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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

KORG DW-6000 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Effect Used.
Universal Audio Apollo 8P Audio Interface System.
Neve 88RS Channel Strip.(Only head amp module)
Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay (Stereo Delay)
Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb."

Buchla Model 292 Quad Lo Pass Gates Eurorack Module by Tiptop Audio - Pics & Details

You've likely seen Todd Barton's recent Tiptop Buchla 292t videos. For those curious, the t denotes Tiptop Audio. Buchla clone modules are often referred to their makers by a letter: v for Mark Verbos, r for Roman Filippov of Black Corporation, j for J3RK, and d for Djangosfire. c denoted the original modules, and e new modules, by Don Buchla.

Details on the 292t via Tiptop Audio:

“It will be very interesting to see what can be done when light controls sound”. That probably was Don’s Buchla first thought when he saw the photo resistor. It seems it didn’t take him long to come up with a great idea using that electronic part and in 1970 he had already finished making his first batch of Model 292 Quad Lo Pass Gates. Why Quad? Because one was so awesome so four of them will mega awesomeness and if they can also be used to create quadrature speaker installations then hell yea!

Don really nailed it with the 292 and the way the lo pass gate provides a natural damping envelope to incoming audio is one of the greatest inventions ever made in analog audio.

Fast-forward to the year is 2023, and we are now very excited to recreate the legendary Model 292 again. In 2023 proper Vactrols are very hard to find, so we end up designing the Vactrols ourselves and the 292t uses 8 hand made Vactrols that are tailored specifically for LPG sound.

The first batch of 292t is now shipping to our dealers and pre-orders should open soon. We are very happy about it and as always are looking forward to see what you will do with them.

The user manual is already on the website so you can check it for more information. Our dear friend Todd Barton, who helped beta test the module, has videos on his You Tube channel worth looking as he explains the 292t in detail.

Vactrols will not stay with us for much longer: they are a very old technology that is getting banned in more and more countries due to the content of cadmium in them. So Don’s invention form 1970 needs to be reinvented for this century, and we are already deep into some serious experiments on alternative circuits that will help keep that wonderful sound of the low pass gate alive in the future. We hope to have this version available later this year.

And one last note, this coming May 11-13 Tiptop Audio will exhibit at Superbooth in Berlin. We have some products many of you are waiting for and some things that you never seen before, so stay tuned."

Tiptop Audio 292t feedback

video upload by Todd Barton

"Exploring feeding back channels of the 292t in two different scenarios."

COMPLETE 1970’s Roland System 100 Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Boxes

via this auction

"Original vintage complete Roland System 100 in absolutely stunning, museum-grade condition, complete with original boxes!!!!

This system has been fully serviced, cleaned, and calibrated, and sounds absolutely monstrous! Analog synth Megatron!!!!!!"

See the System 100 video by Alex Ball recently posted here and Being Boiled - The Human League Synth Cover here.

Moog One 16 Voice Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Sonicware Liven XFM Synthesizer / Groovebox SN 020-101778 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Moog Moogerfooger MuRf Animation Pedal

via this auction

1975 Crumar Multiman Synthesizer

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

Roland SH-4D | Tutorial on how to program the sequencer in 5 steps

video upload by Malvinus Music

"No idea where to go, let's turn on the Roland SH-4d and see what happens!
I started with a blank canvas and continued until I created a complete beat.
Enjoy, peace!

00:00 INTRO
02:40 DRUMS
09:20 LEAD SOUND 1 (STEP 3)
14:10 LEAD SOUND 2 (STEP 4)

Live Hardware Electronic Music Featuring Rascal Rae and Ea5e95

video upload by Patchwerks

"Live electronic music featuring Seattle artists Rascal Rae and Ea5e95.

Rascal Rae likes pushing buttons and musical boundaries within the world of electronic music. They enjoy playing live with an ever-evolving cast of hardware devices to deliver joy on the dance floor through their whimsical approach to music production and performance. Known for their Digitakt chops, Rae's love of sampling shines through no matter what musical styles they're playing.
Instagram: @‌rascal_rae

Ea5e95, member of an international art collective from the 2000's called OKIZOO. Japan based under music and creative expression expression crew. Emcee, Dj and now producer/artist. Art, love and life is way. Influences include Jazz, triphop, underground hiphop, and many others

/ @robertbrowniejr .
Instagram @‌ea5e95
Video by: Steven Ly and Matthew Piecora"

Modbap Meridian Demo

video upload by Modbap Modular

"Meridian is what we call a "complex filter array." This isn't because it's hard to use. We take great pride in distilling complexity into a fun and performable user interface. It is a “complex filter array” because it has a harmonious set of features that let you create complex tones and uniquely interesting sounds. It's made to change the sound and tone of audio signals through a cleverly assembled set of features, such as an array of interrelated filter types, filter modes, phase shifting modulation, drive, and bit depth, which all work together to make complex soundscapes and textures.

The name Meridian represents the idea of a meeting point or a convergence of different elements. Filters are often used to blend, shape, and refine different sounds into a cohesive whole. Meridian is often represented through the idea of a barrier or a line that separates parts. This concept mirrors the way the filter delineates different frequencies and aural elements, generating a defined contrast that shapes the overall sound.

Available for pre-order on 04/12/2023
Shipping on 05/12/2023

Product Page:"

Akai MPC X SE Sequencing CV Gate Roland System 100m and OB Rising Drums NO TALKING

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"A big congrats to Akai on the launch of the new MPX SE. As a long time X user I was thrilled to join the team on this one. Here is a quick clip of the SE sequencing a Roland System 100m and playing the drums with my OB Rising Expansion drum samples. The new guy is mega tight and even punchier than the regular X. Also the timing of the cv gate outputs is even faster and tighter than before. What a treat. Big ups to my guys Daniel Gill and Andy Mac over at Akai."

You can find additional demos and details on the new Akai MPC X SE here.

Geist Rider 2023

video upload by Ross Totino

"Video Remix of a live recording where I riffed on Suicide's classic song Ghost Rider. Done on my old mostly modular synth system, a CGS01 Cat Girl Synth Sub Octave Divider with some clock signals from Logic. The CGS01 does all the heavy lifting!"

Alpha Base MIDI CC Experiment

video upload by Ross Totino

"Trying out the Jomox Alpha Base's MIDI CC features. All live to a mono track with some processing applied."

Ross Totino Yamaha fs1r presets and Formant Sequences

video upload by Ross Totino

"Video demo of some presets I created with the Yamaha fs1r synthesizer. Some of these presets feature 'Formant Sequences' which were a huge selling point for this instrument enabling the creation of human vocal timbres as well as other more experimental sounds. All of the examples here feature MIDI CC of parameters. Most of the sequencing was done with Five12 Numerology. Some of the drum sounds were just factory presets. All effects are from the fs1r built in effects. Recorded into Logic. Enjoy!

00:00 - Intro
00:04 - Vocal Formant Sequences
03:57 - FM Bass
05:49 - Marimba
07:48 - Drums
08:09 - Gamelan
09:07 - Log Drums
10:08 - Glitch Sequence
11:02 - Drum Kit multitrack
11:55 - Frequency Sweeps
13:27 - Chrome Rain
13:56 - Brief Communication
14:54 - Modem
15:58 - Probe 1
16:45 - Probe 2
17:23 - Careerer
18:21 - Enchanted Pad
19:22 - Sync or Not
20:00 - Twinkle Piano
21:06 - Submersive"

Yamaha fs1r Factory Demo Songs

video upload by Ross Totino

"Yamaha fs1r Factory Demo Songs. These were demonstration songs built into the fs1r OS used to showcase the capabilities of the instrument. These were not recordings but actual playback, probably of MIDI files, of the instrument in real time."

Also see Yamaha FS1r Synthesizer Demo Songs from Sound Programming.

Fat sound with Sequential Pro 3 💪❤️

video upload by

"Check out my private Analog Beast collection dedicated to Sequential Pro 3:"

strokes v3.11 - multi-outputs update & built-in tutorial

video upload by Cong Burn

"Strokes is now a multi output VST3/AU/AUV3, each voice (synth or sampler) can be routed to an individual audio channel for further processing & recording.

Win / Mac / iOS
VST3 / AU / Standalone (iOS) / AUV3 (iOS)

In this demo, I'm using AUM as a host with a single instance of Strokes AUV3 generating all of the audio you hear (except the siren!).

AUM allows me to route each Strokes voice to an individual output of my audio interface (expert sleepers es-8, located in the modular). I'm using 4 outputs which are connected to the Xone92 (mono).

CH1 - Bass
CH2 - Drums
CH3 - Chord 1
CH4 - Chord 2

Also on the table is a delay pedal on Aux 1 + a compressor & a saturator.

Also new
- Added a built in tutorial to help you create your first rhythm, melody and pattern variation. Access this on the info 'i' menu.
- Hovering over / tapping a parameter on the sequencer page will display the parameter’s name in the header."

"Also new is a built in tutorial that'll help you create your first rhythm, melody and pattern variation. Throw in the new manual and the learning curve isn't looking so steep ->"

Years of Noise

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"For the first time in four years, Make Noise is getting ready to represent at Superbooth 2023! Come see us May 11-13 at booth 0298!

Also, we're hiring:

Play the new Game Boy game in your browser!!"

Noise Engineering Clep Diaz Tutorial & Cheat Sheet - Learning & Using the 4hp CV/LFO Generator

video upload by Rochefsky

"Clep Diaz is an incredibly powerful CV + LFO generator eurorack module from Noise Engineering in a very small 4hp package - with simple controls and expressive results to spice up your modular patches. I've created a 1-page cheat sheet for this module, and this video is the companion tutorial to describe the capabilities and operation of Clep Diaz while referring to the cheat sheet.

Find your way quickly to the contents of this video:
0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Modes step, rand, lfo
1:50 - Step order
2:18 - Count Encoder
3:20 - Step & Reset Buttons
3:55 - Clock Input
4:22 - Reset Input
4:33 - CV Input for Count
4:45 - Bi/Uni-Polar Outputs
5:15 - BOC Output
6:00 - Patch Notes
6:38 - Add Reset & CV
9:00 - Jam & Cheat Sheet

The Patch is mostly a @NoiseEngineering jam, with the exception of Pamela's New Workout clocking and providing some modulation to Clep Diaz inputs.
Vox Digitalis - 2 of 'em - provide the pitch CVs to both the bass line and the main voice VCOs.
Clep Diaz of course modulating two VCOs.
Manis Iteritas is the bass line VCO.
Cursus Iteritas Percido is the string-like voice being modulated by Clep Diaz on the TIME and FOLD parameter CV inputs.
Lapsus Os provides some control over the level of the bi- nd Uni-polar outputs of Clep - although I left those alone at base voltage throughout this video/patch.
Electus Versio provides effects.
Mordax Data is my Oscilliscope.

Cheat Sheet for Clep Diaz is here:

Clep Diaz manual from Noise Engineering is here:"

via @noiseeng

"Our friend @Rochefsky is wowwing us once again with this meticulously constructed cheat sheet for the Clep Diaz compact step CV and LFO generator.

If you have a #ClepDiaz, this guide is definitely worth having on your phone or printed out for reference!"

Buchla Tiptop Audio 292t LoPass Gate

video upload by Todd Barton

"A brief overview and some tips and tricks with the new Buchla-Tiptop Audio 292t Quad LoPass Gate. Enjoy!

My Patreon:"

Korg NTS-1 "Ideas” Soundset (V2) 200 Presets!

video upload by LFOstore

"Korg 'Nu:Tekt' NTS-1 'Ideas' soundset

Korg NTS-1 'Ideas' soundset - two hundred patches for your experiments with this magic box!
A new update contains 200 sounds and 12 tables (Oscillator).

presets with Type:

Evolving Pad
Ambient SFX

The Korg NTS-1 'Ideas' Soundset transmitted to the KORG NTS-1 Editor - Soundbank -VST and Standalone via software.

(Not included Buy on the developer's website)

For the editor to work properly you need to do the "NTS-1 digital kit update v1.10"or higher on the NTS-1."

Yamaha SY-22/35 - "Vector Art" Soundset (Big Adventure)

video upload by LFOstore

"We are big lovers of vintage Yamaha SY Series & we collect its every model!

Following our SY-55 & SY-77 soundsets we are here with SY-22/SY-35 Sound Pack called "Vector Art"

Working with SY-22/35 & TG-33!

'Vector Art' soundset contains 64 organic presets with MW & Aftertouch approved.

Using unique Dynamic Vector function of both 22&35 & TG-33 models, you can create unusual & morphing timbres like:

Unique Vector Morphing & Moving Sounds
Texture Drones & Spheres
Modulated & FM-kind Timbres
Atmospheric Pads & Strings

Made by chief Nick Klimenko
You will find all needed instructions for easy loading soundset.

Enjoy & may music be with you!"

Legendary Updates From Roland Cloud // Jupiter 8, Jupiter 4 and Juno 106

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A look at Zenology 2, the new Roland Cloud Manager interface and the Jupiter 8, Jupiter 4 and Juno 106 plugin updates."

Ambient jam with Elektron Octatrack, Roland SH-4D, and Soma Cosmos

video upload by Jay Hosking

"Please support my work on Patreon:
A live, semi-improvised synth jam performed entirely on hardware.

This one came together unexpectedly as I was wrapping up a longer video on some of my favourite gear (spoiler alert). I stumbled into some ideas with the Octatrack and Cosmos, and added the closest synth on hand—the Roland SH-4D, which I just got and am exploring—to fill in the gaps. Add in a sample from an old favourite and the song was complete. The Cosmos always creates music that sounds like the music in my dreams, ambient and blurred, ideas reverberating across the sonic space.

Thanks for listening.

Elektron Octatrack MkII - Samples, effects,
Roland SH-4D - Synth lead and bass sounds
Soma Cosmos - Asymmetrical looping into infinity"

Channelling my inner Moby (?!) // Arturia Polybrute + Moog Subsequent 37 + Piano VST

video upload by


"It felt really good to write a whole track for the first time in ages - hence the name of the song! Quite a few layers to this one! Here's what's going on:

The core of the song - starts off with a Moby-esque (I think!) sequence and chord progression around which the rest of the song builds. Initially very soft and fizzy, the mod wheel opens up the filter, moves the oscillators from a triangle wave to a saw wave and changes the Steiner Filter from high-pass to low-pass, giving the sound a bit more heft. One thing I really like about this patch is the way the voices interact - when the sequence is playing on its own, there's no obvious voice stealing and the sequence flows nicely. As the chord progression starts, the sequence starts stealing voices from itself which makes the sequence a little punchier. No extra effects on this track.

The lead for the song, this track uses a very soft pluck on the Polybrute (one of my favourite patches!), and at the same time feeds the MIDI into the Spitfire Audio Originals Cinematic Soft Piano. The result is a wonderfully textured sound that is . There's another track that combines the soft pluck and piano again, but with an ostinato that carries on through most of the track. No extra effects on this track.

Bass, of course. But not just any bass! This one uses some extra effects - Soundtoys Devil-Loc compresses and crunch-ifies the track in an awesome way when combined with some held reverb from the Ventris Dual Reverb (recorded separately) - holding a note makes the bass cut through in with a gritty texture, and releasing the note immediately brings in the slightly distorted, contrasting reverb trails. Love it!"

New Module: Farb Highpass - Analog Transistor Highpass Ladder Filter with Tilt EQ

video upload by Making Sound Machines

"Here's another neat little jam with a module from our brand new Farbfilter series!

This time introducing Farb Highpass - an #analog transistor ladder highpass filter, with a few tricks up its sleeve! It is a lovely sounding eastcoast subtractive synthesis filter topography that is often somehwhat overlooked and distinct from the classic lowpass ladder circuit.

We tweaked the #circuit and added CV controlled resonance to the feedback path. We also added a Tilt EQ. It lets you either bring some of the warmth back in, or double down on the #highpass effect and go all sizzly.

In this patch, we're using Stolperbeats to sequence the @WeAreElektron modelcycles, its audio processed through the left #FarbHighpass. The module receives resonance CV from Stolperbeats' envelope out, generating a pulse whenever the kick drum is playing. You can hear the filter's lovely self-resonance kick in with the sweep at the start of the video.

The bass is a Sharktooth wave from @apolloview9305 awesome #Allscillator complex VCO (kits available from Thonk). Its output is folded using the right hand Farb Highpass, with Stolperbeats sending a CV ramp to the filter cutoff with every bass drum. With CV patched, the cutoff knob becomes an offset for the incoming voltage.

At the drop, the voltage controlled resonance is expertly wobbled using @Befacosynth Rampage, good news! We have a small batch of DIY kits packed - you can solder the DIY version with our lead #engineer Enrica and be the first to get your hands on one of these modules! If you can't make it, the kits will become available after Superbooth via our friends at @ThonkSynthDIY and @explodingshed5542 .

Find out more about the modules here:

More info on the workshop at #Superbooth 2023:

Saturday 13.05.2023,
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Superbooth DIY Area

Korg PolySix SN 381328

via this auction

"Very nice Korg polysix fully serviced.

New battery, some new contact keys, calibrated and more to deliver the polysix in perfect working condition."

Future Retro 777 - Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Future Retro 777 is one of the most sought after TB 303 style tributes that goes way beyond it's influencer."

Custom White Roland SH-101 w/ MIDI

via this auction

"Fully Restored Roland SH-101 By SynthSpa, Custom white finish with Blue led / pitch bend, with the Tubbutec SH 1- oh -1 Midi Mod."

Armon Super Piano

video upload by Sebastian Galassi

"A simple test drive of my new Armon Super Piano straight from the 70s."

Curious if it's Super Piano or SuperPiano.

KORG POLYSIX - Synth Review, Sounds & Demo

video upload by synth4ever

"Korg Polysix synth review, sounds and demo. The Polysix is a vintage 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer released in the early 80s by Korg. In this review I provide an overview of the Korg Polysix, demo some Korg Polysix sounds and patches, and conclude with my final thoughts on the synth. Note: MXR analog chorus was used for subtle stereo.

00:00 - Intro
00:32 - Overview
14:46 - Sounds & Patches
26:52 - Pros
30:45 - Cons
33:24 - Final Thoughts"

RF Modular 144 bpm jam psytrance

video upload by Radical Frequencies Modular

"Radical Frequencies 144bpm Goa Psytrance jam : AD multi Vco saw wave into RF SH Vcf for the bassline. Fm lead is from dpvco into 12db multi vcf in band pass mode."

Just a Minute - Semi Modular #05

video upload by Stefan Tretau

"The pattern is a bit too static, but well... enough for just a minute ;-)"

Waldorf Pulse 2 Demo & Sound Design Tutorial

video upload by WaldorfMusicChannel

"The Waldorf Pulse2 is an analog desktop synth based on the original rack-module from 1995. In this video Martin Stürtzer creates a demo track and designs three patches from scratch.

Martin Stürtzer:

00:00 Music & Intro
03:02 Bass
06:38 Bell Arp
09:38 Chord"

Akai Introduces the MPC X Special Edition

MPC Cookup ep. 1 with Jermaine Dupri | Akai Professional

video uploads by AkaiProVideo

Akai MPC X SE // Top 3 Pros & Cons vs MPC Live II, One, Key 61, Studio // XSE Special Edition Review

video upload by

0:00 Intro
1:00 Similarities
2:40 MPC X vs SE
3:40 Q-Links knobs
7:30 Connectivity
10:05 Battery/speaker
10:30 More buttons
12:25 Screen
13:45 Pads
14:15 Touch strip
14:45 Keys
15:20 Storage
15:50 Pros & cons
18:25 Outro

Press Release follows:


The MPC X Special Edition commemorates 35 years of innovative sampling, sound, and sequencing technology from AKAI, the premier name in music production.

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (April 26, 2023) – Akai Professional, a leading musical equipment and computer software manufacturer for performers and producers, is proud to unveil MPC X Special Edition. MPC X SE steps into the spotlight with more internal storage and memory than ever. Additionally, MPC X SE boasts flagship tactile control to make it the most powerful MPC system ever. With a stylish retro color way, MPC X SE culminates as the high point of the leading name in music production.

35 Years of sampling and Innovation.

MPC has pushed the limits of hardware music creation time and time again. In every generation, leading music makers need technology that can keep up with the speed of their inspiration and the needs of their creativity. MPC continues to lead the way with innovative features and advancements, magically bringing music to life. From Note Repeat and 16 Levels for the hip-hop heads to the infectious Swing for electronic drum grooves and patterns. MPC has been at the ground level of hit song after hit song thanks to its powerfully capable technology.

Today, the standalone MPC platform continues to build on that legacy with seamless touchscreen technology, more I/O than ever to tie an entire production suite together, along with wireless integration like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ableton Link 3 allowing you to make music without any constraint.

The Most Powerful MPC Ever

The rock-solid quad-core processor cements MPC X SE as the leading modern music-making device enhanced with an impressive 4GB of RAM onboard. This delivers more sampling and recording power than ever before. Instantly load instruments, samples to large projects with ease thanks to the increased memory, perfect for studio sessions or on stage between songs. Save large projects, sequences, drum programs to your beats instantly with the expanded 48GB of internal storage without ever interrupting your workflow.

MPC X SE is the only MPC with 2 In/4 Out MIDI to connect all your synths, keyboards, modules and more. The massive 10” adjustable touch screen is the perfect display for those long creative sessions. 16 assignable Q Link knobs with OLEDs provide immediate visual feedback and to any program, instrument, or insert effect parameter for instant hands-on control of your sound. For the high-pace creators tied to a busy schedule, MPC workflow keeps you ahead of the game with an intuitive and efficient creative process.

Legendary Hardware, Cutting-Edge Software

Through the years, the 16-pad MPC grid has been the default input method for MPC. Revel in the nostalgic gray pad color of these new-generation pads that feature RGB backlit edges and pressure-sensitive response. Tap out rhythms, melodies, or chords with ease thanks to the Notes and Chords modes, perfect for playing the thousands of built-in instruments. MPC X SE features a premier collection of instruments including the award-winning flagship “Fabric XL” power-synth, Stage Piano, OPx4 FM synth and much more. MPC has evolved with the contemporary music-maker by adding not only sounds and functionality but also world-class insert effects for processing. Explore a wide collection of plugins like Stutter, Granulator, Half Speed, the AIR Vocal Effects suite, MotherDucker, AMP Sim and so much more. When you need to expand your palate, browse the MPC store and update your MPC X SE with new plugin instruments like Mini D synthesizer or Flavor Pro multi-effects processing unit to breathe new life into your machine. Thanks to the enabled WiFi, update your device wirelessly in mere moments.

Senior Akai Professional product manager Dan Gill shared “The journey for MPC has been a labor of love. We strive every day to deliver the tools that will empower all music-makers, from our life-long MPC users who trust and rely on their MPCs to keep up with their daily music grind, down to the newest members of the MPC community who look to the MPC legend as they foray into their nascent musical endeavors. MPC X Special Edition is a tribute to where we’ve come from, what we’ve accomplished, and marker of the next chapter of innovatory, ground-breaking music product development.”

Key Feature Bullets

• Standalone MPC - No computer required

• MPC Plugin Collection- 20+ MPC Instruments

• 48GB Internal Storage (over 16GB for User Storage)

• 4GB RAM for Sampling and Audio Recording

• 100+ Insert Effects from AIR Music Tech

• Adjustable 10.1” Multi-Gesture Touch Screen

• 16 Assignable Q Link Knobs

• Iconic ‘Retro’ MPC Colorway

• Includes MPC 2 Desktop software for Mac and PC.

Launch Info

MPC X Special Edition will be available worldwide on Wednesday April 26, 2023 for $2499. Visit to learn more.

Patch n Tweak
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