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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Yamaha AN1x vs Oberheim OB-X8: Can an analog synth match the glory of a vintage VA???

video upload by thesrabbit

"A bit of a click-baity and facetious title. But there is a goal here. The Yamaha AN1x "005 Soar" preset is magical, majestic, glorious, epic, wonderful, etc. It uses 2 layers, or "scenes" as they're called on the AN1x. 1 layer is a soft floaty arpeggiated line and the other is an epic whooshing pad. It maxes out the use of onboard FX, using chorus, delay, and reverb. The FX mix is obviously very wet too, and maybe too much as it can get kind of muddy.

Anytime I get a synth that can do layers, I try to make a similar patch. It doesn't matter if it's an analog or digital synth. Some synths that I've tried have been the Sequential Rev2, Nord Lead 2, and Roland System-8. Out of those, the System-8 got pretty close, though not quite as epic. The other 2 didn't really impress me at all. So I guess you could say I'm still searching for something that can capture the magic of the original. And by the way, the goal isn't to make them sound exactly the same, but more to get similar epic vibes and feels. I just got the OB-X8, so I had to try it. I added delay and reverb from my go-to Audiothingies Doctor A. The dry/wet mix is about 50/50. The Audiothingies unit just seems to meld well with input sources, rather than taking them over. The arpeggiated layer uses the OB-Xa 24db low pass filter, and the pad layer uses the OB-X SEM 12db low pass filter. A winning combo, if you ask me!

Thoughts and opinions welcome in the comments."

KORG - miniKORG 700FS

video upload by NOISEBUG

"The miniKORG 700 was KORG’s first mass-produced monophonic synthesizer released in 1973 at a time when the form of synthesizers as musical instruments had not been fully established. After a lot of experimentation the miniKORG 700 arrived bringing the world of synthesizers to a wide group of users by offering simple operations that could producing extreme changes in sound, and was championed by a strong base of admiring musicians.

The miniKORG 700FS is an authentic revival of the miniKORG 700S, (an improved version of the miniKORG 700) that was released the following year. The revised miniKORG 700FS offers added functionality such as an arpeggiator, spring reverb and aftertouch. The miniKORG 700FS is a fully-realized analog synthesizer that was developed in conjunction with the original designer, Fumio Mieda.
Why revive the miniKORG 700 now?

The real beauty and awesomeness of the sounds produced by the miniKORG 700 could not be realized through analog modeling technology that uses computational integrated circuitry such as DSPs and other devices to model analog circuitry. And although KORG continues to produce analog synthesizers such as the prologue, the minilogue and many others, we recognize that these instruments owe their existence to the miniKORG 700.

While theoretical know how is important when designing analog circuitry, deep experience is also required to understand what the results will actually be once the circuitry is completed. Ten years have passed since the monotron, a next-generation analog product from 2010 was developed by young KORG engineers and analog enthusiasts. It took some time for the full vision of these engineers to be explored and delivered but at last we’ve finally arrived – at the start.

Our wish is for customers to experience the beauty and awesomeness of the authentic analog sound through the miniKORG 700FS designed by the KORG analog engineers under the supervision of Fumio Mieda, who designed the original circuitry, ensuring that the elements that go beyond the circuit schematics would be faithfully represented.
Beautiful synth leads, thick bass – and more

While the miniKORG 700 was KORG’s first synthesizer, it also produced some of the fattest and most dense sounds of all of our synthesizers. The miniKORG 700FS, features oscillators with a penetrating sound and an authentic recreation of the Traveler controller, one of the key features of the miniKORG 700.

The volca keys and volca bass use the filter circuit from the miniKORG 700, because the clear and penetrating characteristics of this filter were a perfect match for products that specialize in lead and bass synth sounds with a strong presence. The miniKORG 700 sound sits easily in today’s music, particularly with its lead and bass synth sounds.
The possibilities as a sub keyboard

The miniKORG 700 came about as a sub keyboard that players would set atop their organs (frequently used in the 1970s) to augment the organ’s sound palette. Nowadays, the beautiful lead synth sound of the miniKORG 700FS works well with stage keyboards such as or electric pianos, organs and so on.

The controls on the miniKORG 700 were laid out below its keys in a row, so that players who set the instrument on top of their organ would find them easy to access. Even today, this layout is intuitive and easy to understand, with a unique look that no other instrument offers.
Functionality we added to the original

When the miniKORG 700 was originally released, electronic components were larger in size, limiting its functionality due to the small space inside. Thanks to changes in technology, we now have more space to add a spring reverb effect as well as a joystick for pitch bend and modulation. The new version also features aftertouch for added expressiveness, as well as important features an arpeggiator, USB port, MIDI IN connector and a CV/GATE IN jack.

We’ve also added a memory program button, so there’s no need for players to write down the positions of the knobs and levers to recreate their favorite sounds.
Traveler controller

The most characteristic feature of the miniKORG 700, the Traveler controller consisted of two sliders situated below the keyboard. With these controls, players could adjust the cutoff frequency, with the upper lever controlling the low-pass filter and the lower lever controlling the high-pass filter. This gave players the freedom to adjust the expressive character of the sound according to the position of the levers. By moving the levers to the left and right while playing the keys, wah-wah and muted sounds could be created along with the iconic 'traveling' sound."

Behind Bloom - Vintage Synths

video upload by Minimal Audio

"Bloom - An ethereal sound FX library with 1000+ designed sounds.
Learn more →

Discover evolving atmospheres, nuanced drums, melodic loops, foley textures, vocal SFX, and more. Whether you're looking for deep soundscapes or subtle sonic embellishments, Bloom offers an unparalleled library of expansive sound design elements.

Free Sample Drops →"

1978 Roland GS-500 Vintage Analog Guitar Synthesizer and Controller

via this auction

"1978 Roland GS-500 Guitar Synthesizer and Controller in collector-grade, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the hardshell case for guitar controller and the original manual. Exceedingly rare, with said rarity elevated further by the pristine condition and completeness of this example, the GS-500 was the world’s first guitar-controlled synthesizer. Introduced as a string-based alternative to keyboard-controlled synthesizers, this system gained popularity with musicians including Mike Rutherford of Genesis and Alex Lifeson of Rush.

1981 Roland Studio System-100M Modular Synthesizer & Model 181 Keyboard w/ Cables & Original Box

via this auction, also on Reverb

"1981 Roland Studio System-100M Modular Synthesizer and Model 181 keyboard controller in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Stunningly well-kept and complete with numerous patch cables as well as the original shipping box for the keyboard controller, this vintage analog synth is complete and freshly serviced.

First released in 1978, the System 100M was Roland’s scaled-down follow-up to the iconic System 700, their first truly modular unit. It was released in tandem with 13 individual rack modules available for integration into the system. This particular System 100M features the 191-J 5-module case rack. While the 181 keyboard and 191-J case are not not from the same original unit, they were (according to serial numbers) produced in short proximity to each other.

There are 5 individual modules currently mounted in the 191-J case:

Roland SH-5

via this auction

"The Roland SH-5, one rare and very cool vintage synth, probably one of the best looking synths ever made, truly unique sounds, the bandpass filter is incredible sounding on this! FULLY SERVICED two months ago, this is 110 voltage for U.S. No international shipping on this one sorry! I am NOT super eager to sell this! All latches present and working, tolex in good shape, even has the original rubber feet! The only issue is the door for where the power cord gets stashed came off, pretty simple fix, just need two tiny screws to reattach, otherwise condition is 8 out of 10,"

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard

via this auction

Bill Wolfer: It's the 50th Anniversary of my Minimoog!

video upload by Bill Wolfer

"I bought this Minimoog Model D in 1972, and have had it ever since. It was recently restored, so I made a video to celebrate it and its birthday!

All the sounds are straight from the Mini plugged direct into a Focusrite interface connected to an iPad, with reverb and echo provided by the iPad.

Thanks to David Rogoff for the excellent restoration work."

P.S. "It was my first synth--I bought it in 1972! Serial number 1407, clear wheels and all. Still has the original oscillators."

P.P.S. Bill Wolfer played in Michael Jackson's Thriller. You can find his self title releases and a short bio on discogs here.

[first take] I got a synthesizer

video upload by Fumia

"I got a synthesizer."


Yamaha CS1X

Sequential Circuits Pro-One SN 5573

via this auction

"Great working pro one. Nice keyboard (j-Wire). Has some scratches and dings, check the pictures.
Fully working properly.

MTG TURBO + Midi is a huge boost to this unit. All the original features, and all the original analog circuitry plus the following:

Check out music technologies group dot com
Each sequence can be up to 256 steps (compared to total of 40 steps on the original).
Sequences are retained in memory even after power-down. The CPU module does not use a battery.
Power-on settable parameters for clock start mode, arpeggio up/down end notes, arpeggio down mode and arpeggio gate time.
Sequence Tie mode allows for a variety of note lengths.
Sequence End mode lets you chain the two sequences.
Firmware update (�re-flashing�) over MIDI (using MIDIOX or similar).
Monophonic MIDI output of arpeggiator and sequencer data.
Polyphonic MIDI output of keyboard data.
Arpeggiator and sequencer sync-able to MIDI Sync In (settable clock rate).
Load/Save sequence data over MIDI.
MIDI In, MIDI Out and optional MIDI Thru.
Optional MIDI In/Out activity LEDs.
This unit also includes a 3 prong power supply and a ground loop fix. (look into Pro One hum grounding mod, the units have some issues with that for some people).
All mods professionally installed and are done with connectors, so the voice board can be removed for any future service."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3.2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Recently serviced Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3.2
The world's first programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer. One of the all time greatest synths ever made and one of my personal favorites.

Has some minor scuffs which is to be expected for it's age. Everything is fully functional and ready to play. Does not have MIDI but it can be installed easily."

Korg PolySix w/ KiwiSix Mod & Walnut Chasis

via this auction

"Kiwisix Mod with Kiwisix Overlay
Upgraded Kiwisix Power Supply
New Walnut Wood Chasis

Everything is in excellent working condition."

E-mu XK-6 Xtreme Keys SN 110100103

via this auction

Nord Micromodular w/ Original Box

via this auction

Soundmachines Modulor114

via this auction

Waldorf Iridium / Quantum - "Explorations" Soundset (52 Presets)

video upload by LFOstore

"Soundset is here -

After a successful 'Cosmos' soundset release, LFO Store is back to give some movement for your body and soul! "Explorations" is a perfect soundset for synthwave, pop, dance and electronica music styles. Top-rated leads, mind-blowing basses, attractive sequences, dreamy plucks and even exclusive dance drum kits are available for you in this collection! Created by a well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz.

Product Details:
- 52 high-quality presets
- 30Mb of .wav files (samples)
- 100% Royalty-Free.

We strongly advise you to install the latest software update for your hardware synthesizer. These presets were created using 2.8 version of April, 2022. The soundset is made on Iridium, however is fully compatible with Waldorf Quantum."

SYLENTH1 SYNTH DEMO - Still Sounds Stunning

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Playing demo of one of the most popular software synthesizer VST plugins of all time and an essential tool of EDM and dance music production for the last 15 years. This is SYLENTH1 from LENNARDIGITAL Enjoying the "Best Of Diva" preset bank, playing huge bass, pad and lead sounds with some interpretations of old 80s and 90s hits that you may recognise!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Chantlings Zoia Pocket operator tabletop USB powered jam

video upload by myVolts

"I've been training my own personal backing singers for my @teenageengineering Pocket Operator, the wonderful #chantlings are doing fine! 👍✨
So, the setup is... Audio is coming from my Pocket Operator, it's playing a tune, which is being output to the @empress_effects ZOIA pedal, a wonderful effects box if there ever was one. 😍
The Zoia output is then inputted to the mic in on the iPad (chantlings is made for singing into, but with a simple channel splitter you can play anything into it). 😋✨
The output end of the iPad audio splitter is then sent to the little fender speaker on the desk. 🔊🔉✨
This gives me an interesting output (the PO) and two potential ways to apply effects, either the native Pocket Operator effects (high pass filters/stutters/etc.), as you see me do in the video or I can use the Zoia. 💣💯
The Zoia is a great effect unit, but so much more... you can program it with "patches" or download and apply one made in it's thriving online community. You can "play" it too. 💥🙏
I even tried plugging a tula mic into the PO input, the audio came through nicely and the "chantlings" harmonized well with my attempts at singing. 😜👏✨
A Sunday morning well spent. 😊
Note the whole setup was mobile powered with our ReVolt and Ripcord USB cables. 😁✨
Also our delicious Candycord audio cables are on show. 🍭💖😁✨"

New Qu-Bit Nautilus Sub-Nautical Complex Delay Network Eurorack Module

"Batten the hatches, because Qu-Bit Electronix is seafaring with their sub-nautical, complex multi-delay line effects module: Nautilus. Billed as sub-nautical, the Nautilus is inspired by sonar and the underwater topographical maps it can creates, this stereo delay uses its eight delay lines to create complex networks that traverse an aquatic path. Synced with an external or internal clock in unique ways, the rhythms it generates interact with each other to create new patterns.

Not limited to sonic interactions, the Nautilus has a gate/CV output called Sonar. Using the settings and algorithms selected, Sonar will output a gate signal or CV that's based on the explorations of the delay lines. Explorations are deep and vast with each delay line able to be up to 20 seconds long and with three different settings—Fade, Doppler, and Shimmer—the deep sea diving and aquatic spelunking will yield plenty. Enjoy the solitude of the sea with the Nautilus, a deep sea, sub-nautical, multi-delay line module from Qu-Bit Electronix.


Multi-faceted, multi-delay line effects module and underwater exploratory device
Generates delays based on sonar and topographical maps
Internal or external clocking
Ultra-low noise floor
8 codependent delay lines with 20 seconds of audio each
Sonar output that emits gate and CV signals related to the delay
Stereo in/out
Fade, Doppler, and Shimmer modes"

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Native Instruments releases KOMPLETE 14, KONTAKT 7, and CHOIR: OMNIA

video upload by Native Instruments

"The wait is nearly over. KOMPLETE 14 drops September 27th and it’s packed with more tools than ever, including over 145 instruments and effects, over 100 Expansions, and over 135,000 sounds.

Discover KOMPLETE 14:

Introducing brand-new releases like KONTAKT 7, CHOIR: OMNIA, and iZotope’s Ozone 10 Standard, as well as NI favorites like PLAYBOX, LORES, and 40’S DRUMS AND KEYS, it’s got all you need to spark new ideas, keep you in your creative flow, and take your tracks to the finish line.

There’s even new additions from Soundwide partners Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, with vocal tuning from bx_crispytuner, powerful analog synths like Knif Audio's Knifonium, and legendary console emulations that help give your sounds that studio shine."

KOMPLETE 14 In Action | Native Instruments
video upload by Native Instruments


Red Means Recording explores KOMPLETE 14 | Native Instruments

video upload by Native Instruments

3 Tracks with Komplete 14

video upload by Red Means Recording

And the press release:

KOMPLETE's biggest update yet features 60 newly included instruments, effects, and Expansions, plus iZotope's mastering tool Ozone 10 Standard and additions from Plugin Alliance and Brainworx

Berlin, September 27th, 2022 – Native Instruments today released a massive update to its flagship production suite, KOMPLETE 14. Now available in NI's online shop, it features KOMPLETE's most extensive range of sounds so far and seamless tools for putting the ideas they inspire into motion, creating an all-in-one package for creativity. KOMPLETE 14's expansive libraries help find, design, and transform instruments in previously unimagined ways, with premium search tools to focus on sounds fast. KOMPLETE 14 is available in four different sizes – SELECT, STANDARD, ULTIMATE, and COLLECTOR'S EDITION, the last being a comprehensive offering of 145+ instruments, 100+ Expansions, and over 135,000 sounds. With synths, sampled instruments, percussion tools, immersive effects, and more across the stylistic spectrum, KOMPLETE 14 remains the go-to choice for music-makers of all types to find their ideal creative flow.

Included in KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and above, KONTAKT 7 offers a huge library of sounds, alongside iZotope's all-new mastering tool, Ozone 10 Standard, which assists in putting the finishing touches on any production. More new additions come via an array of synths and effects from Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, as well as the CHOIR: OMNIA sample library, included in the KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR'S EDITION.

KONTAKT 7 is the next evolution of the world’s favorite sampler. Included with KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and above, KONTAKT 7 features a refreshed HiDPI Factory library, with new instruments ranging from an orchestral section from Orchestral Tools to rare analog synths and everything in-between. An enhanced HiDPI browser offers lightning-fast access to filter and preview the largest selection of sampled instruments around, including global text search and editable filters for searching sounds. KONTAKT 7 also includes under-the-hood audio improvements and the new effects Psyche Delay and Ring Modulator from GUITAR RIG 6 PRO.

Soundwide (the group consisting of Native Instruments, iZotope, Plugin Alliance, and Brainworx) and its comprehensive ecosystem of audio creation products is on display throughout the leading production-suite that is KOMPLETE 14. Powered by machine learning, the Ozone 10 Standard tools from iZotope make mastering easy, with assistive technology driving balance in this latest version of the industry’s most comprehensive pro mastering software. New tools from Plugin Alliance and Brainworx help further develop and drive creativity, with synths and effects, including bx_Oberhausen, Knifonium, LO-FI-AF, Focusrite SC, and more.

CHOIR: OMNIA captures a 40-person vocal ensemble at their passionate peak. Created in collaboration with Strezov Sampling, the production process used a world-class signal chain to record the choir over six weeks of live performances. The library creates a contemporary symphonic experience for dynamic scoring across soprano, tenor, alto, and bass sections. Two browsers and intuitive controls allow for easier use of the expressive, deeply customisable instrument, and the SYLLABUILDER enables the construction of individual syllables and intricate phrases to create entirely unique vocalizations.

Soundwide’s mission is to make music and audio creation a more joyful and inspiring experience for creators everywhere by helping them to find, and stay in, their creative flow. KOMPLETE 14 is just the latest development in NI's commitment to providing best-in-class tools for bedroom producers and seasoned pros alike. The four tiers of KOMPLETE 14 likewise include a range of advanced instruments, effects, and Expansions, such as SOUL SESSIONS and NEO BOOGIE in the SELECT package, PLAYBOX in STANDARD, PIANO COLORS and ASHLIGHT in ULTIMATE, and LORES in COLLECTOR'S EDITION.

Midiwaves by Ned Rush and Isotonik Studios

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"Midi Waves is an experimental midi note generator and modulator.

- LFO Generated MIDI Messages - pitch, velocity, duration and gate
- Each element has its own LFO so they can be offset from each other
- All snapped to a musical scale
- Export the MIDI to record on another track to capture your awesome accidents!


Midi messages such as pitch, velocity, duration and gate are generated using LFOs that can be all set independently to create midi events and patterns that could otherwise be hard to achieve using a sequencer or a keyboard.

Because each item in the list has its own LFO, each of those LFOs can be offset from each other to create these unusual cascading events that go in and out of phase and go off kilter with each, other but are still snapped to a musical scale so they can sound quite pleasing and can enable you to come up with very interesting, beautiful phrases or perhaps weird ones or scary ones or perhaps nothing at all. It's entirely up to you!

In Live, the output of the device can be routed to another Midi track where the notes it generates can be captured to regular midi, enabling you to capture moments that inspire.


Hexinverter Mutant Chicken Eurorack Module

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

"All-analog Squawk Sound Engine
No microcontrollers or digital emulation present; the Mutant Chicken actually chooches a real chicken for that pure, analog tone!
Just like the other Mutant Drums, there is a eurorack-compatible Trigger input to activate the chicken. Longer gate durations mean longer squawks.
A hi-fidelity mic capsule buried in the depths of the chicken's body captures all of this analog warmth and amplifies it up to modular-levels for processing through your eurorack system at the SQWK OUT jack.
Pneumatically-driven for maximum power; a massive tank means you should never run out of Squawk energy.
Over 300 lumens of Voltage-controlled Radiance to Accompany Your Performances
Utilising high-power modern LED technology, the Mutant Chicken features 9watts of voltage-controlled LED power for sensory feedback! A custom driver circuit takes eurorack level signals and converts them into up to 300 lumens of radiant luminosity.
New Old Stock analog opto-isolator (vactrol) technology adds that distinctive analog slew to the Brilliance CV, while also protecting your modular system from complete destruction.

Research and development of the Mutant Chicken has been quite a journey, spanning years of intense research and development. There were times when the whole project seemed in doubt and only bloody-minded commitment kept us going.

No effort or expense has been spared, from sourcing rare new-old-stock parts, to the use of pricey opto-isolators for that unmistakable analog slew, to finding the brightest, most powerful LEDs available on the market.

I got this from Stacy from Hexinverter and it’s time to get it into the hands of a real monster. It’s unfortunate that Hexinverter will be closing operations this year, those were some great modules. Celebrate the goodness and get the Mutant Chicken!

Take note - there are a few minute scratches on the white of the front panel from moving around in the box over the years."

Loudest Warning Sing To Me panel

via this auction

"The LW Sing To Me panel build by Charlie. Will ship with a boat"

Loudest Warning Sequencing Panel

via this auction

Arturia MicroFreak sound demo (no talking)

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Arturia MicroFreak sound demo (no talking)
Favorite Patches
This one is for sale :

0:00 - 0:20. 28 Normandy. (From New Presets 4.0)
0:21 - 0:48. 46 Pfegeleicht. (From New Presets 4.0)
0:49 - 1:18. 64 Shorties (From New Presets 4.0)
1:19 - 1:33. 27 December (From Ambient Peaks )
1:34 - 1:58. 12 Darkstream (From factory 2.1)
1:59 - 2:19. 1 Frost (From Ambient Peaks )
2:20 - 2:36. 25 Inertia (From Ambient Peaks )
2:37 - 2:55 3. Trim (From Vast Lands )
2:56 - 3:31. 23 Pale Segue (From Vast Lands )"

via this auction

Jomox Sunsyn MK2 SN 0126

via this auction

"The SunSyn features 2 analog oscillators (VCO's) per voice. The waveforms include sawtooth, square and pulse with pulsewidth-modulation. But in addition to these are the new Ramp Controlled Oscillators (RCO's). The RCOs follow the VCO characteristics like modulation, sync, tuning and frequency alterations. The RCO's use digital sounds which come from 4 wavesets, each with 256 waveforms each. In effect, these digital sounds get an analog treatment for nicer, warmer and fatter tones. There are 4 RCO's per voice and wavesets can be added via PCMCIA-card.

The filter section is also a true analog design but with very modern features. It is a 4-pole filter but fully configurable with independent high pass and low pass features available. Create filters that range from the sounds of a Minimoog, to the squelchy 303. Filter settings can be stored in one of two scene memories and real-time Morphing between scenes can be accomplished.

As for modulation, JoMoX has devised a clever Routing System for the SunSyn, turning it into an 8-voice modular! It is used to virtually patch between various modules or parameters. There are up to 4 Routing Elements per voice with 4,096 possible combinations per Routing Element. Modulation paths are configured using the front panel display screens. This modular approach to signal routing is a feature usually found only on the huge, expensive classic Modular synths by ARP, E-mu, Moog and Buchla. Unlike those, however, the SunSyn features complete patch memory (350 patches and 150 multi-patches) and multitimbral MIDI implementation. Most parameters can be controlled by MIDI, and controller/editor templates for most sequencers will be, or already are available. As for output, there are stereo outs, 8 freely routable individual outs and a stereo input to run external audio through the Routing system."

Yamaha CS-60 w/ Pink Tape

via this auction

MFB Urzwerg Pro

via this auction

"MFB Urzwerg Pro sequencer NOS / new old stock.
One of the best step sequencers ever made, with a degree of flexibility missing from much more expensive and complex machines. Great, compact, sturdy & lightweight tool for modular system or polysynths control.

MIDI & CV/gate operation. Control 4 synths or modules simultaneously with one sequencer – or layer 4 polyphonic voices.
4 rows of 8 steps each, linkable to 2x16 steps
gate on/off + CV rotary control per row
set number of steps per row (in real time)
individual gate & CV outputs per row! MIDI in out thru on the back.
range and gate length can be set in real time, for unparalleled improv capabilities
deep MIDI programmability: have 2 rows do pitch, another do velocity etc... adapt to any use
rows can move back, forth and <–>
control number of steps per row and program polyrhythms on the fly
2 shuffle modes
LED per step showing you where you are (new to MKII)"

ROLAND Alpha Juno-1

via this auction

Moog Mavis & Boss DD8 Digital Delay

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

NUNOMO QUN MK2 : 基本操作・シーケンス入力・音作りについて

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

"NUNOMOの「QUN MK2」は、シーケンサーとルーパーを搭載したパワフルでユニークなポケットシンセサイザーです。



"NUNOMO's 'QUN MK2' is a powerful and unique pocket synthesizer with sequencer and looper.
This time, I will explain basic operations, sequence input, and sound creation.

Purchase page (beatsville)"

"Qun-mk2 is a tiny synthesizer with a powerful sound engine, sequencer and looper."

You can find additional demos in previous posts here.

Teraverse Sequence Two

video upload by VirSyn

"Two sounds from Teraverse manually morphed via modulation wheel, sequenced with Fugue machine in AUM

Teraverse on the App Store:"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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