MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Building the Hordijk Krell

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Todd Barton

"I did a little mini-series on my @synthtodd instagram of building the Krell Patch on the Hordijk system. Here is the compilation.
I’ve tried to offer a possible set of parameters that are the basics of a Krell style patch on the Hordijk instrument. It is merely the most simple of is up to your curiosity and imagination to develop it and bring it to maturity."

Red Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"It's hard to say more about this synth. Simple, almost child-like efficiency merges with chunky, powerful bass line and beautiful, 80s like square leads."

Harmonic Resonator - EMS VCS3 Clone + BOSS SE-70

Published on Jul 28, 2018 100 Things I Do

"Hopefully with this clip you can play it on some nice open back headphones or good quality speakers and just chill out of a few minutes!

I thought I would have a play with the SE-70. Its been sitting around the studio gathering dust and waiting for its moment in the sun for a while. It has a preset call Sitar... basically a harmonic resonator set to around 1k to create a sitar effect. I'm sure with a Guitar it would be convincing enough in some situations and sound OK! But put some oscillators in it and move them in pitch very gradually you get a whole new effect.

Close in some ways to that of an Waterphone. Do check out Todd Barton's videos on the Waterphone if this unique instrument has slipped past you!)

In this clip I have used the VCS3 + SE-70 and Valhalla Vintage Verb"

Two Minilogues First Jam [1 Minilogue Minus Keys]

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Flohr

"Recently picked up someone's DIY modded desktop Minilogue, this is the first thing I recorded with the two. This is not meant to be a full song or an example of my fabulous keyboard playing skills. If you don't like videos where someone tweaks the cutoff on the same arp for 3 minutes, then I have some bad news for you. The point of this video is just to show how 2 Minilogues sound doing some basic layering in a musical context. I made the patch on one while sending midi to the other and then tweaked the other to be slightly different, raised the VCOs up an octave, and then made a sequence. It was sounding strange and then (happy accident) I realized that the preset I was overwriting on the second one had a different time division in the sequencer (1/16 instead of 1/8). I set them both to 1/8 and then realized I liked it better the other way (something to explore further!). The jam is just me fading in one minilogue, doing a filter sweep, fading in the second one, more sweeps, then fading the first one out, then bringing it back and sweeping to the finish. Its simple and repetitive but I think it sounds pretty damn good.

All FX are in Ableton. Valhalla Vintage Verb and Ableton's Echo, plus a little Unfiltered Audio Dent 2 for dirt, and Ableton Auto-Pan on the higher voice Minilogue for stereo widening. Enjoy!"

101-VCF Filter Higher Pitch Sequence Demo 02 (Roland SH-101)

Published on Jul 28, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2018

In my last demo of the 101-VCF 8HP Eurorack module we heard some big phat bass sounds.
So what does higher-pitch sequences sound like going through it?
Answer: Sugary sweet, like a dream.
Take my word for it but watch the video anyway it's a bit repetitious but fun.
Be warned - some delicious high-end pitch resonance ahead!

Oscillators - Pittsburgh Synth Box PWM + Saw, CEM3340 VCO Saw
Envelope Contours - 2xADSR dual envelope
Sequencing - Arturia Beatstep Pro Pitch CV + gate
Kick - Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
Hats - Tiptop Hats909
Delay - Timefactor
Small amount of Reverb - Strymon Big Sky"

Sequential Prophet X 8Dio Product Demo - Dave Smith Instruments

Published on Jul 28, 2018 In The Mix

"Gerry Bassermann (DSI Product Specialist) gives an in-depth demo and insight into DSI's ground breaking Prophet X. This amazing hybrid synth contains 150 GB of internal 8Dio samples which can be manipulated through the Prophet X's sound sculpting features."

RITM-2 Russian Soviet Synth Vintage Analog w/ MIDI Minus Keys

via this auction

RhythmMaster 85 (analog drum synth) + RITM 2

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Rhythms of buttocks

"RhythmMaster 85 - ATTiny 85 based analog white noise hi-hat / snare / kick drum synth:

Encoder for beat pattern change & hi-hat/snare decay, switch for sidechaining. Knobs fo kick drum."

Sequence & Synth: Digitone!

Published on Jul 28, 2018 junklight

"I've been going through a period of looking at my music practice and the equipment I have - making sure I'm using it all (or selling it).

I knew I wanted to keep the digitone - I've been an FM enthusiast since I had a DX7 back in the day. I also knew I neglected it a bit and used it for 'bit parts' rather than using it in earnest.

I set myself the task of making a track ONLY using the digitone so I got to know it a bit better and this is the result. Made entirely from scratch - no presets or anything. Played in a single take - no overdubs, no external effects (there is a little compression , EQ etc) Such a powerful machine.

TBH I found using just the digitone a little bit of a limit - there would be some samples or other odd noises in there from something else given half a chance but I like the fact I can make all the crusty distorted kind of sounds I love on it.

Given I even started digging into aftertouch on patches I reckon job done too - going to be much faster to reach for the digitone in future when I need a synth line.

(this is one time I would have loved to have over bridge mind you - bringing out the tracks separately and EQ'ing them individually would have helped even with my terrible mixing skills)"

Prophet X - first patches by therudyrude

Published on Jul 27, 2018 therudyrude

"Demonstration of some homemade patches. Some from scratch and some modification of existing factory presets.
I'm sorry! I should have put the video upside down."


Published on Jul 28, 2018 RazR

"Made with Novation Circuit using just one patch - bass & lead/arp sound comes from Synth 2 only. Synth 1 is muted all the time.
Dedicated to those who say two synths in Circuit is not enough ;)
Also recorded macro-knob values and explained it's functionalities."

Taide'n Borg - Notepad #29

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Sun's May Flower (Official)

"Just jamming and trying a new patch made on my beloved Oberheim Matrix 6 ;)

Equipment list:

Synth - Oberheim Matrix 6
Drums - Alesis HR 16 (Strellis Eprom)
Drums extra - Akai S900
Reverb - LExicon LXP 15
Chorus - CH-1 Super Chorus
Delay - Digitech Studio 400"

Sound Edition with Korg MS20 and Strymon Big Sky Reverb - part II

Published on Jul 28, 2018 adnmusic

"Eleven new sounds on my Korg MS-20 (no presets !!!), without and with reverb coming from Strymon Big Sky's highly tweaked presets.

You can actually hear what you see me playing.

Some bits may have been composed by Schubert and John Carpenter."

Part 1 here.

Synthplex Synth Event set for March 28-31, 2019 in Burbank, CA

This one is in via John L Rice.

You can find full details at

"Synthplex is a brand new annual 'All Things Synthesizer' festival/ event that you have been waiting for! Synth enthusiasts rejoice! We are bringing you great experiences and events such as; Trade Show Exhibits (where you can buy gear!!), Educational & Technology Seminars, Synthesizer History Lectures, Master Q&A Sessions with Industry Legends (synth & keyboard performers, soundtrack composers, sound designers, legendary synth designers, etc.), DIY synth building workshops, Live Synth Concerts all weekend long, a Pop-up Synth Museum featuring some rare synths that you can touch and also a Gala Dinner Banquet with live performances and a key note speaker."

Antonus 2600 Videos by wutierson

Published on Jul 28, 2018 wutierson

"During some test magic happens when the great musician Francisco Nicosia (from Klauss band) was playing the Antonus 2600 , Antonus Step Brother. In one moment Fran was playing Oxygene 1 (Jean Michel Jarre) and decide to record it.
The 2600 created the bass-timpani sound with the Electro Hamonix Small Tone phaser and is controlled by midi using the Dave Smith Poly evolver. At same time 2600 is making high pitch FX with help of the Step Brother.
For the strings Clavia Nord Stage with custom Eminent patch was used.
Only simple delay was used and Antonus 2600 analog spring reverb was used. No more FX or EQs or Compression.
Thanks to La Siesta del Fauno studio in Buenos Aires for the moment."

1. Antonus 2600 with Step Brother - Oxygene 1
2. Antonus 2600 with Step Brother - Equinoxe 4
3. Antonus Step Brother - graphic VCO and harmonic processing

THEREMIN test - les diffYUseurs (Ondes Martenot's loudspeakers emulation)

Published on Jul 27, 2018 Therminal C I C Ehinger

"Les diffYUseurs is a device that emulates the sound & effect emitted by the different diffusers (loudspeakers) made by Maurice Martenot for the Ondes Martenot. It was created and designed by Yves Usson aka Yusynth (

I have been testing a prototype Yves sent me (with my logo & name on it, so classy!!!) with my theremin. Yves did add some additional effects to this pedal - i am only showing a few in the video:
D1 - principal diffuser
D2 - resonance diffuser
D3 - metallic diffuser
D4 - Palme diffuser
Ring modulator
Tremolo & reverb

Additional effects are : chorus, flanger, pitch shift, pitch echo, transpose, a second palme diffuser, a second metallic diffuser.

A few other people also got a diffYUseurs and after our feedbacks, Yves will make some adjustments and offer a totally "theremin friendly" diffYUseurs. It will be available at the next Theremin Academy in Lausanne in February 2019. (

Theremin & Video : Therminal C (Coralie Ehinger)
Music : a few notes taken from JayJay Joahnson 'so tell the girls that i am back in town'"

Previous posts.

VCV Rack T[W]LV Harmonic Oscillator

Uploaded on Jul 25, 2018 SOUNDMIT

"VCV Rack T[W]LV Harmonic Oscillator

This module is developed by Autodafe ( for Soundmit ( the Italian trade show specialized in synthesizers and electronic musical instruments.

To download T[W]LV for free, visit


T[W]LV is a VCO with 12 selectable harmonics, you can control the level of each harmonic, from x1 to x12, multiples of the fundamental frequency (FREQ).

The WAVE selector allows you to change the basic waveform (Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle and various pulses with 10 to 90% width).

The level of each harmonic can be modulated using its dedicated input and attenuator using LFOs, Sequencer and so on...



Strymon Magneto Honest First thoughts and impressions

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

The Modern Library - Nord Stage Sound Library - Jamming by Kai Keyboard Mafia

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Synth Cloud


The Modern Library contains 40 new pads, leads, keys and arp synthesizers for Nord Stage 3.Trade on the power of the new Nord audio converters!!!
Patched and performed by Simone Liotta aka Nord Keyboards Italia.

Original ACCESS VIRUS A SN D19802153

via this auction

Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ Plus MKII Synthesizer - 2016 Last Run w/ Original Box SN 318203

via this auction

"Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ Plus MKII 6-track synthesizer 2016 run hardly used in mint/near mint condition w/ original power supply + box + manual."

JoMox SunSyn MK2 Synthesizer | Version 2.02 Synth SN 0172

via this auction

"Fully functioning and beautiful condition JoMox SunSyn MK2. Recently upgraded in Germany and signed by J├╝rgen. Studio use only."


via this auction

"Superb Mk2 AKS for sale in excellent working order and superb condition. This Synthi sounds and plays very well indeed - it's an inspiring, living instrument that rewards the user and encourages experimentation. It is a world away from sterile modern and soft synths: this beast takes you on unexpected musical journeys and is a sound designer's delight.

In excellent working order following a thorough overhaul and servicing. The keyboard cover was missing, so our synth tech Chris made a clear perspex cover for it, which looks stunning. This could be changed to a black finish if the buyer prefers. There are of course some dings, minor dents and scratches to the synth, but overall it's in very good condition.

While a good deal of work has been done to ensure it's as it should be, this is a vintage Synthi and some occasional foibles are to be expected. We take the view that servicing on these units should be sympathetic - recapping where necessary, but also keeping as many original parts in the audio path to retain character, even if it results in occasional minor flaws. A little noise is possible from some pots when it's not been used for a while, but this clears with use.

The patch matrix and pins have been thoroughly cleaned, but we did find one pin during testing yesterday that was intermittent, so can supply with new EMS replacements if preferred."

Kurzweil K2500 AES (Audio Elite System) Studio Production Synthesizer SN 459810ZS0015

via this auction

"The only and unique mega synthesizer of the 1990s priced at $20,000, which back then was the equivalent of $30,000 today. Technically it is filled with all possible K2500XS extensions encased within a metallic champagne housing and sides of noble wood.

There were only a few K2500 AES units released and some of them were used by Pink Floyd. Today the might appear on sale priced at $6000-8000 and are distributed among collectors. Of course, today it is rather a work of art, but there’s no doubt that K2000 - K2500 - K2600 series still cope with music production quite well. In fact, these are one of those immortal synthesizers which once served as trendsetters, and in skilled hands they can make their magic even today."


"Fair to good condition . needs audio output repair., 1 Chanel is bad on the main outs and headphone outs. Will need minor repair. Unit also has 4 multi output stereo or mono pairs that work just fine."

Vermona DRM-1 MK III Analog Drum Machine SN D 17162

via this auction

"This is the version without trigger inputs (MIDI only). It comes with the original box, manual, and optional wooden end-cheeks, plus an aftermarket 110V <> 220V power supply (more on this below). (If you prefer, you can remove the cheeks and mount it in a 19" rack.)

I describe the DRM-1 as more of a percussion synth than a drum machine. It has the usual sounds, such as kick, snare, clap, and hihats (and these sound great). But it also has several other voices which are unclassifiable. Think of them as synth voices which are designed for sculpting percussive sounds. They generally offer some combination of oscillators, frequency modulation, white noise, resonant filters, envelopes, and mixers. All of the voices have a ton of parameters (plus per-voice volume and pan), so it offers a broader range of sonic possibilities than the average analog drum machine.

All of this makes the DRM-1 a great choice for drums if you're into more experimental styles – dub, experimental techno, ambient, leftfield electronic stuff, etc. But the kick/snare/etc. make it quite capable for banging techno, too."


via this auction

"This synth sounds amazing. The presets are ok, but once you start diving in its a beast of a synth. LOTS of capability. Three OSCs and a wicked filter! PLUS a cool retro sequencer that has a great feel to it."

The SQ-80 has polyphonic aftertouch compared to the ESQ-1.


Published on Jul 28, 2018 LESINDES

"ELEKTRON RYTM after firmware upgrade 1.45 with new DUAL VCO Synth! It features now up to 4 mono synths, 3 of them can be played simultaneously!
Much fun to play with!!"

ENGLEWOOD ★ Korg Electribe 2 ★ Strymon Big Sky Reverb ★ Eventide Pitchfactor ★

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Jay Frederick

"★I love the combination of the Bigsky and Pitchfactor. They are both like instruments unto themselves, and the Electribe 2 being so versatile, makes for a very powerful setup. I feel like I'm just beginning to scratch the surface.★

★ENGLEWOOD ★ Korg Electribe 2★ Strymon Big Sky Reverb ★ Eventide Pitchfactor ★"

Light off ... Sound on ! Volca bass jam

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Ludwig Kopp

- minimal jam with the Korg Volca Bass

- Mosky Reverb on the Volca

- Beatboy delivering some drums

- direct recording of the raw jam to the Beatboy

Thanks for watching!

Dreadbox Nyx & Strymon Big Sky

Published on Jul 28, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Nyx through the Big Sky Reverb. The Nyx is sequenced by the Digitakt."

Nord Lead A1- Performances Reflections Vol 1

Published on Jul 27, 2018 GEOSynths

"Buy Now -

Patch List -

Having made a 100 Patches, I've put together Layers and Splits of many of the Patches, but have also done some completely new ones, like 3 or 4 Oscillator Leads and Pads. All i'm going to say is it's a cracking Synth. It can be Lush, Juicy, Warm and in your Face. Great Synth."

Sunset and lunar eclipse 2018 with SCI Prophet 5

Published on Jul 28, 2018 synthlegends

"I made some pictures from the sunset and lunar eclipse from my balcony an July 27th 2018. This pice of music is played life on my Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 with Strymon Big Sky Reverb and Boss CE 2 Chorus.

In the end there is a big surprise."

Roland JUPITER-8 Aftertouch and velocity Mod

Published on Jul 27, 2018 synthlegends

"This video was recorded from my friend Thomas Braune and it demonstrates a new modification from Synthtaste, Germany.

Thanks to Thomas for this great video and playing on your Jupiter-8.

Thomas got several mods from Synthaste:

- SYNTHTASTE MIDI Interface, all Parameter over SYSEX
- FATAR Keyboard with Aftertouch on LFO Mod
- Memory Mod 8x 64 Patches, adjustboard rhs Bracket
- SYNTHTASTE Audio-optimation, all Voiceboards and Audioout-Board, Caps/Groundloop Mod.

More infos about this mod you can achieve form the developer:

Please note: I am not the performer of this video, not the owner of this JP-8 and not the developper. I just want to show to the community what great modifications you can get for old vintage gear.

Thanks for watching and your interest. Cheers!"

Blamsoft Distortion Modules - Sound Demo (with commentary)

Published on Jul 27, 2018 Omri Cohen

"In this video, I try the 3 distortion modules from Blamsoft and see how they sound like. I use them in two patches, one with a guitar like sound using the Macro Oscillator, and one with a bass sound, using the Wave oscillator, also by Blamsoft."

USSR syntesither TOM 1501

Published on Jul 27, 2018 GLvintageSHOP

via this auction

"This synthesizer is very hard to find now. It is a Russian version of Crumar or Solina String Ensemble.
Very FAT warm strings, punched brass through REZ FILTER with ADR, cool piano, clavichord, built-in analog chorus, vibrato, split keyboard, multi stereo outputs, pedal input etc...
Strong solid wood case. Old USSR price in soviet rubles 1225 (about 1500 USD! at that time). Produced in 1980x- beginnig 1990.
Electro synth-organ TOM-1501 – analog polyphonic instrument with 61 keys and control sliders/knobs on front panel.
Keyboard may be split into two zones. Provide sound like: piano, clavinet, orchestra (violin, alto, contrabass) and brass instruments.
Contents basic modules: generator, 12 manipulators, sublow generator, line delay, brass-filter, block filters, out amplifier, AC block, pedal volume, pedal sustain.
Front panel control sliders and knobs:


Connections: telephone, pedals, mono, stereo, piano;
AC: 220v/50Hz;
Dimensions: 920x360x195;
Weight: 19-20kg (including case)
The supply voltage - 220-230V/50Hz
For use with 110/127V, a voltage converter is necessary
It has 5-DIN output connections."


Patch n Tweak

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