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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Novation Circuit - Apology

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Silver Reef

"This is one of those rare instances where I had the title of the track in my head before I finished it. This is the first track I've made using Cuckoo's Circuit pack. I tried it a couple months ago and passed it off as too eccentric, but after playing with it today, I'm in love with it. Many of the patches are polyphonic and just fantastic for playing on a full-sized keyboard. Most of the composing was done while my Circuit was hooked up to my Clavinova digital piano.

All sounds coming from the Circuit. Audio recorded directly into Canon 80D. EQ/limiting in Reaper."

Rare 1966 Johnson Intonation Trainer Vintage Analog Synthesizer Tunable Keyboard

via this auction

You can actually find a couple of demos of the Johnson Intonation Trainer in the archives here.

"Very nice and ultra rare Johnson Intonation Trainer Synthesizer from 1966 with Tunable Keyboard.

Made by the E.F. Johnson Co in 1966 Waseca, Minnesota U.S.A.

Speaker in case, it can also connect to external amp or mixer.

Note from users:

Voicing - choose from four voices, basic sine wave to reedy / edgy

Scale Selector - choose between reference (tempered tuning) or tunable

Tunable Scale Controls - correspond to notes on keyboard and adjust pitch in tunable mode

Originally used to test the relationship of pitch-matching and pitch-discrimination abilities

It's FULLY polyphonic with vibrato etc. Cool for Drones and Experimental music, original manual inlcuded.
Conditions are at TOP! Excellent cosmetic conditions with an unique design and in perfect working order."

1974 Moog Minimoog Model D Operation Manual

via this auction

Manual has Four Sections:

Getting a Sound

Minimoog Demo

Sound Synthesis

Technical Data

Oberheim DPX-1 Digital Sample Player SN W70833 w/ Manual

via this auction

Ver 2.2

Velocity and Aftertouch Sensitive

8 Voice Polyphonic

Digital/Analog Hybrid ROMpler

12-bit sample player

Resonant 24dB low pass filter (SSM2045)


1MB (512kW) sample RAM

Dual (5.25" and 3.5") Floppy Disk Drives

Compatible with Emulator II, Akai S900, Ensoniq Mirage, Prophet 2000, and Prophet 2002 Disks

Oberheim CASS-1 Cassette Interface SN 085 w/ Original Manual

via this auction

" This listing is for an Oberheim CASS-1 Cassette Interface for Loading and Storing Synthesizer Patches using a Cassette Tape Recorder.


Serial Number #085
Compatible With Oberheim OB-1, Four-Voice, Six-Voice, and Eight-Voice Synthesizers
Allows patches to be stored or retrieved using a standard audio cassette tape recorder
Any audio recorder with an AUX In and Ext Speaker, Line Out, or Headphone Output should work
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes the original instruction manual. Otherwise, it comes as seen in photos, and does not include any additional accessories.

Does Not Include the Oberheim 12-pin to 12-pin, or 9-pin to 12-pin (for OB-1), cable required to communicate with the Synthesizers."

Oberheim 4-Voice Synthesizer Instruction Manual Brochures and Stickers

via this auction


1 x Instruction Manual for the Oberheim 4-Voice (Four Voice) Synthesizer with Programmer (Actual Synth Not Included, Sorry.)

3 x Vintage Dealer Brochures for Two, Four, Six, and Eight Voice Synthesizers, Options and Accessories

2 x Vintage Oberheim Bumper Stickers (Unused/N.O.S.)"

Oberheim Matrix-12 w/ Individual Outs

via this auction

"If you're looking for the Rolls Royce of synthesizers - you've found one. It functions perfectly and has been babied its whole life - hardly a scratch other than a few on the bottom. Original foot pedal and original manual included and will need to be shipped extremely carefully so please contact me for a shipping quote before purchase.

This is the model is the one with the 12 individual outputs.The synthesizer was recently cleaned and serviced for optimal performance.

Not for the faint of heart - this is a beast capable of taking you into endless musical creation. It's truly a work of art, and I've never seen one in this shape before."

Folktek Limited Edition Resonant Garden #1 of 10

via this auction

"This edition of the ResonantGarden is limited to 10 and only 8 will be sold currently (all on auction oncea week).

The differences betweenthis Resonant Garden and the standard edition Resonant we sell:
- The panel art isdifferent and has been created by Arius Blaze
- The wood is not bamboobut cherry and has been routed around the top
- there is a plaque onthe back which indicates special edition number (this is Nano SE1),number within the edition (this is #1 of 10) and it is signed by theartist Arius Blaze

There will be ongoinglimited special editions of both this and the Nano garden with different artdesigns. To see the current auction for the Nano Garden please see our otherauctions.

This includes a powersupply, a manual, four 3.5mm jumper cables and a Folktek box."

Folktek Limited Edition Nano Garden #1 of 10 acoustic electronic synthesizer

via this auction

"This edition of the Nano is limited to 10 and only 8 will be sold currently (all on auction once a week).

The differences between this Nano Garden and the standard edition Nano we sell:
- The panel art is different and has been created by Arius Blaze
- The wood is not bamboo but cherry and has been routed around the top
- has a plaque on the back which indicates special edition number (this is Nano SE1), number within the edition (this is #1 of 10) and it is signed by the artist Arius Blaze

There will be ongoing limited special editions of both this and the Resonant garden with different art designs. To see the current auction for the Resonant garden please see our other auctions.

This includes a power supply."

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter SN 501505

via this auction

"Rare Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Rev. 4!!!
Serial Number 501505

16 Analog Oscillators 2 per Voice!!!

The Rev. 4 to me sounds more raw and aggressive then the typical Roland sound. (Kind of like an America synth) I’ve edited sounds that sound like two sledge hammers hitting. Your monitors will rumble! It's closer related to the Jupiter-6/8 in wildness. But unlike the Jupiter 6/8 the filter and VCA in the MKS-80 both respond to velocity (Dynamics) and aftertouch! The Rev. 5 sounds more like a massive Roland JX-8P.

This Super Jupiter is in excellent working condition and comes with a power cable and a M-64C Memory Card so you can store your own sounds. For easy editing I used CTRLR. It's a free software."

Yamaha DX-200 SN HZ01002

via this auction

"Yamaha DX-200 in excellent condition. This DX-200 is fully functional, all the encoders are tight, and the pads/ buttons are not worn or yellowed. Nice clean unit."

Sequential Prophet REV2 - All Playing, No Talking!

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Sequential Prophet REV2 BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

And the sign said, "The sounds of the prophet are playing in this stereo" listen, to the sounds....of this incredible play-through with the talented Adam Berzowski! ...much better than silence ;)

The Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Prophet Rev2 synthesizers are a reimagining of the Prophet '08 polyphonic analog synth, with expanded capabilities and – in the case of the Prophet Rev2 16-Voice – double the polyphony. Voices can be allocated freely for complex textures, while familiar low-pass, resonant Curtis filters deliver their classic bold, punchy sound. Other features include effects assignable per layer, an extended 4x2 mod matrix, and polyphonic step sequencer.

In addition to 8 and 16-voice variants, Prophet Rev2 is available in both keyboard and desktop module formats, with keyboard models featuring a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with velocity and aftertouch.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Prophet Rev2 polyphonic analog synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth - at home, on stage, or in the studio. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

New Form of Digital and Analog Sound Synthesis Based on Tropical Algebra

This one is in via Giorgio Sancristoforo, the man behind GLEETCHLAB/GLEETHCHPLUG, and BERNA 2.

"I've release our paper on Tropical Additive Synthesis, a new for of analog or digital sound synthesis based on Tropical Algebra created by me with the mathematician Cristiano Bocci."

Details from Giorgio Sancristoforo's website where you can find a PDF download of his paper on the new synthesis method.

"Tropical additive synthesis is a new form of digital and analog sound synthesis that uses Tropical Algebra.

You are free to use this paper for commercial (software and hardware) musical instruments, both in digital or analog form, at the following conditions:

1) The module must display a “trop(x[n])” logo with Times New Roman font (italic) in white, over a red background (color hex code: 84120a)
2) The user manual must credits the authors: “trop(x[n]), tropical additive synthesis ©2018 Cristiano Bocci and Giorgio Sancristoforo”

The number of oscillators can vary between 2 and 10. But this is just a suggestion.
If you need help with the oscillator’s development, please drop me a line and I’d be glad to help you."

You can find a PDF download of the paper on Tropical Additive Synthesis on Giorgio Sancristoforo website here.

Morton Subotnick Discusses the History & Re-Release of the 100 Series

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Buchla

"Morton Subotnick on the history and re-release of the groundbreaking San Francisco Tape Music Center 100 Series

Announcing today that Buchla USA, in conjunction with San Francisco Tape Music Center founders Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender and Buchla Instrument expert and artist consultant Todd Barton, will be bringing the historic and groundbreaking San Francisco Tape Music Center 100 Series back in its original form and format.

Built as well as kit versions will be available in collaboration with The Human Comparator

Delivery and pricing TBD"

Update: two pics from Synthtopia.

AKSonata2 by Stomachlining

Published on Sep 7, 2019 stomachlining

"EMS Synthi AKS untreated sequence mono out to guitar amp"

Jupiter Xm @Knobcon 2019

Published on Sep 7, 2019 gestelt

"No talking, going thru presets"

Jupiter Xm

3 minutes with the Make Noise Mimeophon

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Omri Cohen

"I thought I will share some sounds from my short experimentation with the new Make Noise Mimeophon. There was nothing added in post-production. All the effects and such are coming from the Mimeophon only.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -"

Limited Edition White Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer w/ Wood Panels SN MT11635

via this auction

Pollard Syndrum Model 178 Analog Drum Synth, Drum Pad, and CV Pedal

via this auction

This is the one featured in the demos posted here.

"The "Snare 1" preset setting in the "Snare" section does not seem to work. This is not a problem as you can create the same "Snare 1" preset sound with a low Snare "Sustain" setting. The "Snare 1" setting is a preset short sustain, whereas the "Snare 2" setting allows you to set a custom snare/noise length. Please see the YouTube links to see how the Snare section and Snare Sustain control work.

The Syndrum Model 178 is a single voice analog drum synth that is triggered by hitting the Syndrum mesh drumhead trigger. The drum synth sound/tone and modulation is adjusted manually to create different types of drum synth sounds. The Syndrum is capable of creating kick, tom, special effects, and best known for its decending “Dooooooooooo” sound (think disco toms or space drums). The Vibrato/Modulation section can be used to created vibrato effects as well as ring-modulation when the rate is set to higher values.

Here is what is included with this auction:

Syndrum Model 178 Drum Synth
8” Mesh Syndrum Drum Head Trigger
Syndrum Drum Head Trigger Key (plastic padel)
Syndrum CV & On/Off Footswitch
22VDC Power Adapter (included)
1/4" Output Cable
1/4" CV Footswitch Cable"

Modal 008R Polyphonic 8 Voice Analogue Synthesizer Rackmount SN 0038

via this auction

Waldorf MicroWave 1

via this auction

"The Synth is in very good condition, only minor rack rash. Sounding awesome as is, it's the true successor of the PPG wave. Comes with an additional sound card (techno card) and a german manual."

PPG Wave 2.2 1983 with hard flight case

via this auction

Vermona Retroverb

via this auction

OTO Machines Boum

via this auction

"Awesome module to add heat and saturation to your mix or individual tracks! Sounds amazing."

You can find some demos in the archives.

Sticker-fied Roland MSQ-700 Multitrack Digital Keyboard Recorder / Sequencer

via this auction

"Good working condition
all stickers will be removed"

Larry Hopkins | Mastering FM synthesis with DX7 V | Arturia

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Arturia

"There’s a good chance Larry’s name might be new to you, but we’ve known him for a very long time. In fact, he was one of our first sound designers! You’ll have definitely heard his masterful work before, as he’s been involved in over 600 TV shows and films, including Lost, Minority Report, Finding Nemo, Breaking Bad, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Desperate Housewives..."

Arduino Dual Channel and XY Waveform Display

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Sbranvlztronics

"Thanks for watching"

No audio. Thought this was interesting. When you see your typical oscilloscope video, you get the impression you are looking at a representation of sound. This video, however, gave me the impression of actually looking at sound itself for the first time through a primitive telescope. Kind of like the first time discovering something you've never seen before.

Cummings and Goings step sequenced synth sounds

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Vykaar Tones

"A dozen synths, sampler and drum machine in a spontaneous improvisation. Looped reverse samples at the beginning are from the Korg Microsampler. Bass riffs are SH101 with tubbutec sequencer mod and Korg MS20 controlled by Arturia Beatstep Pro. Big trance chords are SH201. Wailing cries are the Jasper. Other poly sounds are Nord Rack 2, V-Synth and Korg Triton Extreme. Sync oscillator sweep tones are Arp Odyssey and later also on the SH201. Ambient noise are the Korg Wavestation SR and drums come from Mutant bass and snare controlled by Doepfer A-157-1 aswell as the Roland CR8000."

Patch of the Week 22: microKORG West-Coast Hip Hip Lead

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Korg

"Basic patches you can follow along at home on your microKORG synth: West Coast hip hop self resonating lead."

Korg Patch of the Week videos

Darkroom patch example

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Expert Sleepers

"This clip from Darkroom ( demos a variety of Expert Sleepers modules. The whole thing is driven from an FH-2, clocked by the laptop (running Live). The FH-2 is generating Euclidean patterns, LFOs, and running an arpeggiator for one of the synth voices.

The General CV in Chord mode is generating some of the chordal sounds.

Two disting mk4s are being used as crossfaders/LFOs. A third is running in AD envelope mode.

A fourth disting mk4 is playing the voice sample you can hear, chopped up & mangled by LFOs and triggers from the FH-2 and Xaoc Batumi.

Other patch notes - the bass line is sequenced from the Xaoc Moskwa, quantised by the uScale. The VCO for this sound is the Birdkids Bateleur. The voice played by the FH-2 arpeggiator is two Doepfer A-110-1 VCOs. The General CV and disting sample playback are being processed by the Xaoc Belgrad, the Pittsburgh Analog Delay, and the Doepfer A-125 phaser."

nonlinearcircuits Mobius PiLL - Audio rate chaos generator eurorack module

Published on Sep 7, 2019 cirtcele

"Audio rate chaos generator - contains two cross-coupled PLLs and two LPGs."

via nonlinearcircuits

"This is a chaotic noise module, it is generally not very nice unless you are into noise. In which case, hello!!

There are several papers describing ways to couple PLL (phase locked loop) ICs to create chaos. I have been sitting on a stack of them for years but found the actual circuits quite limited in a synth.

Eventually it clicked that the low-pass filter needed to be a bit fancier than a pot and a capacitor, so this version gets two Buchla style low pass gate/filters.

The circuit contains two PLL chips and two low pass filters. The PLLs are voltage controlled together, the filters are controlled individually.

Normally in a PLL circuit, the output of the phase detector goes thru a low pass stage and then the output of this is used to control the VCO. In this version, the low pass filter outputs are fed to the non-inverting input of an op amp for it's own VCO and the inverting input of an op amp for the other VCO. Maybe the pic describes it best, this is from Intermittent Chaos in a Mutually Coupled PLL’s
System (Shirahama et al), tho I have seen similar circuits in other papers.

It doesn't need an input signal to lock to, it can run on its own, but it can be fun to give it a signal anyway. The other inputs are for Freq CV, LPG1 CV and LPG2 CV. Two of the outputs are from the LPGs and two are from the PLL VCO, these two are pulse/squarewaves, very nice for feeding into filters.

The PLLs and filters are all vactrol controlled but the PCB is a unpatented NLC black-box design, so no need to buy any expensive vactrols.

PCB set = USD23
Panel = USD22
assembled = USD200"

Volca NuBass Jam on Tape Machine

Published on Sep 7, 2019 Rishabh Rajan

Gear Used:
Volca NuBass
Tascam PortaStudio
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run
Universal Audio Arrow
Ableton Live 10

New ROLAND FANTOM - Gattobus Factory Patches Selection

Published on Sep 7, 2019 gattobus

"This is a selection of factory patches I programmed for the new Roland FANTOM. I hope you like it! :P

This keyboard is not a simple rompler workstation but truly a monster synth with a powerful new synth engine, capable of producing very deep and evolving sounds.

It was a honor and a great privilege for me to be involved in the development and sound design of this marvelous instrument.

I'm not a skilled player so please don't expect too much from my piano performance :D

Here's the list of the patches I played in this video:

00:10 - Fantom Overture
00:58 - King's Choir
01:51 - Deep Concert
02:49 - Analog Atmosphere
04:22 - 5th Ambi Pluck
05:05 - Laser Sync Harp
05:45 - Who are you?
05:50 - Synth Edge
07:23 - Stringbell Synth + Linear Synth Pad
08:14 - Shine Pad
08:47 - Step LFO Dream
09:28 - 8th Peak
09:56 - Dancing P5
11:02 - Fantasia 2019"

InsWorks Esencial MK3 Demo 1

Published on Sep 6, 2019 Carlos Alberto GutiƩrrez Vera

"una linea de bajo al estilo Tb303, a ojo cerrado no se notaria la diferencia"

"a bass line in the style of Tb303, the difference would not be noticed closed"

Ensoniq ESQ-M & Volt ESQ PG

Published on Sep 6, 2019 Nacho Marty Meyer

"Ensoniq ESQ-M & Volt ESQ PG, no extra effects or processes were used"

For Andromeda (2019) by Sean Christopher - Featuring the sounds of the Baloran The River synthesizer

Published on Sep 6, 2019 Sean Christopher Evoking Emotion with Synthesizers

"This was my favorite track from my 2012 album, Sean Christopher -Transcendence. I decided to recreate it only using my favorite analog synth, The River by Baloran. Every sound comes straight from The River, and I cannot state enough how much I enjoy creating with this synth.

The original version featuring violins by Andrew Sords can be found here: [embed below]
and be purchased from"

For Andromeda - from Transcendence by Sean Christopher feat. Andrew Sords on violin

Published on Aug 4, 2013 Sean Christopher Evoking Emotion with Synthesizers

"After a short rest we head out of the Milky Way, and pass through the Andromeda Galaxy. Even traveling at nearly the speed of light on the Seraphic transport, Andromeda bedazzles us with its tranquil beauty.....almost singing to us."

Roland SH 7 Moog MF 104M

Published on Sep 6, 2019 UFO LFO

"Using the Roland with the Moog delay and a bit of IOS delay for something of a panning effect. Gritty SCI FI synthesis machine par excellence. Using a bit of the simple high pass on the SH 7 the Moog delay get's even more so muddy with a lot of low frequency material."

UFO LFO Roland SH 7 videos

Patch n Tweak

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