MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, February 25, 2023

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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Quick Test After Korg MS2000R MIDI Switching Modification

video upload by John L Rice

"In this custom case of eurorack modules and a Korg MS2000R I have a custom interface module that brings all of the MS2000R’s inputs and outputs to the front. Last year I added a switch to the panel to select MIDI from either the panel’s input jack or what ever is plugged into the Synthrotek MIDI To Cv module. Today I added a behind the panel connection from the Division6 / Mattson SQ816 sequencer to the custom panels’s MIDI input so I can dispense with using an external cable. #eurorackmodular #modularsynth #korg"

"A Finer Matter" - Gavin Ryan, Buchla 100 series modular synthesizer

video upload by gavinryanmusic

"Whoops my camera died. There's some James Turrell instead."

"Big Chill" - Gavin Ryan, Buchla 100 series modular synthesizer
video upload by gavinryanmusic

Baloran The River - Quick Jam

video upload by Jack Z

"This synthesizer gives me chills every time I sit down with it... and that is pretty much every single day! The River is a discrete fully analog polyphonic synthesizer designed and produced by a single frenchman around 2016 - 2018. It is a love letter to the MOOG SOURCE - featuring 8 discrete voice cards identical in design to those in the Source. That's right, it is an 8 voice polyphonic Moog Source with a 3 stage analog BBD chorus and delay built in. NO other polysynth (vintage or modern) can compare to this instrument sonically in terms of raw analog power & HEFT. Very few were produced, but I don't know the exact figure. More production runs had been planned, but then: COVID.

THERE IS ZERO EQ/COMPRESSION/DYNAMICS on this, just direct audio straight into Ableton.

This is a jam, I am not a pro keyboardist :)


Favorite Sounds... Alesis Andromeda Strings

video upload by Jack Z

"Wanted to start a little video series highlighting some of my absolute favorite sounds from my all time favorite synthesizers.
First up, some absolutely stunning tape inspired strings from the Alesis A6 Andromeda. Listen on headphones or monitors and enjoy!"

Quick AX60 Patch Demo

video upload by Jack Z

"A quick demo of 2 patches I made on the Akai AX60. Audio is not direct, just recorded through my phone's mic."

Telmatronics Groovetube NewTubes, new sounds!

video upload by Telmatronics

"We tested four new tubes, an Osram, two Phillips and a Tungsram. Here are some of the sounds they made..."

Machinedrum Beat thru dbx 566 Tube Compressor

video upload by verstaerker

"sending a Machinedrumbeat thru the dbx 566
It can go from subtle warming to powerful distortion. However i'm demonstrating just one setting i quite like on the MD sound, as it gives it a bit more round, less harsh sound"

Korg Synthe-Bass SB-100 1970s Bass Synth SN 780070

via this auction

"Super clean inside and out. Obviously not gigged much, if at all. All keys, knobs and switches work as they should.

It was recently serviced at LA Synth Co, and ready to be put to good use!"

ARP Omni Polyphonic String Synthesizer Model 2483 SN 24832601 w/ Orange Road Case & Manual

via this auction

"ARP Omni string synthesizer from the 1970’s. Model number is 2483 and the serial number is 2601. This is a step up from ARP’s String Ensemble (Solina) since it features some synthesizer controls along with the string sounds. This has been in storage for many years and is in need of a deep cleaning and rebuild for proper operation. No broken keys or sliders but it is missing some of the slider caps. It features solid walnut end caps and comes with the original Owner’s Manual, expression pedal and custom Anvil road case. The road case foam has deteriorated in storage and will need to be replaced. It does power on and you can get sound out of it. The sliders are stiff and need to be rebuilt or replaced.

I bought this new in the late ‘70s and had a lot of fun with it then. I don’t have the time or the capacity to give it the attention that it needs."

Korg Z1 61-Key Multi Oscillator Synthesizer w/ G-Card Memory Card # SN 005821

via this auction

Qun mk2 demo : LFO Slicing

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"BPM synched LFO can be good for EDM.
All sound generated by Qun mk2 synthesizer, recorded to voice recorder shown in the video. Reverb and comp applied on DAW."

Under the abyss | Roland JD-800 ambient improvisation soundscape

video upload by MIDERA

"The Roland JD800. This is a synth that has interested me for years and it came yesterday. It feels like a D50+PG1000. But it doesn’t sound like one. I can hear a lot of similar sounds in here. Honestly, I really don’t know what to make of this synth. There is no honeymoon phase. It looks great and it feels great. Even the keys are surprisingly nice, given what I’ve read about them being awful. Yes, I will need to open this up and remove the red glue which hasn’t been a problem on this unit yet.

I think I would love this thing more honestly, if I didn’t have so many synths and no good way to store them. I had bought a Jaspers stand but sold it within a few days because it made my room feel like a tomb and I just hated being in here. But now, I have too many synths and shouldn’t have even bought the JD800.

For me, I’m not yet understanding how this synth is really worth its price. Sure, it has 4 parts, but each part is fairly static (no FM, AM, Cross Mod, etc). Each part has its own envelopes and LFOs and that is pretty nice, but I’ll never get unique timbres that one gets with other synthesis models. For now I feel like it sounds like a less interesting SY77 or D50.

Maybe I’ll change my mind. I don’t know.

This sound was made using 2 (or 3?) parts with internal FX only."

Sequential OB-6 and Trigon-6 (jam session)

video upload by Mr. Card

"I used the great Soundtower Sequential Trigon-6 editor when recording the material -

No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound.

Enjoy! :)"

Oberheim OB-8X bright brass. @Oberheim

video upload by Nader Sharif

I love the Oberheim Brass! A composition for my band Osiris @Oberheim

"Just received my Oberheim OB-8X and I love it."

Jim Coker of Numerology - Live Rig/Compositional Process

video upload by Under the Big Tree

"Jim Coker, founder of Five12 and the inventor of the Numerology and Vector sequencers, is also a performing electronic musician. We catch up with Jim at Knobcon 22, and talk about his latest work, "Meridian Alpha From the Distant Shores of Cygnus X1". We gain insight into both his compositional process and his elaborate live rig, which uses both Numerology and Vector.

This video is best seen after seeing Jim's piece [video below]

• Meridian Alpha --...

And for more information about Jim's fine products, please go to:

Under the Big Tree is Nicolas Peck's YouTube channel, focused on esoteric electronic music, modular and vintage synthesizers, sound design equipment and techniques, and the composition, production and performance of music."

Meridian Alpha -- From The Distant Shores of Cygnus X-1

video upload by

New John Bowen Solaris Sequencer In Depth

video upload by John Bowen

"More details on the new Sequencer and Arpeggiator for the next Solaris update."

stille #6 | minimal ambient | disting ex | mellotron m4000d | soma cosmos

video upload by Elinch

"'minimal piece with the macro osc from expert sleepers disting ex into t-rex tape delay enjoy listening.'

recorded live with tascam dr 100
for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

if you want to support me:

#synthesizer #minimalmusic #art"

5 things you can make with Imitor experimental delay plugin + presets for VST, AU, and AAX

video upload by Noise Engineering

"We're using our experimental delay plugin Imitor to make classic 1/8th note delays, a bouncing ball delay, a delayed delay, Karp, and vintage vibes.

0:15 1/8th Note Delay
0:37 Bouncing Ball
1:10 Delayed Delay
1:45 Karp
2:13 Vintage Vibes

Visit the plugin page on our website, then select the "Presets" dropdown to download the 5 things in this video for free here:

Imitor is a delay designed for experimentation. With up to 32 delay taps and tons of time and tone parameters, Imitor is perfect for creating unusual echoes, experimenting with different delay shapes and patterns, adding vintage flare to an atmosphere, and more. Despite its power, we wanted to make it immediate to use, so we included a load of presets, ranging from your bread-and-butter delay settings to otherworldly, wacky ones that will blow your mind. Or, hit the rand button and see where Imitor takes you.

Put Imitor on anything from vocals to rhythms to instruments and more. Turn it up for long, evolving echoes or crank down the delay times for effects like comb filtering, chorus, and flanging.

Imitor is a playground, it’s a beast asking to be tamed, it’s more. Ask your doctor if Imitor is right for you.

All Noise Engineering plugins feature an extensive modulation system so you can get your patches moving with LFOs, envelopes, and step sequencers – plus, modulators have adjustable randomization for easy humanization."

Waldorf Blofeld - "Neon Heart" 40 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"We continue Waldorf Blofeld soundsets series & present "Neon Heart" now is the time for Analog & Vintage Sounds!


Waldorf Blofeld is a powerful synthesizer with great potential and an incredible variety of sounds.

Welcome to the warmly vintage world!

40 presets ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, Retrowave, create new music worlds with Waldorf Blofeld and 'Neon Heart'

In the bank you will find neon pads, arps, leads, plucks ,warm poly and bass that will fill your compositions with new colors and emotions.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

KORG MICROKORG - World's Best Selling Synth Now In Your DAW

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo and review of KORG MICROKORG, part of KORG COLLECTION 4. Korg's fantastic little MICROKORG VIRTUAL ANALOG synthesizer is now available as a software plugin instrument in VST format, so you can play it standalone on your PC or load it into your DAW for music production.

The software version improves on the original hardware in many ways, that we'll describe in the video. Walkthrough of the user interface and the many features, plus lots of playing of the sounds and presets!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Organelle = Simultaneous MIDI Controller & Audio Processor

video upload by Critter & Guitari

With an E-Mu Pro Performance 1+

"The Organelle can generate MIDI and process audio at the same time! Let the mental feedback ensue as the keyboard controls both the note and the effect. Use a sampler patch for extended experimentation.

0:00 Intro
0:17 LFO Delay
0:59 Laura Derwn
1:22 PingPongInn
1:41 Freeze-By-Tempo
1:56 FX-13
2:08 Segmenti
3:48 Quilt
4:57 Rhythm Delay Distortion
6:05 Overloop Stereo"

This Is A Test- Mixtur IV eurorack module prototype - passive intermodulation mixer

video upload by Mountainking Electronics

"This is the Mixtur IV eurorack module prototype. This is the fourth design in my Mixtur series. The modules in this series all share commons traits, mainly that they all allow the music engineer to take various audio and cv signals and combine them through intermodulation (with various characteristics of each signal altering various characteristics of the other signals in ways that are often difficult to predict) and that they are all (so far) passive designs.

The name of this series, as well as some of inspiration for it's designs, come from Karlheinz Stockhausen's music and musical ideology, but the main vision for these modules is to allow the music engineer to create new sounds from old sounds and complex motion by combining simple, even static, signals.

The circuit designs come from visual thoughts, images, that are then translated into electronic components and then arranged using symmetry, taking two mirror images and combining them. These circuits are then prototyped without any breadboard experimentation and so their outcome/functionality is always, to some degree, unpredictable, allowing the designer to experience some of the "unknown-ness" of the modules that the users of the modules experience.

If you are interested in purchasing a Mixtur IV module or any other module from the Mixtur series, or if you have any questions please let me know:

Thank you,

Synton Fenix 1 - First owner, only 75 made - 1999

via this auction

"Yes, an original Synton Fenix 1, very seldom seen for sale as there were only 75 made and people that own one tend to hold on to them as they are truly unique both in sound and design.

Made by the original Synton Team (Marc Paping and Bert Vermeulen) as they wished to create their ultimate compact modular synthesizer, and they succeeded. The sound is unique and versatile, knobs have a great feel and layout is very well thought-out.

This synth is sold by its original owner and has never been gigged. Home studio use only. Visual state is excellent, the potmeters however can use a cleaning as they are a bit crackling. The unit has never been opened nor has any attempt been made to clean the pots as to preserve the original state."

Original 1982 First Edition OB-8 User Manual

via this auction

"This is an original, professionally printed edition, not a reproduction and includes the fold out page for Page 2 functions. An excellent piece for the OB-8 owner that may be missing one."

Oberheim OB-8

via this auction

"This Oberheim OB8 was purchased locally in Austin, Texas and received a full service from Switched On Austin last year. Service performed included recapping, cleaning pots and full calibration/tuning.
This OB8 comes with MIDI.
A very nice stardust vinyl cover with Oberheim logo is included.
While under my care, this instrument has not been idle - it gets powered up and used regularly.
All pots are dead silent and smooth to turn - all buttons light up and respond instantly - outputs are silent and hold cables solidly in place without jiggling. Power supply housing holds power cable tightly in place.
Original keyboard is spotless, responsive.
Pitch and mod benders are sturdy with proper resistance and feel.
A few stray scratches here and there - overall, an extremely clean face and working surface.
Back panel has no warping, melting, discoloration, smearing or other nasty stuff you might see on a vintage synth.
Original wood panels are smooth and have retained their natural color and character.
Lastly, the sound is just as strong, vivid and dynamic as one would expect from an Oberheim.
In short, this is a beautiful instrument in outstanding condition that will give its new owner several years of trouble-free use.
One thing to note - the original presets were loaded when the service was done last year, but I have written over most of them with various pads I needed for a project. They'll still be there at the time of purchase.
How did I arrive at the price? I am not a collector - I am a professional artist and do not "flip" instruments. I paid $5000 for this instrument in Dec of 2020 right here on Reverb and I paid for $1000 worth of service months later - I think $5995 is fair and probably the best price on Reverb. I have used this synth often and recorded what I needed from it. It's always been a joy to own and use. It's simply time to move on to my next project and make room in my studio for other gear."

Oberheim OB-XA SN 824319

via this auction

"This particular one spent some time on the road in the early/mid 80s and has lived in a studio ever since. Collecting dust for 15 or so years, it got a little old and finicky - so I took it to Main Drag Music in Brooklyn NY and had it overhauled. (specific work done listed below)

Repair Parts-TKKeyboard Bushing X61, Capacitors, IC Sokcet 14p X2, 6800uF 25V Axial X1m 3300uF 50V Axial x1, 3300uF 35V Axial X1, 2200uF 50V Axial X1, 470uF 35VAxial X1, D Capacitors 15uf 50V x15, 47uF 50V x32, Battery 2/3A with Solder TAB x1, Bender Pot 10K Long Shaft 1/4. X1, Cmos IC 4051 X9, OP AMP IC TL084 X1, CA3086 X1, LM741 X1, DIP Switch 8P X1, Oval #8-32 Screw and Cup washer set X12, Trim 3296W Multi Turn Trim 10K x16, 100K x16 for VCO. Trims for Bender Unit X8, Trims 5K x1, 100k x1 for DA converter section. Hi pricision Resistor 100K 0.1% X32, 750K 0.1% X16, 1M 0.1% x16, Terminals for MOLEX Connector X178, Screws x10, Wires,

Old Keyboard bushing for Kyboard, Replaced All Bushing and Adjusted Space and Height for Keys. Cleaned up and Lubed Bus Bars and All J-Wire Contact. Bad Connection VOice Selct DIP Switch, Replaced. Cleaned up And Lubed all Switches and Pots. Replaced Electrolytic Capacitors for Power Supply and Power Lines. checked and Adjusted Voltages. Bad Connection on Molex connectors, Replaced all Terminal for Molex Conextors ( x178), old Pricision Resistors are out of spec. Replaced Resistors for VCO ( for Auto Tune. ) Voice #8, Out of tune, Replaced CA3086 VCO IC. Old Trimmers are no good. Replaced Almost Trimmers. Old 4051 CMos ics are no good. Replaced all 4051. Replaced all Trims. pitch bender is not good, Cneter is not stay, Replaced Pitch bend Pot 10K Long Shaft. Old Cmos Ics on Main CPU board section. Replaced 4051 x9. checked and Adjusted Voltages. Re-caliberated D/A. All Voices. Voice #4, Filter is open, IC is broken, Replaced 741. Upper filter is open, Bad connection, TRACK line, Cleaned up ribbon cable.

Re-calibrated Couple of Times Checked and burn in test."

Vintage synth vibes with upcoming KORG oscillator plugin

video upload by Sinevibes

"In this sound example we’re testing our upcoming KORG plugin further: this time it’s showing a new quality reduction feature, which sounds incredible when paired with our Stator tape wobble simulation effect"

Roland SH-4d // in-depth oscillator models, mod matrix, & How to Make the Hoover Patch in 5 Steps

video upload by Starsky Carr

1st video in the user playlist here. Additional Roland SH-4d demos here.

"Tutorial demoing what each of the SH-4d Oscillator models can do, and more importantly what they can sound like because that's not available from the manual - :)

What's interesting here is that the mod matrix options change per model. For example, some have 2 slots, others have 4 and the wavetable oscillator has an additional envelope to auto play through the wavetable shapes, and this becomes available in the mod matrix as a source for all the destinations.

In other words, the basic sound engine is very simple, like the vintage units, but you can go more complex if thats your thing."

How to Make the Hoover Patch in just 5 Steps

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Try this on any synth but the @rolandglobal SH4d had got an Alpha Juno style sawtooth with PWM.. so thought I'd give it a go!...turns out it quite simple :)"

Korg Drumlogue // First Touch // Tweaking Factory Bank D // Part TWO

video upload by LESINDES

"In FIRST TOUCH with KORG DRUMLOGUE and trying to hack through the menues and features of the machine.
This is the PART TWO of the session." [part 1 here]

Min. Chapter
00:00 Intro
00:14 Heavy Reflection (VCF tweaking)
05:11 Mole’s Gride
08:17 Tri Dubwise (toms + distorsion)
12:12 Even Counts
15:23 Credits"

midiphy LoopA Song Mode (and other features of new firmware v2.10)

video upload by Hawkeye

"Introducing Song Mode and other new features of midiphy LoopA firmware release version 2.10.

LoopA Full kits are available in the shop :

00:00 Song Mode: Clip Preparation
01:07 Song Mode: Pattern Basics
06:13 Song Mode: Pattern Length & Pattern Restart
08:22 Song Mode: Tempo & Tempo Fades
09:27 Song Mode: Pattern Probabilities & Jumps
14:07 Song Mode: Cueing a Pattern
15:23 Song Mode: Copying & Pattern Import
17:14 Song Mode: Force-to-scale & Beatloop
20:14 Force to Scale: White Keys Mode
22:10 Tap Tempo

LoopA firmware download:

Best regards and enjoy!

Eurorack Waveshaping VCOs

video upload by John Schussler

"Several interesting new VCOs have been released over the past 6 months or so, and just recently the one I was waiting on, Legion from WMD, arrived.

So now seems like a good time to look at this batch of VCOs that all have a similar add-on feature: waveshaping. They don't all do it the same way, and all have very different sounds, but in my head they're sortof a category from which I probably only need one or two.

We'll see.

Sequence from Stochastic IG, envelope from Zadar.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Pony VCO
06:08 Virt Iter Legio
12:15 Pizza
19:58 Legion"

Ensoniq DP4+ Demo and Service

video upload by Don Solaris

"Music by: Stavros Odysseas Theodoropoulos
Performed on Ensoniq DP4/+ with Don Solaris custom patches

00:00 - Intro
01:13 - Disassembly
02:35 - Main Board
36:54 - Display Board
40:48 - Power Supply
44:22 - DSP Board
47:46 - Additional Work
50:59 - Before / After"

Introduction to Music and Synthesis

video upload by Bata

"Going over some of the basics of the piano keyboard, music theory, and synthesis. This video is meant for people who are very new to synths and keyboards. I briefly talk about notes, intervals, chords, scales, oscillators, filters, envelopes, modulators, and effects.

Synthesizer used here is a Nord Wave."

Overview and first try of the Beats FM by X Audio Systems

video upload by Rudetee

"A brand new device from X Audio Systems The Beats FM . A FM,AM SW radio receiver with a Lo Pass filter a LFO and Digital delay all syncable to TAP tempo and external clock.Also to incoming audio. A very addictive little machine from Turin Italy."

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