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Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Eurorack Wave Terrain Synthesis Module (New Terrain Test)

video upload by Sam Carswell

"Testing out what sounds I can get from a new terrain at audio rates. There's a few crackles and pops in there, the causes and solutions to which are explored in some upcoming writing about it. Will update the description once that's published. The interference sounds are coming from my phone being too close to my monitors...whoops haha"

See the Carswell label below for more.

Soon by My Bloody Valentine but with Synths, No Guitar

video upload by Luna Campos

"Trying out an idea for Loveless songs but with only synths and drum machines.

Sequencing my ARP 2600, Roland JX3P and Sequential Circuits Drumtraks with my Arturia Keystep Pro."

She’s … 909 jam

video upload by Luna Campos

"Always late to the party #909day (I had the mangle the audio and repost this cover so the claims bots don’t come for me again)"

Autumn Dusk / Featuring Novation Peak / Ambient Music

video upload by Takeyuki Hakozaki / Pollypraha

"Recording Date : 9.30.2022
Sounds and Movie by Takeyuki Hakozaki

Novation Peak
Oto BAM, Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water, Chase Bliss Audio Habit.

JLR's Modular Synthesizers - System Breakdown #5 -

video upload by John L Rice

JLR's Modular Synthesizers System Breakdown posts

"This is the fifth video breakdown/rundown for one of my modular synth systems, this time I'm doing one of my smallest eurorack systems built into a small red toolbox. Next time I'll do my triple hinged Box4 5U system.

0:00 Beginning
0:38 Introduction
1:55 Notes on the case and power supply
2:44 Module contents rundown
5:14 Thoughts on case evolution and modifications
10:08 Shirt 🤓
10:34 Realtime patching
17:17 "Deep Dream" video with introduction (sub woofer recommended!)
21:57 Bonus Section: Instagram Clips introduction
22:55 January 2018
26:35 February 2018
30:22 May 2018
33:19 August 2018
34:19 December 2018
35:19 March 2019
37:19 April 2019
38:20 December 2019
39:20 April 2020
42:19 January 2022
47:17 August 2022
51:57 September 2022
53:48 End?

You can see details of the modules on my ModularGrid page:

Special thanks to the folks who provided above and beyond support over the years with some of the current contents in this case! 🥰
Gur at TipTop Audio -
Paul at Synth Tech -
Dan at Tendrils -

Also many thanks to MATRIXSYNTH for always posting my videos! 🤗

And check out JHS Pedals for great gear and merch! 👍

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, subscribing, and commenting! 🥳 If you found the content of this video helpful, interesting, or entertaining, please consider showing your support so I can stay stocked up on coffee and cookies. 😋

Schedule Revised Oct 5 2022 (*subject to change)
1) 5U - DotCom Tolex Jul 08, 2021
2) 5U - DotCom Box11 Aug 18, 2021
3) ER - EWI Briefcase Dec 01, 2021
4) 5U - Supplement #1 Mar 03, 2022
5) 5U - Moon Case Mar 17, 2022
6) ER - Ace Toolbox Oct 5, 2022
7) 5U - Triple Box4 (*Nov 01, 2022)
8) 5U - EWI 16 table (*Dec 01, 2022)
9) ER - RoadReady (*Jan 01, 2023)
10) 5U - GRP Case (*Feb 01, 2023)
11) ER - Pedalboard/Pod/CM (*Mar 01, 2023)
12) 5U - EWI 16 seq+syn+pedals+mixer (*Apr 01, 2023)
13) ER - Folding Dual Box11 (*May 01, 2023)
14) 5U - The WALL! (*Jun 01, 2023)
15) Series wrap up? (??? ??, 202?)"

Machine Music - a droney experimental synth groove

video upload by Dj Puzzle

"A droney experimental synth groove. haven’t tinkered with this rig in a bit. @Korg SQ-64 at the heart and @Donnerdeal B1 on the Acid bassline. Feels good to get it all patched up with something fresh. #modularsynth #dawless #analoguesynth"

Overlooked Module #12: Pluton Modular Envade

video upload by Poorness Studios

"This is the next video in my Overlooked Modules series. Today, I'm taking a closer look at the Envade from Pulton Modular. This fun module outputs a gate and a envelope with every press of the button. It can be purchased a DIY kit or a completed module.

You can find Pluton's Etsy page here:"

You can find Poorness Studios' overlooked module videos here.

Designed to have more utility than the usual Eurorack button module, Envade has a built in rise-fall slew output in addition to its gate out!

2022 UPDATE:
The panel is now 8HP, as opposed to 9 in the original design (The electronics are unchanged). We're learning more every day, so please stick with us as we improve!
If you bought Envade with the 9HP panel and would like us to send you an 8HP replacement panel, please get in touch through the contact seller option or via the e-mail address on our website.

So far we've found many fun ways to use it in patches:
+ Use the gate to step a sequencer while using the CV as the envelope
+ Control a filter with a slow envelope for beautiful, ambient input
+ Set the rise time to a low value to use it as a sensitive, expressive envelope that changes in intensity based on how long you press

But there are infinite other ways to use it!
It's especially great for use in live jamming, due to its expressive and tweakable nature.

This is the first module we've ever designed, but we're proud to present it to you all! It's spent about 4 months in careful development as I learned (and continue to learn) the best practices of analog design.

We've already begun work on more modules, and are excited to grow with you!

Build guide, power, and size information available at

L-Fusion - She Said - Live 02 - Eurorack Analog Synthesizer Performance

video upload by LFusion Electronics

"Live performance made to test new Analog and Digital Eurorack modules by L-Fusion Electronics including filters and VCOs controlled by CV via MIDI."

Quick Eurorack Modular Tip : Super Sick Oscillator Sync Wave Synthesis

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Peep the blog for more sync wave exploration :

It's time for another Quick Eurorack Tip ! ⁠
Today our pal Wes is taking a brief look at some Sync Wave Sounds. A unique way to get some excellent timbres out of your oscillators, Sync techniques are super accessible and easy to patch in a modular environment.

Here wes uses two Intelllijel Dixie 2+ oscillators to make some gnarly sounds with a little modulation. TRY THESE TRICKS AT HOME ;)

Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. Open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, get your hands on the most excellent gear!"

Tiptop 257t Overview Videos - Parts 3 - 6

Parts 3 - 6 of Todd Barton's Tiptop 257t overview videos have been added to this post.

Patching Strategies and building of FOLD. The Erica X Klein .EDU wavefolder module.

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Today we explore the whole mki x es .EDU sustem in depth, with extra emphasis in cool uses of the FOLD module! I also build and calibrate the module, check it out! Index below.

Find out more:

My Website: My Patreon:

Stay Noisy!

Intro 0:00
FOLD 0:45
Patching Strategies 1:30
Building FOLD 38:00
Calibrating FOLD 44:43
Stay Noisy! 46:19"

The Sound of Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes - E-MU Emax SE

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

One of my favorite songs from Depeche Mode from the album Violator (1989)
I used the E-MU Emax SE Sampling Synthesizer (1986) for all sounds incl. the drums.

Like usual is this not a exact cover. My interpretation.

The E-MU Emax was one of the most used sampling synthesizers of the late 80s. Here is the full Emax playlist with a lot sampling sound demos, sampling tutorials and one synth demo tracks.
E-MU Emax Playlist:"


video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Got to make some music from time to time! Here's a 'jam' using the #microfreak @VolcaNiced sent in change for one of my synths. #QY70 is doing the sequencing here in pattern mode while also playing drums, brass and bass, JD-08 is for pad and that "chiming" sound, while the Freak is used for soloing. I''m editing parameters on the QY70 "live" here and change patterns with the left hand while playing some notes with the right hand. Not too complicated but needed some rehearsing anyway.


Arturia Pigments3 "YOGA VOL.2" Soundset 65 patches

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to our third complete soundset for Arturia Pigments3 - "YOGA Vol.2"

Special scapes sound bank for your spiritual practices!


YOGA Vol2 contains its own set of oscillators (YOGA BANK2), which makes its set of sounds exclusive and expands the potential of the synthesizer.

65 organic presets with:


Made by Alexander Kav
Enjoy the sounds & be inspired re-discovering your Pigments synthjesizer!"

Qun mk2 demo : Crossfading Looper

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"Recent firmware added crossfading feature between the sound engine and the looper, it can make some fun, especially with other drum machines. #qunmk2 #synthesizer"

Modor DR-2 Drum Machine with Mixing Desk in Studio

video upload by Dziam Bass

"In this movie is some fun from hands with Modor DR-2 Drum machine.
I love work with DR-2 because with Studio desk and some processing this sound is AWESOME for me !!!

working with machines is an important element for me as the basis of music based on rhythm ... I especially love to add color in the studio and improvise during sessions .. but sometimes I just program

small drums improvisation but of course this is incredible machine for programming up to 128 step .

First of all: although it's digital, the DR-2 is not about sampling. It's a drum synthesizer, like a classic analog drum machine, but it uses digital sound synthesis algorithms instead of analog circuitry. There are no samples in the DR-2, and there's no sample memory.

Just like the Modor NF-1, the DR-2 is not build to recreate the classics of the past. The DR-2 uses digital sound synthesis to innovate drum sounds and rhythms. Many sounds will be recognizable. It is possible to make classic sounding bass drums, snares and rimshots. It's not difficult to program classic floorfillers with the DR-2. But with 12 synthesis parameters per drum, you'll easily find yourself creating your own individual sound."

COBALT8 Factory Library Vol 2 Play Through

video upload by Modal Electronics

"With a massive feature set added to the COBALT8 series by firmware V2, we also delivered the new Factory Library V2 to harness the power of new filters, new synth features and new effects. Have a listen to some of the V2 patches."

Blade Runner-Inspired Modular Sketch | Vangelis Tribute |

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching! #vangelis #eurorack #bladerunner

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Cre8audio East Beast Vs West Pest + String Quartet | Fraternal Twins

video upload by the machine in the botanical garden

"Composition for Cre8audio East Beast and West Pest synthesizer +String Quartet. Short review of the two synthesizers.
East Beast and West Pest are two small semi-modular synthesizers created by cre8audio in association with the Pittsburgh Modular team.
I have written the score with the Staffpad score player and editor. The library used for the winds sounds is Berlin strings First Chairs from Orchestral tools (Staffpad version).

The composition is titled: Fraternal Twins 1"

New STG Soundlabs Boat Rocker - 60HP Powered Eurorack Case

via this auction

"This is a 60HP powered Eurorack case with one amp of power per rail (+12, -12, and +5) which is 100% compatible with the fantastic multi-boat frames made by our friends Moog Music in Asheville NC.

The boat itself is my own, designed with the help of Future Retro of Bristol VA. It has a lovely black anodised finish and is extremely beefy. The endcaps are American walnut, finished in pure organic tung oil.

There are twenty M3 nuts installed, and included is a 15V power supply to drive The Boat Rocker."

E-mu Emulator 1 - Sampler Synthesizer - w/ 90 Disks, Expression, & Flight Case

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Comes with 90 Disks, Emu expression pedal, and Anvil Flight Case. All functions currently work. You can sample into the EMU onto floppy disk if you so desire. Here are the sounds in order: 1. Harp 0:00 2. Musical Saw 0:11 3. Male Choir 0:32 4. French Horns and Flute 0:53 5. Prophet 1:06 6. Synth Wind 1:23 7. Soft Brass 1:33 8. Mountain Lion 1:45 9. Synth Brass 2:02 10. French Horns and Flute (with Filter) 2:25 11. Tabla 2:46 12. Bowed Cymbals 3:00 13. Sitar 3:17 14. Steel Drums 3:26

The E-mu Emulator was a floppy disk-based keyboard workstation which enabled the musician to sample sounds, recording them to non-volatile media and allowing the samples to be played back as musical notes on the keyboard. The 51⁄4” floppy disk drive enabled the owner to build a library of samples and share them with others, or buy pre-recorded libraries on disk.

The Emulator had a very basic 8-bit sampler – ; it only had a simple filter, and only allowed for a single loop. The initial model did not even include a VCA envelope generator. It came in three forms: A two-voice model (only one of these was ever sold), a four-voice model, and an eight-voice model. When the original Emulator was turned on the keyboard was split. It was designed to be played in split mode, so playing the same sound on the full keyboard required loading up the same sound floppy disk in each drive.

Stevie Wonder, who gave the sampler a glowing review at the 1981 NAMM convention, received the first unit (serial number “0001”). Originally 0001 was promised to Daryl Dragon of Captain & Tennille, because he had been a loyal E-mu modular system owner for a long time before that. However, Wonder was more famous. In 1982, the Emulator was updated to include a VCA envelope generator and a simple sequencer, and the price was lowered. Approximately 500 units were sold before the unit was discontinued in early 1984. Other prominent users of the original E-mu Emulator were New Order, Tangerine Dream, and Genesis, and it was among the many groundbreaking instruments used in the production of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album. Composer and Writer David Frank of The System used the original Emulator on his productions from “Sweat” to “Don’t Disturb this Groove.” The Residents, who had gotten the fifth Emulator to ever be produced, used the instrument extensively on their album The Tunes of Two Cities.'"

Studio Electronics Omega CODE 8 OD w/ discrete opamps SN 1378

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"Its a great sounding, massive, analog synth with additional overdrive on all voices and features the discrete op-amp upgrade, which gives it nice sub bass capability. Wide range of very direct, warm poly sounds and tons of possibilities to tweak. nicely integraded midi functionality! (especially if you get the software to it..)

It got sent to me (1 year ago) right from SE servicing and calibration and is still very much on point."

Roland Jupiter 6 SN 364233

via this auction

"Here's a REFURBISHED Roland Jupiter 6 61 Key Synthesizer. The whole synth has been given a thorough refurb job from our in house tech with 45 years of experience. The only things replaced or added were the knobs to which we bought some of the faders new/old stock and 3D printed some of the small knobs but you'd never know the difference. Comes with a hard case and works good!"

ARP Quadra SN 24610177 (USA/1978-1981) w/ LED Sliders

via this auction

"This instrument is in an amazing condition, considering it is 44 years old. Copy owner's manual (76 pages) is supplied - a vital asset, as this synth does a LOT! Most renowned user in UK was Tony Banks of Genesis; well used on many albums......

Klassic Keys GB have had the synthesizer TOTALLY refurbed/serviced/calibrated :-

1) NEW(expensive) Mylar front panel has been fitted. That is the front section with the blue and green switches. The failure of the membrane push-button switches is always a likely occurrence. Any existing Quadra will inevitably succumb to this. It is impossible to repair them. This new panel is good for many years, if treated with normal care.

2) LEDs have been fitted to all faders. Synth just looks SO cool. The photos show it all.....

3) All electronics (especially the power supply) have been fastidiously attended to. Connectors, sockets, batteries, chips etc etc. Photos clearly show the general internal condition. It is immaculate! Synth runs @ 220Vac, via standard IEC/kettle mains cord (supplied). Klassic Keys GB will offer a 2-year guarantee to all UK customers, collection/return at our expense. Overseas customers will have a special arrangement customised to suit them; more details available on request.

4) The keys all function 100%. They are all in good condition, with only a few eeny smears and the slightest of colour mismatching, where some keys have been replaced at some point. Regulation is not perfect (if really scrutinised), but pretty good considering the age of the instrument. All contacts/bushings have been cleaned/lubed.

Sounds like? Quadra is capable of really fat sounds/splits. Its analogue! Check out YouTube videos/demos. Some show how fantastic the synth can sound, with the arpeggio/SH features being implemented. KKGB attached video is primarily to prove that the Quadra exists, and is fully working. It was created in KKGBs scruffy workshop, in mono (only), and is not designed to impress on anybody how wonderful Doug's playing skills are!

History:- Was owned by UK private collector for many years. Stashed away in a box for posterity/NOT actually played very much at all. Was imported from the USA 1998. Previous history is unknown.

Price:- UK price is £15,999. You pay for what you get. KKGB consider this unit to be the best example in the world of such a wondrous synthesizer, particularly with a new front panel (never mind the LEDs)...and a 2-year guarantee! Sale is being made via HMRC VAT margin scheme. This simply means that no VAT can be reclaimed by registered entities. Private buyers are unaffected. It can be double-boxed and/or delivered direct to your door via KKGB van, FREE as far north as Dundee/Scotland. EXPORT price is £14,500. Tell us where you are, and a speedy send-quote will appear. KKGB despatch (nearly) world-wide. We know how to do this. Look at our feedback and web site .

ARP QUADRAs are now extremely rare <>especially ones that actually work 100%. This one is a true collectors item, no mistake. KKGB are open to discussion re part-exchanging and buying price. Only decent synths/keyboards, junk!"

Roland JP-8080 SN ZL53336

via this auction

Sonicware ELZ_1 w/ Original Box & Materials

via this auction

You can find demos of the Sonicware ELZ_1 in previous posts.

"The ELZ_1 is proudly Digital and Dangerously Different

Eleven unique sound engines, each built from scratch, supercharged by 32-bit floating point math.

Enjoy ultimate sonic freedom, from organic FM tones to gritty low-bit textures, the ELZ_1 has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Equally useful at home and on the go, the ELZ_1 is ready for your next sound adventure.

This Synthesizer is Rugged, Compact, and battery powered, the world is your stage, especially with its built in speaker."

Farewell to 3 Silhouettes

video upload by Pit Przygodda

"A live jam with 3 'Silhouette eins' synthesizers.
The next day they travel to their new owners.
"Silhouette eins" is a multimedia synthesizer system using visual sources (pics, movs and cam) to create music and audiovisual works.
It has been developed by musician and artist Pit Przygodda from 1992 to 2022 (ongoing).

Introducing the Blush Response Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2

video upload by nordkeyboards

Blush Response & Nord Wave 2 - FULL PERFORMANCE!

video upload by nordkeyboards

"Excellent performance by Berlin-based Blush Response highlighting his exclusive signature sounds for Nord Wave 2. All sounds are available for free download at!

The Blush Response Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2 is an exclusive new patch collection created by the industrial techno artist and sound designer Blush Response.

'I really wanted to explore the different sides of the Wave 2 than you would normally hear. I would say these sounds are very useful for science fiction, industrial sounds and techno. There is a lot of sequencing, FM textures and just stuff on the outer realms of what is acceptable for sound'

The sound bank contains 25 signature sounds including industrial ambient pads, dystopian soundscapes, harsh drones, creative sequencing and experimental FM sounds."

Download the Blush Response Signature Sound Bank:

REON Muton DEMO 5 Techno風

video upload by reon jx

"REON MutonとリズムにCistronを使用したテクノ風デモ演奏です。3つあるVCOをBass、Sequence、そしてFAM機能による音程をスケールにはめて演奏した事例です。LFOの波形とスピード、さらにFAMの発生確率を変えていくと、メロディがー変化していきます。MutnのFAM機能を使えば感性のままにリアルタイムに流れを変えてゆくような演奏が可能です。

This is a techno-style demonstration performance using REON Muton Synthesizer and REON Cistron for the rhythm. In this case, three VCOs were played with Bass, Sequence, and FAM functions. As you change the LFO waveform and speed, as well as the FAM probability, the melody changes. By using the FAM function of Mutn, you can perform in a way that changes the flow in real time while maintaining your sensibility."

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