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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Oberheim OB-X8 Sound design Tutorial on Andromeda A6

video upload by synthlegends

"As you might know I recently did a comparison video on the SEM Filter Section from the OB-X8 vs the A6. Thanks to some comments e. g. relateted of Mono vs Stereo on the OB-X8 I tried the basic sound again and tried to improve it. Here are my results an my tipps for sound design, if you have an A6 allready in your studio and don't can't or want afford the OB-X8.

The Alesis Andromeda A 6 has 16 Voices, 2 VCO plus 2 Sub-VCO, 4 LFO, 3 Envelopes and extremely wide modulation options. It consists of two Filter Sections, the Moog Ladder Filter from early Moogs and the SEM Filter from Oberheim (12 dB LO, HP, BP and Notch plus state variable). Also both filter can be mixed. In the envelope section you can choose different shapes and combine them to get a very close analog feeling of typical envelope designs of the 70/80 ies. Plus you can randomize panning by S/H or LFO. I show you some tricks how to get the great and unbelievably silky sound of the OB-X8 quite close."

Polyend Tracker & Novation Peak ambient IDM performance

video upload by sucik

Just performing some weird stuff with this duet. Hard to say what's the genre here...
Recorded as 2 separate tracks in Bitwig and added some dynamics processing on top."

Volume III for the Sub/Subsequent 37

video uploads by Robust American Patches

"Visit us at for more info.

Thanks for watching!"

Contemporary VCOS for the Korg Wavestate

video upload by Robust American Patches

Contemporary VCOS for the Korg Wavestate (Part 2)

"These videos demonstrates custom performances and custom multisamples from our latest release, 'Contemporary VCOS', for the Korg Wavestate and Wavestate Native. All the sounds in this video were created with just 3 multisamples of custom patches that were created with the OB-6. Each custom patch uses the vintage knob mode to some extent and we varied the amount of vintage goodness just a little for each sample. All samples were recorded at 24bit/48Khz through our ASP-880 directly into Nuendo. Each multisample contains 61 samples! (5 octaves) The samples were meticulously recorded and edited to ensure the best possible sound quality. The sample loops are long and crossfaded for a seamless playing experience. These are raw samples from the OB-6. No compression, EQ or processing of any kind besides a gentle boost of the gain/volume after capture.

0:07 - "Ebullient Seas" - Evolving, Heavily Modulated Synth Pad
2:01 - "Abtasten Und Halten" - Wide Polyphonic Sample and Hold Synth
3:19 - "Bowed Synth" - Dynamic Synth String Section
3:47 - "Wall of Synths" - Split Synth Arpeggio, Synth Pad and Polyphonic Synth
4:43 - "Brass Plated Pad" - Synth Brass/Strings Pad
5:27 - "Operation VCO" - Split Synth Bass and Polyphonic Synth
6:30 - "Stereo Synth Brass" - Wide Dynamic Synth Brass Section
7:19 - "Plastiques" - Arpeggio/Pad Mix
7:57 - "Still Life" - Arpeggio/Pad Mix
9:26 - "Funky's Mellow" - Synth Lead
10:05 - "Crossfaded Arps" - 2 Synth Arpeggios with Manual Crossfading

Visit us at for more info.

Thanks for watching!"

Overview & Demo of drumlogue: Korg's Three-Fold Hybrid Drum Machine

video upload by Korg

"drumlogue is KORG's threefold hybrid drum machine that offers the raw power and rich sounds of Analog, the flexibility of Digital voices, and the SDK MULTI Engine for open-source custom user synthesizers and effects. Natalie Chami from KORG guides us through its intuitive front panel controls, heavy-duty dynamic sequencer, customizable effects, and expansive connectivity that make drumlogue a must-have for music creation. It’s time to take your beats and entire musical process to a whole new creative level with incredible sounds, effects, customization, and sequencing. Whether you're into making hip hop beats or experimental electronic music, play synths or acoustic drum kits, let drumlogue support your craft on your next musical journey.

Chapter 1: Threefold Hybrid 0:00
Chapter 2: Front Panel Knobs 1:09
Chapter 3: Powerful Sequencer 6:55
Chapter 4: Customizable Effects 12:26
Chapter 5: Connectivity 15:00"

1010 Music Lemondrop Synth, Soma Cosmos, and Linnstrument Ambient Flutes

video upload by riotbell

"This is another Lemondrop video. I don't know how many people are really interested in this little synth, but I've had a lot of fun with it, and it definitely punches above its weight class.

Wish it had MPE support, but it still works pretty well with the Linnstrument.

The Cosmos is on its most basic setting, having a lot of fun with this too.

I'm thinking of doing a Lemondrop review if there's interest. Please let me know.

Thanks for listening!"


video upload by Bastl Instruments

"SPII's preamp can sound pretty tasty!"

Sequential Prophet 6 Custom Patches: Synthwave, Vintage, Stranger Things, Ambient and More

video upload by Miles Away

"Buy these 50 Custom Patches for the intro price of only $25:

These 50 custom patches will load to 450-499 on your Dave Smith / Sequential Prophet 6. These patches range in all genres from Classic Analog, Synthwave, EDM, Film Score, Ambient and more. Every patch has a custom sequence programmed by me as well, so click “play” on the sequencer to get an idea of what the patch would sound like in context of a song! Enjoy this no talking sounds demo.

Note: While these patches make use of many of the Prophet 6’s excellent effects, most don't use the onboard reverb. In this demo, I am using the Empress Reverb, so I strongly encourage you to add your favourite reverb to these patches! Also your Prophet 6 must be updated to the latest firmware to use these patches as they make use of the vintage knob update!

Alisa-1377 Алиса-1377 & DIY MIDI2CV converter

video upload by sergioavia

"Playing with knobs in a standard midi sequence"

East Beast Demo and Thoughts

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Oliver of Patchwerks shares an overview, demo and his thoughts on the Cre8audio East Beast, a semi-modular synthesizer.

Learn more about the East Beast here:

East Beast’s oscillator, designed in partnership with the too serious for words people from Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, is a part of their 5th generation of analog oscillators stemming from a super-serious 10 years of continued research into analog oscillator development.

Cre8audio’s super serious friends at Pittsbugh Modular Synthesizers are just as serious about filters as they are about oscillators. East Beast’s filter is a multi-mode filter, meaning it can be used as a low pass filter, high pass filter, bandpass filter, or a combination of the three for an even wider sonic palate.
Demo by: Oliver Bacon
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32), and Oliver Bacon (Looma)"

Tony Rolando in conversation with Ray Barbee

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Tony Rolando in conversation with the legendary Ray Barbee!

Musician, photographer and Skateboarding pioneer Ray Barbee is an inspiration to us here at Make Noise, and his 2018 album 'Tiara For Computer' is a longstanding favorite!

We were so fortunate to have the great Ray Barbee stop by Asheville recently. He spoke with Make Noise founder Tony Rolando while in town about music, process and skating!

To see and hear more of what Ray is up to, check out the following links:
'Tiara For Computer':"

RD-9, TD-3, Buchla & Nord Modular Live from SYNTHON 909 DAY FEST

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Here is an excerpt from our SYNTHON 909 Day Fest performance. It was so much fun and such a successful stream. The TR-909 drum machine has become a genuine staple in electronic music production. With an illustrious list of tracks that feature those iconic sounds it is strictly unavoidable. We recently acquired the RD-9 by Behringer which attempts to clone much of the voicing used in the iconic drum machine. Did they do it? You be the judge. Alongside the TD-3, a clone of the TB-303 Bassline, the 909 makes it easy to cop a sense of nostalgia dating back to the 80s. This was a time when folks started implementing these poorly selling machines acquired at Pawn Shop prices to make music for dancing at the club. This underground dance music originated in Chicago, Detroit, and New York but quickly spread to the UK and Europe and took off like a shot. The rest is history, but that doesn't mean it should be forgotten. We took this opportunity to improvise on machines that evoke this sense of nostalgia to conjure the spirit of this very early and often minimal approach to make you move your body. Additional funk provided by the Buchla modular which acts as a synth voice and sampler in this context. The Nord Modular provides the background synths this time, but don't you worry, it will have its day to shine. Thanks to our friends at The Golden Shrimp Guild for encouraging us to join this stream and for being super rad folks in general!

Check out The Golden Shrimp Guild here:"

Joranalogue Audio Design COMPARE 2 / Practical User Guide / announcement

video upload by BRiES

"This summer I spent a few weeks compiling interesting things to do with COMPARE 2 (besides extracting triggers for off-kilter drumpatterns) in this Practical User Guide.

You can find the page for COMPARE 2 here:
Here's a direct link to the Practical User Guide:

I was kind of blown away myself in how many circuits at least some kind of comparator is used. I'm seeing a lot of second hand adds for people getting rid of COMPARE 2, and while there are of course always several reasons to sell a module, I guess for the most part it has to do with people being confused (I know I was, and still sometimes am) by the cryptic nature of this kind of module.

I love making these more technical and practical kind of documents. If anyone would want to commission a similar guide or manual, or if you'd like me to proofread/copywrite your website or existing manuals... you can contact me here to talk about that: briesmodular at gmail dot com

I was not sponsored for making this particular guide, but if you want to support my work you can visit my ko-fi page here:

Besides written guides I'm offering tailor made lessons as well (customized to your system - both written and through video call). If you're interested or curious it's best to just contact me to work out the details."

15 minutes with Stimming

video uploads by Sense Music & Media

Stimming: 15 minutes with Moog Grandmother
Stimming: 15 Minutes with Dreadbox Typhon
Stimming - 15 Minutes with Elektron Syntakt
Stimming: 15 Minutes with Teenage Engineering TX-6
Stimming: 15 Minutes with 1010music Nano Lemondrop
Stimming: 15 Minutes with SOMA LABORATORY Rumble Of Ancient Times

TROOPER Synthesizer by Yonac - Let's Check It Out - Demo for the iPad

video upload by The Sound Test Room

Short Flight Of Fancy

video upload by John L Rice

"Just a quick one for fun:

My briefcase eurorack modular synth is doing the sequencing. Detail on that case in this video: [posted here]

Several Mellotron M4000D tracks (Voice Hackett, Boys Choir, Flute, and Tangerine Dream sound effects)

Several Yamaha FS1R tracks (all the same heavy fuzz preset)

Thanks for watching and commenting! :-)"

Wondrous Ambient Synth Drones and Atmospheric Soundscapes

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"One hour of beautiful ambient evolving synth drones and atmospheric ambience sounds. Nice for soothing relaxation, sleep, meditation, therapy or just listening to and enjoying. Everything generated using NATIVE INSTRUMENTS REAKTOR SPACEDRONE, part of KOMPLETE.

00:00 Drone 1
05:00 Drone 2
10:00 Drone 3
15:00 Drone 4
20:00 Drone 5
25:00 Drone 6
30:00 Drone 7
35:00 Drone 8
40:00 Drone 9
45:00 Drone 10
50:00 Drone 11
55:00 Drone 12"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

VintageRack - Easy LoFi Vintage Vibe Effects

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"VintageRack (iOS and macOS) is a minimalistic and convenient multi-effect application that contains modules realistically simulating notable retro gear from the early digital age with their natural lo-fi and warm aesthetics. Most of the effects in this application have been inspired and based on the principles of actual hardware from the 70s and 80s, which is great for giving the sound of any instrument the nostalgic and emotional mood of old recordings.
App site:"

"VintageRack is a minimalistic and convenient multi-effect application that contains modules realistically simulating notable retro gear from the early digital age with their natural lo-fi and warm aesthetics. Most of the effects in this application have been inspired and based on the principles of actual hardware from the 70s and 80s, which is great for giving the sound of any instrument the nostalgic and emotional mood of old recordings.

This application has a clean and intuitive user interface with a well-considered structure. All controls are located on the main screen, which is divided into seven slots for processing (effect) modules. The first slot contains the module for controlling the input, the last one is for controlling the output. Each of the five slots in between are designed to use one of the effect modules. The input signal passes from the first to the last slot and is then sent to the output.

Each slot has a Master Fader that controls the presence of the effect, and a Mute button that smoothly turns the effect on and off. These controls are available to be assigned to a MIDI controller, or to use as audio unit parameters regardless of the type of module in the slot. Also in each slot, there is a Parameters button that opens a panel of additional parameters for each module. Additional parameters of modules are kept to a minimum and represent the most suitable use cases.

The key idea behind application control is to first adjust the parameters of modules, and then use only the Master Fader to change the presence or depth of the effect and the Mute button to turn it on and off. Everything is geared towards fast and easy use.

Another great feature of VintageRack is the ability to set a lower bit depth of processed signal, typical for early digital devices, both for the entire path and for individual modules. As with these devices, this application simulates pre- and post-processing of the analog signal both before and after the digital circuits with the addition of companders, emphasis and filters, which makes the sound similar to the real devices.

Effect modules:

- Analog-style compressor.
- Three band equalizer typical for mixing consoles.
- Classic and reverse delays with modulation feature.
- Two modules of Chorus simulating two well known devices.
- Two modules of Flanger with different options and tones.
- Two modules of Phaser with various sound character.
- AutoWah with several filters based on envelope generator.
- Combined effect of Tremolo and Vibrato with separate rate.
- Ring modulator with additional modulation of carrier.
- Two types of Fuzz with modulated filters.
- Simulation of one of the early digital reverbs.
- Input slot contains Noise gate and Automatic gain control.
- Output slot contains tape-style saturation and three general types of tonestack.

VintageRack is a universal application for iOS and macOS. It can work on iPhone and iPad as well as Mac / MacBook with M1 chip (and later). VintageRack works on iPhone and iPad standalone, as an Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio module, and supports Audiobus and Ableton Link. On MacOS, VintageRack can works both as a standalone application and as an Audio unit (AUv3) with DAWs and audio unit hosts like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, GarageBand, MainStage, Cockos Reaper, Plogue Bidule, Hosting AU, and other hosts that support AUv3 plugins. All application features are available on iOS and macOS, including MIDI support (with a MIDI learn option) and audio unit parameters. VintageRack has a built-in detailed description of all parameters also available as PDF file on the application site."

3D printed synth parts! Making cool and useful things with a Creality Ender 3 S1

video upload by LeoMakes

"3D printing is my new favorite thing! In this video, I use a 3D printer (a Creality Ender 3 S1) to make useful parts for my modular synthesizer and to prototype components for future musical inventions. I show what kind of accuracy you can expect to see straight out of the box with a modern printer like this one (hint: it's excellent). And finally, you’ll see a sneak peak of all the crazy things I have designed and printed for upcoming projects.

Here is the printer I used:

If you’re in the UK like me, you can get one here:

Note: These are not affiliate links and I don't get any kind of commission or anything like that. You should do your own research and buy the printer for you!

If you're into Patreon and supporting channels like this one, well, I'd love to have your support!"


video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"In this weeks episode of JunkRockTV i go round Amsterdam, and made a drum machine from clogs.
JunkRockTV was a passion project @Youth Hymns Dirty Films and I did a few years ago and we are very pleased to finally show you it!"

Moog MiniMoog Model D Reissue Analog Synthesizer SN 3109

via this auction

"Moog MiniMoog Model D Reissue in mint condition with ATA road case for sale. Serial #3109."

Sequential Prophet-5 SN 02169 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Elektron Digitone Keys

via this auction

Introducing the Blush Response Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2

video upload by nordkeyboards

"Introducing the Blush Response Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2 - an exclusive new patch collection created by the industrial techno artist and sound designer Blush Response. Download for free and listen to sound demos at!

'I really wanted to explore the different sides of the Wave 2 than you would normally hear. I would say these sounds are very useful for science fiction, industrial sounds and techno. There is a lot of sequencing, FM textures and just stuff on the outer realms of what is acceptable for sound'

The sound bank contains 25 signature sounds including industrial ambient pads, dystopian soundscapes, harsh drones, creative sequencing and experimental FM sounds.

Sound Demos:
Download the Blush Response Signature Sound Bank:"

MIDI Wave Theremin by Horst with DIY Piezo Trigger Pad

video upload by

"This is just a demonstration of the sound. Everything else is here"

Midi Theremin made in Australia !

We have a beautiful Midi Theremin for sale and we are shipping to Australia, UK, Canada, Europe, USA and more. If you are considering to buy a Theremin, please take a closer look at our Midi Theremin ...

midi theremin for sale

o Standalone Stereo Theremin

o MIDI Theremin Controller

o MIDI Drum Trigger Interface

o Unique Finger Drum Theremin

o Theremin Controlled 24 db Filter

o Theremin Controlled Ring Modulator

o Automatic Tune and Stabilise

The Midi Theremin in a "nutshell" :

We are exited to introduce you to a revolutionary approach to an old theme. We have re-invented this almost ancient electronic musical instrument and brought it into the 21 century. Using the power of modern electronics, we have unlocked new frontiers and enable you to make creative music in a new way.

Our Midi Theremin is more than just a simple Theremin:

(1) It can be played like a normal Theremin producing audio from a variety of build in oscillators, wave-forms and modulators, to create a multitude of different sounds and effects.

(2) It is also a very flexible Theremin Midi-controller. It is capable of producing a stream of midi messages like pitch-bend-messages, control-messages and note-on/off messages to control other midi-capable instruments or samplers. Using a "trigger-pad" , the Midi Theremin becomes a percussion instrument that can trigger samples and modulate them accurately in various ways.

(3) The Wave Theremin can also be used as a theremin controlled filter and ring-modulator, processing signals from the audio input or internal generators and sending the resulting wave forms to the audio output. The ladder-style self-oscillating 24 dB resonant filter is one of our favorite, allowing you to "play harmonics" in a new way.

A note from the designer:

Obviously this Theremin is more geared towards the "electronic music experimentalist" (like myself) and the Techno performer, and therefore demands it's own niche in the market (Sorry all you Theremin-Purists out there). Having one hand occupied with accurately controlling the pitch, leaves the other hand free to create improvised rhythms or to adjust all those parameters i.e. octave skipping, auto-trigger and volume etc...

Friendly Regards, Horst Gruhle, Design Engineer.

Patch n Tweak
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