MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, January 16, 2023

Monday, January 16, 2023

Novation Peak || Emotive Unstable

video upload by Mike Lewis

"A wavetable osc pad that starts soft and airy with filter modulation that reveals a heavy distortion.

To get the synth patch file used in this video, you can purchase from my preset bundle here:"

LoFi Future Eurorack Modular HD RGB video processing rig

video upload by LoFiFuture

"This setup (minus the LFO) is currently available as a bundle deal here:

The bundle set includes 3 eurorack T-420 modules, a pair of eurorack VGA to Jack adapters and 2 HDMI / VGA converters.

In this video I demonstrate what can be achieved with this setup and a simple modulation source. In a later video we will delve a little deeper and introduce some faster video rate modulation signals!"

A Wave Table: Nucleus and Iliad voice

video upload by Mike @ Artisan

"A patch using the Chime morphable wavetable.

Can be played on Nucleus or Iliad

Oscillator 3 is digital and has morphable wavetables (amongst other things)
Oscillators 1 and 2 are Analog and add depth and texture to the sound"

NoisyFruitsLab Eurorack Modules & DIY

video upload by NoisyFruitsLab

"Take a look inside"

Products: (use the player controls to skip around)

video uploads by NoisyFruitsLab



via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"This vintage beauty was put together from a kit by an electrical design engineering professor who held a Ph.D. in computer science at Berkeley. It appears to be a nice soldering job and these older units are getting harder to find. Countless hours of work went into this build. I believe it is in the original shipping box from Southwest Technical Products in San Antonio, Texas. I have installed the 2 required 9 volt batteries, but I could not get the unit to function. It powers on, but no sound comes through the test amplifier. Only a pop when it turns on..."

Simmons SDS9 Electronic Drums Synthesizer Module 1986 + Rare Zifs Pack

via this auction

"SIMMONS SDS9 Electronic Drums Synthesizer Module
Made in England about 1986 with OS version 4
Auto Trigger Function allows the unit to be tested and programmed without Pads.
Includes the Rare Zifs Pack for Quick and Easy change of Eprom Sounds for the Snare Channel
Analog Toms based on CEM 3394 Chips.
The memory Backup Battery was recently replaced and the unit was fully tested.

The knobs doesn't seems to be original ?! But at all it looks not bad for it's age - great 80's drums :-D

220v European version with German Printed manual included"

Roland JP-8000 SN AJ81346

via this auction

Bat Boy on the fridge.

Messing around with Yamaha CS-15, Korg Mono/Poly, and Friends

video upload by Bata

Akai MPC X with Roland TR-707 samples
Yamaha CS-15
Korg Mono/Poly
Nord wave
Korg Delta

FM60P & ODT3 by NYZ

Two new releases from NYZ - FM60P composed w/ Kodamo's essenceFM, and ODT3 below, composed with GForce Software's Oddity3.

"Appropriately, FM60P is the sixth NYZ release to focus directly on FM synthesis, and the first six-operator variant of the FMX0P releases (which was incidentally also the first conceptual iteration of the sub-series of FM synth works, despite being released this far down the line). Given this provenance, those familiar with FM synthesis might assume Burraston would begin a six-operator exploration with the ubiquitous Yamaha DX7 - perhaps the most iconic FM synthesizer of all time - but instead, he's taken a different tack entirely, and opted to use a modern machine - the Kodamo EssenceFM, a megalith of FM processing power with a mind-numbing 300 operators available within its outwardly unassuming racked interface - albeit acting in an ascetic sense by limiting himself deliberately to only six operators. Longtime Psoma listeners will also note a referential connection with PMFM, a prior release that also utilized the EssenceFM in its construction.

On a technical level, FM60P manifests itself through the arcane pathways of Burraston's cellular automata research, which informs both the sequencing information sent into the synthesizer, and the microtuning of the voices also. Beyond this initial working ethos, the designs and numerical relationships of the operators' ratios have been arranged with the use of three different sets of Fibonacci number sequences, as well as tuning dispositions referencing Alain Daniélou's Harmonic Division of the Octave. Fibonacci freaks will be pleased to know that this arrangement of operators will form intricate setups of Golden Ratio based FM timbres.

For many listening and reading, these points of reference may have no meaning whatsoever, and we here at Psoma would like to offer the consolation that there is no right or wrong way to listen to or interact with any sound matter found in our catalog, or anywhere else for that matter. It could even be said that part of our initiative in publishing works such as these is defined by a desire to simply introduce more challenging and concept-driven music into the world, in order to bring new and stimulating experiences to people who are both familiar and unfamiliar with the deeper details of sound itself.

So what does that leave us with then? The sound of FM60P could be described as a chiming din of glassy tones playing in serpentine unison with sub-bass hum - but this is only a small prologue of two minutes, quickly pulling back the curtain to reveal a massive hour-long drone wall, presented in Burraston's characteristic style of rippling heavily modulated swaths of energy, underpinned by a more midrange foundation of a pulsing alien plinth. Filter sweeps reveal many more dimensions to the layers that are not initially obvious, bringing incessant bass tones and arpeggiator-like sections into focus before the wavering sea reclaims them.

Burraston's music is unlike anything else in the space it is able to inhabit, simultaneously sounding artificial and unnatural to an almost impossible degree, while also functionally conveying itself in elemental and naturalistic ways. Everything is an object, an outline, a weather system or a color, each possessing a specific set of attributes that communicate synaesthetically with the listener, as temperatures and spatial indicators, rather than confining themselves to much more arbitrary traditional sensations.

NOTE: After some confusion from listeners, we'd like to make clear the fact that all NYZ/Noyzelab catalog releases at Psoma are available ONLY as abridged digital versions for name-your-price/free download, and in their full unabridged editions as physical CD-Rs. There is not an unabridged digital version of anything from NYZ at Psoma, and the physical editions do not ship with unabridged digital versions either (that is, if you do not count the digital music present on the compact discs). For listeners only interested in unabridged digital versions, we encourage you to visit to purchase those directly from NYZ, or even better, subscribe to his Bandcamp output and just get everything."

"Continuing from SEM with his exploration of GForce software instruments, Burraston builds a wall with the Oddity3, an expansive modern iteration of the ARP Odyssey that includes several new additions and functions. ODT3 consists of two such instances of the Oddity3 to accomplish the wide stereo image, both focusing on the 4035 ladder filter from the short-lived Odyssey mark II (only one of three filter types present within the softsynth). Landing somewhere on the map between the Cell Meditations and the subharmonic hums of TESCO SYNFETIX, ODT3 pulses in shallow waves that betray the depth beneath their softened surfaces. Close listening yields wondrous results, especially in headphones, as the swirling mass of the frequency spectrum slowly rises like a shipwreck called back to shore. Almost imperceptibly, the true substance of this piece is revealed in microscopic increments, until it overtakes the senses and surrounds everything, filling the air with vibrating particulate and soporific electricity, glimmering like a portal to an adjacent dimension."

Roland TR-55 from 1972 through A/DA STD-1

video upload by Bata

"Messing around with a Roland Rhythm box and a Stereo tap delay. Guest appearance by the Korg Delta."

New Waldorf Quantum MK2 Keyboard Synthesizer Adds Poly Aftertouch & More

via Waldorf


polyphonic aftertouch
Every finger gets its own expression:
First of its kind Fatar TP8/SK polyphonic aftertouch keybed with 61 keys.

extended sampling
Increased internal flash memory to 59 GB for samples and 3.4 GB for presets & wavetables.

hybrid polyphony
Extending 8 analogue filter voices with digital filter ones for reaching up to 16 voices in any combination.
The best of both worlds together.

Updated colour and material selection.
High quality display with extended viewing angle and improved mechanics.


video upload by noystoise

And a video of the face plate production (no audio):

NTSH face plate

HEX HAUS - digital polyphonic synthesizer & digital sound processing instruments

HEX cor
video uploads by HEX HAUS

"HEX cor is a digital polyphonic synthesizer with a capacitive keyboard, potentiometers for signal modulation and an adaptable looper that through its unusual shape explores new ways of interaction and sound synthesis."

HEX 1.0

"HEX 1.0 is a digital polyphonic synthesizer with a capacitive keyboard, potentiometers for signal modulation and an adaptable looper that through its unusual shape explores new ways of interaction and sound synthesis."

Not sure what the difference is between the HEX cor and HEX 1.0, but they have separate playlists HEX HAUS. Only the HEX cor is featured on their site.

HEX lag

"HEX lag is a digital sound processing instrument with signal modulating potentiometers and an interactive tactile surface for direct sound control. It digitally simulates analogue bucket brigade delay chips (typical of chorus, flanger and karplus-strong), but also enables pitch-shifting, downsampling, etc."

follow-up to this post.

"HEX HAUS institute is a joint project by media artists and fed up `post-alternative’ millenials Anže Sekelj and Staš Vrenko."

Finger Drumming Madness with the Intellijel Tetrapad and the LXR Eurorack Module

video upload by Patchwerks

"Get ready for an epic modular synth jam session! In this video, we're combining the powerful Intellijel Tetra Pad with the incredibly fun Erica Synths + Sonic Potions collaboration, the LXR Drum Module. Watch as we show you how to patch these two amazing modules together and then Drew from Patchwerks takes over to show you what it's like to play the Tetra Pad like a pro. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind synth experience!

Check out the Intellijel Tetra Pad here:
Check out the Erica Synths LXR here:
Demo by: Matthew Piecora, Drew Nyte
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT) and Steven Ly (Project 32)"

STELLAR - UDO SUPER 6 Synth Composition #1

video upload by Nick Iles

"For the last year, I have been getting to know this synthesizer. I love how easy it is to get it to sound the way you want to and really dig into the details. I have used it in many recordings this year but this is the first composition I've made entirely with it."

Synthstrom Deluge Jam (Internal Synth)

video upload by Easy Tiger

"I'm jamming on a melody heavy track. All sounds including the drums were made using the internal synth engine. No samples harmed in this one:)"

3 New digital filter for the Gotharman's LD3 [firmware update]

video upload by Meska

"All the existing LD3 have 3 new digital filter on FL1 for each part.

The screen for the LD3 was unoptenium for now, so the LD3 have now a new revison with multy touch creen, and the 3 new digital filter available on FL1 + FL2 !

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Reverb in D Locrian

video upload by SynthAddict

"Everything drowning in reverb (except some drums).
Roland TR-8 with internal ‘verb, Streichfett with REX-50 nasty reverb,
JX-08 (2 voice mode) with each one going through Ventris large reverb,
ATV aFrame with internal dynamic pressure reverb…
Arturia Keystep Pro for control. Good fun…"

Soundfreak Buchla Drone

video upload by Todd Barton

"Loving the sounds of these modules!"

My Patreon:

ADSR:LPG Card Switches

video upload by Todd Barton

"A closer look at the functions of all the switches on the card."

My Patreon:

See the Portabellabz label below for more.

Huge Crunchy Bass with Cruinn from Instruo \ Patch From Scratch

video upload by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
00:28 - Main sound
02:01 - Adding a filter
03:13 - Envelope for amplitude
04:06 - Filter modulation
06:06 - Adding texture with noise
07:18 - Mixing layers
08:04 - Second layer with notch
09:32 - Adding delay and panning
10:52 - Adding reverb and crunch
12:03 - With a sequencer
13:21 - In hardware

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

AMAZING sounding analogue poly synth from Argentina! GS Music E7

video upload by Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"This synth is a real hidden gem! I'm using it all the time at the moment!

Check GS Music out here

All rights reserved."

See the GS Music label below for additional posts.

Cwejman S1 MK2 Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer 2019 - Eggshell

via this auction

"If you're looking, I'm sure you've heard how amazing this synth is. Its character is unparalleled. I purchased it new in 2019. There is one tiny scratch on the underside corner, and the faintest of blemishes on the bottom corners (the latter of which, can't even be seen in the photos - they're faint!). Every other surface appears to me to be completely scratch or blemish free. Anyway, I took lots of pictures, so please have a look.

I'm only looking to sell this and some other of my prized musical possessions to help pay my mounting college debt. I don't really want to see it go. These are RARE, so if you've wanted one, and can swing it, this is an amazing example of one of Wowa Cwejman's greatest creations."

Thomas Organ Synti 1055

video upload by gwaderski

via this auction

"Synti 1055 by Thomas Organ Company.

Synth is in perfect working condition,

When it comes to appearance, it has scratches on the housing, which can be seen in the photos. There are also two slider overlays missing. In the piano button, in the preset section, the red color does not disappear when the preset is turned off (see photo 3).

The video in the attached you tube [video] presents the described instrument."

Electronic Music & Synth Books

via this auction

"Electronic Music / Video Art / Modular Synth Etc. Books. Many Classic first Editions.

Subjects such as:

Field recoding
Modular Synths
Electronic music
DIY Electronics
Experimental Video
Experimental Film
Sound ART

Roland MKS-30 w/ PG-200 Controller

via this auction

Roland JD-990 w/Vintage Synth Expansion SR-JV80-04, Manual, Brand New Display

via this auction

"There is a slight hum to the power supply. I've owned 4 JD-990's and they've all done this. It does not affect performance.

Roland Vintage Synth Expansion Card (SR-JV80-04)
Original Manuals
BRAND NEW Luxdisplays Negative Display."

EREBUS Reissue by Dreadbox / Minor Sequence

video upload by Dreadbox

"Orestes builds a Sequence in Minor on the Erebus Reissue synthesizer.

- All Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
Faithful Reproduction of the Erebus V1

- 2 Oscillators with 2 Waveforms each
Separate Glide controls and Hard Sync function

- 2-pole Low Pass pre-fed Filter

- 1 ADSR envelope and a AR Amp Envelope, snappier than the V1


- Lo-Fi Delay effect

- Wide Range LFO

- 15 patch points for an astonishing and spectacular modular experience

- Compact, USB powered, Eurorack Format (42HP)"

Modulation LFO sound with Custom Black Roland SH-101 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my free Roland SH-101 sample pack:

No EQ. No compression. No external effects. Pure sound."

Silhouette eins - Tracks and Trains (2023)

video upload by Pit Przygodda

"'Silhouette eins' is a synthesizer system that uses visual sources (pics, movs, cam) to create music and audiovisual works. It has been developed by Pit Przygodda from 1992 to 2023 (ongoing).
This is a jam with 3 Silhouette eins synthesizers. The visuals content deals with tracks and trains.
More Infos:"

See the Przygodda label below for additional posts.

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