MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, May 18, 2023

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Synclavier PSMT FM Synthesizer Free Play INHALT

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"The beautiful and vintage Synclavier PSMT. Here is a demo recorded straight from the Synclavier of some of the FM sounds that are possible via its digital synthesizer. Recorded at my studio in Los Angeles (Infinite Power Studios)."

Sometimes Things Get Modular

video upload by John L Rice

"Again another test, this time after I swapped in the Squarp Rample module into this custom “pedalboard 4ms Pod” system. Playing around with it bands like Kraftwerk, Yello, and Deadmau5 came to mind so I quickly added the vocal for fun. 😊 (Deadmau5 has a song called “Sometimes Things Get Complicated”)

Modules used:
Noise Engineering - Bin Seq
Rebel Technology - CLK and Chronos MkII
Squarp Instruments - Rample
Erica Synths - Black Stereo Mixer v2 and Black Hole DSP
4ms - Listen Four 1/4 and several Pod cases
Haken - ContinuuMini

#modularsynth #electronicdancemusic #eurorackmodular"

Introducing Nopia

video upload by Martin Grieco

Nopia bites

"More info coming soon"

This one is in via Meska.

Unique & characterful sounds of the TAKE-5 (raw & organic timbres).

video upload by Jexus (

"My thoughts: || All sounds come from my preset pack with 200 unique patches."

GlitchScaper (iOS/macOS) app as gated effect demo

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"GlitchScaper app processes the signal from the minimalistic streaming internet radio app Ström and creates a patterns that matches well with the rhythm of the drum machine app Elastic Drums. AUM app is used as the Audio unit / Inter-app audio host. More details about this mode:

GlitchScaper (iOS/macOS) is a rhythm machine with six sound generators, each controlled by a two-layer cycle sequencer, designed to easily create glitchy patterns and scapes. AppStore:"

Famous PPG Wave Synthesizer Sounds

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Famous PPG Wave Sounds part1

0:06 Laura Branigan - Self Control
0:27 Devo - Super Thing
0:56 Rush - Mystic Rhythms
1:19 Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
1:36 Matia Bazar - Ti Sento
2:09 Tangerine Dream - Love On Real Train
2:37 Rush - Emotion Detector

The PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer from the year 1982 is one of most fascinating synthesizers ever. You can find a lot demo videos, sound tutorials about the Wave and the Waveterm in the PPG wave playlist.
The PPG playlist:"

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter MPG-80 Programmer For Sale - Boring test video

video upload by tonetweakers

"This video shows part of the final systematic testing of the MPG-80 we just sold. Its boring stuff but it’s a necessary part of the process when you care about customer satisfaction. The MPG80 is controlling an MKS-80 we just bought and have yet to service. We have another pair of these that will be prepared for sale soon so please email us through our website if interested.

Thanks for watching!

Buy vintage synths that work like new at"

Tone Tweakers on Reverb | Tone Tweakers on Ebay

The Pearl Syncussion From 1979!

video upload by Alex Ball

"A look at the first drum synthesizer made by Pearl, the Syncussion SY-1 from 1979.

Get the sample pack, music and stems from this video and help me make more stuff like this via my new Patreon:

Thank you for the support!

0:00 Intro Jam
0:53 The Pearl Syncussion
1:26 Demo 1: Pearl Jam
2:21 Talk: How Does It Work?
4:50 Talk: Who Used It?
5:07 Demo 2: Is This Dub?
6:15 Talk: A Second Life
6:57 Demo 3: Is This Techno?
8:00 Talk: Legacy
8:47 Sample Pack
9:42 Outro Jam"

Pittsburgh Modular & Cre8 Audio: Working Together to Bring us Nice Synths!

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Pittsburgh Modular and Cre8 Audio work closely together, but what’s behind the collaboration and where does one start and the other end? What is this mysterious relationship that works in the shadows and makes amazing value superb little synths?

Richard Nichol from Pittsburgh was more than happy to explain when we met up at @superboothberlin"

Randomizing with Strip \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

Canyon delay - A complete walkthrough (on synth)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"It may look like something from a themepark gift shop but this is a mighty little delay full of some extreme capabilities. Here I go though all 10 delay modes and the looper using the DB-01 as a sound source.

0:00 So ugly
1:44 EHX fail
3:01 Factory reset
3:30 The controls
5:33 Tap tempo
6:14 Secondary controls
7:51 - Echo mode
10:16 - Modulated mode
12:53 - Multi mode
15:35 - Reverse mode
17:48 - Memoryman mode
21:00 - Tape mode
23:45 - Verb mode
26:36 - Octave mode
30:12 - Shimmer mode
32:48 - Sample and Hold mode
35:30 - Looper mode
39:24 - Final 2c

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Testing a new filter board prototype

video upload by gotharman

"Playing with a really nice sounding diode drive prototype filter board."

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver SN 00620

via this auction

Update: auction link fixed.

Custom Light Blue Studio Electronics Omega 8 SN 1406

via this auction

"Custom made unit by Studio Electronics. This Omega 8 carries 8 voices, 8 CS80 filters, 8 Moog filters, 8 Oberheim SEM filters.

Housed is a flight case, includes power cable."

Circuit Bent Alesis HR16 Drum Machine

via this auction

"Professionally restored and modded by Circuitbenders, this amazing machine is ready for industrial goodness!"

Yamaha CS30 SN 1009

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 6 w/ Stereoping Controller

via this auction

Matrix-6 SN 7734517
Stereoping SN 0958

AnalogFX SER-2020 Semi-Modular SYNTHESIZER w/ Original Box

via this auction


video upload by Synthesizer Home

ROLAND TR-77 / RHYTHM 77 (1973)

video upload by Synthesizer Home


video upload by Synthesizer Home

Superbooth 2023: SonicWare Texturelab Sounds Only

video upload by sonicstate

"No talking just a quick sound demo of the new Sonicware Textruelab.

The Sonicware Texturelab is a sound design instrument. It offers a range of sonic capabilities, to create unique textures, ambient soundscapes, and complex musical compositions.

One of the standout features of the Texturelab is its multi-engine design. It combines multiple synthesis methods, including granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis, FM synthesis, and more. This diverse set of sound engines enables users to explore a vast array of sonic possibilities and create intricate, layered sounds.

The instrument also includes a built-in sequencer and arpeggiator, providing intuitive ways to program and manipulate patterns and melodies. It offers a comprehensive set of controls, including knobs, buttons, and a touch-sensitive XY pad, allowing for expressive and hands-on sound manipulation."

Superbooth 2023: AE Modular Break The 100 Modules Barrier

video upload by sonicstate

"AE Modular made a strong impression at Superbooth 2023 with their extensive collection of modules, surpassing the milestone of 100 different modules. Robert, representing AE Modular, expressed his pride in the development and the growing inspiration from the community. Notably, they introduced the Reins and Cirrus modules, which are faithful clones of Mutable Instruments' Rings and Clouds respectively, offering a classic ambient duo in their format. Additionally, AE Modular unveiled a prototype sample player module that allows users to play 8-bit WAV files directly from a micro SD card, providing loop options and crossfading. Another exciting development is the introduction of a high-quality aluminum case, designed by Tom from KUA, which offers sturdiness, expandability, and the ability to remove modules on the fly without screws. AE Modular's commitment to affordability is also evident in their micro modules line, which provides simpler functionalities in a compact form factor. To join the AE Modular community, visit their forum at

For more information about AE Modular and their modules, visit their website:"

Superbooth 2023: Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder

video upload by sonicstate

"We know we saw Orange Vocoder 4 at NAMM biut it was such a long time coming , we thought it was worth another demo.. Dennis showcased the plugin, which is available as a VST3 audio unit, VST2, and AX native plugin for Mac and PC. Orange Vocoder 4 packs an impressive array of features, boasting not just one, but 24 vocoders that go beyond mere emulations of vintage gear. With its cross-synthesis algorithms, the vocoder offers diverse and innovative ways of hybridizing sounds, ranging from gritty and destroyed textures to analog modeling and LPC filtering. The plugin also includes a built-in virtual analog synthesizer with a range of powerful features, such as linear FM, ring modulation, unison mode, and a self-oscillating ladder filter.

Additionally, Orange Vocoder 4 features an automatic tuning effect, making it a versatile tool for creating vocal harmony layers. To delve deeper into the plugin's capabilities, users can explore the free trial available on the Zynaptiq website.

For more information about Orange Vocoder 4 and to try out the free trial, visit the Zynaptiq website:"

Linked attenuators. Passive standalone.

video upload by DecadeBridge

"A demonstration of the linked attenuator standalone. Attenuators A and B, and, C and D are linked when switched.

Attenuator A
IN - Turing machine
OUT - Penrose quantizer - Plaits (V/OCT)
Plaits - Eudemonia

Attenuator B
IN - Pam's pro workout Random voltage
OUT - Eudemonia filter CV in

Attenuator C
IN - Rample (kick and snare)
OUT - Audio interface

Attenuator D
IN - Pam's pro workout sine wave LFO
OUT - Beads size (Plaits - Beads)"

3 x 3 Matrix mixer. Passive standalone.

video upload by DecadeBridge

"Demonstration of the 3 x 3 matrix mixer. Here I'm using 3 control voltage signal from Pam's new workout at the inputs.
IN A - Sinewave LFO
IN B - Envelope
IN C - Random voltage

OUT 1 - Subharmonicon cutoff
OUT 2 - Prok HH decay
OUT 3 - Subharmonicon VCA"

Gamma-Ray Bursts - Wavestate + Digitakt

video upload by Waveformer

"I've gotten myself a Digitakt :-). This is my first attempt at combining it with the KORG Wavestate synthesizer. The video contains jam and patch notes in the video description below and as text overlays.

The Wavestate patch is part of the "Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit Vol 3" soundbank, available here:

Wavestate performance mod knobs:
Knob 1: Layer A (arp melody 1) Octave
Knob 2: Layer B (arp bass) Octave
Knob 3: Layer C (arp chords) Octave
Knob 4: Layer D (arp melody 2) Octave
Knob 5: Layer A (arp melody 1) Amp Level
Knob 6: Layer B (arp bass) Amp Level
Knob 7: Layer C (arp chords) Amp Level
Knob 8: Layer D (arp melody 2) Amp Level

The Digitakt uses 5 tracks for sample playback:
Track 1 Kick (factory sample)
Track 2 Percussion (factory samples)
Track 5 Plinks and plonks and plucks (loop sampled from Wavestate)
Track 6 Closed Hihat (factory sample)
Track 7 Open Hihat (factory sample)

The audio is recorded to SD card on a Zoom R16 mixer/recorder and normalized in Audacity. Video is recorded on a Canon EOS M50 mk2 with the included EF-M 15-45mm lens. Audio and video is synchronized in DaVinci Resolve 18 (free version)."

Free Vibes - Physical Modeling Vibraphone

video upload by Genuine Soundware

"This is a short demo of GSi Free Vibes
a free App for iOS and Android that simulates a Vibraphone
using physical modeling technology.

Get it on the App Store:

Or on the Play Store:"

"This istrument emulates the sound and the behavior of a Vibraphone. It doesn't make any use of sampled material as the sound you hear is completely generated in real time thanks to some pretty complex math calculations performed by your device while you play.

Main Features:
- Physical Modeling - no samples
- Full polyphony (49 notes)
- Two different modes: Keyboard or Mallet
- Adjustable mallet hardness
- Available as stand-alone and AUv3 plugin
- Very low CPU and RAM usage"

芝麻布乐队翻唱坂本龙一 名曲 Toon poo | Hi-Fans

video upload by Hi-Fans

Starting the day with some YMO featuring the Modal Cobalt 5S, DSI Mopho x4, & Moog Subsequent 25. KORG MS10 in the background.

Patch n Tweak
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