MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Bleep Labs Sensory Coupler

video upload by Bleep Labs

"The Sensory Coupler allows you to easily convert touch, proximity, light, magnetic fields, motion, and more into CV and gate."

Preorders open now at the following shops and others:

The Sensory Coupler allows you to easily convert touch, proximity, light, magnetic fields, motion, and more into CV and gate.

Built-in touch contact and 1/8″ TRS jack sensor interface. Other sensors and devices like expression pedals can be easily added. DIY info coming soon.

Calibration mode. Sensors produce different readings in different environments, the Sensory Coupler calibrates them to utilize the entire 0-10V CV output range.
CV output based on calibrated or raw sensor data. 0-10V.
Two gate outputs. Work based on an adjustable threshold level. When the sensor reading is above or inside the threshold, GATE will output 12V while !GATE will be 0V and vice versa.
Smoothing modes. Sensor readings can be chaotic when you might not want them to be so there are two smoothing modes. One simply averages readings to create slow rises and falls while the other acts like an envelope follower with adjustable decay.
Large LED strip display. Visualizes the sensor reading, threshold, smoothing mode and more.

CGS49 VCF Spread Demo

video upload by Lower West Side Studio

"Short video of the Cat Girl Synthesizers CGS49 Dual Wasp Filter

For more information visit"


video upload by Alex Ball

"A look at the Space Station SST-282 and Stargate 323 units designed by Ursa Major, a company founded by Christopher Moore that operated from 1977 until 1985.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Demo 1: Space Repeats
1:16 Talk 1: Who were Ursa Major?
1:54 Demo 2: Delay Clusters
2:34 Talk 2: What is the Space Station?
3:29 Demo 3: Combs
4:24: Talk 3: The Trick
5:02 Demo 4: Reverb
6:01 Talk 4: Stargate 323/626
6:59 Demo 5: 323
7:35 Demo 6: Stargate
8:07 Demo 7: Spaces
9:11 Talk 5: Summary
9:53 Talk 6: What became of Ursa Major?
11:30 Contextual Demo: Found in the Sound

The Space Station and Stargate were used on almost every part on the final song, hopefully demonstrating how they work in a fuller musical context.

Thank you to the owners of these two wonderful units, you know who you are!"

Can you make a track from ONE SYNTH PATCH? [Sequential Pro 3]

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"How an accident with my Sequential Pro 3 became my track, 'Roots.' Today we'll reverse engineer the patch, and figure out how to make a Pro 3 drone and arp at the same time (it isn't even a paraphonic patch)."

Oberheim OB-Xa SN 823704 w/ Encore MIDI

via this auction

"Fitted with the Encore Electronics midi interface which includes recall of all the original factory patches.

Serial # 823704 - September 1982

Recently serviced.

Includes custom JanAl flight case with edge caster wheels (made in 2009 for $650)."


video upload by EMEAPP

"We are huge fans of Octave's 'feline' series of synthesizers here at EMEAPP. In fact, we have three Cats and a Kitten in our collection. But seriously, the Octave Cat, Kitten and the rare Cat Stick controller are definitely favorites around here for their flexibility and sonic punch. Hosted by electronic music pioneer DON SLEPIAN, he will take you on a guided tour of these two sibling synths as well as an overview of one of the most flexible control modules ever made."

Reminder: New England Synth Fest is This Weekend!

"Saturday Saturday Saturday! New England Synth Fest, October 29, 12pm to 6pm, in Burlington, Mass (at the Microsoft Technology Center, 5 Wayside Road). SIX HOURS of live music, video art, vendors, exhibitors, lectures, workshops, a jam room, and a synthesizer petting zoo. FREE admission.

Live music from Luke Stark, ximena, Michael Bierylo, Wizard Peter, Natalie Hogue, Odie DeSmith, TotoRobyn, Mute City, NXOR, Aether Chroma, Virosa and Funkhouser, and Retribution Body. Live visualizations from Anagram, Diane Menyuk, Merritt Schwartz, Jame Coyne, Vidumami, and Allison Tanenhaus.

Lectures and talks from Piotr Rotkiewicz, Irwin Kwan, David Mash, Ralph Kinscheck, A. Campbell Payne, Tom Eaton, Ryan Page, Matthew Davidson, Christina Shivers, Deftly-D, and Samuel Holland (see the website for topics, schedule, and details).

There will be a "Jam Room" brought to you by Circuit Happy, using shared CV/MIDI clock on their Missing Link hardware. A DIY workshop by SynthCube (build your own Moffenzeef Jarmageddon, preregistration and kit purchase required). Exhibits from Stompbox Sonic, Alan R.Pearlman Foundation, Electronic Audio Experiments, Retroaktiv Synthesizers, Tall Dog Electronics, AND MORE. Check out the NESF website for more details."

Oberheim Four Voice Synthesizer FVS More Repairs - Synthchaser #150

Update: New video added to this previous post.

Qun mk2: Simple patch making

video upload by Nunomo LLC

Update: video re-uploaded.

"There are no basic tutorial videos since I introduced a new UI, so I made it. In this video I made a simple synth patch.
Sequencer and looper were not used to make the video simple."

See the Nunomo label below for more.

Buchla Patch 30 - Sept. 6, 2012

video upload by batchas

"Focusing on LFOs and randomness.
Main modules used: 262v, 261e, 258v, 281e, Source Selector, p/r, 291e.

Patch inspired by Todd Barton's 'Krell Muzak':"

Rendez Vous with GM.LAB

video upload by Guido Scognamiglio

"Playing an excerpt of JMJ's 'Second Rendez Vous' with new GM.LAB d-i-y synthesizers - 2x Rondò (string machine) + X1000 (mono synth) + PicoSynth (mono synth). Visit"

"G.M. LAB is a side project of Crumar and Genuine Soundware.

G.M. LAB is the name we decided to give to our 'Genuine Midi' projects that you can build by yourself or buy pre-assembled.

The Idea
As Crumar and GSi, we design, manufacture and market professional quality digital musical instruments. On top of that, we also wanted to give our customers the ability to add some more electronic "utilities" that can be easily integrated with existing music rigs to help musicians get the best out of their equipment.

Since we're living the era of open-source, why not take advantage of it and give the users the ability to customize these projects or make them with the lowest possible budget? All of our projects are based on Arduino, possibly the most famous and easy to program existing framework for programming micro-controllers."

See the GM Lab label below for additional posts.

Czochralski cells

video upload by kirkis

"Czochralski cells are a 6 / 7 voice configurable complex drum electronic instrument.
{{for more information on cell & signal architecture }};"

"Czochralski cells are a 6 / 7 voice configurable complex drum electronic instrument.

Titled after Polish Chemist Jan Czochralski & the Czochralski process, ( a method of crystal growth used to obtain single crystals and silicon for semiconductors ), Czochralski cells aims to assist in the extraction of complex polyrhythm, timbre and spectra."

Prismatic Oscillations with XPO

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"An exploration of the waveforms and functions of the Make Noise Stereo Prismatic Oscillator (XPO), in the context of its operation on three 'facets' of sound: frequency, timbre, and space."

A non-sequencer sequence? Polyrhythms via Strymon Magneto!

video upload by John L Rice

"I’m using the 4 clock outputs of the Strymon Magneto delay to trigger 4 random voltages from the Doepfer A-149-4 which are then sent to the Instruo Quad Performance Quantizer which sends the pitch CV and Gates to the 4 voices (Synth Tech E330 VCOs, Klavis Quadigy EG, Xaoc Praga VCA/mixer) and the Magneto provides delays and reverb of course."

Grave New World - Original Halloween Music

video upload by Scott Ampleford

"It's spooky season, and that calls for spooky music!
From my album of horror music:

Gear Used:
- 5U/MU Modular *
- Roland Juno 6
- Yamaha DX7
- Electric Guitar
- Akai Tom Cat
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
* Includes modules from, STG Soundlabs, Corsynth, Martin Jan Koehler & Moon Modular

Check out my album releases:"

1 Hour of Ambient Modular Music - Perfect for Relaxation, Meditation, and Sleep

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Hope this new series I am starting will help in your everyday life. This can be used for meditation, studying, or even to help you sleep. I got a new computer which is able to handle longer videos, so this is the first one like that.

Now that school has kicked in pretty hard, I will start posting once a week for the foreseeable future. I will keep uploading videos in HD until I save up for a new camera that records in 4K60UHD. so maybe by early next year, the quality will be impeccable. I also switched my video editing software from Adobe Premiere Pro to Black Magic Designs DaVinci Resolve 18, for that great color grading, and overall interface.
- P.G.

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

LAZER + nABC + M jam!

video upload by SUONOBUONO

"Spontaneous afternoon jam at #Suonobuono 's lab 👾, a couple of #lazer controlling a #Waldorf #M and #eventide #H9 via MIDI, while the #nABC gives that pumping feeling 💣"

Doepfer MAQ 16/3 Sequencer

via this auction

Cwejman S1 MK2 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Ensoniq ESQ1 Digital Wave Synthesizer

via this auction

Super 6 - Chord Memory

video upload by UDO Audio

"Courtesy of Hazel Mills, this excellent breakdown video shows you all you need to know on using Voice Assign or hacking the Sequencer to access chord memory on your Super 6, giving you the tools to get stuck into some really creative, expressive progressions.

00:00 - Intro
00:13 - Voice Assign
01:00 - Sequencer

Find more from Hazel here:"

Genshin Impact - Flickering Sakura (Synth Cover)

video upload by SyllixMusic

Download the patch notes:
Download the audio:

"Hello! I've been playing Genshin Impact over the last couple months so I decided to cover one of the songs from the Inazuma region - Flickering Sakura. It's a short one, but I really enjoy it. Thanks for listening!"

VALLEY: Wavefolder/Tiber Generator and Mixer/Crossfader

video upload by After Later Audio

"Valley is both a mixer/crossfader and wavefolder/timbre generator.

Some key features:
Five stage wavefolder
Input crossfader between the two inputs
Output crossfader between the fundamentals and folded signal
Odd and even harmonics
CV control over all parameters
Tuning and sync controls for connected COCO oscillators"

L-1 Discrete Noise Gate --- prototype test.

video upload by Aleksei Laman Ghost & Qu-Bit Aurora Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Eowave ORAGE | VCO with thru-zero FM

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Eowave sent me an Orage to check it out. It means 'Storm' in French and refers to magnetic storms. I have no idea how they sound, but they're coming from the Sun and they can cause black-outs and lots of electronic trouble. It really triggered my imagination. It's a small analog VCO with loads of outputs and PWM, but the best part is the thru-zero FM. I patched it up with the Fluctuations Magnetiques and I was recording a video before I knew it. I don't think I'd got one based on the specs, but this is a hidden Eurorack gem. Obviously you'll need a second (simple) oscillator to get the most from it."

MOTOR SYNTH MK II Sound Examples | Gamechanger Audio

video upload by Gamechanger Audio

MOTOR SYNTH MK II Sound Examples 2 | Gamechanger Audio

"MOTOR Synth is based on a unique motor oscillator engine - it is a system of eight electro-motors that are able to instantly and precisely change their rotation speed in order to produce musical notes.

Because of the distinct way the motors create wave shapes, MOTOR Synth's sound is certainly in a category of its own. However, the comprehensive sound-shaping features developed by our engineers let you recreate classic synth sounds and even real instruments."

Solton Project 100 - Part 3

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

Solton Project 100 posts

"Imagine an underground spa in mid level hotel in an episode of Miami Vice.
This would be the scene when the New Age cult members slipped Tubbs a Roofie and lured him into the spa at night.

We're using the Solton Project 100 along with the EKO Ritmo 20 - a very nice sounding Italian drum machine with individual volume controls for each sound.
For effects we're using two 80s grade B, rack units - the half rack format LEM FX 22 and the Vermona DEG 50 Echo. The LEM FX 22 is a multi-effect with a combo mode that lets you engage two effects at the same time. The Vermona DEG 50 is actually part of our secret weapons arsenal - a pretty crappy and noisy Digital Delay rack unit but the chorus modulation has that magic wonk.

The Solton Project 100 is maybe the coolest name for a synth we've ever heard - prove us wrong in the comment section :)"

Lite2Sound QB Stereo - raindrops are oscillating

video upload by EA78751

"We have made a field recording of a common but rarely heard side of nature - the oscillations of falling rain drops. Shine a flashlight up into the rain and its light bounces back off the surface of the falling drops, to be received by our stereo photodiode amplifier. We are using the Lite2Sound QB Stereo from Rare Waves LLC (,"

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