along with a selection of unique rhythmic pads and risers.

The Synth_nyc patches are FREE to registered users and can be downloaded from the Oberheim OB-E page in your user account on our website.

*MIDI Program change is unavailable in VST3."

Buchla 200 and 1979 DSD

video upload by Todd Barton

"Exploring the 1979 Digital Stereo Delay with a set of Buchla reissue 200 modules. Enjoy!

My Patreon:"

Atlantis ( Modular Live + Keyboard-Solo)

video upload by Andreas Remshagen

"Inspired from the atmospheric sound of my new Strings/Choir-Synth
'Orchestrion' i made this Live-Session.

at first you slowly dive into the underwater world and then drop more and more into the depths. Suddenly you approach the ruins of Atlantis and you still have the impression that everything is alive there. Finally, you leave the ruins back in the depths of the sea and move away again.
Many LFOs, Filters and Sequencers were used for this Performance"

Electronic Perspectives: Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments by Tom Rhea

via Electronic Perspectives

“A Love-Letter for Fans of Electronic Musical Instruments” … from one of the foremost historians in the field, Dr. Tom Rhea.

Forty-five years in the making, Electronic Perspectives: Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments contains all of Tom Rhea’s fifty-two influential columns that were first published in Keyboard magazine from 1977-1981. This 400-page tome greatly expands on the original content with updated information and hundreds of newly restored images. Electronic Perspectives: Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments includes two CDs of unearthed recordings; spanning multiple eras of electronic music. All in a gold foil-embossed hardcover book, housed in a deluxe slipcase.

Electronic Perspectives: Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments is in pre-production. Price/release date to be determined.

This one was sent my way via Brian Kehew who tells me it will feature the "first Buchla and Moog recordings ever made (both unreleased) as well as Con Brio, etc." See the link above for full details including video featuring the inside of the book. It's a beauty.


video upload by EMEAPP

"As mentioned in past videos, EMEAPP feels a deep responsibility to share our historically significant collection of rare, unusual and artist-used musical equipment with the world. As a part of this, we have opened up our doors to several tribute groups that are dedicated to recreating the music of great acts accurately and with the utmost respect to the source material. We are heavily involved in preserving the legacy of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and we do get behind those who share a similar mindset. The Long Island based group Manticore for example is one of the primary acts that is dedicated to paying tribute to the music of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and they have become a part of the EMEAPP fold. Here is the group (Rob Shepard on Keyboards, John Cristando on Drums and Ron Ponella on Bass) performing their high-energy rendition of “Hoedown” from ELP’s third studio album “Trilogy” (celebrating it’s 50th anniversary on July 6, 2022). The rig for this shoot prominently features Keith Emerson’s legendary Moog Modular Synthesizer and heavily modded Hammond/Goff C3 with dual Leslie 122 cabinets, as well as Greg Lake’s legendary stage used Persian carpet!

You can find us at where we invite you to join us as a member."

UAFX Golden Reverb Demo No Talking (with Sequential Prophet X synth)

video upload by MKDVB

"Universal Audio UAFX Golden Reverb processes piano and string sounds from the Sequential Circuits Prophet X, both solo and in full track, no talking 🤐!"

Jamming on the Circuit Rhythm

video upload by AMB

"I come back to the @NovationTV Circuit Rhythm from time to time—it's one of the most immediate and fun instruments out there, absolutely love it."

Demo ONE - Ambient Electronica - Circuit Tracks Sound Pack by A Force Truly Evil

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"A tasty combination of Ambient & Downbeat Electronica designed to create immersive atmospheres, evolving soundscapes and electronic environments.

From the beautiful and ethereal to the dark and mysterious.

This pack works perfect in genres like Ambient, Electronica, Downtempo, Chillout, Drone and IDM.

A collection of 68 velocity-sensitive patches (64+4 bonus) that take advantage of the Circuit synth engine's extensive modulation matrix options.
Including deep and smooth basses, hypnotic and meditative poly-synths, motion pads, sonic landscapes and evolving arpeggios.


16 Basses (also usable as leads)
16 Poly-synths
24 Pads/ Motion Pads/ Textures
8 Arpeggios
2 EFX's
2 Drones
This pack is complete with 64 + 16 bonus samples covering a wide sonic spectrum, from acoustic percussion to contemporary electronic sounds.

8 Kicks
8 Snares
8 Hi hat/cymbals
32 Percussions (world percussion & analog drum machine sounds)
8 EFX's including foley recordings from real-world elements
Bonus BD+SD (16 extra kicks & snares for load on demand)

16 high quality sessions/project covering a wide spectrum of Ambient styles, from the most contemporary and experimental, to the organic and tribal, through Dark Ambient, Psychedelic Ambient, Drones, Analogue Ambient, Chillwave, hypnotic and calm Electronica, etc.
Sessions include several scenes.

# All A Force Truly Evil Sound Packs are fully compatible with OG Circuit including sessions.


A Force Truly Evil Novation Circuit/Circuit Tracks

Wavparty - Syntakt Clean Machines sample pack

video upload by wavparty


This huge sample pack collects 328 sounds from the Elektron Syntakt. Also includes an Ableton pack with 15 instruments. Buy it this month (July 2022) and every cent goes to the National Network of Abortion Funds to provide safe abortion access to people who need it in America."

Musical Instrument From Future - Robkoo Wind Synthesizer R1

video upload by Robkoo Official

"Wind Synthesizer R1 is now a proud finalist of 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards.

Behold the musical instrument from future! For the first time in history, a performer of music could bring light, directly and literally, to every audience vividly. This extra dimension of musical expression responds to your breathe, and glows over 60,000 colors of your choice.

Because of its intuitive panel design, one can easily learn in minutes and gig in 2 weeks. Explore motion control, customizable hotkeys, Bluetooth connectivity, and even onboard sound banks. R1 opens a new gate for both freshers and professionals.

As our city of Shanghai continues its quarantine, we are still unable to film, while we decided to put together this video for the MIDI Awards finals. It should help new friends know R1 better.

For the overseas version, we are talking to a number of KOCs/KOLs. Many features will make adjustments based on your feedback. If you find yourself willing to give comprehensive feedback, and are capable of making high-quality videos, you may contact us for collaboration.

To learn more about R1, please visit out website:"

Wind Synthesizer R1 Concept Video | Robkoo

And the press release:

Robkoo’s revolutionary Wind Synthesizer R1 rocked as Commercial Hardware category finalist in the MIDI Association’s 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards Show

SHANGHAI, CHINA: fresh from making musical waves at The 2022 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, USA, at the invitation of the MIDI Association, a non-profit community for both the companies who develop new MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) specifications and products and the people that create music and art with MIDI, digital art-facilitating software and hardware company Robkoo is proud to announce that its revolutionary Wind Synthesizer R1 — realised as a futuristic, cyber-like MIDI wind controller instrument with responsive RGB light bars, motion control, Bluetooth connectivity, customisable hotkeys, onboard sound banks, and a dedicated app allowing amateur and professional players alike to directly (and literally) light up their performances to audiences for the first time in history, having mastered its intuitive panel design in a matter of minutes and achieved gig-readiness within weeks of first musically making its acquaintance — rocked as a Commercial Hardware category finalist in the MIDI Association’s 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards Show, itself co-founded by music technologies learning platform Music Hackspace and the non-profit NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), where it was displayed as taking third place…

It is true to say that the most distinguishing design feature of the Wind Synthesizer R1 is how much of its slimline body actually lights up. Ultimately, an extra dimension of musical expression responds to the player’s breath, glowing to the tune of over 60,000 colours — customisable in JamKoo, Robkoo’s popular performance app for iOS and Android that automatically detects (via Bluetooth) when a Wind Synthesizer R1 is nearby and awake to provide access to all settings on a larger screen, as well as a dummy-proof guide to learning — courtesy of two lengthy, patent-protected RGB light bars with which the futuristic, cyber-like MIDI wind controller instrument is equipped. It is also the only such instrument that can be played both vertically and horizontally, whether working with the (removable/replaceable) food-grade mouthpiece manufactured from the same material as a baby pacifier for utmost health protection or the new horizontal mouthpiece, making for a cyber-flute-like performance action.

Its inbuilt gyroscope lets Wind Synthesizer R1 players spice up their performance with pitch bend and vibrato by simply moving the MIDI wind controller instrument itself. Indeed, performing with it is simply a case of playing the seven touch-sensing performance keys (positioned on its topside) — themselves exhibiting minimal noise and maximum durability — that resemble an acoustic instrument to permit playing expressively in a realistic and graceful way while switching tones in an instant, ably assisted by an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen that even helps with navigating in the dark. Delve instantly into wider octaves beyond the limitations of acoustic instruments thanks to the triple-octave (-1, 0, +1, +2) keys (on the underside of Wind Synthesizer R1), while a reliable and intuitive mechanical pitch wheel lets performers pitch freely with their thumb — also customisable to trigger other controls like portamento.

Put it this way: with onboard tones sampled from top performers from around the world — working with sound suppliers like Dynamix Audio (Serbia), Impact Soundworks (USA), Kong Audio (China), Sound Magic (China), and Versilian Studios (USA), Wind Synthesizer R1 could conceivably shave off 10 or even 20 years of practice when it comes to achieving a professional-sounding performance!

Whether wirelessly or cable connected to an applicable device, by also allowing for portamento and program change alongside breath control — as implied by name, Wind Synthesizer R1 is also a capable MIDI controller that sends so much more than just note information. Interestingly, it also supports MIDI input over USB MIDI (Type-C) and Bluetooth (BLE MIDI) — not bad going for a lightweight (450g) device with 67 cm (length), 4 cm (width), and 5 cm (height) measurements making for comfortable handling. However, its slimline design belies its impressive specification, also accommodating a 3.5 mm TRS headphone output, 6.35 mm TRS audio output, and Type-C USB port. But better still, Wind Synthesizer R1 boasts a (2600mAh) battery-running time of six hours (with the RGB light bars operating), extending to 10 hours (with the RGB light bars turned off).

On the face of it, Wind Synthesizer R1 represents a highly-capable package, one which helpfully comes complete with a dust bag, neck strap, mouthpiece cap, Type-C USB cable, quickstart guide, and user manual... little wonder, then, that Wind Synthesizer R1 rocked as a Commercial Hardware category finalist in the MIDI Association’s 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards Show — something Robkoo Business Developer Tianbang Zhuang far from takes lightly, as evidenced in his well-chosen words when speaking there: “It would be unfair to say that R1 is just a wind synth with lights, or just a wind synth with motion control, or just a wind synth with a horizontal mouthpiece option. They are eye-catching, for sure, but R1 has much more layers. When we started this project, we were here to solve the problems in instrument learning. We did not add lights just because we thought it was cool, or stack those features because we thought they were cool. We added features because they can be helpful to our goal. That’s why those features can be put together as an organic whole. Think about the experience we designed for the customer: you receive it at Christmas; you say, ‘Wow! It’s cool!’; you follow the user guide and learn about it with our [JamKoo] app; and in 15 minutes you suddenly know how to play a new instrument. After two weeks you went from being someone who knows nothing about musical instruments to a confident performer — with lights and style. We are changing peoples lives with something that has so many fancy features, but doesn’t feel overwhelming at all since it still appears to be a simple and intuitive instrument.”

While Wind Synthesizer R1 is already available to buy as a commercial product in mainland China for CN¥2,999.00 RMB, Robkoo is currently working with a number of KOL (Key Opinion Leaders)/KOC (Key Opinion Consumers) on overseas firmware and other adjustments (including sound banks) with a view to making it available worldwide with a projected price tag of around $500.00 USD later this year when it is likely to become available to buy from Robkoo’s website ( and also some selected retailers.

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Wind Synthesizer R1 webpage here:

Ambient in the morning

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"Recent videos are mostly rhythmic loop, so I made something more ambient.

BP triangle, high feedback / short delay are used."

Update: video re-uploaded with "Reverb added by MXR reverb pedal."

ESK - Teisco 100P Sound Demo

video upload by

"Sound demo of the Teisco 100P monophonic analog synthesizer. All sounds and FX (Spring Reverb, Flanger) are from the Teisco.
Direct mono recording without mastering."

Hohner String Performer Analog String Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Hohner String Performer is fully functional and in great condition.

The Hohner String Performer is one of the last string machines made in Germany in the beginning of 80's. The String Performer contains individual outputs for each section, dedicated mutes, and drawbars for volumes of each sounds."

Freeman String Symphonizer

via this auction

"The OG string machine. Very rare. This machine was the progenitor of the whole 1970s string synth sound. If you want something as lush as an ARP Solina or equivalent but totally unique this is it. 25 oscillators (!), absolutely huge sounding with a very useful 5 octave keyboard. Fully polyphonic.
Onboard spring reverb, animation (which introduces 6 LFOs) and onboard EQ can do a lot for shaping. Even has a cable out for a leslie.

Selection buttons for Octaves are a bit finicky but do function (one light is out), keybed is clacky and uneven but functions.
Comes with unique Cordovox volume pedal with built in pitch bend switch.
Functions completely but has not been serviced in the entire time I've owned it. It may need a recap and general once-over for adequate future-proofing."

Alesis A6 Andromeda 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This andromeda works 100%
Very clean shape.

I was surprised just how 'vintage analog' it sounded. I was able to get 'ms-20 like' dual reso filter screams and other 'real analog-only' realms that i found very impressive indeed.

Full size ribbon controller! Hello CS80! (It does have a lot of cs80 vibe inside)

Modern classic without a doubt."

Roland Jupiter 6 61-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"Iconic Jupiter 6 Synth. Bought new by my uncle many years ago and kept in cool dry storage until it was gifted to me last year. Had it serviced and the power supply replaced last year by the legendary techs at Custom Vintage Keyboards here in LA. They declared it was internally in perfect condition

Note: pitch bender missing a small portion of plastic (bender still works) and small crack in the plastic on one key.

The synth works perfectly with minimal clack and great steady tuning."

Roland SH-3A 44-Key Synthesizer w/ Sample Sound Synthesis Note

via this auction

"It is an analog additive/subtractive synth with a single VCO with 3 waveforms and 5 footages, all mixable. It has 1 white/pink noise generator which you can send to VCA or VCF. There are 2 LFO's: LFO 1-sawtooth wave form; LFO 2-sine or square wave and delay. Both LFO's assignable to VCO, VCF, or VCA. It has a resonant self-oscillating low-pass filter with frequency and resonance controls. Four mode "sampler" section with adjustable level and sample time. Variable Portamento with momentary "off" switch. One ADSR with level sliders. It has been recently gone over by Alex at Lextronics (Calgary); he replaced a few components and it all works great! One key has a small cigarette burn (see picture); patch booklet included. Stand is not included."

YAMAHA CS01 Mobile Analog Synthesizer SN 28879

via this auction

YAMAHA CS-5 Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"1VCO, 1VCF, 1VCA, 1EG CS simple monophonic synthesizer.

This model is simple yet equipped with the basic functions of a synthesizer, and can be recommended as an introduction to analog synths."

Vintage Roland Juno-6

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Vintage Juno 6 - the pioneer of the digitally controlled analog oscillator. Plus that great Roland filter, and the lush analog Chorus. This Juno 6 is in excellent operating condition and has just received a clean bill of health and a full calibration. It's in very nice condition, the only flaw with mentioning is some minor damage to the side panels at the bottom (where it would be picked up), and the dust cover for the octave transpose switch is missing--see photos."

REON driftbox S III Analog Synthesizer In Original Box

via this auction

NAMM 2022: ASM Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth

video upload by Volterock Review

Moog Mavis - Signal flow breakdown, patch ideas, and eurorack integration

video upload by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Today I take a look at the brand new Moog Mavis and break down the architecture of the synth in a clear flowchart. This helps to see which components are available, and how modular and flexible they are. I use the flowchart to demonstrate a few patch ideas, and how the semi modular synth can be integrated in a growing modular setup."

00:00 – Intro & sounds
01:44 – Mavis architecture
08:11 – Patch ideas
20:24 – Eurorack integration

Soma Lyra 8 and JMT Synth LD2 Ambient Drone

video upload by riotbell

"This is a drone piece featuring the Soma Lyra 8 and the JMT Synth LD2. The Lyra is running directly into the LD2 in order to access its filter and delay.

A short phrase on the Lyra begins the piece, is looped on the Microcosm (offscreen) and then more oscillators are slowly worked in as the piece progresses, including the oscillators of the LD2.

I've been curious how these two unique drone synths would work together for some time, though I haven't been able to find an LD2 until recently. A dedicated filter does a lot to rein in some of the brighter tendencies of the Lyra 8."

Visions - Patches 33 to 64 - UDO Super 6

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Now -

Hand In Hand distribution kindly sent me a UDO Super 6 to try out for a few weeks and I managed to get some time on it and created 64 Patches. This is the first Video (of 2) demonstrating Patches 33 to 64 and are in the order I made them.

As usual, there's lots of Pads, Motion and Strings, plus Bass and Lead and a whole range of other Sounds.

00:00 - 33. Flux GEO
01:01 - 34. Inca Tribes GEO
01:48 - 35. Yazoo GEO
02:09 - 36. Hard Kick GEO
02:40 - 37. Amped Bass GEO
03:14 - 38. Synthex GEO
04:24 - 39. 6 String GEO
05:00 - 40. Cylon Sync GEO
05:38 - 41. Vintage GEO
06:35 - 42. Sky Lead GEO
06:57 - 43. Take On Me GEO
07:28 - 44. Analog GEO
08:36 - 45. Eminence GEO
09:40 - 46. Jazz Bass GEO
10:18 - 47. Prayer GEO
10:40 - 48. Hard keys GEO
11:31 - 49. Arpanet GEO
12:12 - 50. Superposition GEO
13:14 - 51. Prog Rock GEO
13:49 - 52. Night Flyer GEO
14:42 - 53. Waveguides GEO
15:47 - 54. SoLow GEO
16:20 - 55. Razor GEO
17:11 - 56. Pulse GEO
17:46 - 57. String Section GEO
18:36 - 58. Red Weed GEO
19:57 - 59. Wired Pluck GEO
20:37 - 60. Sonus GEO
21:36 - 61. Ramp GEO
22:41 - 62. Wizards GEO
23:19 - 63. For Dave GEO
24:04 - 64. Take Hold GEO"

Moog Mavis

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Juli 4th Synth Groove with the Oberheim OB-X synthesizer.

video upload by Remco Rones

"Oberheim OB-X, Korg Poly-800, Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler and 1974 Moog Model D."

Rheyne - Session Six (Part 1)

video upload by Rheyne

"A piece of 'Session Six' coming Q3 2022.

Using a system of mostly Make Noise modules, which includes a pair of Morphagenes, a DPO running through a QPAS and Mimeophone, and sequencing with two channels of Renê. All sounds are from the case of modules seen in the video, recorded in one take with no overdubs.

More coming soon..."

Critter & Guitari - Freeze By Tempo for Organelle

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"Download this patch here:
Freeze by Tempo is a ‘freezer’ effect that is synced to tempo. A short audio sample is frozen (aka seamlessly looped) until the next user-set tempo event occurs."

Patch n Tweak
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