MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday, January 02, 2016

A Slice Of Time

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Zeropage

"A Deep Journey Into Chilled Club Sounds

- Roland TB-3, JU-06, JP-08
- Elektron Analog Rytm, Octatrack
- Doepfer Eurorack Modular System
- Ableton Push
- Behringer X32"

A few Roland Jupiter-80 pads

Published on Jan 2, 2016 SynthMania
Re-Published on Jan 3, 2016

"A few Roland Jupiter-80 pads in single part."

Moog Mother-32 with Korg Poly-800 in arpeggios demo from Warstat #20 :o)=

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Druweed

Roland JP08: Modulated

Published on Jan 2, 2016 bitleyTM

"Live tweaks on the Roland JP-08 front panel: It's actually lovely to tweak after getting used to the pretty small footprint. Here, we modulated the JP-08 realtime by passing its signal through the Alpha Juno clone Rack Extension (Reason) "ReDominator". After that, we also modulated the ReDominator's Chorus rate and envelope settings with a Matrix Pattern Sequencer. So in all, it's like a giant polyphonic modular system running, using just three 'modules'. The JP-08 is a wonderful box!"


Published on Jan 2, 2016 ryouichi harada

bekind2016 - SLOPE114

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Dmitri SFC

DO IT! Live Modular Synth Performance (feat. Shia LaBeouf motivational speech) @obrienmedia

Published on Jan 2, 2016

Shia LaBeouf sample comes in at 6:29 but the build up is worth it. Surprisingly, it works really well in the track. If you aren't familiar with Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It" motivational speech you'll find it below. No one knows if it's for real, he's "crazy", or if he's pulling an Andy Kaufman.

"This live modular synth performance is the set I put together for Modular On The Spot - a live synth meetup that took place on the banks for the LA River in Los Angeles on December 17, 2015.

The patching breakdown:

The clock source is Intellijel’s Metropolis. Mutable Instruments Clouds was the only module used in the beginning as I played the QuNexus. The main filter throughout the song was MakeNoise’s MMG, filtering both LP and HP.

The low drone bass tones come from The Harvestman’s Hertz Donut. I composed a small choir track in Kontakt and exported as a file to loop on the QuBit Nebulae. Melody being played on the QuNexus is from Braids, with Intellijel’s ADSR generating the envelope.

Bass line sequenced using MakeNoise’s Brains and Pressure Points.

All drums are Hexinverter’s Mutant Bassdrum, HiHats and Clap. Lots of triggering with Delptronibs Triggerman, and a group of 4ms modules: Quad Clock Distributor, Quad Pingable LFP, Rotating Clock Divider, Shuffling Clock Multiplier w/ Breakout.

Noise Engineering’s Basimilus Interitas was the module added to the drums to give it a punchy texture before adding in Shia’s voice.

I used the audio from this YouTube video for Shia’s Motivational Speech, made it into a file as a track in the QuBit Nebulae: I used Expert Sleepers Disting for the delay on his voice.

Sequencing track during Shia’s voice was done by MakeNoise’s Rene and the sound source was Noise Engineering’s Loquelic Iteritas.

The rhythmic noise cluster during the second half of the track involves Mutable Instruments Warps and Braids, ALM’s Dinky’s Taiko, QuBit’s EON, bass tone from the Hertz Donut then morphed it into a ducking compression with Audio Damage’s Kompressor.

All sounds mixed out through Sputnik Modular’s 6-Channel Stereo Mixer, send in stereo to Ableton Live for master file creation for YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

I recorded with video with a GoPro Hero 4 then manually synced the video with the audio in iMovie.

All modules were inside a 12U Gemini 0104 case from Monorocket."

Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech (Original Video)

Moog modular and Sample and Hold

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Ollie Eastwood

Oberheim Ob xa Matrix 6 Dmx Roland MC-500 MKII computer 2016

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Superfunk Synths

"Oberheim Ob xa Matrix 6 Dmx Roland MC-500 MKII computer 2016"

Testbed 4Voice by BugBrand

"2 x 1Frame giving 4 Voices - each set up as VCO/VCF/VCA
Played with Roland 184 Keyboard + Sonic Potions LXR (Audio & Clocking)
Downloadable as .wav
Raw sounds, no effects, minimal edits."

Mattson Mini Modular Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Dalek in the background.

"For sale are two panels of Mattson Mini Modular, made by the man himself, George Mattson. Included are:
Two Oscillators
Two filters
The sq816 sequencer and expander
Two envelope generators
Two 4x mixers
One quad vca
One quad asr
One noise source
One vc mixer
One sample and hold
One dual vc LFO
One utility one
One four channel buffer
One midi in voltage and gate out
One power/midi set module.
All contained in a beautiful hardwood easy to carry case. The MMM has never left the home studio, and was never exposed to smoke. It's in perfect functioning condition and cosmetic shape. What's great about this system is that it interacts with eurorack seamlessly."

YAMAHA TQ5 FM Digital Synthesizer - Classic multi-timbral 4-OP FM w/EFFECTS

via this auction

"Think of it as a desktop TX81Z with the addition of a sequencer and great-sounding STEREO EFFECTS. Comes with an external 15V Power Adapter and a copy of the MANUAL on CD-r

NOTE: Although all the preset patches all work fine and the unit functions perfectly, the internal battery has not been changed, and if you wish to save your own presets, you'd either have to replace the battery or use a RAM Card (not included). If you're looking, I assume you're aware of this."

Oberheim OB-8 Synthesizer w/factory MIDI

via this auction

Alesis Andromeda A6 16 voice analog synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Blofeld Tutorial: S&H Modifier Fun for Arpegiators

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Mark Pigott

All parts here.

Korg PS3100 Abstract drone1

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Peter Maas

"Drone created with the Korg PS3100 analoge, semi-modular polyphonic synthesizer. Very small amount of delay added. It's surely not the only thing the PS3100 is good add, but for sure one of its' main strengths!"

plumbutter Gull & Dust

Published on Jan 2, 2016 koze pz

"This video is about plumbutter Gull & Dust."

White Moog Minimoog Voyager XL

via this auction

ARP OMNI 2 Synthesizer - Fully Serviced / Restored

via this auction

"This Omni has been fully serviced and restored to full working order by Wes Taggart at All of the official ARP Field Service fixes have been applied. Every single one of the tantalum capacitors have been replaced with brand new electrolytics. All failing or suspect IC’s have been changed. All of the sliders have been broken apart, cleaned and re-lubed with Fader Grease. They travel as nice and smooth as you can get with the old CTS faders in this era of ARP synths. The (often missing) slider caps are all original and included!!"

Vintage Moog Rogue Synthesizer SN 5958

via this auction

"Also comes with a new power source so you know its getting all the voltage its needs!"

SynthSpa Custom Red Roland Junior 106

via this auction

"Here's a Roland Red Junior 106 that we made this month. It's exactly like a Juno 106 but smaller and more compact. The outside is totally new and perfect. The inside has received the standard 'Full survival restoration' and is set to last a decade or more. Every circuit board was restored and all the standard issues of the 106 were addressed. Voice chips are excellent with the SynthSpa guarantee ! It also has a copy of the best of the best sounds installed for peak inspiration."

I believe the first Junior 106 was by Henrik Nydell. You can find previous Junior 106 posts including video here.

FYI, I created a new SynthSpa channel label for them moving forward.

How a Moog Prodigy works

Published on May 18, 2015 murderousmaths

"A step-by-step guide to how a vintage synthesiser works, featuring the simple yet brilliant Moog Prodigy."

Vintage Synth Cat and Dog

Published on Oct 5, 2013 murderousmaths

"Cat and dog noises made using a KORG MS20 and an ARP ODYSSEY.
There are nearly 7 billion people on this planet, so it's possible that one of them might find this interesting. If that person is you then HELLO!"

Prototype MIDI-CV box for Novation Circuit

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Jason Hotchkiss

"A quick demo of sequencing analog gear using Novation Circuit and a compact MIDI-CV box I am working on. The gear used is a CB55 drum voice board (DR55 clone from, Moog Minitaur, Pittsburgh Modular System 10.

The PCB shown here is a prototype, but I hope to have them on sale soon. It has a 3.5mm MIDI input jack so a simple stereo 3.5mm cable can connect it to Circuit's MIDI output. I've been working on bus powering it, but an external supply is used for this clip.

Support two mono channels with Note CV, Gate, Velocity CV (one for each Circuit synth track), and four drum gates (one for each Circuit drum track). Also an additional drum accent gate (when any
drum triggered at max MIDI velocity) which can double as a clock out.

Built around PIC16F1825 microcontroller with MCP4728 Quad 12-bit I2C DAC with on-board charge pump used to get full CV range.

I hope to have these on sale soon on my Tindie store ... watch this space

Cheers for watching!"

Roland JX-3P JX-8P GR-700 4x Memory Expansion M-16C Analog Synth

Published on Jan 2, 2016 WayneJoness

" This video will show you how to quadruple 4x the memory of your vintage Roland synthesizer. Works for any synth designed to use the M-16C for memory storage"

Rings modulator striked by Tides - mutable instruments eurorack modular synth

Published on Jan 2, 2016 DavidH

"in many patch Tides is juste the perfect modulator here again, makes some kind of filtered vocals with Rings first part of the video is a sound research part,

at 3:06 rings speech
jump directly to 7:00 to here the final patch
at 8:45 I freeze the cloud, making a strange backing choir

so do you feel the trance coming ?
oh and this my first video with my new Zoom Q4. The Q3 is still alive, someone want it ?"

1970s Minimoog Brochure - "The Moog for the road"

via this auction

"Extremely rare brochure from the 70's featuring the Minimoog. Great condition, full color that folds out showing all the classic features. You can frame this and it would look great!"

Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ MKII with PL-2 Protective Lid - Clear Plastic Face Cover

via this auction


via this auction

"This baby really needs no introduction...

Beautifully made (built like a tank) with a stunning 37note keyboard including aftertouch.

32 knobs, 35 buttons, and 69 blue LEDs gives you complete control and status info.

Includes the full Virus C engine with 32-voice polyphony; 16-part multitimbrality; 1,024 programs; undo/redo/random commands; 4 oscillators per voice, sawtooth, variable, pulse, sine, triangle, and 62 more spectral waveforms; many filter options; 3 LFO with 68 shapes; 16 arpeggiators; 98 simultaneous DSP effects; 2 Soft Knobs, and much more.

in immaculate condition."

MoonSatellite Lone Wolf Best wishes for 2016!

Published on Jan 2, 2016 MoonSatellite Lone Wolf

"Happy New Year my Friends!"

In The Mode - Beatstep Pro, Moog Werkstatt, System 1m, Mopho, Microbrute, Electribe EMX1

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"Today's musical journey has lots of noise in it. Drums from the EMX1, Beatstep Pro sequencing a Mode-esque bass line on the Mopho. Drone from the Werkstatt, and some funky leads and noises from the System 1m and Microbrute. It is what it is. All the System 1m effects are coming only from that unit. The Werktstatt and Microbrute are going through the Roland RE-301 Space Chorus."


Published on Jan 2, 2016 Dikkker

"First doodle with the (almost complete) new setup.

Gear list:
Nord Lead 2 Rack Synthesizer
Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer
Korg Monotribe Synthesizer (incl. Miditribe)
Korg KaossPad 3 (Effect – Delay)
Korg SQ-1 (Sequencer)
Arturia Beatstep (Sequencer)
Yamaha Piaggero NP-31(E-Piano)
Akai Rhythm Wolf (Analog Drum Machine)
Alesis SR-16 (Sample-based Drum Machine)
JL Cooper 3x8 (Midi Switch)
Lexicon MPX 100 (Multi-effect - Reverb)
Behringer Xenyx FX 1202 Rack-Mixer
JBL LS 305 (Monitor speakers)
Denon DR-M 12 HX (Tape Deck)"

Devil Fish- True Profressionals

Published on Jan 2, 2016 TB-303 Devil Fish

"Just for fun, live acid breakbeat jam! Using the Devil Fish with the Overdrive knob(the amount of oscillator sent to the filter) turned up to 4 where 2 is the TB-303 normal setting, this gives the Devil Fish a larger than life aggressive bass tone. Running it through the Boss Metal Zone distortion pedal with distortion at a low setting, with the level and eq set to add to the grunt. I also have the Headphone Out of the Devil Fish routed back into itself via the Audio in to filter, which when I flick the Audio In to Filter switch on momentarily, you can hear it frequency modulate and squeal a little.

The Tr-606 is receiving Accent & note CV data to the Dynamic Bank Switching ins, from the Devil Fish which is turned on later in the jam.

Gate Out from the Devil Fish, and Headphone Out from the 606 to a 12 stage frequency divider are the clocking sources for the Eurorack modules René, Metropolis, and the Trigger Riot which are all modulating the Phonogene with the Sample from Scooby Doo (cartoon). The Metropolis modulates the Devil Fishes Filter freq In, the Trigger Riot triggers the Slide In and the High Tom from the 606 triggers the Accent in.

The TT-303 Bass Bot has a clean signal path (all effects its running through are in bypass mode)

The TR-8 has a small role with a noise hit and hand clap, and also the intro kick drum."

SYNDRUM 278 Clone

Published on Jan 2, 2016 denha

"Tone generator : ICL8038"

Dreadbox Hades Synth Sounds

Published on Jan 2, 2016 ProckGnosis

"No talk, just real-time changing of parameters on the Hades over a sequence. Recorded straight (no effects) into Props Reason, and no effects added in Reason. Kick Drum added from Reason Kong on the last bit.

- Saw Wave at 00:32
- Square wave at 01:51
- Pulse-width wave at 03:11
- All 3 waves multi-tracked at 04:30 (with kick drum and sounding a bit Giorgio Moroder-ish)
- Bonus bit : Hades' Taurus Pedal imitation at 05:55"

Kick.S Live / X956

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Kick.S

Acidlab Miami
electro harmonix memory boy
electro harmonix Cathedral"

Quiet Saturdays - Episode 8 - Live studio

Published on Jan 2, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"If you have had a loud New Year's Eve Party, this track may clean the residual noise and the hangover!
I wish you a great New Year 2016 and all your wishes come true!
Alba Ecstasy"


Published on Jan 2, 2016 farmyfarm

"Just trying a quick ambient/experimental track on the Teenage Engineering PO-16 Pocket Operator Factory..(Say that 5 times fast!) It reminds me a lot of my Ensoniq Mirage. Just gritty, analog filtered, 8 bit, noisy output, over processed sounding. There is a lot of reverb on this demo, I probably could of dried up the saturation a bit. But the sounds ended up sounding better with it. Give it a minute or so. This is a fun little unit. Unlimited variations on the quick. The buttons however are hard to remember all their dual functions..."

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