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Friday, June 16, 2017 Introduces New Q148 VCA++ 5U Module

Published on Jun 16, 2017 synthesizersdotcom

"An introduction to the Q148 VCA++ module.

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

Q148 VCA++ Tour Q148 VCA++ EG Pan
Q148 VCA++ Panning
Q148 VCA++ Sequencer Panning


"The Q148 VCA++ combines a normal VCA, a left-right panner, a clipping monitor, a tuner, and a headphone amplifier all in a single-space module. The Q148 VCA++ makes a great final output module for studio or live work.

The VCA section operates like the Q108 VCA with both manual and voltage control. When patching in a control voltage, the VCA knob becomes an attenuator for the control voltage and essentially becomes your volume control.

The panning section gives you manual or voltage control of where the sound goes - left and/or right. Patch in an LFO to bounce the sound back and forth, or use an envelope to move the sound from one side to another for each note.

The tuning section provides an A (440hz) or C (523hz) standard for setting oscillators. It's super convenient and you might even find creative uses for it within your playing. The center position is off.

An LED indicates when the signal is getting close to the natural clipping level of the internal circuits to prevent distortion and help you set proper levels for the best signal-to-noise ratio.

The Q148 has a built-in stereo headphone amplifier with a volume control. As with any headphone amplifier, always start at the zero setting and slowly increase the volume to a safe level.

$212.00 USD"

'HESITANT' Make Noise B&G Shared System patch

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Caspar Hesselager

"Patch performed on Make Noise B&G Shared System eurorack synthesizer. No editing or post processing."

YAMAHA CS-30 Synthesizer SN 3693

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho SN 01798 w/ Custom Faceplate & Prophet Knobs

via this auction

"This is a DSI Mopho Keyboard edition with upgraded knobs and a custom StyleFlip decal. Original knobs included and decal can be removed (without residue) if you prefer original look."

Roland Juno-60 w/ JSQ-60

via this auction

"The JsQ-60's "stop" button doesn't work..but I know what the problem is. I was cleaning it out and blasted some air in the whole and the little blue plunger thing blew out and into the carpet never to bee seen again. So it just needs that tiny blue rubber part (good luck). With that said, I use a start stop footswitch (not included) and it works perfectly that way...which if you've ever used one you know a footswitch is the only real way to start and stop a sequence on time."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/ Acrylic Side Panels & Extras

via this auction

"Comes with original floor pedal (works), manual, stock Prophet 600 sound program cassette tape, Deep Magic sound program cassette tape, custom acrylic sides, original wood sides, peace sticker, non original power cord. It has a repaired/glued white key. All the functions work. Serviced 2 years ago at VanSickle Audio, Columbia, Mo."

radiokoala || LIVE @ Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force || 19/05 '17

Published on Jun 13, 2017 radiokoala

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, radiokoala live.

"30 minutes of raw analog techno in the most recent radiokoala live video. Filmed by Ilya Novik, edited by Emil Zenko. Minsk, 2017.

Gear used: modular synth, korg volca × 4, xenyx 1002B mixer, zoom R8. Modules used: Sputnik DWG oscillator pair, mutable tides, mutable warps, make noise telharmonic, music thing spring reverb, l-1 tube vca, l-1 2180 vcf (main filter on the bassline), 4ms pingable envelope generator, steady state fate positronic transient gate. Sequenced by korg SQ-1, drums are custom "signature" modular samples + volca beats."

Expressive E Touche Controller With QuNexus and Shared System

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"In this video, we experiment with integrating the Expressive E Touche into the modular paradigm via the Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System with Morphagene.

In the first patch, the Touche acts as a source for articulation (as in its ancestor, the ondes Martenot) and pitch information. The Keith McMillen QuNexus provides pitch information to the DPO while the Touche provides secondary "pitch bend" info. The Touche also controls the DPO's Fold and Optomix's level controls for timbre and articulation control. Finally, the Touche also controls the Echophon's mix, allowing the dynamic addition of pseudo-harmonies to the DPO's raw timbre. With the right pitch source, the Touche becomes an excellent articulator for both dynamics and timbre.

In the second patch, the Touche provides four control voltages to the Morphagene and Erbe Verb. The Morphagene has previously been loaded with sounds from within the Shared System itself. The Touche controls the Erbe Verb's Size, Decay, and built in modulation source as well as the Morphagene's Morph, Slide, and Gene Size controls. The end result is a glitchy, prickly, and nuanced soundscape brought to life by the Touche."

Sampling with synthor system 8 modular synthesizer

Published on Jun 16, 2017 PERCUSSA

"Changing frequency and number of the waveform which we recorded on ENGINE"

Sample a wooden frog for use in Percussa Synthor System 8 WaveOscillator

Published on Jun 16, 2017 PERCUSSA

"In this video, we're recording the sound of a wooden frog in the sound synthesis system ENGINE, after which we crop the sound and use it in our wavetable oscillator"

DIY analogue synth project Part 10f (Sound examples)

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Here is just another sound examples demo covering some of my sound creations, on my analogue synth prototype. A Lexicon mpx550 fx processor is used in parts."

See this post for additional details.

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 Demo of Voices and Sounds

Published on Jun 14, 2017 John Freidel

"Demo of the Voices and Sounds of the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2. No additional effects added."

Twin Peaks - Laura Palmer's Theme on Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2

Published on Jun 5, 2017 John Freidel

"Using the F2 P43 Ensembull voice on the DSI Prophet Rev2."

Modular Ambience - Patch Displacement with Ornament & Crime, Rings, Telharmonic, Clouds & Mother 32

Published on Jun 16, 2017 ann annie

"Quick afternoon ambience centered around Ornament & Crime and Temps Utile. Finished filling my case with liquid TV! (maybe expanding to a full video synthesis system someday..) Can you name that 80's Sci-Fi film? Patch notes below..

Check out my Instagram!! There might be surprises :) @annnannie


Temps DAC (t_m) -- o_C -- Rings -- Clouds

Mother 32 -- Lo-fi Junky
Telharmonic -- Mother 32 ext. in

*Clocked by Temps Utile (Also sending random pitch to o_C)
*Attenuated by Intellijel Triatt
*Modulation from Intellijel Dixie II
*Make Noise Rosie in the Output Stage

Reverb - Earthquake Devices Avalanche Run
Delay - Ibanez DDL & Delta Labs Effectron III
Shure M67 Mic Preamp - "Grit"

No post processing other than leveling."

Low End Hi End

"High end meets low end. My new CS-80 and my trusty old DR-55. Other intruments are MiniMoog, Philicorda and Jupiter-4.

The first thing you hear is the Philicorda 754, then the JP-4 is doing a polyphonic rhythmic thing, MiniMoog doing lead as well as bass."

Crumar Stratus Ableton Live Instrument pack free and SuperStratus pack available

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Expanding Sound

"Full Ableton Pack available here-
Free pack available here-

The Crumar Stratus is a lesser known vintage synth, but make no mistake, it sounds beautiful. The Stratus is built with CEM chips which are found in many of the popular synths of yesterday and today. It has two parts, a slide organ section, and a 6 voice synthesizer. Both sections can be blended together to make some really unique tones.

One of my favorite things about vintage synthesizers is their quirkiness, and the Stratus is no exception. One mod control on the keyboard is alternate saw/square, which means every note you hit alternates between sawtooth and square waveforms. The octave modulation is also really fun, it adds an octave jump to the rate of the LFO section. You can make some really crazy sounds. And when you add the organ synth section into the regular synth section, it gets huge. The Stratus has tons of modulation, tons of warmth, and all sorts of vintage vibe for you to get lost in."

Small System #3 FUNSWFE - an envelope-less subterranean existence.

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Luke Killen

"Tonights patch is a patch on a small eurorack synth using no envelope generators. It features the Ornament+Crime module in the new 'sequins' dual sequencers mode. Video is recorded quite haphazardly on my telephone."

Modular Synthesis with Moog Mother-32 and Werkstatt-01

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Kraft Music

"Check out exclusive Mother-32 BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Will from Kraft Music explores some of the possibilities that are opened up by using the Moog Mother-32 and Werkstatt-01 synthesizers together in a modular fashion. Will creates an entire composition using some creative sound design and multitrack recording into Ableton Live.

Intro to Moog Synths :28
Ableton Live Integration 3:14
Mother-32 Sequencer 3:57
Patching in the Werkstatt 6:34
Tracking into Ableton 19:38
Hi-Hat Sound Design 22:21
Kick Drum Sound Design 31:36
Snare Sound Design 41:48
Playing in a Lead Line 50:20

Want to learn more about Mother-32? [posted here]

The Moog Mother-32 is a semi-modular analog synthesizer that can function on its own or within a larger Eurorack modular system. Mother-32 combines classic Moog analog sound with sequencing and extensive interconnectivity. 32 modular patch points offer complex synthesis options and connection to external modules."

Moog Sub37 Tweaking

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Khoral Central

"Working on background music for a graphic arts festival.
2x Moog Sub37"

Novation // Circuit Tutorials - Chord Mode, Scale Mode, and Melodies

Published on Jun 16, 2017 NovationTV

Novation // Circuit Tutorial - Chord Mode
Novation // Circuit Tutorial - Scale Mode
Novation // Circuit Tutorial - Melodies

DSP Synthesizers microBeat PCB + Chip Weekend Special

via DSP Synthesizers

"Weekend offer microBeat PCB + Chip

This weekend there is a limited offer on the microBeat PCB + uO2 chip combo.

You can have the PCB and the chip for $25.

A great summer project for building the smallest Minipops rhythmbox in the world.

A full kit is also available. The kit contains all the parts for building the microBeat (including the knobs)."

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Analog Voyage 2017 Vintage Synthesizer Prophet 610 Rik Marston

Published on Jun 16, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Analog Voyage 2017
Analog Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD** **100% NO Talking!!!**

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Analog Synthesizer
This unit came to me with original box & manual,
on the box it says "Prophet 610" -SUPER COOL!
This Six-Trak is in really good looking & working
shape, in this demo I tweak some Pads, Strings,
Bass & FX. There is only some Simple Groove
Delay added from Ableton in this audio recording.
A nice pair to have the Six-Trak & a Split-Eight at
the same time, it's like a Sequential / Dave Smith
family reunion here adding the DSI Evolver to the
studio hardware setup. I love the Six-Trak, it can
do some wicked UNISON as demonstrated in the
opening sound! Worth it if you can find one in
good working shape, these will only get harder
to find as the years go by! Get one NOW!!"

4am Digitakt Drum Mangling

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Nostalgic Ruckus

"Destroying some stock Digitakt drum samples. The Koma Elektronik BD-101 is taking in the Digitakt and then plugged into the Analog Heat. Also using the Elektron Machine Drum for a second drum track at the end."

Digitakts on eBay

Rabid Elephant Natural Gate Sneak Peek

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Rabid Elephant

"These are very close...

shots of my unmanicured thumb and fingers.

Also, these modules are very close to being ready to be released to the worldddd!!!"


Published on Jun 16, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"literally saw this on wednesday night, my head went 'WOAH'. checked my bank account, spent my food money for the week... well maybe 2 weeks, at and it turned up today! (friday) fancy that. so i figured i would film the first 5/10 minutes with the thing, not really jump in understanding it. just give it a go for 5 mins!"

Yamaha CS80 - flute/bass & performance...

Published on Jun 16, 2017 noddyspuncture

"On this one I am only using the Flute & Bass presets... and then varying the 'control' parameters, oscillator mix & footages to show the variation instantly available on the CS80. I'm not really doing anything exotic - even my playing is rather basic..! Now, some folk argue that the "computer simulations" and these newly emerging hardware "clone units" are every bit as good as the real thing...!? So I would really like them to put their plug-in/clone where their mouth is - and demonstrate it in a similar fashion to what I've done here. Go on, one of you - take up the challenge... you know you want to...!? ;-)"

1U Modules from FOXFIELD

Note this is the first FOXFIELD post on the site. We have a new maker. They will be helping @NobotsNo with their soldering workshop at the upcoming Brighton Modular Meet. The following are their new 1U modules.

via @foxfield_inst

"Product 1! This is GT2: a DIY dual gate-to-trigger for 1U Eurorack. First input normalised to…"

"#2: Averter is our DIY 1U attenuverter. The input is normalised to 5V, making it a bipolar…"

@xychelsea Chelsea Manning is Into Synths

What the?

via Twitter:

"i was saving to buy a Kaossilator before everything happened =("

"i fell in love with my electribe - it was so versatile, and the vacuum tube warmed everything up"

Wonder if she's ever been to MATRIXSYNTH.

Dreadbox NYX - Modulation with Doepfer eurorack modules (Riamiwo StudioVlog 42)

Published on Jun 16, 2017 riamiwovideos

"After the repair of my second doepfer-minicase it is finally back in the studio :) SoI tried out some modulations with the Dreadbox NYX .. hope you enjoy it and get some inspiration to modulate your synths!"

DrumBrute goes Afro-Cuban

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Arturia

"We join percussionist Antoine Miniconi, taking a closer look at how he infuses traditional Afro-Cuban rhythmic influences performed through the Arturia DrumBrute to enhance his electronic music. Both tonally and rhythmically, Drumbrute was the obvious choice for this young musician."

Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Still in kit form.

"The Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 is a patchable, 100% analog synthesizer whose design is based on classic Moog circuits. Assembly is extremely simple: Any user can quickly build this analog synthesizer with minimal tools and expertise. Through assembly and inspired investigation, the Werkstatt-Ø1 is an excellent platform for exploring the world of analog synthesizer circuits. A lifetime of experimentation, knob twisting, and sound design awaits."

Technosaurus Microcon II Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Super rare, incredible little synth in great condition. Big beefy sounds. Includes power adapter.

Very flexible sounds. Can also be used as a MIDI-CV converter!

The Microcon is a modern-day little analog monophonic synthesizer module emulating the simple design and sound of classic Roland TB-303 and SH-101 synths. They are made by Technosaurus, a Swiss company best known for their high-end Selector modular synths. It is handmade using the same discrete circuits found in its bigger brothers.

The Microcon is a totally analog table-top synth module that's slightly smaller than the original TB-303. It has one main oscillator capable of either sawtooth or square waveforms, just like the TB-303. The addition of a sub-oscillator is more like SH-101, which can help beef up your bass sounds. The analog lowpass filter is switchable as either 2-pole (12dB/oct) or 4-pole (24dB/oct), which is better than the TB-303 or SH-101 offered. The LFO can modulate the filter cutoff frequency with either triangle or square wave and the VCO can be modulated by square or triangle waves. Simple attack and decay envelope controls and a Glide effect round out this fairly simple to use and highly affordable 303 clone. The Microcon only uses CV and Gate for being controlled externally.

The Microcon II adds MIDI, making this cool little mono-synth available to the masses! The Microcon II has all of the features of the original, but adds MIDI IN for performance and control of parameters such as accent, cutoff frequency and glide. Also new are a filter input to process external signal sources, CV/Gate outputs added, and the Microcon II can be used as a midi to CV converter for other CV/GATE gear."

Yamaha CS80

via this auction

Yamaha CS-50 Synthesizer

via this auction

Price might be too good on this one. If you buy go through eBay for the buyer protection.

"Original Yamaha CS-50 keyboard - in great shape. All voices good and all functions/sliders/knobs functional.

Has a killer ring modulator as do the CS60 CS70 and 80."

Korg DW8000 Digital Analogue Hybrid Synth SN 003154

via this auction

Studiologic Sledge Synthesiser TUTORIAL 52 & 53

Studiologic Sledge Synthesiser Tutorial 52

Published on Jun 9, 2017 David Clements

"George Hall recreates sounds from the PhD track Poor City from their 1981 debut album Ph.D. Learn synth programming with George Hall"

Studiologic Sledge Synthesiser Tutorial 53

Published on Jun 16, 2017 David Clements

"George Hall creates a Synth Jam and sounds inspired by Howard Jones, The Thompson Twins and Thomas Dolby. Learn synth programming with George Hall."

All parts here.

JunkieXL: Roland Boutique Series - Studio Time: S2E11

Published on Jun 16, 2017 junkiexlofficial

"Instead of going back in time, let's fast-forward to today with some quality boxes I'm enjoying right now from from Roland: their Boutique Series."

You can find all JunkieXL synth videos here.

Modular Monthly: A trip to the West Coast with Sputnik Modular

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Future Music Magazine

"We dive head first into a 'West Coast' Buchla-influenced experience with Sputnik Modular’s Eurorack range."

SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Igor Vasiliev

"Synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes. Universal app for iPad and iPhone. Coming soon!"

From the maker of:
SoundScaper - An experimental sound mini lab - iMusicAlbum
Exciting Noise series - iMusicAlbum
FieldScaper - Sound warp field recorder - iMusicAlbum
AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb - iMusicAlbum
Audio Mastering series - iMusicAlbum

Korg Gadget jam 24 "Point 'n' Click"

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Hank Astral

"All sounds from Korg gadget and some of my favourite point n click games

HOW I ARRANGE: After I've created a loop that I like I just launch/mute tracks and tweak parameters rather than consciously lay everything out. This way the whole process stays fun which for me is the key. I may do a more detailed tutorial on this.

With all the gear options out there I also like sticking with one program and Korg gadget is perfect for what I want to do. If you don't know what it is here is my own overview:

Korg gadget is a complete IPAD electronic music workstation - like a propellerhead's Reason for mobile.
To make music you just pick any of the following 'gadgets' from within the program and start composing:
Drum machines/Drum Samplers
London: drum sound module Gadget designed specifically for dance music but with the right FX can fit any style really. Has 8 Tracks.

Bram Bros Ripplemaker Synthesizer Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on Jun 16, 2017 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Bram Bros released today the first West-Coast oriented Synthesizer for iPad and iPhone. Ripplemaker is an easy-to-use West-coast synth that is perfect for everyone to discover this different synth architecture. Before I make my review with plenty new sounds, here a very early sound demo of this new synth."

iTunes: Ripplemaker - Bram Bos

Digitakt and MIDI #03: Controlling the Elektron Analog Four (Your Questions Answered!)

Published on Jun 16, 2017 umonox

"Heyja. In this final Episode (for the time being) of my Q&A-Video Series about MIDI with the Elektron Digitakt i wanna have a look at how it performs controlling one of it's bigger brothers: The Elektron Analog Four :-) This Video is a bit longer again, so for your convenience: Here's a little Index with all the Topics and their Timecode:

1. Syncing the Machines ( 3:32 )
2. Working with MIDI CCs ( 9:23 )
3. Recording Notes on the Digitakt ( 15:27 )
4. Change Patterns on the A4 with the Digitakt ( 21:54 )"

All parts here.

ASR Freez

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A little experiment using the Elby Designs CGS734 Analog Shift Register running three oscillators, the Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator, Endorphin es Furthrrr Generator Oscillator and Harvestman Hertz Donut Oscillator, the latter of which runs through the 2hp Freez, triggered by a Modcon Quad LFO. Intellijel Metropolis is making the melodies. Meanwhile two separate melodies lines flutter and appear from Hex Inverter Orbitals, also clocked by Metropolis - using Make Noise STO and Intellijel Dixie 2. Add a little reverb and a terrible iPhone film and you have it :-D"

See this post for details on the Elby Designs CGS734 Analog Shift Register.

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