MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wizard Tone Improvisation Series - Volume 5

On the series via Ed Zuccollo:

"I sat in the live room with my Minimoog, a lamp, two effects pedals (EHX Cathedral and Strymon BigSky), and no preconception of what was to come. Adam's voice came through the headphones: 'The ENIAC was the world's first mechanical computer. They're just starting it up for the first time and it begins spitting out numbers and doing calculations... Play that. We're rolling, start whenever you like.'

And so I sat there in silence, imagining this scene, imagining the sounds, then converting these sounds to settings on the Minimoog in my head - then I set up the Moog and began to play, and when I finished we were onto the next one, and the next one... a robotic futuristic bee colony, imagining my favourite mountain bike trail, and eventually reading the Moon Hymn poem and playing my reaction. No edits or layers, all first takes."

via BandCamp:

"... a mind bending creative journey fueled by an exploration of sound and music both beautiful and other-worldly. Zuccollo's deep knowledge of analogue synthesis, in particular the Minimoog, has produced one of the most brilliantly original and at times uncomfortable releases in the Wizard Tone Records catalogue to date. A good set of headphones and an open mind is essential to experiencing this release".
- Adam Page - Producer/curator

These recordings are all first take improvisations and in the order they were performed. Producer Adam Page curated the performances by offering Ed motivations and visualisations immediately prior to recording each track.

Monome Arc - Further Explorations (in three parts)

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Genshi Media Group

"Further explorations with the Monome Arc and Ansible module. Patch notes are as follows:

• Part One - Arc/Ansible is using the "Levels" app, with Arc's rings 1 and 2 in "Note" mode; sequencing Mutable Instruments Rings and Intellijel Plonk respectively, and Arc's rings 3 and 4 are modulating various parameters. Delay is from the Erica Synths Black Hole DSP, and Granularizing (not a real word) and Reverb from Mutable Instruments Clouds.

• Part Two - Arc/Ansible is using the "Cycles" app, with all 4 rings modulating the CV of all the modules.

• Part Three - Arc/Ansible is again using "Cycles" app, this time with the Synthesis Technology E352 Cloud Terrarium replacing the Rings and Plonk modules."

4MS Tapographic Delay

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Found Sound

The Tapographic Delay. New from 4MS!
© & ℗ Found Sound Australia® Pty Ltd.

Modular Drone/Noise - Attack Ships off the Shoulder of Orion (Sputnik)

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Mike Thomas

"Random and sequenced drone/noise/chaos patch on my newly-assembled 'Seriously Sputnik' case. No purty sounds here, just the world ending."

The Candlelight Vigil: A Synth Cover in Memory of Jóhann Jóhannsson (From Prisoners)

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Ace Waters

"Jóhann Jóhannsson was one of the first artists that I found when getting deep into the world of ambient music. In college, I listened to his 'IBM 1401 a User's Manual' on repeat. His album Orphee was the album the got me through editing my 'Favorite Things of 2017' video. His soundtracks are all profoundly moving and inspiring. I was devastated when I found out he died. This is in his memory. Thank you Jóhann, for showing me how one can do so much with so little. For teaching me how much emotion can be held in a single note. Thank you for inspiring me. Your work had a profound impact on my life, my music, and my career and your absence is devastating. Rest in peace."

Rev2 All preset sequences (splits and layers) Part 1 - Dave Smith Instruments

Published on Feb 11, 2018 synth-love

"Every Rev2 program contains both an A and a B layer. Each layer contains a sequence. In the video I scroll through the presets.

I am not playing keys on the keyboard. What you hear are the sequences playing. When you change programs, the sequence changes too and continues to play.

Progams can be single layer, split layer or dual layer (stack). Check the Stack and Split lights to determine which type the current preset is. The stack and split modes use double the polyphony. If neither light is lit, it is a single program and you have full polyphony.

The screen also displays the effect in use by layer A. Keep in mind the layer may not actually use the effect - the effect amount is on a different screen."

Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 Hybrid Mono Synth Sound Module w/ SMR-4 Filter Board

via this auction

"Shruthi-1 with SMR-4 mkII Filter (Roland like filter) in excellent cosmetic condition.
Gently used , all buttons, knobs, inputs, and outputs function perfectly.

Not a DIY build - built by and purchased directly from Mutable Instruments.
Comes with storage bag, AC adapter, and handmade card."

Roland Juno-6 Analog Synthesizer SN 203962

via this auction

Rhodes Chroma CC MIDI SPSU Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN 30472

via this auction

"RC w/ SPSU & CC MIDI Upgrades, Factory Pedals + Polyphonic Aftetouch kit!
S/N #21034105 Made in Fullerton, CA, USA, Pro-Serviced

In 2017, this Chroma was repaired, calibrated, tuned by Greg Montalbano, a world-class synth tech.

This is the ONLY Chroma you will see listed with the following features & benefits:
includes resurfaced top/back cover (bead-blasted, powder-coated)
includes pedals, fully renovated
CC MIDI, with breakout box, & SPSU Power Supply Upgrades --> 100% DAW-ready!
Aftertouch kit included (not installed)
Free Anvil case OR hand delivery to CA/OR/WA/NV/AZ
Exterior: Chassis/Cabinet/Panels:
Membrane panels are working perfectly, all LEDs are bright, all sliders function, and are original.
Renovated original cherry cabinet: dark walnut w/ semi-gloss finish (see pics).
No rust/corrosion present in the chassis of the synth itself.
Some light oxidation on some contacts (see pics), they all function 100%
CCMIDI+ CPU Board (with the MIDI Breakout Box):
Channel motherboard, I/O Board, EQ Boards all in Excellent shape
All 8 Voice Cards (0-7) look great and tune PERFECTLY.

CC+ Midi Upgrade and Breakout box (pictured)
This CC Midi Upgrade offer CC+ parameter control from BCR2000 or other common MIDI control surfaces.

The SPSU power supply greatly reduces emitted heat, and reduces the transformer weight of this unit. See rhodeschroma-dot-com for more details."

Elektron SIDStation

via this auction

"Sidstation is based on the legendary MOS6581 sound chip originally found in the Commodore 64 home computer."

Takumi Ogata - Sound Globe Module for Eurorack

Published on Feb 10, 2018 Takumi Ogata

"Sound Globe Module is a dynamic musical controller designed for Eurorack modular system. Speed of the sphere rotation is mapped to control voltage (0V-5V). There are two separate CV outputs for backward and forward spin directions."

NAMM 2018: Blipblox Synthesizer [Episode 37]

Published on Feb 11, 2018 CatSynth TV

"Demo of the Blipblox at NAMM 2018. The Blipblox is a fully functional mono synthesizer designed for use by children and adults.

'Introducing the Blipblox - a synthesizer and beatbox designed to promote creativity and audio exploration. Its unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for children as young as 3 years old. Its professional features and nearly endless ability to create new sounds make it fun and captivating for everyone!

The Blipblox is not your typical music toy. Instead of generic keyboard sounds, the Blipblox uses a proprietary algorithm that synthesizes completely unique waveforms. You don't just play notes on the Blipblox, you actually design your own soundwave.'

More information at

For more NAMM 2018 coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

Roland SH-32 Demo Songs Desktop Synthesizer Drum Machine Groovebox

Published on Feb 11, 2018 DKDiveDude

"In my series of my music instruments that contain factory demo songs, this one is for the Roland SH-32 Desktop Synthesizer / Drum Machine / Groovebox. I love the sound and ease of creating sounds on this thing!"

Critter & Guitari Organelle on Cassette Tape (Ep.01)

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Delta Aquari

"Today is the second day with my Organelle and I am still in love with it, one can truly tell that this is not just a synthesizer, it's an instrument. I was playing the guitar for more than 12 years until I switched to modular synths two years ago, the Organelle gave something back to me that I was really missing on my modular system, something that I only had when playing the guitar. I recorded six patches on cassette tape while jaming along, you can expect more videos like this, soon.

Patches used in this video:
1. MuChord
2. Zone
3. Juno 104
4. Glass FM
5. Waterfall Down
6. Distributor"

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4 SN 00615

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 PE Keyboard Synthesizer SN 03208

via this auction

MOOG Minimoog Voyager Old School

via this auction

Macbeth Elements

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Nyborg

via this auction

"Amazing sounding 100% analog desktop synth module. Very fat and full sound! Has the 24 db "Moog" style filter. The tape on the knobs is just for recalling some patches, nothing wrong with any of the knobs. The synth works perfectly.
Key Nyborg Features

Full rugged steel/aluminium case – no plastic mouldings.
Hand built in Great Britain.
Good quality smooth potentiometers, fully sealed against dust
Good quality knobs with spun aluminium caps
High grade double sided circuit board
High Quality 16bit DAC for MIDI-CV conversion
Very stable MIDI to CV
Very stable analogue oscillators
Hand built by humans
True retro analogue voice and modulation circuits to give an authentic retro sound"

Roland JX-3P Synthesizer & PG200 Programmer SN 260220

via this auction

EKO ORGAN BASS PEDAL w/ Custom Wood Side Panels

via this auction

JEN P-700 Vintage Analogue Bass Pedal Synth + case

via this auction

"This is an original Jen P-700 Pedal Bass self generating synthesizer from around the early 1970’s

There are other versions that are the same called SLM P700 and Matrix.

This is an awesome pedal that gives a classic big bass monophonic analogue synthesizer sound.

It is in very good condition for its age but does have some wear and tear due to its 40+ years age."

Cool chrome supports.

Elektron Digitone Ambient Drone

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Scott Campbell

"My first patch with the amazing Digitone. Audio is direct from the Digitone output."

Kalahari (DSI/Poly Evolver Keyboard)

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Hitoshi Koizumi

DSI/Poly Evolver Keyboard
Manikin Schrittmacher step sequencer
Strymon Bigsky/Timeline/moebius
Logic X pro

KlirrFactory MorphOSC 2 - Wavetable VCO for VCV Rack - Demo & Overview

Published on Feb 10, 2018 TheKlirrfaktor

"MorphOSC 2 by is a 8 Voice morphing Wavetable VCO for VCV Rack that allows you to morph between 8 free selectable Waveforms. It comes with around 200 Waveforms but you are free to record up to 8.000 own Waveforms (the first 2.000 Waveforms are still reserved) with the included WaveMaker.
The 8 single VCOs are full featured with Phase Modulation, Thru Zero FM, Bit Crusher, FM, Sub Oscillator, the possibility to be (un)linked with the global Hard and Soft Sync. Every VCO can be set to be an LFO as well.
MorphOSC 2 can be set completely to be an 8 stages LFO.

All demos are recorded as stereo tracks. Postprocessing: A little bit of compression and level adjusting.

Get MorphOSC 2 at"

KlirrFactory MorphOSC 2 - Wavetable VCO for VCV Rack - Overview

Serge Modular Synthesizer Lullaby #TTNM

Published on Feb 11, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Fall asleep to a mostly self-playing lullaby powered by the "Best of CGS" panels ... and wake up again.

PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:
Best of CGS Serge BOG, MARSH & SWAMP 4U Banana Modular Synthesizer
... some Zoom R16 reverb.

Patch Notes:
It's a very simple patch. Two NCOs plus a DUSG (with additional frequency division) act as sound sources, which are being sequenced by four steps of the Sequencer Programmer. To make this melody a little more complex, there is modulated waveshaping, using the Triple Waveshaper and Gated Comparator CV and there is additional pitch modulation from square waves into the NCOs' and DUSG's FM inputs (making the notes jump between two pitches regularly, plus being fed by the Sequencer Programmer into the 1V/Oct inputs). At the end everything runs through the VCF with slow LFO modulation and a little bit of NCO FM."

Malekko Manther Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

JoMox T-Rackonizer Filter Matrix Module

via this auction

"Heavy heavy filter and fx in awesome shape!"

Arturia MatrixBrute

via this auction

MPC "the Kit" & "the Clap" Analog Percussion Drum Synths

via this auction

"Early 80s UK electro instrument MPC "the Kit" drum synth with Kick, Snare, Hi Tom, Lo Tom, Cymbal, Open and Closed Hats, and includes 'The Clap' clap module. Besides the panel mounted pads, there's a port on the back that connects to a cable snake with 1/4" inputs for drum triggers/gates. These drums actually sound fantastic, very reminiscent of 808 bass, snare, hats, and toms... All around pretty interesting analog percussion device in a compact package that can run on batteries."

Moog Voyager XL Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction


via this auction

"Pure analogue circuitry

Telemark filter

4 filter types

Low, High, Band, Notch

Resonance (Q) boost feature

Slim design

Spun metal knob caps

The Telemark multimode filter module is based on the filter of the legendary Telemark semi-modular synthesizer.

It’s routes lie in the original 1970s Oberheim SEM, though it has developed a character of its own.

The filter is a 12db/Octave multimode type. Multimode means there are more than one type of filter output.

There are in fact four: low pass, band pass, high pass and notch filter.

Additionally, notch filter can be varied for an even wider range of sounds.

Use of Gain and Q allow for even wider possibilities.

No special knowledge is required to use this filter. Just plug your audio in the left, and your audio out on the right.

Optionally (and recommended!) patch a control voltage in to give the sound movement."

Make Noise 0-Coast + Eurorack Desktop Modular Synth Rack Case

via this auction

Note the listing is for the rack case only. The 0-Coast is not included.

"Use the 0-Coast on the bottom tier as a neat control centre for a small Eurorack system,

Also Available in 6U / 9U. O-Coast not included ;)"

Behringer DeepMind - Let's Build a... Pad!

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Oscillator Sink

"The first video in a new series where we're building patches from scratch on the Behringer DeepMind6. In this episode we're starting with what is surely everyone's first port of call on a new poly synth: a classic, warm pad patch!"

Modular Synth Improvisation Live 025

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Akihiko Matsumoto

"Music by Akihiko Matsumoto

(Modular System

Sequence: Ableton Live, Cycling'74 Max/MSP
Mix: Ableton Live
CV Converter: Korg SQ1, Expert Sleepers ES-3
Synth1: Oscitron
Synth2: Braids
Synth3: Roland JU-06
Bass2: Black Wavetable VCO
Bass3: Warps with QUADNIC
Noise1: One
Noise2: Owl Modular
Noise3: Manis Iteritas with WMD Geiger Counter
Effect: Custom M4L on Ableton
MIDI Controller: Evolution uc33e
Reverb: Eventide Blackhole
Limitter: iZotope Ozone8


Custom BEAP Module"

MFB Tanzbar & Roland JP08

Published on Feb 11, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Tanzbar and JP08 synced together. JP08 is sequenced by an Octatrack.

No further processing except for normalisation."

D-05: The historical value of the Roland D-50

Published on Feb 10, 2018 Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

"With the arrival of the Roland D-05 recreating the Roland D-50, the question has to be asked : Why is the Roland D-50 so important in the history of synthesizers? Coma along for a little bit of synthesis history."

Patch n Tweak

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