MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

New Mochika X5 Desktop & Eurorack Synth by AtomoSynth

video upload by atomolab

"Hello World! we are proud to introduce the new AtomoSynth Mochika_X5"

via AtomoSynth

We are proud to introduce the new AtomoSynth Mochika X5. This new version of our all-time classic presents you with a complete redesign in form and substance, for the first time the AtomoSynth Mochika comes in eurorack format, for you to integrate it into your modular system and also in a standalone desktop version, now with a new triangle wave based analog oscillator and an always in tune square wave digital controlled oscillator, and also with a new wave fold effect controllable by voltage, that gives you a refreshed new sound palette that in conjunction with the classic AtomoSynth vactrol filter will free you sound possibilities.

The renewed 16-step sequencer now features 8 parameters per step: step on/off, pitch, cv2, random/cv3, gate time, repetition, retrigger (ratchet), and probability. Giving you the tools to go creative with your sequences. With the high-contrast OLED display and 8 rotary encoders with pushbuttons, now it is easier to see and edit the global sequencer settings and all parameters in real-time. It also features a 34-slot nonvolatile memory to store your patterns. You can synchronize the sequencer with an external clock or midi clock, also controllable by any external midi device for midi note playing and sequence transposition. The New 8 creative playing modes include: forward/reverse sequence, alternate, random, drunk, drone, step-trigger polyrhythm, one shot, and midi control modes. All parameters, patterns, and modes are editable while playing giving you great flexibility to perform live, experiment, and have fun creating.

The new MOCHIKA X5 is built with high-quality components. Now, with high-precision SMD technology, a compact and beautiful laser-cut sheet metal case is finished with electrostatic paint (desktop version). Designed, Assembled by hand, calibrated, and tested with care in Lima - Peru by the AtomoSynth team.


Voltage-controlled oscillator with triangle and folded triangle waveforms.

Digital square wave oscillator DCO.

Wave folding effect knob, controllable by voltage.

Low-frequency oscillator with square, triangle waveforms controllable by voltage.

Voltage-controlled filter with Low pass and High pass switcher.

ADSR type envelope generator.

16 step sequencer 8 parameters per step: step on/off, pitch, cv2, random/cv3, gate time, repetition, retrigger (ratchet), and probability.

8 playing modes: forward/reverse sequence, alternate, random, drunk, drone, step-trigger polyrhythm, one shot, and midi control.

Internal memory for 34 patterns

High contrast OLED display.

8 rotary encoders with push buttons and 8-step LEDs.

Internal clock, synchronizable with external clock and midi clock.

16-point patch bay with 7 inputs and 9 outputs

Desktop version with metal enclosure, dimensions: 197mm (W), 217mm (D), 70mm (H); uses 15V power supply (included)

Eurorack version, 48HP width, 25mm deep, 123mA +12V; 80mA -12V; 30mA +5V current consumption.

The Mochika X5 comes in 2 versions: Standalone desktop version and Eurorack module version.

The Standalone desktop version comes in a metal enclosure and includes an external 15V power supply.

Free worldwide shipping by DHL express.

Desktop version price: US$449.00

Eurorack version price: US$349.00

Novation Peak || Reflections

video upload by Mike Lewis

"An expressive pad that has some velocity sourced modulations. Allows for some shorter notes to ring out on top of some base chords. Hope you enjoy,

To get the synth patch file used in this video, you can purchase from my preset bundle here:"

SCI Prophet 5 - Rings

video upload by Glen H

"New glide bass patch on the Prophet 5
VIdeo effects in Wondershare Filmora 11"

Reminder: VELOCITY - Modular & Synth Focused Festival in Seattle This Coming Saturday

Follow-up to this post.

Trade Show, Seminars, Workshops, Performances

August 27, 2022 11am-2am

Note this is a paid event.

You'll find all the info you need at

Hans Zimmer -"Time" (From 'Inception'), Modular Rendition | Expert Sleepers ES-9, VCO-2RM, Plaits...

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

Thanks for watching!
I decided to try some of the features of my new Expert Sleepers ES-9 Module, and using the Ableton CV Instrument tool, I managed to send CV/Gate info from MIDI directly through the ES-9 and into various oscillators, and back into the interface to record. It was split into 4 monophonic voices, and I was using Plum Audio's OCP (Ornament & Crime Plus) module's 4xEG mode, for the Envelope Generator. You can see the triggers of the notes by the flashing of the Analogue Solutions LED CV Cables, which is also a recent addition to me trying to make my videos look like Richard Devine's :)
Thanks for watching!
- Piotr

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Carol of the Synths

video upload by Pat Strawser

Yamaha SK30 & Moog Minimoog.

Five 100% Erica Synths PERKONS Techno jams

video upload by Dave Mech

"Here's another video with a couple of jams. I left some of the parts in where you can see i'm experimenting a bit and trying to find where to take things. It's the parts where I landed on something great :). Now a matter of getting a feel for this instrument to more or less do this with eyes closed. I'm just experimenting right now to see how to get energetic grooves out of this thing quickly. To do it quickly will take some time to get the muscle memory in place. And much more to explore sound wise as well. You can really use the LFO in creative ways to take the sound pallet further.


00:00 - Groove 1
00:39 - Groove 2
01:16 - Marker 3
03:00 - Marker 4
08:03 - Marker 5"

The Matttech Modular Guide to Selling #Eurorack - Matttech Modular Closes Shop

video upload by MATTHS

Some interesting insight from a former online modular shop.

"#MATTHS chats with Matt Preston, who up until recently, ran Mattech Modular. As a #Eurorack specialist, the shop sold modules from across most of the makers at the time. Today we chat about the current climate of selling eurorack modules, setting up a business and the pros and cons involved."

Dave Smith Instruments / Sequential Prophet-6 Polyphonic Desktop Analog Synth

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

"The synth is in perfect functional and cosmetic condition."

Univox Stringman

via this auction

"The MiniMoog set the standard for a small synthesizer for the touring musician. Other manufacturers also released portable units more focused on specific sound palettes. This offering from Italy's Crumar (branded Univox in the USA) 'The Stringman' gives a range of fat analog tones resembling string sections of the kind that are now recognised as unique to that 'golden age' of early synthesizers and that are still able to cut through the mix."

Electro-Harmonix Super Space Drum

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly w/ Custom Front Panel

video upload by Geir Helgi Birgisson

"Demo of vintage analog synthesizer Korg Mono/Poly for"

via this auction

"Here's a unique, vintage Korg Mono/Poly.
It works 100% and was calibrated last week. Original Korg hardcase included.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room:
This amazing custom panel is handmade, the attention to detail is meticulous!
It comes from Japan originally, where I bought it.
I like to believe that the mysterious designer behind the custom panel is none-other than Satoshi Kon (R.I.P.), amazing director of Japanese films such as 'Perfect Blue' and 'Paprika'.
His brother was a guitarist and at that time, in the early 80s he studied Graphic Design at the Musashino Art University. Kind of fits the bill, but don't quote me on that! ;)
It's a fairy tale!
But who knows, right?

So the panel is glued on and the only way to find out the status of the old, original panel would be to destroy this masterpiece. Plus, on top of that Behringer (uhg!) cloned it. So this is perfect! It's a unique synth, sounds insane and is super inspiring.

Only a slight blemish on the front panel, barely visible and one of the wooden corners needs a bit of attending to (wood glue). Other than that; it's perfect.


video upload by EMEAPP

"Why is the YAMAHA VL1 virtual acoustic synthesizer beloved by so many? What makes it unusual? Tune in to this episode of SONIC TEST DRIVE and learn about this amazing instrument. Hosted by electronic music pioneer DON SLEPIAN, this VL1demo might open your eyes to the world of virtual modeling.
You can find us at where we invite you to join us as a FREE member."

Stereo Panned Arpeggios | Sound Recipes #44

video upload by Reverb

"Use the Electro-Harmonix Pulsar Stereo Tremolo to add movement and stereo imagery to a latched arpeggiator, we used the classic Korg Mono/Poly. The Mono/Poly was in "Poly" mode, meaning it cycles through the 4 VCA's in sequence as the arpeggio moves from note to note. Sprinkled on top is some lush reverb by way of the Source Audio Ventris.

Check Out More Sound Recipes."

MAKE N0ISE Community Patches August 2022

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Walker takes a dive into some community patches!

Pie Are Squared:

Thanos Fotiadis

Blank Patch Sheets:

Share your patches here! (Include a recording if you have it!)"

Introducing Behringer SOLINA STRING-ENSEMBLE w/ Built-In 1970 Small Stone Phaser

video upload by Behringer

"Introducing the Behringer SOLINA STRING-ENSEMBLE.

You've been following us on its R&D journey and now, it's time for its journey to continue into your setup.

SOLINA faithfully delivers the classic string machine sound that we all know and love.

By staying loyal to its unique circuitry, our Engineers have not only managed to deliver the purest revival of SOLINA, but also by including highly demanded features including a built-in phaser (based on the classic 1970s Small-Stone), External Modulation/Patching connectivity, 5-Pin, and USB MIDI, all whilst in a form factor that works within modern-day setups.

There is truly nothing else on the market today that comes close to the character of this extremely sought-after instrument. We are extremely proud to soon open the experience of SOLINA to you all, once we have the required chips to put it into full-scale production.

Estimated Price - $359 USD



0:03 - Introducing Behringer SOLINA STRING-ENSEMBLE
0:27 - What is SOLINA?
0:44 - History
0:55 - What is new?
1:13 - Built-In Phaser
1:50 - Engineering Challenges
2:12 - Sound Examples
3:44 - What makes SOLINA so special?"

Casio CZ-101 - Polyphonic & Ambient Sounds | Handmade Bass & Leads

video upload by LFOstore

Casio CZ-101 - Handmade Bass & Leads

"Casio CZ-101 aka. Cosmosynthesizer is here!
We are completing CZ LEGACY with CZ-101 Model.

Soundset working with hardware CZ-101,CZ1000,3000,5000
NOT working with CZ-1 Model!

As description from 1986 says:

The CZ-101 is a state-of-the-art musical instrument which incorporates the latest electronics technology to make its operation as easy as possible.

Exceptional sound quality backed up by a host of sophisticated features andfunctions makes the CZ-101 a truly unique musical instrument.

'Mozaic Tones' Soundset contains:

Mellow Leads
Beautiful Pads
Sweeping Strings
Deep Basses
Bells & Plucks
Poly's & Brass

From Ambient & Electronica to SynthWave & SynthPop with benefits of phazeDistortion synthesis.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Playing the GROOVE on the RemindeR

video upload by Starsky Carr

With the Analogue Solutions Leipzig V3.

Light In My Garden - Alesis HR-16 Circuit Bent

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"This Circuit Bent Alesis HR-16 is one of the most classic circuit bent drum machines around. Not only is the HR-16 an amazing instrument on its own, adding the bends to the instrument only expands the entire sonic capabilities!

All the bends are routed to the toggle switch and momentary push-buttons. This unit also has a master pitch function that can be turned on with a flick of a switch. This unit is missing the volume slider cap and cannot be accessed via the front panel. Volume has been rerouted to a know of the from patch panel.

Disclaimer Circuit bent instruments can sometimes act a bit different in its functionality compared to the stock instrument. Routing to many bends can often glitch the instrument into a frozen state, now this does not happen all the time, but can happen in odd situations. Often the MIDI can start to act funny in certain cases, but all-in-all this instrument is extremely fun to play with and does create some insane percussion sounds."

Oberheim OB-8 w/ Page 2 and MIDI

via this auction

"This was one of the last ones off the line so has Page 2 and MIDI and the last OS Rev. This has always been a studio machine and it shows. Machine is fully calibrated and was recently serviced inc. new caps on PSU; autotunes like a champ. All knobs are smooth, switches and keys trigger properly (if anything every bounces or double triggers, playing it resolves). The "one" technical issue is that the Sine LFO LED is out. Otherwise works 100% and sounds incredible. It's also just a joy to play."

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 343608

via this auction

"It’s been fully verified in 2021 by a professional, everything is absolutely perfectly working.

Original factory patches have been loaded.
Only a small scratch on the back of the side but the test of the unit is perfect, looks like a brand new one."

Ca. 1971 Moog Minimoog Model D w/ Road Case

via this auction

Weathered but beautiful in a rustic way.

"This is a great example of a 1971 MiniMoog Model D! At this stage they still had the earlier oscillator board design. Many feel that these are the “fattest” sounding MiniMoog oscillators. The wood shows some signs of age and use, with some minor scratching and worn finish spots. This has had the full treatment from our in house tech, including a recapped power supply and replaced keyboard bushings. Cosmetically in good condition, electronically in excellent condition. This is a great sounding monster and is ready for stage or studio use!"

Amazing sounding Roland SH-1000 synthesizer - The first Roland synth ever.

video upload by Friendly Noise

"A short but nice sounding clip of the Roland SH-1000, the first Roland synthesiser. The sound was recorded with the smartphone integrated mic."

Simmons SDS7 1140 HiHat Waveform Select Mod

video upload by The Simmons Guy

"Quick demo of the Waveform Select mod on HiHat using the Ramp wave and tweaking the filter frequency."

Synth Diy Jamming.

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"System Minimum Micro Controller PWM Audio Digital Analog Converter."

Gear list from this previous post.
Meebleeps FM Synth Diy
Bassline Synth Diy
Bigbutton Sequencer Trigger Diy
Drum Sample Hagiwo Synth Diy

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Demonstrations by Steven Templar

video uploads by Steven Templar

Interesting note on #20. See below and use the controls in the player above to listen to it.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesiser and Alesis SR-16 drum machine recorded onto cassette tape.

1. group - on my mind (1990 demo)
Copyright Steven Templar 1990.
All sounds directly from an Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesiser and recorded onto a portable cassette recorder.

2. group - pop cat v2 (1990 demo)
Copyright Steven Templar 1990.
Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesiser directly into a portable cassette recorder.

3. group - j-funk 5 (1989 demo)
Copyright Steven Templar 1987. This version recorded in 1989.
Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesiser directly into a portable cassette recorder.

Hi-hats and crash cymbals added much later.

4. group - fade to grey (1991 Visage cover)
Copyright Steven Templar 1987. This version recorded in 1989.
Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesiser directly into a portable cassette recorder.

Hi-hats and crash cymbals added much later.


video upload by Møffenzeef Mødular

Pics via Møffenzeef Mødular

Artwork by Vern Avola


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