MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, September 11, 2023

Monday, September 11, 2023

A History of by Creator Roger Arrick Himself

Roger Arrick, the founder of, wrote a history of his business. It's a fascinating look at the inception of one of the first modular makers of the new gaurd. You can find the full the full article on his website here. The following are just a few excerpts. I included an interesting bit on an almost stolen system.

End of chain drum effects

video upload by John Schussler

"I recently got the ADDAC Vintage Clip, and have been playing with it as an end of chain drum mix treatment. I have a few other simple stereo distortions and filters and figured I'd listen to them as a group and see which I liked best in the role of 'final drum effect.'

It's not so much a fair comparison as...just a comparison. There are lots of other modules that could probably serve this purpose just as well, but these are what I have and wanted to listen to. So there you go.


Drums are an SSF Ultra Kick, Prok SN, Prok HH, and WMD Chimera. Sequencer is an Iron Ether Pithoprakta.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Vintage Clip
04:05 Twin Drive
09:24 Stereo Mix
16:34 Roucha Legio
21:34 nw2s D0"

Sequential Trigon at Knobcon 2023 - test drive with breath control

video upload by The Breathalyzer (Shawn Johnson Music)

"A little 'play test' using my Yamaha WX7 wind controller. Sorry the first segment is in mono, a cable got unplugged. The last portion has the room noise, because the rep wanted to hear it through the speakers (he liked the sounds)."

Spectre - Ambient Electronica Pack - Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by DayLafai

"Little Jam on the @NovationTV Circuit Tracks using @IsotonikStudios Ambient Electronica Pack.

You can get this pack along with many other awesome packs by following this link --"

ESK - Waldorf Kyra Jam

video upload by Metunar

"Jamsession with the Waldorf Kyra synthesizer and an Elektron Digitakt.
All sounds are from the Kyra. The Digitakt is used as 8 track Midi sequencer with some controllers.
Live recording with mastering."

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: 909 Day (WIP)

video upload by SynthAddict

"TR-909 sounds on the TR-8s, and some analog modeled

goodies to join in with some various Lexicon racks.
As this was undeveloped and very last-minute, I'm marking
it as WIP - many more things I had planned to do... such is
life :-)"

Make Noise Strega Feedback Way Huge Swollen Picke

video upload by

"Feedback Sample Pack"

8 clips from completely different songs played on a CS80. Can you guess all of them?

video upload by Jose's Vintage Synths

"I have played recognizable, but short pieces of bands/singers that have used the CS80. There is so much more than Vangelis :-) Who will be the first to guess them all"

Groove Synthesis | 3rd Wave | Patch Deconstruction | Attempt #1

video upload by Tim Shoebridge

"Here's another quick look at the mighty 3rd Wave from Groove Synthesis. Today I explain how I put together a simple multi-part patch. I'm pretty sure I will do this approach for more patches in the future, hence the "#1" !"

PWM Malevolent Custom Patches: Bass, Lead, Arp, Pluck. Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"«Analog Temper» is a collection of 50 patches for the semi-modular synthesizer PWM Malevolent.
The soundset includes: 15 Leads, 15 Basses, 13 Arps, 7 Plucks.
There is a wide range of sound colors inside the pack: vintage/retro/classical and modern; aggressive, harsh, bright, punchy, noisy, distorted and soft, gentle, clean, deep, dull.

📗 Get the soundset:"

Elektron Analog Four & Syntakt Presets by Anton Anru

Elektron Analog Four/Keys Presets: Pads Strings Textures

video upload by Anton Anru

"Vintage Pads" is a collection of 64 sounds for Elektron Analog Four/MK2/Keys.
It includes: 21 Pads, 16 Strings, 15 Textures, 12 Drones.
The bank of presets features various tones: warm and soft, cold and distant, bright and dark, static and evolving, detuned, noisy, lo-fi...
💽 Get the soundset:"

Elektron Analog Four/Keys Bass Presets. Sound Demo. No Talk

"'Bass Machine' is a collection of 64 sounds for Elektron Analog Four/MK2/Keys.
The bank of presets features various tones: soft, hard, metallic, vintage, modern, deep, bright, aggressive, epic, acid, sub...

💽 Get the soundset:"

Elektron Syntakt: 64 Bass Presets. Sounds Demo. No Talking

"Elektron Syntakt 'Base of Bass' is a collection of 64 bass presets:
- 32 presets for digital tracks/machines (1-8)
- 32 presets for analog tracks/machines (9-11)
It features a variety of bass tones: soft, hard, metallic, vintage, modern, deep, bright, aggressive, epic, FM...

💽 Get the soundset:"

Arturia Minifreak Presets by Anton Anru

Arturia Minifreak: 64 Lead Monophonic Presets. Sound Demo
video upload by Anton Anru

"'Solos' is a collection of 64 monophonic lead patches for Arturia Minifreak.
The bank of presets includes different colors of lead timbres: vintage and modern, soft and aggressive, dark and bright, clean and noisy/detuned/lo-fi.
The soundset is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, funk, jazz, pop, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and others.
💎 Get the soundset:"

Arturia Minifreak: Free Experimental Presets. Sound Demo

"'Explorer' is a collection of 20 experimental patches for Arturia Minifreak.
It includes pads, strings, plucks, keys, chords, rhythmical tones.
The soundset is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, funk, jazz, pop, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and others.

💎 Get the soundset:"

Arturia Minifreak: Free Cinematic SFX Presets. Sound Demo

"'Cinematic SFX Pack' is a collection of 20 FX patches for Arturia Minifreak.
It includes Textures, Drones, FXs, Sweeps, Noises, Clicks, Rhythmical.
The presets are devoted to cinematic mood, but they can be used in any dark genres, like ambient, electronica, IDM, new age, techno, minimal, dub, industrial, garage, and others.

💎 Get the soundset:"

Korg Wavestate 2, Minilogue XD, and Opsix Presets by Anton Anru

Korg Wavestate 2: New Age Keys. 50 Dreamy Presets. No Talk
video upload by Anton Anru

"'New Age Keys' is a collection of 50 performances for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer. These presets feature dreamy and beautiful sounds including synths, plucks, brasses, keys, pianos, strings, and woodwinds, perfect for genres like New Age, Cinematic, Ambient, Downtempo, Lounge, and Chill Out.
The bank covers a wide range of timbres: keys with acoustic, FM, wavetable, digital or analog flavor; vintage/retro synths recreations; sweet, warm, soft, gentle, cold, distant tones.
🏮 Get the soundset:

Korg Minilogue XD: Classical Lead/Solo Presets. Sound Demo

"'Classical Leads' is a bank of presets for Korg Minilogue XD. It includes 50 solo/monophonic timbres: vintage and modern, soft and aggressive, dark and bright, clean and noisy.
The timbres are thoroughly set. Each preset has Velocity, Aftertouch, and XY Joystick to let the sound be lively, dynamic, expressive, and articulated.

🗳 Get the soundset:"

Korg Opsix: Lead/Solo presets. Vintage & Modern. Sound Demo

"Monophonic Leads is a collection of 50 solo timbres for Korg Opsix.
The bank of presets includes different colors of lead tones: vintage and modern, soft and aggressive, dark and bright, clean and noisy/lo-fi, static and evolving.
🗳 Get the soundset:"

Make Noise Easel: 0coast 0ctrl Strega Dark Noise Modular Jam

video upload by Anton Anru

"I'm having a great time exploring the possibilities of the Make Noise modular system, consisting of Strega, 0-Coast, and 0-Ctrl. While patching, I encountered some clicks, and instead of eliminating them, I embraced them and made them the focal point of my performance. Combined with other noises and effects, these clicks now resemble the sound of rain, creating a unique atmospheric quality. Additionally, I've discovered unexpected rhythmic elements that emerged in the midst of my jamming session. These rhythmic parts have opened up a new realm for experimentation and tweaking.

🔮 Presets for Make Noise and other hardware synths:"

Moog Sound Studio, Make Noise, Ableton Live Ambient Jam

"Another episode of the Moog and Make Noise modular friendship. This time, Ableton Live and Push are added. Ableton produces bass, bells, strings, background noise FX.
The jam starts softly, and gradually the beat is added. It's transformed from DFAM bleeps.
🔮 Presets for Moog, Make Noise and other hardware synths:"

Arturia Acid V: Factory 303 Patterns/Presets Walkthrough

video upload by Anton Anru

"A brand new 303 emulation by Arturia! Besides classical stuff, Acid V gives much more: Sub Oscillator, Advanced Sequencer, Polymetric Mode for step parameters, Arp Mode, Patterns Generator, Modulations, Effects, and many more. The factory presets collection is super diverse: there are classical 303 sequences, experimental dark noisy tones, ambient-style atmospheric melodies.
It's a huge fun to play with this plugin. I use Minilab 3 to run the patterns and tweak the parameters.

🟣 Presets for hardware and software synths:"

Arturia Augmented Brass: Cinematic Ambient Walkthrough. Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Great news by Arturia: the new member of Augmented family has been released. Brass, a big collection of sounds: from natural to experimental.

💾 Presets for hardware synths:"

The Secret of Great DX7 Brass: For the DX11 also

video upload by Off The Matrix

"Yamaha's vintage FM synths are capable of amazing emulations of acoustic brass. To get the most out of a brass patch, you'll need to know how it was designed. The dynamic horn was setup for melodic lines but by changing settings it can be used for different phrasings. The video covers using the additional waveforms of the DX11 for creating trombone and trumpet patches. The importance of equalization is also covered.

The patches can be found at:"

FLUX prototype demo (SOMA lab)

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"FLUX brings forth the musicality and expression of classical instruments, such as violin or vocals, enriched by new timbres and the flexibility of postmodern instruments, harnessing the power of current technology.

FLUX is a high end professional synthesizer with expressive possibilities, an innovative interface design with top quality digital-to-analog converters and analog components.

FLUX features a unique continual touchless keyboard that offers seamless control over a number of sound parameters without quantisation.

In many ways, FLUX is inspired by the Theremin, which offers the unique opportunity of controlling sound by moving your hands in the air without touching any object, all of which lends the performance a special plasticity and beauty.

Unlike the Theremin which works by virtue of the capacitive coupling of hands and antennae, FLUX is based on magnetic principles. Two magnetic bows are pressed between your fingers, and the interface is a multipolar magnetic sensor, registering the bows’ positions and movements. The X coordinate of the artist’s right-hand bow controls the note’s pitch, while the Z coordinate controls volume. The left-hand bow’s X, Y and Z coordinates control the various synthesis parameters.

Since a magnet has two poles, FLUX not only detects the bows’ spatial coordinates, but also the bows’ angle. This means that flipping the right-hand bow on the Y-axis changes the octave, which allows a range of six continuous octaves without transposing the keyboard. With transposition you can get a range from sub-bass all the way to ultrasonic. The left-right tilting of the right-hand bow on the X-axis controls two independent modulation parameters.

The left-hand bow controls the timbres. The timbral sensor, placed in the left part, has six poles, and independently registers positive and negative magnetic fields. This lets you change which parameters you control by flipping the bow, allowing you to control up to twelve independent sound parameters. Together with the pitch, volume and two additional tilt parameters on the right-hand bow, you have access to a total of sixteen sonic controls that you can use during performance, without ever touching the surface of the instrument.

Summing up the concept of FLUX: the most direct and immediate way to play with a large number of synthesis parameters in a musical way, creating a dynamic timbre composition. Different synthesis algorithms (engines) will be created as complete musical instruments for direct timbral control. All engines will be available in a single firmware and any engine can be launched in a fraction of a second. Presets will allow the user to save and recall the entire state of the synth including engine and all tunings.

We developed FLUX with the aim to create a modern instrument for academic music, offering powerful sonic tools such as distortion, complex FM and physical modelling of non-existent, surrealistic musical instruments. We invite modern performers and composers to use FLUX in their work.

FLUX works in monophonic, duophonic and polyphonic modes. Staccato-enabling and quantisation modes are available. The quantization function has an adjustment parameter for vibrato. FLUX has a stable, even, and clearly marked note scale. This makes FLUX much easier to learn and to intone cleanly than on the Theremin.

FLUX’s synthesis is DSP-based. It features built-in spatial FX. The digital-to-analog converters and the analog circuit are based on our in-house designs using Hi-End principles.

FLUX is under development. We will inform the community about the progress."

via SOMA Lab

VCV Rack Comes Full Circle Looping Back to Eurorack via 4ms' Meta Module

via Befaco

"Look mum, we are in a @4ms_company module!"

VCV Rack as you know is eurorack in software. It looks like 4ms created a VCV rack module that allows you to load VCV modules for use in hardware.

a Great Technique for Unique Pads

video upload by Omri Cohen

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

In this video, I experiment with a fun technique for creating beautiful and unique pads. I use the sampler from Sickozell, which is great for something like this, and works well with polyphony. It's available for free, and you can get it here -

00:00 - Introduction
00:30 - The main idea
03:01 - Adding layers
08:56 - Creating the pad
11:26 - Adding velocity

SOLAR 42 sound demo part 1

video upload by ELTA music

"Special pre-order price until the end of September 1500 euros + Cartridge pack 12 pieces 100 euros
Pre-orders shipping at the end of October. On sale in November 2023. At a price of 1700-1800 euros. Pre-order at

SOLAR 42 is a unique experimental electro-music instrument, an analogue microtonal ambient drone machine. It will inspire you to find a new and spontaneous approach to composing music. No midi, no presets.
The instrument is oriented for live performances, creating film soundtracks, theatre soundtracks, atmospheric sounds, microtonal and background music. It is an improved version of the older SOLAR 50 model. The instrument was inspired by early electronic musical instruments of the 1920s and 1950s, notably Leo Theremin's «Harmonium» instrument, as well as science fiction film soundtracks.
The SOLAR 42 does not look like a classic synthesiser, which may confuse the user as it looks very complicated. In fact, it is easy to use. It has 8 voices as separate blocks, a mixer with pan and double effector, and various CV blocks.
Two volt octave morphing VCO voices
Multifunctional touch sensitive keypad controller.
Six drone voices with separate push-button keypad
Two white noise generators,
Two S&H generators
Five LFO generators,
5 step sequencer,
CV Joystick
Preamp for contact mic + envelope follower
Stereo mixer with panoramic left and right channels
Dual POLIVOKS filter
Dual cartridge effector combiner with CV control. Now you can load a different effect on each channel.
Stereo audio output. Dry audio outputs volt octave voices. External audio input.

WEIGHT 5,4 KG (11,9 lb)
SIZE length 49,5 cm x depth 32 cm x height 2,9 cm (5,6 cm height including potentiometer knobs)
SOLAR SET - SOLAR 42, infinity cartridge, DC 12V2A power supply, user manual, 5 minijack patches, sticker pack."

Olivella GRAVEDAD | Subharmonic sequencing & duophony

video upload by Olivella Modular

"Explore the undertone series and duophony with GRAVEDAD!
Headphones recommended 🎧
With GRAVEDAD's square and MASS outputs set up as two separate voices, the core of this patch is Sport Modulator 2 in a Serge-style random configuration generating an array of gates and voltages then distributed through the patch - most notably triggering envelopes and sequencing the MASS suboscillator up and down the subharmonic series, but also modulating the OCTAVE CV input and IMÁGENES' stereo panning.

Olivella Modular | Eurorack synthesizer modules designed and made in Argentina.
For retailers, contact and more info, visit

Thanks for watching!"

Serge NTO sequence

video upload by Boele Gerkes

"Simple arpeggio with the Serge NTO and Serge Variable Q filter module.
Reverb: Happy Nerding FX Aid Pro
Delay: 4MS Dual Looping Delay"

SOUNDMIT 13 Synthesizer & Electronic Musical Instrument Expo Set for Nov 11-12 in Turin Italy

Press release follows:


International Synthesizers and Electronic Musical Instruments Expo | Turin | 11-12 November 2023

11 and 12 November sees the thirteenth edition of the synthesizers and electronic instruments expo in Turin, an absolute industry reference

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November 2023 will see the new edition of the international exhibition of synthesizers, electronic musical instruments, and music technology Soundmit in Turin.

Having reached the milestone of its thirteenth edition, Soundmit in Turin returns for two days of live music, instrument expos, showcases, workshops, and masterclasses of the highest level with international guests. The venue of the event will be the Toolbox Co-working in Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2, already the location of the successful previous edition with over forty international brands on display, numerous talks by the event's partners, and no less than twenty-three concerts.

Soundmit is the Italian trade fair dedicated to synthesizers and new audio and music production technologies. Active from 2011 to 2016 under Torino Synth Meeting, 2017 it became Soundmit - International Sound Summit to expand the offer to the public and participating companies. It speaks the language of synthesizers, pro audio, DJ gear, effects and guitar effects, music production software, daw, plugins, and studio gear.

Over the years, Soundmit has boasted collaborations with major media in the sector and with Italian and foreign institutional partners such as the Italian Trade Agency, Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano, Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Dams of the University of Turin, Arduino (the new edition will be held at Arduino's headquarters in Turin), London School of Sound, Audio Developer Conference, SynthFest France, and many others. The highlight of the thirteenth edition will be the new partnership with the AES - Audio Engineering Society, which will run some specialized seminars.

Furthermore, Soundmit is a signatory to This European project aims to create a more inclusive music industry for present and future generations through a professional development program for underrepresented talent, a commitment to gender balance, and a manifesto to influence policy. This is Soundmit's manifesto for Keychange.

Tickets on sale online on the circuit

Single ticket |
Subscription |

Macro Temporal (official video)

video upload by nbor

"Macro Temporal from '3', available on Bandcamp.
A single take through a single looper...but I augmented the performance by taking large chunks of the 'unlooped' audio from the synthesizer and and re-arranging it in time against the looped audio."

An Avant-Garde Synthesizer From 1960s East Germany

video upload by HAINBACH

"The Subharchord is a very rare electronic instrument from East Germany, made in the early sixties. At that time, the international music world was excited by the new electronic music coming from places like the WDR Studio in Cologne. As the GDR sought to lead over the West in all aspects, they established the „Labor für Akustisch-Musikalische Grenzprobleme“ (English: Laboratory for Problems at the Acoustics/Music Interface) to develop advanced electronic sound production. There the Subharchord was created by Ernst Schreiber as the lead engineer, while the striking look was designed by Gunter Wächtler. From the beginning it faced ideological concerns, which should later spell its doom. Thanks to the Elektro-Akustische Studio at ADK Berlin I got to explore it."

TONTO synthesizer

video upload by Mario Rossi

See the TONTO label below for additional posts.

video upload by Dexba

"I mean... it was on sale, how could I resist?
First day with the Polyend Tracker: this jam came out spontaneously while browsing the manual and familiarizing with the instrument (and the manual was mostly to double check before clicking something that could have destroyed the whole project!).
I've never used a tracker before, but everything came natural to me, with the modifiers, the lovely Fill modes (that on modular would have cost something around five million bucks), and let's be honest: the amazing design, both of the instrument and the interface.
Love it.
And probably the most 'track-like' recording I've ever put on this channel.
I hope you'll enjoy it 🧡"

ONLY Yamaha EX5 can do this!

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"FDSP is a derivative of modeling synthesis which appeared on the Yamaha EX5 exclusively. In this video, I take a look at a more subtle use of the "Tornado" algorithm which helps everyone's favourite EX5 patch, "Celebration" to it's sparkling demeanor, and play some FDSP patches found on the EX5. Table of contents:

00:00 intro
00:17 hi
00:45 a typical FDSP sound
01:20 initialise the patch
01:33 select the FDSP engine, select Tornado
01:50 AWM basics
02:20 FDSP in a nutshell...
03:23 amplitude envelope, filter envelope, effects
05:15 FDSP: walk through the "Tornado" parameters
11:48 adjust AWM volume
13:07 finished sound
13:45 important considerations
14:10 sound demos: "PW Sync"
15:01 "Asian Rain"
16:07 "Luminosity"
17:04 "Oberweich"
17:52 "Abendstern"
18:35 "Obersync"
19:21 "Soulful"
20:12 "Hard Sync"
21:26 "Silverlake"
22:46 "Resostrings"
23:36 "Tornado EP"
24:35 conclusion, bye-bye


'Tumba Dance' from 'Ancient' Lead Preset - KITARO

video upload by ltpstan

"'Tumba Dance' is one of my favorite songs from this album.
For a long time, I have been curious about the interesting Lead Sound. I think I have finally come very close to the Original Sound.

It seems to be using the Second Oscillator as Duet Mode, in tune with the Triangle Oscillator with the Travel Vibrato turned on. Expand and Bright is turned on to trigger that filter sound when Travel Vibrato is turned on. The Depth is being played around during the recording to give the wobble filter sound. I believe this process is manually created.

In this 700FS, I am able to program the Joystick to trigger the Vibrato Depth which is much easier to control.

Edit: After playing around more, I think the 'Singing' parameter should be longer to get the brighter resonant tone."

Korg Modwave - "Harmony" 40 Performances

video upload by LFOstore

" presents "Harmony" the bank for Korg Modwave.


More Modwave presets:

Feel the healing inside and immerse yourself in the world of harmony and creation.

Korg Modwave is an incredible synthesizer with amazing features and sound, and we continue to unlock its potential.

Time for healing vibrations and deep dive into meditate!

In the bank you will find sacral and atmospheric soundscapes.

40 amazing performances are waiting for you and ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, create new music universe with Korg Modwave and "Harmony"

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

SoundMachines NS1 NanoSynth with NanoBridge

via this auction

Additional Control Listings

You can find demos of the SoundMachines NS1 in previous posts here.

Arturia MatrixBrute 49-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Technics SX-WSA1r

via this auction

Yamaha DX-1 Digital FM Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Servicing Status: KSR have carried out a health-check on this DX-1in June 2023.

Remarks: A good all original condition Yamaha DX-1, which we have previously sold to the current owner but they are now Brokering it back through us for re-sale.

What is there to say on this 1983 flagship synthesizer that has not already been written, but it’s a very rare machine with only 140 reported to have ever been manufactured, so a really unique find in 2023.

Cosmetic Condition:

The overall condition of this example is very good, with the normal amount of wear we would expect to see on a synth this age, size and quality. We sold this DX-1 to our EU customer, so it was shipped out of the UK against the original sale and then was re-imported in May this year, having been sent straight to Kent Spong at KSR for some servicing, where the instrument currently resides.

The photos below were taken at KSR, so are un-doctored and show the overall presentation.

Operational Condition:

The following declaration is made in good faith and is an honest account of the current operational condition of this example.

All the controls, LEDs, functions of the control panel work as they should, so LED buttons are all operational. However, Bank A Voice 5 button feels slightly different to operate than the others which suggests the component is faulty, but it does function, although it can be intermittent. We are not aware of a replacement for this part as it would appear to be a DX-1 specific component but we are declaring this as a known issue.

The LDC display is fully working with all segments showing properly and brightness is perfectly readable. The volume LED indicator on the right hand side, next to where to says ‘DX-1 ’ on the front panel has one of the tiny LED segments that is dimmer than all the rest (the 14db) and one that does not work (the 96 db) - I’ve attached a photo I took when we had it set up in the workshop .

The sliders top the right of the instrument all work correctly.

The modulation and pitch-wheel both operate correctly.

The DX- sound engine itself operates correctly. There are some classic ‘DX’ patches loaded in the system, we did try to edit some sounds and all the edit functions were available are working, although we didn’t save those changes.

The professional weighted 73 note wood keyboard was fully working in terms of triggering notes, and the velocity was 100% working across all keys.

The Polyphonic After-Touch (Poly-AT) is not operating at more than 30% of the keyboard, although the DX-1 still received and operates Poly-AT via MIDI. Kent has gone though each key to check the after-touch sensors and there are many that simply are not working. Kent at KSR does not currently have any supply for replacements, so this is not something Kent has a resolution for, but the owner is aware and this is factored into the sale price.

In consulting with Kent at KSR on the reality on getting the Poly-AT system fully restored, as I know this would be of interest to any potential buyer, Kent told me that every DX-1 he had seen had similar issues as there are no replacement parts for the Poly-AT sensors at present. He said that in the last 6 years he had serviced two DX-1 owned by MI professionals, and both those machines also had significant Poly-AT sensor failures, so it would seem to be consistent with the age of these machines. I personally would be very suspicious of anyone selling a DX-1 stating that the Poly-AT system was 100% based on this reality."

Listed for $41,713.60

Moog System 55

via this auction

Cwejman Full Modular Synth Voice System

via this auction

Note the listing does not include all the modules pictured in the case.

"This is a rare opportunity to purchase a full Cwejman Modular System. The modules are all in immaculate condition ( only one VCO-2RM has mild rack rash) and everything functions 100%. They all come with original power cables and most have their boxes. The modules include :

VCO-2RM Dual Oscillator/LFO x2
DMF-2 Two Modes Dual Filter
MMF-1S Multi Mode Filter
ADSR-VC2 Dual VC Transient Generator
DFA-2 Dual Filter- Amplifier
VCA-4MX Quad VCA-Mixer

This system sounds amazing and has endless sound design capabilities. These are rare items, some no longer in production.

Note: The system in the picture that is in the case is not included and has some modules not included as well."

Technosaurus Cyclodon and Microcon

via this auction

Roland VP-330 MKI Vocoder Plus

via this auction

"The Roland VP-330 is a paraphonic ten-band vocoder and string machine manufactured by Roland Corporation from 1979 to 1980. While there are several string machines and vocoders, a single device combining the two is rare, despite the advantage of paraphonic vocoding, and the VP-330's synthetic choir sounds are unique. Despite the VP-330's electronic string and choir sounds being less realistic than those of the tape-based Mellotron, touring musicians used it as a lighter and more robust alternative.

One of the coolest instruments out there. The vocoder shapes its envelope and filters by any sound source fed into it, your voice or even a drum loop can be used which is then applied to another sound source, typically a synth pad. This creates a very unique and famous robot-like sound.

Aside from the 10-band vocoder, the VP-330 added a string synth section, choir and a human-voice sound, both of which are quite excellent themselves. Its 3 sound sections offer a few different presets that can be slightly edited with de-tuning and vibrato. The VP-330 is one of the best Vocoder synths ever."

Yamaha CS-30 Monophonic Synthesizer SN 2101

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager RME (Rack Mount Edition) Synthesizer SN 2250 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Vintage Stylophone 350S w/ Instruction Manual & Records

via this auction

Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer - Purple

via this auction

"This Moffenzeef Stargazer synthesizer is a great addition to any musician's setup. With its unique design and advanced features, it's perfect for creating unique sounds and exploring new musical realms. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this synthesizer is sure to inspire and impress.

Featuring an open box, this synthesizer is in excellent condition and ready to be used right out of the box. It's perfect for musicians looking to upgrade their setup or experiment with new sounds. The model is a Moffenzeef Stargazer, known for its high-quality sound and innovative design. Don't miss out on this amazing musical instrument!

Comes with instructions, no power supply. Limited run of 100"

Woovebox Micro Music Workstation.Pocket Groovebox, Synth, Sequencer, Sampler

video upload by Caribbean Samples

See the announcement post for Woovebox pics and details.

"These eclectic sound demos were 100% created on the Woovebox micro Music workstation.

All demo songs were exclusively synthesized from scratch using white noise, basic sine, triangle, pulse and saw waves, unless explicitly noted."

Oceanic, a deep dive into the sound of waves.

video upload by sonicLAB

"This video presents a ride on selected presets of Oceanic. One instance of WaveBot has been used. No further post processing except a subtle added reverb."

Oceanic controlling external synth + gear.

video upload by sonicLAB

"Demonstrating a use case of Oceanic controlling a granulator and also a hardware synth ( Novation Peak ) through WaveCC. sound design by Laurent Mialon."

via sonicLAB

sonicLAB introduces Oceanic, a unique software bundle that captures the essence of the ocean’s waves and transforms them into a symphony of additive sound synthesis.

What is Oceanic ?
In the vast realm of sound synthesis, nature has always been our muse. Its rhythmic raindrops, harmonious bird songs, and the mesmerizing dance of leaves in the wind have all inspired countless sonic creations. Yet, there’s one natural wonder that stands out in its grandeur and intricacy: the ocean.

With the “Oceanic” bundle of software, sonicLAB brings a unique sound design tool to your fingertips. Oceanic offers an innovative auditory experience with its heart lying on the ingenious application of Gerstner’s wave solutions, a mathematical representation of sea waves.

Oceanic invites you to set sail for a sonic journey on waves.

Oceanic’s foundation, the Gerstner’s trochoidal wave solution, still relevant today, captures the nuanced movements of wave surfaces, both vertically and horizontally. By utilizing five periodic trochoidal waves and their superposition, Oceanic crafts a fluid sea surface motion, rich in variations and fully controllable.

By simulating the intricate patterns and shapes of sea waves, Oceanic can extract wave data from this dynamic system. It drives the wavetable oscillators and calculates complex modulation addressing synthesis parameters by only using the organic motion of sea waves.

Roland JV-2080 Demo Part 3

video upload by Panu Savolainen

"Multitracked demo of Roland JV-2080. Eventide Space used for additional reverb.
All JV-2080 demos in one track available in Bandcamp:"

Ambient jam with the Soma Terra and Soma Cosmos

video upload by Jay Hosking

"A live, semi-improvised synthesizer jam performed entirely on hardware.

First, apologies for the change in video quality. I upgraded my camera, but some problems with the SD card led to a reversion back to 30 frames a second (I'm a big believer in 24fps). It also isn't looking quite how I want yet. I hope it's not too jarring.

Second, I got the Soma Terra. It is a joyful experience.

Some of the Soma stuff just doesn't work for me: the Lyra was always halfway to what I wanted, the Pulsar has great sounds and (for me) small sweet spots. But the Cosmos was a revelation, like something I'd always wanted but didn't know how to put into words. The Terra has a similar feeling.

The Terra is expressive and has complexity, but also is immediate to understand, musically. It's quick and easy to modify in terms of the sound engine and the notes associated with each brass button. The sound engines were a real positive surprise, with lots of warmth and musicality. The reverb and delay are good and totally useable, but not near the level of some of the dedicated pedals out there.

The Terra's not perfect for me—the number of buttons, and general layout, make it feel more like a device for solos versus a complete arrangement like guitar or piano—but it's a joy to play, and utterly unlike anything else. I wonder if Soma will iterate upon the design, make something a little more for two-handed playing. I'd also love to see diatonic transposition, though that would require some sort of way to set the scale; in the meantime, I love how fast and relatively seamless it is to switch patches (and thus switch the notes). Ultimately, I'm sitting here thinking about going back and playing the Terra some more, and that's always a fantastic sign.

Thanks for listening.

Soma Terra - synthesis and performance
Soma Cosmos - asymmetrical looping

Performed and recorded live to a stereo output, with EQ, compression, and limiting on the master."

soundmachines SD1 Quick overview

video upload by soundmachines

"Quick overview of the SD1simpledrum module functions and sounds.
Sequencing using various other modules. Engaging advanced mode and using build in synth voice for melody lines."

Patch n Tweak
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