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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Elektron A4 MKII Synth played through the New Meris Polymoon Delay Pedal

Published on Jan 3, 2018 soundseasy

"In this video we played a simple repeating pattern from the new Elektron A4 analog synth into the recently released Meris Polymoon Stereo delay pedal. We use the mono in stereo out routing combination of the Polymoon – the mono in is summed to both Left and Right therefore a stereo effect is heard at the output based on the delay repeat division.

We take the Polymoon from a basic delay effect right through to lush blooming infinite tail reverb sounds. This delay is truly awesome and is particularly good at creating lush dense ambient pad sounds."

Arturia Buchla Easel V - Exploring the Presets - MVM #99

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Midiverse - TV

"What's up everyone? Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're going to be checking out some presets from the new Arturia Buchla Easel V. Let's check it out!"

AE Modular & Leipzig-S Patch#6

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Dziam Bass

"AE Modular (Tangible Waves) & Leipzig-S (Analogue Solutions)"

Roland SH 7 review #6 complexity

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"A description as to why the Roland SH 7 is the opposite of a basic analog synthesizer and quite possibly the most complex normalized none semi modular / true 100% analog synthesizer ever made. Non semi modular equates to superior work flow."

All parts here.

Small Studio Tour by Howling Terror

Published on Jan 3, 2018 thehowlingterror

"A rig rundown of what I'm using on music that can be heard at"

A studio tour in via MATRIXSYNTH reader Howling Terror. Synths come in at 6:40.

Waldorf Blofeld desktop
DSI Tempest
KORG Electribe SX with custom Japan sun overlay
DSI Evolver with custom overlay
KORG Electribe EMX
Small eurorack system & more.

Prophet '08: What Child Is This

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Sacred Synthesis

"This is a new recording of a previous piece. An instrumental variation on a classic Christmas hymn.

DSI Prophet '08 Keyboard (2)
DSI Prophet '08 Module

DSI Evolver Desktop
Hammond XPK 200L Pedalboard

Lexicon MX300
Alesis Nanoverb 2

Performed live and recorded directly to a Tascam CD-RW900 Mk II.


See my new blog, The Musical Synthesizer:"

Jomox Alpha Base Drum Machine

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows some sounds created with the Jomox Alpha Base drum machine. The Alpha base has an analog kick drum generator, analog mBrane generator for snare and percussion, 8 sample based voices, 6 of which have analog filters and VCAs and a 4 operator FM synth. The Alpha Base also features built in delay and reverb and a powerful sequencer.

Available here:"

Supporting members of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!


Published on Jan 3, 2018 djwidow420


via this auction

Radikal Technologies Accelerator 61 Key Synth

via this auction

"The Accelerator is an 8-voice digital, subtractive synthesizer from Radikal Technologie. Its features include 3 digital oscillators per voice, 2 filters, a string filter, 4 FX-busses, a 32-step sequencer per part, a programmable arpeggiator per part, a dedicated EQ section, 6 envelope generators, 4 LFOs, a large mod-matrix, and more. This unit was used for review..."

Strymon blueSky Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Peak

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

"Strymon blueSky Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Peak"

Genuine Curtis CEM3340 Chips at Thonk

via @thonk_synth

"We have temporarily cut the price of genuine CEM3340 chips by 25%"

You can find them here.

"These are BRAND NEW chips, the real thing as manufactured by Curtis Electromusic with the full blessing of the late Doug Curtis’s family. These are not clones."

Analogue Solutions Christmas Card 2017

Every year Analogue Solutions

You can find previous year's cards here.

OP-1 Jam - Streets Of Madrid

Published on Jan 3, 2018

"Track entirely made on the Teenage Engineering OP-1
Footage shot in Madrid on iPhone SE using Hyperlapse app"

Waldorf NW1 Eurorack Wavetable Module Demos by Miles Briand

Published on Jan 2, 2018 Miles Briand

Waldorf NW 1 demo plus jam
NW 1 jam 2


TIPTOP AUDIO: TG ONE / 2 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"A second sketch with the new Tiptop Audio special edition TG ONE module.

Main sound: TG ONE selecting different samples with CV

Drums: Tiptop BD909, SD909, Clap909, Toms909, RS909, Hats909, Ride909

FX from 2x Z*DSP modules.

Sequencing: Circadian Rhythms for most of the drums, Z8000 for file selection, Trigger Riot for clocking. Shakmat Modular Knight's Gallop for RS909 and one of the 909"

Waldorf NW1 Wavetable Eurorack Module

via this auction

KORG MS-20M Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 000613

via this auction

Plant Music #10 - MIDI Sprout + Epiphyllum

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Smokey Quartz

"In this plant music video I use the MIDI Sprout to play an Epiphyllum using a few of Ableton's MIDI instruments."

Nakano by mudlogger (eurorack, modular, ambient, monome)

Published on Jan 1, 2018 mlogger

"Live instrumental ambient track using a Monome isms system. Sound source is 2 Mangrove oscillators sequenced by Monome Kria sequencer on the Ansible module triggered by Just Friends. Effects are DLD, Erb Verb, Malekko Echo 600 dark and RML fuzz."

And one more:

Shinkansen by mudlogger

Published on Jan 2, 2018 mlogger

"Live modular track using a monome isms eurorack system"

WMD Test Lab Performance - 4MS Dual Looping Delay, Arpitecht, PDO MkII and more.

Published on Jan 3, 2018 WMDevices

"Alex sought out to make a patch with the 4MS Dual Looping Delay and two WMD Arpitecht Eurorack Modules. He put together the patch in the morning and left it up, playing with it every couple hours then finally put together a performance to record at the end of the day. This is that performance.

This performance was created with a 12U Eurorack Modular Synthesizer alone. No external effects, compression, or any type of processing was added."

Building the Krell Patch on Black & Gold Shared System Plus

New video added here. Scroll to the bottom when you get there.

Miniature Replica of Keith Emerson's Modular Moog 74

Keith Emerson's Modular Moog 74 - CLASSIC HANDMADE PROG KEYBOARDS

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

And a Roland Jupiter 4 also just posted:


Published on Jan 3, 2018 Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

You can find more here.

03-The Moog Rogue-Part 3-Oscillators-sync

Published on Jan 3, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a further demonstration of the sound and functionality of the oscillators of the Moog Rogue. This video focuses primarily on sync."

All parts here.

Digimachine - Elektron Digitakt / Monomachine mk2 Jam

Published on Jan 3, 2018 lostsystems1

"In this one, i wanted to just have the machines riff of each other instead of resampling the monomachine. Enjoy!"

duality micro - Jason V. (live)

Published on Jan 3, 2018 evadum

"Here is a little hommage of 2 things i really like. The wonderfull nanoloop mono music tool for the gameboy classic and the great Friday The 13th Game. Bought it yesterday for my xbox one. These 2 things inspires me to make a little live jam.

So please enjoy!"

Kick.S / X1249 (トロニカ)

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Kick.S

Elektron Digitakt with custom paint job.

Modular Techno 3/1/2018

Published on Jan 3, 2018 RELOAD

"Modular techno with Cirklon and Analog Rytm
No external effect, no master"

Radio Frequencies

Published on Jan 3, 2018 JeffreyPlaide

"Radio Frequencies is a free-form experimental electronic music composition using the free control of individual audio oscillators to create modulating and FM tone sources as the basis for wild and free tonal expression not unlike the early electronic music pioneers who used discrete signal generators for the creation of complex sonics. The Eurorack modular synthesizer system was used as the most flexible form to build up complex sounds. The Eurorack modular system afforded the most complete platform for pulse and modulation free expression of frequencies and pulse-sequenced sonic textures. No sequencers or other memory devices were used to create the cascading rising and falling textures. Four Pittsburgh oscillators were used. Oscillator one frequency-modulated oscillator two, then oscillator three frequency-modulated oscillator four. The triangle wave outputs of the oscillators two and four were mixed and fed into a MakeNoise Echophon module for a mild delay effect applied. The output of the Echophon was then patched into an Audio Damage frequency shifter for a mild phasing effect. Five tracks were recorded while manually manipulating all of the four oscillator frequency controls in real-time. The oscillators were 'played' in this manual form for instant free-form electronic interactions. Where certain combinations of sounds clashed, "drop-in" new recordings erased the old, replacing them with something more complementary. The total mix of the composition owes much to the performance of the manipulation of the oscillators in real-time rather than to any carefully structured arrangement. The result is a wild and stimulating cascade of waveform modulations taking the listener into a 1950s science fiction realm. The composition is therefore largely atonal, untempered and loosely non-structured, but conforming to interesting sets of combinations. The visuals attempt to reflect the rapid-fire pace of the audio oscillators by rapid cutting, editing and pattern development. Background logically-constructed visual textile-weave patterns were created emulating the possibilities of the vintage EMS Spectron video synthesizer. Different texture weaves were intercut in real-time to follow the tempo of the music. To this rapidly-edited background of visual textures, various sinusoidal waveforms were superimposed, representing the idea of frequency energy to convey information. Several different kinds of sinusoidal waveshapes were added, pulsating to create complementary strobing to the already strobing background textures. Imagery was used to convey signals, frequency, modulations, and waveforms - even in abstracted form. Towards the end of the composition, the visual pace slows, and a single black modulating circle concludes the rapid-fire editing with a calming role. I call the composition "Radio Frequencies" because I wanted to express the fundamental role radio technology has played from the beginning of the 20th century in all forms of wireless communication. The electromagnetic spectrum is an incredible phenomenon in the Universe and for electronics and communication. It helps to celebrate sometimes technology we may take for granted because it is so commonplace in all our lives."

New Sektor Wavetable Synthesizer from INITIAL AUDIO

Published on Dec 20, 2017 INITIAL AUDIO

"Try the free demo at

Sektor is a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer with a highly intuitive user interface and a lot of customization features. Sektor was built to use a low amount of system resources while having a massive high quality sound. Advanced modulation features such as feature rich modulation Envelopes, ADSR´s and LFO´s can be routed to the synths parameters via drag and drop, or via the right click menu of the knobs. The modulation matrix gives you even more access to features such as velocity, aftertouch and much more. Shape each parameter of 8 voices per wavetable oscillator with OSC+. Create massive unison sounds and change the waveform, phase, pitch, stereo spread, level and detune of each individual unison voice. Sektors built-in Heat Up 2 multisample engine let you combine the real sound of a modern rompler with Sektors advanced wavetable synthesis engine. Sektor also comes with two effect racks including effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, phaser, trance gate, compressor, stereo shaper and a 4 band equalizer. The order of the effects can be arranged via drag and drop. Create and save custom made arps and sequencies with the built in sequencer, create your own skins, presets and more, offer them to others or share them with your friends."

Patch n Tweak

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