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Sunday, June 11, 2023

AudioRealism ABL3 + Corrosion, Whirl & Rerun by Sinevibes

video upload by Sinevibes

"TB-303 acid bassline coming from AudioRealism ABL3 processed through Sinevibes effect plugins: Corrosion v2 multi-algorithm distortion, Whirl v2 barber-pole phaser, and Rerun v2 self-randomizing repeater."

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

audiorealism Happy 909-day !


"Tribute to one of the greatest drum machines of all time"

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Audio Test Bench: Audiorealism - Bass Line 3 test

Published on Jan 7, 2016 Jesse Juup

"Jesse Juup's Audio Test Bench presents:

The AudioRealism Bass Line 3 (ABL3)

This awesome VST/AU plug-in is an emulation of a classic pattern based bass machine from 1982 - The Roland TB-303.

● Extremely authentic 303 emulation
● Ultra natural knob response, scaled to match the original 303 precisely
● Host hard sync
● Resizable GUI
● Classic edit view
● Pattern edit view
● Real time randomizer
● Wave analyzer (for automatically transcribing 303 patterns)
● Setup screen with several tweakable emulation parameters.
● Step record function (via Midi)
● Vibrato effect by setting Up+Down on a step

This plug-in is available here:"

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Acid Signals 4

Published on Jul 8, 2015 Zeropage

"Acid Jam with Zeropage & DJ Janosch
2 x Roland TB-3, x0xb0x, ABL2, Elektron Octatrack, Analog Rytm

no fancy video this time, just real life studio ;)"

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

AudioRealism ABL3 - Virtual TB-303 Soft Synth - Overview & Rack Extension Intro Videos

ABL3 RE Features Overview

ABL3 Rack Extension Intro Published on May 12, 2015 audiorealism

"AudioRealism Bass Line 3 (ABL3) is an emulation of a classic pattern based bass machine from 1982."

Note the first teaser for ABL3 went up back in February of 2014.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Zeropage - Acid Signals 1

Published on Jan 1, 2015 Zeropage

"Acid Signals 2 + 3 are hardware live performances. Acid Signal 1 is software based and so in this video I captured some of the VST Instruments used, mainly the AudioRealism ABL2 which went thru the D16 Sigmund. Sounds crazy? Then you haven't seen the video...


Monday, May 26, 2014

EyeDM Slacker Presets for AudioRealism ABL Pro VSTi

Published on May 26, 2014 BoBSwanS·19 videos

"A collection of 100 Patches for Audiorealism ABL Pro!

Due to the lack of Patch banks for this classic VSTi,
i thought it was time to create one.
I have utilized the modular side of this synth to create a retro analog feel with mod wheel and velocity functions for dynamic effects.
The bank consists of Bass, Lead, Pads, Keys, Sequences and more
All sounds licensed under creative commons.

The pack is priced at 14 Euro's and is available here

Please check out AudioRealism's website for further details on the complete range of amazing VSTi Emulations of classic synthesizers"

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Close your 303 eyes

YouTube via SuicideServer | January 06, 2011 |

"After watching RRKS´s amazing "Close your eyes" yesterday, i got hugely inspired and i needed to tweak the shit out of my babys. So this is the outcome of the latest jam and if you dont know RRKS´s Track, make sure to check it out. Shoutz to RRKS for keeping the spirit alive and getting me back on the acid track ;)

Cheers my friends

Hope you dont get sea sick, but is kinda tricky to film and jam at the same time ;)"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

eDIT#2 - Audiorealism bassline 2 [tb303 clone] drum machine [tr606clone]

YouTube via danmusicstoke. follow-up to this post.
'Second quick track i put together using audio realisms bassline 2 and drum machine softwear clones of some of the best analog gear.

Bassline2 - clone of the legendary tb-303 bassline synthesizer by roland

Drum machine -clone of 3 fomous drum synths: tr606 [used in this vid], tr808 and tr909 also made by roland


the track is avalible as a free download @[music]..."

Friday, January 23, 2009

eDIT - Audiorealism bassline 2 [tb303 clone] drum machine [tr606clone]

YouTube via danmusicstoke
"Quick track i put together using audio realisms bassline 2 and drum machine softwear clones of some of the best analog gear.

Bassline2 - clone of the legendary tb-303 bassline synthesizer by roland

Drum machine -clone of 3 fomous drum synths: tr606 [used in this vid], tr808 and tr909 also made by roland"

Monday, September 03, 2007

AudioRealism ADM Released

Just a heads up that AudioRealism's ADM Drum machine previously posted here is now available. Title link takes you there.

via Larry.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

AudioRealism Drum Machine (ADM)

Remember the AudioRealism Drum Machine? Looks like it's had a bit of a face lift.

" Booming bassdrums, saucy cymbals and crispy snares can be used to describe the sound of drum machines from the early 80's. ADM contains three classic vintage drum machines from that era rolled into one, combined with a 32-step internal sequencer and pattern controlled fx (PCF). Get all your patterns into ADM via the Import Rebirth function or directly from your old 909 via sysex (we will provide a free tool for dumping sysex).


ADM contains 25 drum generators, each one carefully modeled after the classics' analog circuits and 4 PCM players, for a total of 34 sounds (some generators have two sounds). Certain sounds have been extended with extra parameters, like the tuning and attack of the 606 bassdrum. The accents effect on bridged-T oscillators that make up the bassdrum and tom-tom sounds has been closely simulated and the hihats and cymbals sound and react very close to the originals.

The complete list of sounds is as follows: BD808, BD909, BD606, SD808, SD909, SD606, LT808, MT808, HT808, LC808, MC808, HC808, LT909, MT909, HT909, LT606, HT606, RS808, CL808, RS909, MA808, CP808, CP909, CB808, CRASH909*, OH606, OH808, OH909*, CH606, CH808, CH909*, CY606, CY808, RIDE909*."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

AudioRealism Drum Machine

"Deep flavored bassdrums, crispy snares and saucy hihats is the stew that made the analog drum machines so tasty. AudioRealism Drum Machine contains two modeled vintage drum machines for double the gastronomical pleasure. Sprinkled with a Pattern controlled filter and a distortion unit makes for a pleasurable meal that will satisfy the sweetest tooth to a hard baked sludge for those with tougher digestional systems."


* Two realtime switchable drum machine models, 11 sounds for Model A and 8 for Model B.
* Internal 32 step sequencer with global accent per step, four prescale selections per pattern
* Various pattern transformation functions
* Full MIDI CC with learning function
* MIDI Output
* Rebirth pattern import
* Two MIDI modes (Pattern and Note)
* Integrated distortion unit
* Pattern controlled filter (PCF)
* Sample accurate sync to host

Title link takes you to some samples including comparisons to a Roland TR-808.

Also check out their Bass Line Pro:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Acid ohne Roland's TB303

Title link takes you to a list of TB acid tracks featuring various synths inlcuing:

Propellerheads Rebirth
Yamaha AN1X
Kawai K5000S
Waldorf Microwave XT
Korg Z1
Korg Poly 61
Yamaha FX900
Hohner HS-1
Access Virus C
3x Creakbox Beta
MAM Freebass FB383
Audiorealism Bassline V1.5
Roland JD800

Each track lists what synths were used. These are really good demos.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Audio Realism ABL Pro

Via Wiglaf on this VSE post. Title link takes you to the Audio Realism ABL Pro page with more details and screen shots.

"The Pro version is intended to take what ABL is good at and extend on that to reach new sonic possibilities but with the same feeling. Extended range on oscillators and filters (which now goes up to self oscillation). Audio rate modulation is possible on the excellent filter and oscillators which can be swept from bass up to treble ceiling while retaining low aliasing and without any other digital artifacts. The slave (audio) oscillators can be tuned +/- 48 semitones with 1 cents accuracy from master oscillator. This range aids in making sweeps that feel unconfined and lets your music breath. The modulation generator can be used as a third oscillator while routed to multiple destinations. A stereo delay unit with modulatable delay times will aid you in making interesting and atmospheric sounds."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Virtual Analog vs. Analog showdown

Well maybe not an official showdown, but has a bunch of A/Bs of the same patches played with the same notes between a handful of VAs and their Analogs. I don't think I've ever seen a list this comprehensive before.

Synths A/B'ed:

- Arturia CS-80V vs. Yamaha CS-80
- Arturia Minimoog V vs. Moog Minimoog
- Audiorealism Bassline vs. Roland TB-303
- Creamware Minimax vs. Moog Minimoog
- Creamware Prodyssey vs. Arp Odyssey
- Creamware Pro One vs. Sequential Circuits Pro-One
- GMedia impOSCar vs. OSC OSCar
- GMedia Odity vs. Arp Odyssey
- Korg Legacy Polysix vs. Korg Polysix
- Native Instruments FM7 vs. Yamaha DX7
- Native Instruments Pro53 vs. Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
- Roland VariOS-303 vs. Roland TB-303
- Roland VariOS-8 vs. Roland Jupiter 8
- Waldorf PPG vs. PPG Wave 2.2

Yowsa! Guess what I'll be doing tonight. Note the Pro54 vs. Prophet 10, poor guys didn't have a Prophet 5 to compare it to. ; )

BTW, credit goes to Colin for finding this site. Amazing find!

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