MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

54HP Episode 2: West Coast Music Weasel

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"In episode 2 of 54HP we bring you the 'West Coast Music Weasel' which is inspired by west coast style synthesis and the Buchla Music Easel. This case features a complex LFO and S&H, four step sequencer and looping envelope for controlling the other modules, a voltage processor/ring modulator module and a 158 dual oscillator as well as a wave-folder and low pass gate. With this set of modules you can create anything from drones to sequences to generative patches that play themselves."

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Portabella - x10ensions

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Pin Electronics & Ramcur

"Tech vid ENV attack/decay time extension & trapzoid inverter"

MPC60 Collection

Published on Mar 14, 2018 GoldbabySamples

"I love the MPC60! Still get some of my most punchy drums from this beast! 12 bits of classic Akai sampling legend. Thousands of samples have passed through my beige wonder sampler, so it isn't surprising I had to revisit this drum machine again. I have collected all the samples from the MPC60 Vol 1 to 3 then re-tuned and remastered a lot of them. Plus I added a whole heap of fresh new samples, more warm and punchy drums, super tasty synths, useful FX and inspiring hits and chords.

2922 x 24 bit samples recorded from the MPC60 through high end studio gear. With kits for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Ableton Live, EXS24 and Geist. Also available as 16 bit wav for some hardware samples."

Buchla 100 [DIY] Friday Patch

Published on Mar 16, 2018 zthee

"FM patch with 158, 144 for bass drone. 114 controls FM amount and note duration. 112 controls tone. Sequencer controlled by 140 which in turn is modulated by 165 random voltage source. Output is panned with 102 controlled by a 180."

Marion Systems ProSynth Mondscheinsonate mit Presets

Published on Mar 16, 2018 rezazel

"Marion Systems / Oberheim ProSynth Analogsynthesizer:
Mondscheinsonate mit allen 200 Presets (und ein paar selbstprogrammierten Sounds)
bis 11 Minuten: ProSynth ohne Effekte (Mondscheinsonate 3.Satz: erst linke, dann rechte Hand)
ab 11 Minuten: mit Hall, Delay (Mondscheinsonate 3. Satz)
ab 17 Minuten: 1 Patch, Res., Cutoff, Pole und FM variiert (Mondscheinsonate 3. Satz)"

Let's Create: Techno Pattern made from Metronome Sounds (with the Elektron Digitakt)

Published on Mar 16, 2018 umonox

"Hello my friends. It's been a while, i know. I recently had some fun with the Elektron Digitakt; just messed around with some Metronome Samples and i thought - even if its nothing special i should share that with you! So that i have at least one new Video for you after all these months ..."

Roland TR-606 | Component Exponent

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Alex Ball

"Found an old TR-606 in the back of a music shop. so here's a quick jam.

It's like a mini version of the 808 with very reduced features. It's entirely analogue and the sounds are great, but the kick drum is no match for its older brother. But for a 10th of the price of an 808, I can't really complain!

The other sounds are as seen - Juno-6 being triggered by the 606 and playing filtered noise and arpeggios, a 707 for some layering, the animal that is the Korg MS20 and a Baritone guitar with some vox wah and Tubescreamer distortion.

There's also some other bits and bobs going on, but I decided to keep it quite raw and minimal."

Tasty Chips GR-1: Saving, naming and loading patches.

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Tasty Chips

"Just a quick vid from a phonecam to show you how to save, name, and load patches to and from USB sticks. It's easier than reading long lists in the manual."

Blade Runner take on a DRL journey with a Prophet 12

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Miguel d'Oliveira

"All sounds from a Prophet 12 except voices and cello
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, it ain't but there are a good deal of tears in rain."

New Eurorack Manufacturer Qosmo Modular

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Ask.Audio

This is the first post to feature Qosmo. It looks like we have a new eurorack modular manufacturer in town.

The line-up via

Voltage controlled oscillator “sawtooth core” with 7 outputs

Voltage controlled 12/18/24 dB LP filter and integrated VCA

Voltage controlled amplifier with a different ‘flavour’

Double voltage controlled amplifier with a different ‘flavour’

6 channels, 2 subgroups and 1 output mixer tools with offsets

Voltage controlled distortion with filter and crossfader

Double ‘flavour’ utility: high quality averaged and unity mixer

Double ‘flavour’ utility: high quality buffered and unbuffered splitter

Voltage controlled AHR/AHDSR with lin/exp curves and triggers out

"Best of CGS" SERGE Modular Synth Music (BOG/SWAMP/MARSH) #TTNM

Published on Mar 16, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Everything is sequenced straight-up with the 8 Step Sequencer Programmer and looping Gated Comparator modules this time, without any randomness added. I'm just fading voices in and out manually. MORE INFO BELOW :)


Modular Synth T-Shirts:


Audio gear used:
- Best of CGS Serge Modular Synthesizer Panels BOG, SWAMP & MARSH
- iPad with Kymatica AUM, AUFX: Dub, AUFX: Space
- Zoom U-24 iPad USB Audio/MIDI Interface
- Doepfer MSY2 MIDI-Sync Converter
- Zoom R16 Recorder"


This Delay LITERALLY Crushes – Review of the BEFACO CRUSH DELAY V2

Published on Mar 16, 2018 BoBeats

"In this episode of Eurorack with Bo I explore the Crush Delay V2 from Befaco. I loved this delay in VCV Rack software form and it is even more exciting in physical form. Check it out here:"

Expressive E Touche in the beginning.

"This is the second iteration of our Crush Delay. It is an echo-delay unit based on the PT2399 IC, which although able to offer 400 ms of clean delay, has a special talent for generating digital garbage and noise! Our beautiful freak features multiple circuit bends to the chip, an FX send & return, and up to 2 seconds of filthy digital delay.

This model has been improved greatly from the first version with extensive signal routing changes to improve performance and extend its range of sonic possibilities.

The new Crush Delay features two VCAs to control the amount of signal sent to the delay. The first is routed to both the dry/wet mix and the delay, and the second directly to the delay. Combining the second VCA and the FX Send output allows for external feedback routings (see block diagram below).

The biggest improvement from the previous version of the module is to the control of PT2399 itself through the application of circuit bending techniques. It has an improved and extended speed control, offering a wider range and smoother control of the Crush section, converting this unit into a VC digital garbage generator!

It also includes three gate controllable switches to enable the three circuit-bends on the chip providing a high level of control over the digital noise, glitches and general nasty mayhem!

The VC feedback features an automatic gain control to keep levels stable at any feedback level."

Jam w/ Elektron Analog Four, Digitakt, Rytm & Heat

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Victor Roy

"This is a short jam with my brand new Elektron Analog Four. As expected, it communicates perfectly w/ the rest of the family. I found the sound very unique and warm and the possibilities seem to be endless. Really enjoying exploring it :-)"

Touché & Novation Peak : Pop Tart

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Expressive E

"In this series of videos, we explore some of the presets for the Novation Peak that comes with every Touché.

Touché ships with Lié, its companion software. Lié is a host of plug-ins and comes with tailor-made sounds and configurations for a selection of synthesisers, as well as tools to make your own software and hardware presets.

Those hardware presets for Touché are templates that make your experience truly plug-and play with hardware synthesisers from Moog, Dave Smith, Korg, Roland, Nord, Yamaha, Novation, Elektron, Arturia, Waldorf..."

Song from scratch with HERMOD eurorack sequencer

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Squarp Instruments

"Hermod is controlled by a midi keyboard (note & modulation recording), and sequences eurorack modules + a midi synth (Juno) + a midi drum machine (Tanzmaus), and clocks a PO-32."

FLOAT II :: Plaits + Plonk + Rings (and a few other modules)

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Genshi Media Group


A reworked and refined version of the previous tune, recorded live in one take on a Eurorack Modular system using the following modules:

• Mutable Instruments - Peaks, Braids, Warps, Plaits, Rings, Clouds
• Intellijel - Metropolis, Planar, Plonk, Tetrapad
• Erica Synths - Black Wavetable VCO, Black Hole DSP, Pico TRIGG, Pico DRUMS (x2) Pico DSP, Black Stereo Mixer
• Make Noise - TEMPI, René, Optomix, Morphagene
• Whimsical Raps Manniquins - Three Sisters
• Malekko - Varigate 4+
• Music Thing Modular - Radio Music (x2)
• XAOC Devices - Batumi
• Empress Effects - Echosystem (off screen; on the output of Morphagene.)

Audio only version can be heard here -"

PLAITS - grooving bass using NEW DUAL OUTPUT function to WARPS | Mutable Instruments | EURORACK

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Michael Kert

"Video contains grooving rhythm using Mutable Instruments Plaits NEW DUAL OUTPUT function to create a new sound from Plaits. Sound demo of MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS PLAITS and WARPS.

A MIDI sequence from ELEKTRON DIGITAKT was sent to MI Yarns.
Mutable Instruments Plaits is a macro oscillator module for a EURORACK modular synth. 16 synthesis sounds can be used for 8 pitched sounds and 8 noise and percussion sounds."

ROLI: Everything by Lido: Download the NOISE Soundpack

Published on Mar 16, 2018 ROLI

"Play the sounds of Lido’s stunning debut album, from distorted basses and soaring synths to sugar-sweet vocal stabs. Crafted by Lido himself, this pack has “Everything” you need to create gospel-infused electronic magic.

Read the full story:

Download NOISE:

Lido is a 25-year-old Norwegian singer-producer based in Los Angeles. He made his name as a producer for artists like Chance the Rapper, Halsey, and Ariana Grande — weaving his voice into chart topping tracks. Everything excited the music world because it marked the emergence of an artist whose intriguing signatures were unmistakable in others’ work. Still, no one was quite expecting this emotional appeal from the core of a mind on fire.

Lido’s voice is distilled in Everything by Lido, the new NOISE soundpack based on the album. “R&B-infused electronic” gets you some of the way toward understanding the album’s — and the soundpack’s — sound.

“I wanted to make emotional electronic music,” Lido says. “Everything is a concept album about going through a loss or a breakup. In my case it was a breakup where I felt like I had to get over everything. I worked a lot with the textures and the sound design of the album to give it a cinematic feeling that still feels intimate and personal.”

“There are some fun stories behind most of the sounds in the pack,” he says. “The vocal chops in the Murder Drum Kit come from a freestyle rap I did when I was 14. My favorite sound is the bike bells from Citi Bike Bass. We went to every toy store and bike store in LA, looking for bike bells that would be perfectly in key with this song, and we sampled them. Those are the bike bells that you hear. It was incredibly challenging and fun to experiment how to give all these sounds more dimensions with the Blocks.”

Everything by Lido is now available in the NOISE Soundpack Store for $6.99 (£5.99, €6.99)"

Korg 770 Electronic Synthesizer SN 760051

via this auction

Two things I never really noticed:

1. The KORG Synthesizer badge on the front panel is indented.

2. The serial number badge on the back actually states "Electronic Synthesizer"

Sometimes I think people just come up with creative descriptions in the titles of their listings, but often they are actually going with what's on the synth itself.

Roland V-Synth GT Version 1.02 SN ZW01067

via this auction

Ariel (Digitakt Ambient)

Published on Mar 16, 2018 SineRider

"Some more ambient music with the Digitakt."

Custom TR09 MIDI Controller

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Kyle Evans

"Demo of my custom MIDI controller built for using my TR09 in live performance.

Teensy LC:
Using MIDI w/ Teensy:
Multiplexer hookup guide:
My code:"

Erica Synths Pico Drums - added to the Dreadbox Drips (Riamiwo StudioVlog 79)

Published on Mar 16, 2018 riamiwovideos

"I added the Erica Synths Pico Drums to the drips to build a sweet little modular drum section.. testet the Drums without own samples.. but I ordered the uploader so that I can store my own samples on it soon :)

Get my latest release at Beatport:
Diffusynapsis (Traum Schallplatten):
EP Impulsreihe (Somatic Records):
EP Sonar Resonanz (Ahoi Audio):


Synths in this jamsession:
Eowave - 6U Studio Case Flat 2x 84 HP
Dreadbox Hades DIY
Dreadbox whiteline Murmux-Filter
Dreadbox whiteline Modulator
Dreadbox whiteline Echo
Dreadbox whiteline Reflector
Doepfer Eurorack Modules
Erica Synths Pico Atten
Erica Synths Pico Drums
Arturia BeatstepPro"

Tangible Waves Modular Synth Demo

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Ask.Audio

Roland TR-8S Rythm Performer - presentation

Published on Mar 16, 2018 sonicstate

"We got a visit from Roland's Global Artist Relations Product Specialist David Åhlund, who gave us a deep look at what the TR-8S Rhythm Performer can do."

Roland JP08 & Digitech Grunge

Published on Mar 16, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sequence on the JP08 synthesiser through the Grunge distortion.

No further processing except normalisation."

Not your stereotypical Roland Jupiter-8 sounds.

Synthesiser Dave - Episode 14 - Roland CR-68 & CR-78

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Electronic Sound

"Part one of a look at the lovely Roland CR-68 drum machine."

Synthesiser Dave - Episode 14 (part 2) - CR-78

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Electronic Sound

Synthesiser Dave - Episode 13 - Böhm Station One

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Electronic Sound

"Dave found something in a church tower…"

You can find quite a few posts featuring the Bohm Station One in the archives.

Into Modular #3 BEGINNING With an ANALOG Synthesizer - MFB Dominion 1

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Dave Mech

Starts at :55.

"In this episode I show you how starting out with analog synth with a patch bay can help to get you in the right direction of what kind of modular you want to build. I'm not going into too much detail, but instead show how you can get your feet wet with some basic patching. Enjoy :)"

Waldorf Blofeld - Harmonia

Published on Mar 16, 2018 chronosproject

full soundbank -

Electromagnetic Radiation + Elektron Machinedrum Techno Session

Published on Mar 16, 2018 Dual Shaman

"With the aid of an Electromagnetic Radiation listening device, we were able to tap into the (normally unheard) sounds of electronic devices, in this case a kindle with a broken screen, an optical mouse, the tascam recorder which doubles as a preamp in this case, an old phone, a tablet device and Machinedrum's own screen.

The Machinedrum processes the incoming signal on two input machines, one for the 'synth' part and one for the hihat part, while also providing its own kick and a ram recording device set to create a small amount of palatable feedback.

We've created an entire sample pack exploring these obscure electromagnetic sonic realms, called 'ShamanStems - Interference'.

More info here:"

Smirnov Demonstrates Theremin's Rhythmicon

Published on Dec 24, 2014 androidvision

"Andrei Smirnov demonstrates Leon Theremin's Rhythmicon (Ритмикон) - electronic musical instrument originally developed and produced by Leon Theremin in 1931. This particular machine was made in 1965. Shot 24 december 2014 at 'Pioneers of Sound' exhibition held at Vinzavod in Moscow."

See this post for some additional info on the Rhythmicon and another video.

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