MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blue Lantern 12U Elite System with Free Mother 32

via this auction

"This is a complete 12U Blue lantern Module's elite modular synthesizer system. A big chunk of the product line up is installed on this system. There is an additional Free Moog Mother 32 installed to complement it.
The system has some room for future module purchases on the top left. I installed some blank white panels. This was assembled by me Feb 20 2016.

Serious inquiries only. If you have zero feedback, please contact me.

The sale includes the Modular System, the moog mother 32 installed, the 24v power adapter for the synth, the 12v power adapter for the LED RGB portion, and 50 patch cables.

Here are the Specs for the case itself. The case is made of solid 6061 Aerospace aluminum. The backboards are thick black HDPE plastic.

12U metal case specs:
Dimensions: 19.5" Height, 16.5" Depth, 17.5" Wide
Power ratings: 2.4A +12v,2.4A -12v, 1.5A 5V
Power Supply Type: DC-DC converters. There are 3 total. Two of them are each rated 1.2A. 5v voltage is using a modern LDO part.

HP WIDTH: 84hp
12U height.
10 spaces per power buss. 4 Power Buss Strips.
The case complies to Doepfer and Roland Euro Format spec. You can install third party, other manufacturer modules.

Threaded Strip Provided, M2.5 type screw for mounting your modules is used.
This has an on board RGB LED Strip with special BLM 4hp Controller Module. This uses a separate 12v DC wall adapter and not part of the Module Power System.
The RGB Controller has a rgb fading mode, strobe mode, and fade selected color mode. You can control the speed of the fade.
When you push the 'Color" button the lighting is static and you choose your color of choice. The Speed/Brite button will toggle briteness of the color.
The RGB Controller has memory so on power down it will remember your last used settings. For example if you leave it on CYAN color, it will remain CYAN on powering off and turning it on again.

Here is the product module list that is installed:

Top Row:
*Sub harmonic Generator Modules
*Hot Rails Pro
*Passive Attenuators
*Buffer Multiple
*LED Color Controller Module
Next Row:
*Simple ADSR
*Simple ADSR
*Mix Em Up 8Ch Mixer
*Cmos Party Module
*Duo Q Barton Quantizer
*Cmos CLock Divider
*Sour VCF (Polivoks)
*Tadpole Exapnsion
*Mini Note Computer 16 Step Seq
*FM Mini Joystick
Next Row:
*Asteroid Mini Synth Percussive Module
*Sir Mix Alot 6 Channel Mixer
*LMC VCO (Buchla)
*NJM13700 Dual OTA VCA/Panner
*Steiner Diode VCF
*TW Tap Tempo Digital LFO
*Pyramid Twin VCLFO (Buchla)
Next Row Bottom:
*Millipede Varible Pole VCF
*CMOS Ring Mod (Arp Odyssey)
*Moog Mother 32 Module
*HPA FX Sends Module"

Bolsa Bass - A Quick Demo/Review

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Anonymous Animal 2

"Finally picked up a Critter & Guitari piece and it's this little hot pink number. It's very straightforward and not too deep for the tweaking, but I love the low-end it can put out, along with the small but very effective selection of sounds. I thought I'd just make a quick video cycling through all 6 different voices and offering some info/opinions on them.

Thanks for watching!"

Critter and Guitari on eBay | Critter and Guitari on Amazon

The gray skies of yesterday

Published on Feb 21, 2016 MIDERA

"A song I composed back in March of 2012. Back then, I never uploaded anything I wrote for fear of either my tracks being stolen or ridicule and I wasn't sure which I feared more. I wish I would have just put up my tracks and gotten good feedback. I likely would have grown faster, musically. So, I am finding these old songs and just uploading them so I can move on.

This track is made entirely using the Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2 (drums, pads, mono lead part, sequencing) and the Korg Radias (initial sound heard). Shot using a Canon 5D mark ii and Canon 60D (timelapses)."

TrapKat with Novation LAUNCHPAD & KORG EX 800

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Ritchie DeCarlo


via this auction

via the seller: "Up for auction is this very clean Moog Sonic 6 polyphonic synthesizer. This unit lived a simple life for the most part since it was used at the Carnegie Mellon school of music for most of its life. The outer case shows normal use for a synth of its age.- one of the locking clasps that keep the case shut is missing however. This unit was serviced a out 6 years ago by one of the professors from CMU that teaches electrical engineering. He replaced a few capacitors and cleaned the pots. I will include some extra parts that he did the need along with this unit. This unit was purchases in the 90s by a private owner who died in 2007. I purchased it from his sister later that year. The date on this Sonic 6 is 11/14/74. I won't post the SN but I will say it's under 2000. I am a musician not certified Moog tech. I have done my best to test everything I can in this unit and it seems to be 100% in order. The internal speaker is a bit scratchy but it's in the volume pot not the speaker itself. I also believe 2 caps are missing off of the glide and volume sliders."

Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Service performed:
- Voice chip restoration: All 6 voices have been serviced and are fully functional.
- Battery replaced: The original internal battery has been replaced with a new removable one.
- Calibration: The module board was calibrated to factory specs."

joystick chord trigger

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Ebotronix

choices ~ Jag ~ Tame Machine ~ Chord Machine ~ A185-2²²
4 Vox , Freqboxes²², Unkles²²
- ~ +

cellF - Video Documentation

Published on Feb 18, 2016 Guy Ben-Ary

The cellF has been featured numerous times here on MATRIXSYNTH. This video gives the most extensive overview yet.

"cellF is the world’s first neural synthesizer. It is a real 'wet-alogue' Synthesizer. cellF’s “brain” is made of a biological neural network that grows in a Petri dish and controls in real time an array of analogue modular synthesizers that were custom made to work in synergy with the neural network. It is a completely autonomous, wet and analogue instrument.

In 2012, Guy Ben-Ary received a fellowship to develop a biological self-portrait, and decided to portray one of his juvenile dreams: to become a rock star.

Guy Ben-Ary had a biopsy taken from his arm, then he cultivated his skin cells in vitro in the labs of SymbioticA at UWA, and using Induced Pluripotent Stem cell technology, he transformed his skin cells into stem cells. When these stem cells began to differentiate they were pushed down the neuronal lineage until they became neural stem cells, which were then fully differentiated into neural networks over a Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) dish to become - “Ben-Ary’s external brain”.

The MEA dishes that host Ben-Ary’s neural networks consist of a grid of 8×8 electrodes. These electrodes can record the electric signals (action potentials) that the neurons produce and at the same time send stimulations to the neurons – essentially a read-and-write interface to the “brain”.

Human musicians are invited to play with cellF in special one-off shows. The human-made music is fed to the neurons as stimulation, and the neurons respond by controlling the analogue synthesizers, and together they perform live, reflexive and improvised sound pieces or “jam sessions” that are not entirely human.

The sound is specialized in the space to 16 speakers. The specialization is controlled by the neural network and reflects the special pockets of activity within the petri dish. Walking around the performance space offers the sensation of walking through Ben-Ary’s external brain in real time

In its world premiere (On October 4th) cellF jammed live with Darren Moore, Tokyo-based experimental jazz drummer, in a unique improvisation. His music was fed into the neurons as electrical stimulations and the neurons responded by controlling the synthesizer, creating an improvised posthuman sound piece.

cellF is a collaboration between artists Guy Ben-Ary, Darren Moore, Nathan Thompson and Andrew Fitch, and scientists Stuart Hodgetts, Mike Edel and Douglas Bakkum.

For more info –"

Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds Live Cover

Published on Feb 21, 2016 fedemanfredi

"Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds Live Cover
Korg Monotribe
Korg MS20 Mini
Korg Volca Keys
Ipad Mini w/GarageBand Hard Rock Guitar
Line 6 PODXT Multi-effects Processor"

Novation Circuit Unboxing Pics

Novation Circuit Unboxing Pics

Look what arrived in the mail. :) I'll be doing an upcoming review on the new Novation Circuit. Until then, here are some unboxing shots for those interested. Click on any to get to the full size shot. I will say, this one is easy to get lost in (in a good way of course!), especially when you have a bad case of the flu. Lost in synth syncopations in synth la la land. :)
Novation Circuits on eBay | Novation Circuits on Amazon

Korg Z1 Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System (MOSS) Synthesizer and RAM Card

via this auction

Vintage Korg 770 mono synth

via this auction

"This synthesizer is a BEAST! I've never heard another synth sound quite like this one. 2 VCOs, low/high pass filter with a resonance (BRIGHT) switch that affects both. A weird, albeit useful envelope generator, with HOLD and LFO triggers. A CHORUS mode for pulse width modulation. LFO for pulse width and/or filter with a separate LFO for vibrato in the VCO mod section. Portamento. 2 ring modulators, which are out of this world... especially when processing audio from the external input. White, pink and scale noise generators (scale is tracked by the keyboard)."

Korg Minilogue Voice Mode

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"Trying different Voice Mode. Poly, Duo, Unison, Mono and Chord. Added some drums fromt the Roland TR8 in the middle. Recorded on the ZOOM H4n. Video GoPro 4."

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

severence // accretion patch

Published on Feb 21, 2016 severence

// modules used in this patch

addac802 vca quintet mixing console
intellijel planar
modcan quad lfo
mutable instruments clouds
nonlinearcircuits sloth
schippmann vcf-02
steady state fate propagate
steady state fate quantum rainbow 2
steady state fate ultra random analog
toppobrillo quantimator
wmd sequential switch matrix
wmd synchrodyne + expand
wmd/ssf spo
verbos electronics dual four pole
verbos electronics harmonic oscillator
verbos electronics voltage multistage

"chicago love" - 707 riding the buchla easel

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Peter Maas

"TR707 triggering the buchla easel to generate a typical old skool chicago house track. Some delay and reverb added in ableton live but "live" recording.


the patch from yesterday, mutable instrument Ring / Doepfer TZ peaks drums

Published on Feb 21, 2016 DavidH

"if a patch is not good one day, try it another day, it may become better
yesterday I caught that words from the short waves : 'le mangeur de graines de tournesol en action a l'air d'un maniaque'"

Synth bunny! Wonder what it thinks of the music. Should get together with Kimi the DJ hamster.

The New Magic Easel Orchestra - Three are better than one!

Published on Feb 21, 2016

"This is the sound of not one, not two, but three Buchle Music Easel played by the New Magic Easel Orchestra!

The New Magic Easel Orchestra are Worsel Strauss, trabouliste and weinglas!"

Sequential Prophet-6 Desktop Demos by Chris White

Published on Feb 1, 2016 Chris White

"Getting mildly experimental in the studio with a Sequential Prophet-6 Module. The 6 Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesiser from Dave Smith Instruments."

Sequential PROPHET-6 MODULE Part2

Published on Feb 21, 2016

"Further exploration of the Sequential Prophet-6 Module. The 6 Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesiser from Dave Smith Instruments."
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6s on eBay | Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6s on Amazon

Sound Design:Sample & Hold Melody on the Mother 32

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Rishabh Rajan

"Not many people are aware that the Mother 32 has a S&H generator, or at least something similar. In this video tutorial I show you 2 different ways of creating the classic S&H sequence melody."

All parts here.

Novation Circuit- Candlelight Spooky Jam

Published on Feb 21, 2016 KlaatuNinja
Novation Circuits on eBay | Novation Circuits on Amazon


Published on Feb 21, 2016 Bimini Road

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

"This began as a thought - I wanted to be able to turn a knob and create pulses to advance switches, counters, etc. Then I was like, hmm, bet this would work in the audio range as well! And so: the DGS output (green) is a 0 or 1 pulse, and whatever the number is on the bottom of the module, it will pulse that many times during the top knobs sweep.

The pitch is determined by the range (the x button) and how quickly you turn the knob. /2 halves the range.

Download this patch here:"

New Music Thing Modular Axoloti Shift/Delay Test

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Tom Whitwell

A new module from Music Thing Modular based on Axoloti.

via Music Thing Modular

"Axoloti is a very nice €65 audio board from Belgium, the closest thing I’ve yet seen to an Audio Arduino; lots of easy analog ins and outs for pots and switches, enough power to do interesting audio, and a nice visual patching system. A bit like a Nord Modular for 2016.

I’ve put together a simple control surface for my Axoloti; pots, buttons, LEDs and a joystick.

The BOM and PCB files (with a link to OSHPark to buy the PCBs direct) is here on Github: Axoloti Control Board.
It is all CC-BY-SA licensed so feel free to make and sell boards, so long as you credit me (Tom Whitwell / Music Thing Modular) and share any changes/improvements you make to the design."

The SynthSummitShow episode 6 Guest Paul Soulsby synthesizers

Streamed live 20 hours ago Flux302 of


"The SynthSummitShow is dedicated to bringing you interesting discussion about synthesizers and music gear ranging from modular to stand alone gear. This weeks guest is Paul soulsby of Soulsby synthesizers."

Pocket operator ROBOT vs Atmegatron

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Robin Fitton

"By total luck the Griffin laptop stand has a lip on the front which is exactly the correct size to hook on a Pocket Operator by the hanger. I have a Soulsby synth and a DJ Tech Tools Midifighter twister. Sorry about the music, it is just a random sequence with some beats played from the MPC Touch and Soulsby Atmegatron v2 for a rhythm. I promise to actually try and make a proper sequence next time ;)"

Moog Prodigy Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer SN 2939

via this auction

"Moog Prodigy Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer near MINT works perfect. This item is 100% tested and working . Has one tiny dent in the wood on the upper left-hand corner so please take a good look at the pictures."

Vintage Sequential Circuits PRO ONE Analog Synthesizer J Wire SN 0728

via this auction

Folktek "Bugxx" Magnetic Patchable Glitch Synth

via this auction

"This particular piece features four patchable knobs, and a twelve point magnetic patchbay. This allows you to determine function and provides tons of flexibility. In addition, two more knobs (global knob control and power kill) , glowing lamp power indicator , 2 folktek button/switches for activate and freeze mode sections, light activated strobe patch section, reset, 1/4" output, basic manual of function and layout. You'll be able to cipher through waveforms and textures with extreme sensitivity in thousands of ways. Waveforms (individual, or multiple layers) can be captured and maintained, often intermodulating in beautiful and/or disturbing ways. Super sensitive knobs let you filter through tons of sounds and glitchscapes. Housed in a handmade hardwood box. Albums are waiting to be created here as the sound is quite different from anything else you'll find.."

Modular Jam 46 "Blacklight"

Published on Feb 21, 2016 ngarjuna

"You can't hide under the 'Blacklight'...

Patch Notes:
West Coast-ish Bass Patch
One channel of Optomix modulated and struck by Maths fed by FM'd Sputniks, damping modulated by Woggle stepped out being clock mod'd by Pingable Envelope Generator
The other channel fed by Cranial Saw square waves, Rubicon square waves, Sputnik sine waves modulated through Timbre via STG .Mix into the Aion 904A VCF into the Oakley Classic VCA modulated by Minimod EGs

Poly Pad Patch
Mix of 3 cross modulated PGH Oscillators with some Quantum Rainbow noise driving the STG .Mix pretty hard into the Post Lawsuit Filter mod'd by Minimod EGs fed into the Oakley VCA modulated by Intellijel ADSRs fed into the Synthrotek Eko modulated by PEG (also modulating PLF)
Multitracked (that's all per voice, 3 voices)

Robot Hump Noises Patch
Combination of standard Make Noise STO - Optomix - Maths - Wogglebug - PEG pluck patch mixed with Wogglebug Ring Mod out mixed with an angry Rubicon (being modulated in various directions) all piped through the Optomix and enveloped by Maths

Occasional Machine Sounds Patch
Cross modulated PGH Oscillators modulated by PEG - uVCA - Wogglebug combined with an angry Rubicon being modulated by cycling Maths envelopes fed into the Optomix

There is one Sinevibes Array sequenced line in the middle, it's a breakdown of the poly pad

Drums in Spark (electronic) and Jamstix (hand percussion) filtered by AJH Minimod VCF
Acid cooked (and various other things burned) by Angel Lofte Source Plus tube destroyer!! and Klanghelm SDRR (extra crispy)

and of course my trusty Tektronix 422 scope providing the trippy light show"

Lowrey Genie meets Microbrute, Minilogue, Mother, Vahlhalla

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"I found this little organ at the swap meet yesterday for $35. Brought it home, Played its cheesiness for a while (I"ll post my Little Mermaid jam later....I'm not kidding), and then introduced it to the big boys. Shove this thing through some Valhalla Ubermod and Shimmer (big plug for those FX plugins here), and you have a beautiful sounding thing indeed. The volume pedal on the organ allows you do to the swelling pads. The "repeat" feature on the organ gives you kind of an LFO of sorts in that it will retrigger a preset. I kind of messed with that in here and varied the speed of the repeat. It almost goes into the audio range....too bad it doesn't quite make it. Anyway, the Microbrute you can see, and the Minilogue and Mother 32 are synced via my Beatstep Pro playing a simple sequence that comes in a few minutes into the thing. But I think this goes to show that you don't need a Prophet 6 to make nice music. Though, if anyone out there wants to send me a Prophet 6, I'm game."

Stephen Coker messing around on a vintage synthesizer

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Stephen Coker

"Recorded with iPad."

Stephen Coker messing around on a vintage synthesizer
Stephen Coker random synth jam
Stephen Coker improvised Yamaha CS 60 preset jam
Stephen Coker playing Alesis Andromeda & Yamaha cs60

KISS2015 — How The “Glitch” Stole The Party: Something found that became something else: İlker Işıkyakar

KISS2015 -- How The “Glitch” Stole The Party: Something found that became something else: İlker Işıkyakar from Symbolic Sound on Vimeo.

"What is this thing we call glitch? An electronics glitch is an undesired transition that occurs before the signal settles to its intended value. A computer glitch is the failure of a system. In a technical sense a glitch is the unexpected result of a malfunction. Glitch Art, in turn, is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors (such as artifacts and other “bugs”) by corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices. The glitch takes on a different form in relation to noise, failure or the accident. It transitions between artifact and filter, between radical breakages and commodification processes. Thus, the glitch in Glitch Art is a definitional precondition where the recovery of technical failure is the formal basis for the creative process.

To this day I remember my first glitch-experience when my beloved commodore 64 home computer crashed and the “ghost in the machine” was awakened. Ever since that moment I have wondered whether machine malfunctions are in fact a curious form of communication… between human and machine, between machine and human, between machine and machine.

For this performance piece, I shall accompany a short film that I created combining found imagery from old Video 8 footage. The real time Kyma soundscape draws from found sounds of everyday life. My intent is to emphasize the totalizing nature of the breakdown that glitch imposes on a work: A failure that is a transposition of the material (video and audio) itself."

Circuit bending is a form of glitch.  Not mentioned in the description, he is using Percussa's Audio Cubes to manipulate the piece.

SunVox + Oscilloscope: Silence Artifacts (by NightRadio)

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Alexander Zolotov

iTunes: SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

"Made in SunVox:
Oscilloscope: OML-3M (in XY mode)."

Live Korg Volca Jam 017 Korg Volca and Roland Boutique

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Todd Smith

": Gear Used :

Roland JU-06
Korg MicroKorg
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Beats
Korg Monotron Delay
Alesis QX49
Midi Solutions Quarda Thru
Behringer Micromix MX400
Tascam US-144mkII Audio Interface
Waves Supertap & TrueVerb
Ableton Live 8 ( Used as digital mixer / multi track )


The Korg Volca Beats and Korg Volca Keys are on sequencer duty. The Korg Volca Bass , Microkorg and Roland Boutique JU-06 are all played live. The Alesis QX 49 key range is split into 2 midi parts which controls the Korg Volca Bass with low range keys and Roland Boutique JU-06 with high range keys."

BURG - Album Movement 05 (KORG volca, Roland Aira, ms-20, Microbrute, Nord Lead)

Published on Feb 21, 2016 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

Alright, stuff is coming up in a fast pace... so this is movement number 5.. i wanted to make this track feel a bit more uptempo even though its just 114bpm. Combining it with some airport/train footage i have been taking lately.. to get a sense of movement, as the track is about moving stuff forward.

Also, as you can hear I am back to the one note stuff on this one.. I feel that it is more BURG, dont what you guys think but i feel it should not be too happy.. the dreamy part must be there, and when fiddling and soloing on a single note it sort of becomes that automatically. :)

For the album I want to make a minimum of 15 tracks.. so i can cherry pick the goodies for the album. Dont worry, all versions will released in some sort of format so they will be available if you for some reason like the 2 track versions better. FYI there will be a fair amount of polishing away all the hiss and noises from the t-resonator and volcas on the 16 track edits.... haha :)

Gear Used: KORG volca bass, keys, sample, Novation Circuit, ms-20 mini, SQ-1, Elektron Analog Four, Roland Aira TR-8, System-1, TB-3, Arturia Microbrute, Roland boutique JX03, Nord Lead A1

FX and Mixer: PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2, KORG kaoss pad, strymon timeline, SolidgoldFX electroman, Zoom MS70 CDR, Jomox t-resonator, Mooer Reecho"

Korg Minilogue demo pad

Published on Feb 21, 2016 DavidH

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Korg Minilogue Demo

Published on Feb 21, 2016

"another Minilogue demo yeah :)
just playing around, it is the my friend's Minilogue, so I just discover it.
thanks for watching"

TB-303 - MFB Dominion 1 - Jomox XBase 09 - Jam

Published on Feb 21, 2016 Guy Schneerson

"Plug and Play analog Acid Techno Jam - Just finished plugging in my new setup a couple of TB-303s synced from Jomox XBase 09 Analog drum machine with sync 24. MFB Dominion 1 playing a simple arpeggio. also MFB-522 adding more analogue drums."

euro rack techno

Published on Feb 21, 2016 eurorack

"a very simple patch using 2 x tiptop audio one modulating the other through linear fm and going into z8000 , metropolis is used only as to extend gates on envelopes , slight delay through zdsp , metropolis in LFO mode on 2 nd osc going into KOMA filter all being triggered from trigger riot in independent mode."

Theme From Midnight Express (cover by retropeak)

Published on Feb 21, 2016 vintagesynthlover

"Theme From Midnight Express played on Roland Juno 6 synth."

CS-5 iPadM3000HDSound0221

Published on Feb 20, 2016 ryouichi harada

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