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Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Schmidt Synthesizer Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Korg FK-1 Synthpedal Test w/ a Suiko ST-50 Synthesizer

video upload by Gaijean

"Quick demo of the Korg FK-1 Synthpedal."

TTMC MODEL 990 Buchla Easel Command CARD

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

MODAL ELECTRONICS Argon8X Wavetable Synth Review (Drumlogue, CB Generation Loss, JHS Mary-K)

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"Here is my personal review about the Modal Electronics Argon8X Wavetable Synthesizer with a little help of my Korg Drumlogue, Chase Bliss Generation Loss MkII and a JHS Mary-K Pedal."

Oberheim Introduces OB-X8 Desktop Analog Synth Module

You might remember Oberheim mentioning they had something new coming to this year's Superbooth.

Here it is. The OB-X8 Desktop Module. Be sure to click the pics for the full size shots.

Press release follows:

Oberheim Announces OB-X8 Desktop Analog Synth Module Fits Perfectly into Your Studio, Your Music, Your Life

San Francisco, CA — Oberheim today announced the much-anticipated desktop version of their highly acclaimed OB-X8 eight-voice analog synthesizer, which faithfully recreates sounds from the classic Oberheim OB-X, OB-Xa and OB-8 synthesizers of the eighties. And now all its presets, synthesis features, and sound editing controls are available in a compact package that fits everyone’s creative space.

“The original OB synths were jam-packed with components and took up a lot of space. There was no way you could contemplate getting even a four-voice version of that sound out of a desktop or rack-mount unit,” mused Tom Oberheim. “Well, here we are in 2023: eight voices of our amazing OB-X8 three-in-one synthesizer now comes in a size that fits your studio.”

The new OB-X8 desktop version does not include the 61-note Fatar keyboard and expression levers found in the original, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing all the sonic power of these monster synths in a footprint that’s compact enough for studios of any size, and convenient enough to take on the road.

Just like the keyboard version, the desktop OB-X8 boasts an identical sound engine, featuring an all-analog signal path with discrete VCOs, VCAs, and filters. And it still manages to provide the same knob-per-function front panel sound designing experience, with immediate access to virtually all the synth’s parameters.

“Bringing back the Oberheim brand has been a joy,” said David Gibbons, CEO. “And since the introduction of the OB-X8 keyboard in May 2022, we’ve heard an overwhelming desire for a desktop module version catering to those whose free studio space doesn’t quite match their enthusiasm for unique synth sounds.”

In the hands of such luminaries as Prince, Van Halen, and Herbie Hancock, Oberheim synths were more than just instruments, they provided the soundtrack of an era. Now a whole new generation of artists are discovering their voices through OB-X8. “When I was shown the new OB-X8, I was immediately impressed with the forensic level of detail that went into its design and the respect for its lineage,” said Trent Reznor, the creative force behind Nine Inch Nails, and an Academy Award-winning composer. “I’m excited more people will be able to experience this classic instrument.”

OB-X8 desktop module weighs approximately 9 lbs. 9 oz. (4.34 kg) and measures 22.00” L x 8.50” W x 4” H (55.88 cm x 21.59 cm x 10.16 cm).

The OB-X8 desktop module is available for pre-order now, with a US MAP price of $3,499. Shipping worldwide in June.

For more information about the OB-X8 desktop module, visit us at:

DX5 performing Inner City "Good Life" cover

video upload by DX5

"Covering one of my favorite tracks ever, a late 80's Detroit techno anthem.
Gear used:
Roland JP8000
Kurzweil PC1x
Emu Emax (Emu and Ensoniq library samples)
Emu Emax 2.
Backtrack previously recorded from scratch, instrument by instrument, by me. Also used: Ensoniq Mirage library samples, Roland TR909 samples.
Original song composed by Kevin Saunderson, Paris Grey, Ann Saunderson, Roy Holmon.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

CFA-Sound DC-Zero - Vintage Synth for Kontakt

CFA Sound DC Zero Preset Showcase

video uploads by CFA-Sound

"Preset Showcase Video - explore some of the 175 presets, hear them in the aspect of genre-related demo tracks.

About DC-Zero Vintage Synth instrument for NI Kontakt:

The charming sound of an iconic retro synth, captured in detail - transforms your favorite sampler into a powerful synth platform.

Introducing DC-ZERO – a vintage synth for Native Instruments Kontakt. Inspired by an iconic synthesizer of the 80s, known for the charming sound of its DCOs, the distinctive and fat chorus, and of course, its easy-to-use workflow.

As the first part of this new synthesizer theme product line for Kontakt “Fusion series” – as the name might suggest – the fusion of wavetables and multisamples, combining both paths of sound generation together as a powerful synergy, allowing more creative space and more sound design features and possibilities for the user, as previous synthesizer sample libraries for Kontakt had to offer.

The 175 included presets have been crafted with love for details, covering basic sounds as you would suspect from a classic analog synth, up to more cinematic pad sounds using the full load of the effect rack and fitting in a high variety of genres like synth-wave, deep house, and techno. In detail the factory presets contains 44 Bass, 11 Chords, 11 Drums, 12 FX, 17 Keys, 28 Lead, 30 Pad, and 22 Pluck sounds.

Capturing the warm analog sound of this well-known icon, by using Kontakt`s powerful sampler engine, in synergy with its new wavetable engine – DC-ZERO even captures the pulse-width modulation of its paragon. Giving you, more sonic freedom in the sound design process than “just multisamnples”. Forming a compact instrument with focus on an easy-to-use workflow like known from analog synthesizers. Designed with a similar layout, as you surely know from modular systems – the core synthesizer module is complemented by additional tools like the voice mode for monophonic and polyphonic voicing and predefined chords. Output control module with stereo width, limiter, and fx rack routing.

The effect rack is packed with Kontakt`s studio-grade sound processing tools, featuring a lofi-drive module: transistor drive and bit crusher in one box. Followed by the Choral chorus and Phasis phaser effects. For more dynamic processing and more saturation, the Supercharger GT as a tube compressor gives you all you need for more fine-tuning, along with the Solid-G equalizer. Finalized with the outstanding Replika delay and the hybrid reverb module. All the effects have been kept in a reduced amount of controls, to keep the workflow focused on the essential core controls and not distract your creativity with too many controls or unnecessary menu-diving. All controls are always in sight, always a smooth and comfortable workflow."

Polynator, turn your sampler into a polyhponic synthesizer!

video upload by Per-Sonal Audio Software

"Short overview of the capabilities of Polynator. Turn your sampler into a full blown synhesizer with pitchbend and customizable mod wheel and aftertouch cc values. @WeAreElektron @rolandglobal"

"Standalone to play TR8S and other samplers (Digitakt etc) polyphonically with pitch-bend and customisable mod wheel and aftertouch values.

Sequences can be recorded into the Digitakt. At this moment TR8S can be played but not recorded in. TR8S can however be sequenced pitch perfectly from external sequencers.

Features: Polyphony, one note chords, sequencer mode, velocity and pitch-bend range settings.

Fully customisable.

Compatibility: MacOSX, Windows, Linux (Debian).

Tested on MacOSX 11 and 12, Windows 10, Debian 11 on Rock 4 C+

Software and installers are digitally signed but on Windows you might get the smartscreen warning, just click on more info and run anyway. As a startup our reputation needs to build first for smartscreen..."

Bass Station II Chord Bank

video upload by NovationTV

Slow Randomness

video upload by Todd Barton

u-he Rehearsal for Superbooth23

video upload by u-he

"Urs and Seb rehearsing for their "Gesprächskonzert" gig at Superbooth23!"

Noise Engineering Teases New Eurorack Module Coming to Superbooth

via @noiseeng

"We’ll be at Superbooth 2023, booth W280! Come say hi and try out the new [redacted], plus our newest line of gear so far this year. Details on our blog:"

Bach on a Synth Vol 2🎹 🎛️#bach #synth #shorts

video upload by Nicolas Melis

With the Sequential Prophet REV2.

Bach on a Synth Vol 1 here

Gotharman's Zaturn: FOF Oscillator

video upload by gotharman

"In the forthcoming update, a new FOF oscillator model will be added. All the sounds in this video, including the drums, are made with this."

Tempera: A New Granular Instrument

video upload by Red Means Recording

"This video is sponsored by the makers of Tempera:
Tempera is a new granular instrument by the makers of the Vector Synth ( It features 8 sample slots, each represented by a verticle column, that can be played back polyphonically, 4 granular emitters, envelopes, lfos, a filter, and a reverb.

I've been alpha-testing this unit and have made some content for it. Check it out in person at Superboooth 2023."

Akai Introduces AIR Delay Pro - Can your Delay Plugin Do this?

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"The team at AIR Music Technology decided to come up with a delay plugin that gave us all we ever wanted from a delay plugin and then add some more stuff besides! This extremely powerful plugin works on both Desktop and Standalone MPC/Force devices.

For starters, There’s modulation and LFO options. And a stereo widener… and some more EQ… and distortion, and we’ve thrown in a limiter too, and a chorus, plus stereo and wobble effect..

But we kept thinking about some really powerful extras… to take your in-the-box mixes outside the box!

Autoclear is magical, it gives you the option to have enormous delay based effects that stop when you need them to, for example, when the next note hits. It’s something you have to hear to really get your head around. Once you’ve used it you’ll wonder how you ever used an echo without it.

Then there’s diffusion, an effect that smears the delay sound, taking it into the realm of a reverb, it’s a way of knocking off some of the hard edges. Experiment to create a mix between a delay and a reverb.

We also added an envelope follower that allows you to manipulate the time, feedback, and delay amount based on release and ceiling time. This is where things can get really bonkers.

And just in case you need some inspiration to get you started, we threw in a ton of presets, there’s the usual suspects plus some wild and wacky stuff to really mangle the sound.

In short, we wanted to create a delay plugin without compromise. Some call it extraordinary, we call it the AIR Delay Pro.

Download a demo today, and let you imagine run on, and on, and on."

Black Corporation Introduces EXPANDER MK2

Press release follows:

Black Corporation is thrilled to introduce EXPANDER MK2, a revolutionary tabletop or 6U rack mount effects processor combining the magic of both analog and digital worlds. A major evolutionary leap from our original EXPANDER, MK2 takes multi-effects processing to new heights, boasting an incredibly flexible effects system that covers everything from reverb and delay to modulation and overdrive, and much more.

With line and HI-Z inputs, the EXPANDER MK2 is perfect for a diverse range of music producers, synthesizer users, guitarists, bassists, and live musicians looking to expand their sonic horizons. The stereo and dual-mono routings offer an immense range of connections, with each channel having its own distinct effects chain. The intuitive routing matrix array of LED tact switches lets you create an endless variety of effects chains, from sending a single source to multiple effects in parallel, to cascading them in series.

EXPANDER MK2’s interface takes a knob per function approach, allowing you to dive right into new sonic territories. You can easily save and recall all your settings as presets, with complete MIDI CC functionality, foot switch, and expression pedal inputs adding even more control possibilities.

Delay: The delay section is MIDI syncable, offering both digital and analog options. The digital delay is based on the legendary PCM42, with the same discrete 12-bit ADC/DACs, optical compressor, and filters as the original. Guidance from Gary Hall, the engineer behind the original unit, has resulted in a sound as close to the original rack as possible, with the added benefit of a modern CPU and expanded memory.The analog delay, using analog BBD circuitry, offers a warmer tone with up to 820 milliseconds of delay time. Both delays feature panning controls for added spatial motion.

Reverb: As on the delay, EXPANDER MK2 boasts both digital and analog options. The digital reverb is based on the lush and spacious 224, faithfully recreated by our friends at Meris. The spring reverb uses two 17” tanks (one for each channel) each equipped with an EQ and digital pre-delay section.

Modulator: The modulator is a ring modulator section with enhanced functionality. The first being a quadrant multiplier ring modulator for clean, modern silicon chip-based sounds, and the second, a vintage-style, harmonically rich transformer and diode based ring. The modulator also includes a reference oscillator with an attack and release envelope controlling its pitch, similar to that on DECKARDS’S DREAM’s predecessor, the CS-80.

Chorus: The chorus section features two distinct BBD chorus lines, with manual controls for speed and depth, to add subtle stereo widening or intense, turbulent animation. For fans of the classic four-button chorus, those presets are in there too! Phaser: The phaser section includes an analog OTA- based 12-stage phaser circuit for warm, psychedelic phaser effects, as well as an optical phaser to get a classic Krautrock sound.

Insert / Resonator: The Insert / Resonator section allows you to patch in outboard effects into any part of the effects chain. The resonator component can be used as a subtle EQ to sculpt the tone or can be modulated by the LFO section to create animated resonant or panning effects. The insert returns and sends can occur pre or post-resonator and can also be used as an extra input and output to route multiple signals. When used in parallel, these can turn EXPANDER MK2 into a 4-channel effects processor.

Overdrive: The overdrive section uses Korg’s groundbreaking Nu-Tube micro tube technology to add subtle texture and warmth to any sound, from guitars, synths, drum machines or vocals to anything in between. When pushed further, it can create screaming distortion, perfect for anyone looking to turn up the heat.

LFO: The LFO section features a multitude of LFO’s routable to nearly any destination of the other sections, adding life and movement throughout the signal path.

A convenient selection of connections on the back panel of EXPANDER MK2 includes balanced inputs and outputs, stereo send and return (via individual 1/4′′ jacks or using a common DB25 connector), expression and switch pedals, USB, and DIN MIDI. Additionally, the front includes a convenient HI-Z input for guitarists or any instrumentalist with quieter outputs to plug and play right away. EXPANDER MK2’s natural wood sides can be switched out for included rack ears.

EXPANDER MK2 is a vintage effects inspired powerhouse pushing the boundaries of sound in a

robust, studio form factor. Its hands on capabilities and nearly endless routing options make it an outstanding companion to any production or live set up!"

Welcome UDO Audio Super GEMINI!

video upload by Hand in Hand Distribution

"There's a new top G in town 😍."

"If you're at @superbooth_berlin come and see us in the usual spot, tucked away in the Bungalowdorf at B005."

Note the two rows of controls. Likely inspired by the Yamaha CS80.

Some info via Soviet Space Child spotted on Sonic State:

UDO Audio has launched a new synthesizer, the Super Gemini, which is a 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog-hybrid instrument. The binaural aspect means it can run in 20 voice mono mode (non binaural oscillators) or 10 voice binaural mode - which if you've heard the Super 6, sounds pretty good.

The Super Gemini comes with a dual-layer design that offers control over both timbral layers. It has a powerful FPGA based hybrid sound engine and a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch. The Super Gemini features custom-engineered ribbon sensors for individual note articulation, and a gestural way to explore your sound.

The Super Gemini has 256 performance and patch slots, 64 interchangeable waveforms, and 16 sequences that can be safely stored and edited. The synthesizer is equipped with dual synth-control levels that gift the player with immediate and comprehensive control over multiple timbral layers. It also features a true-stereo signal path that empowers you to create extremely dynamic spatial sounds. The Super Gemini is built from aluminum and steel and comes with an array of superior quality mechanical controls - as we know designer George Hearn is a stickler for components look and feel"

Silhouette eins: introducing "the Vimpler"

video upload by Pit Przygodda

"Here is a quick demo of the new audio-to-visual function, which is now part of the Silhouette Synthesizer system. Herewith SIlhouette closes the circle visuals-to-audio-to-visuals.
Visit us at the Superbooth 23 synth fair, Berlin, 11th to 13th may, 2023. Booth H195."

The Special Edition microKorg Crystal

video upload by

"Celebrate 20 years of the microKorg with this crystal-clear special edition model, available exclusively on Reverb."

See the announcement post here.


A quick update from the SUPERBOOTH team. Press release follows:

Berlin, the 9th of May 2023

SUPERBOOTH BERLIN 2023 is happening this week, from the 11th to the 13th of May, at FEZ- Berlin. As the most important trade fair for electronic musical instruments worldwide, SUPERBOOTH is a central event in the global electronic music scene. Over 250 exhibitors from over 35 countries will be presenting the products and technologies that will influence the music of tomorrow.

However, SUPERBOOTH is not just a specialist trade fair, but also a cultural event with the spirit of a festival, inviting everyone interested in electronic music to spend three days diving deep into the world of synthesizers and studios. With a diverse event program consisting of countless workshops, concerts and lectures, SUPERBOOTH23 will be offering something for everyone.

SUPERBOOTH23 is positioning itself as a unique trade fair that is centering human beings instead of products. It aims to facilitate dialogues between the makers and users of electronic musical instruments. Since the vast majority of SUPERBOOTH exhibitors are small artisanal businesses, the personal contact and conversations at the event will be key.

SUPERBOOTH23 is expressively inviting not just those already in the know, but simply everyone interested in learning more about electronic music-making. Accordingly, the SUPERBOOTH BERLIN is also actively working on increasing the inclusivity and diversity in the industry, with projects such as workshops for women and nonbinary people and (in cooperation with the FEZ-Berlin) a “Minibooth” for children and adolescents that happened last weekend (6th to 7th of May), and was already a resounding, sold-out success.

Digital pre-sale tickets for the SUPERBOOTH23 are still available at, however there will also be a ticket box office at the event. A one-day ticket is 39€ (reduced* price: 29€), a three-day ticket is 98€ (reduced* price: 79€). *The reduced price includes groups such as students, people with disabilities, retirees, and people on unemployment benefits.

Threetom Modular Updates - SuperBooth 2023

Vlog #1 Giving vlogging a try, new modules, SuperBooth 2023, and a new filming setup...

video upload by

0:00 Why I'm going to give vlogging a try
0:48 New batch going to Perfect Circuit
1:21 New modules
2:58 Preparing demo's and improving my filming setup
5:07 SuperBooth 2023
5:57 Some more reflection on vlogging

Vlog #2 The new prototype works, SuperBooth 2023, making new PCB/module storage racks...

0:00 Finishing the latest batch of Steve's MS-22 for Perfect Circuit
0:47 Making new storage racks
4:22 Quality control, calibration, printing labels (B-roll)
4:39 Doppio pre-production run
5:21 Mysterious parcels being mysterious
5:31 Update on the new prototype
7:46 To do list for releasing Doppio
9:45 The mediastorm around Superbooth
10:46 Looking forward to Superbooth 2023
11:32 Mister Mike

Intech Studio Announces Knot USB MIDI Host

via Intech Studio

"We will be exhibiting our ever-evolving Grid modular MIDI controllers at Superbooth this year again - for the 4th time in a row - along with our new product, Knot and our fresh collaborative platform, the Profile Cloud."

"meet Knot: your compact and versatile USB MIDI host

KNOT is the perfect solution for musicians looking to bridge the gap between old-school MIDI gear like synthesizers, groove boxes, guitar pedals, and modern USB MIDI devices. With KNOT, you can eliminate the need for a computer and control your instruments seamlessly using Grid or any other USB controller.

MIDI in and out with switch
KNOT is equipped with two 3.5mm TRS jack sockets for sending and receiving MIDI data. These sockets can be switched between A and B wiring, ensuring compatibility with different manufacturer designs. The "A" standard is used by Korg, Make Noise, IK-Multimedia, Line 6, and others, while the "B" standard is used by Arturia (BeatStep Pro), Novation (Launchpad Pro), 1010music, Polyend, and others.

compact and durable design
Measuring just 60mm x 60mm x 10mm and weighing approximately 120 grams, KNOT is a palm-sized device that is perfect for musicians on the go. Its compact design ensures that it won't take up valuable space in your gear bag, while its durable construction makes it road-ready.

open hardware and easy firmware updates
You can easily upload new firmware versions onto KNOT with a dedicated mode button. To update the device, simply press the mode button while plugging it into a computer using the USB-C port. KNOT is an open hardware project, and all source files can be found in the midi-host GitHub repository."

Intech Studio Announces Grid 2.0 MIDI Controller

via Intech Studio

"We will be exhibiting our ever-evolving Grid modular MIDI controllers at Superbooth this year again - for the 4th time in a row - along with our new product, Knot and our fresh collaborative platform, the Profile Cloud."

"Announcing Grid 2.0

the controller family re:imagined to embrace the power of co-creation through the Profile Cloud

what happened to 1.0?

Grid 2.0 is marking the release of the newly developed version of the Grid controller family. All the effort and hard work, that has been put into Grid throughout the last year both production-, and software-wise has finally come together.

Grid has just become more accessible, collaborative and sustainable.

However, it is important to highlight, that all modules will remain compatible with the initial controller series. In the following sections we intend to present the recent innovations of Grid.

co-create: release of the Profile Cloud

We are launching a significant development in the Grid Editor: the opportunity to collaborate, inspire and share through the Profile Cloud. Now all Grid Creators can browse, download and add profiles to the Cloud, that functions as a public library for producers. Now you will be able to edit and manage your profiles across different devices through your Profile Cloud account. On top of that, you can also add descriptions, links or files like an Ableton script to the Profiles you share.

Create. Share. Collaborate.

EF44 transparent

co-manufacture for sustainability: an open hardware open for repair

We have designed a hardware system that can be easily repaired by anyone with just one screwdriver. Why? Simply put, because we don’t support the “throwaway culture” of modern capitalism. Grid is designed to last.

However, certain malfunctions can always happen, and nobody likes the hustle of product returning. Thanks to the new hardware design from now on, all Grids can be self-repaired. The chassis and the 4 interface boards will be separately replaceable. Replacement parts will be sent internationally including a 1-year warranty.

Reuse. Rebuild. Inspire.

new processor, new possibilites

As we grow, our expectations grow further. We have decided to upgrade Grid with a new processor based on open-source development and community support. We build upon collaboration to learn from each other and grow together, without unnecessary gatekeeping.

Grid users will be able to manage complex control configurations, and what’s even better is that the new architecture will be expanded with wireless Bluetooth connection – a feature many procuders have been looking forward to.

less branding, more flexibility

The Grid logo from the controller’s front panel will be removed. This was not an easy choice to make, but it had to be made, simply for a convenient user experience. Snapping together Grid in any direction, while keeping it’s symmentry required even more flexibility on the front panel design.

As for a stable connection and long-lasting hardware design, we also decided to blend together the plastic housing with the metal cover. In this way, the housing will become the impact surface when snapping together the controller modules."

Quick Test After Installing Beads

video upload by John L Rice

Oberheim OB-X

via this auction

SN 93804?

Pics of the inside below.

"totally original, as it came out of the shop.
OBX the apotheosis and genius of Tom Oberheim.
Basically 8 SEM voice modules (in a nutshell an Eight Voice EV-1) assembled in the version of his first classic synthesizer, all with discrete components except, unlike the SEM, the envelopes generated here with integrated CEM3310, the first ones installed on a synthesizer .

Machine in factory version 8 Voices. Installed Encore OBX-mk MIDI expansion kit with memory expansion from 32 to 120 Presets.

The instrument has always been kept with "obsessive" care and attention, it is in exceptional aesthetic condition, always kept in the studio, never played live, and everything is 100% in perfect working order!!

Recently overhauled by a highly qualified technician."

Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer SN 150320

via this auction

"Vintage Unit in very amazing condition for its age, works flawlessly.

Very good old-school sequencer from Korg. Designed for the MS series synthesizers and using Korg's CV / Gate control the SQ-10 sequencer can really surprise you with some groovy basslines. Three-channel output allows pitch, tone color and timing variation. Use the knobs to adjust and build up a sequence. Sure it's limited to 12 steps (with a max of 24) but when you hook that up to your MS-10, MS-20 or MS-50 you can get some pretty cool TB-303 like stuff happening. Because the SQ-10 outputs CV (Control Voltage) it can also be connected to the Oscillators, VCF (filter) or LFO's of your MS synths for even cooler tricks. Using a CV / Gate converter allows you to use the SQ-10 with other Roland, Moog, Sequential and even MIDI synthesizers. It's definitely a fun instrument that allows you to program basslines just like they did back in the early days!"

M-Audio Accent Module w/ Original Box

via this auction

See this post for a demo.

Modbap Modular Meridian Dual Multi Mode Filter [Patch Demo] - It's Dope!

video upload by SoundsAndGear

"I've been testing out Meridian, the latest module from Modbap Modular. This joint sounds incredible and is super flexible. Check out the sounds I'm getting from the patch in this demo."

[FREE] 10 Epic Presets || Arturia MiniFreak

video upload by Mr. Card

"Download 10 epic free presets for Arturia MiniFreak:"

Yamaha Motif XS7 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Moog One, RUNNN, Improv

video upload by Bob I. Gomez

"I perform an Improvisation on the Moog One Synthesizer using the preset RUNNN."

Spitfire Hauschka Toolkit & Modular System

video upload by PanicGirlVids

"For this track I combined the Hauschka Toolkit from @spitfireaudiollp with my Modular System, and I like the mood a lot of this one. It was also super easy to sync the Modular to Ableton, as the Hermod gives you multiple options on how to do that."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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