MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

New 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier Plus

video upload by 4ms Company

The SCM Plus is a clock multiplier with eight gate outputs and complex beat manipulation features. It combines the classic Shuffling Clock Multiplier (SCM) and SCM Breakout (SCMBO) into a single module using higher precision hardware than its predecessors.


SCM Plus features:

• Eight gate outputs, each multiplying up to x32
• Five slipped/shuffled/skipped clock outputs and three steady clock outputs
• Five knobs with CV jacks:
• Rotate shifts multiply-by amount
• Slip causes particular beats to land ahead in time
• Shuffle selects which beats are affected by Slip
• Skip omits certain beats in a pattern
• Pulse Width controls width of output pulses
• Resync trigger input resets the slip/shuffle/skip counters
• 4x Fast button and gate jack increase multiply-by amount by a factor of four
• Mute button and gate jack stop all outputs
• Save Clock feature restores last saved tempo when powering up
• Clock Bus jumper allows module to receive tempo from other modules over the power bus
• Free Run jumper allows unit to operate without an external clock
• LED dimmer trimpot allows for custom LED brightness
• 12HP Eurorack module
• $185


New 4ms Mini PEG (MPEG) Clock-Synced Envelope Generator and LFO

video upload by 4ms Company

The Mini PEG (MPEG) is a clock-synced envelope generator and LFO whose envelope times are set by the time between clock pulses or “pings”. The Mini PEG is the latest version of the classic 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator.

Mini PEG features:

Envelope length set by incoming clocks or “pings”

Ping button (tap tempo) or external clock/triggers set the envelope time

Div/Mult knob and CV jack divide and multiply ping clock from /32 to x16

Shape knob with full CV control for waveshaping the output envelope, includes various combinations of exponential, linear, logarithmic and interpolated curves

Cycle button and gate jack for looping envelopes

Scale knob acts as attenuating inverter for main envelope output
Maximum 9.5V peak-to-peak

Offset knob for setting DC offset, ranging from -9.4V to +9.4V

End-of-Fall (EOF) output jack goes high when envelope finishes a fall portion and low when envelope begins a fall portion

Jack can also be configured as End-of-Rise, Half-Rise, or Tap Clock Out

ENV OUT jack outputs scaled/offset envelope

5V ENV jack output always produces a 0V to +5V envelope, independent from scale/offset

Trigger jack starts or re-starts an envelope

Can be configured as Quantized Trigger, Async Trigger, or Async Gate

8HP Eurorack module



Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Synthesizer Is In The House

video upload by Synth Seeker

"🎹 New synth in the house! The 3rd Wave from Groove Synthesis finally shipped and arrived. A huge thank you to the gang at Groove Synthesis for making my PPG dreams come true! In this video I look at the some of initial features and share some of my observations using this big blue beast."

RRS Ivoks - Polivoks for iOS

video upload by The Sound Test Room

"The Red Rock Sound Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer designed in the style of the Soviet synthesizer 1980's.

RRS Ivoks AUv3 instrument — comes as time-limited Demo-version for you to try. It gives you 5 minutes of Free play time. (You can reload the RRS Ivoks AUv3 instrument as many times as you want, thereby you get the Demo period again and again.) Unlimited version of RRS Ivoks AUv3 instrument comes as In-App Purchase.

On the centre panel are located two audio-frequency oscillators:

• OSC1 offers frequency Band regulator, five Waveforms and controls for LFO Modulation level plus OSC2 Cross-modulation;
• OSC2 offers the same frequency Band and Waveforms, an independent control for Modulation depth, plus Detuning.

Underneath these located the mixer, which offers level controls for the two Oscillators, the Noise generator, and Saturation Drive.

To the right of these, located the filter block. The top half is a standard ADSR envelope — until you flip the switch «Envelope mode», when it becomes a repeating AD-envelope instead. The four controls at the bottom adjust Cut-off, Resonance, LPF to BPF switch, Modulation level and Envelope level.

Next after the filter is the amplifier block, it also has ADSR envelope along with another Modulation level and Velocity sensitivity control. Again, the envelope can be switched to a Repeating Mode that generates a triangular waveform determined by the Attack and Decay settings, providing some of the instrument’s most distinctive effects.

The leftmost panels house the Modulation (LFO) controls (top), Mode which offers four waveforms, including noise, and a stepped Function for sample & hold (S&H) effects, well as Speed control.

And global settings such as the master Tune, master Volume, Legato mode, Monophonic and Duophonic operation and Unison switches, and the Glide control.

To use Ivoks as an instrument, you need an AUv3-compatible host app like GarageBand, Auria, AUM, Cubasis and more — RRS Ivoks will appear in the list of Audio Unit instruments in the host app."

@Sequential Take 5 Factory Presets Part. 2 | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

DKS SYNTH LAB Sequential Take 5 Factory Presets

COCO System Part One: CANYON

video upload by After Later Audio

"This is an overview of the COCO System with the Canyon (Subharmonic Generator) control module used as its center-piece.

With the COCO series the aim is to bring all the goodness of a complex oscillator while aiming to minimize some of the downsides. The main thing that I appreciate about complex oscillators is that you can have a lot of fun without having to patch too much. By default, you can get some very deep sounds that go far beyond the standard bleep and bloop. On the downside, complex oscillators are big and have a fixed set of capabilities.

The COCO series allows you to choose your oscillator features and choose your control module and connect them all together into a complex oscillator. You can then break them down and each module also works as a standalone module as well. So when you need that extra oscillator for your performance case, you can break the system down and use it accordingly."

PWM - Molevolent

video upload by NOISEBUG


video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"The Solton Project 100 is a 6 voice DCO synthesizer with SSM filters.
In this video we're only using the Solton Project 100 - and especially its built-in sequencer that's easy to program - great - but oddly enough doesn't quantize whatsoever.
For effects were using two 80s grade B, rack units - the half rack format LEM FX 22 and the Vermona DEG 50. The LEM FX 22 is a multi-effect with a combo mode that lets you engage two effects at the same time.
The Vermona DEG 50 is actually part of our secret weapons arsenal - a pretty crappy and noisy Digital Delay rack unit but the chorus modulation has that magic wonk."

Update: one more demo by Vintage Audio Institute Italia here and a few others here. There was a black edition as well. You can find additional posts mentioning the SOLTON PROJECT 100 including ad scans and pics here.

Arturia Microfreak does it all | 130 custom patches (for music, soundtrack, games).

video upload by Jexus (

"No talking demo. All patches custom-made by Jexus. As you all know the Microfreak is monoaural and has no onboard FX. It sounds slightly different and more “stereo” in my demo because some of the sounds have been EQ-ed, and many of the sounds have a chorus and / or stereo delay & reverb applied (but nothing that would dramatically alter the original timbre of the synth like phasers, flangers, pitch shifters, etc). The dry / wet mix ratio is usually 20:80 (or 20% in other words), reaching 50:50 in a few patches (I used the simplest presets on a Lexicon MX). I wanted to make the sounds nice for the ear but I also wanted show the true sound of this synth without too much embellishment or experimentation."

Part IV - Programming Patterns - Isla Instruments S2400 Video Manual

video upload by Isla Instruments

0:00 Intro
0:51 Setting up the parameters
3:32 Playing in on the pads
7:00 Time Stretch & Pitch Stretch
10:05 Copying Patterns
10:56 Parameter Record Overwrite
12:21 Parameter Playback Override
13:34 The End Result

Isla Instruments S2400 Video Manual posts

10 10 22 Scrotum Lab - Jam with Mini-System

Next New England Synth Fest Set for October 29

The next great big New England Synth Fest is coming up on Saturday, October 29, 12pm to 6pm. Taking place at the Microsoft Technology Center, 5 Wayside Road, Burlington, Mass. A full day of great electronic music and visualization artists, along with lectures, exhibitors, and vendors. There's even a build-a-Jarmaggedon workshop and a petting zoo. Twelve performances! Ten lectures! Check out the NESF website for more details. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin for updates.


video upload by apislapis

Lots of synth bums.

"A flavour of Synthfest UK 2022 as filmed in large from a mobility scooter. Driving one, navigating crowds without causing carnage can be stressful and I apologise I was not aware when filming that I was humming out of tune to combat stress."


video upload by Fred Hervieu

"PInk Floyd's psychedelic music is often associated with this movie.
However, when I recorded the video, I hadn't planned to use Kubrick's footage. It was while editing that the idea of ​​using the stargate sequence came to me, as obvious. If I had thought about it before, I would certainly have renamed the Eventide preset "HALL" to "HAL 9000". You will also notice that the last parameter of the event (MIX LEVEL) is 68, which is the year of the film ;-)
A happy coincidence.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this psychedelic trip.
it's a live performance, everything is played and recorded live.

Some technical details, for the geeks :

Gear used:

- KORG MS20 (from 1978)
- Moogerfooger RING MODULATOR
- Moogerfooger CP251
- CRYBABY 535Q Wah pedal


- SQ10 triggered by Roland TR707
- SQ10 "Channel A" to MS20 "VC OSC2" input
- MS20 OUT to CRYBABY wah pedal: adds a possibility of additional modulation at the foot.
- Moogerfooger CP251 to MS20 "HP VCF" input
- "Square LFO" output of the Moogerfooger RING MODULATOR to MS20 "VC OSC 1" input
- some FX added in Logic Pro (Reverb on MS20)
- Sample airport and plane made by me.
- Sample of laughs from 'Roger The Hat Interview'"

Additional PINK FLOYD - ON THE RUN Covers

Binson Echorec 2 / Minimoog D - Shine on you crazy Diamond, part VI

video upload by Fred Hervieu

Pink Floyd - SHEEP intro Rhodes / Binson Echorec

video upload by Fred Hervieu

CHICK COREA - SPAIN solo - Minimoog Model D

video upload by Fred Hervieu

"Spain's solo, from Chick Corea's 'Light as a Feather' album, with her band Return To Forever in 1972.
On the album this solo is played on a Fender Rhodes Suitcase.

I cover it here at the Minimoog. Funny little exercise because, the original solo being played on a 73-key keyboard (and Chick went to get the very last one in the treble, the one that clicks about 0'57s from the video), and the minimoog does not. than 44, we had to play with the Range selector a bit, but it's okay;)

For those who don't know this album, go and listen to it quickly, it's a gem!"

ARP Pro Soloist / Rhodes MK1

video upload by Fred Hervieu

"Music :
Time Remembered, Bill Evans"

WAVE - chill synth times w/Moog, Prophet, Digitakt, and Microcosm

video upload by synth and chill

"A little DAWless jam recorded live into a 1010music Bluebox and eq'd and mastered later in Ableton Live.

I'm having fun seeing what the Microcosm can do. I'm using it too much, but it's fun!"

13- The Littoral Myth- You can't compare 1970s Don to 1960s Bob!

Episode 13 added to this post.

Roland MC-707 & MC-101 "Analog Dreams" & "Cinematica" Soundsets

video upload by LFOstore

'Analog Dreams' is a first chapter from our Roland MC-707 & MC-101 preset series.

Both Roland MC-707 & MC-101 are complex machines containing all Rolands best & historical synths in one portable and affordable combine!

We had put all our effort for the 'Analog Dreams' and make 50 massive & deep presets with velocity & mod wheel controllers approved.

It’s really hard to believe that such beautiful sounds are coming from such a tiny synth!

LFO team is glad to introduce 'Analog Dreams' soundset for Roland MC-707 & MC-101

50 most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your sound production including:

Warm Bass & Poly Keys.
CS Series, Juno Series, JX Series, Polysix & Jupiter Emulations.
Deep Strings & Pads.

All the sounds are handmade & reacting on velocity & modulation wheel.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author of 'Stratosphere' for Wavestate.


Roland MC-707 & MC-101 - "Cinematica" Soundset
video upload by LFOstore

"Introducing Roland MC-707 & MC-101 – 'Cinematica' 50 organic presets!

'Cinematica' is a second chapter from our Roland MC-707 & MC-101 preset series.

Both Roland MC-707 & MC-101 are complex machines containing all Rolands best & historical synths in one portable and affordable combine!

We had put all our effort for the 'Cinematica' and make 50 massive & deep presets with velocity & mod wheel controllers approved.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author 'Stratosphere' for Wavestate

Our presets are ready to go in your tracks in every genre of modern electronic music.

Inside the pack:

Beautiful deep strings & pads
Space Soundscapes
Rhytmic Elements
Ethernal & oriental plucks
String emulations: Juno & CS-80

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Hybrid Ambient / Upbeat Ableton & Eurorack Piece. (Expert Sleepers ES-9, CV Tools)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thank you for tuning in!
Using the Expert Sleepers ES-9, I was able to marry eurorack and Ableton in a way that allowed me to record a portion of the Ableton Project's midi files using CV Instrument CV/Gate Outputs straight into different oscillators and envelope generators, and then back into Ableton as an audio input. As a result, the eurorack parts can become a real-time part of the pre-composed music. I'm just trying new things as much as I can. Cheers;)
#modular #eurorack #idm

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Quick tip: Play the DB-01 with adjustable portamento

video upload by Richard DeHove

"After two years and 40 videos I thought I knew all the main functions of the DB-01. Nope. Turns out there was a portamento/glide function in there that I completely missed. You can only play it manually rather than program it into a pattern but it's still worth a look and fun to play over the top of a sequence.
Here I play it through the Elta PF-3 stereo filter and the Zen delay for some extra dronish swirl.

0:00 Burble about the Select/Gate knob
1:12 Set the glide/portamento amount
1:50 Audio example
2:22 With Zen delay
2:43 Limitations
4:25 PF-3 filter

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free"

In A Prismatic Mood

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Hanging out after an XPO workshop at the Make Noise 821 Popup, reflecting on the iterations of the Shared System through the years and making some new patches on XPO."

Soundfreak Easel Meditation demo

video upload by Todd Barton

"Here's my patch and approach to Test 8 Meditation.
Soundfreak Modular:
My Patreon:"

Cre8audio East Beast vs West Pest // There's only one way to sort it.... FIGHT!!!

video upload by Starsky Carr

"What's the difference between the Cre8audio East Beast and West Pest? One uses subtractive synthesis like pretty much everything else and the other uses Buchla style wave folding and low pass gate inspired circuits... and what does that all mean. Watch and find out :)

These are 2 very different sounding units, one is a bug juicy analog mono synth, the other is plucky, percussive and can be incredibly dirty.

And most fun of all... get both and you've got a mini monster!!"

0:00 Two Tribes!
2:03 Quick Look - WEST PEST
3:51 Quick Look - EAST BEAST
5:52 Common Functions
7:23 Then Interface PART A
9:20 What's the Difference?
10:50 The Interface PART B
13:00 Self-gen Random Sequence
13:39 Midi to CV Converter
15:14 East Beast DEEP DIVE
19:53 West Pest DEEP DIVE
22:52 Wavefolder vs Filter
26:38 Low Pass Gate
30:13 Sustain distortion
31:13 Which Should I Choose?
31:55 LFO FM
34:10 Together As One - a Mini Monster
34:50 Tuned FM
36:17 Final Thoughts

Roland SH-5 44-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"Recently serviced Roland SH-5. Every function works as intended, has been fully recalibrated and is nicely in tune. The previous owner touched up some paint on the left hand controller and on the front panel but did a good job! The tolex is in excellent shape and comes with the lid"

Access Virus B Desktop Digital Synthesizer SN 10003102

via this auction

Oberheim OB-SX 48-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer, 6 Voice,

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"This is a Oberheim OB-SX 6 voice analog synthesizer. It has been well kept. All the keys, knobs, switches and buttons work. The unit tunes fine when the "Auto" button is pressed. All oscillators work as they should. All of the keys are very quiet and have nice action. The inside is immaculate. The outside case has some scratches and chips on the hood, the underside has longer scratches. Please review all the pictures before purchasing or making an offer. The unit is very deep, about 20", I had to customize my keyboard rack.

· This is a super rare, from the factory 56 patch (switchless), 6 voice late production version – voice cards are the 4 pin variety and are dated: “Nov 04 1981”

· Coming from the factory with 6 voice cards: if you know your history of these beauties you know that most of them came with 4 voices standard and then later moved to 5 voices standard to better compete with the Prophet 5. There were a significantly lower number of factory 6 voice versions produced, and it's almost impossible to find a spare voice card if you don't get the 6 voice version.

· Has had a full power supply rebuild within the last 3 years, modern capacitors & rectifiers with better specs than the OEM 1981 designs.

· Several other internal items were replaced along with the power supply, including: dip switch selector for the voice boards and *ALL* of the potentiometers on *ALL* the voice cards have been upgraded to the multi turn, “box” style as opposed to the original single turn “dial” type potentiometers. Huge difference in calibrating and holding precise values - ALL 6 VOICES TUNE.

Most of the Oberheim classic sounds are factory presets in this fabulous instrument. It will ship with a power cord. The unit should warm up for about 15-30 minutes before use even though it tunes fine at first power up."

Lemondrop and West Pest Synth Combined: Complex and Simple

video upload by Axis of Wold

In this video I try to show you how to make the best of Lemondrop from @1010music and West Pest from @Cre8audio. I send the audio and midi from West Pest through Lemondrop, and it gets very complex sonically without sacrificing simplicity for the musician. I think the combination shines!
IMHO, they make possible a complex sonic world that would have appealed to Don Buchla, the inventor of the so-called West Coast synthesis.

I really enjoyed making this video and my hope is that you will enjoy it, too!


Moog Model 15 meets the Korg FrankeMSynth...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"Playing on two (or is it three...?) of my heavily modified synths..."

Around the World with Casio PT-82 Toysynth

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

- Casio PT-82
- Diy Lowpass Filter Dual Opamp
- Diy PT2399 Low Delay
- Nds Lite Mod Macro

Synthfest UK 22: More On The Eventide Misha

video upload by sonicstate

"The Eventide Misha is an interesting and unusual product. Featuring a sequencer with a unique twist. Its an interval based approach which makes it rather different to most sequencers.
It has both MIDI and CV in and out and a ton of interesting scale and interval settings.
We'll let Tom from Source Distribution to explain to Gaz, as we're not doing a very good job. :-)"

You can find the full playlist of sonicstate's Synthfest UK 22 videos here.

At last - Oberheim OB-X8, ARP 2600, Moog System 55, TB-03, Digitakt

video upload by Ehsan Gelsi


NORD LEAD 1 - SOUND DEMO - 12 VOICE EXPANSION (1994)- No Talking Only Playing

video upload by Eaglechild

"Probably my favourite Virtual Analog.
I own the Nord lead A1 too , but I still prefeer the sound of the Lead 1.

Reverb : VST RC-20 Retro Color"

Patch n Tweak
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