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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Korg MS-20 mini with modular expansion modifications

Published on Dec 15, 2015 wotatwaat

"Added PWM in and attenuation. V-trig gate in and V/Oct CV in. Outs for VCO 1's Triangle, Saw and Pulse and VCO 2's Saw, Square/Pulse and Ring. Extra ext. audio input and finally a VCO sync switch. Mod available through exfade."

Oberheim OB-12 Poly Synth Sounds Demo

Published on Dec 15, 2015 KokasIsland

"This is my Oberheim OB-12, OS 1.52, Dated 2002 and some of the sounds it produces, this is not a performance, just a demonstration."

via this auction

"Works Perfect! Immaculate Condition, No Scratches - Studio Use Only. Updated to Software System Version 1.52."

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline

via this auction

"Abstrakt Instruments Avalon bassline, as new condition, only selling to fund euro rack modules.
In perfect condition and sounds better than the original 303 imo.

These are incredibly difficult to buy and this is one of the first off the rank and is customized with green LED's and silver case."


via this auction

KEYFAX Phat Boy MIDI Hardware Controller with Original Box SN PB-9903632

via this auction

One of the original dedicated MIDI knob boxes when people began to realize knobs were useful.

VGM #61: TEM Shop + Dogsong (Undertale)

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Ace Waters

"hOI!!!!!! I really wanted to do a nice, silly song from Undertale this week and was inspired by the TEM Shop. It was just the perfect level of silly for me.

Make sure to show some love for FERALxPANDA. He made the gif of me as a temmie. His Undertale video is excellent, and has no spoilers! Go and check it out:"

Norhythmic Live (Korg Gadget, KP3, and KP3+)

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Lars Hinkley

This one in via Lars Hinkley: "The first track is me fx-manipulating the Vader theme, and everything after are original tracks that I made in Korg Gadget, plus some signal processing (Korg Gadget>KP3+>KP3>Mixer) am improvising throughout the video."

And the description via YouTube:

"My live performance at Mac Club (full). I start out with live fx processing the Vader theme (it was a starwars themed event) then go into my original work. Thanks to John Wichner for recording the set on his camera. Please forgive those who got in the way of the camera, they know not what they have done. Don't worry, John moves the camera after a minute or two and it's fine again, feel free to skip ahead. is my soundcloud with much higher quality recordings. The end of the video is John describing the Star Wars Holiday Special which we hatewatched shortly after."

3 song set with Korg Electribe EMX-1, KP3, and Mopho x4

Published on Apr 15, 2013 Lars Hinkley

"Here is me playing a set in preparation for a short live performance. Everything in the video was made on the Korg Electribe EMX1 and a samples of the DSI Mopho x4. I hope it demonstrates well that the Electribe doesn't have to be used to make generic dance music."

System-1M coded glitch-out

Using Tidal to control the Roland System-1m

"All params on the Roland System-1M being automated simultaneously from Tidal, plus live-patching on its modular jacks."

Full details on Audio Cookbook including the source code used to control the System-1m here.

Banana to 3.5mm Converter Box Demo (with Phenol+Mother-32+SQ-1)

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Genshi Media Group

"This is just a technical demo of the Banana Jack to 3.5mm Converter box that I made (with a lot of help from Steve of Synthrotek... thanks again Steve!) The description of how I am using it is in the video itself (there are two parts to the video.)

I've received interest from several Phenol users who want a solution like this, so I built this prototype in consideration of possibly making more to sell... haven't quite decided yet if it will be worth my time and effort though."

Modded Vectrex, DPO, PDO & Akemie's Castle Oscillographics

Published on Dec 15, 2015 halfofmeis333

"10min video using a modified Vectrex games machine from 1984 with ALM Busy Circuits Akemie's Castle, Make Noise DPO and WMD PDO oscillators."

Who Ate My Sandwich?

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Intro is Elements in new Chord mode, sequenced by Turing machine. Chords sequenced from Pressure Points/Brains. Drums are samples from Ableton into MI Clouds. Chords/drones by Cyclebox into Post Lawsuit LPF and then into Snazzy FX Wow and Flutter, sequenced by Pressure Points/Brains. Vocal samples from Ableton into Warps in various modes (including Vocoder settings) into 4MS SMRF and then Make Noise Echophon. Shapeshifter sequenced by evolving pattern in Numerology via Expert Sleepers/Silent Way, into Korgasmatron and then Grendel formant filter, with various envelopes into formant filter. Delay in Ableton added to that track. Additional drums from Analog Rytm. All clocks/LFOs from Expert Sleepers/Silent Way. All IO from NW2S IO.

Ding towards end from text message from my wife. It happens."

Space Bubble

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Miguel d'Oliveira

"track for a TV series I'm scoring
synths used: Moog Voyager, Prophet 12, Roland Juno 6 + a few VSTs.
Recorded onto Cubase + quick master with Ozone 5"

Roland Releases TR-REC GAME for iOS

iTunes: TR-REC GAME - Roland Corporation


"Sensational new game for music making, a first of its kind!

Synchronizing to an array of dance music rhythms, enjoy the challenge of completing powerful dynamic beats using one of the most famous and unique composition tools of today’s dance music.

▼Quick to start
Just complete a rhythm by following the "GUIDE"

▼Watch your time, it’s the key to winning the game
Complete each rhythm within the target time.
The faster you finish, the higher your score!

▼Win Medals (Coins)
Hit a high score and win medals

▼ Rich library of Dance Music
Enjoy a variety of dance music genres on each stage.

Start the game with a simple rhythm. After you master the basics, step it up by moving onto the next level. The rhythms for each level will be progressively more complex and sure to entertain both beginners and the most experienced of music makers in Dance Music.

TR-REC is free of charge

* Monetize in applications (Restore Life, Expand Life, Release Stage etc.)
* Functions to upload to SNS"

Audulus Sale About to End

Just a reminder, Audulus is 50% off until December 16! If you plan on getting it, now would probably be a good time. It works on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

App Store Links:
Audulus for iOS | Audulus for Mac

Memorymoog Plus with MIDI SN 1230

via this auction

Oberheim OB-8 w/Factory Midi

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with quite a bit of restoration. As the title says, this one has "factory midi" and is a later model with the "Page Two" silk-screen. It is ready to be played and needs nothing!"

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 - Rev 2 w/Kenton Midi SN 0659

via this auction

"This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with a lot of restoration. As the title says, this is the desirable Rev 2 and even better it has Kenton Midi. The tuning is solid, its ready to be played and needs nothing!"

Sequential Circuits Pro-One -Turbo CPU + Midi - Pro-Restored SN 0553

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with some restoration. It has the Turbo CPU + Midi + J-wire keyboard. It is ready to be played and needs nothing!"

Original White ARP Odyssey 2800

via this auction

Original Moog Taurus 1 Pedals

via this auction

"This set is in excellent condition and working 100%. It has just been professionally serviced and with some restoration. It has a custom switch assembly installed so you will never need to clean the pedal contacts again. This modification is reversible if you want to put it back to stock. The original contact board will be included. There are some others here at the same price (and some higher) with little service done and with no restoration. This set is easily the nicest here on on Ebay."

Korg Polysix w/Kiwisix Upgrade/Midi SN 386927

via this auction

OTO Machines BAM Room Demo

"BAM has 7 reverb algorithms (Room, Hall, Plate, Ambient, Chorus, Gated and Primitive).
You can hear different settings of the Room algorithm."

Follow-up to OTO Machines BAM Ambient Demo

Roland JX-03 demo

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Hunart©

"Quick soundcheck of the Roland JX-03 from the Roland Boutique series. No EQ, compression or external FX. Sounds really good.



Voyager XL High fidility tweaking

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

Moog Sub37 Goes to Star Wars Symphonic Theme (4/4)

Published on Dec 15, 2015 KurtzMindfields

"Demo using the Moog Sub37 as a symphonic orchestra, 54 tracks has been multi-recorded to re-create and re-arrange the original score from John Williams (see video 'Proms 2011 Star Wars'), under the influence of Wendy Carlos Moog's work.
Roman Perreton : Playing, MIDI editing and re-arrangement
Kurtz Mindfields : Playing, Moog programing and production
In homage to Bob Moog, John Williams and Wendy Carlos!"

Rebel Scum

Published on Dec 15, 2015 mCKENIC

"The boys decided to take over my wretched hive of scum and villainy this morning - whats a droid to do! I just joined in!"

I think Star Wars is giving the holiday posts a run for the money.

Star Wars Laser Sounds

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Voltage Control Lab

"This is the big week with the new Star Wars rolling out, so we've got another exploration into the sound design heard in the films, this time crafting laser blaster sounds."

Control Camo Patch Cables

via Control

"Excited to announce the Control Camo Patch Cables. Ultra low height profile cable makes them easy for closing your portable case lid. Extra narrow barrel size for patching into tight jack spots on your system. Avail in 5 colors (for now) and six sizes: 15,30,50,65,90,120cm - with an embossed Control logo. Avail as singles and cable packs coming later this week."

YAMAHA reface DX FM synthesizer TEARDOWN MF#62

Published on Dec 15, 2015 markusfuller

"Just a short video to look inside the YAMAHA reface DX
please help to support further video's on"

InsWorks Sistemas modulares ejemplo de un sonido usado en programas de ciencia ficción

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Vera

Yamaha RX5 Digital Rhythm Programmer Drum Machine with RX5 ROM

via this auction

Metasonix TM-4 Vacuum Tube Guitar Amp SN 005

via this auction

"Up for grabs is the uber hard to find unobtanium rare TM-4 stereo amplifier from Metasonix. All knobs and jacks are tight. There is some very minor fading on a couple of the letters on the module and a small chip in the paint where the screw is and I lost one of the screw from opening it to take pics and a few scuffs underneath but other than that it's in mint shape. This is as close as you will get to a Fucking Fucker sound as you are gonna get in a pedal. Heavy, unforgiving stereo distortion on guitars and eats drum machines like no ones business."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Joystick

via this auction

Apparently these are pretty hard to find. If you have a Prophet VS take extra care of that joystick. Thought it was interesting to see some pics of the internals.

"For sale is my Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Joystick replacement part in New Old Stock (NOS) condition. This is the perfect replacement if your joystick on your VS is not working, or great as a backup just in case. Incredibly rare, I don't believe I've ever seen one of these up for sale before and they can't be found anywhere. If you've been waiting for a new joystick for your VS to appear, here it is!!"

RARE - PAIA Complete Synthesizer Package and Documentation

via this auction

"Own a piece of history!

Very rare 1970's era vintage complete synthesizer package. Works great!

Korg Trident Mk 2 1982 Analog Polyphonic Synth

via this auction

"Korg Trident Mk2 8 voice poly analog synth 61 keys and with 32 patch memory from 1982-83, this was Korg's flagship polyphonic analog synth when the first Mk1 version was released in late 1979/early 80. This vintage analog synth was in bad condition on the inside when I bought it from Germany. Along with various other issues this one had the same battery leak issue that is common to the Korg Tridents and the lower cost Korg Polysix, this is a USA 117 V version. This Trident is in fair condition cosmetically with showing much signs of heavy use and assorted scratches/scrapes and dings/dents, and this is somewhat expected from a vintage synth that has been around for 30+ years. There are pictured two chipped keys on the synth but we decided to leave them as they were because they do not affect the keys in any way. I sent the synth to the best repair and service available for old analog synths, The Analog Lab in NYC. The Trident synth has been 100% and extensively restored by them and functions 100% no missing voices or dead keys, and I have the work/service order. The Trident synth I can sell for $5K without the Anvil flight case, which I had ordered custom built new for the Trident and it costs over $500 for the case. These analog VCO/VCF Tridents used SSM chips and were very well regarded as awesome analog string synths with an onboard flanger, and with a limited but sweet brass and poly synth section as well. These Tridents were high quality made and built like a tank with real solid wood cases and this is a heavy synth, they don't build them like this very much anymore. The Mk 2 version added more memory and an additional envelope control for the VCF, also included is an original Korg service manual..."

John Bowen Solaris SN 240

via this auction

EMS Synthi DK-2 Duo-phonic 37 Note Keyboard

via this auction

Vintage BOSS DR-55 Dr Rhythm Analog Drum Machine with Original Box & Extras

via this auction

"Includes Original Box, Stickers & Manual!
Original AA plastic Battery Carriage has glue repairs, but works great & is included!
Highly Modifiable unit, if you so desire... though this one was too clean to mess with!
FREE 9Volt to 6Volt Converter 'Bug' with 'BuyItNow' (allows 9v battery use instead of the AA holder)"

Vintage 1980's E-mu Emu Drumulator 7000 Drum Machine SN 242

via this auction

I don't think I ever noticed these had RCA outs.

Oberheim DX drum machine with MIDI

via this auction

Forat F-9000 Linn 9000 Drum Machine Sequencer W/ SMPTE MIDI & Latest Software

via this auction

"If you are a music professional then you most likely know about this Drum Machine and Sequencer.

You are bidding on a Linn 9000 customized by Forat Electronics. I had this Linn 9000 machine customized by Forat a few or so more years back and had it fattened up with upgrades. It has been detailed or custom painted as the picture shows. It has been in a clean studio, top notch, and as you can see well taken care of, and gently used. This machine has several features, including:

Triadex Muse Synthesizer and Amplifier in Original Boxes

P1050720 Published on Nov 5, 2014 Jeffrey Brooks

via this auction

MUSE - 1 SN 00596-112
AS-1 SN 00200-113

Pics of the manual below including the super rare light show expansion cabinet for the Muse. The following are the details from the listing.

Wiard 1200 Series Borg Voltage Controlled Filter

via this auction

via the seller: "This is a Wiard 1200 Series Borg filter with blue anodized faceplate. I am the original owner. I am selling off some modular gear as my "work" takes me in a different direction.
If you are familiar with Wiard gear you know all about this: The Borg Filter uses a completly new filter design using “Vactrol”-based electronics. Where did the Borg name come from? Buchla Model 292 Low-pass Gate + KORG MS-20 High and Low-Pass Filters.

Wiard 1200 series modules were designed for the Frac-Rack (Paia, Blacet) rack system. This module requires +/-15vdc power.

Module works great though there is some "rack rash" around the mounting holes, a slight scratch on the faceplate, and a slight imperfection of the anodizing around the engraved "Wiard" logo at bottom of module (see photos)"

The Harvestman Stillson Hammer II Sequencer

Some details via The Harvestman

"This should answer a few questions. This is posted as a courtesy now that the device has been seen in public more than once. We will turn the parts over to manufacturing soon, and it should be available after NAMM.

STILLSON HAMMER MARK II is a 4-track control voltage sequencer for realtime music performance. Four CV/gate tracks directly control your collection of oscillators and percussion. Seven pages of parameters determine your musical performance, edited in realtime with a bank of 16 sliders. A series of hotkeys immediately generate or modify sequences or individualised parameters across all four tracks, with no menu diving whatsoever. Two CV inputs and large manual controls mutate any number of sequence parameters, with programmable modulation amount per step. 32 preset slots are provided for your storage of sequencer data. The keypad, rotary encoder, CV modifiers, LED feedback (on all buttons, sliders, and numerical display) and slider bank work in harmony to allow astonishingly fast music creation across all four tracks, in an ergonomically valid user interface uncommon in modular synthesis. It is possible to quickly generate and meaningfully manipulate a full 4-track sequence with minimal slider interaction.

Dedicated hot keys for instantly intitialising or randomising parameter or track data.
Intelligent slider catch allows one row of sliders to program a number of different pages, with visual feedback
4-digit numerical display provides feedback about currently edited parameter
Nonvolatile preset storage of 32 sequences
Delay, burst, and slide times track tempo changes
Internal clock generator or external input
Manual or trigger controlled start/stop/reset (reset trigger output provided)
Per track (4 tracks total):
1v/oct calibrated CV output (8V max)
Gate output (10v)
Mute function
Quantizer scale (off, 12-tone, roots and fifths, minor/major triads, sixth and sevenths, all seven modes with selectable root)
adjustable track length (each track may differ, all tracks follow the reset signal, preset changes happen at the end of track 1’s length)
Parameters per step (maximum 16 steps per sequence):
CV value (0-8V at full scale, 0-5V, or selectable 2-octave ranges)
Gate length and offset/delay
Burst rate and repetition count per step
All step parameters may be modulated by two external CV channels. Each CV input can be assigned to any combination of parameter pages, with the attenuation of the CV input programmable per sequencer step. The two manual controls are large and playable.
MSRP: $666 (US)."

iOS Audio Units Plug-in Feature - Sweetwater's iOS Update

Published on Dec 14, 2015 SweetwaterSound

"Mitch Gallagher demonstrates the Audio Units plug-in functionality introduced in iOS 9. Apps that support the plug-in functionality can be opened within other apps for sound creation and processing, without the need for a bridge such as InterApp Audio or AudioBus. Adding plug-in support to iOS 9 is a huge leap for producing music on your iOS devices."

So need an iPad Pro...

Playthrough | Pluck

Playthrough from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Live modular, self generating patch with ambient / drone textures overlaying a polyrhythmic beat.

Clouds in resonator mode provides the string like drone, sequenced by Pressure Points, Radiomusic the drums and the Piston Honda the background noise. All recorded live in one take."

Pluck from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Self generating patch using random and low pass gates"

Hyboid "Terrör of the Üniverse" Album Teaser #1 (Korg Mono/Poly + Arp Axxe) [HQ Audio]

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Hyboid a.k.a. Astro Chicken

"Teaser for Hyboid´s upcoming 2x12" Vinyl Album "Terrör of the Üniverse" on Astro Chicken Records.
Available on black vinyl (regular edition) and on purple vinyl (special edition with A2 poster and sticker), both editions with free MP3 download code.
Also available as digital release.

Instruments used:
Oberheim DMX
Roland TR-606
Roland CSQ-600
Roland Juno-60
Roland SH-09
Korg Polysix (Tubbutec ModyPoly Mod)
Korg Mono/Poly (Tubbutec ModyPoly Mod)
Arp Axxe
Octave Kitten"

Ensoniq ASR X - Cerebral Pathway Through The Physical

Published on Dec 15, 2015 TheDaydreamSound

"Making the crossing enjoyable!



Published on Dec 15, 2015 AudioCubes by PERCUSSA

"In this video, you’ll see how we patch wirelessly by placing AudioCubes next to each other, and at the same time change synthesis parameters, while changing the distance between the AudioCubes. Learn more:"

All parts here.

Elektron Overhub

Published on Dec 15, 2015 Elektron

"Overhub, a 7 port USB 3.0 hub featuring Multi TT technology. A USB hub for the modern studio."




Published on Dec 15, 2015 Ebotronix

"Vector Synthesis with Choices and Jag

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