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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Creating Random Gates from noise!

video upload by George B.

"Q110 Noise generator into the Q117 Sample and Hold. Output of S&H to the Q156 Comparator.
The Sample and Hold is clocked by the Sequencer (Q960) clock output. Both Noise output level and Sample and Hold input levels are all the way up for maximum dynamic range. The output of the Sample and Hold is going into an envelope generator controlling a second voice. Adjusting the Threshold on the Comparator will control the density of random gates. The gates will always hit on the beat.
Since I'm triggering a second voice with this random gate, the pitch is controller by the Q960's second row. In the ending section, the random gated voice is being panned by the Q148 Panner/headphone module driven from the LFO++ Q167 creating a stereo effect.
Effects are Reverb from the DAW."

Synton Fénix II Q & A w/ Designer Bert Vermeulen & Peter Kember Spacemen 3 @ Patch Point Lisbon

video upload by Dr. Wiener

"(Synton) Fénix II PP Presentation:
including Question & Answers with Designer Bert Vermeulen & Special Guest Interviewer Peter Kember aka Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 Recorded Live at Patch Point in Lisbon.

All Audio is from the Camera Microphone.

You can Pre-Order the Fénix II PP here:
Bert Vermeulen :
Peter Kember :
Patch Point IG :
Patch Point Lisbon IG :
Book the free studio s@/ Patch Point try the Fénix II PP in :
Lisbon :
Berlin :
Ordering questions and more information :
Patch Point :"

Friday, March 15, 2024

Erica EDU Kick and Hats! - Build and Demo

video upload by

"Hey! Finally back with some Synth DIY Action! These new Erica Synths and Moritz Klein .EDU modules expand the original system with amazing and powerful percussion sounds! In this video we build both kits and then take them for a groovy spin, come on in!

Stay Noisy!

INTRO 00:00
Hi Hat Build 01:00
Kick Build 04:31
Demo 06:38
Outro 16:49"

Ep 1: MIDI out - Korg Electribe 2 Sampler

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"This is the first in a series of Episodes documenting my journey using the Korg Electribe 2 Sampler. As I explore the capabilities of this affordable sampler based Groove Box from Korg, I'll be sharing details of how I address technical hurdles I encounter.
Join me in this journey of discover and music!"


0:00 - Intro
2:04 - Physical MIDI Connection
2:54 - MIDI Messages - Source and Destination
3:50 - Show MIDI Note On/Off Messages
4:35 - Show MIDI Clock Messages
5:05 - Show Status of Multiple Channels
6:04 - Korg Wavestation SR 'Performance' Mode
6:25 - Korg Wavestation SR 'Multi' Mode
6:57 - Conclusion

Make That Gary Numan Synth Sound

video upload by Starsky Carr

"The easiest way to get the classic Gary Numan CARS Vox Humana sound is to download Alex Ball's sample pack. Sampled from a vintage PolyMoog, and all proceeds go to the Bob Moog Foundation. A worthy cause, so download it even if you won't use it!

Here's Alex's demo... very nice as per usual: [posted here]

But if you want to have ago yourself, this is the second easiest way.. just follow these 10 easy steps. It's a simple enough tone to recreate, but to get it as close as possible you'll need 3 LFOs. If your synth only has 1 LFO you can get close enough for a bit of Numanesque electro synth hero action."

Home Made Intellijel Cascadia

video upload by Stazma

"Today I'm going to talk to you about my Intellijel system. It's been with me for a loooong time this one. I don't change it much because I find it very well laid out and powerfull as it is. When the Cascadia came out it gave a GAS crisis but I realized I had somewhat of the same thing in an interface I designed myself with this set of modules.
This is why I'm going to show you it can be a Roland SH-101 as well as a Buchla 'Music Easel' (actually more a 208 'Stored Program Sound Source" module).
It's also kind of a love letter to Intellijel in general for being awesome. No sponsor of any kind here as I bought all the Intellijel modules and case myself and they did not asked me to a video on this either.

Have fun watching!"

Nano Modules VCV Random - Review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"An interesting protrusion of software into hardware, VCV Random pulls a stock module out of VCV Rack and makes it a reality. The result is a delightful generator of randomness with four flavours.
Nano Modules sent me this module for review but have no say in the outcome."

Intro - 0:00
Demo of the four outputs - 4:17
The Sliders - 8:42
Trigger Out - 18:55
Dualling with outputs - 21:05
Modulation - 25:14
Sample & Hold - 28:03
Clocking and probability - 29:09
Conclusions - 33:03

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Live synth pub - Yamaha Tenori-on and TNR-i/TNR-e iOS tips and tricks, Snuggle Sounds

video upload by SynthAddict

"Deep dive into the Yamaha Tenori-on hardware, with MIDI control and other tips and tricks. I also cover the TNR-i/TNR-e iOS apps and their differences from the hardware.

Then I demoed Dom Hawken's Snuggle Sounds iOS app, which is no longer available after Dom's passing, but it's a great little app that more people should see and hear.

At the end, I demoed a few random iOS music apps that I really like."

Come Patch With Us 6 - Luke Abbott / MATTHS - Modular Synth Live Patching

video upload by MATTHS

"Join myself and guests as we open the doors to our studios and share ideas about #modular synth patching as part of this series of livestreams.

Each episode I will be joined by fellow synth wizards, each armed with their own ideas, tips and tricks on #patching modular #synthesisers. Less chatting and more patching! Get involved by suggesting any further patching ideas in realtime using the chat.

I'm joined in this episode by:

Electronic music producer working under his own name, the alias Earlham Mystics, and as one-third of the electronic jazz group Szun Waves.


What is the Oct Tone & who are the Glasgow Synth Guild?

video upload by DivKid

"Here's something a little different ... a 'remaster' of an older design and a new synthesiser guild that act as a crack team super group of modular builders who are handling this exclusively.

The Oct Tone is a remaster of an early design by Jason Lim (Instruo) that has been brought back to life by the Glasgow Synthesiser Guild. In this video I'll demo the Oct Tone, in my usual style with musical approaches to the features and uses. But we'll also have a little story time looking and who and what the guild are and why they exist.

You can purchase an Oct Tone exclusively from the Guild here //"

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Ringin' & Pingin' | Make Noise

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Karplus Strong "rings" and resonant filter "pings" are two fun ways to generate malleable sounds from short pulses, clicks, gates, etc. In this video, let's combine the two techniques into one!"

Cuckoo: Why do I 🖤 Blast Beats so much?

video upload by True Cuckoo

ALA + RAR Mingles

video upload by After Later Audio

Mingles - Dual Autopanner and Dual 3 Channel Mixer/VCA || After Later Audio + Robots Are Red.

video upload by Robots Are Red

"Mix a synth patch and use Mingles as the VCA.
Blend a signal between two different outputs.
Autopan a mono signal.
Stereoize even more, an already stereo signal.

Mingles is a 12hp Dual 3 Input Mixer with attenuators for each signal, and a large panning knob for each of the two channels. There is a stereo output for each of the two channels, and a mixed stereo output of both channels. There is an internal LFO (Triangle or Pulse) that can be applied to each of the two channel’s panning. The LFO is inverted on channel 2 to allow for mirrored panning between the two channels.

There is also a VCA and external panning CV input in each of the two channels, along with a CV input for control of the LFO rate, and there is an LFO output.

The LFO can be switched between Triangle and Pulse waves with a jumper on the back of the module.

A huge thanks to After Later Audio for helping make this idea I had over 2 years ago a reality!

You can jump to any section of the video here:

00:00 - Opening
00:38 - Introduction and Rundown
02:50 - Stereo Oscillator Synth
04:36 - LFO Rate
05:09 - Back to Stereo Oscillator Synth
05:40 - Modulating the LFO Rate
07:38 - Mixing Drums
09:55 - External Panning CV
10:57 - End of Chain Panning Effect (Pulse LFO)
12:35 - Other Patch Suggestions
13:18 - Some Music"

The Nightlife Mixer Series by After Later Audio

video upload by After Later Audio

The Gremlin...

video upload by

VIP Mixer Series - Bartender, Barback, and Send VCA | After Later Audio | Full Demo and Walkthrough

video upload by Robots Are Red

"Bartender is a 24hp 4 Channel Expandable Stereo Performance Mixer. There are two stereo sends, DJ cue headphone out, stereo and mono master output, stereo/mono switch for each input, post/pre sends, 3 way mute switch with momentary mute, panning, and cv control over pan and the level VCA. You can also expand a Bartender with another Bartender!

Barback is a 10hp 2 Channel Stereo Mixer Expander module for Bartender. Connect them together on the back of the modules and add 2 extra stereo channels with send/return accessibility to your mix.

Send VCA gives you CV control over the Send VCA. When connected, the Send VCA CV inputs will open up the send VCA all the way to the max limit set by each send knob.

All three modules are available now and can be found at After Later Audio’s website:

Jump to any section of the video here:

00:00 - Opening
00:49 - Introduction
02:24 - Mixer Rundown
04:18 - Connecting Everything
07:56 - Mixer Basics Demo
08:34 - Clickless Mute
09:08 - Stereo/Mono Panning
09:50 - Level/VCA
10:16 - Gain
11:33 - Send/Return (Parallel Ducking)
15:20 - DJ Cue Headphone Output
16:57 - Feedback Patching
21:29 - Some Music"

Cast Iron Panner/VCA + USB 2Ch

video upload by Robots Are Red

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Formant arpeggios patch breakdown: a classic Falistri patch!

video upload by Frap Tools

"Arpeggios without an arpeggiator? That's no magic, just the power of sub-harmonics!

We've been doing this patch for quite some time now, but we never released a complete, step-by-step tutorial on YouTube.

By using Falistri as a frequency divider, we can obtain perfect intervals in the minor scale by sweeping the rising and falling stages. It's roughly the same principle as Oskar Sala's Mixturtrautonium!

00:00 Intro
00:18 Using Falistri as a frequency divider
05:03 Using Sapèl to sweep through the sub-frequencies"

1010music nanobox | razzmatazz + Alesis SP4

video upload by 1010music

"The World’s Juiciest Groovebox

This video covers the steps to trigger the razzmatazz from a compact multi-trigger pad. The pad used in this video is an Alesis SamplePad 4 but the principles here apply to any percussion triggering pad or brain.

Video Outline:
1:00 Configure MIDI input
1:10 Triggering one-shots
1:27 Mapping velocity to pitch
2:15 Triggering slices
2:50 Start & stop clips
3:45 Capturing MIDI to the sequencer

Create the juiciest beats and tastiest rhythms with nanobox | razzmatazz, a mini drum sequencer that combines powerful FM synthesis and sampling. Featuring advanced voice architecture, razzmatazz puts a huge range of percussive sounds at your fingertips—from deep and gritty kick drums to searing snare hits and crisp hi-hats. Perform using 8 touchscreen pads or your favorite midi controller, and craft up to 16 rhythms using an innovative visual sequencer that allows you to see all pad states and steps simultaneously. Shape the sound of each pad by combining any variation of two FM oscillators and a WAV file—plus two filters, two envelopes, a resonator, a snap generator, and three additional effects. You can even choose from four unique types of distortion to create incredibly distinct and powerful drum sounds. Enjoy massive analog drum sounds and an innovative feature set, all in a compact package that goes anywhere."

Monday, March 11, 2024

Kaivo: Granulator Module Overview

video upload by Madrona Labs

"Kaivo is a software instrument combining two powerful synthesis techniques (physical modeling and granular synthesis) in an easy-to-use semi-modular package. It’s laid out a bit like an acoustic instrument; the GRANULATOR module acts like the player’s touch, exciting one or more tuned objects (here, the RESONATOR module, based on physical models of resonant objects) that come together in a central resonating body (the BODY module, also physics-based).

00:00 Intro
00:24 Granulator Overview
02:53 Waveform Display Window
03:33 X & Y Sliders
04:59 Source Menu
05:16 Importing into Granulator
06:23 Pitch Control
07:03 Linear and Exponential Inputs
07:21: +/- Input
07:43 Patch Demonstration 1
09:21 Continuity Error Acknowledgment
09:31: Trigger Input
10:14 Follow Button
11:04 Overlap Control
11:49 Sync Button
13:01 Wrap Button
14:14 Patch Demonstration 2
15:40 Noise Button
16:17 Pan Control
16:40 Patch Demonstration 3
16:51 Outro"

The first VCV Rack hardware module!!! \ VCV Random by Nano

video upload by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
01:18 - Basic functionality
05:26 - Random control
08:30 - Track and Hold
10:46 - Sampling LFOs
13:13 - Internal feedback
15:22 - Noise source with a filter and level control
17:00 - Adding probability to external gates
17:59 - Gate to trigger converter

Consider joining our community on Patreon and Discord -
Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

ADD - MaxforLive Sequencer by LDM Design

video upload by Isotonik Studios

Walkthrough - ADD - MaxforLive Sequencer by LDM Design

video upload by

"Built on the idea of instability, this MPE compatible sequencer creates constantly changing patterns of notes with modulated note parameters. Each time the sequence reaches the end, the sequence length itself grows or shrinks, within predefined limitations, creating unpredictable rhythmic patterns. The changes in length can also be mapped to velocity level, note length, and MPE slide and pressure parameter values.

The device consists of 8 note sequencers with individual controls for grow mode, step size, minimum and maximum sequence length, growth amount, hold, and probability. It also includes the option to freeze specific sequences to prevent changes. Global controls allow us to set swing amount to loosen up midi timing and note pitches can be set using a scale selection.

ADD Features -

2 layer kick Sound design on gotharman's LD3

video upload by Meska

"Here a quick demo , of how you can prodiuce, deep kick on the LD3 and using another part for the click/punch

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

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