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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

jörg schaaf - signals from the past

Published on May 2, 2017 Jörg Schaaf

"Some footage of the last weeks with some synthesizer improvisations played on the Radikal Technologies Accelerator. Contains moving pictures from the Albach, Lich, Atomium and a Kohlekraftwerk."

020517 - Generative Modular

Published on May 2, 2017 zacharyradford

"Experimenting with the Roland Bitrazer as a quad oscillator."

The SynthSummitShow episode 18: John Bowen synth designs

Streamed live 5 hours ago Flux302 of

Fascinating bit of synth history with John Bowen who started his career with synths during the early days of Moog Music, followed by Sequential Circuits. Dave Rossum in the early days of E-mu is mentioned as well. John now of course runs John Bowen Synth Design, and is the creator of the Solaris. You can find previous interviews with John at various synth events in the archives here.

Interesting little bit of trivia at 41:55 regarding John drawing some of the Prophet-VS waveforms as estimations of the waveforms on the front panel of I'm guessing either the KORG DW-8000 or DW-6000. It's interesting to know they are in there. It's worth noting all of the Prophet-VS waveforms and Waldorf, and therefor PPG waveforms, are in his new Solaris x 4, meaning four independent oscillators capable of having separate waveforms or wavetables from each. The Prophet-VS vector synthesis of course made its way to Yamaha's SY-22/TG-33, followed by Korg and the Wavestation where it morphed into vector sequencing. He also worked on the original version of the KORG OASYS which turned into the PCI card version. He then left to work with Creamware on Scope, on some of the first software models of vintage synthesizers. It's pretty incredible when you think of all the connections between synths John has not only influenced, but created over the years.

Note the Solaris 1U rackmount at 1:11:48. Two were made a couple of years ago but the idea was scrapped. John spoke with Axel Hartmann on it and they agreed that the lack of UI made it not worth it. The Solaris has over 1200 editable parameters and part of the magic behind the Solaris keyboard is the UI which makes it all easily accessible.

Funny note regarding the Yamaha DX7 at 1:23:00. John is referring to the Jellinghuas controller for the DX7 after that, and Flux is referring to the DTronics DT7 based on it.

Video description:

"The SynthSummitShow is a live streamed show dedicated to Synths, music technology and the people who make the gear we use possible.

Todays guest is John Bowen.

John was instrumental in many of the products we all know and love, from the prophet 5 to the solaris John has been a staple in the music industry.

Host: Ken Flux Pierce is a sound designer, Music technology consultant and blogger you can find me at"

Tribute to Lee Curreri's Musics aka Bruno Martelli from Fame

Published on May 2, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

"Tribute to Lee Curreri's Musics aka Bruno Martelli from Fame

In the Fame show, we can se Lee using yamaha synthesizers for promotion but in reality, he used his home own Ob-xa and Linn LM-1 synths with a little bit of Pro one Sequential Circuits and Emulator."

Update via mark1814 in the comments: "Catch Lee performing in Italy with 6 other Fame Cast Members at the Fame For Kids 2017 Charity Reunion Concert. 2nd December Teatro Nouvo Salsomaggiore Terme. Tickets available through crowding funding campaign"

Forgotten Sounds Part 9

Published on May 2, 2017 KWILLU


Roland TR-909 Through 4 Moog Minifoogers

Published on May 2, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio!

"Running the Roland TR-909 drum machine with a modded kick drum through 4 Moog Minifoogers. The bass drum goes through an MF Boost in high gain mode for a little more distortion. The low tom is run through the MF Delay for a bass sound. The high end is the clap going through the MF Chorus and the ride through the MF Ring.

The Moog Minifoogers are available here:"

Sequential Circuits Pro One

via this auction

"Fully Restored, tuned, and calibrated. One of the top mono-synths ever made. Can be heard on countless 80s records. An absolute classic machine. This example was restored and sounds and looks beautiful and is as close as you'll get to a brand new Sequential Circuits Pro One.

The following was done:

Audio path:
Replaced oscillator chips,
replaced audio path transistors
checked outputs
calibrated VCA Keyboard
tuned and scaled to factory specs.

keyboard (J-wire) checked and adjusted
newly refinished wood sides"

Moog Polymoog Synthesizer Model 203A SN 3294

via this auction

"Tested by certified tech, 100% functional and sounds great!
Very good condition, right walnut panel was replaced everything else original. The numbers on the blue section are fading. No Major cosmetic issues."

Arp Odyssey 2800 MK1 Pro Restored SN 232360

via this auction

"Vintage 1972 fully restored and serviced by anolog lab this was my fathers so the faceplate was kept the way he had it easily replaceable see photos but apart from that has been restored to specs it has new everything"

Vintage 1974 Minimoog Model D Synthesizer Serviced SN 5559

via this auction

"This is a very clean example of a 1974 minimoog model d with oscillator stabilizer and walnut cabinet, It's in great functional and cosmetic condition. Everything works as it should. The buss rail was recently serviced to take care of a few squirrelly notes and all of the potentiometers have been cleaned. All of the knobs are original and two of the oscillating volume knobs are missing the shiny decal in the center, but other than that this unit is clean. I've never played one in better original condition!! Included are some original setting saver sheets, a protective suitcase type case is available upon request as well. I'm offering this vintage synth at the same price you can buy a new one!"

Modded Oberheim OB-12 w/ Custom White Knobs

via this auction

"Excellent condition OB-12 modded by the Blue Lantern guy.

From the original auction in August 2016:

"Up for sale is a customized oberheim OB-12 viscount synthesizer. The following modifications were done by myself:

-main output upgraded to hi-fidelity LM4562 dual hi spec op-amps.
-aux out upgraded to hi-fidelity LM4562 dual hi spec op-amps.

-Graphic LCD replaced by modern black and white color. Contrast Knob installed for manual contrast adjusting on the fly. The adjuster has a soft rubber knob, locatied near the screen.
-led replaced with colorful type. UV, BLUE, WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW on most of the menu related and FX related sections.
-Knobs upgraded to hi spec cream color knobs with brass inserts.

I have the keyboard, and the USA power plug. The manual can still be downloaded online.

The synth looks great however, the analog output doesn't work. No headphone, no main, no aux. The digital output works fine. It should be a simple repair to get a new D/A converter in it, however, it has never bothered me. Making allowances for a repair in the price."

MIKE303 'ItaloClub' (Dmx Ob-xa Matrix 6 Svc350 Msq-700 Prophet 5)

Published on May 2, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

Oberheim OB-XA : Rush bass & lead
Oberheim Matrix 6 : lead & strings
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 : fx
Sequencer : Roland MSQ-700
Drum machine : DMX
Electro harmonix Small Stone Phazer

Recorded live no over dub, no blue light , no synth plugins !!!!

Volca Circuit Craft Synth Sunrizer Modstep Deep Techno Session 5

Published on May 2, 2017 014london70

"Apps used : Sunrizer & Modstep
Hardware used : KORG Volca Keys, Bass & Sample, Novation Circuit, Modal Craft Synth
Recorded into iPhone via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch."

Volca Circuit Craft Synth Sunrizer Modstep Deep Techno Sessions

Superbooth 2017 - Soundmachines

Published on May 2, 2017 DivKidVideo

"David gives us a run down of all the Soundmachines products at Superbooth 2017. Drums, sequencing, touch controller, full voices and systems, brain wave adapters / CV generators and more!"

Soulsby Synthesizers Pete Fowler Atmegatron

Published on May 2, 2017 Soulsby Synthesizers

"This is the Pete Fowler Limited Edition Atmegatron. All artwork designed by Pete Fowler (Super Furry Animals / Monsterism). Only 30 units made!
Available from the Soulsby Synths webstore:
Comes with all 7 overlays (Atmegatron, Odytron, Atcyclotron, Delayertron, Atmegadrum, Duotron and Strings), Programmer cable, Atmegatron and Odytron manual and Quick Reference Card.
Music by Soulsby Synths using all 7 Atmegatron software versions (with the each prominent part in the music roughly syncing with the video pics)."

Make Noise Morphagene Morphs The Perfect Circuit Theme Song

Published on May 2, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio!

"Morphing, mangling and twisting the song from our intro video into something new with the Make Noise Morphagene Eurorack module. CV controls provided by the Harvestman Zorlon Canon MKII and Kermit.

Morphagene, from Make Noise, is not just an upgrade of their iconic Phonogene. It is a whole new way to deal with sampling and audio processing. Recorded audio can be spliced and re-arranged, as well as directionally switched, playing forward and backward. The audio can be Granularized and Layered for thick textures. Sounds can be read off of an SD card or be fed in for live audio processing. This is the ultimate sample mangler.

Available here:"

Buchla Easel Manual Patch 11

Published on May 2, 2017 Todd Barton

"next in my continuing series of patches from Allen Strange's 1974 manual for the Buchla Music Easel."

All parts here.

Novation Peak & Circuit Mono Station

Published on May 2, 2017 AudioCentralMagazine

"Some rough shooting from Novation day in Rome, with Chris Calcutt and Peak Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer and Circuit Mono Station. Rough audio from rough PA into rough camera."

Mojave Ember | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synth Performance

Published on May 2, 2017 Chris Otchy

"A tonic kaleidoscope is an audio-optical instrument with two or more reflecting surfaces inclined to each other on complimentary or reflexive angles. Light and sonic waves pass through it and are
amplified as they are refracted, creating a mosaic of symmetrical patterns.

When you bifurcate a tonic kaleidoscope and channel each light ray into an atomic defractor, the reflections can be channeled directing into the field of human brain waves, forming an infinite pattern that fills the entire mental field.

Lay down, lay down and feel the expanding flexagon.

Modules used: Mutable Instruments, Tides, Rings, Clouds, Peaks, Braids, Make Noise, René, Wogglebug, Maths, Music Thing Modular, Turing Machine, Pulses, Whimsical Raps, Mannequins, Just Friends, Three Sisters, Mangrove, 4MS, Black Market Modular, Intellijel, Linix, Quadra, modular synthesizer, synthesizer, Eurorack"

Modern House Quintet - Modern Techno Duet (live at home with the Pyramid Sequencer)

Published on May 2, 2017 Squarp Instruments

"Parisian duo MODERN HOUSE QUINTET performing at home with the Pyramid Sequencer, syncing/sequencing Roland TR-909, JU-06, JX-03, Moog Minitaur, Korg Volca FM (effects: Strymon Bluesky and Dig)."

Steve H Plays Buchla Easel at Superbooth Berlin 2017

Published on May 2, 2017 steveHmusic

"Steve H performs his Buchla Easel Immersion concert at Superbooth 2017 Seaside Stage.

It was a very cold, rainy day in Berlin when Steve H, AKA Steve Horelick, performed another one of his Buchla Easel 3D Sound Immersion series concerts. The Seaside stage, floating in a small lake, facing amphitheater style seating, provided a beautiful backdrop to the canvas of sound.

The sound is entirely created on ht e Buchla Easel. The "canvas" is created primarily in Logic using foot controlled sends to route the Easel to different FX aux channels. Logic's Environment is where MIDI modulators are rerouted to control surround panning. This recording is captured live from stereo mics... not through the console.

For concert bookings go to:"

Superbooth 2017 - 1010 Music Bitbox Fxbox & Synthbox

Published on May 2, 2017 DivKidVideo

"The Bitbox from 1010 Music caught my attention when it was shown back at NAMM. It was great to check out the Fxbox and Synthbox from 1010 Music too. I'm starting to really miss Superbooth, bit of a downer like last year now I've nearly edited all these videos."

Deckard's Dream Rackmount Yamaha CS80 Synth Engine will be $3750 Built

via @deckardsdream

Pertinent bits:

"We are almost ready with the website, just waiting for SSL checkout certificates to be approved, start is planned for 6pm Tokyo time tomorrow.

we start preorders tomorrow 349 downplayment, 999 total

1199 downpayment, $3750 total built."

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

More Deckard's Dream.

Behringer Model - D Testing by hybridalienrob

"Perks of the job - I get to bring home the prototype model D for testing :)"

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

EMS Synthi AKS demo

Published on May 2, 2017 kovalmoog

"This demo was recorded on 8-23-2015, after repairing and restoring the unit, which not belongs to me.

Being a pretty rebel synthesiser and with its own philosophy, we try to generate sound resources reasonably controlled, and not to fall in a purely random use.

First, we try to synthesize those descending sweeps heard in the first part of "Oxygéne 2" (Jean-Michel Jarre, 1976), before the main lead part.
After that, we visited the typical sequence of "On The Run" (Pink Floyd, 1973), although from a very free approach, we didn't intend an exact recreation. Nevertheless, the 8 notes entered in the sequencer are exactly those used in the original theme (exhaustively verified).

The AKS's line output was processed thru a Strymon Timeline, using various delays with modulations applied on its feedback.
Esta demo fué registrada el 23-08-2015, tras reparar/restaurar la unidad, la cual no me pertenece.

Siendo un sintetizador tan rebelde y con una filosofía propia, intentamos generar recursos sonoros razonablemente controlados, y no recurrir a un uso puramente azaroso.

En primer término intentamos generar las clásicas ráfagas descendentes que se escuchan en la primera parte de "Oxygéne 2" (Jean-Michel Jarre, 1976), antes de la aparición del lead principal.

Luego visitamos la típica secuencia de "On The Run" (Pink Floyd, 1973), aunque desde un enfoque muy libre, no es una recreación exacta. No obstante, las 8 notas ingresadas en el sequencer son las que se usaron en el tema original (dato exhaustivamente comprobado).

La salida de audio del AKS fué procesada por un Strymon Timeline, usando diversos delays con modulaciones aplicadas sobre la realimentación.

Synthi AKS operation: Sergio Koval
Audio & video recording & post-production: Jordi Pascual"

Yamaha CS40M

via this auction

Roland VP-550 Vocal Ensemble - Vocoder - Synthesizer SN ZW81789

via this auction

Overhauled! Roland JUNO-106S Vintage Analog Synth w/ Speakers & SC-65 Gig Bag

via this auction

Technics SY-DP50 Digital Drum Percussion Synthesizer Machine PCM DP50

via this auction

Mutable Instruments Anushri Analog synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"Anushri is a monosynth like no other. In addition to its analog VCO/VCF/VCA and digital modulation sources, it includes a fun and immediate note sequencer with step-by-step recording, and a gritty 8-bit drum machine with a truly original control interface.

Mutable Instruments did what no other synth manufacturer dared trying before: enrich the VCO with an auxiliary digital oscillator, which can be used as a FM source, a sync signal generator, or – if you don’t mind having some digital signal flow in the audio chain – an additional detuned audio source for fattening the VCO sound."

Mode Machines ADX1 (ADX-1) Analog Drum Machine / Synthesizer

via this auction

Customized Casio SK1 Rare Purple Keys

via this auction

EDP WASP Synthesiser with MIDI Retrofit

via this auction

"EDP WASP Synthesiser in full working order with Elby Designs MIDI retrofit which means it can be used with modern sequencing tools. Some cracks to the case which is not unusual for this model and battery compartment shows signs of corroded batteries however it has been modified to allow use of PP9 battery. Comes with non-original mains adaptor. P&P price includes insurance."

Pics of the inside.

Novation Circuit Live Set Practice

Published on May 1, 2017 Nemecio Martin

"Me practicing Putting together a live set to play out this summer. this is the first attempt, so i do make some mistakes. Also, the second song doest really go to well with set. I definitely need a real launch pad **hint hint** novation, to use with the ipad. The Gear I'm using is a novation Circuit, novation launchpad app, and a korg sample. The ipad is set to the master clock controlling the tempo sync to the other devices. had to use midi offset to -32 to get it on beat."

Spotted this one on discchord.

Deckard's Dream Synthesizer Video Demos by SynthMenKeyboards

Published on May 2, 2017 SynthMenKeyboards

This appears to be a playlist of videos previously posted from Instagram. More Deckard's Dream.

CS-80 Improv' (ME80)

Published on May 2, 2017 Adam Borseti

"Just dickin' around with some Blade Runner blues, then some funk..... nothing special......"

Superbooth 2017 - Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or

Published on May 2, 2017 DivKidVideo

"I've been excited about the Assimil8or since Rossum Electro-Music showed it at Superbooth last year. Even with the programmer screen that Dave was working with it was already looking and sounding great. Hearing sample to sample phase modulation and seeing all the options for the module was great. Definitely excited for this."


Published on May 2, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Synth bike Ride Around Tempelhof Airport, birthplace of #Davidhasselhoff who would have thought hey?"

11 Synth Tips and Tricks (shown on the MicroBrute by Arturia)

Published on May 2, 2017 loopop

"11 Synth Tips and Tricks (shown on the MicroBrute by Arturia)"

Moog Mother 32 & DOD FX90 Delay

Published on May 2, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Mother 32 synthesiser through the FX90. The FX90 has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

SONIC ROBOTS (EB.TV Feature) w/ Giant Roland TR-808

Published on May 2, 2017 Telekom Electronic Beats

"Ever wondered how to make electronic music using mini robots? Sonic Robots is doing just that! Telekom Electronic Beats TV was lucky enough to get behind the scenes and into the workshop of inventor Moritz Simon Geist and find out more about this exciting and innovative project."

ASD iDiode+Amputator

Published on May 2, 2017 Валерий Заверяев

"ASD iDiode and Amputator test.
Sound sources: Doepfer VCO (thru first iDiode) and Korg MS-10 White Noise (thru second iDiode). Both modulated by LFOs. Mixing and amputating at Amputator by Doepfer ADSR."

TB-3 Red version !! イケてるTB!レッドバージョン!

Published on May 2, 2017 SHINGA Instant techno

安く、手軽に、楽しんでテクノ!それがINSTANT TECHNOです。これから始める初心者さんや、僕の持ってる機材に興味ある方は是非是非チャンネル登録お願いします!コメントも待ってます!"

"SHIN is playing with a synthesizer to relax in a hobby! I am playing with a cheap synth between work. I try not to use comp and limiter as much as possible to make a sound of synths.
Cheap, easy, easy to enjoy techno! That is INSTANT TECHNO. If you are interested in beginners or beginners who I am going to have, subscribe to our channel by all means! I'm also waiting for comments! "

Roland GO:KEYS: Have Fun With Music - No Experience Necessary

Published on May 1, 2017 RolandChannel

"If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring way to start playing music, Roland’s GO:KEYS is the answer! With its innovative Loop Mix function, anyone can build fully produced songs right away, even with no previous music experience. There’s also a diverse range of pro sounds to explore, plus an easy-to-use recorder to capture and share your creations. Compact and battery powered, GO:KEYS lets you enjoy the magic of musical creativity everywhere you go."

Guessing this is a preset piece of kit only. Curious if you will be able to edit the synth engine remotely.

Fun and inspiring keyboard for beginning musicians
Loop Mix allows you to build songs by simply playing notes on the keyboard
Manipulate the sounds of your loops with intuitive one-touch control
Bluetooth audio/MIDI support for connecting with your smartphone or tablet
Over 500 pro-quality sounds: pianos, synths, strings, bass, brass, and more
Built-in song recorder with USB backup
Play anytime with built-in speakers or headphones
Lightweight, travel-ready, and runs on batteries

Create Music Instantly with Loop Mix

No musical experience? No problem! Anyone can start creating cool music right away with the Loop Mix function in GO:KEYS. Unlike accompaniment features in other keyboards that require knowledge of chords, Loop Mix offers a completely new approach that even beginners can enjoy. By triggering loop phrases from the keyboard, you can intuitively construct professionally produced songs in real time with drums, bass, and various instruments. And with a simple touch of the performance pads, you’re able to manipulate your songs like a DJ, adjusting pitch, filtering, and more.

Pro-Quality Sounds Make Your Music Shine

GO:KEYS also functions as a normal keyboard instrument with over 500 ready-to-play sounds derived from Roland’s acclaimed pro synthesizers. With the category buttons, it’s easy to call up pianos, synths, strings, brass, and many other sound types. You can play the sounds over your Loop Mix jams, and use GO:KEYS as a high-quality portable synth as your playing skills improve.

Expand Your Musical Fun with Bluetooth

With the Bluetooth functionality of GO:KEYS, it’s simple to use your smartphone or tablet with the keyboard. Just call up favorite songs from your music library, and then jam along as they stream wirelessly through the keyboard’s built-in speakers or connected headphones. And when you’re ready to step up to more music advanced production, GO:KEYS is a perfect partner for MIDI recording in popular apps like GarageBand and many others.

Make Music Anytime and Anywhere

Thanks to its compact, lightweight design and built-in speakers, you can enjoy music nearly anywhere with GO:KEYS. Play in your bedroom, around the house, or at the office with the included AC adapter, or pop in six AA batteries to use GO:KEYS during camping trips, backyard parties, and other outdoor adventures. Plugging in headphones automatically mutes the speakers, allowing you to get lost in music without disturbing others nearby.


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