MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Avalost from AVALONIA by Scott Scheferman

"Avalon, 808, 909, pedals, Mackie 1202, live straight to tape

from AVALONIA, released 16 August 2015"

Word is this features Abstrakt Instruments Avalon SN #1.


via this auction

Here's something you don't see everyday. I don't believe I've ever seen or posted one here on MATRIXSYNTH before.

via the listing which appears to be a product description from Akai: "If you want to make beats, there's a whole world of options out there, from groove boxes to step sequencers to drum machines to computer-based programs. The choices can seem overwhelming: do you want a unit that's easy to learn, a unit that has the most features, or the unit that's the best for live performance? zZounds knows you just want to start making music, so let's keep things simple: you need an Akai MPC1000. The MPC is the one machine that has been there from the beginning of Hip-Hop and other sample-based music, and continues to be the go-to tool for today's hottest producers. The MPC, or Music Production Center, brilliantly combines real-time audio sampling, the ease of drum machine programming, and the sophistication of a multitrack studio in a one-stop groove shop. And it may just be the perfect introduction to MPC culture.

All MPCs are designed to get your basic ideas down fast, and to help you grow those ideas quickly. It's all about preserving your inspiration, and that's why the Akai MPC has remained standard-issue gear for Hip-Hop and Electronic Music producers for decades. To that legacy, the MPC1000 adds portability--with a footprint no bigger than most laptops, it still packs an impressive array of pro features. The compact size, real-time controls, and amazing sound make it the best gigging MPC ever, but it's still got the features to make it a powerful studio sampler / sequencer. Best of all, it's easy to learn, and still has enough features to make it the center of your productions for years to come.

Designed To Inspire

Flames, hate, pain (MoroderNova,MicroKORG, MicroBrute, Volca Keys, Akai MPX-8)

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Metatron's Cube

"The 'Station Authority' does nothing to stop the human on cyborg violence. Anti-human sentiment is running high among the lower level communities and robotic/cyborg militant alliances. How can they not see the coming violence?

The beatstep pro and Akai MPX-8 stand in as the drum machine this round(bringing a few buck rogers samples as well). The Volca Keys has a retro plinky sound it seems as well. And the beginnings of a "Jarre stack". Drown those ears in synth pads and have a great week. Thanks for watching/listening!

extended remix@
Gear pile:
Arturia MicroBrute (Controlled through Beatstep Pro)
Akai MPX-8 (Controlled through Beatstep Pro)
Korg Volca Keys (Controlled through Beatstep Pro)
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Mackie Mix12FX
Presonus One"

Osaka B01

Published on Aug 16, 2015 nedavine

"Another rough jam from my Osaka show."

Rare Analog Delay/Reverb Multivox MDX 5 Demo with Korg Volcas

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"Rare Analog Delay"

Soulsby Synthesizers Atmegatron in 90 seconds

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Soulsby Synthesizers

"The Atmegatron is an 8-bit MIDI synthesizer. This video gives an overview of what it can do.
Music by _ensnare_ and created entirely on the Atmegatron. Hear the full track hear:"

miniAtmegatron posted here.

Update: and the press release:

"London, UK - 24/8/15. Soulsby Synths are relaunching their 8-bit synth The Atmegatron today at the new price of £199 / €299 / $299. They are available from their website and from retailers around the world (see website for full list). They are also launching a new product, the miniAtmegatron, which is an electronics kit shield for the Arduino Uno. It retails at £29 / €39 / $39.

The Atmegatron was first launched in March 2014 and received a fantastic response from magazines and websites. The synth features 32 waveforms, 16 digital filter types, 2 envelopes, 16 LFO shapes, Arpeggiator, crunchy Wavecrusher and much more. As well as having a unique sound, The Atmegatron can shape-shift into other synths by uploading free software from the website. These include a drum machine, duophonic synth and delay synth.

The relaunched Atmegatron features software completely rewritten from the ground up, adding improvements and new features, while retaining it’s classic sound. These include options for exponential envelope shapes, note priority and a more phasey phaser!

The miniAtmegatron is designed for electronics enthusiasts that want to experience the basics of the Atmegatron sound. The kit includes a PCB, all components and instructions. The Arduino Uno is not included. The build time is between 0.5-1 hours depending on soldering experience.

The miniAtmegatron contains a lot of the Atmegatron’s features although some are cutback because of the simpler user interface. The Arduino Uno can be MIDI-hacked, allowing the miniAtmegatron to be controlled via MIDI over USB.

Paul Soulsby, CEO of Soulsby Synthesizers: “It took a lot of hard work, but I am so pleased that we have managed to significantly lower the price of the Atmegatron and still retain classic features like the wooden side panels. I also hope that the miniAtmegatron will introduce Arduino fans to the joyous bleeps of 8-bit music!”

About Soulsby Synthesizers:
Soulsby Synthesizers is run entirely by Paul Soulsby, who started the company in 2013. The Atmegatron is the company’s debut synthesizer and the miniAtmegatron is their second. The company is based in London."

Comparison chart here.

Gear Hospital - 02 - Casio CZ-1 battery replace, tear-down, synth engine review

Published on May 25, 2015 BMR Studio

Interesting video on battery replacement for the Casio CZ-1. Skip to 15:55. Note the CZ-1 slowly recharges the battery so using a non re-chargable battery will kill the battery. The video implied this was due to a design error by Casio. This reminded me of the reverse of the battery drainage issue on the SCI Multi-Trak.

"How You can replace the battery inside of CASIO CZ-1. And more stuffs.
I got a common error with My Casio CZ-1. The battery always die when I use the synth for long time. So let's go deeper into this issue :)
Then a bit of basic adjustments, quick tear-down, and interesting treasure in the chorus effect.
I also will speak about the synth engine why is so unique.
Enjoy :)"

Dub Acid Test Ptn.06

Published on Aug 16, 2015 SERI@ACIDWORX

"Analog Rytm,TT-303&el Capistan"

New AVP Synth HBS-100 Hybrid Bass Synthesizer (Official Demo)

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Avp Synth

"All the synth lines are coming from the HBS-100 - hybrid bass synthesizer to demonstrate it's capabilities and analog features with wavetable forms.
Drums are coming from other sources.
Reverb and delay has been added externally.

AVP Synth is a Russian brand manufacturing synthesizers and drum machines, as well as other audio related products.

In this demo you can see and hear the HBS-100 - a hybrid monophonic bass synthesizer which is capable of reproducing a wide range of aggressive, tight bass sounds.It is simple and quite intuitive to use.

HBS-­‐100 is operated via MIDI. It has9 knobs, 5 switches and 1button,
which allows you to control the parameters of the sound in real time.

HBS-100 is optimized for producing beautiful and sculptured bass sounds.

- Method of synthesis: Digitally controlled oscillators (DCO)
- Controlled oscillator (DCO): two unique digital oscillators (saw, rectangle, PWM) with Wavetable options
- Controlled filter (VCF): one active, aggressive, 100% analog 12db low-pass filter
- Envelope generator (AR/ASR): one
- Low frequency oscillator (LFO): one; triangle
- MIDI Interface: MIDI In, 4 channels
- Audio output: mono jack 6.3 mm
- Controls: 9 knobs, 5 switches and 1 button
- Power supply: adapter 9 V DC (included)"

Ensoniq VFX Synthesizer Dark Soundscapes & Raw Waveforms

Published on Aug 16, 2015 gstormelectro

"All audio and video by G-Storm Electro c.2015

BE WARNED, at 3:24 I start to audition one-shots of the raw waveforms in order to demonstrate the timbral nature of the VFX. This will probably sound disconcerting to most people, again YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....just tune out at 3:24 if necessary and everything will be ok.

The first half of this demo are some original patches I created on the Ensoniq VFX digital transwave synthesizer. This is not a virtuoso performance, just a quick vignette of what the VFX sounds like as an instrument. As mentioned, during the second half of the video I audition the various raw waveforms, transwaves, and the master wavetable called ALL-WAVES.

0:00 Original Patches of dark soundscapes
At 3:24 I start auditioning basic waveforms,
3:42 transwave type waveforms,
4:47 more of the basic waveforms,
5:26 a one-shot of the ALL-WAVES wavetable"

Pads Of The Blind

"Having a chill Saturday morning jam with the Animoog. Man, this synth rules. Beats from Elastic Drums. All sounds from the iPad."

Animoog - Moog Music Inc.
Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS

Percussa Synthor Digital Modular Synth Demo #1

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Percussa AudioCubes

"Quick demo of the new Synthor digital modular synth for the Percussa AudioCubes.

Synthor runs on Macs and PCs as a standalone audio application and communicates wirelessly with the AudioCubes hardware interface. When cubes are placed next to each other, new patch connections are created, and moving cubes closer and further away change parameters such as modulation depth. Synthor is a free download for all AudioCubes users! Learn more at"

Some additional info via the Percussa News Letter:

"You can see different synth cubes in action: red/orange cubes are wavetable oscillators, purple one is a step sequencer, green ones are LFOs (frequency and amplitude modulation) and the cyan one is a toggle noise cube (white noise with variable frequency). The wavetable oscillator cubes are set to do frequency modulation, the step sequencer does frequency modulation, as well as the noise cube. There is also a waveshaper and state-variable filter (SVF) which are not demo'ed in this video but will be in upcoming videos.

The Synthor synth runs inside MIDIBridge so there is no additional software needed beyond our MIDIBridge software. There is an audio settings control panel now in MIDIBridge which lets you select the sound card driver to use (CoreAudio, ASIO, etc) as well as the sample rate and buffer size to use. The processing in Synthor is all done at audio sample rate, so you have really fast and smooth modulation possibilities and low-latency.

In Synthor, you first assign a synthesizer module to a cube (oscillator, LFO, noise gererator, etc) and decide what other cubes it can modulate. As soon as you’ve done that, you can start putting cubes together to create a modular synth patch.

As soon as cubes are placed next to each other, a connection is made between the synthesizer modules linked to the cubes. So for example, if you configured two cubes to be oscillators, one oscillator will start to modulate the frequency of the other oscillator (you can also set it to modulate amplitude if you prefer). It works the same way when you place multiple cubes together: even if you are only placing one cube next to a group of cubes, you will be creating multiple connections! All without needing real hardware patch cords. Try doing that in a traditional hardware modular synthesizer with only two hands.

Synthor also automatically scales parameters as you move cubes closer together: If you have two oscillator cubes next to each other, the modulation depth will change depending on the distance between the cubes. This is done completely automatic without you having to configure anything. Parameters can also be set using sliders in the Synthor user interface if you need to set them to specific values.

Last but not least, the signal output of each of the synthesizer modules is automatically connected to the brightness of the colours of the cubes. This way you can see how fast your LFOs are running for example, or you can see the steps of the step sequencer as they play back.

I’ve also built a default patch into Synthor / MIDIBridge, such that when you start the software and connect your cubes, they are all set into Synthor mode and a synthesizer processor has been linked to each cube (oscillator, noise, etc). This way you can immediately start making sound with the cubes without having to configure anything (don’t forget to set up your sound card - you only need to do this once). If you customize the default setup of Synthor you can save your settings and load them using the LOAD/SAVE buttons in MIDIBridge.

Bonus tip: if you go play live with Synthor, you can load different settings files for different songs, and each of those settings files can assign the cubes to different synthesizer modules! This is like having 10 different modular synth setups with you which you can instantly switch to within a few seconds. Impossible to do with a traditional hardware modular synth.

I need your feedback on the above video

I’ll be adding more synthesizer modules to Synthor over the next month. I have plans for granular processors, mixers, delays, etc. It’s going to be super exciting working on this. Please reply to this email and send me your feedback about the above video!"

You can contact Percussa at

New Basestar FV-1: POT3 control & LFO

Published on Aug 16, 2015 pz314

"Basestar FV1 is a part of my new modular DSP development system. Built around the Spinsemi FV-1 and Cypress PSOC4 (Cortex M0) MCU.
It uses a trick to get one more control input on the FV1 at the price of one audio channel. Here i'm testing it with a short loop processed with peaking lowpass filter program."

Demora as a CV controlled synth

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Data Broth

"All sounds are from Demora, microbrute is just used for pitch cv and envelop cv also sequencer.

I made a patch using the aira customizer app with the lfo as an oscillator, being key-tracked from the microbrute.

it seems a little buggy, the patch wont load when powering on demora, also routing back into the demora's delay seems to cause some issues. However I was able to get a simple delay tone to use in this video

otherwise I think it sounds pretty nice actually, and has a nice wave shape from saw to sine to noise"

J74 ISO Controllers - Version 2.0

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Fabrizio Poce

J74 ISO Controllers - Tutorial for version 2.0

"The J74 ISO Controllers package turns the popular Launchpad controllers into multi-template isomorphic controllers. By re-assigning notes to the pads and using colors to give essential and intuitive information about the harmonic characteristics, the layouts turn both controllers in easy to play instruments for harmony and melody.

More on:

- 9 modes interchangeable isomorphic layouts
- 40+ musical scales applicable to the layouts
- Each layout can be transposed to any key root (+/- 64 semitones)
- Key back-light feedback and output velocity control
- Pitch bender
- Custom scale definition
- Circle of Fifths navigation
- Possibility to jump (toggle/momentary) between any two scales

Launchpad Pro Features:
- Support of Velocity
- Support of After-Touch
- Pitch Bend virtual wheel
- Modulation virtual wheel
- Program Changes control buttons"

Red Martian's Roland TR-808, COMMODORE SX-64 SID Prophet Synth, & 1974 Minimoog Model D

Just a heads up. Red Martian (don't miss this post!) wrote in to let me know his Roland TR-808, COMMODORE SX-64 SID Prophet Synth and 1974 Minimoog Model D have been re-listed for sale. Click through the links to get to them. You'll find videos and pics for each at the auctions and previously captured here, here and here respectively.

Pittsburgh Modular New Products Demo by Richard Nicol at TFoM 2015,Tokyo, Japan

Published on Aug 16, 2015 ED電音頻道 E.D.Music Channel

"Copyright: E.D.Music Co.
BGM: Timmy Lok using Roland AIRA TR8 & TB3 (Special thanks to Tom Lee Music)
Special thanks: Richard Nicol of Pittsburgh Modular, Dave Skipper, Kenichi Hata"


Published on Aug 16, 2015 kuxaan sum

"All sounds originate from tELHARMONIC.
Erbe-verb/Echophon/Modcan Dual Delay on Aux bus of dubmix.
Sequence from René (Maths drives clock)
Modulation from Maths/PressurePoints/Brains w/ Analog Memory
FM from DPO sine in LFO mode"

tELHARMONIC VS Teleplexer VS Echophone

Published on Aug 15, 2015 DrOne Drone

Cool pad comes right after 3:50.

"Is this real music? Of course it is, anything that makes a sound or even just vibrates is music. Same as ART, anything you can see or touch is ART... Screw the rules"

Giron Music 4 focus dance 2015

Published on Aug 15, 2015 Giron

"Music for a contemporary dance of Isabel Martin Consuegra Barrajon.... It was a pleasure to work in this project during june 2015 in Madrid.

If you want to hear more of my electronic, ambient music, you can do it at:

Synths: "sci sixtrak, vermona perfourmer mkII, waldorf streichfett, tenori-on orange, doepfer schaltwerk, monotron delay."

Roland TR-505 EEPROM Adapter / New Sounds

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Harry Axten

"The PCBs for my EEPROM adapter finally arrived so here's a demo of the two new kits, based on the LinnDrum and Oberheim DMX. The board installs directly in place of the original sound ROM."


via this auction

"Here is our TT-303 in box with manual, power supply and midi cable. This great 303 machine was bought to be used on a studio session at the request of our studio client. As it turned out, he bought a real TB303 at the last moment so this piece was barely taken out of the box today so that we could test and take pics for the sake of this auction. It looks new and works as such. This is a great price for a supreme 303 machine! I wish the client would have listened to this TT before he boyght the TB because it sounds exactly the same only $2500 LESS that the real 303!"

Roland TB-303 w/ Quicksilver 303 Installed

via this auction

"Roland TB-303 w/ Quicksilver 303 and fully refurbished.

- Original TB-303 in very nice condition
- Quicksilver 303 CPU mod installed w/ filter control
- SYNC IN socket is replaced by MIDI IN; MIDI OUT is also accessible from there in using a supplied Y cable (and you have IN and OUT at the same time)
- USB socket for QS303 is accessible via the battery compartment (which is clean)
- Knobs are higher than normal so very more comfortable to handle
- All tactile switches were replaced by new one
- All LEDs were replaced for new better ones (brighter and diffused) : blue ones for "RUN/STOP", "FUNCTION", "PITCH MODE" and "TIME MODE", red ones for the keyboard section and orange ones for the four last ones on the right
- All trimmers were just calibrated a few days ago"

Roland MC-202 MicroComposer Analog Vintage Synthesizer SN 303600

via this auction

1986 German E-mu Emulator II+ / SP-12 Ad


Grove Audio GMS-712EU Dual LOG/LIN VCA Available Soon

via Grove Audio

"This new Eurorack module is a dual LOG/LIN VCA. The GMS-712EU has two low distortion VCA based on the 2164. The simple controls include an attenuverter and an initial gain control. The channels will pass DC so they can be used with control voltages.

The unit is housed in a 6 HP panel and is less than 40 mm deep. It includes a switchable +5 V source so that it can be used with systems that don't have +5 V. on their power buses.

MSRP will be below $155.00."

How to Program 1983 MXR 185 Drum Computer Vintage Stereo Drum Machine

Published on Aug 16, 2015 keyboard resource

"The MXR 185 drum machine sounds and looks much like the Linn LM-1. It uses 8-bit samples and is super fun to play with.

This basic video shows how to program it. It's important to set the LENgth of the pattern (1 - 99) before trying to record. You can erase the pattern by choosing a LENgth of 00 and then entering a new number."

Analog Keys Multi Map Tutorial - CUCKOO

Published on Aug 16, 2015 cuckoomusic .

"Support CUCKOO here:

The Elektron Analog Keys can do Multi Map. You can play different patches on each key if you want - or different zones with different sounds, and even specify special sections of the keyboard to play external MIDI. So many possibilities here. And this is a tutorial of how you do it.


SoundHack tELHARMONIC Live in the Philippines - Subic Zambales

Published on Aug 16, 2015 kuxaan sum

"All sounds from the tELHARMONIC.

Harmonic Out to Optomix to Echophon to Rosie A input
Phase Modulation Out to Optomix to ModDemix
Noise Out to ModDemix
ModDemix Sum out to Rosie B input

ErbeVerb on aux send from Rosie.
Master clock and CV from Wogglebug."

Roland V-Synth GT Demo

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Alphacode

"Another demo for you !"

Worsel Strauss live @ Electronic Attack

Published on Aug 16, 2015 schokokontrol

"Worsel Strauss live @ Electronic Attack
Video courtesy of Korgator"

Roland SPD-SX & Buchla Music Easel

Ropo Lagarteando

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Quincas Moreira

"My friends Ropo de Leon and Luis Trasto recently came to visit me and my modular to try out the VBrazil Lizard2 and MultiLFO. This is Ropo lost in patching :)"

Live modular techno : repetitions acides

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Maxime F

"130 bpm full modular deep & minimalist acid.
Osc used : m303, atlantis, verbos complex osc, shapeshifter
filtering : dual borg, optomix
drum : tip top 909, peaks, dinky's taiko (pseudo HH)
the kick is the verbos complex osc mixed with the peaks in expert mode and a pinch of bd909"

Dinky's Taiko Incorporated Into A Full Mix

Published on Aug 16, 2015

"This is a fully mixed library music track which was composed using my 'Dinky's Taiko Test-2' patch as a starting point." [posted here]

The rest of the mix features various percussion libraries in Logic X"

Electribe Sampler Balkan Acid House Crossover

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Shimanski Beats

"My second track/live jam made solely with the new Electribe Sampler after two days of intensive getting to know the machine.

The music is a crossover of Balkan-Gypsy music with elements of acid house, inspired by artists such as Goran Bregović, Shantel and Balkan Beat Box.

I sampled all the sax and brass sounds (tuba, trombone, trumpet) were as single note from the Session card of the Roland JV-series. All Balkan brass melodies were programmed in the Electribe Sampler (no sampled phrases or loops) making use of the gypsy scale (thanks Korg for including it!).
The synth sounds are made with the internal synth engine and the drums are stock samples.

Thanks for watching, and don't forget to check out the other videos on this channel. Cheers!

(c) Shimanski Beats 2015"

Outside Acid. TB-303

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Live session snippet from the Glastonbury countryside party. Roland TR-909, TB-303, Sequential Circuits Pro-1,"

S-CAT on eBay

Doepfer A-155 as VCO

Published on Jan 12, 2013 Nicholas Keller

Short but interesting.

"This short clip shows the scope image of the (Row 2) output of a Doepfer A-155 sequencer being driven by a Doepfer A-110 VCO square wave. The sound is generated by the sequencer itself, used as an 8-step waveform. Three different sine and triangle LFOs are used to modulate the waveshape by patching them into the inputs on the bottom row of the sequencer."

Cat SRM multi-mode filter test

Published on Apr 23, 2013 Nicholas Keller

"Testing filter mods on an Octave Cat SRM. Six filter modes. 2 and 4 pole HP/BP/LP. I still need to match the levels as the BPF outputs are not as loud as the other modes. Also the resonance does not occur when using the 4poleHP output."

808 drums.

Blacet 2100 VCO +or 1 Octave Shift mostly monotone

Published on Feb 14, 2013 Nicholas Keller

"I decided to run the 1V/Oct MAQ16/3 sequence to an A-156 Dual Quantizer to a manual switch before routing it to the Blacet 2100 VCO input. This way the pattern could focus on the root note and the Octave Shift. I switch back and forth between straight one-note sequence and the Octave Shift so you can hear the difference. Transposing of the one-note rhythm begins at about 4m08s. The Octave Shift is modified by a Ramp LFO with reset."

Blacet 2100 VCO +or 1 Octave Shift w Joystick control

Published on Feb 14, 2013

"Have a listen to 'Take My BreathAway' (Mylo Remix) by The Knife. At around the 2 minute mark, it almost sounds like Mylo is changing the Octave setting of whatever synth is being used while the sequence is running. I imagined I could do this using the Blacet VCO's +/-1 Octave input and a bi-polar joystick like a Doepfer A-174.

My version uses samples from the original, but I reprogrammed the synth line to play from my modular using the Blacet 2100 VCO, an A-115 Audio Divider, and with +/-1 Octave control from a joystick."

Doepfer A-155 repeats

Published on Aug 16, 2015 Nicholas Keller

"Example of repeats using MAQ16/3 to advance A-155. 16th pattern from row 1 sent to envelope, 16th note pattern from row 2 is sent to clock in on A-155 and then some steps are muted to create repeats."

Patch n Tweak

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