MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, November 12, 2022

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Rising of the Lights | DSI Tempest and Elektron Monomachine demo

video upload by MIDERA

"Picked up this DSI Tempest in a trade (plus cash). Immediately said I hated it, but I guess I didn't really think about letting it have its own workflow. Typically I sequence drums, but here I did overdub and live sequencing (i.e., finger drumming) and I dunno, I guess this is the result after about 2 hours with the thing."

Sequential Circuits Pro-One Custom Sound Demo

video upload by soitgoesmusic

"A demo of the legendary Sequential Circuits Pro-One. A very musical sounding synth that has lots of great rhythmic modulation options.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- amazing vintage Prophet sound
- lots of rhythmic options with an arpeggiator, sequencer, and powerful LFO
- modulation setup is very useful
- easy to make it sound magical

- plastic case is cheap feeling
- no midi (but includes CV ins)
- can't save patches (though taking pictures can help)"

Oberheim OB-X8. As good as the vintage Oberheims?

video upload by Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"You can buy my preset pack for the OBX8 here"

stille #2 | ambient drone | mellotron m4000d | soma cosmos | modular synthesizer

video upload by Elinch

"'Weekend drone with the mellotron m4000d, soma cosmos & a looper. enjoy listening.'

for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

if you want to support me:

#synthesizer #modular #ambient music"

Razor (1:1 MI Blades)

video upload by After Later Audio

"The next installation in our MIC line of modules is RAZOR (1:1 Blades) a dual multi-mode filter with a lot of wonderful features. 11/16/22"

"This is an exact hardware replica of the Mutable Instruments Blades module.

Our model uses the original 'hard-to-find' opamps, but we do substitute V2164M with AS2164D. All of our products use AS2164D and there should be no measurable change in behavior."

ThorF - Live Improv

video upload by ThorF

"Full quality master of this track;

Thanks for watching and listening."


video upload by synth4ever

Update: Don't miss the super rare Ionic Performer (EMS SYNTHI clone) at the begining. Click through for some demos in previous posts.

"Vintage Synthesizer Museum synth studio tour. During a visit to LA in September 2022 I dropped by the Vintage Synth Museum at their new location in Highland Park. VSM founder & curator Lance gave me a tour of the new facilities and all the vintage synths available for playing.

In this synth studio tour, Lance gives us an overview of the new Vintage Synthesizer Museum space, tour of the facilities, and showcases various vintage synths including Yamaha CS-80, Roland Jupiter-8, Moog, ElectroComp, Sequential, Korg and more.

Hope you enjoy this synth studio tour, there's so many vintage synthesizers to see and play! If you're ever in Los Angeles, make it your mission to visit the Vintage Synthesizer Museum -- it's well worth it.

Check out to learn more"

Modal Cobalt 5S - "Neon Heart" 40 Presets and Sequences

video upload by LFOstore

"We continue Modal Cobalt 5S soundsets series & present 'Neon Heart' now is the time for Analog & Vintage Sounds!


Modal Cobalt 5S is a powerful synthesizer with great potential and an incredible variety of sounds.

Welcome to the warmly vintage world!

40 presets and sequences ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, Retrowave, create new music worlds with Modal Cobalt 5S and "Neon Heart"

In the bank you will find neon pads, warm poly, lead and bass that will fill your compositions with new colors and emotions.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"


video upload by Woody Piano Shack


► WEBSITE - additional links there.

TRiED / vaporwave / eurorack jam / resonator, reverb and delay

video upload by Roger Linn

"Roger Linn demonstrates some of the sounds for the 'LinnStrument MPE' library of sounds that he and other LinnStrument players created for the free Surge XT software synthesizer."

THE DISC (excerpt 5) featuring Fred's Lab Töörö

video upload by adnmusic

"THE DISC (excerpt) feat. Fred's Lab Töörö

Thanks to Ar No for the Rhodes.

the concept:"

THE DISC [NEW ALBUM] : the concept

"Découvrez le concept de mon nouvel album : THE DISC."

Modbap TRINITY Overview - Cycle Modes & Stack Modes

video upload by Modbap Modular

"TRINITY is a 3 channel Digital Drum Synth Array packed into a 20hp eurorack synthesizer. Effectively, Trinity performs as 3 powerful drum voices packaged into one beastly drum module with a few tricks up its sleeve.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Cycle Modes: Random
03:23 Cycle Modes: Round Robin
04:58 Stack Modes: 2 Stacks & 3 Stacks

Trinity is available and shipping now."

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Practice session for liveset / techno - TR808, Oberheim SEM and RE-303

video upload by

"More practicing for a live set. Have been playing around with the equipment:

* Beats: TR808 through Bugbrand EQ, Moog DFAM
* Synths: DinSync RE-303 through KGB Fuzz, Oberheim SEM through Boss Chorus and Novation Peak
* Samples: Elektron Digitakt
* Mixers: Boss KM60 and Eela S50
* Effects: Strymon El Capistan stereo delay, Merris Mercury stereo reverb
* Compression: Bugbrand stereo compression, Eela built-in limiter.
* Sequencing: Future Retro Mobius, Arturia Keystep"

Polyend Play AFX - Where's Your Girlfriend Cover With Tips and Discussion

video upload by Digiphex Electronics

Download Play File:

Casio PT-87 w/ ROM Packs

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The PT-87 is a monophonic digital keyboard, initially released in the 1980s. A lot of character in a tiny package. Unit is powered by five AAA batteries. The PT-87 has no audio output, but one can be soldered on fairly easily. If you're in need of some unique retro sounds, look no further.

Included ROM Packs:

RO-269 - Rhythm and Blues
RO-551 - World Songs
RO-265 - Pop Superstars

Yamaha DX-7 Digital FM Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8 Organismic Drone Synth (White)

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"This is not your ordinary synth. Chances are if you're looking at this you already know that, but Lyra is a 8 voice synthesizer with dual delay and distortion on the final output. Each of the voices reacts and can be modulated by another in various ways. The way the instrument is played is by using the touch sensitive pads at the bottom. Lyra 8 is ideal for drone, ambient, soundscape, nightmare sound making machine."

BASTL Instruments Midilooper

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

You can find demos of the Midilooper in prevoius posts here.

Moog Mavis Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Mayer MD900 Desktop Synthesizer / Groovebox

via this auction

You can find demos and info on the Mayer MD900 in previous posts here.

Custom Red Roland Juno-106

via this auction

This one was previously listed in March. Some new pics in this listing.

"Perfect working order and condition .
Original voice chips and cleaned keys , red LEDs.

This one ready to last a long long time !"

Crumar Composer SN 00068

via this auction

Roland Promars With CSQ 100 Sequencer

via this auction

EMU Emulator

via this auction

"This legendary emulator has been refurbished by a specialist connected with a HXC floppy emulator and is in perfect working condition."

Oberheim Xpander 6-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Case

via this auction

"In good shape for its age. Slight mid coloring or something of the facade of the faceplate on right bottom but doesn’t affect anything and could be replaced with new faceplate available online. Has KID NEPRO patches installed which are phenomenal."

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak w/ Original Box

via this auction

E-Mu Morpheus Z-Plane Synthesizer SN 119300736 w/ New Blue OLED Display

via this auction

ARTURIA MINIFREAK // UNBOXING // 1st TOUCH // Pt.1 // No Talking

video upload by LESINDES

Part 2 here

Firin up, playing and tweaking this wonderful machine
for the first with no manual all. MicroFreak knowledge helps a

lot but still: Layout is a bit different and there are more functions.... So the performance is not as smooth as coulld be :-)


Min. Chapter
00:00 Intro
00:15 Unboxing
01:04 Sound Exploration
24:00 Credits"

Pure Mat ❤️ (Moog Matriarch Dark // Arturia Keystep Pro) live jam, analog synth, raw sound

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"Pure Matriarch raw sound: that was the main idea behind this jam!
I used the Arturia Keystep Pro to play the Matriarch mainly for 2 reasons: the chord memory and scale features of the KSP and the easiness to visualize the notes being played by the Keystep's ARP 😃

What's happening?
1- The jam starts with only one oscillator playing on the Matriarch. I then gradually open up the filter and mix in the 3 other oscillators.
2- At the end I switch on the SYNC on the Matriarch and we can clearly hear the sharp and metallic sound, very characteristic of synced oscillators 🤘
3-The lovely analog stereo delay is playing an important role here in the sound as it is adding fluctuations (its time and feedback being respectively modulated by its 2 LFOs) and stereo width.
4-Note that I used on the Matriarch the SPLIT VCA mode where the Filter Envelope Generator signal controls the level of VCA 1 (Left output), and the Amplitude Envelope Generator signal controls the level of VCA 2 (Right output).

* Hardware used *

- Moog Matriarch Dark
- Arturia Keystep Pro"

Second WAVES for Tera Pro

video upload by VirSyn

"The WAVES module adds classic Wavetable synthesis to the sound palette of Tera Pro. It’s an optional module which you can purchase separately.

Shown here is the new version adding another independent WAVES oscillator module to Tera Pro. Now up to 4 wavetable oscillators can be used for one patch.

Available soon on the AppStore"

First Look: Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 through Dreadbox Darkness

video upload by T Studio

"Broaden your musical horizons with the TORAIZ AS-1 mono synth. It boasts a true analogue synthesis engine based on the discrete analogue circuitry in Dave Smith’s Prophet-6. Plus, it features intuitive controls, compatible, easy-to-use sound editing software, along with a touchpad keyboard and slider to bring even more creative possibilities to your performance or production.

True analog sound from Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6
Two voltage-controlled oscillators
Two voltage-controlled filters
Two envelope generators
Voltage-controlled amplifier and low-frequency oscillator
Full programmability with 495 presets, 495 user programs and Quick Program
Dual FX engine with seven FX (six from the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 synth)
Touchpad-style keyboard and slider
Scale Mode
64-step sequencer with Sequence Lock
Bright OLED display
Easy connection to a PC/Mac or an external MIDI device
Robust metal chassis

The Dreadbox Darkness is a Digital True Stereo Reverb effect pedal and it is a result of our collaboration with Sinevibes.
By combining two exquisite Sinevibes Algorithms, Dreadbox team took this even further by extending the code and making these suitable for use as an effect pedal. Dreadbox favours open architecture in most of their devices, so instead of having several switched algorithms, Darkness has a single versatile and flexible formula, that can create from Small and Smooth Reflections up to Huge Shimmering and Endless Reverbs.
Technically, Darkness is a Granular Pitch Shifter, followed by the famous large Reverb found on the Typhon synthesizer and ending up to a gate generator. In addition to this, there is also a micro looper that can hold up 150ms of the input signal, in order to create a freeze effect."

Ableton Megapack - The One now available - 30 multi sampled stereo Ableton Instruments from Moog One

video upload by Expanding Sound

"get the pack here

(This pack is compatible with Ableton Live 10.1.43 standard and above)

The Moog One truly is a modern day classic. You can create so many different types of sounds with it. This jam is a little disconnected, as I was kinda just jumping from part to part to showcase some of the sounds you get in the pack. This will be the first of possibly many packs that I create with this synth, as the tone shaping possibilities often feel limitless. This pack contains 30 Multi sampled instruments created using the Moog One. I didn't have a plan of attack for the tones. I just made what I thought sounded good. Hopefully you agree!"

TRiED / vaporwave / eurorack jam / resonator, reverb and delay

video upload by BRiES

"I set out to re-create a sound I heard in a Strymon Starlab demonstration video. I used the 1 BIT MULTITAP DELAY by Feedback Modules for delay and the washy reverb is my main sound routed through Rings and then through the FX AID (on a shimmer preset). The drums are Linndrum samples from the Soundforce S-LD because it fits the vibe."

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