MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Sequential Prophet-XL - 32 Voice, 76 Keys & a 32 Voice Update for the Prophet X Coming?

This one was spotted by Soviet Space Child.

As you can see at the bottom, it's from the November issue of Sound on Sound's upcoming November issue.

In pink it reads:  "Two days before I submitted this review Dave Smith sent me a brief specification and a photograph of the (at the time unannounced) Prophet XL, which will be a 76-key version of the Prophet X offering a 32-voice mode that bypasses the main filter section (which still only has 16 filters) but uses two fo those filters paraphonically to spice things up.  This mode will be more suited to sample-based sounds, but I could see myself programming FM sounds to take advantage of the extra keyboard width and the doubled polyphony.  I can't wait to get my hands on it... a Prophet T8 for the 21st century!  And, so that existing Prophet X owners won't feel short-changed, the 32-voice mode and a few other new features will also be available as a free update for the existing synth.  That's a nice touch."

The current Sequential Prophet X supports a bi-timbral, 8-voice-stereo (16-voice mono) engine.

Note the piano style keys pictured.

Update: You can find the official Prophet XL announcement and intro video here.

P.S. The Prophet XL is the first synth from Sequential post DSI. Giving this post the DSI and Sequential labels but moving forward XL and future Sequential synths will only have the Sequential label.

New SYNTH EVOLUTION Poster for Xmas 2018

A new poster from SYNTH EVOLUTION, who also hosts, a new online database of samples for various synths that anyone can contribute to. Currently there are 50 samples, including some real rarities like the Buchla 100.


The following is the announcement on the new poster:

"SYNTH EVOLUTION is proud to announce a brand new poster for Xmas 2018:

Synth’s Greatest Hits: 1939 - 1999

An A1 poster featuring the world’s most important synths, drum machines and samplers.

Each of the 99 featured instruments is lovingly hand illustrated and is accompanied by fascinating facts - notable tracks, performers, or historical information.

Alongside this the mode of synthesis is indicated, its polyphony and number of oscillators per voice.

Featured are such well known instruments as: Minimoog, TB-303, Arp 2600, TR-808, TR-909, DX-7, D-50, S1000, TONTO...
...and others such as:

- Eminent 310 - the sound of Equinoxe I
- Waldorf Microwave - made by some of the ex- employees of PPG Wave - Ensoniq Mirage - early, affordable 8-bit sampler -Korg M1 - the ROMpler that changed everything!
The poster is available in black or white from and will make a for a
fascinating talking point in any home or studio. Or home studio!
 £30 + postage (global delivery)

© 2018 SynthEvolution. All rights reserved

Details of ‘Greatest Hits of Synth’ A1 poster:

SYNTH EVOLUTION is the brainchild of Oli Freke, a composer, musician and designer who’s had a lifelong passion for the synthesizer. He has previously supported the Human League on tour, run a dance music label, performed live house and techno in clubs and festivals, performed Brazilian drumming at the Glastonbury festival and composed music for television."

Waldorf Quantum, Modor NF-1, Jomox AB, Digitone & more. Ambient techno session #01

Published on Oct 18, 2018 CO5MA

"Waldorf Quantum, Modor NF-1, Jomox Alphase, Digitone, PolyEvolver, Montage, Digitakt, Octatrack, TR8-s, Keystep

Ambient techno session #01
Live recording"

GEM/LEM PK 4900 String Machine 1979 | HD DEMO

Published on Oct 18, 2018 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2018 by AnalogAudio1

Demo of the GEM/LEM (Galanti Group) PK 4900. Played along with Korg SDD-3000 for delay effects (right channel only).

The rare GEM/LEM PK 4900 is a multikeyboard containing a polyphonic section (called POLYTRON) including a string-ensemble (INSTA-STRINGS) and a monophonic preset synthesizer (called MONOTRON). Both sections are independently tunable, although intervals are not possible. Both sections have their own output on the backside. CHORUS and VIBRATO switchable.

It sounds somewhat cheesy, sometimes like a cheap organ (squarewave sound), but it was a cost effective keyboard back then. Although the strings are called 'Insta-Strings', the strings are completely different from the strings of the LEM Insta-Strings keyboard I demoed two years ago."

Bastl THYME Live-Looping Tutorial (it's awesome!) #TTNM

Published on Oct 18, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Here's a live-looping tutorial for the Bastl Instruments THYME tape delay. MORE INFO BELOW :)


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


In this video I'm showing how to use the THYME's freeze feature to create tape loops, overdub effects onto them and punch-in new audio, all while the THYME is running synced to an analog clock form the LepLoop Arpopone, which also provides a little beat.

The THYME's freeze knob will record incoming audio to the virtual tape loop for the length of the delay time parameter (coarse and fine knobs). If you enable sync, then this will be a length quantized to the clock, i.e. it should loop in sync with the beat. When freeze mode is on, the levels knob will blend in the extra tape heads (spread knob) and when you turn it past 50%, then it will actually overdub those sounds onto the tape loop. You can use this in combination with the filter cutoff as well to record filter sweeps onto the loop.

By quickly disabling and enabling the freeze mode in time with the beat, you can punch-in (overwrite) external audio again, splitting up your loop. Add pitch shifting from the tape speed knob and you've got awesome possibilities for creating fun loops!

... and then try out the plenty of automation and sequencing features of the THYME too. It's wild! Of course you don't have to be 100% wet on the output like in this video, so you can still mix in non-looping external audio too! Hahahaha!!!"

Vtg MXR Drum Computer

via this auction

Birdkids-Bateleur VCO, Expander, mix/noise mixer Unboxing

Published on Oct 18, 2018 Dziam Bass

There are several things from birdkids , amazing modules Bateleur VCO with expander and noise / mix mixer,
We have already tested it, Bateleur not only looks great, but it's a powerful VCO with FM modulation, amazing features, super flexible sounds, and very cleverly engineered with an expander that extends its sound versatility.
That's why we have little unboxing to look at these great modules."

Tim's Moog Taurus 1 rebuild (by Synthpro)

Published on Oct 18, 2018 synthpro

"Hey Guys,

This is a video I made of some Taurus 1 pedals that I rebuilt for Tim. They were very sick on arrival but all well now and ready for another 40 years.

Thanks for watching!


Moog Subsequent 37 Factory Presets

Published on Oct 18, 2018 synthartist69

"In this video i am going through all of the factory presets of the Moog Subsequent 37. I initially made a video showing the names of the patches but unfortunately I accidentally deleted it. If this video was helpful to you please hit the like and share with anyone who you think would also enjoy it. As always, thank you for watching!"


Some great pics from WellenVorm.

See here for previous posts featuring WellenVorm including videos from his performances. The sets and locations are always visually stunning. Do not miss them.

Fender Rhodes Celeste - Fiesta Red 49 key - Serviced w/Restoration - Very Rare

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. As you may know, these are extremely rare as they were never put into production. From what I was told (from an employee at the original Fullerton location), they were made to order. Sometime in it's fifty plus years on earth, someone had painted the top black. Obviously this was a drag as the original paint would have been preferred. Even if it had imperfections! I had Guitar Re-Ranch in Texas make a batch of nitrocellulose lacquer just like the original. This "Ford" color was originally used by Fender from 1960 to 1969. You will see this on some of the pre-CBS Piano Bass models and guitars from that time. Some will have slight color differences due to age and fading. Do a search for a 1956 Ford Thunderbird. You will see some of these in Fiesta Red. I posted two photos showing the original Fiesta Red paint before the top was re-painted. Also, the tolex on this model was black and not blond which you might expect."

Mutable Instruments Stages - VCV Rack Tutorial

Published on Oct 18, 2018 Omri Cohen

"In this video, I go through all the different features of this very deep module from Mutable Instruments, Stages. (Segment Generator from Audible Instruments). This time, most of the patches I build from scratch, and I start with creating LFO's and Step Sequencers, then I go through creating different Envelope Types, and I finish with some other cool things this module can do like S&H and Sequential Switches. There are Time Stamp links below, to all the different parts of the video, and here you can find all the different patches -

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider buying my music or making a donation. Thank you!

00:43 - Introduction
03:42 - Creating LFO's
17:28 - Creating a Step Sequencer

30:07 - Envelopes
30:34 - 1 stage Decay Envelopes
34:45 - 2 stage Attack Decay Envelopes
38:05 - 4 stage ADSR Envelopes
45:30 - 5 stage AHDSR Envelopes
48:38 - 6 stage AHDSR with a signal delay
51:15 - Envelopes with End of Cycle\Envelope Trigger

55:02 - Looping Envelopes
56:49 - S&H
57:51 - Sequential Switch "

TEST SERIES The Harvestman Piston Honda V1 Eurorack Recovery Guitar Effects

Published on Oct 18, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"The Harvestman Piston Honda V1
Recovery Effects Cutting Room Floor, Bad Comrade, Motormatic, Sound Destruction Device, Couple Skate.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Motas 6 Synthesizer // Synthfest 2018

Published on Oct 18, 2018 DivKidVideo

"The Motas-6 took my attention when the company brought one along to Modular Meets Leeds back in August 2018. I had chance to have a quick play and a demo with the designer at Synthfest and I have to say I'm impressed. It's a 3 analogue mono synth with several filters (rare to see more than filter option) that has a fully analogue signal path but lots of digital control. Every knob (YES EVERY KNOB) has an LFO and envelope you can assign to modulate it. This opens up a tonne of sound design potential which I think is really exciting. Here's a few patches and random sounds to give you a flavour. I'll be working with Motas on some demo content in the not too distant future so watch out for that."

See the Motas label below for more.

Modor NF1m Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

ROLAND DJ-70 Sampling MIDI Synthesizer Keyboard Workstation SN ZE00948 w/ Scratch Wheel

via this auction

Surprisingly, you don't see these for sale too often. Curious how many were made.

Note the built-in scratch wheel on the right. There was also an mkII version, with "with SCSI port, new sequencer sync mode for samples (BPM) , memory upgradable up to to 32 mb with 2 X 72 pins simms." Quote via Polynomial (click through for more).

Sequential Circuits Six Trak Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog Source Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

Alesis A6 Andromeda

via this auction

Oberheim Viscount OB 12

via this auction

Siel Cruise

via this auction

René MESH Programming & LATCH Page

Two new videos added to the playlist here.

Japanese Rack Reverb Comparison Test 02 with Ace Tone FR 6 Rhythm Ace

Published on Oct 18, 2018 SUBTOKYOSHOP

"Japanese Rack Reverb Comparison Test 02
with Ace Tone FR 6 Rhythm Ace Drum Machine

1. Vesta Fire RV-2 Dual Reverberation Device (Stereo Spring Reverb)
2. Yamaha SPX90II Multi Effect Processor (Digital Multi Effect - #64 Rev4 Plate)
3. Sony DPS-R7 Reverberator (Digital Multi Effect - #2 Studio Ambience for Drum)

Ace Tone FR-6 Rhythm Ace Drum Machine
Drawmer LX20 Dual Expander Compressor

ebay shop"

filter filtrette tAt

Published on Oct 18, 2018 paul tas

filter filtrette tAt on


Published on Oct 18, 2018 vermonagear

"This video presents a small patch using only the available space within our Modular Case 104. If you follow our performance, you will find us mainly playing this patch using the modules’ switches and buttons. While we were pleased with the sound of this patch and found it worth being published we also found it worth showcasing such method of patch control where we cannot mess anything up as switches and buttons allow for jumping between settings at no risk.


The twinVCFilter is driven into self-oscillation on both sections, forming a dual sine wave oscillator. The first sections’ frequency modulates the second section for enhanced timbre control.
Both filter sections are controlled by the ER-101.
The filter’s output is fed to the Morphing Terrarium’s (MT) sync input while the output of the MT is used to amplitude-modulate the twinVCFilter’s output. Mostly we let the MT run at lower frequencies to misuse it as an envelope generator in this patch. This does not work just perfect, but it also shows how flexible modular can be.

twinCUSSION 1 (left)

Section A is pitch-modulated by a mix of its envelope output and its sine wave output. This allows bending the waveforms symmetry while retaining the pre-patched pitch bend. Toggling the frequency range switch to HI while shortening the envelope’s decay drastically down gives a nice and sharp click sound and makes up for an excellent alternative to the voluminous kick, that we achieve when setting the range switch to LO position while increasing the decay again.
Section B receives CV-data from the ER-101 sequencer. We also routed a voiceover into the square wave output, where it gets mangled with the internal waveform. By toggling the waveform switch, we can drastically change the final output of this section.

twinCUSSION 2 (right)

Section A receives the noise output of twinCUSSION 1 which is being amplified using the twinVCAmp. This way we trim the mix ratio between internal and external signals. Thus we can select between clean and noisy sounds to switch between drums and snare.
Section B generates the hihats and is amplitude-modulated by its sine wave outputs resulting in some tremolo-like effect.

The sum of all drum sounds is amplitude-modulated by an envelope to achieve global dynamic control over the drums itself and the inserted voice sample.

We hope you enjoyed this patch and that we could lift your imagination in modular ways.
Thanks for watching!

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach"

Make Noise 0-Coast & Boss RV500 Reverb

Published on Oct 18, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

fluXpad 'song mode' update 1.2

Published on Oct 18, 2018 mouse on mars youtube official

"This version includes the first iteration of a song mode! Interconnect sequences to create longer loops!
There are also a couple of bugs fixed:
- IAA support is fixed
- AudioShare import should work again
- some stability improvements"

Sonic LAB: Omnisphere 2.5 Hardware Integration

Published on Oct 18, 2018 sonicstate

"Gaz and Nick pile up the synths and check out the latest Omnisphere 2.5 update which adds hardware synth profiles, recreating 20+ synths structures in software allowing hardware control of each."

Prophet VS Demos & a Look Inside by Dave Bellamy

Published on Oct 18, 2018 Dave Bellamy


1. Prophet VS arpeggiator and lead sound (bight and LOUD).
The pretty unique Prophet VS when it was working.
It had a nice arpeggiator with Assign mode which I find ten times more useful than the standard uop and down modes.
Here is a little string type lead sound on top of the arpeggiator: the same sound as the arpeggio but brighter because the notes are more sustained. This synth could be searing, bright and loud and at other times really quite subdued. The waveform was a strings waveform on all 4 oscillators if I recall correctly.
It' is (was, becaus it's now broken) a bitimbral synth but this is in 8 voice monotimbral mode with notes overlaying the arpeggio.
2. Sequential Prophet VS Curtis filters resonance demo after raspy strings sound.
Sequential really, rather than Sequential Circuits, Prophet VS. Raspy string sound and then crazy filter resonant bubbles sound. Curtis analog filters, digital oscillators playing single cycle sample waves, so this was a hybrid synthesizer in the true sense. Definitely showing the harsher element of the VS sound!
3. Sequential Prophet VS - first look inside this Analog/Digital hybrid vector synthesizer.
Sequential Prophet VS - first look inside this Analog/Digital hybrid vector synthesizer, after most of the dust was cleaned out!
Video file: PA180371.
Similar to the other videos - but this one shows a possible crack developing in the left hand circuit board near the data slider.
4. Sequential Prophet VS electronics: Curtis CEM chipset 3360, 3365, 3379, 5510 & 5530.
Quick tour of the Curtis chip set on the circuit boards of a Sequential Prophet VS synthesizer. Chips shown: CEM 3360 (VCA), 3365 (DAC, x2), 3379 (VCF, x8), and sample and hold ships CEM 5510 (x4) and 5530 (x2).
Synth needs repair, otherwise pretty decent condition (no data slider knob); it worked for 18 years for me.
This is after most of the dust was cleaned out! I couldn't even read the numbers on the chips when I first opened it this morning.
Video file: PA180381
5. Sequential Prophet VS interior electronics inc. VCFs and VCA - synth currently needs repair.
Quick tour of the interior and circuit boards of a Sequential Prophet VS synthesizer, showing various parts including most of the Curtis chip set used in this synth. Synth needs repair, otherwise pretty decent condition (no data slider knob); it worked for 18 years for me.
At around 1:00, I mentioned the 4 CEM 5510 S&H chips; actually that's the right number of those! There are no nice arty designs or illustrations on these boards like there were on the Prophet-10 for instance (see DSI studio and office tour with Carson here on YT).
This is after most of the dust was carefully cleaned out of this synth! I couldn't even read the numbers on the chips when I first opened it this morning.
Video file: PA180375

PolyM Preset Manager Tutorials

Published on Oct 17, 2018 xilslab

Virtual Polymoog soft synth.

1. PolyM Preset Manager Tutorial : saving newly created preset, changing its tags, save and duplicate it. You will also see the Main GUI preset functions.

2. PolyM Preset Manager Tutorial 2 : Browsing, selecting, sorting, managing presets in the one window Preset manager.

Patch n Tweak

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