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Monday, August 08, 2022

WMD Winding Down Production and Closing Shop w/ Announcement of Three New Modules

via WMD

3 new modules are available for preorder now! More info, and videos to come soon! Each of these products will be a limited run. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Preorder today at
We also have some important and not so exciting news. Due to the state of the world, WMD is planning to wind down production and close by the end of the year. We have these new modules and a bit more stuff coming, but that’s all we can do. Please read the post linked in our bio before flooding the comments with questions.
Huge thanks to everyone that’s ever supported us, we appreciate it so, so much. We will be conducting biz as usual for the next few months, supporting products, firmware for Metron, attending Velocity, and Knobcon showing the new products and hanging with friends.
Freq Boutique and Patched Out will continue to happen as well. Come party with us tomorrow at Freq if you can!
Get your orders in, lots of stuff is discounted right now, please help us push through the next few months so we can land as smoothly as possible.
We love y’all.
#eurorack #modularsynth #modularsynthesizer


Note: I created a Global Chip Shortage label for businesses and products/projects impacted by the global supply chain issue. For companies going under I've added the RIP label for now as well. You can click on either to see other companies and products impacted.

VAD Machine - Analog Multi Drums Synthesizer Handmade Point to Point by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment

"VAD Machine - Analog Multi Drums Synthesizer Handmade Point to Point by TSL Studio Equipment"

Happy 808 day

video upload by Honeysmack

Microaddict 001 - Various microscopy view techniques, specimen examples

video upload by MicroAddict

"music is from some weird jams I did with a friend on synths in 2008/2009

some of the gear used back then: Juno-6 (can miss that arp and edgy filter), JP-8000, Nord Rack 2x (great unusual filter sweeps and timbres), Roland JV-1080, JD-800, Alesis Micron, etc. recorded live in one pass to a stereo recorder with 2 people - no redos, real DAWless jammin' :-)"

0:00 Dissecting scope view- Tardigrade
0:30 Compound Scope view
0:38 Bright field view
0:44 Tardigrade
0:47 Amoeba
0:56 Rotifer
1:31 Paramecium duo conjugating
2:30 Oblique Lighting view
2:35 Paramecium feeding
2:58 Rotifer
3:26 Amoeba
3:55 Dark Field view
4:23 Tardigrade
4:29 Amoeba
4:39 Rotifer
5:39 Paramecium duo conjugating

TMP-05 Vintage Synth TV Series from Benge

video upload by zack dagoba

Additional Vintage Synth TV episodes by Benge

00:00 Opening Titles
00:33 Introduction
01:09 Switched On Digital Synths Part 2
16:08 Synthesiser Club
18:16 Commercial Break
20:07 Patching Today
35:15 Video Lab
40:45 Outro/Coming Up Next Time


Penultimate episode in Benge's synthesiser series, made at his Memetune Electronic Music Studio

Benge explores his passion for vintage synthesiser instruments and studio gear and how he uses them on his productions and collaborations


It is divided into the following sections:

SWITCHED ON - Featuring in-depth discussions about the history and development of the synthesiser over the years, including demonstrations and feature guides of many classic and iconic instruments

SYNTHESISER CLUB - A short musical demonstration of a synthesiser classic or two

PATCHING TODAY - A deep-dive into vintage modular systems and how to set up a patch on them, starting from scratch

VIDEO LAB - A look at old video equipment and how to create experimental visuals


In THIS episode:

SWITCHED ON DIGITAL SYNTHS part two - Wavetable Synths of the 80s and 90s, and Physical Modelling instruments from Yamaha and Technics

SYNTHESISER CLUB - Korg Mini Pops, 800DV and Polyphonic Ensemble

PATCHING TODAY - Serge Paperface Modular synthesiser

VIDEO LAB - Chromakey effects overview


Benge's Studio Blog:
Memetune Studio Instagram:
Benge on Bandcamp:

Oblong album:

John Foxx and The Maths album:


The MemeTune Programme Credits:
Everything in this video was created by B D Edwards (Benge)
All music, design, writing, filming and production completed at Memetune Studios, UK, 2022

Deckard's Voice Synced to Rachael: No Talk, No Reverb!

video upload by Mostly Synths and Keyboards (Logan)

"A silently-narrated video showing off some sync sounds played on keyboard with the Pro 3. The modules used are just Deckard and Rachael except a couple noted instances that have little effect.

I was having fun with some LED's but I'll tone it down in the future."

RMIF OPUS Analog String Synthesizer - Eduard Artemyev - Рмиф Oпус - Эдуард Артемьев Раба Любви

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The RMIF Opus (РМИФ Oпус) is a rare analogue string machine/synthesizer made in Riga, Latvia by the Riga Musical Instrument Factory (RMIF) in the year 1988.

The sound range is five octaves and the instrument consists of 4 sections: piano, that synthesizes piano like lead soundings of different timbres, analog string machine, that plays wonderful string sounds with soft attack and with the possibility to control release, tremolo and the pereodically repeated beat-fading sounds. A flexible bass section, that is controlled by 2 lower octaves, that contain three 8' and two 16' registers.

The Opus is based on divide-down technology with a master oscillator and has very nice multimode filter (LPF, BPF and HPF with resonance), a fantastic chorus, ring modulator, vibrato and and a lot other features.

The first video demo with all the features can you find here: [posted here]

One of the most beautiful tunes by Eduard Atemyev. Eduard Artemyev is a soviet/russian composer of a lot wonderful film scores and great electronic music. I follow Eduard`s work since many years.

The video is made by me too.

Моим русским друзьям:
Эдуард Артемьев - Поклонники (Раба Любви)
наверняка вы все его знаете. :)

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) Thank you!"

Vintage 1981 Casio CasioTone 101 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via Kurt. Pricey but immaculate. It's a preset keyboard but well used (see the listing description directly below). You can find demos in previous posts here.

"Designed and manufactured in Japan in 1981, the CasioTone 101 (CT-101) analog synthesizer is one of the most iconic keyboards of the 1980s. It’s been used both in the studio and on stage by The Human League, Blondie, Severed Heads, Goldie, Moby, Pulp, Devo, Talking Heads, the Cars, Deee-lite, Stevie Wonder, Beastie Boys, White Town, Autechre, Portishead, Bloodhound Gang, Blur, Beck, Fatboy Slim, and Nine Inch Nails, to name a few.

This one is in absolutely superb condition, inside and out. Included are the original pedals, music rest, AC cable, and hard case.

The keyboard has 49 full-size keys and is finished in satin black painted metal, has wooden sides, and a wood grain finish underneath the front of the keys.

It delivers classic 80s sounds, like its “Cosmic Tone” patch, which uses two oscillators tuned an octave apart, and as the keys are held down, the sound drops an octave as oscillator 1 fades up, and oscillator 2 fades down.

Is This the Best Mixer for Synthesizers?

video upload by HAINBACH

"The Arp Minus Noise Mixer Model 8 from 1976 seems like it's designed with synthesizers in mind unlike any mixer today. It has many creative features that I see making most sense with people that enjoy experimenting with sound. It can be clean as whistle and dirty as a Metalzone. In this video I explore its features and give my thoughts why I consider it the best mixer for synths."

DigiLogTokyo Microne, Synthernet 8888, CSK ParipiDestroyer, and ACID bass synthesizer prototype

video upload by Tekitounix

"This video is entered in the contest #digilandbeats on Twitter."

TFoM2022 | official digest video |

video upload by Tokyo Festival of Modular

"Tokyo Festival of Modular 2022
“New Breath”

2022.04.17. 12:00-22:00
場所 : Contact Tokyo

TFoM2022 出演TFoM2022 出演者

Bastl Instrument's PIZZA : Complex Oscillator, Wavefolder, RingMod & More

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Can't get enough PIZZA? Check out our in depth blog article :
Grab a slice now :
Czech out the rest of Bastl's lineup :

Serving up a large slice of brilliant audio-rate modulated tones, BASTL's Pizza is a digital complex oscillator offering big and highly controllable sound in a compact format.

Designed around three different oscillators, the main oscillator is based upon a single sine wave with both phase modulation and either one of two wave-folding options, as well as ring modulation.

Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. Open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, get your hands on the most excellent gear!"

Syinsi CV Scale Offset Quick Review

video upload by Meska

"Product page :
for me the best utility you can find in 1U :)

Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Happy 808 day!

video upload by Station 252

Featuring the Tiptop Audio RS808 rimshot module.

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Stutter/Repeat

video upload by SynthAddict

"Breakin' out the trusty TR-8 for some scatter FX, and a Lyra-8 for sonic mayhem, and Erebus v2 played live with one channel of the Keystep Pro."

Elka Rhapsody 610

via this auction

Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 w/CV Expander, Premium Knobs, and Sirin Skin

via this auction

"A terrific companion to any other semi-modular or modular setup. It’s also a great standalone with that classic Moog sound. This one is built, in mint condition, and includes the cv expander and a bunch of patch cables, premium knobs, and a cool skin"

MFB Synth Lite Analogue Mono Synth w/ Desktop Stand SN 02127

via this auction

"MFB Synth Lite Analogue Mono Synth.

Great sounding little synth

Full working order

Comes with power supply and removable wooden end cheeks."

The Yamaha CS-80 - sound demo

video upload by Tim Fielding

"Testing the buttons and sliders of this fantastic synthesizer.I find this synth in quality as even as the Minimoog.Many artists from the 70's used this synthesizer for his warm sounds.He has one of the most strong brass sounds ever excists."


video upload by EMEAPP

"Why are people so crazy about the Mini-KORG? It's more than just a boring organ-topper, the Univox Mini-KORG K-2 is a little powerhouse of a synth. Here again is electronic music pioneer Don Slepian taking this little vintage beauty on a little tour of it's very flexible and fluid functionality and the great tones that this little beast can pump out.

You can find us at where we invite you to join us as a member."

808 samples manipulated in Pure Data via Korg padKontrol 🟥🟧🟨⬜

video upload by Akunull


Patch n Tweak
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