MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday, March 25, 2016

Moog Music Speaks out on North Carolina's House Bill 2 LGBTQ Law

If you haven't heard, North Carolina passed a bill that not only allows the discrimination of LGBTQ people, but actually prevents local municipalities in NC to pass laws banning it. Look it up.

Moog sent out the following mailer and has it posted on their site here:

"Friends of Moog Music,

North Carolina has been home to Moog since 1978. We treasure the community we live and work in, however we strongly object to House Bill 2, which sanctions discrimination against members of our family.

As an employee-owned company, we are a group of wonderfully diverse individuals who share a passion for designing inspirational tools. Bob Moog believed, as do we, that the most beautiful and innovative solutions evolve from harnessing the collective power of divergent ideas and perspectives. Exclusion limits our path to progress and denies our living connection to each other.

The Moog factory and Moogfest are, and always will be, safe and inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ community and their allies.

Synthesize Love,

Good for Moog.

Moogfest's Substrate playing through Audulus Ladder Filter

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Bimini Road

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

"See you at Moogfest! Audulus will be tabling at Moogfest May 19-22nd - come by and say hi! This patch features a ladder filter by Macro Machines - thought it was appropriate seeing as Moog invented the ladder filter.

Moogfest Substrate:

Audio Routing:

System Pref - Audio to Soundflower 64
Audulus Input - Soundflower 64
Audulus Output - Soundflower 2
Quicktime Screen Capture - Soundflower 2

Visit the Audulus Website for a Free Trial:"

MiniMoog Voyager "Solo"

Published on Mar 25, 2016 synthartist69

"Just noodling out a solo on the Voyager. Alesis SR18 drum machine in background. Again, sorry for the audio, recorded with the cell phone, so much easier that why sometimes.. ha!"

Yamaha CS50 vintage analog synthesizer

via this auction

Pulse Tips #2 - Varigate 4 Random Repeat And Delay

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"In our latest episode of Pulse Tips, our new series of short, Eurorack related tutorials, we are exploring the Varigate 4 random repeat and delay modes.­lay/"

CV Gate Expansion for the Social Entropy Engine 8 Track Sequencer Coming April 15

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH Member Lorne:

"This is more than just 8 cv and 8 gates as there is a great deal of customization and flexibility built in to what it can do.

8 tracks of mono cv, 1 track of 8 triggers and cvs, a couple of four voice, customized output voltages, etc. User installable with two screws and a snap in cable. $125US available from the company site.

Also coming new batch of the sold out Engine sequencer and also a new OS for teh engine, all to be released the same day, so stay tuned.

Release date has been set as April 15 2016. Units in production and beta done.

Unpaid endorsement from a happy owner who paid retail at the site. Lorne"

Workshops at Control Voltage Portland Tomorrow and April 2n

Basic Synth 1 tomorrow via Control Voltage:

"Join us this Saturday for the first session of our next Basic Synthesis series - a set of recurring casual presentations usually held every-other Saturday, each an hour in length with ample time for questions. The purposs is to de-mystify the synthesizer piece-by-piece using the modular synth.

This session we'll learn the building blocks of how to make a patch. No matter what level you are, this is the beginning. Voltage controlled oscillators and frequency modulation.
Presented by Joseph Pailo.

Control Voltage
3742 N Mississippi Ave, 97227
03/26/16 from 1-2pm

Novation Circuit workshop coming April 2.

Analogue Solutions Vostok V2 with Marilyn Monroe Stencil

via this auction

MFB Tanzbar Lite - Analog Drum Computer

via this auction

* MFB 522 Follower with nine powerful analogue Instruments
* Direct access with ultratight chse sequnencer and many soundparameters
* Individual step lenght each instrument and global shuffle quantisizing
* Four accents each instrument und five LFO, Flam function with 16 different trigger patterns
* 64 storable Patterns with A/B and chain mode with up to 16 patterns
* Parameter lock for each Step, also in realtime
* Five individual outs and one stereo main output
* Midi IN, Out/Thru, CC and Dump
* Compact and stabil metal chassis

KORG volca fm + Eventide Space

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Masaki Takada

"my first jam.
have fun:)"

Breathe/The Little Things [Eurorack Modular Ambient]

Published on Mar 25, 2016 S. B. Arweiler

"Ambient eurorack performance in two parts.

In both parts a glockenspiel sample is played from the MusicThing RadioMusic into Mutable Instruments Clouds. Reset on the RadioMusic is triggered by a channel on the TipTop Circadian Rhythms. On a second RadioMusic a sample of water drops is played for background atmosphere. Clouds is triggered by an ALM Pamela’s Workout channel in Euclidean mode. Clouds’ Size parameter is being modulated by MakeNoise Maths channel 1, Texture on Clouds is being modulated by the QuBit Nano Rand. Evaton Technologies RF Nomad is used as a noise source for some clicky percussion through MakeNoise Optomix triggered by a CR channel.

In part 1 (“Breathe”) Braids in WTX4 mode is sequence by MakeNoise Pressure Points/Brains. The PP/Brains combo is clocked by a channel on the Circadian Rhythms. Presets on the CR are switched manually. The bass drum is the TipTop BD808 that’s triggered from the same channel as the clock for PP/Brains.

In part 2 (“The Little Things”) the bass line is sequenced by the second CV channel of the PP/Brains combo. The bass line is the MakeNoise STO variable shape output played through a Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter. The lead melody is the Mutable Instruments Rings that is sequenced by the MakeNoise René in Snake Mode, which gets its clock from a CR channel. Some slight modulation for vibrato effects for Rings is provided by the four pressure outs on the second Pressure Points. The cymbal is the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteratis that is triggered by another CR channel.

Some reverb and delay added in the mixer with the EHX Cathedral and EHX Deluxe Memory Boy pedals.

Also, my new album "Feldrausch" is out today, and it sounds *nothing* like the tracks I posted recently on this channel. But if you're in noise and drone, check it out:"

WMD Aperture First Listen

Published on Mar 25, 2016 William Mathewson

"The first official audio demo of the new module from WMD, the Aperture.

It was used to filter the signal coming from the Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator. Sequence from the HexInverter SympleSeq.+ Bastl Knit Rider + WMD MME.

Drums = HexInverter Mutants + Bastl Knit Rider.


User Petition for the Tempest and Dave Smith Instruments Response

Update: a new OS is coming.

You'll find the petition here. The following is DSI's response from Carson Day of DSI:


The description in the campaign is interesting, though somewhat misleading. The vast majority of Tempest owners are happily making music with it. Most importantly, if anybody had contacted us directly at DSI support to ask whether we have quit development on the Tempest, we would have told them no. We do intend to continue, and finish, development of the Tempest.

Separately, the campaign appears to be an inaccurate representation of Tempest users since there’s no way to qualify who is an owner and who is not.

XODULAR ecoSYSTEM for Pure Data

ecoSYSTEM patch 23032016

Published on Mar 25, 2016

"Made using the brilliant XODULAR ecoSYSTEM modular synthesizer for Pure Data."

"The XODULAR ecoSYSTEM is a new modular synthesizer system in Pure Data. Where the first XODULAR system was a collection of simpler synthesis building blocks, the ecoSYSTEM is a much more personal instrument. The modules are more specific and complex. I wanted to create an instrument with a unique workflow and sound. For this reason, I do suspect that it might not be as easy to dive straight into as the previous XODULAR system, but the sonic possibilities are much, much wider. I hope you have some fun with it! I would also like to thank Joseph Beg for helping me realizing this project. His beta-testing helped shape this thing immensely."

You can find additional videos here.

Nostalgic Sundae - Heatseekerrr | OP-1

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Heatseekerrr

"Created with an OP-1

More music at"

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

Delta Music Research Modular Synthesizer & Lawrence Polysystems 512 Byte Sequencer

Delta Music Research Modular Synthesizer & Lawrence Polysystems 512 Byte Sequencer clocked by Max-MSP via Expert Sleepers ES-3 from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.

This is the first post on MATRIXSYNTH to feature Lawrence Polysystems.

Sequential Prophet-6 Patches by Paul Dither

The patches featured in Paul Dither's Prophet-6 demos are now available here.

New Radikal Technologies Swarm OSC Eurorack Module

Spotted this one on

Radikal of course is the company behind the Spectralis and Accelerator synths.

"this is the 3rd of Radikal Technologies’ eurorack modules (dual filter and phase shifter), it’s a

• dual osc which provides

• TLM which is a variation of PWM (pulse width modulation) for the generation of higher harmonics/fattening up sounds

• it also provides FM and PM internally and
• morphable waveforms (seamless xfade)"

3 Drum Machine M1xXOR

Published on Mar 24, 2016 JRock17991


via this auction

I believe this is the first Bleep-o-tron post on the site. Not sure when this was released so I gave it the "New" labels below as it is new to the site. You can find two demos on the MadLab website here. An interesting side note is MadLab also hosts events.

"Condition: Assembled and fully functional

monophonic, 2 x oscillators + white noise
8 x phase-modulation waveforms + combinations
6 x ADSR (attack-decay-sustain-release) envelopes
6 x LFO’s (low-frequency oscillators), 6 x waveforms
detuned second oscillator
connects to standard MIDI keyboard, or
play notes using PS/2 PC keyboard
keyboard transpose, keyboard split
pitch bend and modulation using PS/2 mouse
oscillator synch
ring modulator
selectable MIDI channel
16 x preset patches + 8 x non-volatile user patches
master volume control + gain x 2


Voyager XL ARP Multivox Delay

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

DSI Looping again

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Ron Feinberg

OB6 - bass, pad, lead, noise sweep
P6 - arpeggio pattern
P12 - Synth String
Tempest - percussion

Last Call for The Schmidt!

If you have $25,000 to spare and want a Schmidt, now is the time! Just be sure to send some support my way for the tip.

"e:m:c calls last orders for final 25-unit production run of Schmidt subtractive super-synth

'I feel really honoured that musicians around the world love the Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer, which simply started as a small-scale bass synthesizer project before I took a chance on building the synthesizer of my dreams. That e:m:c has decided to build another 25 units of this exclusive — and expensive — instrument makes me proud!'

- Stefan Schmidt, 2016

LANGENAU, GERMANY: e:m:c (electronic music components) — German distributor of several key electronic musical instrument brands, including Mellotron (Sweden), Moog (USA), Vintage Vibe (USA), and MIDI Solutions (Canada) — is proud to announce that it is taking orders on a second self-financed (and final) 25-unit build run of the exclusive (and expensive) Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer, surely one of the most ambitious analogue synthesizer projects ever undertaken...

The no-expense-spared Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer was, without doubt, a showstopper when namesake hardware and software designer Stefan Schmidt’s hand-crafted first prototype unit debuted at Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany. Within a year it was being shipped Stateside for its first proper public airing at The NAMM Show 2012 in Anaheim, California. Indeed, it is somewhat fitting that following a repeat performance at The NAMM Show 2013 that same super-synth prototype made its way over to Santa Monica for an audience with none other than Hollywood hotshot Hans Zimmer, one of the most successful, influential, and prolific film composers of all time with a sumptuous synthesizer-filled studio setup second to none! It’s still there... the rest, as they say, is history.

History has it, then, that the Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer is quite possibly the most expensive analogue eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer the world has yet seen and heard. Hardly surprising given the investment involved in its drawn-out development, both in terms of funding and man hours. Hardly the stuff of commercial viability in an accepted age of market value-driven optimisation, often resulting in compromised products. Put it this way, though: this is the synthesizer that Stefan Schmidt always dreamed of, created against all odds without any compromises whatsoever (with more than a little help from friends Axel Hartmann — co-founder and owner of renowned industrial designers designbox, whose distinctive design talents took the Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer prototype to another level entirely, thanks to some serious funding from e:m:c President Stefan Hund).

But bolstered by those tradeshow successes, supported by his partners at e:m:c, Stefan Schmidt set about putting his dream synthesizer into (build-to- order) production. A limited run of 25 units was admirably announced. Anyone arguing about its ‘second-tier’ five-figure price point probably couldn’t afford one. But bear in mind that those that could were buying into a thoroughbred analogue eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer with a fully- analogue signal path (with precise digital control) that’s truly a sound designer’s dream machine.

More meaningfully, a quick glance at its complex four-oscillator structure should be more than enough to convince even the most skilled synthesist that the Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer is capable of creating complex timbres that go way beyond the capabilities of conventional analogue synthesizers. Speaking of which, Oscillator 4 is worthy of special mention. Thanks to its chain of five ring modulators fed by six pulse-waves, each with different pulse-widths, it can create colder, wavetable-like sounds — despite being fully analogue. These truly unique features are hitherto unheard of in any analogue synthesizer, let alone an analogue polysynth! Subtractive synthesis clearly knows no bounds here, helping to make the Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer a shining example of no-expense-spared synthesizer design, deploying discrete sound generation circuitry throughout — no integrated oscillator/filter circuits on a single chip, for instance — in keeping with the highest possible production standards, while each and every parameter is directly accessible via dedicated controls on a seriously spacious front panel to die for.

Fortunately, for Stefan Schmidt and his supportive e:m:c production partners, all 25 units subsequently sold; Hans Zimmer would not be the only seriously satisfied Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer owner, after all. And that could so easily have been the happy ending to this success story, with the Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer surely going down in the annals of history as one of the bravest moves in electronic musical instrument design as a bold statement that flies in the face of the fast-paced and superficial age we unfortunately find ourselves living in today.

Today, though, with 25 instruments already hand-crafted in Germany and duly delivered to seriously satisfied owners around the world, e:m:c is proud to announce that it will be building a final batch of 25 more. Maintains"

Alesis Micron Sunset Tribute

Published on Mar 24, 2016 mmachinibarra

"This is my attempt to play Sunset by worrydream using the setup that he kindly shared. This is the link of his wonderful original jam." [posted here]

Alesis Micron Jam 1: Sunset

Archive: Top 20 Greatest Synths Episode 4

Episode 4 has been added to the main post here.

X1L3 - Vevoyah + Elektron Analog 4 - Drum mutilation

Published on Mar 25, 2016 manufacturedZ3R0 .

"Vevoyah - drone/pe/hnw/abstract synth/resonant filter/delay........

Hand built noise synth built around an atari punk console. with cv in to the filter cutoff, an external audio input and midi control of the oscillator over 12 notes.

Analog 4 drum sequence at the external input. Filter cutoff is being sequenced by the A4's CV out. The input is preamped and super hot so can be abused with line level instruments for some good distortion. Blending in the oscillator to this over driven input produces some nice toned grunge and pseudo ringmod effects, especially when the filter resonance is in self oscillation. A midi sequence is set running about midway through which animates this strange effect and underpins the drums with an unhinged arpeggio."

Korg volca FM Shipping From Japan

via this auction

It looks like they are out in Japan if that listing is legit. Remember to alway pay through eBay's system to protect yourself should something go wrong.

Roland Juno 106 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Another via synthartist69.

"In good condition, works great and sounds freaking INCREDIBLE! Was restored, including chips by synthspa. Had many upgrades done such as lighted bender, blue led lights, etc. The buttons were changed to resemble a Jupiter 8. There are 6 led lights installed to the right but one of those do not light up anymore. They can be turned on or off by an installed switch right below them. Something was done to it to make it sound more like a Juno 60. What that mod is called I do not know. Below are a couple of youtube videos showing me playing it. Remember, I am recording with my cell phone so the quality is nothing near what it is in person, but you will get the idea. There are some paint chips on the back of it, but it still looks very good overall. Wooden sides have also been installed."

Oberheim DX Drum Machine SN D33114

via this auction

Another via synthartist69.

"Oberheim DX drum machine. Looks and sounds incredible!!! Works perfectly. Comes with power supply."

Roland TR808 Analog Drum Machine with Original Box

via this auction

Another via synthartist69.

"Roland TR808 drum machine. In excellent to mint condition! Comes with the original box and owners manual. Rare find. It works perfectly, very well taken care of, looks pretty much new and functions that way as well. It also comes with the factory plastic see thru cover to protect the top panel, as seen in picture with box."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 REV 3.2 Analog Synthesizer SN 2690

via this auction

Another one listed by synthartist69.

"I am selling my immaculate Prophet 5. A lot of you know me from my synthesizer channel on Youtube Synthartist69. If so, you know that I have a ton of vintage synthesizers. Well, I am selling a few, along with some drum machines. This P5 is an REV3.2, the best sounding version created! There are no issues with it. Sounds so lush and incredible! The wood is gorgeous, as are the panels. The previous owner refurbished it electronically so it is good to go. I have not had any issues with it, other than when I first got it there were a couple of keys not working completely due to shipping it. Prophets are notorious for key problems when you ship them because of the J-wire system. I had to readjust those two keys, took me about 15 minutes. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. It is in my music room and there is a glare from the windows. Believe me, it is probably the most gorgeous P5 out there!"

Alesis Andromeda Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

This one appears to be from synthartist69.

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 Analog Emulation Synth with SYNTH-X V1.0 Expansion

via this auction

Korg Prophecy Synthesiser

via this auction

Live Korg Volca Jam 30, .Volca, Microkorg, Microbrute.

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Todd Smith

"Going back to the big 3 for a few jams !! Volca, Microkorg, Microbrute all internal sequencers. The Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Beats and Korg Volca Keys are on sequencer duty. The Korg Volca Bass handles the Bass with octave change in the sequence to create the effect. Korg Volca Beats Handles the beats while the Korg Volca Keys takes on the lead. The Microbrute and Microkorg are played live.

: Gear Used :

Korg MicroKorg
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Beats
Arturia Microrbute
Midi Solutions Quarda Thru
Behringer Micromix MX400
Tascam US-144mkII Audio Interface
Waves Supertap
Ableton Live 8 ( Used as digital mixer / multi track )

the two troubadours #tribunal

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Matthew Tyas

"Improvised synth session using two axoloti boards in home made DIY enclosures. Featuring Mescalibur as guest star"

CL-Projects - Linear Universe (for Roland D-50 and D-550)

Published on Mar 25, 2016 CL-Projects

"The Roland D-50 was and still is one of my favourite synths of all time. I noticed that there weren't any patch banks dedicated to ambient pad sounds so i decided to make my own, resulting in the Linear Universe sound bank containg airy, ambient, astrological, atmopsheric, ethereal, mystic, planetary and spiritual sounds. The Linear Universe sound bank will breath new life into your Roland D-50.

​Linear Universe is a sound bank for the Roland D-50 & D-550 synthesizers containing 64 new and original patches (8 banks of 8 patches). The Linear Universe sound bank focuses mainly on atmospheric and ambient pad sounds demonstrating the full potential of the Roland D-50. These sounds are very well suited to be used in ambient and new age music but nothing can stop you from using these sounds in other types of music. Every musician who owns a D-50 synthesizer and plays or loves ambient, new age music, should have this sound bank. You won't regret it.


- 64 patches (8 banks of 8 patches)
- Focuses on Atmospheric and ambient pad sounds
- In SysEx bank and SysEx patch format
- Velocity and aftertouch responsive
- Including:
- Installation instructions
- Patch List
- MIDI-OX MIDI Utility Program

Full info:"

PPG Phonem Vocal Synthesizer - Delayed Phonem

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"This is a second short video about PPG Phonem Vocal Synthesizer by Wolfgang Palm. This plugin offers a unique vocal synthesis technology and can produce great vocal / vocoder sounds.
This time I used the delay effect plugin Relayer from UVI.
I hope you like the results of this combination"

Hartmann Neuron

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Synth Love

"little bit of my Hartmann Neuron"

THE GREAT GIANA SISTERS - Live on Pocket Operator PO-28 'Robot' - [LukHash]

Published on Mar 25, 2016 lukhashdotcom

"Remix of another 80's classic. The Great Giana Sisters (Time Warp Productions), composed by Chris Hülsbeck in 1987. Played on a Pocket Operator PO-28 'Robot'. This one always had a special place in my heart, since I was a kid.. It was in fact the 3rd computer game I have ever played (Moon Patrol (on Arcade Machine) being the 1st one & Frogger 2 (on C64) being 2nd). Still remember how gobsmacked I was when it first loaded on my shiny brand new and belowed C64. I hope you will enjoy this little remix as much as I enjoyed playing Giana!"

Wiggling that Make Noise Tempi like a Monkey at a Typewriter

Published on Mar 25, 2016 skrapadelix

Great video title. I can visualize a monkey typing away.

"This first proper patch with the most marvellous Tempi turned into an indulgent but enjoyable jam. DISCLAIMER I had no idea what I was doing for most of the time, having neglected to RTFM as usual. Braids does all the crazy vocal stuff, anti-osc the rubber bass and a bunch of TTA and Mysteron/Rene provide the drums. The echoey high line is the square out of the VHO into the Echophon/Erbverb. Some parts came out quite well I thought, especially towards the end when I started to click with the Tempi.
Sorry for the bizarre camera angle - due to the absence of a tripod, the camera is wedged into my sock drawer."

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