MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thursday, January 19, 2023

PWM Malevolent: A selection of raw sounds (no talk, no FX)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Who likes grinding, grating, howling, scraping, buzzing, screaming, inharmonious detuned filth? I'll tell you: The harder, cooler more experimental edge of the synth world - and that's you :D So here they are from the PWM Malevolent and all completely raw. No pesky effects to mask the horror and wash away imperfections. Why experience 'pleasant, lush or smooth' when you can have 'random, resonant and cross-modulated' ?
Experience the vicarious fun of ugly, dirty noodling on one of the world's most ugly synths! Yes, the Malevolent is ugly, and not even catwalk-weird-ugly, just plain ugly. From its bug-guts-green color scheme, messy layout and annoyingly small filter, resonance and drive knobs, ugly. But ugly is as ugly makes, so see how easily the controls can tip from one sound into something completely different. Then add some careless CV patching in utter disregard of pitch.
And as fun as it is to tweak it'd be a brave (or spiteful) soul who'd play this live without a beefy limiter or some other device to catch the inevitable volume peaks, piercing resonances and unexpected low-end swells. It is not a tame lion. In the video I tried to keep the volume under control and have made only minor overall volume adjustments to individual sound clips in the DAW. But there are absolutely no effects, EQ or post-processing.
I might replace all the knobs - but the layout will still be awful :/ But what about that sound?!

0:00 Formant insect
0:48 Box of dirt
1:18 Zappy McZap
1:40 Space Cow
3:00 Tuned toad
3:27 Allsorts
4:39 Wobbler
5:08 My ears!
5:36 Android vomit
6:10 Tuna
6:33 Drummer Boy
7:20 Noise plonks
7:50 Paint scraper
8:54 FM digestion
9:50 Noise flavors
10:37 Bulldozer
11:12 Dying modem
11:50 Annoying clanks
12:37 Bag of cats
13:27 Oof
13:55 Let's get seasick

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

For what is missing | A melancholy improvisation with the Rhodes and AN1x

video upload by MIDERA

"Tonight I was moving stuff around in my studio and came across an old photo of me when I was 1 or 2... But I noticed that there was another photo behind it. I took it out and saw myself, at what must have been 6 months? I can't really tell. I was a baby. Seeing this photo made me feel strange in a way that's hard to explain - part of me felt bad for my parents, who don't have that little baby anymore, which I understand - as I watch my own babies grow into their older selves. You just see time ripping it away from you. So I see this picture of me and think that I went through that process. I guess time is to blame, not me. And then I just look at that photo and think a whole series of timelines could have happened - I wondered where it possibly could have gone based on all sorts of inputs (whether we moved or did not move to different places), I just had this potential that, as I get older, fades away.

I think that's what spurred my sentiment as I wrote this song."

Trigon 6 Review // Sequential's take on an old, monster soul: a 3 VCO, ladder filter polysynth

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:45 Overview
3:55 I/O
5:55 Oscillators
9:40 Mixer
11:25 Filter
13:45 Distortion
15:00 Effects
18:00 Modulation
18:20 Amp env
19:00 Filter env
20:15 Polymod
24:15 LFO
25:30 Aftertouch
26:15 Clock
26:45 Arp
28:20 Sequencer
29:40 Unison
31:30 Vintage
33:05 T-6 Editor
35:05 Amount=Oct
35:55 Multi-trills
36:10 F Env 2 Freq
36:55 AftTch 2 LFO
37:30 Chords
38:00 Drawbars
38:20 Additive bell
39:20 Saw PWM?
40:05 Randomize
40:45 Pros & cons
44:05 More Sounds

Oberheim OB X8 - first patch (Jan 2023)

video upload by Default Corporation

finally i've got the Oberheim Ob-X8 and this is my first patch on it.
There is a shimmer reverb by Korg NTS1 Nu-Tekt

Thanks for watch"

SoundsDivine 'Wonky Tapes Vol.1' - Sequential Prophet 5/10

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Wonky Tapes - Vol.1' soundset for the Sequential Prophet 5/10."

SoundsDivine 'Wonky Tapes Vol.2' - Sequential Prophet 5/10

"Preview of the presets from the 'Wonky Tapes - Vol.2' soundset for the Sequential Prophet 5/10."

11 Con Brio - Bizarre Sequence

video upload by Con Brio Synthesizers

"These sounds play atonally with this sequence, seemingly ideal for a weird film scene."

See the Con Brio label below for more.

CRUMAR Composer - Vintage Italian Synth (1982) HD

video upload by Alberto Napolioni

This one is currently for sale on Reverb here. Pics captured below.

"FREE Improvisations on this rare and amazing synth
made in Marche (1982)

00:00 Jazzy INTRO
00:21 Graffiti
00:36 Child Love
00:55 Magic Laziness
01:18 Pixel Falls
01:33 Plantasia
02:00 Gargoyle's Bites
02:29 Pearls
02:48 Ennio's Breath
03:35 Clubbing
03:49 Angry Wasp Bass (with Aftertouch)
04:15 New Game
04:31 Ascension (Filter)
05:15 Cloud's Lullaby
05:39 Strings Hoodoo
06:09 The Owl (doubts)
06:33 Holy Grail Pad
07:23 Jazzy OUTRO

FX used on some parts:
OTO Bam Reverb
OTO Bim Delay"

via this auction

"This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind piece, a unique sounding synth...the Extremely Rare "Italian Trident":
I made a DEMO video to show this synth in action...
Only 500 were made... this is Serial N.69!
In 100% perfect working conditions."

Erica Synths to Resume Production of Hexinverter Électronique Modules

via Erica Synths

"Erica Synths is honoured and excited to announce taking over manufacturing and sales of several of the iconic Hexinverter Électronique modules.

In September 2022 Stacy Gaudreau - the founder of Hexinverter Électronique, announced closing down the operations at a yet undetermined date within 2023. [posted 9/12/2022] Unfortunately the recent supply chain issues have created an unsustainable climate for small scale electronics manufacturers.

Following their announcement Erica Synths in cooperation with Hexinverter Électronique saw a way for their incredible and truly unique music instruments to keep on inspiring musicians and finding home in countless studios to come. We strongly believe the effort and innovation incorporated in Hexinverter Électronique eurorack modules is far too great to prematurely become history.

Erica Synths will take over the manufacturing, sales and support* of the following Hexinverter Électronique modules: Mutant Brain (now available @ SHOP), Mindphaser and Mutant Machine (within 2023).

*While retaining all functionality of Hexinverter Électronique modules, Erica Synths redesigned the hardware of modules and will provide support for reissue modules only."

NGEN – Algorithmic MIDI Workstation – Overview Video

video upload by Spektro Audio

"NGEN – Algorithmic MIDI Workstation is a unique 16-track MIDI sequencer created by Spektro Audio that lets you combine 12 different algorithmic generators and 10 MIDI FXs to sequence multiple hardware or software MIDI instruments.

It offers a completely new way of creating and performing music by abstracting the composition process. Instead of writing sequences from scratch, NGEN lets you quickly generate a new sequence for your drums, basslines, melodies, and chord progressions with a push of a button.

For more information about NGEN, check out our latest blog post at:"

NGEN is a 16-track MIDI sequencer that lets you combine 12 different generators and 10 MIDI FXs to algorithmically generate drum / percussive patterns, basslines, melodies, chord progression, arpeggios, and much more.

Besides our already released generators (ACDGEN and Polyform), NGEN also includes completely new Generators such as Drumgen, Samba, Arper, POP, and MARP and MIDI FXs like Humanizer, Glitch, Chord, and Shaper.

You can use NGEN to generate a MIDI sequence to a single track in your DAW, multiple tracks, multiple hardware MIDI instruments, or anything in between.

It's easy to get started with NGEN but you're always invited to explore and take things deeper.

Combine different generators and MIDI FXs, route tracks internally (to get Polyform to react to ACDGEN, for example), set specific MIDI program changes per track, set generators to auto-variate automatically, save and recall different patterns, change the key and scale of all tracks in real time, save projects to the microSD, or control multiple tracks via the Performance mode.

After releasing the first Spektro Audio hardware product ACDGEN – Hardware Edition, a standalone MIDI sequencer based on our algorithmic MIDI generator ACDGEN, I started working on my next idea: a new hardware platform that could host multiple generators so they could be combined to create and perform an entire song / music idea algorithmically.

So after working for over 3 years on 6 different prototypes, experimenting with different feature sets and hardware layouts, the NGEN is finally ready.

C2_1 draft-drum pads triggering patch that's coded and synthesized in Pure Data vanilla

video upload by Akunull

"More music, code, and programs:"

Lumanoise V4_Trautonium_Patch

video upload by LepLoop

"Lumanoise V4 Euro Rack patch by @nanocyde_artist
Day 18 of #jamuary2023 - Trying something that I’ve had in the back of my head for a while - controlling a vactrol-based oscillator module diatonically to create a nice melody. The frequency response is non-linear but having a ribbon control means you can mark the notes. Notice how the higher octave is twice the width of the lower one! The Lumanoise v4 turns out to be very versatile in this configuration, even as it produces unintuitive results sometimes.
It’s also worth noting that the LEP module and the Doepfer controller were both inspired by the Trautonium."

MOOG MuSonics 1972 Sonic V synthesizer - ringmod unison demo

video upload by OFR

"Someone had told me they thought that ring modulators were not useful - they made such ugly sounds. But that's a common use of them, so easy to think so. However, the Moog Sonic 6 and Sonic V models have ringmod built in, and it's REALLY great thickening when the two oscillators are tuned near unison. Listen..."

MOOG MuSonics Sonic V vintage analog synthesizer 1972 - ringmod detuned demo 2

"Similar to the other video of tuned oscillators, here's the ringmod demo using detuned oscillators, still cool, and still musically useful. I it's comparable to having wavetable synthesis or similar sources."

Effects of Long Envelopes

video upload by Todd Barton

"an experiment sending long envelopes from the Portabellabz ADSR/LPG card to the Easels LPG 1-Timbre-Mod Index & Mod pitch. The Easel's EG is opening LPG-2. Enjoy.

My Patreon:"

ADSR:LPG Tips and Tricks

"Just a few tips and tricks."

5 things you can make with Tymp Legio stereo percussion Eurorack module

video upload by Noise Engineering

"We're using our Tymp Legio stereo percussion module to make BFFs with the BIA, patch a snappy bass, make some Miami Vice Toms, create ducking effects, and build a drum kit!

0:08 BIA's BFF
0:42 Snappy Bass
1:21 Miami Vice Toms
1:59 Ducking
2:38 Drum Kit

More about the Tymp Legio:

Inspired by our love of all types of percussion, Tymp Legio isn’t your normal drum-kit module with samples or emulations of simple sounds. Instead, we took the challenge of a small percussion module as an opportunity to fit the drum sounds we wanted quick access to in 6hp.

Tymp Legio’s simple interface puts a massive tonal and textural range under your control. The modes (Boot, Cat, Boing) are an onomatopoetic guide to the sounds each encompasses. Each mode is offset by three octaves but dial them up or down for even more versatility. Toggle the Tang switch to select the palate within each mode that suits you.

The Quack inputs will duck your audio to your percussion (or pass through in Boing mode), making Tymp Legio a fantastic performance-percussion module."

Rhythm Lab - Neu Jungle (samplepack)

video upload by LFOstore


Introducing Neu Jungle - an exquisite collection of groovy drum breaks and high-energy synth sounds made in the best tradition of 90s Jungle music. Made with classic analog and digital instruments.

Drum loops are made with 90-s/20-s famous samplers such as Akai S1100, MPC 1000, Emu 6400 and VP-9000. All loops are processed with the vast variety of vintage effects and tools, including tape and tube units; and recorded on 80's vintage mixer. This way of production brings out the warm, dusty and thick sound of the early Jungle recordings.

The drum programming is of the highest standard, recreating that early Jungle energetic vibe. Sharp Kung Fu-style Drumfunk breaks; easy Soulful and Intelligent grooves; thick and pumping Liquid Funk loops; mellow Atmospheric DnB drums.

The second half of the pack includes a collection of synths, recorded with such classics as Moog Prodigy, Korg MS-20, Yamaha CS-30, Access Virus, Nord Lead, etc. This section of the pack places a particular emphasis on bass sounds. However, you can also find various key chords, pads, FX and lead sounds.

All sounds are recorded with a high-quality audio interface in 24-Bit, 44100 Hz WAV files, and manually sliced in Recycle Rex format.

This collection includes more than 200 breakbeats and over 700 synth sounds."

CRB Voco Strings and CRB Computerband 2000

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"CRB Elettronica was one of many organ manufacturers in the Marche region in Italy in the 1970s.
They did however branch out to produce a very limited number of synthesizers and drum machines for a domestic market where, due to a weak lira and high import taxes, synths manufactured in Japan and America were rare treats.
Speaking of rare - these CRB machines are today incredibly so - having already been manufactured in numbers in the low hundreds - very few survive today.

The CRB Computer Band 2000 is an analog auto-accompaniment unit with a range of chord and arpeggiator sounds.

1. Analog Drum Machine Section with individually mutable sounds
2. Bass section with three sounds and two modes
3. Two separate chord sections with a total of seven sounds, decay and volume controls.
4. And at last the arpeggiator section with four different sounds and decay control.

These sections were originally made for big home-organs, they're incorporated into the CRB 910 organs and a few Solton branded ones as well.

The CRB Voco Strings is an Italian take on the Roland VP-330 - a string and vocoder machine. It has a great sounding string section as a carrier - maybe one of the very sweetest sounding string machines that came out of Italy?
Change my mind in the comment section :)

In this video we're letting the CRB Voco strings process the CRB Computer Band 2000 via the audio input. During the first two compositions, a third player, the Siel Cruise - a lovely Mono / Poly machine, is connected as an external carrier signal instead of the Voco-Strings String Sounds, via the external instrument input in the back.

This video is a compilation of previously released videos on our channel - there are lots more videos of the Computerband 2000 unit as well.

The CRB Computerband unit is currently for sale on Reberb."

See the CRB label below for more.

Using CV to Trigger a Synth's Envelope | Sound Recipes #56

video upload by Reverb

"For this week's Sound Recipe, we spiced up a synth sound by using a CV sequencer to trigger a synth's envelope. Find all the steps and many more Sound Recipes here."

RYK Vector Wave | 4 Operator mono/polyphonic vector synth with 16 VCO's, 8 Env/LFO's and a Joystick.

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"I started working on this video three days ago, right after I got the RYK.
Since I have committed to making a video every day in January, I had to work ahead a bit and study. It's hard enough to make a video under pressure, but working on a module you don't know is even harder. RYK's Vector Wav is so deep it makes it virtually impossible to make something decent. But I learned a lot while/after making this video and I think it's an enjoyable watch.

The RYK is an amazing machine and it can produce the biggest sound I've ever heard coming from a single eurorack module. In short, it's a 4 operator FM voice, but it goes much deeper. A voice is a wavebank of four oscillators, so there are 16 voices to play with. Each wavebank has two envelopes, two LFO's and six modulation targets. You can use it in unison and polyphonic with midi. With the expander you can drive three more gates and melodies in 'multi timbral' mode. There's just one word for the RYK and that is WOW.

#jamuary2023 | Day 19 | Thursday"

HOHNER Electra Melodica 1966-1967 * RARE monophonic synth *

via this auction

This is only the 2nd one to be featured on the site; the 1st one being here.

"Rare Hohner Electra Melodica which is a monophonic windsynthesizer produced by Hohner in 1966-67. Obviously this instrument was so far ahead of its time that they only produced 500 pieces until it was discontinued.

The melodica has 6 sounds to choose from - clarinet (1 octave lower than the rest), brass, strings, oboe/bassoon, flute, saxophone, there are also three "formants" for the wau-wau effect that you can choose from and manipulate with the pushbutton on the left side of the instrument. The melodica has a vibrato that can be altered in amplitude and frequency and two pots for finetune and coarsetune. The octaveswitch allows to choose between five octaveranges. The manual has 3 octaves, using the octave switches you can play notes from "f" below the lowest note on a piano to the "e" above the highest c on the piano.

The power supply has new fresh electrolytic caps and a bulb has been changed on the inside of the instrument. The melodica has also been tuned properly.

The package contains the original power supply, the power cord, a connection cable from power supply to the melodica (same as the 'MIDI'-cables we use today), 1x3-pole-DIN/3-pole-DIN and 1x3-pole-Din/jack cable to connect the melodica via the power supply to the amp. It also contains two mouthpieces.

The original case has suffered a little bit throughout the years and the melodica has a crack on the downside which has been glued (check pictures)."

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

via this auction

"One of only 500 or so."

Moog Minimoog Voyager Aluminum Edition SN 088

via this auction

"This listing is for serial #88 of 100 of the Moog Minimoog Voyager Aluminum Edition.

It has had a brand new power supply installed, and is running the latest firmware (2017-v3.6)."

Destiny Plus 16 Psyche

via this auction

You can find demos in previous posts here.

"16 PSYCHE manifolds a structureless structure at infinite convergence of causal invariance in the frequency domain. The core 16 configurations of 16 PSYCHE expose the diversity of the proto core* and the rich experimentation to gain using the 5 pillars of its foundation in depth. The infinity function groupoids, quadrilateral non linear transfer functions, twisted division ring of fractions, through zero phase modulation and non linear resonant feedback windows.
Although not limited to 16 configurations the evolution of the chosen system is a kin to a multiway infinity, defined only by the isomorphic relationship of user and machine, however it should be noted that 16 PSYCHE obtains suitable nodes for trajectories towards complex feedback and modulation far beyond previously known orbits."

Metasonix R-54

via this auction

"This is an impossible module to find and it was just luck that I was able to get it so I’m selling it with great reluctance. It kicks ass. Blast and blast, it’s got power and intensity. Grab it before I change my mind.

It uses a triode-pentode in a unique Wien-bridge circuit, to provide clean sine-wave oscillation. Using a Vactrol, the pitch of the R-54 is sweepable from less than 20 Hz to more than 5 kHz, continuously, via front-panel control or a CV input. By adjusting the waveshape/resonance control, the sinewave signal produced by the R-54 can be trimmed to less than 10% THD (depending on operating pitch)---with NONE of the problems inherent in solid-state oscillators and sine waveshapers. Because the Wien bridge contains no piecewise sine shaper or amplitude-control circuit or component. The tube itself performs that job. So the distortion products are entirely low-order, unlike the "sine waves" that solid-state VCOs or samplers produce.

Turn up the overdrive control, and the oscillator output clips the output amplifier pentode tube, for a unique soft-clipped square-wave sound. The simplicity of the R-54 will fool you--its behavior is odd and radical, and it will take you months or years to fully explore all of its quirks.

Now for the special trick. Plug an audio signal into the audio input. Instantly, the R-54 transforms from a VCO into a bandpass resonant voltage-controlled filter, with the same range as in VCO operation -- 20 Hz to 5 kHz. Its behavior and sound are unique. Again, you will be kept busy for years exploring all of its strangeness.

And now, it's got two new tricks. A VCA CV input allows you to control the output level of the R-54 as well as the amount of clipping in the output tube. Plus, a HARSH switch introduces a feedback loop into the CV control. Turn up the output level and the R-54 does very strange things.

CV response: Hz/v. Use a suitable MIDI/CV interface, or use our R-60 interface to obtain perfect equal-tempered tuning every time. Maximum output signal, 12 v p-p. Power requirement: +-12v dc, approx 150 mA. (All specifications are approximate and may vary from sample to sample.) Tubes used: 19KG8, 6AK5.


Yamaha SY85 Floppy Disks Including Factory Set & Demonstration Disks

via this auction

Jamming with Moog Source, Arturia CS-80V, and Akai MPC X

video upload by Bata

"This is the A section of one of my unreleased tracks. Just improvising some lead lines over top. Playing the Moog Source through a Roland SBX-1."

The Robots (Part I) 1st Intro Sound. #kraftwerk #massive #patches

video upload by LastRecall

"First sound of the song programmed in Massive. As Massive is a subtractive synth it can be replicated in any other subtractive synth.
You can find at the end of the video integrated in the final Mix.
All the sounds in the mix were programmed by scratch and will the uploaded shortly."

The Robots (Part 2) 1st three sounds. #kraftwerk #massive #patches

Depeche Mode See you bassline #depechemode #vsynth #bassline

video upload by LastRecall

"Recreation of See You bassline in Vsynth"

Also see: Depeche mode (Waiting for the night patch). #depechemode #vsynth #patches #synthesizer

Eric Schlappi and Bastien Lavaud - Slicers


"Part of an improvisational audiovisual jam session between Eric Schlappi and Bastien Lavaud on November 5th 2022 in Grenoble, France.

This session followed soon after a performance at Modularsquare in Paris and uses similar material.

Audio is Eric Schlappi using mostly Schlappi Engineering modules with a heavy focus on modulating a Three Body oscillator for the lead and an Angle grinder for the kick.

Video is Bastien Lavaud using a mix of @syntonie1487 and @lzxindustries video modules and follows soon after the release of his VU007B and VU003B decoder and encoder modules, allowing for a complete HD video synthesis workflow.

Please watch in the highest available quality as compression is quite harsh on the video synthesis methods used.


Eric Schlappi

Schlappi Engineering"

Yamaha Synth Space History | FS1R | Dom Sigalas

video upload by

"Dom Sigalas takes a detailed look at the powerful Yamaha FS1R FM synthesizer.

The FS1R was released in 1998 and uses 8 operators with 88 algorithms which offer additional waveforms and wave shaping features plus an added multimode filter, effects and EQ. In addition, the FS1R exclusively offers eight unvoiced operators per voice which result in a unique sonic engine called Formant Shaping Synthesis.

In our Synth Space History video series, we take you on a journey to explore the different historic Yamaha Synths and Stage instruments to be found in our Synth Space." You can find addtional episodes here. You can find additional posts featuring FS1R controllers here.

Alex Inglese playing SWAM Trumpets with Sylphyo

video upload by Aodyo Instruments

"Alex Inglese, an Italian musician, gives us a great demonstration of the perfect combination of the Sylphyo as a MIDI controller and the fabulous SWAM trumpet plugin of Audio Modelling.
He performs three musical pieces and pilots Camelot, a virtual instrument sofware manager, thanks to the Sylphyo, switching from one sequence to another without having to touch the computer.

More info on"

Electric piano sound with Access Virus TI (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound."

RK008 + RK006 - USB Expansion

video upload by Retrokits

"By request a little video about connecting the RK-006 to the RK-008 via USBSerial. This can expand the RK008 with a complete extra MIDI-I/O bus, adding up to 4 MIDI Inputs and 12 MIDI Outputs (+ the extra USB you can plug into the USB-hub)

(Of course it will also work to just connect the RK-006 to the RK-008 via a TRS stereo audio cable but then the inputs of the RK-006 will not be merged with the ones on the RK-008.)"

Feedback Modules MIX BX / MIX CR / MIX KM / eurorack mixer sound comparison

video upload by BRiES

"In this video I run different patches and sounds through these three mixers by Feedback Modules in an attempt to highlight the sound differences between them.

MIX BX, MIX CR and MIX KM have gain to spare and excel at saturating sounds, but they can do clean sounding mixes as well. The channel strips host an equaliser, a gain knob, two auxiliary mono sends (with stereo returns), a panning knob, clickless mutes and a volume control.

For a detailed overview of the features of the MIX BX (which has the same features as the other two mixers) you can take a look at this extensive playthrough video:"

Feedback modules MIX BX / eurorack mixer / extensive playthrough

"In this video I do a complete rundown of all the features this 6 channel eurorack mixer by Feedback Modules (a eurorack maker based in Romania) has to offer.

The MIX BX is perfect for making submixes for your drums or mix (and glue) together synths that benefit from some nice sounding saturation.

I demonstrate how to chain 2 channels to make hardstyle(?) kickdrums and how you can make use of the 2 aux sends to create a bus for parallel saturation.

At the end of the video there's a long 'no talking' segment where I systematically run through different sounds while tweaking the parameters... this might feel like an unnecessary boring part of the video but I really think getting to know what it sounds like is the most important thing... feature-wise the MIX BX is 'what you see is what you get' so there's not a lot of fancy tricks that you can pull of with it, apart from adding tons of character to anything you put through it.

correction: it is capable of amplifying line level signals to modular levels but there's no guarantee that the signal will stay clean

0:00 intro
0:31 hi
2:08 front panel features
12:55 distorted kickdrum trick
18:27 parallel saturation
24:13 no talk runthrough

I was thinking about what to type between 'MIX BX' and 'extensive playthrough' and the things that came to mind were '6 channels of bonkers', 'eurorack 90s grunge mixer', ... but none of that really serves the MIX BX justice. It does all the glue, grit and grime of the Boss BX era range of mixers, but the thing that stood out to me the most, compared to other eurorack mixers I've tried, is the amount of low end on this thing (what I would consider as 'warmth').

You can support my channel at - there's some exclusive content and downloads. This includes several patch breakdowns and some designs I made. There's also a seperate shop where I sell virtual instruments (ableton live) and sample packs. If you're interested in getting one on one feedback, guidance, in-depth explanations, etc please contact me at briesmodular at gmail dot com - I just started doing this 1 on 1 thing so it's still very much in its infancy. Send me a message if you're curious!

DISCLAIMER: Andrei from Feedback Modules sent me this mixer because I insisted that he should make some kind of demo to showcase the character (sound) of this mixer, since that's its main feature. I was genuinely interested in the MIX BX and I'm really happy I got the chance to make this video so everyone out there wondering about how it sounds can watch my video and at least get some idea about what it's capable of."

6 Analog Synths and a Nord in Harmony

video upload by Bata

Moog Source
Behringer 2600
Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089
Behringer Pro-1
Nord Wave
Korg Mono/Poly
Yamaha CS-15

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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