MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thursday, December 01, 2022


video upload by Alex Ball

"As we come to the end of Roland's 50th anniversary year, I thought it would be fun to look at their anniversary golden Jupiter-X [posted here], the 'Inspire The Music' book and to also tell you some stories of my own.

I'd love to hear your stories in the comments section.

0:00 Intro Jam
1:00 Roland Turn 50
1:56 Interlude Juno-6
2:36 Story 1: The Kitchen Synth
4:38 Interlude System 100m 1
5:48 Story 2: Window Shopping
7:48 Interlude System 100m 2
8:49 Story 3: Lost Prototype
12:10 Interlude TB-303
13:05 Story 4: Cereal box of 303
15:09 Outro Jam"

Touch of SIX-TRAK, Sequential Analog Synthesizer | Eternity Hotline

video upload by Eternity Hotline

"The little finger, or pinkie, also known as the baby finger, fifth digit, or pinky finger, is essential for shredding Six-Trak, Sequential Circuits 1984 analog synthesizer. In this performance, executed with some help from the little finger, Six-Trak parades a breathtaking array of warm analog keys, agglutinated delightfully against a crisp Drumatix beat accompanied by Meris Ottobit Jr.

Patch notes; logic/lfo/sequencing ZetaOhm FLXS1, Intellijel Steppy/Noise Tools 1U and Make Noise Maths/Wogglebug. Mannequins Mangrove to Make Noise Morphagene to QPAS to Mimeophon. Mutable Instruments Plaits/Rings to Ripples to Beads. VCA's Mutable Instruments Shades/Veils. Stereo I/O Mannequins Cold Mac to Intellijel Multi-FX 1U to Make Noise XOH to Mannequins RIP clone.

Supplemental; Roland Drumatix TR-06, Meris Ottobit Jr. and Chase Bliss Audio Blooper. Post production/mixing Logic Pro X 10.7.4 / video editing iMovie 10.3.4


Mushsynth-8 - analog drone synthesizer

video upload by Евгений Карло


Открытый проект аналогового полифонического дрон синтезатора на 8 голосов.

Все остальное потом..."


"An open source analog polyphonic drone synthesizer for 8 voices.

Everything else later..."

Metallic Percussion Made Easy \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here's a full video about Elastika together with many other exclusive videos and more exclusive content -
Here is the Sapphire collection -

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -"

Tiptop 266t Fun Patch

video upload by Todd Barton

Tiptop 266t videos by Todd Barton

"A little fun patch without a sequencer, just the 226t Source of Uncertainty with tuned intervals from both the Quantized Random Voltage and the Sample & Hold. Enjoy!

My Patreon:"

Serge Random*Source Resonant EQ - SMD vs Thru hole

video upload by John Schussler

"I've had an SMD version of the Random*Source Serge Resonant EQ for some time, and have been curious to know whether the older thru-hole version had a significantly different sound. I recently ran across one for sale, so here we are.

This is basically me trying to figure out how they're different, and whether I have a preference. Ideally I'd only keep one, but....

Source oscillator is an Acid Rain Chainsaw in single saw mode.
Sequence from Stochastic IG. Envelope from Zadar.

00:00 Intro
00:20 SMD Self-oscillation
04:03 TH self-oscillation
07:27 Sequence
13:55 Faster sequence"

Under The Winter Sun - slow ambient one synth jam in the forest | Microkorg XL, Boss RV6 RC500 + DD7

video upload by drone-in-the-woods

"First video of this track that I wrote last winter (original composition:
Had fun recording this one with the looper set to play the first loop in reverse.
Goodwood 19th Nov 2022

Korg Microkorg XL synth
Boss RV6 reverb
Boss RC500 looper
Boss DD6 delay
Roland Cube Street Ex amp
DR-40 audio recorder

Composed and performed by Keith Sutton"

Oberheim OB-X8 Sounds only no talking

video upload by

"You can buy my sounds here

All rights reserved."

Novation Bass Station II Demo 1

video upload by Skinny Nails Assembly

Novation Bass Station II (Bass)
Alongside the Sequential Pro 3 (chord lead)
Waldorf mQ, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Novation Nova II
Roland R-70 for drums with Yamaha SPX Gate Rev and Hall reverb for Snare
Mix Reverb is a Lexicon LXP-15 mkII
Mixed with SSL Native

Arturia MiniFreak Demo

video upload by Pure Ambient Drone

"Arturia's MiniFreak is a polyphonic hybrid keyboard that unites dual digital sound engines with analog filters, playful modulation, instinctive sequencing, and rich stereo effects for sounds that are immediately curious, beautiful, and chaotic in equal measure.

Explore The Unconventional
In the rift where digital meets analog, engine meets engine, hardware meets software, expression meets impulse, and reality meets boundless imagination, dwells MiniFreak.

Discover endless sweet spots between sonic universes and tear up the rulebook with an addictive hybrid synthesizer that invites you to play without consequences.

Double The Engines, Double The Fun
From Virtual Analog to FM, Additive to Ring Mod, collide contrasting modes for compound polyphonic timbres, feed Engine 1's sound into Engine 2 for stacked sonic interplay, and process external audio through its architecture to unleash any sound's wild side. Whether it's mix-filling bass, textural percussion, or center-stage synth lead, you can mold MiniFreak's many voices into whatever shape you desire."

The Touring Musician's Dream Synth? +GIVEAWAY (USA)

video upload by HAINBACH

"Thanks to @PerfectCircuit for sponsoring this video and giving away an OP-1 Field to one of my treasured viewers (US residents only). Follow the instructions in this link (live at 10 AM Pacific) to enter the contest:

I did not like the OP-1 Field at first glance. I travelled around the world with my ten year old battered original OP-1 and played it in countless shows, songs, and soundtracks. I used it like a Swiss Army knife - at home I have instruments that do each individual job better, but on the road the OP-1 is a wonderful combination of tools. It became one of my most important instruments. When the newest iteration came around it felt strange - I was very attached to my OP-1, so I did not want to give the Field a real chance. But when I took it with me on tour and travels over the past months, that changed."

Hardware Jams Special Challenge: Volcas

video upload by SynthAddict

"Special Korg Volca jam for this week. I ran out of inputs, so I couldn't use all of my Volcas."

London Synth and Pedal Expo Set for March 18

"The organizers of the Brooklyn and LA Synth Expo are excited to announce the first edition of the London, UK edition of this event.

The London Synth and Pedal Expo is an annual ‘all things with knobs’ event” that features:
A gear expo – where musicians can try pedals and interact with builders
A pop-up market – where exhibitors can sell their products to attendees
Workshops and clinics
Gear giveaways and other promotions (discounts, deals, etc)

Since 2014, the Brooklyn Synth Expo has been attracting large crowds of musicians to NYC's most musical borough; merging in 2018 with sister event the Stompbox Exhibit to become the Synth & Pedal Expo.

Unpretentious, free to the public, and pop-up in nature, this strictly in-the-headphones event was born from an NYC music blog covering local emerging bands called The Deli as a way to entertain the community of musicians it served.

After expanding to several other big North American music scenes like Los Angeles, Toronto, and Portland - the Synth & Pedal Expo will launch its first European edition in London, UK on March 18, 2023.

Organized centrally in the hip neighborhood of Hackney, the first London Synth & Pedal Expo will give gear lovers the opportunity to check out and try the latest devices by big and small builders belonging to two increasingly cross-pollinating niches.

It will also feature an educational component with workshops and clinics, and an assortment of media partners and influencers that will allow it to broaden its relevance beyond the physical constraints of a real-life event.

While vendor registrations are already open, visitors should look out for an RSVP link being promoted on the event's Facebook page around the end of January.

Event Details:
When: March 18, 2023.
Where: Motel Studios, 406-408 Long St, London E2 8HG
Tickets: Free to the public

Please contact for any information."

Roland V-Synth - Christmas Synth Pop

video upload by JMPSynth

"It's 1st December, so time for cheese-tastic Christmas synth pop from the Roland V-synth, assisted by the XP50 on drums and lead, plus classic bells from the Yamaha DX5."

Moog Sound Studio: 50 Patches for DFAM, Mother-32, Subharmonicon. + Samples. Presets Demo. No talk

video upload by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for a semi-modular system Moog Sound Studio: DFAM + Mother-32 + Subharmonicon. It is a collection of 50 patches that include basses, drums/percussion, leads, plucks, textures, FXs. There is a wide range of sound colors inside the pack: massive and gentle, aggressive and soft, bright and dull, melodic and inharmonic tones, straight and polymetric patterns.

🔮 Get the soundset:

✅ high level of interconnection of the synths
✅ thoroughly set parameters
✅ detailed notes for patches full of tips and tricks
✅ audio examples in 4 versions: DFAM only, M-32 only, Subharmonicon only, all together
✅ to recreate these patches, you need up to 17 patch cables + splitter/multiplier («star») or a stackable cable.
✅ one of my hardest work ever, I spent up to 2,5 hours for each patch
✅ FREE BONUS: 200 samples with Scale and BPM (95-128 BPM), Wav 24/44100

The main point of the soundset is the high level of interconnection, not just syncing the synths with independent timbres (individual patches for DFAM, Mother-32, and Subharmonicon are also available on my website). In this patchbook, the timbres of the synths are soldered and can’t exist separately:
🔸 they modulate each other with LFO and Envelopes
🔸 a sequence from one synth may change parameters on others
🔸 triggers interaction, clock/rhythm, run/stop modulations break predictable patterns
🔸 audio signals from VCOs may be used as modulation sources to create harmonies/intervals or crazy experimental inharmonic tones
🔸 or they may be used just as audio sources that go to another synth to be processed with its (different) filter and envelope and get the «second life».
DFAM, M32, and SUBH play different and clear roles, it’s not a sound mess, but the synths working in close cooperation.

Shakmat Mod Medusa controlling Make Noise Mimeophon for complex delays on melodic line

video upload by Shakmat

"@MAKEN0ISEMUSIC Mimeophon working hand in hand with Shakmat Mod Medusa"

Shakmat Mod Medusa making a complex rhythmic bassline with Mutable Instruments Elements

"Physical Model eurorack module Elements controlled via our Euclidean LFO Mod Medusa"

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends

video upload by thenoiztemple

"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances. A continuation of noiz during the persistence of The Plague and now war.

The sound of the 70s - Player Baby Come Back with Minimoog, Rhodes

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

One of my favorite songs from the 70s.
The song was written and performed by Peter Beckett and J.C. Crowley, the founders of Player in the year 1977.

I used the Roland M-VS1 'Vintage Synth' module for the Solina string sounds. For the Rhodes Mk1 and the Clavinet sounds I used my Yamaha Reface CP incl. the internal effect section. Very important is here the chorus effect. Played with the Oberheim Xk keyboard controller.
For the Moog lead sound in the mid-part I used my Minimoog.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!
The RetroSound playlist:"

Use the player controls to skip around.

DAWESOME's next synth: KULT

video upload by DATABROTH

"check out my wavetables and presets at join my Patreon

Dawesome, the maker of Novum and Abyss has given me a sneak preview of his next synth KULT. Kult uses strange attractors for oscillator generation, creating unique and obscure textures based around the chaotic but not random nature of dynamic systems. These are five of my favorite presets I've made for KULT so far.

KULT is due to release this December

Affiliate links:
Plugin Boutique:

if you're already planning on purchasing any software and want help support me, purchasing any software via the above link helps me out with a %15 commission

Thank you

00:00 MYSTIK

Tiptop 266t Overview 2

video upload by Todd Barton

Tiptop 266t videos by Todd Barton

Looking at the functions of the righthand side of this module.

My Patreon:"

**RARE** Baldwin EX32 SYNTHESIZER Overview

video upload by Crab Flag

"It's a Baldwin Synth?! If you have ANY information about this LEAVE A COMMENT AND TELL ME. I NEED TO KNOW."

♥ Made By Heart - - - 3 - - - Audiovisual Jam Driven By The Heartbeat

video upload by Perplex On

"Using my heartbeat to play the #ModelCycles. Using an early version of an app by Floverse which takes the heartbeat measured with an #applewatch to be emitted as a midi note. Here this data is going into an iPad where i’m processing the incoming midi to play various note scales and combinations using #mozaicapp. Next to the sound, the visuals are also getting this midi impulse which modulates the playback speed of the projected visuals."

Norand Morphos - Patch #8

video upload by Norand

Norand Morphos - Patch posts

"Here is a generative patch using Hermod and Morphos.
Random patterns are generated by Hermod that control the morphing feature of Morphos."

TR-8S - Free FM Kit! - "FM Rainbow" song by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"With the latest TR-8S firmware update, Roland added new FM models [additional posts here] that can also be used for creating synth sounds! For this occasion I created a custom FM Kit that you can download and use it for free!

Here's the link to DOWNLOAD the FM Kit:

I hope you like it and that you can use it to add some gattobus magic to your creations! :P "

Modular synthesizer // Travelling Man

video upload by LowPassMountain

SmplTrek - A new sampler has arrived

video upload by True Cuckoo

Additional SmplTrek posts

"SmplTrek is a new portable sampler/ song writing instrument, made by Sonicware. I like it. It's a little bit technical to get into, but anyone can learn.

My online store:

02:42 Quick overview
04:48 Copy samples to card
05:18 Overview of tracks
06:04 Creating a drumkit
09:17 Turning on the metronome
09:33 Setting the length of a clip
09:47 Realtime recording
10:22 More beats, chords, bass
14:26 Loop track + Mic monitoring
15:17 Internal microphone
16:13 Dynamic microphone
18:00 Mixing vocals basics
19:07 Recording loops
19:48 Global track introduction
20:59 Quick lyrics sesh
21:20 Chorus insert effect
21:53 Recording a global track
22:26 Master M.B. Compressor
23:24 Crispy vocal
24:06 Punch-in recording Global track
25:09 Live mixing the whole track
26:20 High five to Sonicware!

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