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Monday, May 09, 2016

BOSS DR-110 "Dr. Rhythm" Analog Drummachine (1983)

Published on May 9, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage gear demo track by RetroSound

BOSS DR-110 "Dr. Rhythm Graphic" Analog Drummachine from the year 1983

The DR-110 sounds a bit like the Roland TR-606 but has an LCD graphic display, showing a step-programming grid for the various drum voices.
The bassdrum and snare voice were generated by damped tuned resonance oscillators. Cymbals and hi-hats were created by band-pass filtering a combination of white noise and four non-harmonically related square wave oscillators.
The DR-110 has 16 preset patterns, and 16 memory locations."

Open Music Labs x0x-heart Eurorack Module Seeks Funding on Crowd Supply

The Open Music Labs x0x-heart has been available as a desktop DIY project for quite some time. Open Labs is now seeking funding on Crowd Supply in order to produce a eurorack version.

"The heart of a TB303 synth recreated in modular format.

The Roland TB303 voice practically defined Acid music, heavily influencing the development of electronic music. Add that voice to your own setup with the x0x-heart Eurorack Module.

The x0x-heart module is the analogue section extracted from the x0xb0x (a TB303 clone) and made small enough to fit the Eurorack format. More nimble as a module, you no longer need to work within the constraints of the original TB303’s sequencer.

CV control of frequency, gate, accent, slide, env-mod, decay, and cut-off
Switches for waveform selection (square and sawtooth), external/internal oscillator mix
VCA and VCF outputs


Eurorack standard format (3U height)
~1.75in depth (45mm)
+/-12V current draw 10mA
5V current draw: 50mA


10” Euro power cable (16 pin to 10 pin connector)
Black anodized aluminum knobs with a diamond knurl pattern and two set screws (with slot heads and flat points)
A .063” (1.6mm) highly durable satin aluminum Metalphoto panel with a black print
Stretch goals
If, during the campaign, the funding amount reaches $15,000, the pacemaker circuit board (the one with the knobs) will be re-designed to allow for easier tuning and manufacturing.

If and when the first stretch goal is met, more goals may be announced during the campaign - let us know what you’d like to see as a stretch goal! No promises, of course. Here are some things we’ve been considering to make available - either for additional purchase or as options:

Red-anodized aluminum knobs
Laser-cut and engraved wood faceplates (which would be more fragile, of course!)
Open source hardware
To help you truly understand and control what you and your module are doing, Open Music Labs makes all schematic and board layout files available for your perusal and use."

Open Music Labs were also behind the Mixtape Alpha, and other devices.

Elektron Analog Rytm + Abstrakt Instruments Avalon - With Dre Robinson

Elektron Analog Rytm + Abstrakt Instruments Avalon - With Dre Robinson from Muff Wiggler on Vimeo.

"On the Fly recording with Dre Robinson."

More Info on the Vintage Waldeck Synthesizer from the 1970s

The first post on the Waldeck synthesizer went up back on May 1 here. MATRIXSYNTH reader Adam wrote in to let us know he tracked down and interview with the creator of the synth, Steven Waldeck, on the School of the Art Institute of Chicago website. Steven Waldeck was actually a professor at the institute starting in the 1960s.  He picked up an EMS Putney VCS3 for his department and and built his own synth, the Waldeck.

Pictured: "Duncan Green (left) and other Time Arts students working with a synthesizer, 1979"

From the interview:
"Waldeck: My philosophy was to offer technical assistance to any students from any area of the school. As an interest in 'sound' grew, and a school budget finally appeared for supplies, I bought a sound synthesizer called a Putney for my area. I also developed and built an electronic sound synthesizer of my own, called Waldeck.

Eventually, the interest in sound became too overwhelming for me to handle, so I asked Dean [Roger] Gilmore to consider hiring someone to handle this direction, and the SAIC Sound area was born. My area of kinetics also experimented in light and explored neon and holography, later to become separate entities. The Time Arts area was created at SAIC as a response to my written proposal sent to Dean Gilmore outlining and defining this conceptual area."

Update: some additional info from Adam who picked it up follows:

"I only had a few minutes with it and limited RCA cables to patch it up (that's how it patches).

I opened it. It is signed and labeled 'tested' and is hand dated by Steven Waldeck. The year is 1978.

There are two main seems to house the three oscillators, while the other contains most of the effects. There is a cool small reverb tank.

I couldn't get sound out of the third oscillator, but I think it won't be a big deal to fix.

I got some very EMS style sounds in just the five minutes I had with it before work. I have a VCS3, but haven't been able to 'side by side'/ A/B them.

I also found an old blog post by - I think - Mark Verbos. You can ask him. He might have one, as well. He says the build is crappy. It is kind of Sears-like. It is, but it has a nice panel, and with a little TLC, this one will be 100%.

I am not much of an electronics guy. I can solder and fix broken things, but I couldn't say where the circuit designs came from, or whether they are closely modeled to anything else.

That's all. I might bring it to Moogfest if anyone wants me to."

Update2: and some notes from Mark Verbos here:

"The Waldeck has a nice veriety of modules: three oscillators, a noise source, a ?envelope? (actually a combination amplifier and envelope like the Putney), a ?volume-pan? (this is a cool module), a ring modulator, a bandpass filter with resonance, a lowpass filter without resonance, a preamp, a spring reverb, a mixer-amplifier, and a meter with the mysterious ?trig? button. The oscillators have two waveform outputs: a pulse with variable width and a saw. The noise source is just white noise. The ?envelope?, as it is called, is dumb as there is no way to mod the filter with the it, because it can only mod the amplifier. Too bad. The ?volume-pan? module is cool for voltage controlling the mix between two oscillators. There is something like this for the Serge, that?s the only other place I?ve seen anything like it. The ring modulator is not very nice. The sound is more mushy than my Putney. The bandpass filter has resonance, labeled ?response-osc?, and is only marginally useful. The only controls being cutoff and ?response-osc?. The only mod input is the cutoff input. The meter is a joke. The window is about the size of a dress shirt button. The ?trig? button, I don?t understand."

Mellow Moon

Published on May 9, 2016 John L Rice

"The video here is a closeup of my Moon Modular 569 sequencer shot with a Canon 135mm f/2.8 soft focus lens, set to the #2 soft focus setting and then dialed completely out of focus. Don't get hypnotized! ;-)"


Mellow Moon II

Published on May 12, 2016 John L Rice

"More of the same music from Moon Modular and Synth Tech modules, out of focus sequencer video plus some Moon video footage I shot from my driveway Wednesday night.

Moon Modular 569 sequencer shot with a Canon C100 MkI camera and Canon 135mm f/2.8 soft focus lens, set to the #2 soft focus setting and then dialed completely out of focus.

The actual Moon was shot with a Canon C100 MkI camera and
Opteka 500mm f/6.3 mirror lens for the first two clips and then I added in the 2x converter for the second two clips, effectively making the reach 1000mm.

Both times the C100 A/V output was recorded to an Atomos Ninja Blade using the DNxHD 4.2.2 x codec.

Thank you for watching, rating and commenting! :-)"

Sonic Encounters Podcast 013- Tonalities from Orbit #2

Published on May 9, 2016 Mark Mosher

"This is the Krell again. We are beaming a 2nd tonality to your station. Are you receiving?

This is another piece inspired by the ground-breaking work of Louis and Bebe Barron on the film Forbidden Planet. I use oscillators as the primary source for the piece. I improvise using Waldorf Blofeld (original programs), Novation Launchpad Pro to control Blfoeld, plus an Elektron Octatrack.

More show notes and subscription info here"

Yamaha SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble (Organ/Strings/Poly-Synth)

via this auction

"61 keys
Organ, Poly-synth, and Strings
Vibrato, Tremelo, and Ensemble
3 separate outs + mixed
Volume control and sustain inputs
Ext. Tone cabinet connection (for Leslie)"

Sequential Circuits Sixtrak

via this auction

Roli Seaboard Rise 49 controlling a Modular Synth

Published on May 9, 2016 Steve Bryson

"Here's a simple voice patch with a square wave split through two filters, one a resonant low-pass filter, and the other a resonant high-pass filter. I'm using 4 dimensions of the rise: glide (pitch bend) controlling pitch, strike (velocity) controlling volume by modulating the volume envelope level, slide (position up and down the key) modulating the low-pass filter cutoff and press (aftertouch) modulating the high-pass filter cutoff. Not really intended to be music, just a demo that makes the action of the 4 dimensions obvious. Definitely not my new hero Marco Parisi."

Herb Deutsch - Electronic Voyager EXTENDED INTERVIEW #1

Herb Deutsch - Electronic Voyager EXTENDED INTERVIEW #1 from Electronic Voyager on Vimeo.

"Electronic Voyager: Retracing Bob Moog’s Sonic Journey…

Support us on Kickstarter April 25 to May 25, 2016

Michelle Moog-Koussa is on a journey to retrace her father’s footsteps, meeting some of the people who played a role in Bob Moog's story. Composer and educator HERB DEUTSCH was one of the most important. His pivotal meeting with Bob in the early 1960s lead directly to the development of the Moog modular synthesizer, which would form the template for the many synthesizers that followed."

Moog Mother-32 * 3 Sound Picks 2016 Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston Synth

Published on May 9, 2016 SynthgodXXX

"'Moog Mother-32 * 3 Sound Picks 2016 Analog Synthesizer'
2016 Demo by Rik Marston **Watch in HD** 100% No Talking!
Just pure MOTHER-32 POWER!

This is a follow up video to my last Mother-32 video.
It is just an AUDIO DEMO of 3 sound picks I'd use
from the users manual references. I create, then
I tweak these 3 sounds into oblivion. Not really.
I just tweak them into mush. LOL. Nice synth!

Sounds featured are:
'Noise Transient'
'Sequencer Bass'
'Short Brass'

Tell me how you like your MOTHER-32!!

The MOTHER-32 was recorded with
Ableton LIVE 7 using no effects.
I used a Roland V-Synth as Midi Controller.

Thank you for watching!"

Drum Machine Sound Test - LM-2 vs DMX vs DrumTraks

Published on May 9, 2016 zibbybone

"I don't have factory toms in my LM-2 or DMX, so I didn't bother doing a comparison. I tuned all of the DrumTraks sounds to either 7 or 8 (on scale of 1-15) to match as close as possible to the other 2 machines. I tried to center-tune the DMX's sounds as much as possible. I was a bit rushed in the making, so I didn't bother with trying to match volume levels."

Elastic Drums & Arturia iSpark & iSEM & Beatstep in AUM (syncing via IAA)

Published on May 9, 2016 Oliver Greschke

"This video demonstrates Elastic Drums improved IAA sync and the debugged and improved Midi features of update 1.7.6 inside Kymatics's great AUM host app. I had great fun tweaking ED, AUM and the Arturia's with the Beatstep controller."

Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS
AUM - Audio Mixer - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)
Arturia iSpark - Arturia
iSEM Synthesizer - Arturia

Moog Model 15 Ipad demo 2: sci fi pads & arps

Published on May 9, 2016 Shimanski Beats

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

"Here's another demo of the modular system Moog Model 15 app for IOS / Ipad. The video shows some stock preset sounds that sound like elements of retro science fiction soundtracks."

Little Gift | Eila & Richard Devine

"Utilizing 8x Mother-32 Synthesizers, Eila and Richard Devine arrange a warm composition dedicated to the mothers in their lives."

You can find the video for this track posted earlier here.

The Moons of Monday - Episode 6

Published on May 9, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Dedicated to Isao Tomita...

Vermona DRM1 MKIII Deluxe Analog Drum Synthesizer with Trigger Inputs SN 06145

via this auction

"The Vermona DRM1 MKIII is a true analog drum synthesizer. It offers eight instruments, each with seven dedicated knobs for sound design, and individual outputs that can be used as a channel insert. Because it's true analog as opposed to being sample-based or virtual analog, it can be simultaneously less predictable and more unique than other current drum machines, and its analog foundation offers an arguably superior opportunity to emulate various 'classic' drum machine sounds—whether you're looking for 808 cowbells, 'laser toms' or deep, long-decay 808-esque kicks, the DRM1 MKIII has you covered. This version of the DRM1 MKIII features heavy-duty deluxe chrome knobs as well as trigger inputs to connect the drum machine to your analog step sequencer or other source for gate voltage or switch trigger."

Bastl Instruments - Superbooth16

Published on May 9, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Ready for the most bonkers eurorack booth you're likely to see for a long time? Bastl Instruments bring the goods!"

Moog Model 15 for IPad demo 1: TB 303 and trance lead

Published on May 9, 2016 Shimanski Beats

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

"After watching some convincing reviews I bought the Moog Model 15 emulation app for my Ipad and had a lot of fun playing around with the virtual patch cables and knobs. The sound of this virtual modular system is really very good, and soon I will use this Moog app in my music.

Now I made a little demo of a TB-303-like patch, playing around with some parameters and patch cables. Later in the video the patch turns into a two osc trance lead sound."

GATE -> DRONE / Moog MOTHER-32 Plain Composition 2.0

MOTHER-32 composition in via jAUF.

Moog Model 15 Synthesizer : Psychotropic Synthesis In-App Purchase Demo

Published on May 9, 2016 Synth Anatomy

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

"This is the new Moog Synthesizer App Model 15 based on the Model 15 Analog Modular Synthesizer. In this specific, I show you the In-App Purchase Psychotropic Synthesis. This video maybe help in your purchase of the IAP. Sorry for no keyboard second screen this time."

Vermona mono lancet + modular dock

via this auction

"1 x Vermona Mono Lancet Synthesizer
1 x Modular dock with d-sub connecter
1 x Original Power supply
1 x Original user manual
3 x Patch leads

The Modular dock I have made connects via the 25pin sub-D connector on the rear of the Mono Lancet. It extends the possibilities of the synthesizer enormously through numerous inputs and outputs for control voltages and audio signals. PWM and filter input are just two of them.

Sad to see this wonderful combo go, but bills must be paid. The dock really opens up the palette of this synth, it can get really weird ;)Thanks for looking."

Bastl Instruments Coming to Control, Wednesday May 11th, Brooklyn NY

via Control

"Control Event: Bastl Instruments

Module Presentation and Discussions

May 11th @ 7pm

We are happy to welcome Bastl Instruments for their second visit to Control. Václav and Ondrej will be presenting new developments from the Czech Republic and other activities outside their country.

The meet begins Wednesday, May 11th at 7.00pm onwards.

Refreshments will be offered. BYOB.

We will be live broadcasting the event via Periscope app.

We hope to see you here!"

Novation Circuit, Leploop, Octatrack - Tales of the Unexpected show (complete with cock-ups!)

Published on May 9, 2016 -CALC-

"Here's a practice set for a gig I recently did.

It was my first big show with the Novation Circuit as the main instrument and I loved it's ease of use.
It's a long vid clocking in at 40 minutes but it is quite musically varied.

There are a couple of reasonably big cock-ups in this run through... but thats why we practice right!
There are also a couple of moments when I was pushing the levels a bit too much. I'm a big fan of distortion so I personally quite like it but apologies if that affects your listening enjoyment. This was for a live show not a studio album after all!

Thankfully the show went without a hitch

Hope you enjoy it


Novation Circuit is sequencing itself and the Leploop (a power combo in my opinion)
Strymon Deco is filthing up the Circuit with tape saturation and the odd tape phase sweep.
Red Panda Particle is on occasional granular delay duties

Octatrack is sequencing the Boomstar and Yamaha Reface CP

Launch Control XL is the controller for the Octatrack which is a great way of opening the Elektron up even more.

Octatrack is sending sync to Circuit so they are locked in.

A mixture of Kenton MIDi Merge, USB host to MIDI and the fantastic Hotchki55 MIDI hub 6 way is sending the MIDI all over the place."

Day 9: All aboard the Wormhole Express - Eurorack Jamsession

Started streaming 1 hour ago Colin Benders

"Choo Choo"

Hyper Acid TT303 & AIRA TR8

Published on May 9, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"Roland AIRA TR8 and Cyclone TT303 with ProCo Rat."

Sputnik Modular Oscillator

via this auction


Frequency + Fine Tune controls
CV input with attenuverter knob
1v/oct input
FM input with attenuator knob
4 outputs:
Waveshape – crossfade between sine and square or saw, selectable by a switch and can also be voltage controlled
Sub – square wave 2 octaves down to original pitch"

Roland DG CMU-810 CompuSynth SN 411034

via this auction

"Up for sale is extremely rare Roland CMU-810 CompuSynth, one of Roland's first Expander type modules made under the name of Roland DG Corporation (previously called Amdek).

CMU-810 has same kind of sounds and layouts as SH-101 and MS-202, but some people regard this has fatter and more aggressive sounds than those.

The unit appears to be fully functional, all the sliders and switches worked as I tested with CV/GATE connection. No noticeable noise on the sliders and switches."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

via this auction

Roland SH-7

via this auction

Minimoog Model D SN 12494

via this auction


Morning from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Modular improvisation using Mutable Rings, Folktek Matter and Makenoise Pressure Points"

Dataline live at Just Music, Hamburg

Published on May 9, 2016 MrDataline

Moslab 921 Waveform Clamping

Published on May 9, 2016 Rhythmicons

"A 921 is modulating the pitch of a bank of 901abbb oscillators.
a 901 is sending pulse wave outs to the 921 V-Trig input.
The 901bs are going to a C3PO (Moog CP Clone) mixer.
The C3P0 is going to the board. No Filters or VCAs involved."

Repairing Dead keys on a keyboard synth or organ MF#77

Published on May 9, 2016 markusfuller

"Repairing dead keys on a ORLA keyboard organ.
though this works on most major brands of keyboards also.
my patreon page is at"

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