MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Percussa Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module PCBs Arrive

via the Percussa Kickstarter:

"Hi everyone!

Exciting news - today we received the PCBs for the SSP. They arrived about an hour ago and I immediately checked the quality of the top and bottom side, paying attention to small details such as whether the vias are nicely drilled in the center of pads, whether copper has 'leaked' over other copper potentially causing a short, and of course whether the through-hole components of the PCB sit nicely in the holes of the footprints or not. One other important detail I wanted to check is whether I could reach the display connector on the PCB with the display flatcable, which needs to be fed through a rectangular slot in the PCB. I had already checked that a million times before I sent off the files for production, in my 3D modeling software, and I had also checked it with a paper print-out of the PCB layout, but it's always good to actually check it in reality when you get the PCBs back.

I'm happy to report that everything is looking good (at least with the naked eye). Tomorrow I'll be doing a final check using my microscope, and then I'll be kitting the parts and a couple of PCBs, and sending that off to our subcontractor so we can get a few prototypes built for testing. As always I'll keep you posted about the latest news. Thanks again for backing!


Pictured in order:

"Inspecting PCB quality"

"Checking display FPC length with location of display connector"

"Inserting through hole components and checking footprints"

"Checking placement of rotary encoders and aluminium knobs"

KORG Introduces Limited Edition minilogue PG (Polished Grey)

"This new minilogue has a unique polished gray color that reflects beautifully in various lighting, ranging from silver, to dark gray, to black.

The original minilogue received the internationally prestigious German 'Red Dot Award' given to products that demonstrate excellent industrial design. This limited-edition model gives the original a new color panel and a see-through black finish on the wooden rear panel as well, with a cool and distinctive appearance that will be recognizable at a glance.

* Specifications other than the color are identical to the original minilogue."

Analogue Zone: Simple Jamming with WMD TRSHMSTR, Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 MK2 & 909 Techno

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"Simple Jamming is a weekly series from the Analogue Zone Budapest showroom with our experienced modular electronic music performer & friend, Ramin Sayyah. The series was created in order to introduce either one particular module or a very special selection of module-combinations to make various kinds of music with them.

A new episode is coming on every week at Analogue Zone's Youtube channel. Ramin walks us through the building blocks of the patch and answering questions.

Tune in every week for the show and feel free to ask questions at the comment section - also let us know if you want to pay a visit to the showroom during the jam: we can accept a few guests too.

AnalogueZone ►"

SSF Ultra-Random Analog Tutorial Videos by Learning Modular

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Learning Modular

"For more details about using the URA (as well as other modules I’ve made videos for), I encourage you to join the Learning Modular Patreon Tribe: For more on the Learning Modular Synthesis Eurorack Expansion Project for those exploring what module to add to their system next, visit"


1. SSF Ultra-Random Analog 1/5: Overview (LMS Eurorack Expansion)
The Ultra-Random Analog (URA) is a very different take on the classic Buchla 'Source of Uncertainty' module. It is designed to be the clocked centerpiece of a complex random system or patch. This first movie features a brief drone jam using the URA, and then demonstrates each of its major sections:

0:00 short drone demo
1:36 specs & background
2:03 overview of major sections
5:15 sample & hold A
7:02 sample & hold B
9:28 toggle A/B
10:09 R-Flux (smooth random)
11:23 R-Pulse (random gates)
12:00 opto-integrator
13:14 cross-patching

2. SSF Ultra-Random Analog 2/5: Sample & Holds (LMS EE)
This second of five movies on the URA module dives deep into its two sample & holds, as well as the Toggle A/B Out that alternates between them. It is a particularly good overview of those who may be new to the use of sample & holds in general. The video breaks down like this:

0:10 “sample and hold” explained
0:32 sample & hold (S&H) A to pitch
2:35 S&H A to filter cutoff
3:34 sampling an external input
5:51 S&H A to VCO mix
6:44 sample & hold B
7:30 S&H B slew
8:02 external clock
8:52 using the two S&Hs together
10:08 toggle A/B
11:34 voltage-controlled clock

3. SSF Ultra-Random Analog 3/5: Random Gates + Opto Integrator (LMS EE)
This third of five movies on the URA module dives into its random gates & pulses section, including the associated opto-integration which can be used to smooth out those gates or an external signal. The video breaks down like this:

0:00 overview (including internal clock vs. random gates)
0:59 gate density & pulse divisions
3:10 triggering envelopes
6:02 opto-integrator
7:17 integration slope
7:45 processing other voltage sources

4. SSF Ultra-Random Analog 4/5: Random Flux (LMS EE)
This fourth of five movies on the URA module explains how its smoothly fluctuating “R-Flux” section works, including external voltage control as well as using it to add randomness to LFOs and envelopes. The video breaks down like this:

0:00 introduction
0:15 default R-Flux output (including clock rate)
1:25 R-Flux Influence CV (speed of changes)
2:25 R-Flux Probability CV (voltage range)
3:15 adding randomness to LFO shapes
5:08 adding randomness to envelopes

5. SSF Ultra-Random Analog 5/5: Audio Rate Clock Tricks (LMS EE)
This final movie on the URA module demonstrates a few “stupid pet tricks” with its voltage controlled clock: using it as a second VCO; using it to generate pitched noise that tracks the keyboard; and using it as a sample rate decimator to destroy your sound (which again can follow the keyboard). The video breaks down like this:

0:06 using it as a 1v/octave VCO
2:11 patching in a precision adder for octave offsets
2:50 pitched noise source
3:48 sample rate decimator (SR reduction)

ULTIMATE PATCHES for Roland JP-08 JP08 - VOLUME 1 & 2

Published on Nov 30, 2017 ULTIMATE PATCHES

"Over 300 High Quality Patches for the Roland JP-08!
(150+ In Volume 1, 150+ In Volume 2)


Live Synthesizers Session 26.11.17 in IZOTOPE Studio

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Izotope Studio

"True live play. No tricking with multitrack or post-production cutting.
Enjoy this trip =)"

Bassline sub from quazimidi polymorph.
303 like bass from Novation SuperBasstation.
Leads and FXs from Roland SH01 Gaia, Korg Polysix, DSI Polyevolver and Roland 8080.
Drums from Roland JV2080, Jomox Airbase09 and Roland TR09 Aira.
Signal passed thru sde330, DP4+, FX990 and some other stuff.

Hordijk Phaser Feedback

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Todd Barton

"a little Hordijk Phaser feedback patch with a mind of its own!"


Published on Nov 30, 2017 Joakim Floke

"This is my first try at a dawless setup. Master for this is my lovely Tanzbär which connects with gate out only to a JX-3P and Pro-One and midiclock to a Mono/Poly. It was mostly to see if I could get it to work and make somthing with it. And i think I did good for a first."

Music for Jen Synx 508 - The Analog Music Monografy #02 Demo Tracks

Published on Nov 30, 2017 VSMI
Re-Published on Dec 1, 2017 VSMI

See this post for more info on the Jen Synx 508 hardware synth.

"Music for Jen Synx 508 available soon on - The Analog Music Monografy
italian sound only:
Jen Synx 508 - the synthesizer
Montarbo DREV 128 - the direct effects
Armon AR-290 combo organ - drum waves samples"

ARP Odyssey 2810 w/4035 Filter, Instant Odyssey Patch Book & Case

via this auction

"This is possibly the best deal you will find on a VINTAGE ARP Odyssey Mk II 2810 circa 1975 (this is NOT one of the new Korg imitation reissues). It has been professionally refurbished by LA Synth Co. (docs provided) All the sliders cleaned and lubed, connections cleaned and all the key bushings replaced. Though this is a mkII it has some mk1 'crossover' features: the rotary pitch bend knob and contains the original highly sought-after 4035 4-pole filter famously 'borrowed' by ARP from the Moog filter of the same era.

-ORIGINAL Anvil road case with brand new freshly installed foam.
-ORIGINAL "Instant Odyssey" patch templates which include 2 blanks for your own custom sounds
-Copies of Odyssey user manual and patch book (I never had originals)
-Monster cable audiophile RCA>¼" output cord.

It's all original except for 4 rubber feet I recently added, (originals were missing) and slider caps are missing on VCO, Keyboard CV and HPF sliders. These are available online, if you feel the need to replace."

Kurzweil K2000R VAST Rack Synthesizer with Original Manual

via this auction

"Has OS 3.54J installed and Ccomes with manual and power cord."

JoMox XBASE 888 Analog Drum Synthesizer Sequencer SN 2008 - 0044

via this auction

SloBo - Bowed Strings synth made in SunVox

Published on Nov 30, 2017 cube48

"Sorry for out of focus video!

Little sound demo of SloBo - a synth made purely with SunVox modules, no samples involved. It's my personal study case of synthesizing a raw approximation of bowed instruments and learning about the articulation techniques of cellos, violins & Co. It's called SloBo because as of now it allows only relatively slow bowing articulation. Future versions or derivations might include other types of playing styles (need to dig deeper into the topic).

Big thanks to Alex Zolotov of SunVox (a.k.a. NighRadio) for his latest update of SunVox which allows multi-channel MIDI mapping of modules and allowing construction of MPE enabled patches!

Single voice patch and 4 voice Linnstrument optimized patch can be downloaded at SunVox forum:"

iTunes: SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

Simon James Buchla 200e performance at Further

Simon James Buchla 200e performance at Further from Simon James on Vimeo.

"Simon James playing the Buchla 200e Electric Music Box and Ciat-Lombarde Cocoquantus at Further, an event dreamed up and organised by Strictly Kev/DJ Food and Pete Williams. Their multi projector light show consisted of 20 slide projectors and multiple video projectors.

Simon's sound sources were the Buchla 200e, Don Buchla's modern take on his original 1970s modular synthesizer, a cosmic looper called Cocoquantus, a Korg Monotron and Tascam 4 track tape machine."

PLAYDifferently MODEL 1 Six Channel Analog DJ Mixer

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows how the MODEL 1 DJ Mixer from PLAYDifferently can be used with a combination of hardware synths and effects as well as tracks from an audio interface. The MODEL 1 is an all analog 6 channel stereo balanced mixer with 2 sends and returns per channel. Each channel also has a distortion/overdrive and EQ filters. There is also a highpass and lowpass filter on the master channel.

In this video the inputs to the MODEL 1 are Traktor DJ as well as Korg Volca Beats and Volca Keys. The Strymon Big Sky reverb as well as a delay from Ableton Live are used as send effects.

MODEL 1 available here:"

Supporting members of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Integra Solum Tutorial Part 2

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Noise Engineering

"In which we show a small part of the glory that can be achieved with Integra Solum. Integra Solum is available for preorder now.

In our last IS tutorial, we covered the controls of the upcoming Integra Solum. IS is a dual rotating clock divider with 16 trigger outs in two sets of eight. The two sides can be clocked or reset independently or a single input and/or reset normals to both sides. IS switches between three modes and an encoder adjusts the offset of each side. Bonus modes add randomization options."

Part 1 here.

Christmas Sale at DSP Synthesizers

via DSP Synthesizers

"There is a christmas sale on all synthesizer chips at DSP Synthesizers.

50% off on all DIY items in the store.

Order now to have them delivered in time for the happy holiday hacking!

A Very Merry Christmas to all of you!"

Render of Twisted Electrons Upcoming crazy8eats Sequencer

crazy8eats or crazyBeats

via Liquid Sky Berlin

iOptigan - Optigan for iPad & iPhone - Demo Song - BEEBO - Optiganally Yours

Published on Nov 29, 2017 optigandotcom

iTunes: iOptigan - Stefan Stenzel

"Pea Hicks of and Stefan Stenzel of Waldorf present... iOptigan!

PLEASE NOTE: if you're listening to this demo on a mobile device, you may have trouble hearing the keyboard part in the right channel, due to a YouTube quirk. For best results, please listen on a regular PC.

This is a demo of iOptigan running on an iPad Air. The music is 'Beebo' by Optiganally Yours, which is an old song that appeared on the album 'Spotlight On Optiganally Yours.' The disc used is 'Big Organ & Drums.'"

Moog Imoogination II Newspaper-70's-Original

via this auction

Korg DS-8 Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

"DS8 is FM synth with 2 OSCs per voice, it does sound more D-50 than Yamaha DX7, sounds is certainly fatter than DX series. The DS-8 is 8 voices of polyphony and 8 parts multitimbrality.sounds so unique. It has some digital effects such as chorus, flange, delay and analog-like controls for modulators, envelopes and the LFO. A joystick provides control of modulation and pitch bending. It also has a performance section for quick edits on the fly using (3) real-time sliders to control timbre, EG1 and EG2."

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

via this auction

How to: Get to grips with MONARK | Native Instruments

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Native Instruments

"Watch the latest instructional tutorial for MONARK, and create incredible analogue-style sounds with versatile oscillators. Tim Cant demonstrates how to master the master the iconic mono synth in order to create bass and lead sounds, in addition to tweaking the oscillators to create FM, noise, vibrato and feedback effects."

Akemie's Taiko - Cyclebox - Synchrodyne - AFG + Wurlitzer Swingin' Rhythm

Published on Nov 30, 2017 isvisible isinvisible

"Plinky plonks - Cyclebox and Akemie's Taiko processed through the Modcan Dual Delay.
Bass - Livewire AFG processed through Doepfer A- 106-5 SEM Filter and Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b.
Percussion - Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator processed through Reflex Liveloop.
Droney Sound - WMD PDO processed through Doepfer A-126 Freq Shift and Tiptop Audio V-DSP with Halls of Valhalla card.
Synth Noises - WMD Synchrodyne + Expand processed through Mungo d0.
Drums - Wurlitzer Swingin' Rhythm lightly processed through Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz."

teenage engineering tonic & OP1 jam

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Ally Mobbs

"using the po32 with OP1 arp to make sleepy seasick music"

ZOOM ARQ AR-48 が届いたのでお試しプレイ!

Published on Nov 30, 2017 SHINGA Instant techno


MS20 mk1 - Envelopes and tuning oscillators.

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Max Vicinelli

"Playing with my MS20. All sounds comes from ms20. No layers. Realtime recording on logic."

Expert Sleepers disting mk4 - Programmable Quantizer

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Expert Sleepers

See this post for additional disting mk4 tutorial videos.

Analogue Solutions synthBlock Mr Hyde - analogue VCF box Digitakt demo 2

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Analogue Solutions

"Analogue Solutions synthBlock Mr Hyde - analogue filter effects box.
Digitakt demo 2"

Orazio Del Core - XYZ (Original Mix) Live Session

Published on Nov 30, 2017 vistaandaudio

"Produced & performed by :
Orazio Del Core 2017"

Korg Volcas, Monologue, mini KAOSS pad, and Arturia Microbrute.

Moog Mother-32 Tutorial - 3 Sequencer + Patchbay Tricks!

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Wouter van Leeuwen

"In this tutorial video i'll be sharing three tricks on the Mother-32 that involve the sequencer and it's patchbay in/outputs."

Make Noise Announces Black and Gold Shared System Plus

via Make Noise:

"The Shared System re-made in Black and Gold w/ the Erbe-Verb, Morphagene, TEMPI, and CV Bus added in a steel case with the Make Noise logo. The personal favorite system of Make Noise founder Tony Rolando, this collection of modules is utilized by all artists for the Make Noise Records Shared System Series. It was also utilized by both Alessandro Cortini and Richard Devine for their performances at the 2012 Make Noise Opening party. The Shared System is the deepest and most complex of our systems bringing together all of our synthesis techniques into one system. From analog FM to voltage controlled granularization, the Shared System will go to more sound destinations than most folks have time to travel to in a single lifetime.

The CV Bus was originally designed for Alessandro Cortini's personal Make Noise system. It provides visual indication of level, rate and polarity for up to 4 control signals that will be shared throughout a patch. These 4 control signals are color coded and distributed across the center of the system allowing for quick, clean and intuitive patching. The distribution method is unlike the typical multiple since the control signals will appear beneath their possible destinations allowing for the use of shorter patch cables. The color coding and visual indication makes navigating complex patches easier and more intuitive. Typically, the CV Bus would be used to share the most important control signals in a patch such as your Master Clock.

The CV Bus also has the tools needed for integrating the Make Noise system with the outside world. A 1/4" Mono input with plenty of gain allows for bringing external signals into the system. The optimal 10Vpp signal level is visually indicated. A high quality Stereo Line Driver converts powerful modular synthesizer signal levels to the commonly used Line Level. There is mini-jack inputs for Left and Right, a single Master Volume control, and a TRS Stereo 1/4" output jack. This output is capable of driving long cable out to a PA System or a set of Headphones. It has AC coupling and a built-in limiting circuit (with visual indication) that prevents damage to ears and PA system when the patching gets experimental.

The powder coated steel Case is 2 lbs. lighter than our wood Shared System case without compromising mechanical durability. The sleek matte black finish was selected to match our line of Black and Gold modules. This finish will show the story of your modular synth's travels over the years. If you do not want that story to be told you will want to request your system to be built using our wood 7U case with scratch resistant black urethane coating."

12 patches for the Korg ARP Odyssey

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Marcus Padrini

"Some cool patches I created while playing with my Korg ARP Odyssey. Love this synth!"

DIY CNC made Tokarev Protosynth V1LP synthesizer music

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Konstantin T

"Making more music on the Protosynth V1LP after adding some features"

Yamaha Motif XS6 Voice part 3

Published on Nov 29, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB

All parts here.

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