MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Limited Edition Black Easel Kit

Roman Filippov's 208r Buchla Easel clone is now available in a limited black edition kit for $999.

"Limited edition black Easel Kit:

- 208 REV2.1 KIT


- BLACK 218 REV2.1 KIT

- 211 PSU

Only PCBs are included with kits."

wolfgangschaltung live am Buchla 200e im Golem (HH), 19. Mai 2017

Published on Jun 26, 2017 Der Schlendrian

"Live-Improvisation von wolfgangschaltung (Jan-Hinnerk Helms) am Modularsynthesizer Buchla 200e zu Videosequenzen von Roland Barkey."

Close-up of the Buchla at 29:12.

Cassette 4 track fun - Tascam PortaStudio MKII and Yamaha MT3X A/B with Korg Volca & Monotribe

Published on Jun 26, 2017 Expanding Sound

"This was a fun little video to make. I did a Korg tabletop jam using a Monotribe, Volca Bass, Keys, FM and Sample, and recorded a similar performance into two different cassette 4 track recorders: the Tascam PortaStudio MKII, and the Yamaha MT3X. Just to be clear, there is no exact science to an A/B test like this. So many variables go into the care and performance of a cassette recorder, such as tape head maintenance and use. So, I tried to even the playing field somewhat. Both heads were demagnetized using a degaussing coil, then cleaned a few times with denatured alcohol. The pots on both units were also exercised and cleaned with contact cleaner, to give each machine the clearest performance by this point in their life cycle. This video was just for fun, to compare how both heads sound at this point, and both have a ton of character. Anyone looking to purchase either machine would no doubt be pleased with the vibe they both have. We often look back on 4 track cassette recorders with nostalgia, and there is good reason. They might not have the most features and cleanest sound, but the forgiving analog tone warms over a recording like a comfortable blanket. Both machines sound cool to me. what do you think?"

Rhodes Chroma Polaris w/ Extras

via this auction

"This is an amazing example of the Rhodes Chroma Polaris. It's in excellent condition with freshly replaced membrane panels purchased from Paul Derocco.

There is one missing screw in the back of the case, and a few light scuffs, but over all it looks factory fresh. It includes a heavy duty flight case that I will ship it in, along with a the original manuals (user manual pages are falling out, but there) , both original Chroma branded foot pedals, a Radio shack computer tape deck with the proper din cable for connecting it to the chroma and 3 tapes of patches including the original factory patch tape. Also included is a folder of newsletters from the original user group that the original owner kept from the 80s."

Korg EX-800 SN 008708

via this auction

Vintage Moog The Rogue 342A Analog Synth SN 4394

via this auction

"For a keyboard released in 1981- this thing is in EXCELLENT condition... there's really one like scratch not even to the metal on the bottom- but otherwise the top, sides, back and screen printing are in EXCELLENT condition- no wear, chips/dings/scratches nothing worth mentioning. For it's age it's in remarkable condition - the finest example to maybe hit the used market.

It was recently serviced/looked over- and works perfect. I'm not a fan of the 'noise' setting and It's kind of a pain to dial in- but if you look up the manual online it has tons of great settings to get all sorts of synth stuff- from thriller bass to flutes and electric guitars."

VINTAGE Oberheim OB-SX 4-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer SN 904401

via this auction

"This synth has 6 voice card slots, so it could be expanded to 6 voices. Recently refurbished, recapped, and cleaned and kept in a non-smoking studio. 2 of the voice cards could use a tuning, otherwise in great condition"

Juno bass patches for Italo Disco

Published on Jun 26, 2017 SynthMania

"A few possible ideas for Juno bass patches for Italo Disco"

Dave Smith Instruments Featured Artist - Robert Rich

You can find a new Dave Smith Instruments artist interview, with Robert Rich here.

"With over 40 albums spanning four decades, Robert Rich has helped define ambient music. Robert began building his own analog modular synthesizers in 1976, when he was 13, and later studied computer music at Stanford’s CCRMA while researching lucid dreaming. Robert has performed worldwide, and since 1982, his all-night Sleep Concerts have become legendary. His 15-hour, Blu-ray Perpetual maintains this tradition. Robert’s sound design graces many films and preset libraries, and as a mastering engineer he has applied his ear to hundreds of albums. His latest release, Vestiges, is available on Bandcamp, CDBaby, and"

Reminder: Win a $1,000 Perfect Circuit Audio Gift Card from Recommended

This is just one last reminder that you can enter to win a $1000 Perfect Circuit Audio gift card from Recommnded here.

Recommended is a website where anyone can recommend and find recommendations for businesses they have dealt with, including synth techs and synth shops. The site actually launched with a focus on synths, by Justin Maxwell, who is known in various synth circles. See this previous post for details straight from him.

Synthchaser #073 - ARP 2600 Tonus Logo Repair - Sliders & Connectors

Published on Jun 26, 2017 Synth Chaser

"The greatest synth ever, the ARP 2600, is beating the heat in the Synthchaser workshop and getting a little love and minor TLC. I replace a broken slider and identify and replace some bad connectors that were causing the keyboard control voltage to glitch or be dropped.

Parts used in this video are available at my website. I also repair and restore ARPs and other vintage synths for customers around the world."


via this auction

"Unit appears to be in good working order. Not fully tested, but speaker, pitch wheel and knobs/faders work. The power switch does not light up, but it does turn on. Minor scratches on case, and very small tear in the plastic near the master fader at “4” (see picture). Power chord not included."

Paia 2700 synthesizer modules

via this auction and Reverb.

"Paia 2700 dual VCO being sold as set for $500
or by module as listed below

VCO (x2) $60 ea.
VCA (x2) $60 ea.
band pass filter $60
low pass filter $60
power supply $60
LFO/Noise $60
EG (for parts) $30

DIY Case $30"

DX5 playing DM "In Your Room" Zephyr video mix

Published on Jun 26, 2017 DX5

"This is the Zephyr video version, mixed and produced by Butch Vig, not the album one.
Gear used:
Upper: Roland Promars MRS-2
Mid: Emu EMAX II
Lower: Kurzweil PC1x
Backtrack recorded on Pro Tools. Other synths used: Access Virus TI Snow
Composed by Martin L. Gore.
Additional Mix: Butch Vig, with the collaboration of Duke Erikson and Steve Marker
Perfomed here by: DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

3x VOLCA FM feat. Druweed (Late Night Jam)

Published on Jun 26, 2017 HalutioN

"No VOLCA's were hurt during the filming of this video!

We teamed up again with Druweed to record a crazy 3x KORG VOLCA FM jam. All the sounds in this jam are coming from our 3 Volcas + heavy processing via Line 6 M5 (drive), Octatrack (Compressor, Filter, Reverb, Freeze Delay) and Behringer VD400."


Published on Jun 26, 2017 once upon a synth

"Making weird glitchy beats using the Elektron Digitakt by sampling eurorack modular synth sounds. Everything except the drums has been sampled from the modular. The drum sounds are stock samples that come with the Digitakt. The main modules I used are the TipTop Audio Z3000, Z8000, Z4000, Z2040, Fold Processor, Quantizer and the Make Noise Maths, Morphagene and Tempi."

Digitakts on Amazon, Reverb, eBay. Also see the site sponsors on the right.


3xONE from Tiptop Audio on Vimeo.

Acidlab Miami

Published on Jun 26, 2017 Geylo Follen

"Acidlab Miami, Pioneer As1, Yamaha Dx200, Elektron Monomachine"

1988 Roland TR-626 Electronic Musician Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the full write-up.

"Roland TR-626 "The drum machine with today's sounds, tomorrow's features and yesterday's price" colour advertisement from page 9 in the May 1988 issue of Electronic Musician."

Martin Dubka Live From Cymru Beats

Published on Jun 26, 2017 sonicstate

"Martin Dubka live from Cymru beats 16 - minimal electronic beats.
Sorry about the bass shake - it was loud!"

See this post for an overview of his live rig.

Sonar +D 2017 Synth and Art Mashup

Published on Jun 26, 2017 loopop

"Thanks to all the companies, people, synths and art projects participating in this clip!

1. motion tracked effects
2. Novation Bass Station
3. Novation Circtuit
4. Novation Peak
5. Elektron Digitakt
6. Elektron Analog Heat
7. Automat by DaDaMachines
8. Roland System-8
9. Zynthian Open Source Synthisizer
10. WASP 3D Printed Bass Guitar
11. Mod Duo mutlieffect stompbox
12. Great Escape crowdfunded tremolo pedal
13. ANTS by Plankton Electronics
14. Tinami MD-1
15. Auxy App
16. littleBits synthkit
17. Magenta by Google Brain AI drum duet
18. DATO DUO - the synth for two
19. Sonar Village Bass...
20. Sonar360 by Movistar+
21. Oval expressive percussive handpan-style MIDI controller
22. School for Poetic Computation parameter controlled art exhibit
23. Curiusibot Laser Room installation
24. Cinema 4D controlled light show
25. Wave Shift installation by Mark Bain
26. Vocal sample and video art - Marie Davidson
27. VR Music Sequencer coded on site as part of the Sonar Innovation Challenge
28. Distruptive Critters installation
29. WORDS Project
30. 3D Printed turntable/lightshow by EntresD
31. Various Maker Faire Barcelona art works and installations
32. Tatsuya Takahashi closing words"

Ensoniq Midi Bug

via this auction

"Still in original package! Never used! Bug's eyes light up to verify that Midi data is being received. This product dates back to mid 1990's"

Stylophone Mini Synth EH400 Clone

Published on Jun 26, 2017 miro2424

Update: video of the controls added above. This clone is currently avaialable via this auction.

Published on Jun 26, 2017 miro2424

Jean Michel Jarre Laserharp 2 on EH400 clone Mini Synth.

Published on Jun 13, 2017 miro2424

"Played on Electro Harmonix EH400 clone Mini Synthesizer. The clone is a mini copy without the internal amplifier and speaker. It has the same octave range as the original and it is played with a 1/8 phono jack as a stylophone."

via eBay

"This STYLOPHONE is played with an 1/8" audio jack (included).

It is a clone of the famous Electro Harmonix EH400 Mini Synthesizer.
Comes with a USB cable that boost the power to 9V operation.
No internal speaker, just an 3.5mm audio out for headphones or plug it directly to your amplifier.

This is a monophonic single analog oscillator structure.
A voice is composed by a 1 VCO pulse + 1 suboscillator (1 octave lower) which is obtained from divider structure, while octave function switches the VCO to 2 octaves below.

The VCF (filter) is resonant (Q switch) and the 2x switch steps the filters 1 octave up.

The VCF phase function activates a phase shifting on the sound.

The ENVELOPE is a single EG control on the cutoff filter: the START and STOP sliders set the lower and higher frequencies range at key down and up.

More info and sound samples"

YAMAHA CS-15 SN 1347 w/ Original Case

via this auction

Roland JX-8P Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 502780

via this auction

Moog Multimoog - Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Multimoog is the big brother to the famous Micromoog. This portable synth featured 2 analog VCO with variable waveforms and the famous Moog 24/dB filter, but also added an early version of aftertouch and more flexible modulation capabilities then its predecessor. Functionally, the Multimoog falls in between the smaller MicroMoog & their flagship MiniMoog"

Roland SE-02 Demo with Scott Tibbs

Published on Jun 23, 2017 SweetwaterSound

"Live at #GearFest 2017: Scott Tibbs from Roland demos the new SE-02 Analog Synthesizer module!"

303-ibiza-summer-acid house live jam with Electribe Volca MB33 TT303 "Sick of running"

Published on Jun 26, 2017 Shimanski Beats

"Ibiza summer vibe crossover with acid house live hardware performance with the title 'Sick of running'.

Everything recorded in one go, no multi-tracking.

Instruments used in this track:
Korg Electribe Sampler: drums, vocal samples and hardware sequencing
Cyclone Analogic Bassbot TT-303: square wave acid line
MAM MB 33: distorted saw wave acid line
DSI Tetra: Main bass
Korg Volca FM: percussive FM bass
Waldorf Streichfett: string pad

TC Electronic Alter Ego x4 Vintage delay (on TT 303)
TC Electronic Dark Matter distortion (on MB 33)
Lexicon MX 200 (chorus on MB 33)
TC Electronic M-One XL delay on MB 33
TC Electronic M-One XL reverb on TT-303, MB33, Volca FM and Streichfett
TC Electronic M350 phaser&reverb on Volca FM and Electribe Sampler (subtly)"

Arturia Minibrute & MXR Distortion+ CSP104

Published on Jun 26, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Minibrute synthesiser through the Distortion+.

No further processing except normalisation."

Korg Volca Jam #04 | Volca - Beats, Bass, Keys, Sample | Behringer Xenyx 1002B

Published on Jun 26, 2017 Dub Cousteau

"This is a live jam with a setup of a Korg Volca Beats, a Volca Bass, a Volca Sample and a Volca Keys. Bass, Keys and Volca Sample are connected to a Behringer Xenyx 1002B Mixer for mixing and send/return effects coming from a TC Electronic M300 multifffect unit (delay and reverb). The output of the Xenyx 1002B and of the Korg Volca Beats connected to Behringer DDM4000 Dj mixer. The DDM 4000 adds som delay on the master and used for some DJ EQ-ing.

I used the pan function of the Korg Volca Sample to get two seperated outputs, one with chord sounds and one with hihats and some percussions. I always need additonal hihats and a shaker :)

The MIDI controller is used to control paramters of the Volca Sample and the Volca Beats, mostly track volumen. I used a Patchblock with MIDI in and out to do some MIDI mapping, so for example one Knob of the MIDI controller can control track volumen of the SD, HT and LT at once.

To all this, a mp3 player with a drone sound is connected to another patchblock, this one is synced to the volcas and can record filter its movements."

Sunday night machine talk

Published on Jun 26, 2017 ljs8888

Klee Didge

Published on Jun 26, 2017 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A little experiment in the studio with the Klee sequencer but using it only to send gate CVs, with no traditional melodic content. The sounds come from the Harvestman Hertz Donut, Endorphin es Furthrrr Generator and Intellijel Dixie II, whilst some additional percussion follows from ALM/Busy Circuits Dinky’s Taiko ever changing from Qu-Bit Electronix Chance."

Eurorack Techno

Published on Jun 26, 2017 chisel316

"Trying to squeeze as much Techno as I can out of my modest setup. Hope you enjoy it!

Peace \/

Another Techno Jam

Published on Jun 25, 2017 TheKraist

"After a little time, finally another studio jam. This time not 4/4 but still very techno, I think. Things I used:

- Analog Rytm for drums and percussion
- Analog Rytm fur subbassline (was overdubbed later)
- Ableton Operator through distortion pedals and Eventide Space for the bassline
- modular synth for the melodic part (including Braids in toy mode and Clouds in delay-mode)"

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