MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Mega Rare EMS Polysynthi no AKS analog Synthesizer

video upload by Alexander Jovanovic

"Running a Korg Volca Beats through My EMS Polysynthi
Vintage Heaven !!!"

Moog Magic Flanged Delay | Sound Recipe #61

video upload by Reverb

"For this week's sound recipe, we're making Moog Flanged Delay Magic with just a synthesizer and three simple pedals. Use this recipe to concoct an ethereal ensemble of sound. Find all the steps and many more Sound Recipes here."

Arduino 8x8 Gate Sequencer Rhythm Pattern Generator with Two Rotary Encoders and OLED Display

video upload by Unrelated Activities

"An 8x8 sequencer, very basic in its features. The interface is composed of two rotary encoders with switch, and a 128x64 I2C OLED display. The display presents an eight rows x eight columns grid, rows are steps, columns are tracks. Encoders are used to navigate through the grid coordinates.
The X encoder switch selects Cursor or Write mode, in Cursor mode an 'x' is shown on the grid and a 0 is written in the selected slot in a bi-dimensional array, in Write mode a filled square is drawn on the grid and a 1 is written in the selected slot in the array.
The encoder Y switch has three modes: Edit, Tempo, and Play. In Edit mode the sequencer pattern can be created, in Tempo mode the Y encoder sets the sequencer BPM (Beats Per Minute), in Play it plays the pattern.
The right side of the display shows the BPM and the current mode, the left side shows a rectangle indicating which step is being played.
Each track fires a gate using eight Arduino pins (0 - 4.7V) and also sends MIDI notes through TX pin (channel 10, GM drum notes 35, 38, 42, 46, 45, 50, 64, 76). It works, but the display is too small for my eyes...
Schematic in the video, Arduino code in a pinned comment."

Making a M8 Hypersynth preset in 60 seconds

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Making some presets today, so decided to film making one.

This is from the M8 v3.0 Beta 7, anything can and may change, this preset may not even work on full release. Just wanted to put out a quick video while testing."

Dirtywave M8 Squarepusher Tutorial - Beta Testing New OS

video upload by Digiphex Electronics

Sequential Paradise with the OB-6

video upload by Georgi Rusev

"Improvising with my OB-6 and having fun with the kind of sound I have always loved so much!"

Sequential OB-6 strings sound ❤️

video upload by Mr. Card

"A short fragment of strings sound with OB-6! ❤️"

Syntrx II - Live demo/Q and A with guest Girts from Erica Synths!

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Girts and I hang out and demonstrate the amazing new Syntrx II Synthesizer! We'll be taking questions and patch suggestions live, don't miss it!"

When a synthesizer polarizes! Let's ask Paul about the PWM Malevolent

video upload by SequencerTalk

"It's a naughty screamer or are we getting the little brittish synth all wrong?

We have Paul Whittington the founder of PWM as a guest in the livestream. Together with him we will clarify apart from great videos and marketing whether the little spitfire deserves his place in the music studios."

Gotharman's Zaturn: Linear FM

video upload by gotharman

"Some joyful sounds made with linear FM, which will be available in the forthcoming update."

Kurzweil K2000 - "Personality" Soundset

video upload by LFOstore

"We are continuing to put our hands on a legend – Kurzweil K2000 Synthesizer!


Its having one of the most deep synth & sample engine at the date of release
and very straight forward sounds with nice & deep effects.

And we made our own sound collection (vol.3) of the best Analog & Ambient Timbres called “Personality” Soundset.

Here you will find:

Lush Strings & Futuristic Pads
Great Analog Emulations
Musical Leads, Plucks & Bells
Unusual & Modular Sounds
Moving “Arp like” sounds
Drones & Spheres

Fully compatible with K2000 series: rack, original, VP.
Also with 2500/2600 Series.

Loading via KRZ format for easy loading via floppy disc & Sysex file to load
via midi in seconds.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld
& 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation."

analog synths

video upload by jostalmac

Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer DIY Kit Build & Module Review - Eurorack Modular Synth - Episode 1

video upload by M0THM4N

"In today's episode, I build and review the Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer DIY module kit. Let me know what modules I should build next!

Check out the module here:"

Random and semi random sequence generation using the Voltage Controlled Integrator as slew

video upload by Rat King Modular Synthesizers

Rat King Cell

Studio jam with MOTOR SYNTH MKII and GHOST

video upload by Julia Bondar

"New EP is coming on 21th of April 2023 on @warriorecords."

Julia Bondar - Modular live performance in Bardenas Reales

video upload by Julia Bondar

"From 'Industrial Symphony' 2020 live sessions:

00:00 Best Intentions

08:28 Running with the Wolves

Power management: main modular case powered by V-mount battery (15V), Roland System-1m powered by 2xNPF batteries plate. All set recorded as 3x stereo pairs into Zoom H6 recorder."

Roland SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth Expansion Board

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

"Beautiful expansion board, if you read this, you know what this is about."

You can find a few demos in previous posts here. Be sure to check the videos for SR-JV80-04.

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 - 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 000024

via this auction

"Selling my beloved Prophet T8 after many years of great recordings and cared use. This was serviced a few years ago by one of the best western Canadian synth technicians. Its fully function and the keybed has felt replacement recently and it feels great. Lots of information on the net about this amazing synthesizer. Its midi functionality is great and I used this as my main controller for my DAW instruments and other synths with midi. The built in real-time sequencer is amazing! Poly After touch, 8 Voice, Velovity envelope control! Its been called the Rolls Royce of Synths in the book 'A to Z of Analogue Synths' by Peter Forrest.

Its in excellent shape, some little dings and scratches on the metal here and there. Was like that when I got it. Its lived in my studio since purchasing over 10 years ago." [posted here]

Roland Jupiter-8

via this auction

"This Jupiter 8 is all original
03/01/2023 it goes into checking, cleaning, restoration etc…
-Possibility to have the Kenton midi installed

💯 % original"

Yamaha FS1R

via this auction

"Yamaha's most sophisticated FM synth + formant shaping synthesis.
Notable users: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Plaid, .snd."

TAMA TECHSTAR TAM500 Analog Drum Synthesizer SN 200399

via this auction

"This is the 80's Tama Techstar TAM500, Tama's answer to the Simmons (most similar to the Simmons SDS8 in function and form factor). This unit is in good cosmetic shape with just a few scratches (mainly the one in the final picture seen above). Functionally, it all works, except the Attack sound (short adjustable burst of noise at the top of the note) does not fire on Tom 3... the Attack works fine on all other drum channels. Other than that, it is fully tested and functional."

16 Sonicware Liven XFM Plucks Patches - See download link in the description!

video upload by Andrei Musician

"Hi! I share with you my plucks patches for the Sonicware Liven XFM synthesizer!

You can download the entire patch bank here:
To upoad a bank into the synthesizer, you will need the MIDI-OX program, the download link of which I also leave here:"

Revisiting the ELKA-X (LIVE) - VIRAL BEATS

video upload by VIRAL BEATS

"The Cherry Audio Elka-X synthesizer is based upon the legendary Synthex, a rare Italian analog synthesizer designed by Mario Maggi and manufactured by ELKA in the early eighties.

Elka-X replicates the extraordinary character of the original synth without compromising sound or functionality, thoughtfully expanding its feature set and delivering the authentic Synthex experience at a price anyone can afford."

GForce | Minimonsta 2 | Presets & Soundbanks Preview

video upload by Simon Le Grec

Minimonsta 2 Announcement post with additional demos and details here

"'Multi-award winning Minimonsta software synthesizer'
Minimonsta2 adds a raft of new features and improvements - a new fully resizable UI, an improved audio engine, a powerful new preset browser, over 300 new presets, a new reverb effect, a vintage control to add authentic analogue imperfections, four programmable Macros, alternative 4-stage envelops mode, alternative bass-preserving ladder filter for when you don’t want to lose your bass when you increase the resonance, and more. All of this gives Minimonsta2 an authentic experience that feels at home in a modern setup.

Minimonsta2 – key features
* Analog modelling of the legendary ‘Model D’
* [New] Fully-scalable UI
* [New] Powerful Preset Browser
* [New] Over 800 presets including 300+ new presets
* [New] Alternative bass-preserving ladder filter
* [New] Alternative 4 stage envelopes
* [New] Matrix Reverb effects
* [New] Vintage knob for authentic analog imperfections
* [New] Four programmable Macros for easy manipulation of sounds
* [New] Programmable Aftertouch and expanded Velocity controls for extra
* All original features including 3 oscillators and the famous 4-pole,
* 24dB/octave filter
* Monophonic, polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes
* Vast modulation options via X-Modifiers
* Pan spread for wide stereo sounds

Presets Preview:
00:00 Intro
00:05 Bass
12:20 Leads
19:25 Keys
47:09 Pads
56:40 Seq
01:02:56 Textures"

GForce | Minimosta 2 | Soundbanks Preview

Soundbanks preview: Classic, Minimosta, Minimosta2, Rick Waveman

00:00 Intro
00:05 Bass
04:07 FX
05:22 Hits
06:00 Keys
12:21 Leads
15:28 Pads
22:50 Seq
26:28 Textures

Pittsburgh Modular Documentary Films Presents Denali Part 6 with Taiga Soundtrack

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Part 6 of the Denali series. Soundtrack showcasing the Pittsburgh Modular Taiga synthesizer."

Roland SH-4d // Classic Detroit Techno in 10 Minutes

video upload by Starsky Carr

"I'm thinking Inner City "Good Life" style vintage late 80's early 90's Detroit techno programming. Use the CHORD oscillator model and TR 909 sounds for that instant classic sound. Some bits programmed from scratch, others have perfect factory presets on duty.

10 minutes to TECHNO HEAVEN!"

Z-DSP | 10 years later | Stereo Echo | Filter | Mod | Pitch

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The Z-DSP was one of my first modules and ten years later it's still going strong. It inspired many SPIN FV-1 powered effects modules, being FX-AID as the most succesful module so far. But can it compete with Z-DSP? Sure. It beats the big white/black module on price, size, algorithm count and the free algorithm catalog that covers any effect. But - imho - the Z-DSP algorithms are better and it offers a powerful feedback design. It's built to last another 10 years. I asked myself the question, 'isn't the chip getting old?'. Listening to the new TTA Stereo Bundle, i'd say no. But don't take my word for it. This is one of the longest videos I made so far. With a few exceptions here and there, this journey has been an adventure."

Korg Wavestate Demo : A Sonic Journey

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"This is my first day exploring the Korg Wavestate, and I have to say, I'm really impressed by the sound of this synth."

How to make a GOOD eurorack synth voice – with Nano modules

video upload by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Eurorack modules like oscillators, mixers, filters, envelopes and VCA are almost inevitable when you’re starting with modular or expanding a system. But what things to look for when buying your first modules? In this video I use a compact but powerful synth voice from Nano modules to demonstrate a bunch of things to look for, all with patch ideas of course!"

00:00 – Intro & sounds
01:35 – Quick system overview
02:55 – Oscillators
03:07 – Range and multiple waveforms
06:01 – Unique waveforms
06:48 – Sub oscillator outputs
07:38 – Linear FM
09:28 – Sync input
10:37 – LFO mode
12:58 – Mixers / Utility
13:10 – Audio, CV, quantity
13:52 – Audio mixing
15:25 – CV mixing
16:42 – Dual mixer
18:40 – Filters
19:00 – Multiple modes
20:20 – Enough CV inputs
22:30 – More CV inputs (resonance)
23:37 – Modulation
23:50 – Quantity
27:56 – Complex modulation
28:06 – Voltage controlled envelope
29:50 – Inverter, offset, end of cycle
32:14 – VCAs
32:31 – VCAs with 2 controls
33:22 – Lots of VCAs
37:08 – VCAs with summing powers

SPROOM - Multi Effect Engine for Eurorack Synthesizer

video upload by NoisyFruitsLab

"Sproom, half space half room.

It´s based on the FV-1 DSP IC by Spin Semiconductor which got popular with some famous guitar pedal effects and is covering all types of quality reverbs, delays, chorus, flangers, tremolos, or combinations of them.

It´s stereo and operates with 6 MIPS at Fs=48KHz, or in other words excellent audio quality with a clean dry / wet path to adjust the amount of effecting.

It offers 3 banks with each having 8 different algorithms. In total 24 effects.

The input is normalized to R. Means with just plugging a mono source into the left input, the output becomes stereo.

Each algorithm can be controlled with one of the 3 potentiometers, or by conrol voltage.

Capable of -5 / +5V with the dedicated pot at around center position, or 0-10V with the pot fully closed. In other words, the pot acts as offset.

LED indication for clipping and CV ins.

The internal effects are tied to the IC and fixed. Bank 2 & 3 or EXT1 & EXT2 can be exchanged with EEPROMS on the backside.

Check into for the provided list of algos."

02 20 23 Serge WAD with 2 x MN3207

video upload by batchas

GForce Software Announces Minimonsta2

Introducing Minimonsta2
Minimonsta2 Demo & Features
Minimonsta2 - Slow Groove Patch Demo
Minimonsta2 - Macro Fun
GForce Minimonsta2 Full Tutorial
Minimonsta2 - Pulse Width Mod
Minimonsta2 - Unison Fat & Wide
Minimonsta2 - Pitch & Filter Mod - Old vs New

"A brief history of the original Minimoog® and our original Minimonsta®, before revealing what's new in Minimonsta2.

00:00:00 - Minimoog Background
00:00:49 - Minimoog Users
00:01:37 - Minimonsta Evolution
00:02:12 - MINIMONSTA2

All keyboard sounds on this video are from Minimonsta 2, with the exception of Stylus RMX Drums.

Minimoog, Minimoog Model D & Model D are registered trademarks of Moog Music, Inc.
All Third Party product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this video are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement."

Sovage Engineering - L'Ecorcheur eurorack distortion

video upload by John Schussler

"I did a video a little while back comparing some distortion modules, and included the L'Ecorcheur. At the time I didn't really understand how the Glitchzr knob worked, so the demo was...sub-optimal.

Here's another try, focusing this time just on the L'Ecorcheur. Starting with the Glitchzr knob down, so we get a better comparison of its straight distortion capabilities, then later we turn it up for the full experience.

VCO is a WMD Legion in swarm mode. Envelope: Zadar. Sequencer: Stochastic IG

00:00 Intro
00:20 Sweeps
06:06 Sequence
13:49 Zone output
14:37 CV in and GLITCHZR"

Erica Synths SYNTRX II sound demo (TAKE 2)

video upload by Erica Synths

"Six patches with the SYNTRX II

00:02 - Patch 1
01:59 - Patch 2
02:51 - Patch 3
03:31 - Patch 4
02:04 - Patch 5
05:14 - Patch 6

Patches 1, 3, 4 by Andris Indāns (
Patches 2, 5, 6 by KODEK ("

Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer. Multitrack Demo 80's Pop Style

video upload by Elmar Mihm

"All Sounds from Roland Juno 60, except Drums. No external effects, no EQ, pure Juno Sound. Hope you enjoy!"

Patch n Tweak
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