MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Imperfectionist for TAL Sampler

"Intro price of $20 until 31st August -

In the vein of my factory presets and previous Dystopia sample pack for the TAL Sampler I present another 80 patches of dark ambient textures, pads and keys, dubby stabs and dirty, sub-heavy dusty basses. If you enjoyed Dystopia then you should enjoy these.

360Mb of fresh, original samples sourced from field recordings, vintage analog, modern digital - processed, re-synthesised and generally painstakingly mangled and mashed then left in a dusty attic for 6 months.

These samples have then been lovingly assembled using the various DAC models of the TAL Sampler to add crust, grit, crunch, dirt and artifacts into a set of patches suitable for dark, dubby, bass-orientated genres, ambient, experimental, trip-hop, dub-techno, D&B etc."

Soundcloud demos are here -

All TAL Sampler, drums from Maschine and minimal added FX for mastering only.

The pack can be purchsed from my store here -"

Beyond 2000 | S1E9 | Kurzweil Sampler | Ejection Seats

Published on Apr 30, 2015

Update: embed fixed. It should start 16:24 in with the Kurzweil segment.

This one in via Luke. The segment from an Early 80s science/technology program called "Beyond 2000". Watch the full segment for the price.

"In This Episode:

0:59 "Ejection seats" Jeff Watson walks us through the history of the ejector seat, and where it's at today (today being 1985).
8:57 "Seaweed harvesting" Carmel brings us a story from South Korea, and lets us know that in the 21st century all our food needs will be met by the Soylent Corporation.
16:34 "Kurzweil 250 sampler" Iain Finlay teams up with session musician Dave Kimber to demonstrate the Kurzweil's sampling ability. A bargain at only $28,000!
21:52 "Wind Power" Jeff Watson reports from Medicine Bow, Wyoming on a promising renewable wind energy project that was, of course, ground into the earth by Big Oil.
29:11 "Aurora Borealis" Chris Ardell-Guinness reports from Finland on one of nature's most spectacular displays. Features spectacular Aurora facts!
38:20 "Japanese Aviation C1-QSTOL" Iain presents the ugliest plane ever built.
44:56 Next week..."

Buchla 208r Rev 2.0 Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"Roman Filippov clone of the original 70s-era Buchla 200-series 208, the upper half of the Music Easel.

Built original UA726 and XVIVE vactrols.

Eight blank preset cards included!

Sounds fantastic, a few of the colored knob tips broke off (replacements can be ordered on Smallbear for around 10 cents a piece) and it could use a 1.2V/Oct tuning with an oscilloscope, otherwise in perfect working condition."

ghostradio experience #08

Published on Aug 16, 2017

Teenage Engineering OP-1 digital synthesizer
JMT Audio NOSC-10 analog synthesizer
strymon TIMELINE delay effector


Deluge Two-Hour Challenge

Published on Aug 16, 2017 boxoftextures

"First work with my new Synthstrom Deluge, for their two-hour challenge. The idea is you get two hours and fifteen minutes from the time you slice open the packing tape until you take your hands off the instrument, then you record the results. (The extra 15 minutes is time to unpack it, organize your cables, hook it up, etc.)

So not a complete song but a good base to start with, especially considering it was just two hours (which flew by). Plus that chugging-along 31-count rhythm's been in my head for maybe two years, so it was good to get it out finally.

Also, you probably never heard of the Deluge but this thing's for real. I could easily see spending the next year just completely diving in. Sequencer, sampler, synthesizer, drum machine, and all in one small portable box."

A LIFE IN WAVES - Documentary on Suzanne Ciani Now Available for Streaming

Published on Jul 2, 2017 FilmBuff Movies

"If you watched TV, went to the movies, or listened to the radio in the 80s and 90s, you probably heard Suzanne Ciani's work, whether you knew it or not. Suzanne is a five-time Grammy nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist whose work has been featured in countless commercials, video games, and feature films. "A Life in Waves" explores Suzanne's life and innovations through her own eyes, offering a feminine glimpse into the world of electronic music."

You can find streaming options at

A Night With the Analogue Solutions Fusebox Synthesizer

Published on Aug 16, 2017 rezfilter

"Here's a fun little, one-nighter track using all sounds from the new Analogue Solutions fusebox synthesizer!

All tracks were recorded from the AS fusebox and layered into Logic as they were dialed in. A touch of reverb was used on a couple of the sounds just to position them in the track.

Fusebox is shown here in its horizontal position, but can also stand vertically or be racked.

CAUTION: The Interval Generator AND the Patternator were used in the creation of this track!

Just a sampler of things to come...


Baseck shows off Loquelic Iteritas Percido

Published on Aug 16, 2017 Noise Engineering

"In the latest installment of the three-module challenge, Baseck kills it with Noise Engineering's new Loquelic Iteritas Percido, and Malekko's Voltage Block and Varigate 8+."

PULTEC CLONE COMPARISON // WarmAudio EQP // KlarkTeknik EQP // Elektron Analog Four

Published on Aug 16, 2017 LESINDES

"Comparing both actual PULTEC clones ONE to ONE:
WARMAUDIO EQP-WA vs. KLARKTEKNIK EQP-KT with the same sound source and identical EQ settings, both tracks normalized.
Adjusting gain @the soundcard -- WA: 0, KT: +3. So the WarmAudio is quite a bit louder in comparison. Could be that the hotter signal is driving the tubes a bit more in saturation giving little bit more warmth. But the difference is very subtle to me."

Korg MS-10 SN 135246

via this auction

Roland JX-3P Synthesizer w/ PG-200 Programmer & Hard Case

via this auction

Yamaha EZ-EG EZEG Digital MIDI Guitar Synthesizer

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments In the Spotlight with Zak Riles and the Pro 2

Dave Smith Instruments' latest "In the Spotlight" interview is up with Zak Riles and the Pro 2 here.

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Stranger Thrones (GoT + Stranger Things Mashup) by GLASYS

Published on Aug 16, 2017

And the winner for best video of the day goes to...

"Download this track for free from

The comments on my previous Game of Thrones cover inspired me to create a proper mashup of the GoT and Stranger Things themes. I had lots of fun creating this, hope you enjoy!

Recorded from scratch using a DSI Prophet 6, Nord Stage 2 EX and Addictive Drums 2.

Video produced by John Thompson (Ballooga Media)"

Sample Workflow on the Upcoming Percussa SSP

Wavetable Workflow Percussa SSP

Published on Aug 15, 2017 PERCUSSA

"New video showing the workflow of recording a sample, loading it directly into the Wavetable oscillator, patching an LFO to the WT Osc and tweaking XYZ (morphing) of the WT Osc, all on the Percussa SSP Kickstarter functional prototype. All sound recorded directly to SD card as WAV on the hardware itself - learn more at"

DSI PRO 2 MULTITRACK SONG :: White Oak ~ The Grid Ep.06

once upon a synth
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"Making a song using only the DSI Pro 2 synth. The Pro 2 is a paraphonic hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments."

PM Foundations Synthola Demo

Randy Piscione
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"This is a demo of the PM Foundations Synthola Eurorack sequencer module.

Get it here:

Here is an additional vid showing how the sequencer sounds as a function generator:"

PM Foundations Synthola Demo - Modulation

Randy Piscione
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"In the first video of the Synthola, I demo'd the various features of the sequencer. In this video, I hooked it up to a 'scope to look at the waveforms generated when using it as a function generator.

I only use the Win 10 Movie Maker app so the video only shows the 'scope. Someday I really need to get a better video app."


ZV_K_10/08_SCETCH from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Testing a new patch on a freshly reorganized (1/2 of zv_k) system and the new Tiptop Audio SD909 module.

Tiptop ONE #1 - playing a tonal DOTS sound > Tiptop Z2040 (controlled by two Z4000s)

Tiptop ONE #2 - playing a percussive DOTS sound, sub mixed with most of the drum modules (not the hats) and run through Vermona VcDrive > Toppobrillo Multifilter > Tiptop Z2040

Tiptop BD808

Tiptop CH909

Tiptop Clap909

Tiptop SD909

Sequencing: mainly Tiptop Circadian Rhythms, Trigger Riot and Z8000. But also Shakmat Modular Knight's Gallop (Clap909 / SD909)"

Modular synthesizer with Ben Willis

Published on Aug 16, 2017 Dvoid TV

"Ben Willis at Signal talking about Vicmod ensemble , their improvisation in melbourne and Modoular music."

Ableton Product Demo, Q&A + Giveaway at Perfect Circuit Audio Tonight

Wed, August 16, 2017
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
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Perfect Circuit Audio
2405 W Empire Ave
Burbank, CA 91504

RSVP here

ElectroComp EML-101 Demo with 1V/Octave Conversion Mod

Bell Tone Synth Works
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"The ElectroComp EML-101 is a fantastic duophonic semi-modular synthesizer from 1974. Bell Tone Synth Works repaired this 101 and also added a custom circuit to allow the synth, which is scaled to 1.4 V/octave with a DC offset, to accept control voltage of the standard 1V/octave scale, allowing it to be played with an external sequencer or other CV source. In this video, we're using it with the inexpensive Korg SQ-1 step sequencer. This synth also has unique FM capabilities that allow it to make some amazing sounds! For more info or to inquire about having your synth repaired or modded, visit"

E-Mu Vintage Keys Synthesizer Sound Module

via this auction

Kawai K5000W Additive Synthesizer SN 591314

via this auction

"This is the one-of-a-kind, vintage, Kawai K5000W Advanced Additive Workstation. It is a hard-to-find synthesizer workstation, with a unique sound generation engine, and it is the top of the line of Kawai's K5000 series of synthesizers. The K5000 series updated the famous K5 synthesizer tone generator with the unique additive harmonic synthesis approach. The ADD Tone Generator contains 32 source generators. PCM samples can be mixed with the additive sources, for unique, sounds that cannot be made by other synthesizers. In addition to the additive capabilities, the K5000W contains a second sound generator that utilizes subtractive PCM synthesis. It is fully General MIDI compatible, and includes advanced digital effects processors providing for four individual effects (chorus, delay, distortion, etc., in addition to reverb and a graphic EQ). This high-end workstation model includes the disk drive, 40 track MIDI Sequencer, and the Auto Phrase Generator which uses a track from the sequencer to create a complete orchestration in any of over 100 musical styles.

As you can see from the pictures, this beauty is in excellent condition, without blemishes or dings. The keyboard is straight and flat, with great action. It works and sounds great. It includes the original owner's manual, MIDI Implementation manual, box, and the 3 original discs (System Disc, APG Data Convert Disc, and Supplemental Data Disc)."

Eurorack Series - CWeJMAN VCO 6 Multi Output Oscillator

Published on Aug 16, 2017 Rishabh Rajan

"A tutorial on all the features on the Cwejman VCO 6 oscillator."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Gligli Teensy Mod

via this auction

"Synth is in good condition and sounds amazing. Has the Gligli Teensy mod install which upgrades the CPU, makes envelopes snappier, and more great features. 6 voice VCO analog beast."

Reverse Keys Korg POLY-800 SN 047228 w/ Original Soft Case

via this auction

Korg MS-20 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage ROLAND TR-808 in Excellent Condition

via this auction

Make Noise Iterative Morphagenetics

Published on Aug 16, 2017


1. Iterative Morphagenetics pt. 1: Patch Snapshots
"The Morphagene is a powerful tool for iterative composition. In some ways it is like having a mid-twentieth century tape music studio housed in your modular synthesizer, but with the potential for instantaneous editing."

2. Iterative Morphagenetics pt. 2: Clocking and Shifting
"Let’s continue along the path of iterative composition with the Morphagene. This video covers juxtapositions of clock rate and Gene Size, as well as recording material from multiple Splices into a single new Splice. It is a sequel to 'Patch Snapshots'"

3. Iterative Morphagenetics Pt. 3: Plane of Composition
"The Reels in this video are available for download here:

The world of sample playback continues to expand. The Morphagene takes it a step further by allowing time scales to be traversed nonlinearly in either direction or both directions.

Consider folding all the Splices in the Reel on top of each other and using Organize and Slide to punch through from one end to the other as if piercing a mesh from different angles."

CHIP1 (live techno session) Octatrack Machinedrum shapeshifter streams clouds

Published on Aug 16, 2017

// CHIP1 live techno session

Modular patch:
- Intellijel Shapeshifter
-VCFQ Random source SERGE
- Turing Machine
- Wiard Wooglebug
- MI Clouds
- MI Streams
- Eowave Zone B


Published on Aug 16, 2017

"Pure OBERHEIM XPANDER sound played and triggered by ARTURIA KEYSTEP. No additional FX. No saturation. No tricks. Dierectly plugged into an ordinary sound card.
Sorry: DAW credits are wrong. No DAW. Only normalized ;-)"

Sequence: Moog Sub 37 and MOS-LAB Model 15.

Resonant Anvil
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"64-step sequence. Model 15 patch as shown. Order of onset of voices:

1) Sub 37
2-4) MOS-LAB Model 15"

OTO BAM Reverb Plate, Korg Monologue

Published on Aug 16, 2017

"OTO BAM reverb fresh from Schneiders Laden in Berlin. Testing plate reverb with my Korg Monologue, Berlin Sessions Day 3"

Monsters, Inc. - Main Theme // PIXAR MONTH

Ace Waters
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"Who needs swing anyways? Here is my funky, synth rock rendition of the Main Theme from Monsters, Inc. One of the more upbeat tracks of the month!"

Posthuman - Against The Clock

Published on Aug 16, 2017

"This is acid.

London duo Posthuman were at the forefront of the 303 revival long before it was fashionable. They’ve been making acid techno since 2001 and run a record label, radio show and club night called I Love Acid, which turned 10 this year.

Posthuman’s Josh Doherty rose to Against The Clock’s 10-minute challenge at his studio in London, where he created a thumping bassline using his Bass Bot 303 clone, Roland 707 and Fruity Loops in his signature acid style."

Live Jam #99 - Ambient / Techno / Melodic - Plugiator, Korg volca sample, Beatstep pro, Eurorack

Published on Aug 16, 2017

"I am finally back in the studio and everything is up and running! Also we hit nr 99, so one more to go!


Stuff used:
Eurorack modular synthesizer with:

Doepfer: a-118, a-119, a-124, a-143-4, a-148, a-156, a-160-2, a171-2
Erica synths: Black wavetable VCO
Expert Sleepers: Disting MK4
Intellijel: Dixie II, uFold, Quadra, 2xTriat , Linux, mult
Malekko heavy industry: Unity mixer
Make noise: MMG, Lxd
Mutable instruments: Clouds, Peaks
Synthrotek: Echo, Deluxe power
Tiptop Audio: BD808
Diy: Quad attenuator

Audio via the Mackie 1202vlz4 mixer to a Moto Ultralite MK3 hybrid.
External effects: T.C electronics M350 for reverb"

Erica Synths MIDI-CV demo

Erica Synths
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"Erica Synths Black MIDI-CV is compact, highly accurate and easy to use duophonic MIDI interface."

Moog Sub Phatty & Alesis Microverb 3

Published on Aug 16, 2017

"Sub Phatty synthesiser through a Microverb 3 reverb. The Microverb has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

PPG Infinite - "Beyond Blue" by Smark - PPG Infinite by Wolfgang Palm

Markus Stadelmann - Smark
Published on Aug 15, 2017

"'Beyond Blue' is a demo track for the 'PPG Infinite' @ by Wolfgang Palm.

Any comments are welcome. Enjoy.
August, 2017, Smark."

iTunes: PPG Infinite - Wolfgang Palm

Serge Animal TKB Combo Lives Again

Published on Aug 15, 2017

"Very short patch test with my old friends - Serge Animal/TKB"


Groovy Seq Serge Animal & TKB

Published on Aug 16, 2017

"Groovy little Serge patch - TKB is world of CV that can really carve a wonderful sonic sculpture!"

Patch n Tweak

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