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Friday, July 12, 2024

Sn loft fm/drone synth sound demos 1

video upload by DecadeBridge

"Jump to the time stamps below to skip through.

Here are a few examples of the types of sounds that can be created with Sn.
Most patches have a little delay or reverb added in Ableton.

00:00 Sequencing. Carrier pitch controlled using a quantised random voltage from Pam's new workout. Occasional sine LFO from Pam's controlling FM amount.
00:25 Kick sounds. Looping EG controlling carrier pitch. Occasional sine LFO from Pam's controlling FM amount. Modulator pitch controlled using a quantised random voltage.
01:13 Sequencing. Carrier pitch controlled using a quantised random voltage from Pam's new workout. Occasional sine LFO from Pam's controlling FM amount. Looping EG controlling modulator pitch.
01:46 Drones. SQ1 CV A sending a simple two note sequence to the carrier pitch. FM amount controlled with SQ1 CV B set to a smooth, 7 step sequence.
02:14 Notes and Arps. Arturia keystep pitch out to carrier pitch CV in. Keystep mod out to FM amount to control modulation using the mod wheel.
03:31 Subtle sequences. Beats coming from Prok drum modules. EG out to Sn's VCA in. Carrier pitch controlled using a quantised random voltage from Turing machine through sonic potions quantiser. FM amount controlled using an EG.
04:07 Metallic sequences. EG controlling FM amount. Carrier pitch controlled using a quantised random voltage from Pam's new workout.
05:42 Using the subharmonicon's sequencer to control carrier pitch and it's EG to control FM amount. All sounds from Sn.
06:35 Sequences. SQ1 CV A to carrier pitch. CV B to FM amount.
07: 29 FM Glitches. Using the subharmonicon's sequencer to control FM amount and it's EG to control carrier pitch. All sounds from Sn.
08:15 Sequences. SQ1 CV A to carrier pitch. CV B to FM amount.
09:14 Subtle bass. Beats from Prok drum modules. FM amount controlled using an EG. VCA controlled using an EG (Ataxia). Carrier pitch controlled using a quantised random voltage from Turing machine through sonic potions quantiser.
10:36 Ambient sequences. SQ1 CV A to carrier pitch. CV B to FM amount. Running the output into the Microcosm."

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


video upload by Synth Tailor Electronics

"Electronic Dream Plant WASP synthesizer demo for Matt. This WASP was repaired and the ELBY MIDI kit was installed by Synth Tailor Electronics.

All sounds made by the WASP (excluding the percussion made by the Sequential Circuits DRUMTRAKS drum machine + Arturia Keystep Pro controlled sequences via MIDI)

The EDP WASP is a hybrid digital VCO and analogue VCF synthesizer designed by Chris Huggett. the Wasp was released in 1978. Such an interesting little synth, that has a very unique sound. The keybed is a touch sensitive two octave keyboard, that works by sensing skin capacitance, so playing with gloves on is out of the question. The midi kit is a must to install in these units to be able to use in a modern setup."

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Korg 770 with Kenton CV/Gate/Filter Mod SN 770934

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this listing

"One of the rarer ones in the line up, somewhere between a 700s and an MS-20, featuring the amazing Traveler filter, superb sounding ring mod and very unusual chromatically playable noise.

Imported from Japan in 2018, professionally serviced then and fitted with a Kenton Kit allowing external CV/Gate/Low Pass Cutoff Frequency control, under the Korg standard, so you need a Hz/V (as opposed to 1V/Oct) capable interface, like Kenton boxes, Arturia Keystep, various options in Eurorack...

Great cosmetic condition, no missing metal ring to any of the knobs, which seems to have happened to a lot of those. A noticeable chip to one wood side, otherwise only a few regular micro paint chips and dings, clean example overall.

Great working condition, amazing sound."

Friday, May 31, 2024

Sisters 👩‍❤️‍👩 (Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 + H9 // DRM-1 Mk4 + Bigsky + Lethargy // Arturia Keystep Pro)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"As I've been posting a couple of Youtube Shorts lately, I made this "very long" video this time (the longest one on the channel, other than the "Going live at home video" 😊).

For this one, I used 2 analog instruments (Perfourmer Mk2 and DRM-1 Mk4) sequenced by the Keystep Pro (KSP)
I made heavy use of a lot of cool features of the KSP like: polymeter, randomness, step skip, looper, transposing within scale, scenes, individual drum mutes, quick toggle between 2 drum patterns (this one is a bit of a trick of mine) 🤩

So the track starts with the KSP's Track 4 sequencing voices 3 & 4 of the Perfourmer (going through the H9 using its tape delay effect, where you can clearly hear the nostalgic "wow & flutter").

I then unmute the KICK and SNARE (played by the DRM-1) abd BASS (played by the Perfourmer, but going out DRY by its seperate audio output).

The other tracks are then unmuted and I start to transpose live the played sequences (you know I love this feature, right?).

Further on I use the KSP's "Scene" feature to load different patterns for the "chorus" part.
You can hear me playing with some parameters of the DRM-1's CLAP sound, which is going through the Dreadbox Lethargy analog phaser (using the DRM-1's handy insert jack!).
I also trigger manually a couple of times the MULTI voice of the DRM-1 (which is going through the Bigsky reverb), for the build etc.

The track then heads to a more "experimental" outro part consisting of 5 step patterns (where I shifted the analog phaser from the CLAP insert jack to the HIHAT2 insert jack).

* Hardware used *

// BASS:
- Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 Voice 1

- Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 Voice 2, Voices 3&4 + Eventide H9 Max (tape delay) + Pill (ducking pedal, triggered by the KICK from DRM-1)

- Vermona DRM-1 Mk4 (8-voice analog drum synth) with Strymon Bigsky reverb (on the MULTI's output) and Dreadbox Lethargy analog phaser (on the CLAP's output in insert mode, then HIHAT2)

- Arturia Keystep Pro"

Friday, May 10, 2024

Life 💫. ( Blofeld, Arp Keystep Arturia, Novation Circuit Tracks, Korg Monotron Delay )

video upload by Morenook

"💫. ( Blofeld, Arp Keystep Arturia, Novation Circuit Tracks, Korg Monotron Delay ) Techno jam live hope you enjoy like I did 😊"

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ambient Music - Novation Peak & Aeros Loop Studio & Microcosm Hologram - Session 2024-04-14

video upload by Sound on a Tray

"Ambient session of 'Sound in a Tray' – DAWLESS version of Cosmos Soundscapes Music.

This is a very Soothing music for you to listen to it while reading a book, concentrate on studying, indulging yourself to sleep, or any situation that you might want to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere.

🎧 Better listening experience with the Headphones 🎧

Hope you really enjoy it!

In this video, I used the the Novaion Peak Synth to create 5 diffrent sound layers that were placed over each other (Overdub) to create a single track Loop (2 mins loop) with the Aeros Loop Station. I also ran the signal into the Microcosm Hologram to give a little o colorful and Drone background sound.

Gear of the Music:
- Novation Peak Synth
- Singluar sound Aeros Loop Studio
- Microcosm Hologram Pedal
- Arturia Keystep (Only as keyboard)
- Behringer Audio Interface (Computer used only to record the direct sound)

IMPORTANT: There was no Computer Sound Editting or Mastering. Computer used only record the direct sound, edit and to upload the video."

Monday, April 08, 2024

Vintage Drum Synth Demos by You Are The Robots

video uploads by You Are The Robots

Arturia Keystep Pro was used to sequence those w/o built in rhythm sections. Use the player controls to skip around.

Sears Rhythm-Matic vintage analog drum machine with built-in speaker
SYNSONICS ELECTRONIC DRUM MODEL 5300 - A Very Rare Vintage Analog Drum Synthesizer | DEMO
POLLARD SYNDRUM 178 Vintage Analog Drum Synth Triggered By Arturia Beatstep Pro | DEMO
BOSS DR. PAD DRP-1 - Vintage Digital Drum Pad | DEMO
ROLAND CR-68 COMPURHYTHM - Vintage Analog Drum Machine | DEMO
ACE TONE RHYTHM ACE FR-1 - Vintage Analog Drum Machine | DEMO
NOMAD RHYTM MAKER 12 - Vintage Analog Drum Machine | DEMO
KEIO DONCA MATIC KORG MINI POPS 5 - Vintage Analog Drum Machine | DEMO
WURLITZER SWINGIN’ RHYTHM 5020 Vintage Analog Drum Machine | DEMO
WELSON SUPER-MATIC S12 Vintage Analog Italian Drum Machine 1971 | Demo
Mattel Synsonics Drums - Vintage Drum Machine
Univox SR-95 Vintage Drum Machine
Nomad Rhythm 12 - Vintage drum machine
Realistic Concertmate - Vintage Drum Machine / Metronome
Oberheim DXa (DX w/ factory midi) - Vintage drum machine
Roland CR 5000 - vintage analog drum machine
Modified Roland TR 606 - Vintage analog drum machine
Tama Techstar TAM500 - Analog Drum Synth
Rhythm Ace FR-2L With Issues - Vintage Drum Machine
Univox SR 55 - Vintage Analog Drum Machine
Whippany Rhythm Master - Vintage Analog Drum Machine
Sears Rhythm Matic R1000 - Vintage Analog Drum Machine
Simmons Digital Clap Trap - Vintage Clap Machine
Mattel Synsonics Pro - Analog Drum Machine
Univox MR8 Micro Rhythmer - Vintage Analog Drum Machine
MTI Auto-Orchestra Analog Drum Machine Bass & Strings Machine
Wurlitzer Swingin' Rhythm Analog Drum Machine
Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-3 - Vintage Analog Drum Machine For Sale On Ebay

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Yamaha SEQTRAK an old Gameboy soundtrack

video upload by LucaTronico

"Diving back into my GameBoy memories with a live cover of the VolleyFire theme, using my latest gear: Yamaha SEQTRAK and Arturia Keystep 25. 🕹️🎹 This game might have been simple, but its music? Absolutely thrilling! Been itching to give it my own spin, and what better way than live (talk about a challenge 😅). Join me on this nostalgic yet bumpy ride as I recreate one of the soundtracks that fueled my childhood gaming sessions. #RetroGamingVibes

🎵 Gear Used:

Yamaha SEQTRAK for that sequenced precision.
Arturia Keystep 25 for dynamic key action.
🕹️ Gaming Throwback"

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Perkons HD-01 Melodic Chill Electronica (Signals)

video upload by 2403R / Case Woo

"The Arturia Keystep Pro is mapped to the 4 tracks of the PERKONS by default. An amazing pairing."

Monday, March 18, 2024

"A World of Heritage" (Heritage Modular Synthesizers) - 8 Voice Digital Modular Synth

video upload by

"Présentation of the prototype 'HERITAGE SYNTHESIZERS' from Frédéric Rible.
Digital modular 8 voices synthesizer with complete legacy analog interface & analog like sound!
All sounds and effects are made by the Heritage Synthesizers in 6 lives sessions.
Sounds created by Frederic & kurtz.
Up left camera : Heritage Modular main stéréo sequence live work / Keystep pro Arturia.
Down left camera : Mister M across Heritage modular filter, "PPG like" pads & effects & Bigbass end line
Up Right Camera : Heritage Modular second stéréo sequence rythm noises, strings like pad, bass line.
Down Right camera : 'Inside' the Heritage, first Triangle solo , second Formant solo and big analog end pad.
Track by Jean-Luc Briançon.
Links :
Title will be availble on Bandcamp april 2024 on new EP."

"The Heritage Modular synthesizer has been designed to mimic the typical look and feel of an early 1970s modular synthesizer but with full polyphonic capabilities. The feasibility is tightly linked to the usage of digital technologies available in 2020 to DIY enthusiasts.

From a musician perspective, the system should provide the illusion of using a classical analog modular synthesizer with knobs, switches and patch cables.

The core of the synthesizer is based on Pure Data: a powerful sound engine for the generation and processing of audio signal. The underlying algorithms has been chosen for faithful emulation of analog circuitry characteristics. As the goal is to provide with hardware user experience, the Pure Data GUI is only used during the software development phase.

A dedicated set of hardware modules has been designed to act as controllers for Pure Data. These modules are populated with knobs, switches, lights and jack sockets, as for any other classical modular synthesizer. The communication between Pure Data and these hardware modules is done via an I2C bus implemented over a standard 16-pin Eurorack connector.

This project has started in July 2020 as a DIY effort, with a first version up and running in July 2022."

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Elka Wilgamat, Oberheim DX and Powertran Transcendent 2000 in sync

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Since I just finished adding DIN SYNC24 to my Elka Wilgamat I decided to hook it to the Arturia Keystep pro and further added an Oberheim DX and a Powertran Transcendent 2000 to the game.
Playing with the Wilgamat accompaniment part brought a known melody to my memory so temptation was high to follow this path...

The Transcendent can be seen in another video i made earlier this month. It was modded to add a sub oscillator and also to correct the peculiar CV/Gate it originally used in order to use it in a standard CV/gate environnment. It's now working fine when controlled externally as you can hear.

If you want to add sync to the Wilgamat there are 2 issues you need to adress:
- the unit needs 4ppq so unless you have a device capable of providing such a clock frequency you need to convert the more conventional 24ppq to 4ppq.
It's actually very easy to do by using a single 4018 chipset, which can divide by 6 the incoming frequency
- second issue is that the clock on the WIlgamat ask for negative pulses so you need to convert the positive pulses to negative ones. I used a single op amp to do that (TL071)"

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Behringer System 100 Demo

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2024

Got around to patching the Behringer System 100 today. Plays well with Arturia Keystep Pro. Give the 172 module phaser and chorus effects a spin. And that 182 sequencer, I love how it is not pitch quantized and gives a weird Stranger Things vibe. Let's do this! No additional mastering or post-effects. This video was not sponsored.

0:00 Three Osc Voice structure plus (filter res) Kick and (white noise) Hats.
1:37 172 module | Phaser
2:17 172 module | Using the short delay for chorus/flanger stuff
2:47 Dual Two-Osc structure
3:51 Stereo Syncopated 182 Sequencer Patch"

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Jammin with the 5u Matriarch Digitakt and VCS3

video upload by Rudetee

Bass controlled by Arturia's Keystep sequencer
Arpeggio by Keystep 37
Chords from Matriarch
Melody played on the Ribbon Controller by
Drum from Digitakt
FX from VCS3

Friday, January 12, 2024

Loopstyler, tape loop mode with synthesized and sampled sounds

video upload by Gecho Loopsynth

"This demo shows the very basics of tape loop mode, accessible under 2nd yellow button. Here you can see the final version of the Loopstyler from the 1st manufacturing batch, which is planned to start shipping in late January. All sounds are coming from the device, the keyboard is a MIDI controller, Arturia Keystep.

Find more info at:"

Monday, January 08, 2024

Ambient jam with Novation Peak #1 [january "24]

video upload by Sergey Rakitin / Nomusicians

"1 synth , 4 hands, 5 chords and (approximately) 31 beats per phrase.
Novation Peak sequenced with Arturia Keystep and some live additional notes and pitch-mod controls

Follow NoMusicians at:"

Saturday, January 06, 2024

Ram ♈ (Waldorf M + Analog Heat + Rooms + Pill // TR6S // Minitaur // S1 + Particle // Keystep Pro)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"A 4-minute uptempo jam for the first video of 2024! 🎉 May all your wishes come true this year!

The Arturia Keystep Pro (KSP) is sequencing:
- the PADS played by the Waldorf M through the Elektron Analog Heat MkII (using mainly its analog filter modulated by one of its LFO) + Rooms reverb + Pill ducking pedal (triggered by the kick from the TR-6S).
- the BASS played by the Moog Minitaur. I used the 'Chain' patterns of the KSP to make a long bass line.

The DRUMS are being sequenced/played by the Roland TR-6S (I used its onboard filter on the master BUS for the builds).

And the LEAD sound played in real time on the Roland S-1 synth, through the Red Panda Particle 2 granular delay."

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Korg Mini Pops 7 with Tubbutec Unipulse Midi interface

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.
video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Quick demo of a recently serviced and upgraded Korg Keio Mini Pops 7.
Every single electrolytic capacitors were replaced, instrument calibrated and fitted with Tubbutec Unipulse card which adds MIDI synchronisation AND triggers to this classic drum machine.
First part of the demo I use an Arturia Keystep Pro to sequence and program the Minipops and on the second part I simply use the Keystep to clock and start/stop the machine, showcasing a few of its patterns."

via this auction

Note auction links are affiliate links. See the site's privacy policy for more info.

"For sale is a cult Korg Minipops 7 upgraded with Tubbutec Unipulse kit which allows for MIDI triggering of sounds and MIDI tempo synchronization.

Unit was serviced and fully recapped. It's working and sounding as it should. Check the video I made."

Pics of the inside below.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Lunar - Ambient Noise 🎄 (Arp 2600 m // Waldorf M + Red Panda Particle 2 // Arturia Keystep Pro)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"For the last video of 2023, I really wanted to spotlight the raw sound of the amazin ARP 2600 M 🤩
So throughout the whole track, you'll only hear the sound coming directly from the ARP 2600 M without any external effects, though I did use its onboard spring reverb (+ a bit of EQ/comp where used for mixing purposes).
Contrary to my previous (which was the first) video featuring the ARP which was an uptempo track, no beats or kick here! Only the ARP and the Waldorf M (+ Particle granular delay).
The same track from the Keystep Pro is sequencing both synths.

As you can see, I use some patching in this one for the ARP:
 - The VCF output is going through its preamp input to make the distorted sound you gradually hear (it's being played in parallel of the dry sound coming out from VCF output)
 - I also used the LFO to modulate the filter and pulse width of oscillator 2
 - I did did some patching as well, in order to play portamento with one of the ARP's oscillator (using the voltage processor "Lag Time")

* Hardware used *

 - Korg ARP 2600 M (semi modular analog synth) - RAW sound
 - Waldorf M (8-voice hybrid digital and analog wavetable) + Red Panda Particle v2 (digital granular delay)

 - Arturia Keystep Pro"

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

KeyStep Pro - What's new in the 2.5 firmware update (and how do you use it)?

video upload by Oscillator Sink

"The version 2.5 firmware for the KeyStep Pro brings with it a number of useful enhancements to the controller, including per-pattern program change messages.

In this video I'll run through each of the upgrades, demonstrate how they work and clarify what's the difference between the Chroma and original versions.

Transparency notice: Arturia kindly provided the KeyStep Pro Chroma for free for the purposes of making this and other videos. I was not otherwise paid and Arturia did not request, nor were they given any editorial oversight.

00:00 Intro
00:27 What's the deal with the original vs the Chroma?
00:43 Track Colours (Chroma only)
02:08 Fixed Velocity
04:01 Program Change per Pattern
08:15 Transpose Latch
10:47 Outro "

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Jam 🤖⚡️#synth #arturia #akaipro #keystep #akaimpd218 #streichfett #waldorfmusic #shorts

video upload by Infektømorph


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