MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Meet the makers - Novation 30 Years // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"In celebration of Novation’s 30 year anniversary we have a very special edition of the Novation Livestream.

Novation’s longest serving engineer (and total synth legend!) Nick Bookman joins CALC for a conversation about the past 30 years of designing and building synths and controllers. We’ll be looking at the old and the new and also have a few nice old synths to play around with too. Sharing some incredible memories all along the way.

- Discover more about Novation’s 30 Years of Making Music"

Yambience - Yamaha CP-30 + SS-30 ambient synthesis

video upload by zack dagoba

"An ambient composition made on the splendid Yamaha CP30 Electronic Piano and the SS30 String Synthesiser, both made in the late 1970s. Also featured is a combination of FX pedals (see video for more information) and vintage reverb units (Lexicon 224, EMT 140 and Quantec Room Simulator)"

Waldorf Q 7-zone Multi

video upload by wedream2

"All sounds are played in real time from the Waldorf Q. Five zones are mapped to the Q keybed, and 2 additional zones are played remotely from the lower keyboard through midi. The addition of a second keybed significantly expands the Q's Multi programming. Zones can be played "local" from the Q keybed, "midi" from a remote controller, or "local + midi" from both. Of course, additional sounds from the second keyboard can be layered as well, but I'm using the D70 only to trigger the additional Q zones through midi."

Rare BME Rattlesnare drummachine HQ direct sound!!

video upload by Remco Rones

"I had only 15 minutes with this rare drummachine, synced it to my SH-101 clone and recorded some quick stuff. The low end sounds really great."

This is the first post to feature the BME Rattlesnare.


via this auction

"You don’t see these very often. The rare and highly collectible centennial edition DX7 is quite a sight to be seen with its silver/gold accents and glow in the dark keys.

A very mysterious collectible with some speculating that only 100 were ever made. (Nobody seems to have the straight answer on this)."

Elka Drummer One

via this auction

"Recapped psu and completely cleaned, in perfect working condition. All pots and switches are perfectly working and it sounds great. Rarely seen in such an amazing condition. With switchable PSU currently set to 220 V."

You can find demos of the Elka Drummer One in previous posts here.

Waldorf Q Rack

via this auction

Roland JX-3P

via this auction

"Very well preserved, fully working condition, sounds great.
Just a few minor traces and a sticker on the back.
220 V."

ARP Avatar

via this auction

"Non working condition. Powers up but makes no sound.
Needs complete overhaul. Visible rust on panel.
110 V version."

Korg X-911

via this auction

"Recapped and cleaned, works great and sounds amazing. Used as an MS-20 expander and was triggered with control voltage from MS keyboard. Last button is loose. 220 V."

Update: You can find a few demos of the X-911 in previous posts here.

Akai S612 MIDI Digital Sampler

via this auction

"Perfectly working condition and in original unmodified state. Super simple 8 poliphonic sampler which excells in live splicing/looping as a perect glitch machine."

Vactrol Hell

video upload by Peter Grenader

"Entering the final stretch of vactrol testing prior to final assembly of the EAR M13 Mini Vactrol LPGs"

GERMANIUM transistors based ladder VCF

video upload by Eternal Engine EMI

"While the boards for the MARS project are being delivered, I came across a stock of soviet germanium transistor arrays 1ТС609А (GTS609A). I decided to make a filter on them. It sounds very interesting. What do you think, comrades, should I make a synthesizer based on them?"

Synthesis Basics: How To Ring Mod, FM, and AM

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video we talk about 3 types of modulation commonly used in synthesis. Ring modulation, frequency modulation, and amplitude modulation. Learn how to do it and what it sounds like.

Get the Intellijel Ring Modular here:
Get the Sputnik Variable Waveform Generator here:
Get the ALA Beehive (Plaits) here:
Get the Mordax Data here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Best Gear of the Year : 2022 Artists Picks Part 3

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Perfect Circuit Artists Picks posts

"It's nearing the end of another great year in synthesizers and pro-audio, and we look back with our friends on some of our favorite pieces of kit we tried out in 2022!

Read more on our blog :

Check out our friends :
Venus Theory :
Surco :
Miles Kvndra :
Get Offset :
Noir Et Blanc Vie :
Midlife Synthesist :

The Gear :
Syntakt :
Play :
Mother-32 :
TR-8S :
JX-08 :"

Doepfer a-120 Transistor Ladder Filter Eurorack Module Demo

video upload by Tiefengrund

"Doepfer a-120 Transistor Ladder Filter Eurorack Module and looking around me"

Luke Neptune's Vintage/Classic Soundset for OB-X8

video upload by Luke Neptune

"Buy this soundset here

Vintage/Classic for the OB-X8 features a huge library of classic sounds. 128 singles and 24 multis.

The emphasis has been to create those big fat warm tones that the vintage OBs are so well known for. But it doesn’t stop there as it became clear throughout the making of this soundset that the OB-X8 is very capable of producing convincing vintage Prophet sounds as well as some surprisingly accurate Minimoog stye basses.

You’ll find many recreations of classic tracks such as Prince’s Little Red Corvette and 1999, as well many Prince style chords and leads, Van Halen’s Dreams and Jump. Rush’s Subdivisions. Lots of Jam and Lewis style patches, the Terminator lead and many more.

The soundset will also load to a bank of your choice as it comes as 4 separate files given you the choice of where you would like to import the soundset.

This synth has become my favourite synth. It just sounds so beautiful. I hope you enjoy this soundset as i’ve worked harder and longer on it then any other soundset before."

OB6 Sound Design, Notch Filter Pad. #patch #ob6 #custom #sounddesign #sequential

video upload by Orano Music

"Decided to play around with notch filters in the OB-6 today, can create some stunning textures :)

Drone from OB-X8
Notch Filter Synth and Rolling Bass from OB-6

(to be released on OB-6 Venture Vol.2 soon)

visit -"

$1.00 FOR BLACK FRIDAY - Prophet '08 Sound Bank '79

video upload by Polydata

"Drawing from the earliest days of polyphonic synthesizers, Sound Bank ‘79 for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 (or REV 2) finds its inspiration in synthesizer music found in documentaries and library music from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

30 patches for instant inspiration. This synth just sounds so good and these patches aim to highlight it's raw tone. Sound Bank '79 is a series of vintage tones for different synths and plug-ins, so look out for future releases. Recorded completely dry with no external effects or processing.

Note: These will also work on a Sequential / Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev-2.


These will be $1.00 through Black Friday weekend - no strings attached or need to sign up for an email list, just for your enjoyment :) You will receive the SysEx file in your email within 24 hours. Loads into User Bank 2 by default, slots 1-30.


00:00 Class Projector
00:10 News Hour
00:20 Oberheim Growl
00:30 Math League
00:45 Research Park
00:58 Nap Hour
01:08 Conference
01:18 Key Scanner
01:34 Infocom
01:42 Train Dispatch
01:54 Vintage Knob
02:06 Time Lapse
02:16 SD Compu-Con '84
02:35 Close your Eyes
02:54 Filter IC
03:05 Research Divers
03:16 Toyota Dealer
03:30 Curtis Datasheet
03:47 Basic Robotics
04:03 Night Ship
04:25 Data Systems
04:41 Inglewood
04:53 Benjamin Branch
05:07 Montreaux
05:18 Calc Textbook '84
05:29 Superbowl
05:40 81 Poly
05:51 Filter Bump
06:04 '74 Lead
06:15 4 POLE ON"

Tape & Microsound DROME Machine

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"The Tape & Microsound Music Machine can actually also be a

Tape & Microsound Drum Machine
Tape & Microsound Dream Machine
Tape & Microsound Drone Machine

DROME might (?) encompass all those possibilities, so let's get patchin'!

Intro music by Jake
'Temple of Microsound' animation by Lewis with music by Sam ⚡️🎶⚡️"

KORG Collection 4 Adds the microKorg, Electribe-R, & Kaoss Pad

via KORG

"The KORG Collection is a suite of software synthesizers that carefully recreates the authentic sound and behavior of some legendary Korg synthesizers for the present day and beyond. The software synthesizer suite covers a broad spectrum of synthesis from early analog masterpieces such as the MS-20 and Polysix to digital hits such as the M1 and TRITON workstations.

In 2022, three unique instruments loved by creators around the world are now included: microKORG, the best-selling synthesizer since 2002 that focuses on the joy of fun performance and great analog modeled sound,; the ELECTRIBE-R, the original ELECTRIBE that enables anyone to make beats instantly, and KAOSS PAD, which mirrors the revolutionary KAOSS PAD effects processor that freely controls effects through the intuitively controlled touch pad and now available in a powerful software format. KORG Collection 4 is now available, covering a vast array of sounds and effects that symbolize each era."

Synth Stack 3 | Cherry Audio

video upload by Cherry Audio

"New for 2022! Synth Stack 3 assembles 16 of Cherry Audio's virtual instruments at an astoundingly affordable price, including the Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums bundle, DCO-106, CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, Polymode, Eight Voice, PS-20, Memorymode, Mercury-4, Quadra, Dreamsynth, Miniverse, Lowdown, Elka-X, Sines, and our stunning flagship synthesizer, GX-80.

Includes 13 emulations of classic vintage synthesizers, two original synthesizers, one massive modular synthesizer platform, and nearly 6,000 presets! That's $600 of amazing instruments for the incredibly low price of only $299!

There’s never been a better time to dive into Cherry Audio’s incredible line of software synthesizers. From deep modular synthesis to vintage analog tone, Synth Stack 3 is a synth player’s dream come true!

Synth Stack 3 is now available at and authorized resellers worldwide. The software is provided as both standalone applications and in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS. Visit for additional product details, system requirements, and extensive collections of awe-inspiring sound demos."

KAWAI K4 "Alchemy K4" Soundbank 64 presets

video upload by LFOstore

"KAWAI K4 is a magical synthesizer with deep architecture and one of the best digital filters capable of changing the sound on the fly, working with it brings joy and good results and the sound is diverse.

'Alchemy K4' is a sound bank for the lucky owners of this instrument and hopefully adds some nice patches to your library.


Morphing digital pads
Lfo Rhythmic
Digital Synth
Synth Bass

The Demo tune has been recorded in real-time and contains no external fx or any processing loading is available in two versions in the form of midi and SYSex

Made Alexander Kav"

Digitakt - Sample Packs Installation (Series One) - UPDATED!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Check out my Digitakt SERIES ONE sample packs here:

Check out my Digitakt SERIES TWO sample packs here:"

Dirtywave M8 + Bastl Softpop 2 Jam (Recorded 6/6/22)

video upload by Space Town

"hey everyone! been a minute - we have been very busy with work and travel so I haven't had much time to make videos lately and we are a few days away from leaving for chicago for a few weeks so I wanted to get this lil' jam with the dirtywave m8 and the bastl softpop 2 out quick before we left

i'm still learning the softpop 2! it's my first semi-modular with such an involved patchbay so instead of patching my own stuff I basically stole a patch from soffter demonstrated in the video here:"

Softpop 2 : Secret Waveform Synthesis : Internal Overdrive and More - sofft Ideas

video upload by soffter


via this auction

"These original units did not have MIDI.

According to the Sherman website just 40 of these Belgian beasts were made. No MIDI and the back “panel” is plastic plumbing pipe. No frills – all thrills.

Serial number: 31 – signed on the back by Herman!

In terms of functionality and sound it is obviously closer to the early Filterbank 1."

Sherman Filterbank 2

via this auction

Roland D110 Multi Timbral Rackmount Synth w/ Original Box & Docs

via this auction

"Roland D110 Multi Timbral Sound Module boxed with manuals and original packaging. Comes complete with all original manuals/guides including Owner's Manual, Patch Setting Booklet, and the soundbank/presets and programming charts."

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Original White ARP Odyssey MKI 2800 - w/ CMS LED Sliders & Patch Template Overlays

via this auction

"Original Arp Odyssey

Works perfectly. Last serviced by C.M.S. and has led's installed on sliders.

Comes with original templates (very rare)."

BugBrand 2-Panel with Rare ScrotumLabs Modules

via this auction

module list:
Dual Envelope
Compact VCO
2130 VCO
Dual Filter
Dual Amplifier
Dual Mixing
Le Seq
Le Seq expander
Radio Music with card
Grilles (Mutable Grids)
Binary Block Voltage
Penrose quantizer
Dual Preamp

Roland MSL-15 Music Style Supercard Expansion SN ZC01949

via this auction

"The MSL-15 can be used with - Intelligent Synthesizer E/5E-20/E30, Intelligent Arranger Pro-E, Real Time Arranger RA-50, Intelligent Arranger CA-30, and Digital Keyboard KR-100/KR-500/KR-3. The MSL-15 comes with a 9V adapter and owner's manual. The MSL-15 is a superb Music Style expander that includes all the Music Styles ( 60 different styles) of the 14 Music Style Cards which have been released by Roland. This means that you can access any Music Style by just connecting the MSL-15 to a compatible device."

Yamaha AN1x Analog Physical Modeling Control Synthesizer

via this auction

NOS Kawai K5M Digital Multi-Demensional Synthesizer Module w/ Original Box & Docs

via this auction

Akai AX73 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland VP-03 vs. Behringer VP340 - Vocoder Comparison

video upload by Easy Tiger

"Since I happened to have these two vocoders with me at the same time I thought I'd do a little comparison.

I go over what all the controls on these devices do. I then compare the sound of the two units briefly and in the end I'll perform a track switching back and forth between the two units.

If you're mainly interested in the comparison of how they sound go straight to about the12:00 mark."

Spectralis 2 Tutorial: Turn any digital poly synth into a paraphonic hybrid analog synth.

video upload by MIDERA

"Do you have a Spectralis 1 or 2 (they are identical for this tutorial)?
Do you have a polyphonic synth that you'd like to do something new with?
With a Spectralis, you can use it's internal filters to create a paraphonic hybrid synthesizer by sending the external audio inputs into the Spectralis. Here I'm bringing the Access Virus TI Polar into the Spectralis 2 and processing it with the analog (and digital) filters. The Virus is using a very basic initialized patch that you will hear at one point during the video.

Now, WHY would you want to do this? Simple. Let's say you have a digital synth with no analog filters and want to give it new punch. What if you WANT to have a 'paraphonic-like' sound? This is one way to achieve that. Perhaps, for no other reason than to do it, because it sounds good. Mixed with the internal oscillators, it sounds a lot like my Yamaha SK30. You can do so many things - why would you not want to try this if you have a Spectralis?

I say that this is creating a paraphonic 'hybrid' analog synth - but if you use an analog synthesizer going into this, I guess it would no longer be hybrid, it would be a fully analog paraphonic synth. I don't think it matters either way.

Is it paraphonic in the first place? I don't want to get into this debate. Frankly because I don't care about full or partial articulations. To me, it just means multiple voices that go through a single filter and VCA. That's all I mean.

This requires you to have your synthesizer with Local ON, on the same MIDI channel (1) as the internal part you are using.

I think you could do something similar with the Elektron Analog Heat. BUT - I think the Spectralis does a lot more, because you can sequence the sounds you are creating, you can add internal oscillators, you can FM the filters using the oscillators, and a LOT more. It may seem complex, but it's feasible to do and hopefully this video helps guide you on how to approach that.

Given that the Spectralis 1 and 2 seem to go for around $800-$1200 (in 2022), and all that it does - it's really worth it's price. This does mean it's twice as much money as an Analog Heat (which probably does other things really well - I've never used it and fully understand why you'd go for that instead of the Spectralis - BUT if you already have a Spectralis, this is a great way to experiment with it. Furthermore, I found using this setup to sound VERY similar to my Moog Matriarch. You've got multiple filters, that can be panned and modulated in a ton of ways. I'm not saying Spectralis + another synth = Moog Matriarch, they're different. BUT the sound seemed very similar to me, with the paraphonic aspects.

I fumbled around a bit - because I had to learn things on the way as well, which goes to show that even after owning this thing, I'm still not a true master of using it."

J. S. Bach - Musette Re Mayor, arranged by Dante Gonzales, using AtomoSynth synthesizers

video upload by Atomosynth

"Hello World, in this video an arrange of J. S. Bach - Musette Re Mayor, BWV Anh 126 by our friend, great artist and synthetist Dante Gonzales. using the AtomoSynth Mochika-X5, Koe-M6 and Koe2 controlled by midi with the yamaha QX3. Enjoy!!"

New Elektron Syntakt SY Swarm and SY Raw machines // Syntakt 1.20 upgrade

video upload by Elektron

"New Machines for your machine! We have added, SY Swarm and SY Raw, to the #Syntakt to help you reach new levels of sonic possibilities. With this sweet duo, the OS 1.20 upgrade is focusing on the melodic side of the Syntakt and expanding its already vast sound design capability.

Taking a leaf from the famed supersaw waveform but re-imagining in Elektron-style, the digital Machine, SY Swarm, is all about that sawtooth waveform which gives you seven of them in one mighty swarm. Use it to create everything from a fat lead to an insane buzzing texture

SY Raw puts all the classic analog waveforms at your fingertips in not only one but two oscillators, to be used as building blocks for your musical endeavors. Add a pinch of noise and a spoonful of ring modulation to the mix, and you have everything you need to create everything from low, low bass to cutting leads, and melodic percussion.

The music in this video is created by only using these two new Machines. Go download this new OS here:"

Syntakt SY Raw machine overview // Creating a patch from scratch using the Syntakt 1.20 upgrade

video upload by

"In this Syntakt 1.20 upgrade overview, we show you how to use the SY Raw machine and what its parameters can do. We'll also cover how to create a big bouncy analog bass sound and how to save a sound on Syntakt."

00:00 Hello!
00:08 SY Raw Sounds
00:24 SY Raw tutorial
02:00 Syntakt patch from scratch
06:00 How to save a sound on Syntakt
06:26 Where to learn more

Syntakt SY Swarm machine overview // Creating a patch from scratch using the Syntakt 1.20 upgrade

video upload by Elektron

"In this Syntakt 1.20 upgrade overview, we show you how to use the SY Swarm machine to create a unique and melodic lead. We'll also cover what its parameters can do and how to save a sound on Syntakt.

Upgrade your Syntakt here:
Explore Syntakt:

00:00 Hello!
00:05 SY Swarm Sounds
00:24 SY Swarm tutorial
02:13 Syntakt patch from scratch
05:56 How to save a sound on Syntakt
06:30 Where to learn more"

Syntakt 1.2 Firmware: A Musical Exploration

video upload by

"Let's make some music with the new Syntakt synth engines: Swam and Raw.

00:00 intro
1:00 making the beat
10:50 performance"

Modular synthesizer // Night Shift

video upload by LowPassMountain

New Instruō - càrn four channel signal processing utility eurorack module

video upload by Instruō

"New Module Day!!!
Here's the càrn :)

At its core, the Instruō càrn is a four channel signal processing utility with distinct functionality and individual outputs per channel. It is optimised for both audio and control voltage signals and offers a voltage-controlled panner with constant power panning, a VCA, a ring modulator, and a signal crossfader – all housed within a compact stereo mixer format.

As a mixer, càrn can function as a traditional end-of-chain summing stage with a built-in stereo VCA. It can also seamlessly expand to related stereo Instruō modules via its pair of stereo back jacks and included low profile stereo cable. càrn includes an optional stereo limiter that is perfect for everything between gentle signal softening to saturated drum bus distortion.

Whether you need a feature-dense signal processor, a hyper-compact summing mixer, or a soft-clipping signal mangler, càrn will meet
the challenge.

• AC & DC coupling options for audio and CV mixing • Voltage-controlled constant power panning
• Two-quadrant linear VCA
• Four-quadrant VCA (Ring modulation)
• Final stage stereo VCA
• Signal crossfading
• Individual channel outputs with normalling options • On-board limiting
• Back jack connectivity for expansion

00:00:00 Instruōduction
00:02:04 Overview
00:12:39 Processing CV
00:39:24 Mixing Audio
01:09:18 Voltage Controlled Crossfader
01:22:00 Panned Control Voltage/DC"

Instruō - Lubadh V2.0 Firmware Overview

video upload by Instruō

"The Lúbadh V2.0 firmware update is here!
With a brand new software audio engine rewritten from the ground up, this new firmware upgrades the module's existing capabilities and adds so much more.
True tape varispeed recording introduces the power of many iconic tape composition and manipulation techniques without the faff of razor blades and the actual tape! All with the benefit of control voltage.
Take control over playback with new external clocking capabilities and 1V/octave tracking.

• 10 minutes of recording time per loop
• Dual recording, looping, and overdubbing capabilities
• One-shot play and one-shot record modes
• External clocking
• Varispeed recording
• Multiple playheads
• 1V/Oct tracking
• Feedback functionality
• Capacitive front panel for flange and stall effects
• 10 factory presets and user configurable preset capabilities
• Includes 2 HP passive CV expansion module & 8GB USB flash drive"

00:00:00 Instruōduction
00:04:07 What is New: with version two
00:05:34 What is New: Delay Controls
00:06:21 TIME Pot: 1. Clock Divisions
00:07:28 TIME Pot: 2. Dub Level
00:08:27 TIME Pot: 3. Variable Control/User Definable
00:10:13 What is New: General
00:12:18 Preset: Tape Looper
00:18:39 Preset: Classic
00:23:08 Preset: Tape Looper (Return)
00:38:39 Preset: Clean
00:57:19 Preset: Clockable
01:17:27 Preset: Multi-Tape
01:46:28 Preset: SequencingMono
01:54:19 Preset: SequencingPoly
01:07:51 Preset: Melontron
02:12:56 Preset: Octave Delay
02:19:56 Preset: Broken Tape

Lúbadh - Preset management tutorial

00:00 Instruōduction
00:34 Lúbadh Presets Overview
01:11 Toggling Presets
02:14 Preset Curation
06:36 Factory Reset
07:03 Custom Presets
08:39 Formatting USB Drive
10:11 Outro

Lúbadh - Firmware update tutorial

00:00 Instruōduction
00:43 Identifying V1 vs. V2 Firmware
01:21 Identifying V2 Version
01:44 [1] Updating Version 2 Firmware
02:29 [2] Upgrading from V1 to V2 Firmware
04:29 [3] Upgrading with V2 Expansion Pack

New Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins | MF-109S Saturator

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"The MF-109S Saturator, a brand new effect from Moog, is now available as a free gift with the purchase of the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins owners. This limited-time offer is also free to everyone who has previously purchased the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins since the collection was released in October.

In this video, we walk through the main functions of the MF-109S Saturator, starting with dialing in the sensitivity control to nicely capture your input signal’s dynamics. Next, we use the envelope follower to push the drive, and we also explore how to use the MF-109S to create an overdriven compressor. Finally, we explore how the noise generator section works and show how to use DC offsets to get an even wider variety of noise shapes.

The MF-109S Saturator is a new creative audio processor that emerged out of the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins development. A major component of the classic Moogerfooger functionality is the input drive stage, which adds warmth, distortion, and crunch to any given sound. The MF-109S allows users to have dynamic control over this drive circuit, opening up a new way for artists to interact with the unique saturation tool.

The Saturator is able to move from tight, distorted overdrive and analog saturation to smooth compression. Further, it models the noise generator circuit of the Minimoog Model D and allows for control of both noise generator level and noise tone with a switchable filter type.

All parameters of the MF-109S are able to be played, tweaked, automated, and modulated to create lively and truly musical performances. Adding a Moogerfooger effect to your sound invites exploration and experimentation to bring your musical expressions to life."

06 100 Sounds

video upload by gilleslacaud


Developer Focus: Kilohearts

video upload by

"check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

00:00 building a warm pad
10:56 making a blippy pattern
18:14 creative delay using Snap Heap
29:20 simple Bass
38:00 creating a lead
49:51 piano patch*
52:50 Snap Heap glitches on piano
58:40 master MB dynamics w/ Muli Pass
1:01:05 creating a kick
1:05:55 creating a snare
1:07:23 *bug crashes bitwig and resets everything made after 50 minute
1:08:30 picking up the pieces and repairing everything that got lost
1:16:35 deciding to test my luck and see if the bug was a one off
1:17:50 it wasn't, fixing everything again
1:28:00 sorta back to where we were around hour mark
1:32:35 creating a bubbly texture preset
1:46:20 Snap Heap on mix, making a drippy glitchy patch
2:00:02 Slice EQ on master and closing things out"

Extreme Modulations Octave CAT, CAT Stick

video upload by Hanz Volt

"just a few minutes of osc1 modulating osc2, osc1 modulating VCF and modulation madness from the CAT Stick"

the red blues

video upload by justin3am

"My first recording with these Buchla clone modules from Portabellabz and Samodular. Just an absolutely incredible instrument. It feels alive!
I occasionally kick in distortion via EHX Overlord. A small amount of post processing and Fostex 3180 on the reverb send."

Patch n Tweak
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